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Brown Bird’s David Lamb Needs Your Help RI Musician Diagnosed with Leukemia by Benjamin Ricci Recently, we received terrible news from the Brown Bird camp – lead singer/guitarist David Lamb has been diagnosed with a form of leukemia. You may remember this amazing Rhode Island folk duo from our cover story in November 2011, and we ask that you help in any way you can. A fundraiser has been set up (website below), and the band’s original message and updates appear here in edited form. “Dave had been fighting and been treated for flu-like symptoms for the past six weeks, but until now we were unaware of the seriousness of his condition. Since admittance into the hospital, he has had several blood transfusions, which he is responding to well, and has undergone several tests to determine what is causing his illness… For us, canceling shows means not only disappointing our fans and missing out on what we enjoy most, but also going without income… we’ve already accrued over $29,000 in medical expenses and losses, and will be faced with

Sound Museum Celebrates 30 Years!

ongoing expenses once we’re home. We love being full-time musicians, but it can be a financially challenging lifestyle, and without health insurance or day jobs to fall back on, our situation is dire.” And an updated note from MorganEve Swain, David’s partner in Brown Bird: “There have been several doctors on the case, and they now agree that Dave has a form of leukemia. Brown Bird will be on hiatus while Dave undergoes chemotherapy…we are staying positive and know that Dave is strong and will make it through this. Your generosity has not only helped us pay the immediate medical bills we were faced with, but also allowed us to set up medical insurance…it’s impossible to know how

Rehearsal Facility Keeps Bands Practicing

Walk down the halls of any of the five Sound Museum locations, and you’ll likely be treated to the textures of free jazz, sting quartets, and yes… obnoxiously guttural metal. No matter what the genre, Sound Museum Rehearsal Complexes have been catering to New England-area bands for 30 years now. The man behind it all? William 8 JULY 2013 PERFORMER MAGAZINE

by Benjamin Ricci photo courtesy of William Desmond

Desmond, but you can call him “Des.” Desmond started Sound Museum in Boston’s South End, which wasn’t quite the elegant (read: pricey) neighborhood it’s become in the past three decades. Back then, Des’s mission was to provide affordable practice space to up-andcoming bands in the city. In fact, many credit Des

long we won’t be able to work; your donations now also go towards keeping us afloat while we have virtually no income.” For more info and to get involved, please visit: brown-bird-needs-your-help/60153

with the concept of warehouse-style rehearsal facilities. Too many local artists to count have called Sound Museum their home over the years, including Des’s daughter, singer/songwriter Casey Desmond, who eagle-eyed viewers will remember from her memorable appearances on NBC’s The Voice. Their community in Central Square, Cambridge offers three new recording studios, CD duplication and mastering, not to mention an excellent location in the heart of the Hub’s music scene. At the Sound Museum, music comes first – it’s that simple. They offer a number of convenient locations, 24-hour access, security surveillance, parking, T-access, fully equipped sprinkler systems, and they mean it when they say they won’t be undersold in the Boston area. Bottom line – if you’re a band looking to get out of the garage and find a more permanent, clean and affordable place to jam, look into the Sound Museum. You have 30 years worth of great company behind you…

For more info and rates, visit