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City plans to write off $1M in unpaid levies Laura Mueller

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the construction projects and the staff time required to “triage” the new projects. The committee’s approval was also needed to allow the city to accept a payment for a water main project on Navan Road that was completed before council passed a bylaw enabling it to impose local improvement charges. The total $17,708 in fees for that project have been paid in full. Unpaid local improvement charges include: • Legget Drive extension: $217,102 • Navan Road water main extension: $14,545 • Kempark sanitary sewer service: $67,438 • Innes Road sanitary sewer extensions: $149,413 • Pagé Road sanitary sewer extension: $107,489 • Winding Way North water main extension: $45,400 • Manotick sanitary sewer extension (core area): $240,000 • Manotick sanitary sewer extension (Hillside Gardens): $191,480 • Rideau Glen sanitary sewer extension: $32,473 • Eagleson Road noise barrier: $18,182 • Farmers Way water main extension: $21,474




EMC news - The city plans to write off $1 million of the $10 million it is owed from property owners who had agreed to pay tax levies for local infrastructure improvements. Most of the outstanding charges – 70 per cent – are related to local projects like the Manotick sanitary sewer extensions and an extension to Legget Drive that were constructed over the last four years. The city can allow property owners to pay for a portion of work that wouldn’t be warranted under city policies, such as extending a water main farther down a street than planned in order to provide service to additional properties. Some of that money likely can’t be recovered because of a loophole: if the property changed hands and the local improvement fee wasn’t registered on the properties’ title, the city is pretty much out of luck. The city could take those new owners to court, said Rideau-Rockcliffe Coun. Peter Clark, who sits on the finance and economic development committee, but lawyers advised that

the city likely wouldn’t be successful. With that in mind, the finance committee agreed that outstanding local improvement charges should be dismissed if the owner bought the property after the infrastructure construction and if the tax certificate did not list the pending charges. Those property owners will also have to sign an affidavit saying they were not aware of the pending charges when they bought the property. That would apply to 73 property owners who should be on the hook to pay the city a total of $1.1 million. Council was set to vote for final approval on the matter on April 10. The city has taken steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Property tax certificates will be required to have a note listing the local improvement charge. A committee of revision hearing, which is required in case property owners want to appeal the amount they were charged for their portion of the work, must happen within a year of the end of the project’s warranty period. Those measures have been in place since 2010. There are a few reasons why the fees haven’t been collected. Some are administrative and relate to legislative delays and research necessary for launching the committee of revision, while other delays are caused by the length of

The 4738 Torbolton Ridge Rd. site is not the primary location for West Carleton Dog Agility Group (WAG). A story called ‘Fire engulfs WAG site’ in the March 28 issue detailed a fire at that location.

While WAG does rent a 100 foot by 100 foot parcel of land at that location, and the homeowner is a volunteer instructor with WAG, that is not the nonprofit organization’s primary location. Another location, on Dun-

robin Road, while not considered a primary location either, is nevertheless a spot where most WAG activities take place. The West Carleton Review regrets any confusion that many have followed.

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Saturday, May 4, 2013 in Carp Registration

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