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Princess for Women by Vera Wang Helps Boost Self Confidence If you are the one who looks for something exotic in terms of fragrance and something that would take you to the ethereal world, you have come to the right place. It was in the year of 2006, Harry FrÊmont and Ilias Ermenidis launched princess for women by Vera Wang. Packaged in a royal purple-pinkish heart-shaped bottle, the perfume has a crown top that gives the aura of royalty. Features of Princess One of the most unique aspects of this perfume is that this was company’s first attempt to introduce something very feminine and sweet. It has the touch of softness and girlishness. The unique flavors of the perfume include golden apricot, water lily, mandarin, meringue, amber, musk and vanilla. Though it is meant for a feminine and sweet touch, it is also capable to evoke sensuousness. The combination of fruits and floral gives this fragrance a real royal touch. Notes The top notes of the perfume include water lily, Lady Apple, mandarin, meringue and apricot. The heart notes are of guava, Tiare flower, tuberose and dark chocolate. And it ultimately comes down to smell pink frosting, vanilla, amber and woods The Fragrance The moment this perfume gets opened, it smells of crisp refreshing scents of lady apple and golden apricot. These two ingredient stands for sweetness and vibrancy blending into a warm vanilla. Those who are on the move would find this fragrance quite refreshing. It would be interesting to note that this fragrance evaporates quickly. It means

you need to keep it with you and apply it whenever you feel it deserted you! In a way, it wants your assurances again and again! New Edition In January 2012, designer Vera Wang introduced a new sensuous edition of one of the most popular perfumes – Princess.

The top notes give the smell of berries, watermelon and raspberry. The middle part is constituted of jasmine petals, spiced orange blossom and a touch of passionate rose. The base is comprised of crushed sugar, vanilla and musk. Impact of the Fragrance The major effect of fragrance is on your mood. This particular fragrance by Vera Wang has an effect on self confidence. It actually helps young women to make a firm and stylish fashion statement. Those who are extrovert find its fruity fragrance quite impressive because it helps keep them active and energetic throughout the day. Among the seven most important fragrances found by the researchers, such fruity floral fragrances help maintain carefree and cheerful mood. Find more information and choose the great collection of Princess for Women by Vera Wang

Princess for Women by Vera Wang  

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