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It’s in women nature to hide their flirtatious nature behind the curtain of innocence but if you want to discover this playful side of your girl, gift her Daisy Perfume. The new version of Daisy fragrance by Marc Jacobs is a sweet and sexy combination of exotic wild fruits like strawberry, fragrant flowers extract like jasmine and warm white woods base that makes women more attractive. Daisy scent introduced in 2007 is ideal day time use women accessory that not only adds style, sexiness but also a strange to mystery to their personality that very man wants to solve. This affordable but stylish bottle packed perfume is as fresh and floral as Daisy flower itself and as innocence and attractive as a woman herself. The beautiful packaging of this new perfume from Marc Jacobs equally supports its container and the uniquely designed Daisy solid perfume ring black bottle is always a best buy. Perfumesnow market is full of good women perfume and Paris by Balenciaga is not less good then Daisy. Paris perfume is a lively blend of top citrus notes and the Balenciaga's signature note violet but the best thing is that violet despite the main note doesn’t suppress the other notes including bergamot, spices, pepper, violet, carnation, oak moss, cedar, vetiver, patchouli, and labdanum. Consumers who use Marc Jacob's Daisy perfume may like this scent as a when they want to use a perfume smell like Daisy but from the old times. This is always in women nature that attractive brand names attract them and top women fragrance brand such as Yardley English rose, Gucci rush, Marc Jacobs perfume daisy, woods of Winsor true rose and other such brand names are receiving women attentions because of their names. But it’s not just the name but it’s their all day lasting fragrance that makes them ideal women perfume brands.

Daisy Perfume  

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