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Monthly Performance Spotlight

*KS Rubin The responsibility of the Performance Shagya-Arabian Registry is to ensure the continued integrity and legacy of the Shagya and Shagya-bred horses in North America. For us, performance testing is the modern day equivalent of “in the field” and “at war.” Performance testing is not a new concept to the members of the PShR. We all strongly believe in the development of a purpose-bred riding animal. We achieve this development through performance riding criteria and by using these criteria as the deciding factors when choosing breeding stock and planning future generations.

The Performance ShagyaArabian Registry in the USA and Canada is committed to the performance testing standards of the International Shagya Society (ISG) breeding guidelines requirements (RZBO). The PShR has established comparable performance testing standards using American and Canadian open competition as the testing grounds. These standards set a high bar of excellence and go beyond the minimum requirements set by the ISG.

*PShR Specialty Plus* Recipient in Endurance Pace *PShR Specialty* Recipient in Endurance Pace *PShR Specialty* Recipient in Distance Riding

*KS Rubin 2001 Shagya Stallion Paris [Gazal IX—Babolna ] Elite X Pamina, Elite by Amor, Elite

Greetings to all! I would like to introduce you to a horse that I am very honored to care for - *KS Rubin. When I sought an outcross for my high performance Polish Arabian mares, I hoped that this cross might produce world class level athletes. *KS Rubin’s foals are surpassing my hopes and dreams, and he is producing some very athletic foals, each one with his lovely and thoughtful temperament. In just about two years of competition, *KS Rubin has been FEI Passported, has competed to the FEI - CEI 2* level, and has accomplished 1,615 AERC miles. In 2009 he competed in four different American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) Regions, with six different riders – two of whom were Young Riders. With this he has proven his athletic ability and his rideability. For his efforts, *KS Rubin has twice earned national recognition from the AERC, and was awarded the Jim Jones Stallion Award for finishing the year in the Top Ten for both 2009 and 2010. In 2010, *KS Rubin was the Top World Ranked Endurance SHAGYA Stallion (Ref: FEI Open Horse World Endurance Ranking List); and, he was the 2010 Top Three World Ranked Endurance SHAGYA Stallion (Ref: FEI Young Rider Horse World Ranking List); and, he possesses the highest U.S. Mileage for any Endurance SHAGYA Stallion (Ref: American Endurance Ride Conference).

Performance Shagya-Arabian Registry: Monthly Spotlight, April, 2012

Monthly Performance Spotlight

*KS Rubin Bred by Hans Gunther Schmidt Germany Owned by Katherine Voyer California

*KS Rubin is a proud sponsor of the U.S. Endurance Young Riders and is an Arabian Horse Association Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated Sire, as well as a Sport Horse Nationals Payback Program Enrolled Sire.

The multi-talented *KS Rubin

At his first show, *KS Rubin earned the title of "Stallion Champion" at a qualifying USDF Breeders Championship Series show. He was judged by Major General Jonathan Burton, who is a U.S Eventing Association and U.S.D.F. Hall of Fame Inductee, scored *KS RUBIN with 9.5 for conformation. TWICE! Oak Knoll Sporthorses

2012—*KS Rubin Ridden by Dr. Deane Zahn

*KS RUBIN is truly an exceptional horse and displays all of the excellent traits which directed the development of the Shagya breed. He has proven that he has superior metabolics, temperament and performance reliability and passes these superior traits on to his offspring.

By Katherine Voyer Performance Shagya-Arabian Registry: Monthly Spotlight, April, 2012

*KS Rubin Son— Renoirr 2012 Fire Mountain Ride Ridden by Frances Chade-Dunn

Performance Shagya-Arabian Registry  

The first in our Performance Spotlight. This month *KS Rubin. For more information check out: Also, j...

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