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The Rope / Tucson, Arizona

“Midwest psyche -rock punc tuated by low-

(7-inch single)

end heaviness and guitar squawk s”

of the

Peoria, IL (Bird Dialect Records)

Founded in Peoria, IL (of all places), Bird Dialect Records is home to its founders and psyche-rock masterminds Lark’s Tongue. Their debut 7-inch makes effective use of their moniker’s reference to King Crimson in both its tonality and overall badassitude. Engulfed in a thick layer of fuzzy, grungeheavy guitar drones, Side A melts your face off with “The Rope.” But make no mistake; there are clear melodies to be found here, with standard song structures buried underneath the rubble of glorious noise. And is that a hint of Morrissey in the vocals? Hmm… In any event, fans of late-’80s Sub Pop singles will fall in love with this. Side B’s no slouch, either. “Tucson, Arizona” is a fine track in its own right, replete with shimmering guitars, ’90s alt-drum grooves and spaced-out, yearning vocal lines. It trudges along at a stoner-approved pace, making it the perfect soundtrack to those late-night Dominos deliveries. Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em…


Recorded by: Jeff Gregory at Tonelab in Peoria, IL Mastered by: Josh Bonati at Bonati Mastering in Brooklyn Format: 7-inch Speed: 45 rpm Color: Black Vinyl Limited Edition: 500 Units Pressed review by Benjamin Ricci / photo by Mark Randall Byland

Performer Magazine: June 2013  

featuring Oxymorrons