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KING LOS There’s something refreshing about an all ages hip-hop show. Granted, those in attendance are mostly excited to be away from a parent or any other authoritative figure in their immediate family. But there is also an excitement regarding their unadulterated love and appreciation of music. Their ears are the most sought after; their minds are the most influenced. So the fact that Leedz Edutainment are catering to this audience is quite remarkable. King Los, who is currently signed to Bad Boy, represents the new wave of artists infiltrating the label: artists who focus on energized live shows and a transparent recognition and appreciation of fans. Putting Hi-Rez on the bill as his opener was a good look - the 18-year-old Florida native has an unmatched kinetic stage presence and his aggressive delivery of bars (sans music, half the time) was wholly impressive. As he tore through songs off his Impatiently Waiting EP to a scarce crowd, it became clear that it didn’t matter if there were 100 people in attendance or 1,000; he came to give it his all. King Los took a similar approach

April 30, 2013 The Middle East(Downstairs)– Cambridge, MA review and photo by Candace McDuffie

to the stage, and of course onlookers digested it like candy. He has been on his grind for years and is finally receiving the fruits from his labor (also known as mix tapes). Tracks like “Becoming King” and “OD” made for frenzied performances, his freestyles memorable in cadence and crowd reception. Los’ royal title isn’t merely self-proclaimed; it is entirely deserved.

Unmatched kinetic stage presence and aggressive delivery of bars.


Performer Magazine: June 2013  

featuring Oxymorrons

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