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Jeff Blaney

Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer


Get to know... In Tune with Very Entertaining Records Nashville Label Caters to Great Indie Releases by Brad Hardisty

interview and photo by Brad Hardisty Can you give us a brief background? As of now I am publishing my music on my own, but I would welcome a publishing deal if the right thing came around. I’m wearing a bunch of hats right now, musically - writing and producing sessions - but I’m also a working musician here in Nashville.  Co-writing, playing for tips, being a sideman on a session, club’s all fair game right now.

Very Entertaining Records in came into being after Steven Crowder and Bill Davis collaborated on Davis’s first professional recording, Once Upon A Time, In Nashville... Since then, Crowder has provided his service and expertise as a sound engineer for all of the artists represented by Very Entertaining Records Davis says, “Shortly thereafter, my friends and band mates Charles Butler and Jeff Blaney made very entertaining records featuring many of the same musicians and the same recording engineer: Steven Crowder.  It became clear to us all that we had a series of records that, though developed under


What are you trying to do in music? I’m just trying to find the heart of the great melody. There is something very human about music, and certain songs bring out emotion in people whether they like it or not.  I’m trying to tap into that. 

Three current favorite local artists? Other than my label mates (Charles Butler and The One and Only Bill Davis)...I’d say The Danberrys, The Howling Brothers, and Kevin Gordon. For more info, visit

For more info, visit

The Building Near Five Points in East Nashville

Why should we know you? I am a genuine modern day troubadour with disparate influences such as country, classical, blues, bluegrass, and jazz.

Top achievement? Right now I’m excited that I got a song placed in a feature film that is currently in post production. I’m not sure when it will be released, but I’m looking forward to seeing it!

different creative control, were all made by mostly the same people. I already had a name, and neither Jeff nor Charles could deny that their records were, indeed, very entertaining.”  The current catalogue and artist roster pulls from jazz-infused-bluegrass to Americana and blues. Bands on the label currently include Charles Butler & Associates, Jeff Blaney, and The One and Only Bill Davis.

BOOKING INFO General Contact: Dave Oakleaf 1008 Woodland St. Nashville, TN (615) 262-8899 Open Road Mondays Contact: Dave Pahanish PAY POLICY Pay is negotiated in advance on a case-by-case basis with the artist’s representatives.

The Building, formerly known as Billups Art, hosts Open Road Mondays featuring three billed acts on Monday nights and open mic for music, poetry or just about anything afterwards. The building has become a hangout for celeb rockers like Dave Stewart as well as the cast of the Nashville TV series. The Building is located in an alley in East Nashville just south of Battered and Fried and holds between 75-100 people. The Building is also the official home of Music City Improv, who perform on the third Friday every month. The first Sunday of every month is a musicians swap meet. In addition to regularly scheduled events, the space is for rent. The Building is BYOB. STAGE STATS The stage is 10’x14’ with a second tiered stage 8’x8’. A Schimmel grand piano is available. The sound system features a Mackie ProFX 12x2 with monitor sends, Toa 380 hung cabinets, 3 wedges and a subwoofer system powered by Peavey CS 800 & 900 amps.


Performer Magazine: July 2013  

featuring Emily Wells

Performer Magazine: July 2013  

featuring Emily Wells