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July 4, 2013 | 76 pages

Plaque marking Campgrounds coming Aug. 17

Inside NEWS

A fundraising Kidney Walk is coming up in Stittsville on Sunday, Sept. 8. See page 6


Ceremonial Guard Warrant Officer Anthony Jones of Stittsville, who will be on Parliament Hill throughout the summer for the Changing of the Guard ceremony, stands beside a Ceremonial Guard

Summertime on Parliament Hill John Curry

Ottawa mayor Jim Watson visits Canada Day Seniors Breakfast in Stittsville. See page 22

News - Being the Warrant Officer overseeing the daily activities of the Ceremonial Guard. Amazing. Marching each day and inspecting the troops at the Changing of the Guard ceremony on Parliament Hill, Ottawa’s most prominent summertime tourist attraction. Awesome. Being a part of a military drill tradition which exists only in Britain and Canada and is closely tied to the country’s monarchist heritage. Priceless.

This is what this summer involves for Warrant Officer Anthony Jones of Stittsville as he manages the daily changing of the Guard ceremony as well as the other daily activities of the Ceremonial Guard – Sentries at the Residence of His Excellency the Governor General and Sentries at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It can also involve interments at the Beechwood National Cemetery and other drill tasks in the nation’s capital during the summer, such as mounting a Guard of Honour for a visiting dignitary.

Special to the News News - A plaque to commemorate the site of the Holiness Movement and Free Methodist Campgrounds and the Mapledene Youth Camp will be unveiled on Saturday, Aug. 17. The 2 p.m. unveiling will take place on the east side of the Stittsville soccer field at Alexander Grove. This is the latest project by the Goulbourn Township Historical Society to identify historical buildings, events and landmarks in Stittsville and Goulbourn. Everyone is welcome to attend this unveiling. There will be a display of historic photos of the former Holiness Movement and subsequent Free Methodist Campgrounds as well as the Mapledene Youth Camp which located at the site in 1948. Light refreshments will also be provided at the event. There will be lots of parking available at the parking lot of the nearby Johnny Leroux Stittsville Community Arena. Thousands of visitors came to Stittsville between the years of 1898 and 1974 because of the presence of these religious campgrounds. There were even family cottages erected at the site, which also featured over the years a dining hall and a house of worship. The camp meetings began with worship services held in large tents which eventually gave way to the more permanent structures. The campgrounds stretched from Manchester Street in the south to Poole Creek in the north. It was in 1959 that the Holiness Movement Church and the Free Methodist Church merged, bringing even more people to what were then called the Free Methodist Campgrounds in Stittsville. The idea to erect a plaque to commemorate these religious campgrounds in Stittsville was made by Lillian Hobbs of Munster at the Historical Society’s annual general meeting last January. Since then, much effort has gone into researching the history of the campgrounds and recording the names of those who attended the summer religious meetings at the site. This will all come to a climax on Saturday, Aug. 17 at 2 p.m. with the unveiling of this new plaque at the site.




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2 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013


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Heritage Photo Contest with early fall deadline Special to the News

News - Camera buffs should have their cameras at the ready this summer. This will probably provide you with some entries into this year’s Heritage Photo Contest which the Goulbourn Township Historical Society is hosting. Entitled “A Snapshot in Time,” the photo contest will have five categories this year: Heritage Homes in Goulbourn; Richmond

Canlok Stone


Strawberry time Blair Hastie, left, delivers a spoonful of strawberries to a bowl of ice cream being held by Gloria Jean Nagy, right, as they serve the strawberries with ice cream at the annual community strawberry supper at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Stittsville on Wednesday, June 26.


Fair 2013 – Tomorrow’s History; Goulbourn Swamps; Links to the Past; and Heritage Tombstones. All photos submitted to the contest must be taken within the boundaries of the former Goulbourn township and should be taken this year, 2013. The deadline date for entries will be in the early fall. The rules of the contest are going to be posted on the Historical Society’s website.



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Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 3


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Inspecting the Guard

Leading the troops

Warrant Officer Anthony Jones, centre, looking down, who is in charge of the daily functioning of the Ceremonial Guardâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Warrant Officer Anthony Jones of the Ceremonial Changing of the Guard ceremony on Parliament, inspects the troops, including their footwear, as he is accompanied on the Guard, himself wearing a bearskin headdress, leads inspection by Sgt. Dallas Woodworth, left. the troops of the Ceremonial Guard in a drill.



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BECOME A FAN OF FOLEY HOMES ON FACEBOOK 4 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013



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Warrant Officer Anthony Jones with Ceremonial Guard Continued from page 1

This is Warrant Officer Jones’ second and last year with the Ceremonial Guard as he has a posting to Base Petawawa coming up, a posting that will allow him to continue advancing in his military career. He will, though, continue to live in Stittsville, coming home on weekends. His wife also works for the Department of National Defence, being posted to Ottawa in 2011. Warrant Officer Jones’ duties with the Ceremonial Guard have allowed them to be together in the same location. Warrant Officer Jones’ military career goes back to 1986 when he joined as a Reservist when he was going to college in Montreal. He transferred to the regular forces in 1998, ending up with the 1st Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment, in Petawawa. Over the years, he has taught numerous leadership courses and was posted to Toronto as an advisor to the Army Cadet program. He has been on exchange with the Royal Green Jackets in the United Kingdom. He has also been on four operational tours – one to Kosovo and three to Afghanistan. On his last tour of duty in Afghanistan, he was wounded in an ambush while on a patrol. This summer Warrant Officer Jones will be involved with the Changing of the Guard ceremony on Parliament Hill every day. Most of these days will see him on parade with the scarlet-uniformed Ceremonial Guard, wearing that distinctive bearskin headdress just like all of the troops. As Warrant Officer, he is the one who inspects the troops in the ceremony, moving slowly along in front of the troops, particularly noting the shine on their boots but also observing other aspects of their appearance. On those days on which he is not on parade on Parliament

Hill, he will be back at his office at the summertime headquarters of the Ceremonial Guard at Carleton University doing paperwork, planning and coordinating. Warrant Officer Jones considers being part of the Ceremonial Guard a unique honour, not only because of the Changing of the Guard ceremony with its symbolic ties to the monarchy but also because the duty involves the posting of sentries at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This duty and honour was confined at one time to very few in the military because it was only done on Remembrance Day. Now, with the Ceremonial Guard doing it daily all through the summer, more troops can take part in this honoured task. That’s why the Ceremonial Guard now includes personnel from the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police so that these sections of the military can participate in sentry duty at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The Ceremonial Guard, though, for the most part involves troops from numerous different military units from across the country. In fact, this year there are troops in the Ceremonial Guard from 39 different military units. Indeed, Warrant Officer Jones admits that one of his most difficult functions as the Warrant Officer of the Ceremonial Guard is remembering the names of the 243 troops in his charge. But he is confident that he will know them all or at least be pretty close to it by the end of the summer. His role also includes coordinating what he terms “all the moving parts” involved with the duties of the Ceremonial Guard. One of the challenges is make the troops familiar with the drill used in the Changing of the Guard ceremony since it is not one that

is commonly used in regular military duties. For Warrant Officer Jones, this is a difficult and challenging aspect of his job but he also finds it very rewarding. He points out that perhaps contrary to common knowledge, many of those in the Ceremonial Guard are members of the regular Canadian Forces – not all are student Reservists. This summer, for example, 102 of the 243 troops in the Ceremonial Guard are members of the Regular Forces, with many having seen duty in Afghanistan. Many of the Reservists return to Ceremonial Guard duty year after year. However, Regular Force members rarely return due to other postings and operational commitments. While the first Changing of the Guard ceremony on Parliament Hill this year only happened on Monday, June 24, it was preceded by an intensive three weeks of drill training for the troops which culminated in an inspection by His Excellency the Governor General David Johnston at Rideau Hall. This inspection ceremony signifies that the Ceremonial Guard is ready to spend the summer performing the Changing of the Guard ceremony on Parliament Hill and performing sentry duty at Rideau Hall and at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. At this inspection, Warrant Officer Jones did get to meet the Governor General, calling him “a remarkable man.” The Ceremonial Guard uses real rifles, just like those used in war zones like Afghanistan, in its summertime duties in the Nation’s Capital. In addition, the soldiers’ bayonets are real. Indeed, one of the medical situations faced by the Ceremonial Guard, in addition to a soldier fainting from the heat while on Parliament Hill, is a soldier getting nicked and cut by a bayonet due to the tight conditions in which some of


Warrant Officer Anthony Jones of Stittsville holds the bearskin headdress which he wears when he participates in the Ceremonial Guard’s Changing of the Guard ceremony on Parliament Hill. the drill is performed. The Changing of the Guard ceremony is held daily throughout the summer, except for days when it is pouring rain. The troops assemble at 8 a.m. in a parking lot at Carleton University where they live in the student residence rooms. Some drilling could take place at this time depending on whether some tweaking of the performance needs to happen. Just after 9 a.m., the Ceremonial Guard troops depart by bus for the Cartier Drill Hall beside Ottawa city hall, arriving there by 9:20 a.m. From there, they march to Parliament Hill for the 10 a.m. Changing of the Guard ceremony which will happen daily through to Saturday, Aug. 24 this year. Even the march to Parliament Hill has a unique aspect to it. Because it is such a long march, the soldiers are not ex-

pected to hold the rifle with the same arm for the whole trek. So, arms are switched along the route but this is done in a performance way, happening in time with the music played by the accompanying Band of the Ceremonial Guard. Warrant Officer Jones says that his responsibility with the Ceremonial Guard to implement the overall plan for the troops as devised by the Guard’s officers. He admits that someone is always tasked to watch the Changing of the Guard ceremony to ensure that the Guard’s performance standards are being met. If the performance is not up to standard, the troops can find themselves doing additional drill training upon their return to Carleton University that day. Warrant Officer Jones admits that he is the one who applies such additional training and discipline.

“I’m the whipper snapper,” he says in reference to this role as the Ceremonial Guard’s disciplinarian. On most days, when the troops return to Carleton University after the Changing of the Guard ceremony, they undergo military training of some sort such as for first aid. The Changing of the Guard ceremony is Ottawa’s most recognized military tradition, highlighting pageantry, precision and colour. The Band of the Ceremonial Guard is the largest band in the Canadian Forces. The Ceremonial Guard is a Canadian Army unit of over 400 Regular and Reserve soldiers which includes the Band of the Ceremonial Guard and the Pipes and Drums of the Ceremonial Guard. The first Changing of the Guard ceremony took place on Parliament Hill on July 2, 1959, carried out by the Regiment of Canadian Guards, a Regular Force regiment of the Canadian Armed Forces. The Public Duties Detachment was later manned by two Reserve Guards Regiments, namely the Governor General’s Food Guards from Ottawa and the Canadian Grenadier Guards from Montreal. The Ceremonial Guard today is comprised of soldiers and reservists from units across Canada who adopt the customs and traditions of these two historic Guards Regiments. The Ceremonial Guard, which is a unit of the Canadian Forces, is comprised of three companies: a Band company, a Public Duties company of which Warrant Officer Jones is the Company Sergeant Major, and a Headquarters company supporting the other two companies. All personnel in the Ceremonial Guard, including band members, are trained soldiers, meaning that they have all completed the military’s basic training.

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Teams, donors wanted for Stittsville Kidney Walk News - It’s a Kidney Walk that takes place in Stittsville on Sunday, Sept. 8 but now is the time to plan your involvement. Whether it is to take part as a participant in the stroll along Stittsville Main Street that day or creating a team to participate in the Walk or donating online or being there to cheer others on or perhaps bringing the kids or grandchildren out for the Walk’s associated Funday Sunday activities, it is not too early to begin sifting through these choices and selecting the one that appeals to you the most. The big push right now for the organizers at the Stittsville United Church is to find more people willing to create teams to participate in the Walk and raise funds for the battle against kidney disease. Indeed, for this year’s second annual Kidney Walk, the fundraising goal has been increased. That’s because last year’s inaugural walk exceeded its goal of $10,000. So, this year the goal has been set higher at $15,000. This means there is a need for more par-

ticipants, more sponsors and more donors. The organizing team headed by Elizabeth Hochster-Hurst, herself a kidney transplant recipient, and Ruth Richardson is hoping to have twice as many walkers out for this year’s Walk compared to last year’s successful first-ever Kidney Walk in Stittsville. So, consider getting together with neighbours or friends or work colleagues or club members and turn out for this year’s Kidney Walk. The Walk will again start at 11 a.m. at the church steps of Stittsville United Church on Fernbank Road and then proceed along Stittsville Main Street to Papa Sam’s at Beverly Street which will be the turning around point. Then it’s back to the church. At the church, there will be Funday Sunday activities including a BBQ sponsored by Stittsville Sobeys, two hours of entertainment by local jazz band Fonograph and children’s activities like an inflatable obstacle course and a bouncy castle. Participants in the Walk will receive blue t-shirts showing support for people with kidney disease. The Walk along

Stittsville Main Street will be like a “sea of blue” washing along the street. Stittsville has a number of kidney patients struggling with kidney disease as well as transplant donors and recipients who wish to give back. That’s why the Kidney Walk was started last year and continues this year. Among those involved this year are Mary Anne Graham and her husband Bill who live in Stittsville. Mary Anne gave Bill one of her kidneys and so they are big supporters of organ donations. Laptop computers will be set up on the day of the Walk so that people can sign up online to donate their organs after death if they so wish. One in ten Canadians suffers from kidney disease while many others are at risk. Nearly 10,000 Ontarians depend on dialysis treatments while over 1,000 people in Ontario are waiting for a kidney transplant. In addition, many others live with reduced kidney function. The Kidney Foundation works to improve the lives of people affected by kidney disease through supporting research, advocating with gov-

ernment, peer support, education and programs. Kidney Walks are taking place in more than 40 communities across the province this year including here in Stittsville.

For more information about the Kidney Walk coming up in Stittsville on Sunday, Sept. 8, please contact Elizabeth Hochester-Hurst at 613-8366847, Ruth Richardson at 613836-8735 or Craig Dunbar, a

Stittsville resident and kidney disease patient who works for the Kidney Foundation at 1613-724-9953, ext. 4562. Registration can be done online right now at


Elizabeth Hochster-Hurst, centre, of Stittsville, who is a kidney transplant recipient, is with city of Ottawa mayor Jim Watson, left, and city of Ottawa Stittsville ward councillor Shad Qadri, right, at the recent Park Party and BBQ hosted by councillor Qadri at Village Square Park in Stittsville. Ms. Hochster-Hurst helped out at a Kidney Foundation table distributing information about organ donation and kidney health. Ms. Hochster-Hurst is one of those organizing a fundraising Kidney Walk in Stittsville on Sunday, Sept. 8.


How much driveway is just right? Tell us what you think!

This summer, as in past years, the City of Ottawa will be testing municipal fire hydrants on various streets throughout your community. Fire hydrant testing may result in temporary inconveniences, such as poor water pressure and brown or rust-coloured water. It is important to note that temporarily discoloured City water is not harmful to your health. This ongoing maintenance procedure ensures that our hydrants are ready, should Fire Services require their use.

City Planning staff are working on an amendment to the Zoning By-law that will make it easier to build a wider driveway in existing communities outside the Greenbelt. The study on Residential Driveway and Parking Regulations in Outer Suburban Neighbourhoods will explore options to allow property owners to enjoy the convenience of side-by-side parking.

Over the next few weeks, the City will be testing fire hydrants in the following neighbourhoods:

You have an opportunity to complete a short survey on the City of Ottawa’s website. The survey will illustrate what the current rules allow and several alternative options.

s Kanata South Business Park Ê

UÊ Àˆ`iܜœ`

For more information on what to do if you experience discoloured water and for daily updates on which streets will be affected, please visit our website at You can also call the water information line at 613-560-6089 or the City of Ottawa’s call centre at 3-1-1. The City would like to thank you in advance for your patience. Ad # 2013-04-8046-20261


6 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013

The survey can be accessed at through August 16. Please take this opportunity to tell us what you think about this issue and the impact on your community. For further information please contact: Tim Moerman Planner II Planning and Growth Management City of Ottawa 110 Laurier Avenue West Ottawa, Ontario K1P 1J1 Tel: 613-580-2424, ext. 13944 E-mail:

Ad # 2013-06-8083-20240


John Curry


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Canada Day celebrations


Carolyn Davy, far right, and Tessa Neilson, second from right, toss bean bags at a hat with a hole in its top in the “Crazy Hat Game” at the Canada Day celebrations in Stittsville last Monday, Canada Day, July 1st.


Wearing their t-shirts emblazoned with a maple leaf at the Canada Day celebrations in Stittsville last Monday, Canada Day, July 1st, are members of the Pineo family – Heidi Pineo, centre, in front, and, behind her, from left, Paul Pineo, Lindsay Pineo, Michelle Pineo and Drew Pineo.


Julia Appenzeller throws a bean bag to try to knock over a “Fat Cat” in a game at the Canada Day celebrations in Stittsville last Monday afternoon, Canada Day, July 1st. R0011949756/0307

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Cutting the “Happy Birthday, Canada Day!” cakes provided by Stittsville Sobeys at the official opening of the Canada Day celebrations in Stittsville last Monday, Canada Day, July 1st, are, from left, Carleton-Mississippi Mills MP Jack MacLaren, city of Ottawa mayor Jim Watson, city of Ottawa Stittsville ward councillor Shad Qadri, Canada Day organizing committee chair Theresa Qadri and Carleton-Mississippi Mills MP Gordon O’Connor.

stittsvilleoptometry 613-836-2030

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Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 7


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Local acts make Bluesfest great


ttawa is spoiled for festivals each summer. Dragon Boats hit the waters of Mooneyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bay. Jazz drifts through down-

town. Countless other events draw people each weekend, with Canada Day leading the way. On LeBreton Flats, blues â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and an amalgam of other sounds â&#x20AC;&#x201C; draws thousands of Ottawans and visitors to this city. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re lucky to live in a city that hosts the second largest blues festival in North America (Chicago holds top spot). While the headline acts at Bluesfest garner the most attention, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s local acts that make up the majority of the entertainment. They may play earlier in the day than B.B. King or the Tragically Hip, but every one of the local musicians is really what makes Bluesfest work. Without the input of Ottawa artists, Bluesfest couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t fill multiple stages for the festivalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 10 days. The payoffs from this commitment to the local community are immeasurable. Not only does Ottawa get an economic boost as thousands of visitors arrive to take in the shows, the

local musicians get a chance to share their material with large crowds of music fans. For the Ottawa entertainers, thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the added bonus of getting to open a stage for national and international stars they might never have the chance to meet at any other time. The RBC Ottawa Bluesfest always draws a few grumbles for straying from its blues roots, but the crowds that arrive each year suggest the lineups meet with mass approval. The growing list of genres that can be heard each year also means more and more local acts can try to snag an invitation to play. And every note â&#x20AC;&#x201C; in some way â&#x20AC;&#x201C; can be traced back to the blues, because itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the root of almost every North American musical style. And because Bluesfest draws such large crowds, ticket prices can often be much more affordable than an arena show by one headlining act. Once you have a ticket for that famous act, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re also able to arrive earlier or stay later to take in everything the music fest has to offer. Including all those local acts. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve never spent a lazy Saturday or Sunday wandering between six musical stages, taking in unknown acts and finding real gems, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been missing out. Grab your lawn chair and sunscreen. And have fun right here in Ottawa.


Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll miss having our own man in Toronto


oo bad Dalton McGuinty had to leave politics in such an awkward way because he actually was a pretty good premier until things started to go a bit weird toward the end. It would be an exaggeration to say he will be impossible to replace, because his replacement seems to be doing all right so far. But in one respect, Kathleen Wynne cannot replace McGuinty. She is not from Ottawa. McGuinty is. That meant that for the 10 years McGuinty was premier we had a premier who knew that Ottawa existed. Knowing that Ottawa exists is not as easy as you might think. The government of Ontario resides in Toronto and Toronto is a needy place. Amplified by Torontoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rather noisy media, the cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s needs are all too evident. To remember that Ottawa exists, it helps to be from here and come back on weekends. On those visits, a premier can leave behind Torontoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s traffic, its urban sprawl, its overcrowded schools and understaffed hospitals and notice our traffic, our urban sprawl, our overcrowded schools and our understaffed hospitals. No matter what is going on in the 416, the premier will be reminded of the Queensway,

Stisville News !URIGA$RIVE 3UITE /TTAWA /. +%"

613-723-5970 Published weekly by:

CHARLES GORDON Funny Town OC Transpo, Carling Avenue and some of the other things that make our city great, or not. Not to mention some of the things that make Ottawa unique, such as the presence of the federal government, its departments and agencies and the need to go through nine layers of government (it seems) before action can be taken on any problem. Born and raised in Ottawa, McGuinty couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t help but be aware of such things. Wynne is from Toronto. This doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t necessarily mean that she thinks all problems can be solved with latte. In fact, her instincts on the casino issue seem to be surer than McGuintyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. While he was in power, it looked like we would get one downtown whether we wanted it or not. Not long after Wynne came in, the downtown casino seemed to disappear

Vice President & Regional Publisher Mike Mount 613-283-3182, ext. 104 Regional General Manager Peter Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Leary 613-283-3182, ext. 112 Group Publisher Duncan Weir 613-283-3182, ext. 164 Regional Managing Editor Ryland Coyne Publisher: Mike Tracy



8 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013

and it began to appear that the Rideau Carleton Raceway might in fact survive. But being from Toronto, Wynne gets overexposed to all that Toronto stuff. Lately she has been musing about improving the provincial governmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s relationship with the city. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve prided myself and ourselves on being able to rebuild that relationship,â&#x20AC;? Wynne said, as reported by the Globe and Mail. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It pains me that itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not as good as it maybe has been, and I hope that weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be able to rebuild those relationships.â&#x20AC;? This can hardly be seen as good news. Torontoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s municipal leadership being what it is, rebuilding those relationships is going to take most of the time the premier has available. It is also going to take a lot of money, given the rather expensive list of things Toronto needs â&#x20AC;&#x201C; such as subways. And while that is going on, the rebuilding process with Toronto, what happens to Carling Avenue and the Queensway and OC Transpo? Not to mention light rail, which it sometimes seems we will never get. Would it help if Ottawa had a more colourful mayor? Not meaning any disrespect to Jim Watson, but his demeanour does not demand attention, it does not cry out to the provincial government that if Ottawa does not get what

it wants he will hold his breath until it does. Other Ontario cities have mayors that. So maybe Watson needs to develop a few rough edges, become colourful, learn how not to keep his temper in check. As soon as he does that, he becomes a problem and a problem needs to be solved. Right now, Watson is not a problem for Queenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Park. That was OK when an Ottawa guy was premier. But now, Watson not being a problem means Ottawa is not a priority. Can Jim Watson learn how to become a problem? Maybe. You should never underestimate a politician.

Editorial Policy The Ottawa East News welcomes letters to the editor. Senders must include their full name, complete address and a contact phone number. Addresses and phone numbers will not be published. We reserve the right to edit letters for space and content, both in print and online at To submit a letter to the editor, please email to, fax to 613-224-2265 or mail to the Ottawa East News, 80 Colonnade Rd. N., Unit 4, Ottawa, ON, K2E 7L2.




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Parliamentary artwork Special to the News

News - One of Canadaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most iconic buildings is the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. And itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a focus on Canada Day with thousands attending the activities there. And so, when Stittsvilleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ELEMENOPAINT, which guides both children and adults in creative and artistic adventures, hosted a recent special family art night to celebrate Canada Day, what better subject matter for their artwork than the Parliament Buildings. So the youngsters, with the help of their parents, created fun versions of Parliament Hill and the Parliament Buildings, while at the same time learning about Confederation, the first prime minister Sir John A. Macdonald and all about the Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings and even the Centennial Flame. The youngsters, ranging in age from 3 ½ years to about 9 years old, produced an array of priceless artwork, all just in time for Canada Day.

Finnley Pignat holds her painting of the Parliament Buildings which she created at ELEMENOPAINTâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S family art night celebrating the upcoming Canada Day and which she is giving to her grandfather. Young Bret Hazelwood, shows off his painting of the Parliament Buildings which he did at ELEMENOPA I N T â&#x20AC;&#x2122; S special family art night celebrating Canada Day.

On stage at the official opening of the Canada Day celebrations in Stittsville last Monday, Canada Day, July 1, at 3 p.m. are, from left, singers Kyle and Joel Curry, Stittsville Village Association (SVA) president Phil Sweetnam, city of Ottawa mayor Jim Watson, city of Ottawa Stittsville ward councillor Shad Qadri, SVA Canada Day organizing chair Theresa Qadri, CarletonMississippi Mills MP Gordon Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connor and Carleton-Mississippi Mills MP Jack MacLaren. The Canada Day celebrations are hosted by the SVA with sponsorship from the federal government and the business community. JOHN BRUMMELL/METROLAND


R020 1959251



Showing off their paintings of the Parliament Buildings which they created at ELEMENOPAINTâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S family art night celebrating the upcoming Canada Day are, from left, Lucy Nichols, Keira Dixon, Ava Churney and Claudia Leonforte.

Building a foundation of home at a time W NE TING S I L


KANATA LAKES $284,900 Immaculate TH on quiet, private crt. 3Beds, 2Bths w/spacious rms. Great sized Kit./Eating area overlooks treed backyard. Roof 2008, vinyl windows, A/C, newer Kit. Appl.


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Bagpiper Jordan McConnell, right, leads Theresa Qadri, left, chair of the organizing committee for the Canada Day celebrations in Stittsville last Monday, Canada Day, July 1st to the opening ceremony. 30 ROYCROFT WAY

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Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 9

Kanata’s Newest Chiropractors Kanata’s Family Chiropractic Centre has a long history of excellence in chiropractic care, with over 25 years worth of experience in treating local families. Established in 1987 by Drs. David Lovsin and Andrea Fefferman, F.C.C. quickly established its presence within the community and it continues to be committed to helping patients and their families achieve their maximum health potential. If you’ve visited the office in recent months you will not only have noticed a new look, but you will have also been introduced to some new faces - Drs. Lauren and Rodrigo Guerrero, who are both chiropractors, have recently joined the practice and are a welcome addition to the team at F.C.C. With the addition of Dr. Lauren and Dr. Rod, the clinic now has extended coverage spanning six days a week, making it even easier for you or a loved one to receive excellent care in times of need. Nestled within the heart of Kanata at the Kanata Medical Arts Building (99 Kakulu Rd.), the Family Chiropractic Centre conveniently offers chiropractic as well as registered massage therapy. Front: Lynda O’Connor, Bev Pauling, Dawn Egan, Doreen Gobby Back: Dr. David Lovsin, Alexandra Gaudreau, Dr. Rodrigo Guerrero, Dr. Lauren Guerrero

New Beginnings at F.C.C. As a three-year-old, donning a permanent smile and pigtails in her hair, little Lauren Burkett never would have imagined one day becoming a chiropractor and joining the practice of her mentors, Drs. Andrea Fefferman and Keith Mahoney. But after seeing just how chiropractic could help her to lead an active life, Lauren knew from an early age that she was meant to be a chiropractor.

Dr. David Lovsin, Dr. Lauren Guerrero, Dr. Rodrigo Guerrero

Although she doesn’t remember her first chiropractic adjustment, Dr. Lauren Guerrero fondly remembers the woman who not so subtly inspired her to become a chiropractor - Dr. Andrea Fefferman, who sadly succumbed after a long battle with ovarian cancer in October 2012. Andrea’s husband, Dr. Keith Mahoney entrusted his practice to Lauren in February, and since then she has continued in the legacy of her predecessors, providing excellent chiropractic care to local families. She and her Australian husband, Dr. Rodrigo Guerrero, met in Dallas at an international chiropractic conference and they maintained a very long distance relationship until June 2012, when they reunited in Australia. While there, Lauren and Rod welcomed their now nine month-old son before making the long journey back to Canada in January 2013. Going from +40°C to -40°C was certainly a shock to the couple’s system, particularly Dr. Rod who had never experienced those temperatures, but they have since acclimatized and are going strong as

Dr. Rod Dr. Lauren and their son Hayden

the Family Chiropractic Centre’s newest power couple. Dr. Lauren and Dr. Rod are very excited to be joining Dr. David Lovsin and the experienced team at F.C.C. and look forward to the potential of inspiring the next generation of patients and future chiropractors to achieving better health and wellness through chiropractic.


214-99 Kakula Rd., Kanata, ON K2L 3C8 (613) 592-7660

10 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013


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Four concerts coming up this August Special to the News

News - The free concerts at Village Square Park in Stittsville this summer have been reduced to two rather than the three as in recent years. These concerts are sponsored by Waste Management in cooperation with Rural West Recreation of the city of Ottawa. But while there will only be two

concerts at Village Square Park this coming August, there will be two new Thursday evening concerts at the Richmond Fairgrounds in nearby Richmond, a short drive away. This means that there will be four straight free Thursday evening concerts in Goulbourn this year. On Thursday, Aug. 1, the group Blackwell, a country music trio

comprised of Carey Blackwell, his brother Danny Blackwell and singer/ songwriter Braiden Turner, will be performing at the Richmond fairgrounds in Richmond, starting at 7 p.m. Blackwell performs a blend of country rock along with pop and haunting ballads. This performance by Blackwell will be followed the next Thursday,

Aug. 8 by the Heartbeats, an Ottawa area rock â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;n roll show band that specializes in the songs of the 1950â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and 1960â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. After these concerts on Thursday, Aug. 1 and Thursday, Aug. 8 at the Richmond fairgrounds, the scene will shift to Village Square Park in Stittsville where there will be free concerts on Thursday, Aug. 15 and Thursday, Aug. 22. The Aug. 15 concert will feature Sidewinder while the Mick Armitage

Band, which has performed previously at these Village Square Park concerts, will be featured at the Aug. 22 concert. While the concerts will run from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., there will be a cash only BBQ held before the concerts, starting at 6 p.m. at each site. All funds raised by these BBQâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s will go to support local youth initiatives. In addition, as has been the case in the past, donations for CHEO will be accepted at the concerts.



! 3)/, )( )! .#)- -',. /3 ,- 1$.$(" *.$ (.&3 !), .#  -. *)--$&  &- )( ..1 1 -.- 5( -. +/&$.3 #)' - 3)/, 1$. $- )0 , $.# )(&3 -$2 1 %- .) )/*(3 # !.3 */,#- $( (.$0 - (  ,(" )! ') &- $( (.- ')-. ** &$(" )''/($.$ - %&+#()"  ())#$ )&*,% + #%)&"&$     


 ,, #)' - , - &&$(" )/. !-.  *)-$.- - &)1 -  )( **,)0  '),."" -

(&3  #)' - & !.

  -$"( (., )(/- ),

  -$"( (., )(/- *&/- #,1)) (  ,'$ 6)),$("

 ./,$(" ( 1 !)). -$("& - )0 ,-$4  &). 1$.# , ","  .,.$(" !'&$


Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 11


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Childcare Centre donates $1,000 to Cancer Society

that every year it would hold a fundraising BBQ for the Ca-

News - Cancer has impacted those at the Stittsville Childcare Centre in Stittsville. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why again this year, for the sixth straight year, the Childcare Centre at the corner of Manchester Street and Stittsville Main Street held a fundraiser BBQ for the Canadian Cancer Society. It was held on Friday evening, June 14 and included a BBQ, face painting, a fish pond and a childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s play area. Stittsville firefighters were there as well with a fire vehicle. This yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fundraiser BBQ has resulted in the Stittsville Childcare Centre being able to hand over $1,000 to the Canadian Cancer Society to help fight cancer. Every year that the fundraiser BBQ has been held has seen the Childcare Centre raise about this amount. It all began back in Aug. 2007 when Mrs. Jane Whyte, a parent whose two sons attended â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and still attend - the Stittsville Childcare Centre, passed away from cancer. The Childcare Centre sent a donation to the Cancer Society in her memory and then decided

Showing that the Stittsville Childcare Centre raised $1,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society at its recent family BBQ fundraiser are, from left to right, Nicole Cheeseman of the Stittsville Childcare Centre; parent Bill Noel with his children William, left, and Lila, right; Hilary Brook of the Stittsville Childcare Centre who helped with organizing the event, with youngster Megan Xu in front of her; Nahid Farahani of the Stittsville Childcare Centre; parent and cancer survivor Mrs. Tracy Power; and Pouran Asgari, director of the Stittsville Childcare Centre who is with youngster Sofia Galdamez.

John Curry

nadian Cancer Society. This is what has happened

and over the ensuing years, more parents have been im-

pacted by cancer. Mrs. Gwen Foss, a mother


of two who used to bring one of her children to the Stittsville Childcare Centre, passed away from cancer in Sept. 2010. Mrs. Roxanne Noel, a mother of two children who both attend the Stittsville Childcare Centre, passed away last November following a lengthy battle with cancer. Her two children, Lila and William, still attend the Childcare Centre. Another parent, Mrs. Tracy Power, a mother of two, has also battled cancer and is now a cancer survivor, having been declared cancer free last year. David Lamont, another parent, was a cancer patient but is now cancer free and has recently started working again. It is to honour these parents who have battled cancer, with some losing the battle and others winning the battle, that has been the inspiration and motivation for the Stittsville Childcare Centre to continue holding its annual fundraiser BBQ to support the Canadian Cancer Society and its work. The Childcare Centre plans to continue to hold the event annually to honour these people and to keep the memories alive of those who passed away.

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2013 Equinox

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3788 Prince of Wales Drive • 613-692-3553

Offer ends September 3, 2013. Cash credit is a manufacturer-to-dealer delivery credit (tax exclusive) for the cash purchase of a new or demonstrator 2013 model and varies depending on model purchased. See dealer for details. R0012184614_0704

Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 13


WE now carry

E V I NAT shoes Flip Flops 30% Off



WIiN r of a pa

n Justi r Beicikbetes t

14 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013

On Now until July 20 25-40% off All Summer Inventory 30% off All outerwear

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30% Off Stride Rite 25% off All Soccer and Accessories

Come and check us out!!!! R0012183682-0704


Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 15



his has been a remarkable year for the hospital. The clinical teams worked together to improve patient care through the adoption of key clinical protocols. We met or exceeded all of our performance targets for Quality and the hospital was recognized as an “exemplary” hospital by Accreditation Canada.


In our quest for service improvement, we identified a need for a more functional, robust surgical program. Throughout the year, we have worked with surgeons to strengthen this essential program. We continued to focus our efforts on how to provide better service to our patients by recruiting more physicians. Over the past year, we have recruited two more emergency physicians to our team: a lung specialist and an ear, nose and throat surgeon. The hospital continues to be a training center for residents and medical students and we hosted several first year students from both Queen’s and the University of Ottawa this year. We worked with hospitals in the region to change how we credential our physicians to ensure timely access to quality medical resources. Together with our partners, Almonte and Arnprior hospitals, we are exploring shared medical resources to make sure our communities have

CPDMH scoring in the top 10% on overall Employee Engagement relative to hospital benchmarks. Specific results show a commitment on the part of staff to patients and the organization, with 97% saying they are proud to tell people they work for the hospital, 96% saying client satisfaction is a primary focus and 100% saying they are committed to doing high quality work. The inaugural Community Health Fest held on March 23rd in the Arena Hall in Carleton Place was a huge success. At full capacity with over 35 participants showcasing local health resources and estimates from 800 to 1,000 people in attendance; guests from across Carleton Place and the surrounding communities enjoyed free services while learning more about the range of health care services in Carleton Place. This initiative served to connect the community to quality services close to home.

access to specialist care. All of our recruitment and training efforts ensure that our patients get the right care at the right time closer to home. Technology continues to play a critical role in delivery quality care. We continue to invest in the adoption of an Electronic Health Record to ensure the safe and timely transfer of patient information between CPDMH and other community providers.

We are pleased to report that we have met our commitment to our ongoing capital plan. Working together with the Foundation and Auxiliary, the Hospital invested almost $800,000 to maintain a safe facility, upgrade our electronic information system and procure modern, medical equipment for patient care. We are further pleased to report that we have submitted a balanced budget for 2013/14. The Hospital will continue to provide quality services while maintaining an enviable, efficiency record.

The National Research Corporation (NRC Picker), a National Research Institute that measures patient experience, ranked CPDMH among the top performers in patient satisfaction in Emergency Department satisfaction. This success is attributed to our staff and physicians who daily demonstrate their commitment to creating an organization where patients and their families can experience responsive, innovative and exemplary care. An Employee Engagement Survey was completed this year. Overall results were excellent with R0012180751/0627

For more information, please contact Carleton Place & District Memorial Hospital 16 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013

2012/13 Community Annual Report


his year the Hospital has embarked on a new strategic plan that will be used to direct us over the next five years. In determining our strategic priorities, a strategy road map was developed which included extensive consultation with community service clubs, municipal partners, patients, health care partners, staff and physicians. Our five new strategic priorities found below ensure that we: x Optimize patient access to services x Lead the way in quality and safety performance x Are a responsive, integration leader x Create healthy, innovative teams x Secure a strong, sustainable future

As we roll-out our strategic priorities, patient-centered care will remain our touchstone. This is an exciting time in the hospitalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s history as we work together to shape the future of health care for our community. We look forward to working together with partners and the hospital teams to ensure the delivery of outstanding care and an exceptional patient experience.

VISION Shaping a Healthy Future for our Communies through Caring, Quality and Innovaon

To deliver the highest level of care by: x Connecng paents to responsive, integrated services x Leading the way in quality and safety x Being the kind of hospital that paents recommend to family and friends




211 Lake Avenue East, Carleton Place, ON, K7C 1J4 â&#x20AC;˘ Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 17


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Water floods pumpkin fields John Curry

News - Water, usually a farmer’s friend, has become an enemy at Saunders Farm in Munster this year. Much of the farm’s ten acres of pumpkin crop was under water last week as a result of torrential downpours through the week – two inches of rain in half an hour on Wednesday, June 26; one inch of rain a couple of days before that; and rain again on Friday, June 28. Three of five fields were largely covered with water. This was the first time in the 37 year history of Saunders Farm that these farm fields were so covered in water this late in the year. There had been a couple of occasions of such flooding in the early spring but never after crops had been planted. While a drainage ditch was slowly taking away water from the three fields which were inundated with standing water, there was just so much water that all it could do was pond on the fields, covering up many of the pumpkin plants which had really been doing well before the rains came. Pumping the water out of the fields was not an option since the water would have to be pumped at least a mile away to provide any relief. And using heavy equipment to dig a larger drainage ditch would only serve to damage the landscape and its already water-soaked, muddy conditions. Only the arrival of warm, sunny weather to help evaporate the standing water will ease the situation.

are an important aspect of the Farm’s operation and its Haunting Season program. The majority of the farm, especially its agritourism area which features numerous attractions for visitors, has not been impacted by flooding of any kind. It is only the pumpkin fields at the lower end of the farm which have been adversely affected by flooding. The only exception was the new kitchen which is now under construction and in fact just about finished at Saunders Farm. A trench had been dug from a propane tank to the new kitchen for installation of a propane line to serve the facility. The ditch was open when the heavy

rain hit on Wednesday, June 26, filling up the ditch and, with final grading of the area not yet done, flooding into the new kitchen area. But this was only a temporary thing and finishing work is continuing on the new kitchen. Mr. Saunders says that he has received lots of messages of support from others during this flooding situation. He said that there are lots of people who are doing sun dances for Saunders Farm, hoping to bring on good weather. Mr. Saunders notes that two years ago, perfect growing conditions prevailed for pumpkins. But this year is a different story and that is the challenge of farming.

The fields suffering from flooding are tile drained but the high water table caused by all of the rain has meant that the tile drains just cannot move out the water. And just how damaging these flooded conditions will be remains to be seen. Mark Saunders of Saunders Farm says that experts report that plants will not survive if they are under water for 48 hours since the water cuts off the oxygen to their roots, something which is essential. This has been the case at Saunders Farm but Mr. Saunders does add that even the experts are not totally sure what will happen. He himself has not yet been able to get a close up look at the flooded plants because of the wet, flooded, muddy conditions in the fields affected. There is no crop insurance on this pumpkin crop but Mr. Saunders is confident that Saunders Farm, which handles thousands of pumpkins during its Haunting Season in October, will have all the pumpkins that it needs this fall. He says that he and other farmers in the area are always either buying or selling pumpkins to each other and this will continue this year, with other farmers in the area not as impacted by rain-induced flooding like Saunders Farm is this year. He is also confident because he knows farmers across North America from his involvement with farm tourism organizations and he says that he will bring pumpkins in from afar if he absolutely has to. Mr. Saunders points out that this is why Saunders Farm has diversified over the years, starting 37 years ago as a strawberry farm and slowly evolving into a major agri-tourism atJOHN CURRY/METROLAND traction. Growing pumpkins is only a portion of Mark Saunders of Saunders Farm in Munster stands with a flooded pumpkin field behind what happens at Saunders Farm, Mr. Saunders him. Three of the Farm’s five pumpkin fields were flooded due to several rain downpours says, while admitting, though, that pumpkins in the Munster area last week.






We pride ourselves in providing our clients with personalized and comprehensive dental hygiene care in a relaxed environment. Services include: U Professional Teeth Cleaning U Clinical Assessments U Home Maintenance Program U Oral Cancer Screening U Teeth Whitening (Take Home) U Custom Protective Sports Guards U Dental Sealants

Treatment you deserve. Experience you trust.


Kanata Dental Hygiene

18 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013

417B Hazeldean Road, Kanata, ON Phone: 613.592.2044 Email:

Business Advisors


300 Terry Fox Drive Suite 600C, 2nd Floor

R0011785491 R0011952368

Relax. We don’t Bite.

Mark Saunders, right, of Saunders Farm stands beside one of the Farm’s pumpkin fields which was flooded due to several torrential downpours in the Munster area last week.

Where Herzberg Road changes to Terry Fox Drive, south of ‘The Marshes’


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What’s up, doc, around Stittsville?

(),'DX`eJk% -(*$/*($+.*'

School in Kanata starting next week and running through to mid-August. After that, Main Street Community Services will be hosting a smaller summer program at its premises at the Frederick Banting Alternate Program facility (former Stittsville Public School) on Stittsville Main Street. Main Street Community Services has just purchased another home in the area which will be used as a group home because of an ever growing need for such facilities, especially as special needs youth gain adulthood…. Michelle Corbett, who has been principal at St. Patrick Catholic School in Barrhaven, will be the principal at Guardian Angels Catholic School in September, taking over from Andrea Green who will be the principal of the new St. Cecilia Catholic School in the Barrhaven/Nepean South area. Another principal change in Stittsville in September will see Mrs. Alex Belloni, who has been vice-principal at St. Mark Catholic High School in Manotick, become the new principal at Sacred Heart Catholic High School as Sacred Heart principal Cindy Owens is moving to become principal of Lester Pearson Catholic High School in Gloucester… Stittsville photographer Sylvie Sabourin will be at Perfect Books at 258A Elgin Street in downtown Ottawa this coming Sunday, July 7 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. for a book signing session for her photography book “Emotions.” This coffee table book features over 170 nature photos taken around the Ottawa area, with the photos accompanied by bilingual text. She will not only have her books for sale but also some cards that feature some of her original photographs. If you cannot make it but want more information on the book, please email Sylvie

at . She is also a member of the Ottawa West Arts Association (owaa) which has the gallery at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex on Shea Road…Sympathy is extended to Lois Desjardine on the death of her daughter, Phyllis Maheral, on Monday, June 24. The funeral was held on Thursday, June 27 at Holy Redeemer Church in Kanata… Ted and Lynn Martin of Wildpine Court once again, for the 39th year, hosted their annual pre-Canada Day party for friends and neighbours last Sunday evening, June 30. The event always features a fireworks display…Traditional bluegrass music will be heard at the Friday music evening this Friday, July 5 at 7 p.m. at the Gaia Java Coffee Company shop at the Stittsville Shopping Centre on Stittsville Main Street with “Dusty Strings” performing. This begins a month of Friday music evenings that will see not only bluegrass music featured but also performances by Gretchen Martin (contemporary piano and vocal hits), The Smithtet (saxophone, trombone, guitar and bass) and The Crumble Quartet (a string quartet which plays both classical and tango music). These Friday music evenings at the Gaia Java shop are free and open to everyone. The only advice is to get there early for the best seating…The sky at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex was ablaze with cascading colours last Monday night as a fireworks display was the spectacular climax of Stittsville’s Canada Day celebrations centred on the grounds at the adjacent Sacred Heart High School. Loud bangs accompanied the fireworks as they soared into the sky just after 10 p.m., creating a spectacle not only of colour but also of sound...


date is to help project the defined benefit pension and benefits of retirees. The group holds two meetings a year for members, one in May and one in October. For more information, visit …Dick Coote of Stittsville, who is involved with the Canadian Organic Growers (Ottawa-St. Lawrence-Outaouais Chapter), reminds everyone that there are organic farm tours coming up this summer. On Monday, July 8 at 6:30 p.m., there is a tour at the Luxy Farm of Jonathan and Daizy Naf in St. Albert, Ontario where certified organic vegetables are grown. On Sunday, Aug. 18, there are tours at three farms – Arc Acres Farm on Manotick Station Road, Roots and Shoots Farm at the corner of Mitch Owens Drive and Manotick Station Road and Grazing Days Farm which is right near the Roots and Shoots Farm. For more information about these organic farm tours or to sign up for the tours, please contact Mr. Coote at …Kyle Norris of Stittsville, wearing jersey number 48, was playing for the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League (CFL) in its game against the Saskatchewan Roughriders last Saturday. Kyle, a linebacker, is in his first season with the Eskimos after having been drafted in the third round (24th overall) in the 2013 CFL Canadian draft. The six foot, three inch Kyle, who weighs 232 pounds, played four seasons of university football with the St. Mary’s Huskies prior to his selection in the CFL draft. A graduate of South Carleton High School, he played high school football with the SC Storm and also played community football with the Bell Warriors…Those who travel on the Flewellyn Road west of Stittsville should be aware that the road is closed to traffic from last Tuesday, July 2 through to Friday, Aug. 16 from Munster Road west to Dwyer Hill Road. Flewellyn Road seems to be a popular road to close this year as Flewellyn Road from Stanley’s Corners east to Shea Road is currently closed to traffic due to a pipeline installation… Main Street Community Services, which provides services for children and youth with special needs and their families, will be holding its summer program at the Katimavik Public


News – City of Ottawa Stittsville ward councillor Shad Qadri is the chair of the Board of Directors for Crime Prevention Ottawa (CPO), a position that he has held since 2011. CPO tries to contribute to crime reduction and enhanced community safety in the city through collaborative, evidence-based crime prevention initiatives. CPO has developed a four-year strategic plan that will see a focus on youth, violence again women and helping crime-affected neighbourhoods. The plan also sees CPO continuing to work with partners to conduct research, develop evidenced-informed solutions and address issues affecting the safety of city residents…Longtime Stittsville resident Evelyn Leroux has sold her home and is moving to Brockville to be near to her daughter. She has been a volunteer with the Goulbourn Township Historical Society…Sandra Dunlop, who is the daughter of Clive and the late Jean Morris of Stittsville, has an active role with the Mississippi Mudds theatre/musical group of Carleton Place. She recently directed the group’s show “Nunsense Two – The Second Coming” which was presented in April and May…Saturday, July 13 is the date for the 2013 garden tour presented by the Stittsville Goulbourn Horticultural Society and the Stittsville United Church. There will be ten gardens available for viewing on the tour, which will go ahead rain or shine, with the gardens open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. except for one which has a 10 a.m. viewing time. Any or all of the other gardens can be visited in any order. Stittsville United Church, one of the stops on the tour, will be providing not only gardens filled with traditional perennials and shrubs but also the Stittsville United Church Women will be providing refreshments including a BBQ lunch for sale. Tickets at $15 each for this garden tour are available at Ritchie’s Feed and Seed on Carp Road or from the Stittsville United Church. The tickets are really a great deal because you not only get to enjoy the garden tour but also the ticket gives you a $10 discount on the regular $15 annual membership fee for the Society…Retirees from Bell and its affiliate companies are reminded that there is the Bell Pensioners’ Group (BPG) whose man-

4785 Loggers Way, Arnprior, Ontario K7S 3G7 613-623-3780 fax 613-623-6392

EMERALD ASH BORER - COMING TO AN ASH TREE NEAR YOU This little beetle is a highly destructive insect native to the Asian Continent. It was discovered in the Windsor/ Detroit corridor in 2002. It has since destroyed millions of trees. It was discovered in the City of Ottawa in 2008. Since that time the City of Ottawa, Leeds and Grenville have been quarantined and the movement of ash wood and wood products is prohibited. The City of Ottawa removed 800 affected trees in the winter of 2011. The handling of ash trees that have been affected by emerald ash borer can take special techniques. Gardiner Tree Trimming & Removal Ltd. strives to use the safest methods possible to remove dead and dangerous trees of all species. Our methods use equipment such as a crane, bucket or excavator as the job requires. Gardiner Tree Trimming & Removal Ltd. offers TreeAzin® Systemic Insecticide. It is an injectable insecticide formulated with azadirachtin, an extract of neem tree seeds (not neem oil). TreeAzin is registered by Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) (PCP 30559). Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment (MOE) scheduled TreeAzin® as a class 4 pesticide or “least hazardous that is

commercial”, with a class 11 active ingredient. TreeAzin is exempt from Ontario’s Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Act.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: EAB is a slender, elongate insect about 1/3 - 1/2 inch long. It is widest just behind the head, gradually tapering back to the abdomen. It is a bright iridescent green to copper-green color, often with a copper colored area behind the head. Its body underneath the wings is a purplish-magenta color. Trees typically are killed in two to four years. When trees are first attacked by EABs, the symptoms are inconspicuous and hard to notice. By the end of the second year, thinning foliage and dieback in the crown begins to be

apparent. By the third year, there is severe dieback and little foliage. Ash can tolerate small numbers of EAB larvae but trees are girdled and killed when populations become more numerous. When the adults emerge, they create small, 1/8 inch D-shaped exit holes that are characteristic of this insect, although they can be hard to see. If you were to remove the bark on the trunk of a tree showing these symptoms, you should also find the larval galleries. Woodpecker attacks on ash could also indicate the presence of emerald ash borers.

Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 19

NEWS I hope everyone had a great Canada Day weekend and let’s hope the rest of the summer is a little less wet than June was. According to, the average rainfall in Ottawa in June is 85mm whereas we received nearly 130mm of precipitation in June of this year. For our local farmers and for the enjoyment of summer, hopefully we’ll have a much better July and August. While summer is officially upon us, there is still some work to do at City Council in the coming weeks including a vote on the plan for LRT between Tunney’s Pasture and Baseline Station and another vote concerning a casino in Ottawa. I’d like to take this opportunity to discuss the upcoming vote on the casino issue that will come before the Finance & Economic Development Committee (FEDCO) on Tuesday, July 9th and rise to full Council on Wednesday, July 17th. For those new to the issue, Council first considered whether or not Ottawa was to be a willing host to a new or expanded casino in October 2012. This was due to the Modernization Plan put forward by the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation (OLG) that suggested new locations for casinos throughout Ontario. Council voted 19-5 in favour of being a willing host, sending the message to the OLG that Ottawa should be considered for a new casino. At that time, and with the support of residents throughout Rideau-Goulbourn, I voted against the idea as I felt the only desire of the OLG was a downtown casino and this would come at the cost of the existing Rideau-Carleton Raceway (RCR). RCR is an integral part of our rural communities and its potential closure would result in the loss of nearly 1000 jobs, which, in my mind, would be completely unacceptable. My opposition was not against the idea of expanding gaming, but against the potential loss of the RCR. I was always of the mind that if we expand gaming in Ottawa or if we build a new casino in Ottawa, that it should be on the same grounds at RCR. This brings to us to a motion before FEDCO on July 9th, put forward by Mayor Jim Watson, which states “that the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation be informed, prior to the start of the RFP process, that the only location acceptable to the City of Ottawa for an expanded gaming facility is the current location at the Rideau Carleton Raceway.” This is a welcome change in direction from the support of a downtown casino that responds directly to the overwhelming support of RCR from the residents of Ottawa. From October until today, I have consistently heard from residents across the City, either via email or in person, if we are to see a new or expanded casino that it should be at RCR. In recent weeks, we’ve seen one individual come forward and suggest that he should be allowed to bid on a casino for him to build on land that he currently owns. However, at no point in the last eight months have we heard from residents of Kanata/Stittsville, or any other community for that matter, indicating that they want a new casino in their community. A new casino in a community like Kanata/Stittsville would decimate existing restaurant and hotel businesses and create a gambling environment in a community where that environment does not currently exist. Without the support of the people that actually live in the community, I would not support the construction of a new casino in it and nor should the elected officials that represent that community.

Connected to your community

Shakespeare at Alexander Grove Special to the News

News - Can’t get away to the Shakespearean Festival in Stratford this summer? Well, you can still get to enjoy a little bit of Shakespeare right here in Stittsville as Ottawa’s own professional Shakespeare company “A Company of Fools” will be at Alexander Grove Park to present “The Merry Wives of Windsor.” This Alexander Grove performance is the Stittsville stop in the “A Company of Fools” annual Torchlight Shakespeare series this year, a series which begins on July 3 and runs through to Aug. 17 at various parks around the city of Ottawa. Presenting the show in different parks around the city gives residents throughout the city including here in Stittsville an opportunity to experience an outdoor Shakespeare production done by a troupe of six

professional actors. These Torchlight Shakespeare shows are open to everyone and are based on “passthe-hat” donations rather than any admission charge. This makes the show available to everyone. The Stittsville presentation of “The Merry Wives of Windsor” will take place on Saturday, July 13 at 7 p.m. at Alexander Grove Park which is where the “A Company of Fools” has performed in previously as well. Those attending are reminded to take along a lawn chair or blanket to sit on as well as bug spray. This year’s show, “The Merry Wives of Windsor,” promises to be a rollocking good time. It revolves around Falstaff, a rogue with a penchant for drink, women and mischief, arriving in the small town of Windsor.

Underestimating the intellect of the middle class, he attempts to woo two married ladies at the same time, not realizing for a second that they are onto him and his antics. The wives of Windsor use and abuse Falstaff for their own amusement, giving him lessons in matters of the heart. “A Company of Fools,” a professional Shakespeare company, was established in 1990 by a group of students in the University of Ottawa’s theatre department, with the troupe modeling itself after the rogue Elizabethan players who once entertained audiences out of doors as well as at London’s Globe Theatre. The annual Torchlight Shakespeare series, which has become the signature happening for “A Company of Fools,” began in 2003. The aim of “A Company of Fools” is to make Shakespeare theatre accessible and fun for audiences of all ages.

Farewell ceremony at Stittsville Public School Special to the News

News - Stittsville Public School said a formal farewell to its grade six students as they move on to other schools at a ceremony at the school on Friday, June 21. A highlight of the ceremony was the presentation of the Principal’s Award to two students – Robert Middleton for the school’s French program and Junhee Park for the school’s English program. The ceremony also included a time for looking back and sharing memories. Students from each grade six class shared their favourite school memories. These memories were also tweaked thanks to a

slide show created by Kyle Anderson and Robert Middleton. All of the students leaving were formally presented with certificates. Following the formal ceremony, the students, their parents and guests enjoyed a cake and punch reception in the school gymnasium. The refreshments served at the reception, the photos presented to the students and the decorations which adorned the gymnasium were all thanks to the Stittsville Public School Farewell Parent Committee.

Rideau Carleton Raceway was established long before any new developments have encroached upon it and a considerable buffer still exists between Findlay Creek and their site on Albion Road. It is the logical choice for an expanded casino operation and I am happy to support our call to the OLG that this be the only location considered. I strongly encourage my colleagues on Council to do the same. I look forward to this vote and I want to thank all of you for the support you have shown for Rideau Carleton in recent months. Flewellyn Road Closure

Watson’s Mill Beer Tasting

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20 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013

the Principal’s Award to student Junhee Park of the school’s English program at the school’s grade six leaving ceremony for the Class of JOHN BRUMMELL/METROLAND 2013 last Friday. Stittsville Public School principal Michael Malek, JOHN BRUMMELL/METROLAND left, presents the Principal’s Award to student Robert Middleton of the school’s French program at the school’s grade six leaving ceremony for the Class of 2013 last Friday.

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Stittsville Public School principal Michael Malek, left, presents

The NEW Perth Blue Wings Junior “B” Hockey Club seeks five (5) elite hockey players for their 2013-14 Eastern Ontario Junior B Hockey League Team. You MUST be highly coachable, physically fit, MENTALLY tough and born between 1993-1997 (16-20 years old) to qualify. ONLY those seriously committed to competing for an EOJHL Championship need apply. Application Deadline: Wednesday, June 28th, 2013. For a FREE detailed information Kit, sent by First Class Mail, on your request, email Michael McLean at: or visit and leave your full mailing address.


I’d really like to thank everyone on Flewellyn Road for their patience this summer as construction will affect this particular road due to three separate projects stretching the entire length of the road. Earlier, we announced closures between Huntley Road and Eagleson Road due to the Enbridge Gas pipeline reinforcement project. Beginning this month, we’ll also begin the resurfacing of Flewellyn Road, between Munster Road and Ashton Station Road. The latest notice of closure is concerning the portion between Munster Road and Dwyer Hill Road for the renewal of a bridge. This closure will begin July 2 and last until August 22. Local and emergency traffic will maintain access and a signed detour will be in place. Thank you again for your patience.





¤░¤│¤░,─ѓКї─ъ┼»─џ─ъ─ѓ┼ХZ─џ═Ћ<─ѓ┼Х─ѓкџ─ѓ═Й─ѓкџ,─ѓКї─ъ┼»─џ─ъ─ѓ┼Х─ѓ┼Х─џ─ѓкљкџ┼»─ъ─екї─ѓ┼Х┼г═┐  6RPHUHDVRQVZK\7KH3OD\6SDFHLVDQDPD]LQJSODFHIRU\RXUFKLOG 







613.831.3400 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 21


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Enjoying themselves at the Canada Day Seniors Breakfast in Stittsville on Canada Day morning, Monday, July 1 as they celebrate the occasion wearing Canada t-shirts and sporting miniature Canada flags in their hair are Marg Jessome, left, and Cecilia Power, right.

Stittsville firefighter Jenna MacLeod, right, pours a glass of water for Liz Holmes, left, at the Canada Day Seniors Breakfast hosted by city of Ottawa Stittsville ward councillor Shad Qadri at the Sterling Howie Fire Hall in Stittsville on Canada Day morning, Monday, July 1.

Fire hall is sea of red for Canada Day Seniors Breakfast News - It was a gathering at a fire hall, so not only were firefighters including Ottawa Fire Services chief John deHooge present but some firefighting equipment was used for the formal cake cutting ceremony. It was the annual Canada Day Seniors Breakfast hosted by city of Ottawa Stittsville ward councillor Shea Qadri, held at the Sterling Howie Fire Hall on Stittsville Main Street in Stittsville. Usually a sea of red because of its fire trucks housed there, the fire hall continued to be a sea of red for this breakfast as everyone was wearing red to celebrate this occasion celebrating Canada’s 146th birthday. And when it came time to formally cut the two Canada Day cakes which had been provided by Stittsville Sobeys, out came the heavy equipment – councillor Qadri and city of Ottawa mayor Jim Watson wielded a fire axe while Ottawa Fire Services chief John deHooge and Sector Chief Todd Horrick handled a chain

saw. When you’re in a fire hall, firefighting ways prevail – forget the traditional knife. This was the first time that mayor Watson has attended this Canada Day Seniors Breakfast in Stittsville. That’s because normally he hosts his own Canada Day Breakfast event but with the construction currently underway at Lansdowne Park, the Aberdeen Pavilion venue is not available this year. This year’s Canada Day Seniors Breakfast began with, as would be expected, with the singing of O Canada, this year led by Carissa Fortin accompanied by her father Jean Fortin on guitar. Rev. Grant Dillenbeck of the Stittsville United Church was on hand to say “Grace” to begin the breakfast which featured scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, buns and more, all provided free thanks to councillor Qadri’s generosity. Scrumptious Inc. of Stittsville catered this year’s meal. A video with scenes from councillor Qadri’s recent Park Party and BBQ at Village

Square Park in Stittsville and put together by Sandy Durocher of Stittsville was shown

singing of “God Save The Queen” sung by all in attendance wound up the event.


Using a fire ax and a chain saw to ceremonially cut the “Happy Canada Day” cakes at the Canada Day Seniors Breakfast at the Sterling Howie Fire Hall in Stittsville on Canada Day morning, Monday, July 1 are, from left, Theresa Qadri, city of Ottawa Stittsville ward councillor Shad Qadri and city of Ottawa mayor Jim Watson, who are holding a fire ax, Ottawa Fire Services sector chief Todd Horrick and Ottawa Fire Services chief John deHooge, who are holding a chain saw, Stittsville firefighter Dawn Marincak and firefighter Gary Kellher.











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foursome including “Fordie,” Clara Baker, Lynn Veitch and Donna O’Connor. A robust

during the breakfast. Entertainment at the breakfast was provided the Schmodkas – a


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22 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013


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Stittsville firefighter Joel Poff pours a cup of coffee at the Canada Day Seniors Breakfast in Stittsville on Canada Day morning, Monday, July 1.

Carissa Fortin sings the national anthem “O Canada” at the Canada Day Seniors Breakfast in Stittsville on Canada Day morning, Monday, July 1.

‘Sound of Music’ program Special to the News

News - Music can be relaxing. You can find out how music can be a tool for relaxation at an upcoming program at the Stittsville branch of the Ottawa Public Library. This “Sound of Music” program will be taking place on Thursday, July 25 from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Attendance at this program requires prior registration. You can sign up for this program online at the Ottawa Public Library’s website at www. or you can register in person by dropping into the Stittsville branch of the Ottawa Public Library on Stittsville Main Street in Stittsville.


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Creating a Sustainable Public Sector Average Canadians understand that in order to be prosperous, you need to live within your means. You cannot spend more than you make, and you see that every dollar is spent wisely. Our government knows this too. That is why we are ending stimulus spending and taking steps to balance our budget and return to surplus by 2015.


Jackson Trails School Age Program staff members Jen May, left, back, and Joanna Shepherd, back, right, hold up a giant “Happy Canada Day” banner which features the hand prints of the youngsters and staff of the program which is located at St. Stephen Catholic School in Stittsville, with the youngsters assembled in front of the banner.

Hand prints on ‘Happy Canada Day’ banner John Curry

News - Youngsters and staff at the Jackson Trails School Age Program at St. Stephen Catholic School in Stittsville celebrated Canada Day by giving the event quite a hand or, more precisely, many hands. No, it wasn’t a period of prolonged applause but rather was a case of showing their support by providing hand prints on a giant Canada Day celebration banner. Over 70 red hand prints with associated

names of both School Age Program youngsters and staff, done using acrylic paint, decorated the giant white banner measuring approximately 15 feet long by 3 feet deep. The names surrounded the “Happy Canada Day” printed on the banner. The presence of the hand prints on the banner is meant to show the pride in Canada that all those at the Jackson Trails School Age Program, both youngsters and staff, have. The banner was created to be on display at the Stittsville Canada Day celebrations

last Monday on the grounds of Sacred Heart Catholic High School. This was the second time in recent weeks that the Jackson Trails School Age Program had made a banner to add colour to a community event organized by the Stittsville Village Association (SVA). A banner had also been made for the SVA’s Art in the Park event at the end of May. The SVA also organizes Stittsville’s annual Canada Day celebrations. Undertaking such a project fits in with the Jackson Trails School Age Program of undertaking community kindness projects.

Racing at Capital City Speedway Special to the News

Sportss - Stock car racing happens every Wednesday start-

ing at 7:15 p.m. at Capital City Speedway west of Stittsville. Each evening will feature

To do this, we are reforming the public sector in order to align it with current standards in the private sector. Public servants in the federal government have an average absentee rate of 18.2 days per year. This number is two and a half times more than what is common in the private sector. To put this in perspective, on any given day, approximately 19,000 public service workers are off sick. This is unsustainable.

stock car racing by Late Models, Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks, Legends and 4-Fun Vehicles.

The solution is to reform and modernize the current disability system for public servants, which has gone unchanged for 40 years. By modernizing this system and creating a short-term disability insurance plan, we will be able to provide proper support to employees through periods of illness.

Each racing night during the season will also have a special feature of some sort, ranging from Dinardo’s Kart Class to a 100 lap Enduro race to a appearance by the Vintage Modifieds.

In addition, we announced a new management system that will track public service employees’ performance. This government-wide policy will help boost productivity and morale. It will permit management to reward good workers while dealing with poor performers effectively. Ensuring that everyone is pulling their weight is a common sense approach that will encourage the public service to work to its full potential. This is another way in which we are bringing public sector standards in line with the private sector. Finally, we are eliminating voluntary severance for public servants. This practice paid severance to those who quit or retired. It is very costly and not something that is seen in the private sector. This measure alone is expected to save taxpayers $500 million every year. Our Conservative Government respects taxpayers’ hard-earned money. We are focused on keeping taxes low and returning to a balanced budget by 2015 so that Canada can continue to prosper for years to come. Pierre Poilievre MP Nepean-Carleton



Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 25


92 Equinelle Drive Sat & Sun Noon - 5PM or by appointment 613-258-7089

26 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013



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Westwind Public School principal Marva Major, left, and teacher Gavin Vesey, At the presentation of the Personal Growth Award at the grade six leaving ceremony at Westwind right, present the Principal’s Award to recipient Amy Bushnik, centre, at the Public School in Stittsville on Wednesday, June 26 are, from left, principal Marva Major, recipient Stittsville school’s grade six leaving ceremony on Wednesday, June 26. MacKenzie Snow, and staff members Mrs. Laura Bond and Manmohan Panesar.

Grade six leaving ceremony at Westwind Public School Special to the News

News - History was made at Westwind Public School on Wednesday, June 26. The occasion was the school’s first-ever grade six leaving ceremony at which 57 grade six students received certificates as they move on to grade seven at other schools this September. Westwind Public School opened in Sept. 2011 but this was the first year that the school had grade six students. Four new special awards were presented at the ceremony, each being represented by a large plaque that features enough name plates

to accommodate the names of the recipients of the awards for the next 50 years. The Academic Perseverance Award was presented to students Tia Zubryn and Irelynd Tackabury while the Personal Growth Award went to MacKenzie Snow. Alex Hobgood and Seshan Anandarajah received the Citizenship Award while Amy Bushnik received the Principal’s Award. The ceremony featured remarks by principal Marva Major, a slide show of school activities over the past year and a presentation of memories by grade six students from the classes of

teachers Manmohan Panesar and Gavin Vesey. Both of these teachers also gave short addresses about their grade six students, after which they presented the students with their certificates. The grade six students of the Class of 2013 at Westwind Public School are Rory Band, Delaney Barrett, Matthew Burton, Tyler Ducas, Mya Emond, Sadie Faulkner, Joshua Fields, Alyssa Gagnon, Noah Glogauer, Alex Hobgood, Garrett Johnson, Jack Lawn, Jonah Longpre, Keeva Lynk, Hannah MacQueen, Cameron McGahan, Chelsea Publow, Jenna Querengesser, Grace Rabb, Alec Sibthorpe, Bi-

anca Silva, Marissa Smail, MacKenzie Snow, Morgan Spencer, Antoine Verville, Carver Ward, Abbey Wilson, Tia Zubryn, Jake Adams, Seshan Anandarajah, Campbell Austin, Christopher Bann, Leah Beavis, Lukas Beierl, Ken Bou, Amy Bushnik, Sarah Culbert, Adrian Dent, Neil Duncan, Jason Dunn, Celeste Faltas, Adam Ghadie, Mubarak Hassan, Hannah Kennedy, Enzo Kwindt, Maiah Lodu, Jackson Major, Darren Moynes, Jamie Penstone, Matia Raspopovic, Ajmal Saparno, Addison Seltitz, Yukta Shah, Irelynd Tackabury, Waleed Tarar, Colin Taylor and Carson Wenger.



At the presentation of the Academic Perseverance Award at the grade six leaving ceremony at Westwind Public School in Stittsville on Wednesday, June 26 are, from left, principal Marva Major, recipient Tia Zubryn, recipient Irelynd Tackabury, teacher Gavin Vesey and teacher Manmohan Panesar.

At the presentation of the Citizenship Award at the grade six leaving ceremony at Westwind Public School in Stittsville on Wednesday, June 26 are, from left, principal Marva Major, recipient Alex Hobgood, recipient Seshan Anandarajah, teacher Gavin Vesey and teacher Manmohan Panesar.


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Youth rugby tournament at Twin Elm Park Dean Taylor Special to the News

Sports - Rugby is alive and well among the youth. This includes youth in Stittsville and Richmond who were among players on 18 teams from Ottawa, Kingston and Chelsea who played in the recent Indians Rugby Football Club (R.F.C.) Rugby Tournament. Playing in age groups ranging from U6 to U14, the tournament took place at the Twin Elm Rugby Park located on Twin Elm Road just outside Richmond. Seven players from Stittsville played for the Indians R.F.C. U14 team in this tournament while there was also one player from Richmond on the team. Youth rugby tournaments do not end with champions or trophies. Rather, all of the players play for the love of the game. The younger teams, from U6 to U10, played either flag or touch rugby with the coaches of the respective teams not only coaching but also refereeing and teaching the youngsters the sport as they played the game. These games were 20 minutes long with five minute breaks between halves. Six year old Ryan Kipping and his mother Jody made the trip from Kingston to participate in this tournament. Asked what he liked most about playing rugby, Ryan, who is in his second year of playing the sport, said “It’s the blood and the sweat.” Jody, Ryan’s mother, chuckles at this response, confiding that grass stained knees is the worst ailment suffered by younger players. The U12 and U14 games were 30 minutes long. Despite the sport’s reputation for potentially injurious play, it is a well coached sport with an em-

phasis on technique and safety. Matt Muzzi of Stittsville is one of the four experienced coaches of the Indians U14 team. He and his cocoaches ensure that players “walk through” tackling plays and rucks to teach them the correct and safe way to play the game. A ruck is a play in rugby in which a mass of players gathers around a ball dropped by a tackled ball carrier, with each player attempting to gain possession of the ball by kicking it to a teammate. Contact and tackling at the U12 and U14 ages tends to be more about “pushing” and “wrapping opposing players up” rather than inflicting bone crushing hits. Maintaining team possession of the ball and seeking advantageous field placement is the emphasis at this age. “Parents are easy going, there is a great learning environment and it’s a sport that any size or shape or sex can play – everyone touches the ball,” says coach Muzzi in outlining the positives about the sport of rugby. “It’s easier for kids to pick up rugby than other sports,” he adds, noting that there is a myth that rugby is a barbaric sport. Andrew Armstrong of Stittsville, another of the four coaches for the Indians U14 team, has played rugby for Team Canada at an international level. His two boys are involved in a number of sports including competitive hockey but he sees youth rugby as being an appealing sport for a number of reasons. “The cost to play is low, the kids practice once or twice a week on a set night, there is a position for everyone to play no matter your size or shape,” he says. Melissa Duff has been the Indians’ youth coordinator for the past six years, donating countless hours to organizing rugby for the youth age groups. She has seen this youth

program grow from seven players in 2008 to over 100 players today. There are no restrictive geographical boundaries for rugby the players for the Indians teams primarily are boys and girls from Stittsville, Richmond, Kanata, West Carleton and other communities in the west end of

the city of Ottawa. New players are most welcome to attend any practice which happens on Thursdays at 6 p.m. at Holy Trinity High School in Kanata. The Ottawa Indians Rugby Football Club is a community-oriented rugby club based in the west end of

Ottawa. Established in 1962, it offers programs that range from minirugby for children to junior competitive rugby for high school students to competitive programs for adult men and women. It is a non-profit organization committed to developing the growth of rugby in the Ottawa area.


Players come together in a ruck where they are contesting for the ball from a grounded player in action in the recent Indians Rugby Football Club Rugby Tournament at Twin Elm Park near Richmond.

Breakaway Soccer Skills camps Special to the News

Sports - The fields at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex in Stittsville is the place. July and August is the time. And soccer is the sport. That’s where and when when Breakaway Soccer Skills will be holding is weekly summer soccer camps, back for an 11th summer. Players, both recreational and competitive, will be able to learn and develop soccer skills while enjoying a fun environment. And there’s lots of variety. There’s a half day program for youngsters aged 4 to 6 years old. This is a program that covers the proper technique for kicking a soccer ball as well as ball control skills. The full day program for those aged 7 to 13 includes both basic and advanced programs, based on the age and skill of players. The basic program allows youngsters to learn the fundamental skills of soccer in a fun environment. The advanced program allows youngsters to train and play against players with higher skill levels. Breakaway Soccer Skills began in

2003 to provide a local recreational soccer camp program focused on fun and learning. Over the ensuing years, more than 500 youngsters have attended the camps. Coaches at the camps include camp coordinator Colin Arsenault, head coach Ian Drake and assistant coach Dak Drake, who are assisted by various associated coaches based on enrolment. The radio of coaches to players is approximately ten to one for the full day camps and six to one for the half day program. This year the summer camps are being held on the weeks of July 8-12; July 15-19; July 22-26; and Aug. 1216. Both half day and full day programs will be offered on each of these weeks. Registration is available by accessing the registration form online at the Breakaway Soccer Skills website at . The completed registration form and accompanying cheque should be mailed to Breakaway Soccer Skills, 3 Hubertine Gate, Stittsville, ON. K2S 1S5. An email confirmation of receipt of the registration will be sent out.

“I know speaking French will open doors for him in the future.” Learn more about a bilingual education. 613-224-2222 R0012176431

Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 29

At Allan Snelling we take pride in the legal advice we provide people. We recognize that each client is unique and our firm is structured to meet the diverse legal needs of every person and business in Kanata. Located in the heart of Kanata's business district, Allan Snelling is accessible and approachable. We apply experience and creativity when solving our clients' legal problems and we look forward to working with you.

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Personal Injury 30 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013

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Professional Negligence Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 31

July 1st 2013 CANADA DAY SENIORâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S BREAKFAST On Monday July 1st my team and I along with the support of the volunteer fire fighters from station 81, held the Councillorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Canada Day Seniorsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Breakfast serving just over 275 people. I wish to thank everyone for their participation and their kind donations to the Stittsville Food Bank. I would also like to thank Rural Sector Chief Todd Horricks and his staff for the use of their fire hall and for their continued support and dedication to our community. Further thanks to the Schmodkas and Scrumptious Inc. Catering for the entertainment and food and to the many volunteers for their help. I would also like to thank my staff for all the work they put into organizing and seeing the event through. CRIME PREVENTION OTTAWA RELEASES ACHIEVEMENTS AND STRATEGIC PLAN Since 2011 I have had the privilege of sitting as the Chair person on the board for Crime Prevention Ottawa (CPO). CPO contributes to crime reduction and enhanced community safety in Ottawa through collaborative, evidencebased crime prevention. Building on a Strategic Plan, CPO develops strategic initiatives to address key issues. CPO has released its Annual Action Report this past week, which lists our achievements and activities over the past year. From consulting with the community on gangs to dealing with problem addresses, it highlights the research and initiatives that have been our focus. It also includes our financial report. The 2012-13 Action Report can be found on the CPO website at: CPO has tabled the Strategic Plan 2013-16. This plan is the result of extensive community and stakeholder consultations. It sets the strategic approach for the next four years. CPO will continue to focus on Youth, Violence Against Women and Crime-Affected Neighbourhoods. CPO will also continue to work in close collaboration with their partners to conduct research, develop evidence-informed solutions and address issues affecting the safety of residents in Ottawa. If you want a printed copy of the CPO Action Report or Strategic Plan, please contact Crime Prevention Ottawa at or 613-580-2424 ext. 22454 HIGHWAY 417 DEVELOPMENT UPDATE There are two upcoming closures as a result of the expansion of Highway 417 from Eagleson to Highway 7. March Rd Highway 417 westbound on-ramp closes July 5th for 12 weeks and Huntmar Bridge between Cyclone Taylor and Palladium North will be closed on July 29 for 6 weeks. NEW OC TRANSPO SUMMER SCHEDULE The OC Transpo summer schedule is now in effect. The new schedule includes several changes, including weekend service to local museums and realignment of the Transitway between Campus and Laurier Stations for construction of the Confederation Line Light Rail. New schedules will reflect the lower demand for service during the summer vacation period. School routes will be suspended until the fall, and there will be minor schedule reductions on mainline and peak period routes. New schedules are available at OCTranspo Sales Centres, by calling 613-741-4390, and at Summer service changes include: r /FXTFSWJDFUPMPDBMNVTFVNTPQFSBUJOHPOXFFLFOETUISPVHIPVUUIFTVNNFS3PVUFXJMMTFSWFUIF$BOBEB Aviation and Space Museum and new Route 185 will serve the Agriculture Museum and Experimental Farm. Connect to these routes at major Transitway stations. r 5IFSFBMJHONFOUPGUIF5SBOTJUXBZCFUXFFO$BNQVTBOE-BVSJFS4UBUJPOTGPSUIFDPOTUSVDUJPOPGUIF-JHIU3BJM Confederation Line. Buses will travel via new bus-only lanes on Laurier and Nicholas and the Laurier Station stop will be adjusted slightly. Traffic signals will be timed to maintain the flow of buses and avoid delays, and service will be monitored to ensure consistent and reliable travel times. This permanent change will accommodate construction of the east tunnel portal entrance for the Confederation Line. r "NPEJĂąDBUJPOPG3PVUFBU"MHPORVJO$BNQVTCFUXFFOQNBOEBNPOXFFLEBZT BOEBMMEBZPO weekends; buses will travel via Woodroffe and Navaho instead of College Avenue east of Woodroffe. r 5SJQTPO3PVUFUP)FSPO1BSLXJMMCFSFOBNFE,BMBEBSUPBWPJEDPOGVTJPOXJUIUSJQTUP)FSPOHBUF r 4DIFEVMFBEKVTUNFOUTUP3PVUFTBOEGPSJNQSPWFETFSWJDFBOESFMJBCJMJUZ The next scheduled service change will take place on September 1st, 2013. For automated bus arrival information, customers can call 613-560-1000, or text 560560, plus their four-digit bus stop number. For more information and travel planning, visit or call 613-741-4390. CITY WARNS RESIDENTS ABOUT PHONEY SALES-PITCHES The City of Ottawa continues to warn residents to be vigilant of door-to-door salespeople making false claims BCPVUUIFRVBMJUZPG$JUZESJOLJOHXBUFS The City has received several complaints from residents who have been contacted by salespeople of waterĂąMUSBUJPOPSUSFBUNFOUTZTUFNTBOEQSPWJEFEJODPSSFDUJOGPSNBUJPOQFSUBJOJOHUPXBUFSRVBMJUZ5IF$JUZSFNJOET SFTJEFOUTUIBU0UUBXBTESJOLJOHXBUFSJTDPNQMFUFMZTBGFBOEPGUIFIJHIFTURVBMJUZ XIJDIJTFOTVSFEUISPVHI rigorous and ongoing testing. The 2012 Drinking Water Quality Management System Annual Report, which was received by City Council yesterday, confirms that the drinking water delivered to City residents exceeds all federal and provincial healthCBTFEXBUFSRVBMJUZHVJEFMJOFTBOETUBOEBSET The City of Ottawa is committed to protecting public safety. The City ensures that all of its employees carry CityJTTVFEQIPUPJEFOUJĂąDBUJPOUPCFQSFTFOUFEVQPOSFRVFTU&YDFQUGPSFNFSHFODZTJUVBUJPOT BOZWJTJUTUIBUNBZ SFRVJSFBDDFTTUPIPNFTPSCVTJOFTTFTCZ$JUZTUBĂ­BSFTDIFEVMFEJOBEWBODF"OZSFTJEFOUXIPJTEJSFDUMZDPOUBDUFE by a person claiming to work for or on behalf of the City of Ottawa is asked to check their identification and, if concerns remain, to contact the City by calling 3-1-1 (613-580-2400). 3FTJEFOUTDBOSFWJFXUIFSFTVMUTPGUIF$JUZTFYUFOTJWFESJOLJOHXBUFSRVBMJUZBOBMZTJTQSPHSBNPOMJOFBUottawa. ca. LAND AMBULANCE SERVICE IN OTTAWA RECEIVES A FUNDING BOOST The provincial government is strengthening land ambulance services in Ottawa with increased funding in 2013 to ensure continued access to emergency health care for Ottawa residents. The province is supporting Ottawa with $38,541,000 in funding this year for land ambulance services, an increase of $2,795,000 or 7.8 per cent over 2012. Working with municipalities to improve access to ambulance services for people across the province is part of the Action Plan for Health Care and supports the new Ontario governmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s commitment to delivering the right care, at the right time, in the right place. The funding announcement was made today at Queensway Carleton Hospital by Bob Chiarelli, Ontarioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Energy Minister and MPP for Ottawa-West Nepean. i5IFGVOEJOHXFSFQSPWJEJOHUIJTZFBSNFBOTUIBUUIFSFTJEFOUTPG0UUBXBDBODPOUJOVFUPDPVOUPORVBMJUZMBOE ambulance services when they need them,â&#x20AC;? said Minister Chiarelli, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Our government will continue to work with our municipal partners. This year alone Ottawa will benefit from $86.5 million in combined municipal supports and benefit uploads.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Ottawaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s paramedics are highly trained and dedicated professionals who form an integral part of the Cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s emergency preparedness team,â&#x20AC;? said Mayor Jim Watson. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s announcement means the Ottawa Paramedic Service can continue to provide medical coverage, training and prevention awareness at a level to which Ottawa residents have become accustomed.â&#x20AC;? Every municipality is responsible for ensuring the proper provision of land ambulance services according to the needs of residents in the municipality. After the previous government downloaded the full cost of land ambulance services to municipalities, Ontario has covered 50 per cent of operating costs since 2008. Each year, approximately 11 per cent of Ontarioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s population use the ambulance system as their initial access point to Ontarioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s emergency health care system. Learn more about land ambulance programs by visiting the government of Ontario website. Learn more about the Ottawa Paramedic Service at DID YOU KNOW? Did you know that you can receive e-mail alerts regarding upcoming meetings at City Hall? All you have to do is sign up today at All public are welcome to attend Committee and Council meetings unless they are held with in-camera items. Should you not be able to attend a certain Council or Committee meeting but would like to listen to the items being discussed you may listen live via aspx?meetid=2340&doctype=AGENDA or to previously recorded meetings at ALWAYS LISTENING AND ACTING ON YOUR CONCERNS As your Councillor, I always welcome your keen input and ideas on how we can sustain and improve Stittsville. Please contact our office anytime by phone at 613-580-2476 or by e-mail at Please note the summer hours of operation are Monday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Wednesday 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Please do not hesitate to pay us a visit. My ward office is situated in the Goulbourn Recreation Complex, located at 1500 Shea Road. I welcome your call or email to arrange an appointment. If you are a Stittsville resident of Ward 6 and would like to be added to my electronic outreach list, please contact my office to ensure you receive pertinent information concerning our community. Further information about any of these articles can be found on my website or you can contact my office to obtain details. I encourage you to share this information with your friends, family and anyone who may be interested. R0012188488

32 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013


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Grade six leaving ceremony at St. Philip Special to the News

News - â&#x20AC;&#x153;You are the Light in Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Worldâ&#x20AC;? was the inscription written in the icing on the celebratory cake at the grade six leaving ceremony at St. Philip Catholic School in Richmond on Friday, 21. It carried on the concept of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Lightâ&#x20AC;? which was featured in the opening moments of the ceremony as well when the grade six students of the Class of 2013 slowly processed into the darkened school gymnasium by twoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, holding lighted lanterns as the processional song â&#x20AC;&#x153;Go Light Your Worldâ&#x20AC;? played. These lighted lanterns were placed across the stage, serving as a backdrop to the ensuing ceremony which saw 26 students honoured for completing their education at St. Philip and now moving on to the next step in their education. The stage not only featured these lighted lanterns but was also decorated with a string of white lights and had â&#x20AC;&#x153;St. Philip Leaving Ceremonyâ&#x20AC;? and â&#x20AC;&#x153;Class of 2013â&#x20AC;? proclaimed on the back wall of the stage, adorned, among other things, with images of stars. The gymnasium itself conveyed a festive atmosphere with yellow and blue balloons cascading from two basketball hoops. Potted yellow ďŹ&#x201A;owers adorned the microphone area used by the students in the ceremony. JOHN BRUMMELL/METROLAND Black silhouettes of each of the grade Julia Licari holds the Award for Excellence in Writing six students adorned one wall of the which she received at the St. Philip Catholic School gym while a paper mural featuring trees, birds, bees and ďŹ&#x201A;owers brought grade six leaving ceremony in Richmond. an outdoor feel to the gathering as it decorated part of another wall. +RO\6SLULW In her remarks at the ceremony, St. &DWKROLF6FKRRO Philip principal Kathy Fischer noted that this Class of 2013 was a big community builder in the school commuWK 2Q)ULGD\ -XQH  +RO\6SLULW&DWKROLF6FKRROKHOGLWV nity. She expressed the hope that the DQQXDO VFKRRO EDUEHTXH DQG FDUQLYDO IRU LWV VWXGHQWV students will continue in the future to VWDII WKHLUIDPLOLHV$JUHDWWLPHZDVKDGE\DOODQGZHFRXOGQRWKDYHDVNHGIRU share their lives with the world, notPRUH SHUIHFW ZHDWKHU 7KH +66 &RPPLWWHH ZRXOG OLNH WR WKDQN WKH IROORZLQJ ing that everyone has gifts that can SHRSOHEXVLQHVVHV RUJDQL]DWLRQV<RXUJHQHURXVVXSSRUWZDVDNH\IDFWRULQ help make the world a better place. WKHVXFFHVVRIWKHEDUEHTXHDQGFDUQLYDO$FRPPXQLW\LVVWUHQJWKHQHGZKHQLWV Principal Fischer said that this PHPEHUVZRUNWRJHWKHU grade six school leaving ceremony  was something of a â&#x20AC;&#x153;bittersweet timeâ&#x20AC;? $6SHFLDO7KDQN<RXWR since the students leaving shared a 7HDP2QH+RPHV'HQQLV7DUUDQW wealth of talent with the school and



so their departure will leave a big hole to ďŹ ll in the school community. But the ceremony did include a handing over of the role of leadership in the school community to the current grade ďŹ ve students who will be the grade six students of the coming school year. Grade ďŹ ve students Payton Tasse, Sarah Doiron, Jake Edgley and Alexis Virtue accepted a number of symbols of the school community from the grade six class. These include a cruciďŹ x as a symbol of the Catholic faith; books as a symbol of all of the things learned at the school; a basketball as a symbol of the sports played; a Canadian ďŹ&#x201A;ag as a symbol of freedom and love of country; a book as a symbol of Canadaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bilingual nature; a St. Philip team shirt as a symbol of pride that students have in their school; and a lantern so that the next yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Class of 2014 students can shine their light and guide the path for other students at the school. The ceremony included the presentation of a number of special individual awards recognizing the achievements of individual grade six students in a range of subjects and activities. The Director of Education Award which is presented to the student who best exempliďŹ es the gospel values of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Believing, Discovering and Achievingâ&#x20AC;? was presented to Brady Sterling. The schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Outstanding Achievement Award honouring a student or students whose overall achievement, performance, participation and effort have been consistently exemplary in all areas of the curriculum throughout the school year was presented to Hannah Mitchell. The Academic Award recognizing students who have demonstrated an ability to work at a high standard of achievement across the curriculum and have produced exemplary and quality work was presented to four students â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Gabriel Wooltorton, Maggie Johnson, Nicholas Doiron and Lance Goddard. See AWARDS, PAGE 33




'Ă&#x152; Ă&#x152; !Ă&#x152;Ă&#x152; +Ă&#x152; 






+  +







~Hache Family~



- -1DLOV



City of Ottawa Councillor Reports By Shad Qadri, Councillor Ward Six Stittsville City of Ottawa


Recipients of the Award for Excellence in French awarded at the grade six leaving ceremony at St. Philip Catholic School in Richmond are Libby Vandemark, left, and Alex Borsodi, right.


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Awards presented at grade six leaving ceremony Continued from page 32

The Award for Excellence in Writing went to Julia Licari while receiving the Award for Excellence in Science was presented to students Adam Besner, Paddy Greene, Tyler Abrams and Justin Moorhouse. The Award for Excellence in French was presented to students Libby Vandemark and Alex Borsodi while the Award for Excellence in Mathematics went to Thomas Cook. The Award for Excellence in the Arts, presented to students who show commendable talent in either dance, drama, visual arts or all of these, went to students SoďŹ e Green, Jacob McRae and Tyler Ayotte. The McBane/Anderson Award for Overall Achievement, presented to a student who has demonstrated leadership and school spirit, was awarded to Adam McDonald.

Athletics was not overlooked and Male and Female Athlete of the Year Awards were presented, honouring students who have demonstrated a positive attitude, sportsmanship and a desire to improve their athletic skills. Recipients of the Athlete of the Year Awards this year were Mitchell Bonin, Ben Schizkoske, Jennifer MacKean and Holly Treffers. The Kiwanis Club Award for Citizenship, honouring students who have shown the ability to give service to others without thought of personal reward, was presented to Seamus Gabor and Rose Allen. The Pope John Paul II Award for Gospel Values sponsored by the Catholic Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s League of St. Philip Parish, given to a female student who has exempliďŹ ed Biblical and Christian values, was presented to Julia Wyatt. The Pope John Paul II Award for Gospel Values sponsored by the Knights of

Columbus of St. Philip Parish was presented to Brayden Laurin. The ceremony ended with a prayer blessing the grade six students as they continue their education journey beyond the walls of St. Philip. This prayer was said by all of the assembled parents and guests, led by principal Kathy Fischer, with each person holding up his or her right hand as the prayer was recited. Members of the Class of 2013 at St. Philip Catholic School are Tyler Abrams, Rose Allen, Tyler Ayotte, Adam Besner, Mitchell Bonin, Alexander Borsodi, Thomas Cook, Nicholas Doiron, Seamus Gabor, Lance Goddard, SoďŹ e Green, Paddy Greene, Maggie Johnson, Brayden Laurin, Julia Licari, Jennifer MacKean, Adam McDonald, Jacob McRae, Hannah Mitchell, Justin Moorehouse, Ben Schizkoske, Brady Sterling, Holly Treffers, Libby Vandemark, Gabriel Wooltorton and Julia Wyatt.


Peter Acton, centre, of the Kiwanis Club of Goulbourn presents the Kiwanis Award for Citizenship to recipients Rose Allen, left, and Seamus Gabor, right, at the grade six leaving ceremony at St. Philip Catholic School in Richmond.



St. Philip student Hannah JOHN BRUMMELL/METROLAND Mitchell holds JOHN BRUMMELL/METROLAND Recipients of the Academic Award at the grade six her Outstanding Recipients of the Athlete of the Year Awards at the grade six leaving leaving ceremony at St. Philip Catholic School in A c h i e v e m e n t ceremony at St. Philip Catholic School in Richmond are, from left, Richmond are, from left, Lance Goddard, Nicholas Award Mitchell Bonin, Ben Schizkoske, Jennifer MacKean and Holly Treffers. Doiron, Gabriel Wooltorton and Maggie Johnson.


St. Philip student Thomas Cook holds his Award for Excellence in Mathematics.

St. Philip student Adam McDonald has received M c B a n e / Anderson Award for Overall Achievement.


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News - The Goulbourn Township Historical Society promotes local history. For more information about the Goulbourn Township Historical Society and its activities, please contact Historical Society president Barbara Bottriell at 613-836-2305.





Recipients of the Award for Excellence in the Arts JOHN BRUMMELL/METROLAND presented at the grade six leaving ceremony at St. Recipients of the Award for Excellence in Science at the grade six leaving Philip Catholic School in Richmond are, from left, ceremony at St. Philip Catholic School in Richmond are, from left, Justin Tyler Ayotte, Jacob McRae and Sofie Green. Moorhouse, Tyler Abrams, Paddy Greene and Adam Besner.



Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 33


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Peter Moore, left, representing the Knights of Columbus of St. Philip Parish, presents the Pope John Paul II Award for Gospel Values sponsored by the Knights of Columbus to recipient Brayden Laurin, right, at the grade six leaving ceremony at St. Philip Catholic School in Richmond.


Debbie McSheffrey, right, representing the Catholic Women’s League of St. Philip Parish, presents the Pope John Paul II Award for Gospel Values sponsored JOHN BRUMMELL/METROLAND by the Catholic Women’s League to recipient Julia Ottawa Catholic School Board trustee John Curry, right, presents the Wyatt, left, at the grade six leaving ceremony at St. Director of Education Award to recipient Brady Sterling, left, at the St. Philip Catholic School in Richmond . Philip Catholic School grade six leaving ceremony.






$256,324.70 LUNCH

Mark Sutcliffe, Chair Great River Media Inc. COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Marcia Cantor Canada-Israel Securities Ottawa & Atlantic Canada Trina Fraser Brazeau Seller LLP Donna Ho Ginsberg Gluzman Fage & Levitz, LLP Susan Jones City of Ottawa


Luc Labbé Marcil Lavallée





Peter Linkletter Department of National Defence


Allison McBrine Capital Mortgages


Lindsay Miller Scotia Mortgage Authority Marianne Wilkinson City of Ottawa

SURVIVORSHIP HAPPENS ONE VICTORY AT A TIME | TOGETHER WE ARE MAKING THE NEXT ONE HAPPEN. 1500 Alta Vista Drive / Ottawa / Ontario / K1G 3Y9 / 613.247.3527 / 1.855.247.3527 /


Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 35




THE PERFECT PLACE TO LIVE Lower your cost of living by moving just 20 minutes west of Kanata to the beautiful town of Arnprior.






Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll find Callahan Estates just west of Daniel Street on Edey near Jed Creek in old world Arnprior. This stunning location offers the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the timeless charms of smaller town living while being a scant twenty minutes from major urban amenities in neighboring Kanata and Ottawa. Enjoy the best the outdoors has to offer with local walking trails, beaches, parks, ski hills and more all just minutes away. The perfect lifestyle for families, with the Fraser Institutes 2013 top ranked elementary school just down the road. Maybe you wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to go anywhere once you call one of our exquisite models â&#x20AC;&#x153;home!â&#x20AC;?








Call Now to Reserve Your Lot 36 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013

24 Wolff Crescent , Arnprior, Ontario   sWWWCAMPANALECOM




Sales Centre Hours Monday - Thursday: 11am-6pm Saturday, Sunday & Holidays: 12pm-5pm


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Dr. Jim Moore, right, uses a device to check the shoulder posture level of four year old Holly Lappalainen, left, at the children’s health, safety and environmental awareness day hosted by Moore Chiropractic Health Centre of Stittsville at Saunders Farm at Munster last Saturday.


Shayna Van Gaal, left, applies a rainbow to the cheek of four year old Lyla Chiasson, right, at the face painting station at the children’s health, safety and environmental awareness day hosted by Moore Chiropractic Health Centre of Stittsville at Saunders Farm at Munster last Saturday.

Children’s health, safety focus thanks to Moore Chiropractic John Curry

News - The Pavilion at Saunders Farm in Munster became a classroom for children’s health and safety last Saturday. It was the site of a special children’s health, safety and environmental awareness day program in which Moore Chiropractic Health Centre of Stittsville partnered with Saunders Farm to provide an array of displays and activities focused on children’s health and safety. And, oh yes, there was also some fun thrown in with face painting, tattoos and children’s crafts. There was information on cycling safety, on water safety, on crime prevention, on nutrition and on car seat safety. Chiropractors Dr. Jim Moore and Dr. Craig Deprez were on hand to give quick spinal checkups to children, checking a child’s posture as well as the motion of the spine. Massage therapist Jessica Robillard from Moore Chiropractic Health Centre was also present, providing “chair” massages for both children and adults. A “chair” massage is like a mini-massage that focuses on the upper and JOHN CURRY/METROLAND middle back. Using a chair rather than a normal Massage therapist Jessica Robillard, left, who works at the Moore Chiropractic Health table for a massage is usually more convenient Centre in Stittsville, gives a chair massage to Monica Hornof, right, seated, at the health, and practical in such a setting and the massage

safety and environmental awareness day which was hosted by the Moore Chiropractic Health Centre at Saunders Farm at Munster last Saturday.






This lovely fellow is our “Clumsy Boy”.... sometimes he trips over his own big paws, you can laugh with him... he won’t mind.... this endearing personality makes everybody love him. Big, friendly, affectionate and funny. He gets along with cats and has met dogs. He is a middle aged fellow with 6 years on his calendar.... still a young boy with proper manners to bring you many years of happiness and companionship. For adopting this or any other cat contact GWEN at 613-258-2622. Check out the Website for available cats and more info. Looking for volunteers and foster families to help out with cat care. We are a registered charity.

is just as effective. There were also raffle prizes given away at this special event. The whole event, which ran from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Pavilion at Saunders Farm, was free once visitors paid the regular admission rate for the Farm. This allowed them not only to visit this special children’s health, safety and environmental awareness day but also gave access to all of the attractions at the Farm such as the hedge mazes, splash pad, jumping pillow, pedal carts, puppet shows, hay rides, playhouses, pirate ship, Watch Mountain slide and Saunders Mining Company. Mark Saunders of Saunders Farm said that this children’s health, safety and environmental awareness day provided by Moore Chiropractic Health Centre of Stittsville fits in with the Farm’s own focus which includes the environment and nutrition, especially with the opening soon of the Farm’s new kitchen facility which will be specializing in spectacular new food offerings featuring locally grown ingredients that are not only delicious but nutritious as well. He expressed the hope that Dr. Moore would offer this children’s health, safety and environmental awareness day program again at the Farm, perhaps during the busy Haunting Season in October.

Fill your day with beautiful sights while traveling along a part of our historic Rideau Canal! Air conditioned coach for return comfort and light lunch on board.

SCHEDULE: Mondays: Merrickville To Ottawa Tuesdays: Ottawa To Merrickville Wednesdays: Merrickville To Westport Thursdays: Westport To Merrickville


8995 /Person +HST

Licenced, Refreshments and Snacks Available on Board Offering charters Fridays to Sunday for your special day Adult Birthday Parties, Weddings, Anniversaries, Corporate Events

Group Discounts and Gift Certificates Available! E-mail:

613-269-9342 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 37

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Riverpark Place Rerement Residence offers the best of both worlds, combining the convenience of the city in a park-like seng. Ideally situated close to the Nepean Sailing Club and across from Andrew Haydon Park in Oawa’s west end, you’ll enjoy spectacular views of sailboats on the Oawa River and the Ganeau Hills on the horizon.

Riverpark Place has been designed to provide you with the utmost in private accommodaon complemented with a full range of services. We offer: • Permanent accommodaons • Assisted Living (Cognive and Physical) • Trial, Respite and Convalescent Stays Some of our amenies include: • Flexible meal plans • Kitchenees • 24 registered nursing staff • Recreaonal and social programs • Hair salon, foot care, dental services • Emergency call bells • Physician by appointment

1 Corkstown Road, Nepean Ontario K2H 1B6 Tel: 613-828-8882/Fax: 613-828-8908 38 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013


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Songs vary in tempo and renown John Curry

Arts - All Mike Lewis needs is a chair and his guitar and combined with his voice, you have a great evening of entertainment. This is what happened at the Friday music evening at the Gaia Java Coffee Company shop at the Stittsville Shopping Centre in Stittsville. Mike, a late replacement for a vocal trio that had to cancel, led a small but enthusiastic audience through a range of songs which he always started with a guitar flourish while sitting on a chair. The songs varied not only in tempo but also in familiarity and renown. There was Mike’s rendition of James Taylor’s iconic “Fire and Rain,” a 1970 folk rock song which helped make James Taylor’s reputation in a career that saw him inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in the year 2000. There was also a couple of tips of the musical voice to the Beatles with “Norwegian Wood” (“I once had a girl”) and the rousing “Twist and Shout,” one of the Beatles best known releases in their early career. He also included in his performance the Paul McCartney written “I’ve Just Seen A Face,” which was on the Beatles 1965 album “Help.” Mike’s “Save The Last Dance For Me,” a tune that has been recorded by a variety of artists over the years ranging from Eddy Arnold to The Drifters to Michael Buble, was popular

with the audience as was his version of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues.” Mike also evoked thoughts of the American alternative rock band Lifehouse with his lyrics “Can’t Keep My Eyes Off You” and his presentation of “Walking in Memphis,” an autobiographical song by American singer Marc Cohn that helped win him the Grammy for best new artist in 1992, was a masterpiece, both vocally and instrumentally. The performance included other songs as they just kept coming, many with lyrics indicating the search for love like “I’ve been looking for a girl like you,” “She’s out of my league” and “I see you driving around town with the girl I love.” This was the first appearance by Mike Lewis at a Friday music evening at the Gaia Java coffee shop. He has performed at Starbucks on Eagleson Road in Kanata and has played at the Tulip Festival and at various pubs around the city. These Friday music evenings at the Gaia Java coffee shop in Stittsville are continuing through July before taking a break in August. This coming Friday, July 5, traditional bluegrass music will fill the shop as “Dusty Strings” will be performing. These Friday music evenings, which begin at 7 p.m., are free and open to everyone. Those attending are urged to arrive early for the best seating.


Singer/guitarist Mike Lewis, left, is welcomed to the Gaia Java Coffee Company shop in Stittsville by co-owner Paul Melsness, right, before performing there for the first time at the shop’s Friday music evening last Friday, June 28.

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Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 39


40 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013


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South Carleton High School honours top athletes Sports - South Carleton High School has honoured its top athletes.


South Carleton High School principal Trudy Garland, left, presents the Bob Erwin Scholarship Award to recipient Sandeep Gunawardena, right, at the schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s recent athletic banquet.

The schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s top junior and senior male and female athletes of the year were recognized at the schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s recent athletic awards banquet. Kailan Clark not only was selected as the schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s top senior female athlete of the year but also received the coveted Storm Award which goes to a graduating student-athlete for their dedication and contribution to athletics at the school throughout his or her high school years. Kailan received the Storm Award for leaving by example, for being a catalyst to the success of the teams on which she participated, for showing enthusiasm and passion for sport, for exhibiting a pride in her school and for developing relationships with her teammates. Over her high school years, she participated in Nordic skiing, cross country running, swimming, track and badminton. Last year she received honourable mention in the

RE if E H W Even e been LSE E v â&#x20AC;&#x2122; N u yo D DOW

Geoff Emmett holds the Male Athlete of the Year which he received at Carleton High Schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s athletic awards banquet.

Senior Award South recent

is t n e m y Pa




Junior Award South recent


2 7 9 -877-828-6

starting at

4.99% es

Michael Hoecht holds the Male Athlete of the Year which he received at Carleton High Schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s athletic awards banquet.

No Charge To Apply



icl h e v of


by phone or on-line






these top athlete honours must play on at least two school teams, must have shown respect for teammates, coaches, opposing players, officials, fellow students and teachers, must have exhibited good sportsmanship, must be one of the top all-round skilled athletes in their sports and must have demonstrated a high level of commitment and dedication to their teams. Also presented at the athletic awards banquet was the Bob Erwin Scholarship Award which is named after the schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s longtime football and track coach, now retired. This award is presented annually to the South Carleton football or track and field athlete who has demonstrated leadership, fair play and community involvement throughout his or her years at South Carleton. This yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s recipient of the Bob Erwin Scholarship Award is Sandeep Gunawardena.

You can be


n w o D e h T

Caitlin Fischer of Stittsville is South Carletonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s top junior female athlete of the year, playing on soccer and track teams. In track, she advanced to the provincial high school championships, competing in both the 200 metre and 400 metre races. Other nominees for the junior female athlete of the year award at South Carleton were Sydney Jones, Sarah Graham, Nadia Khawas and Claire Campbell. Top junior male athlete of the year at South Carleton is grade nine student Michael Hoecht of Stittsville. He played on the schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s baseball and basketball teams. He played a big role with the basketball team, being one of its top scorers but also bringing leadership and sportsmanship to the team. Michael will not be back at South Carleton this fall as he is moving with his family to Toronto. Student-athletes nominated for

selection for the senior female athlete of the year and this year she was chosen as the schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s senior female athlete of the year. This past year Kailan, a Richmond resident, was on the Nordic skiing team and also on the track team on which she was the first athlete to wear South Carleton colours in the 1500 metre steeplechase in the last 15 years. She made it to the East Regionals in track, achieving personal best times in each consecutive race. South Carletonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s top senior male athlete of the year is Geoff Emmett who played both basketball and rugby. In basketball, he was one of the captains of the senior team, leading by example in both effort and attitude. He was a co-captain of the rugby team, leading the team with his commitment, dependability and strength.



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Special to the News

Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 41


9/ 9/ FRIDAY & SATURDAY Amanda R/,(:3,>S*/9,,;:4++,,+,7/58,78 R5*1,9R(*/,9(4+9/,(9C09= >:8/P02598 "7(;,2204.40./98>A8/2,=C740*>55+ 5 S<,,953,C/0*(.5>(77=(4+9/,2(89,78 A8:76708,86,*0(2.:,89 A4+3:*/357,

SUNDAY FAMILY FUN DAY ,=:89,7>759/,7Dube Junkyard S=36/54= A4+3:*/357,

Keep Oktoberfest Ottawa info handy, download our Mobile App Text â&#x20AC;&#x153;Ottoâ&#x20AC;? to 84748 SHUTTLE BUS DETAILS ONLINE 42 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013


Tickets Available Now Online!


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9 RUN RUN on Oct. 19

The annual 9 RUN RUN hosted by the city of Ottawa’s emergency services (Police, Fire and Paramedics) will be held on Saturday, Oct. 19 in Stittsville, headquartered at

Sacred Heart High School. 2K Family Fun Run/Walk, 10K run and half marathon. Registration is now open at . For more information about this 9 RUN RUN emergency services run, please visit R0012185407_0704

Discover the...

Five Unique Venues ~ 20 Outstanding Shows

South Eastern Ontario o 2 Historic Waterfront Venues 185 South St., Gananoque 1-866-382-7020


South Carleton High School principal Trudy Garland, left, presents the Senior Female Athlete of the Year Award to recipient Kailan Clark, right, at the Richmond school’s recent athletic awards banquet.

Around village of Richmond News – The latest edition of the Ontario Historical Society’s magazine “Ontario History” has an article on the Duke of Richmond, portraying the Duke as quite a man about town. The magazine is available to read in the Goulbourn Township Historical Society’s reference section in the Local History Corner at the Stittsville branch of the Ottawa Public Library…St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church on McBean Street was the site for a memorial service for Herbert Lytle on Wednesday morning, July 3. He died on Friday, June 28 at the age of 77. A retired captain with the Ottawa Fire Department, he is survived by his wife Elaine, three children – Herbie, Kelly and Tim – and six grandchildren…Shea Road resident Kathleen Sterling was one of the speakers at the ceremony on Thursday, June 27 celebrating the acquisition of the Trinity Presbyterian Church property on McCurdy Drive in Kanata by Hospice Care Ottawa, the new organization formed from the amalgamation of Friends of Hospice Ottawa and the Hospice at May Court. The purchase of this McCurdy Drive site will eventually see a ten bed residential hospice facility added to the current building which initially will be housing Hospice Care Ottawa offices and programs. A six million dollar capital campaign which has raised $1.7 million to date has been launched by Hospice Care Ottawa in partnership with the Bruyere Foundation to make this new ten bed residential hospice a reality. There is an identified need for 80 hospice beds in the city of Ottawa but currently there are only nine beds at the Hospice at May Court as well as four beds at the newly opened Embassy West Residence. Kathleen Sterling got involved with the former Friends of Hospice Ottawa following the death of her husband Lennox whose final days were spent at the Hospice at May Court. She initiated the Lennox Sterling Memorial Golf Tournament which in its first two years has raised over $100,000 for the capital campaign for more hospice beds in the city.

This year’s third annual tournament will be held this September… Retirees from Bell and its affiliate companies are reminded that there is the Bell Pensioners’ Group (BPG) whose mandate is to help project the defined benefit pension and benefits of retirees. The group holds two meetings a year for members, one in May and one in October. For more information, visit www.bellpensionersgroup. ca …Trudy Garland, principal at South Carleton High School, is retiring after eight years as principal at SCHS. The school’s new principal in September will be Colin Anderson who has been principal at West Carleton Secondary School in Dunrobin…South Carleton High School student Bethany Mowat won a silver medal at the recent Skills Competences Canada national competition in Vancouver where she represented Ontario. She competed in the Workplace Safety category against students from across the country…The Ottawa Valley Fairs, including the Richmond Fair, are hosting the Canadian Association of Fairs and Exhibitions (CAFE) convention in Ottawa this coming November and this Sunday, July 7, the organizing committee is hosting an Ottawa Valley Fairs Night at the Rideau Carleton Raceway as a fundraiser to help with convention costs. The evening, which begins at 6 p.m., includes a buffet supper, a $5 Slots voucher, a $5 race voucher and admission. Tickets are $35 for adults, $15 for youth aged 6-12 and free for children 5 and under. For more information or to purchase a ticket, please call Dale Greene at 613-838-3420. Dale is not only secretary and general manager of the Richmond Fair but is a director of CAFE…..The Kiwanis Club of Goulbourn is losing one of its longtime members as Gary Belding is leaving the club, having recently moved to the Woodlawn area from Munster…Rev. Tony Boonstra, former minister at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church on McBean Street, is now at the Presbyterian Church in Kingston which Sir John A. Macdonald attended…

Now Playing: BOEING BOEING A Non-Stop Comedy June 28 – July 27 Coming Soon: THIRD FLOOR A Rom-Com with a Thriller Twist! July 5 – August 3



Box Office: 613-342-7122 Toll Free 1-800-342-7122 Online: ABBAMANIA and NIGHT FEVER An evening of ABBA & the BEE GEES July 10- 8 p.m.; July 10-2 p.m. & 8 p.m. HEAVEN’S LITTLE HONKY TONK Tribute to the legends of country music July 17- 8 p.m.; July 18- 2 p.m. & 8 p.m.


ELVIS-ALOHA FROM HAWAII Starring Steve Kabakos July 24- 8 p.m.; July 25- 2 p.m. & 8 p.m.

THE 25TH ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE A Hilarious Musical Comedy August 2 – 31

THE ROY ORBISON STORY Starring Bernie Jessome August 7- 8 p.m.; August 8- 2 p.m. & 8 p.m.

JAN LISIECKI – Limited Seats Remaining Pianist August 5

TAKE ME HOME The music of John Denver August 21- 8 p.m.; August 22- 2 p.m. & 8 p.m.

“30th Anniversary Season of Laughter & Music” MORRISBURG 1-877-550-3650 Shakespeare on the banks of the St. Lawrence Kinsmen Amphitheatre Sandra S. Lawn Harbour, Prescott

613-925-5788 July 13 – August 17 MAID FOR A MUSKET – a brand new comedy by Lucia Frangione, with original music by Melissa Morris July 17 – August 17 HAMLET – William Shakespeare’s classic tragedy for modern times. Please check our website for schedule of performances. SUNDAY SERIES 2 P.M. July 21 – The Sonnet Man July 28 – Paul Rainville in concert August 4 – Revelers Showcase August 11 – Bain & Bernard Comedy: Yorick Kidding Me!

Murder at the Howard Johnsons Hilarious suspense comedy by Ron Clark & Sam Bobrick July 4-28 No Sex, Please, We’re British Classic farce by Alistair Foot & Anthony Marriott August 1-25 The Cemetery Club Heartwarming Comedy by Ivan Menchell September 5-29 Lucien By & Starring Marshall Button October 3-6 Vegas Knights Big band Tribute to the great Vegas Stars by Chris McHarge & Colin Stewart October 18-27 A Christmas Carol Musical & Magical Dickens Classic November 28-December 15

1000 Islands Theatre Experience proudly sponsored by…

South Eastern Ontario o Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 43


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Theatre/dinner trip to Perth John Curry

News - There’s professional summer theatre in Perth and you can get to enjoy one of its productions thanks to the Stittsville Legion’s 55 Plus Club. That’s because the 55 Plus Club is organizing a trip to Perth on Wednesday, July 17 to see Neil Simon’s play “The Star-Spangled Girl.” The trip is open to everyone in the community

– youth, adults, seniors. The trip will include bus transportation to and from Perth on Wednesday, July 17 to see a matinee performance of “The Star-Spangled Girl,” a Broadway comedy that is one of the professional summer theatre offerings in the Classic Theatre Festival this summer. Following the show, there will be dinner at Perth’s Fiddleheads Bar & Grill, located in one of Perth’s oldest heritage buildings which is known for its fine dining.

Cost of the theatre ticket is $30.50 per person while the cost of the dinner will range from $19.95 to $25.95 per person, depending on the menu selection. To go on this theatre/dinner trip, simply contact Marion Gullock at 613-836-5254 or Shirley Pretty at 613-836-2760 before Wednesday, July 10. Again, everyone in the community is welcome to join in this trip. The bus will be leaving Stittsville just after noon on Wednesday, July 17 and will be returning about 9 p.m. At Perth, those on the outing will see “The Star-Spangled Girl,” a comedy written by Neil Simon set in San Francisco in the 1960’s. The original Broadway cast in 1966-67 included

Anthony Perkins, Richard Benjamin and Connie Stevens. The play involves a love triangle mixed with politics, involving two male friends who work on producing a magazine that is dedicated to fighting “the system” while the female lead is an All-American patriotic girl. Neil Simon, who wrote the comedy, is an American playwright and screenwriter who has written over 30 plays. He has received more Oscar and Tony nominations than any other writer. Among his plays are “Barefoot in the Park” (1963), “The Odd Couple” (1965), “The Sunshine Boys” (1972) and “The Goodbye Girl.” (1993).

Bus trip to Merrickville Special to the News

News - The next Friendship Club luncheon will be held on Wednesday, July 31 at noon at the Glen Mar Golf Club on Fernbank Road west of Stittsville. The menu will include lasagna, Caesar salad, dessert, tea and coffee. The entertainment will be provided by “Mostly Bows.” To reserve a seat at this luncheon, please phone Gloria at 613-831-8819 or Rosemary at 613836-6354 before Friday, July 26. The Friendship Club is planning a bus trip to Merrickville on Thursday, July 18 for lunch and shopping. The bus will be leaving the Johnny Leroux Stittsville Community Arena parking lot at 11 a.m. for Merrickville. The group will leave Merrickville for the return trip at 3 p.m. Family and friends are welcome to join in on this trip. A total of 30 to 35 people are needed to fill the bus and keep the cost at around $10 per person. Everyone is urged to take part in this fun


Top dog Louise Beggs, right, of Stittsville is with her dog Ebonylyn’s Sir Lancelot after winning the championship at the Kingston & District Kennel Club’s dog show in Kingston on Sunday, June 23, with judge Tom Nesbitt at the far left, and Ebonylyn’s Sir Lancelot’s breeder Lynne Mills of Ebonylyn Kennel, centre. Ebonylyn’s Sir Lancelot is a young male miniature Schnauzer.

day. Anyone who wishes to go on this bus trip or who wants more information should phone Gloria at 613-831-8819 or Rosemary at 613836-6354. To join the Friendship Club, please contact Lorraine at 613-599-3297. Everyone is welcome. Friendship Club activities at the Johnny Leroux Stittsville Community Arena are shuffleboard on Tuesdays at 2 p.m. (contact Shirley at 613-831-2712); carpet bowling on Wednesdays at 1 p.m. which will be re-starting on Wednesday, Sept. 11 (contact Helen at 613-836-6766); and bridge on Fridays at 1 p.m. (contact Lorraine at 613-599-3297). Friendship Club activities at the Pretty Street Community Centre are exercise on Mondays at 10 a.m. (contact Helen at 613-836-6766); bridge on Fridays at 1 p.m. (contact Ray at 613836-6363); and euchre on Fridays at 7 p.m. (contact Heather at 613-838-2743).

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Cruising Your Way Gloucester Centre 1980 Ogilvie Road, Gloucester


7 Night Eastern Caribbean

$1599 Mike Stoodley 613-688-1675 Email:

16 December 2013 from La Romana, D.R. Inside Stateroom Classic – IC (price includes air*, cruise, transfers & all taxes)

613.748.3600 Merivale Mall

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Reg. #04345856

Barrhaven Town Centre 613.825.4275 Hazeldean Mall

300 Eagleson Road, Kanata

3777 Strandherd Drive, Barrhaven


8 December 2013 from Fort Lauderdale Large Interior Stateroom – Cat. N (price includes air*, cruise & all taxes)



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Some things are just better together. #itsbettertogether @flyerland 44 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013


Connected to your community




Euchre, bingo, dancing Earn Extra Money! Keep Your Weekends Free! at Stittsville Legion Hall Barb Vant’Slot Special to the News

News – Euchre is now being played on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. in the upstairs lounge at the Stittsville Legion Hall with everyone in the community welcome to attend. This is in addition to the regular Tuesday afternoon euchre parties held at the Legion Hall. Bingo is played at the Legion Hall every Wednesday starting at 6:45 p.m. Euchre is played every Tuesday starting at 1:15 p.m. Everyone in the community is welcome to attend and enjoy both of these regular weekly happenings. Line dancing has resumed at the Legion Hall and the turnouts have been fabulous. Everyone in the community is welcome to join in. It happens at the Legion Hall every Monday from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. There is a need for more volunteers for the Wednesday night bingo. Every Friday is “Bring Your Own Meat” day at the Legion Hall, starting at 5 p.m. The Legion will supply the rest of the supper. Bring along some friends and enjoy an “Open Mike” evening of fun and singing. The 55 Plus Club of the Stittsville Legion is arranging a trip to Perth on Wednesday, July 17 to see the Neil Simon play “The Star-Spangled Girl,” followed by dinner at “Fiddlehead’s.” Cost of the theatre ticket is $30.50 while the dinner cost will range from $19.95 to $25.95.

Transportation will be provided. The trip is open to everyone. Those interested should contact Marion Gullock at 613-836-5254 or Shirley Pretty at 613-836-2760 before Wednesday, July 10. Two dates to note coming up in August at the Stittsville Legion Hall are a pancake breakfast on Sunday, Aug. 11 from 10 a.m. to 12 noon and a Family Fun Day on Saturday, Aug. 17. Everyone is welcome to attend both of these events. The Stittsville Legion is to be the site for a special BBQ on Sunday, Aug. 25, a joint effort by the Military Families Resource Centre and the Stittsville Legion. City of Ottawa mayor Jim Watson and well known area personality Max Keeping of CTV Ottawa have both indicated that they will be in attendance. It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Comrade Ivan Warner. Condolences go to his wife June and the entire family. Peggy Manion had the ladies’ high score at the euchre party at the Stittsville Legion Hall on Stittsville Main Street in Stittsville on Tuesday, June 25, with Brenda Seguin as the runner-up. Gordon O’Connor had the men’s high score with Mike O’Connell placing second. Garnet Vaughn had the most lone hands while Dick Ross had the hidden score. Dave Argue had the low score. Door prizes were won by Elma Bond and Cheryl Kelly.

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VS Laval Comets

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Or apply on-line at 0307.R0011950359

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46 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013


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Canada Day golf


Kaylen Fong lines up a putt playing miniature golf at the Canada Day activities in Stittsville last Monday, Canada Day, July 1st.


BASH EN BLANC A HUGE SUCCESS! Ammar Abou-Agena Aniseh Nesrallah Capital Security & Investigations Casino Acura DJ Luccello DJ Mister Parker DJ Ryan Labelle Fairmont Ch창teau Laurier G.Ziebarth Equipment Giant Tiger Government Conference Centre Greco Lean & Fit iTAN Studios Julia Dales Metropolitain Brasserie Models International Management Ottawa Citizen Ottawa Police Services The Grand - Empire Restaurant Group VJ Matt Cameron York Entertainment

Special thanks to our committee members Amber Russell Andrea Gaunt Brian Radburn Burt Li Claire Baudry Dean Usher Elyse Van Herk Fiorella Di Nardo Karen Wood

Kyle Gourgon Leslie Ballard Margaret Armour Morgan Wells Samantha Thompson Shaun Denis Shelby Russell Stephanie Kelly Taryn Gunnlaugson


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Kanata Montessori School 355 Michael Cowpland Drive Kanata, ON K2M 2C5

Full day summer programming for children aged 3-12. KMS summer camp students will be visiting: Ottawa Athletic Club • Splash Wave Pool •Saunders Farm • Parrot Partner Hike in Gatineau Park • Mooney’s Bay • Papanak Zoo • Reptile Rainforest Canoeing @ Dow’s Lake • Brittannia Beach • Bonnechere Caves Karters Corners • Mont Cascade • Upper Canada Villiage Radical Science • Fun Haven

mp a C mer Sum Campus e h iv Nort ddell Dr Ri 0 849 3 0 0 . 1 9 88 613.

t For 3-5 year olds: Carlie Forth at 613.229.2537 or c a t n Co For 6-12’s: Kyle Jarvis at 613.229.0799 or North Campus camp for 3-6 yrs., 1030 Riddell Drive: Haley Ford Robinson at 613.889.0849 or 48 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013


June 26 to August 23, 2013


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Fitness community marks 80th birthday John Curry

News - The fitness community at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex (GRC) has honoured one of its own. A brief ceremony to celebrate Ken Colbournâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 80th birthday took place at the end of a fitness class at the GRC on Wednesday morning, June 26, even presenting him with a message of congratulations and commendation from city of Ottawa mayor Jim Watson and also a message from city of Ottawa Stittsville ward councillor Shad Qadri. The presentations also included a large, hand-made birthday card that was signed by all of his fellow fitness enthusiasts at the GRC. There was also a $100 gift certificate for the Pocopazzo Restaurant including a birthday dessert. All of his fellow fitness class participants chipped in to provide this gift certificate. In his message, mayor Watson cited Mr. Col-

bourn as an example of the dedication and perseverance that is required to maintain healthy living habits at all stages of life. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Your passion for health fitness has reached many and for that, I commend your continuing efforts,â&#x20AC;? the mayorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s citation read. Mr. Colbournâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wife Joan was also on hand for the ceremony. Mr. Colbournâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s birthday does not happen until July 18 but the celebration was held early because of the summer holiday period and its impact on participation in the fitness classes. Holding it early allowed many of his fellow fitness classmates to attend the celebration. Mr. Colbourn, who lives in Fallowfield, was a member of the Canadian Fitness Club in Kanata until it ceased functioning. A number of Canadian Fitness Club members started attending classes at the GRC and he decided to follow them while also liking the fact that the GRC was fairly close to his home. He has now been attending fitness classes at the GRC for the past one and a half hours.


Ken Colbourn holds the giant hand-made birthday card signed by those who take fitness classes with him at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex in Stittsville which he received at a surprise gathering to mark his upcoming 80th birthday.


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Mabl\hnihgl ^gmbme^lrhnmhZ *)]bl\hngmhg Zink\aZl^h_ .)hkfhk^ [^_hk^mZq^l' Mablh__^kbl oZeb]ngmbe :n`nlm-% +)*,' Ik^l^gmmabl \hnihgZmma^ \Zla'Mablh__^k \Zgm[^\hf[bg^] pbmaZgrhma^k h__^kl'




,0.=Zgb^eLmk^^mLhnma :kgikbhk!/*,"/+,&-..+ R0012189193

Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 49

Enjoy The Outdoors With Weatherwall Eze-Breeze Screen And Windows


screened porch with EzeBreeze Panels is much more than just a porch with screens. It’s a special kind of outdoor living experience; the kind that lets you enjoy the outdoors without feeding the mosquitoes, and being able to close the screen openings to keep out the rain, cold, wind, and snow.In temperate climates flying insects can make the enjoyment of warm nights very difficult. Canadians spend a great deal of money on various methods of repelling the buzzing vampires.We spend even more money on decks and patios only to find their use limited by the local weather. And that’s exactly why so many homeowners make a screened porch with Eze-Breeze Screen and Window Systems an indispensable part of their home.My clients often ask me whether a screened porch or a “Florida” or “threesea-son” room is appropriate

for outdoor living in the Ottawa Area. They’re very different kinds of spaces: a threeseason room is much more than just a screened porch with windows. The true delight of a screened porch is the feeling of being outside without the rain, blazing sun, or bugs. That’s an experience that isn’t felt in a highly glazed ‘Florida room’. It’s a common mistake to overdo a screened porch, to add more columns than necessary or to install a half-height wall around the perimeter.Anything that creates physical or visual separation between the inside and outside erodes the illusion.The best screened porches are as transparent as possible. Eze Breeze screen and window systems are available up to 60” wide by 96” high.Finding just the right location for a screened porch can be tough, especially on narrow suburban lots. In most cases, the screened porch

should be connected to another family gathering area and close to the kitchen, with views of a yard or garden.But how to do that without blocking the views from other rooms? Again, transparency is the key.Make the screens as big as possible and the ceiling high, and you’ll still have a good view from inside the house.Four vertical slider tracks at the sides let you open up as much as 75 per cent of the window area to the outdoors in only seconds.These windows operate so smoothly. You get floorto-ceiling views, but you also have floor-to ceiling ventilation. You control the degree of ventilation you want. When open, the Eze-Breeze windows let in fresh air but not insects or debris. Closed, they give you excellent protection from changing weather.A

well-designed and well-built screened porch adds value, function, character, and enjoyment to a home. It can keep you in touch with the outdoors a little more, and give you another reason to keep the garden weeded.Weatherwall Ottawa can supply you or your contractor with Eze-Breeze Screen and Window Systems. Make sure your architect’s specs include Eze-Breeze screen and window systems; you will be glad they did.Weatherwall Ottawa offers over 30 years in custom building, and would be glad to give any advice you require on building your very own outdoor living space.We will send you all the detailed instructions upon request.Weatherwall is located at 109 Cherryhill Dr. in Carp. Contact the firm by phone 613-8391724, e-mail caldwell@weatherwall. com,and on the web at weatherwall. com.


Any size up to 5’w x 8’h



Eze-BreezeTM, Weatherwall’s propreitary 4-track window system, gives you a variety of ways to control your enclosure’s environment. Each section has 4 window panels that slide up and down independently.

John S.A. Caldwell ‹ 613-839-1724 109 Cherryhill Drive, Carp 50 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013


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Stisville News



Business Directory


Five went through school together John Curry and Emma Jackson

News - They went through elementary school together and then went through high school together and are still friends to this day. The ďŹ ve were together again on Wednesday afternoon, June 26 at the 61st anniversary reunion of the ďŹ rst-ever grade 11 classes at South Carleton High School in Richmond, back in 1952 when it ďŹ rst opened. The ďŹ ve began in elementary school in Richmond in grade one JOHN CURRY/METROLAND (there was no kindergarten at that time) and then went on to all be Five who started school together in grade one and then went on to attend South Carleton High School and are still part of the ďŹ rst grade 11 classes at the newly opened South Carleton friends today are, from left, Joyce Cook, Marg Sadler, Joan Roscoe, Lorna McCurdy and Vi Lowe. They attended the High School in 1952. The ďŹ ve are Joyce Cook, Lorna McCurdy, Marg reunion gathering of the grade 11 classes of South Carleton High School of 1952-53 on Wednesday, June 26. Sadler, Vi Lowe and Joan Roscoe. They were among the more than 40, both SCHS alumni and spouses, who attended a reunion gathering of South Carletonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s grade 11 students of 1952 on Wednesday, June 26 at the home of Denny and After graduation from Concordia, Thursday, June 27, will be using the Audrey Charlebois on River Road south of Manotick, near the Kars John Curry $1,000 to help with her post-secondary Kyle hopes to continue performing bridge over the Rideau River. schooling as she attends Carleton Uni- with his brother and even suggested to This is the continuation of a reunion tradition which began back in 1977 when the ďŹ rst such reunion of these grade 11 classes was held in News - Three of this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s local high versity for civil engineering. Her goal the Lions that this might someday inthe schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 25th anniversary year. The reunions have continued every school graduates now have $1,000 each is to work for a construction company volve a move to Hollywood. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I just want to change the world in a ďŹ ve years since then except for last year, the 60th anniversary year. to help with expenses as they move on in the future. Another recipient of a $1,000 schol- positive way,â&#x20AC;? he told the Lions about The reunion was held this year instead, marking the 61st anniversary in their schooling. year since they all started grade 11 at the new South Carleton High The three were the successful appli- arship/bursary from the Lions Club his future. Shelby Heath of Stittsville, who had School. cants out of 18 students who applied for is Kyle Curry of Stittsville, who also One of the attractions at the site of this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s reunion, besides the the three $1,000 scholarships/bursaries graduated from Sacred Heart Catholic graduated from South Carleton High Charleboisâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; waterfront location on the Rideau River, was a tree planted provided by the Stittsville District Li- High School in Stittsville on Thursday, School in Richmond earlier in the day, in the backyard near the river commemorating a visit to Canada by the ons Club this year. These scholarships/ June 27. He will be attending Concor- told the Lions Club members and their Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Princess Kate. bursaries were formally presented to dia University in Montreal in the fall guests at the dinner that she will be atDenny and Audrey Charlebois share the same wedding date as the the three recipients at the Lions Clubâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s where, along with his twin brother tending Trent University in Peterborroyal pair and met them when they were in Ottawa two years ago. annual year-end installation night din- Joel, he will be studying music, vo- ough in September where she will be Although South Carleton High School was not built and opened ner at the Lions Hall in Stittsville last cals and piano. He told the Lions Club studying environmental science. After university graduation, she is members last Friday that he sees music until 1952, the South Carleton High School District was created in Friday evening. 1948 and used the various Continuation School facilities in communiAlyssa Demarinis of Richmond, as a powerful source for change in the hoping to ďŹ nd employment in which ties like Richmond, Manotick, North Gower and Kars until all of the who graduated from Sacred Heart world, saying that music can awaken she can make a positive impact on the environment. classes could be consolidated at the new school facility in Richmond. Catholic High School in Stittsville on people to the problems in society. At this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s reunion at the Charlebois home, these students from the 1952-53 grade 11 classes at South Carleton were able to look through yearbooks that took them back to their years at the school. Marilyn Findlay, inspired by an old cheerleading photo found in one of the yearbooks, gathered together three of her former teammates to re-create the pose. The others were John Roy, Sheila Findlater McLeod and Bruce Bracken. Manotick couple Barb and Bruce Bracken are the only high school sweethearts from these grade 11 classes to get married. This year they will be celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary. They met in grade ten at the continuation school in Kars and both moved to the new South Carleton for grade 11. Their children and even some of their grandchildren have attended South Carleton in the ensuing years. Those who attended the reunion this year (both alumni and spouses) included Wayne Armstrong, Arlene Beckett, Betty and Bob Birtch, Jean and Tom Borthwick, Barb and Bruce Bracken, Bill Cathcart, Audrey and Denny Charlebois, Joyce and Bill Cook, Donna and Don Craig, Maureen Crawford, Helen and Don Featherstone, Marilyn Findlay, Anita and Bob Kealey, Vi and Bob Lowe, Lorna McCurdy, JOHN CURRY/METROLAND Sheila McLeod, Marilyn Provost, Jean Raymond, John Roy, Marg and Stittsville District Lions Club president Beth Lewis, far left, and Lions Club immediate past president Bob Lewis, Don Sadler, Helen and Jack Scobie, Gail and Bert Watters, Myrtle and far right, present a giant cheque representing the $1,000 scholarship/bursary given to each of three graduating Charlie Weedmark and Ann Wiggins. high school students, from left, Shelby Heath, Alyssa Demarinis and Kyle Curry.

Lions give three $1,000 scholarships/bursaries

0425. R0012048831

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Perry Pavlovic & Helene Hutchings - Sales Representatives

Hair Donation Ottawa... A Cancer Research Fundraiser thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s as simple as cutting your hair!

Pre-K to Grade 12 Reading Writing Math Grammar Study Skills Homework French SAT/ACT Prep

All Students Need Summer Learning The research is clear: kids who take a complete break from learning in the summer fall behind. They fall behind in math. They fall behind in reading. They lose school motivation.

Summer learning loss is preventable with Oxford Learning. We have programs for students of all ages and grades:        

Little Readers Summer Camp French and English. 1/2 days Ages 3 - 6 Little Readers Power Hour. Evenings 5 - 6pm and 6 - 7pm Ages 3 - 6 Elementary & High School programs. Flexible daytime and evening schedule. Sk - Gr 12 En Francais program - Core, Immersion or French First Language Jk - Gr 12 Math Programs including g g High g School credit support pp tudy Skills Programs - Middle & High School Prep 20- Hour Study Catch Up or Get Ahead Programs SAT, ACT & SSAT Prep Programs

Call today, or visit

Kanata 613.591.2400


329 March Road, d, Kanata,

52 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013


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Fun Fair at Richmond Public School



Austin Henderson tries mounting a tire with a power drill at the Fun Fair at Richmond Ben Zeits tries out his aim on the â&#x20AC;&#x153;shooting rangeâ&#x20AC;? at the recent Fun Fair at Richmond Public School in Richmond on Friday, evening, June 14. Public School in Richmond.

HUGE MOULDING SALE MDF Crown ................................. from .35 cents - $1.00 per foot MDF Baseboard.................. from .35 cents - $1.00 per foot MDF Casing ............................ from .25 cents - $1.00 per foot

Sale Starts July 6th

pre-hung interior doors @EJKF:B and Metal RooďŹ ng @EJKF:B Oak Spindles jkXik`e^Xk)%''\XZ_ Exterior Steel doors jkXik`e^Xk((0%00

ATTENTION WOODWORKERS Open Monday to Saturday 8 am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 6 pm

In Stock â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Exotic Hardwood from Africa & South America

Payment Cash or Debit Call 613-735-1928



The 3rd annual Rory Bradley Memorial Golf Tournament raised an amazing $10,000 to help deserving youth in our community. The proceeds will be donated to the Rory Bradley Memorial Bursary at Algonquin College. Thanks to everyone who participated and volunteered, those who joined us for dinner, our many sponsors and prize donors, and our hosts at the Canadian Golf and Country Club. We hope to see you all again next year! Larry & Laurie Fee


We also have Fingerjopint Pine, Clear Pine, Oak, Maple and Mahogany Mouldings

Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 53


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Richmond Public School Fun Fair




Kendall Ryan, left, applies stickers to the arm of Ava Fraser, right, at the Angela Hill, right, shoots at goalie Jadyn Flanders, left, in the “hockey shoot out” activity at the Fun Fair at recent Fun Fair at Richmond Public School in Richmond. Richmond Public School in Richmond on Friday evening, June 14.

54 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013



Connecting People and Businesses! WWW.KINGSCROSS.NET (613-271-0988 ex 3)


* Solar Panels Wind Gen/ Inverters Equipment * Geothermal Systems Commercial & Residential * Air ďŹ lters Commercial & Residential * Electric Motors * Variable Frequency Drives * -30c Air Source heat pumps heat & cool your home. Get a $5000 grant for qualifying customers

* Commercial Refrigeration AC & Chillers * Custom Built Electrical Panels * Steam HumidiďŹ ers * Motor Soft starts * Thermography * Air Balancing * Motor Controllers & PLC * Geothermal Supplies G%%&'&'%)%."%*(%







s r



Please ask for Chris 613-325-4727 c wheeler hcr inc.


Gilles Renaud Heating Ltd. /ILs'ASs0ROPANE

Sales & Service

24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE Natural Gas, Propane, Heat Pumps, Furnaces, Air Conditioners, Pool Heaters, Fireplaces, Gas Lines, Air Quality, Ductwork and more...


Will pay up to $300.00 for cars, trucks or vans. Looking to get rid of the old washing machine, dryer, stove, fridge, lawn mower, snow blower or any metal lying around.


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Maytag Authorizedâ&#x20AC;? G%%&&.*&,.) R0011289268

613-836-4082 DAN BURNETT


Give us a call 613-715-2345





,     1      


 ! "#! 


$%& '(% )$)* !"#+#,#-!"

better basements

L&L Builders



s&2!-).'#!20%.429 s.5$52!&/5.$!4)/.)#& s.%7!$$)4)/.3'!2!'%3 s$297!,,42)-&).)3().' s",/7.).35,!4)/. s-).)%8#!6!4/2,!2'%%8#!6!4/2 CONCRETE


28 Years Experience

Ottawaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leader in basement design and construction for over 20 years

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STAINING & REFINISHING UĂ&#x160; Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;Â&#x153;Â&#x201C;Ă&#x160;-Ă&#x152;>Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160; ,iwÂ&#x2DC;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2026;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160; EĂ&#x160;->Â&#x2DC;`Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;vĂ&#x160; `iVÂ&#x17D;Ă&#x192;]Ă&#x160;viÂ&#x2DC;ViĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160; >Â&#x2DC;`Ă&#x160;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2C6;`Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}

(613) 226-3308


UĂ&#x160;*Ă&#x20AC;iĂ&#x203A;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;}Ă&#x20AC;iĂ&#x17E;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160; Â&#x153;vĂ&#x160;Â&#x2DC;iĂ&#x153;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x153;Â&#x153;Â&#x153;`Ă&#x160; Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;>Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160; "7


>Â?Â?Ă&#x160;>Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;>Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160; 613-225-9183Ă&#x160; , Ă&#x160; -// - FREE ESTIMATES s FULLY INSURED 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE




Call Chris (613)839-5571 or (613)724-7376

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2,34&.100&+     -2,3 (5341/ (&',0)43*/&,. (1/

WOW RĂ&#x2030;NOS & DRYWALL Complete Basement Finishing Call Doris



YOUR DRYWALL SPECIALIST Complete Bathroom, Basement & Kitchen Renovations Ceramic, Marble, & Porcelain Tiles Suspended and Texture Ceilings Installations And Repairs

Jeff : 613 - 858 - 3010






Unit 500, 130 Industrial Ave. Carleton Place


Â&#x2122;8jhidbBVYZ9ZX`h Â&#x2122;GZY8ZYVg!EgZhhjgZIgZViZY



$% '%&#! "&%


DECKS $$  # $"$  ! ! $    $  $  !  $ 






20 years experience FREE ESTIMATES


heating cooling refrigeration






ROOFING SofďŹ t/Facia

61 Campbell Drive ARNPRIOR

 RooďŹ ng    613-623-9010   


Pick-Up and Delivery Available

KEVIN CONEY R0012121249


Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 55



Connecting People and Businesses!




Installations/Repairs Including: Toilets â&#x20AC;˘ Taps Walls â&#x20AC;˘ Ceilings & Stipple





Call Ron

(613)836-6344 (613)295-7937 R0012062454.0502





$%%&'() *'**

)+%**''#'%%' ,** *)-*% &'*)*&'()

UĂ&#x160;*Â?Ă&#x2022;Â&#x201C;LÂ&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160; UĂ&#x160;"``Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;LĂ&#x192; Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160;°°°Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2DC;`Ă&#x160;Â&#x201C;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;i


UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x20AC;iiĂ&#x160; Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x201C;>Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160; iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;,>Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;-iÂ&#x2DC;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x160; Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x192;VÂ&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x192;


! " !# 









613-878-6144 HOME INSULATION
















Sean or Angie Willis - 613-838-9334

Toll Free 1-855-843-1592

A+ Accredited

Rick Peplinski

STONE SPECIALISTS IN: UĂ&#x160; Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x203A;iĂ&#x153;>Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160; Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;`iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x192; UĂ&#x160;>Ă&#x20AC;`iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2021;Ă&#x160;,iĂ&#x152;>Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160; UĂ&#x160;-Ă&#x152;iÂŤĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160;>Â&#x2DC;`Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x192; Walls UĂ&#x160;*>Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2021;Ă&#x160;,i}Ă&#x2022;Â?>Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x160; UĂ&#x160;7>Â?Â&#x17D;Ă&#x153;>Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;­Ă&#x203A;>Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x192;ÂŽ EĂ&#x160;,>Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x192;i`Ă&#x160; UĂ&#x160;Â?Â&#x153;Ă&#x153;iĂ&#x20AC;Li`Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2021;Ă&#x160;-Â&#x2026;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x2022;LĂ&#x192;


Custom Interlock Specialist, New Topsoil & Sod Installation Paving Stones, Walkways & Patioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Retaining Walls, Bobcat & Mini Excavation Visit us on Facebook Free Estimates 613-858-8437 613-623-2223

Relevelling - Re-laying existing stones

Estimates 613-219-3940



SOD SPECIAL! k in Boo and HST JULY the Save ee Fr tes ma Esti



â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘

GRUB DAMAGE repair soil & sod installation interlocking stone driveways retaining & garden walls interlock repair patios & steps





Custom Home Specialists




UĂ&#x160;/Â&#x2026;iĂ&#x20AC;Â&#x201C;>Â?Ă&#x160; >Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;iĂ&#x20AC; UĂ&#x160; VÂ&#x153; >Ă&#x152;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x192;


-&,QWHUORFN Retaining Walls, Walkways, Patios, Steps, Landscaping, etcâ&#x20AC;Ś Specialized in Repairs!

UĂ&#x160;-ÂŤĂ&#x20AC;>Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;>Â&#x201C; UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;VĂ&#x160;1ÂŤ}Ă&#x20AC;>`iĂ&#x192;




â&#x20AC;&#x153;Evening & Weekend Serviceâ&#x20AC;?





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â&#x20AC;&#x153;Your Small Job Specialistsâ&#x20AC;? We Install!! Save Time & Money! You buy the product and weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll expertly install it! sPlumbing Service Installations & repairs s&AUCETSs3INKSs4OILETSs$RAIN5NBLOCKING sCarpentry Service sHandyman Service sDishwashers Installed



Home Maintenance & Repairs

Free Estimates

0704.R0012183767 6 67

Finish basements, Build kitchens, Bathrooms, Decks All home renovations including: Drywall , Taping, Plastering and Painting. All types of flooring installation/finishing floors. Additions & Plumbing FREE ESTIMATESrZFBSXBSSBOUZPOXPSLNBOTIJQ We also do Roof Shingling with 10% lifetime Warranty on Shingles Summer and 5 year warranty on workmanship. Discount Website â&#x20AC;&#x201C;

56 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013

UĂ&#x160;-Â&#x2026;i`Ă&#x192; UĂ&#x160;-Ă&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x153;Â&#x153;Â&#x201C;Ă&#x192; UĂ&#x160;Â&#x153;Â?`Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x192; UĂ&#x160; Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x153;>Â?Â?

Home Services

Experienced Carpenters, & Trades people


UĂ&#x160; >Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x153;Â&#x153;Â&#x201C;Ă&#x192; UĂ&#x160; >Ă&#x192;iÂ&#x201C;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x192; UĂ&#x160;Â?Â&#x153;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;} UĂ&#x160; iVÂ&#x17D;Ă&#x192;


R0011950273 1013.367796

UĂ&#x160; >Ă&#x2022;Â?Â&#x17D;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;} UĂ&#x160; Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x153;>Â?Â?Ă&#x160; UĂ&#x160;Â?Â&#x153;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}






"Â&#x2DC;iĂ&#x160; >Â?Â?Ă&#x160;iĂ&#x152;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;iĂ&#x160; /Â&#x2026;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;9Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x160;7>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;

Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;i°°°Ă&#x160; " t



Golden Years

Fully Insured â&#x20AC;˘ Independently Owned and Operated in Ottawa since 1998 * Electrical work performed by ECRA contractors



UĂ&#x160; >Ă&#x20AC;ÂŤiÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160; UĂ&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x152;VÂ&#x2026;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x2030; >Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;Ă&#x160;/Â&#x2C6;Â?Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;} UĂ&#x160;*>Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160;



>Ă&#x20AC;ÂŤiÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160; Â?iVĂ&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;V>Â?IĂ&#x160;UĂ&#x160;*Â?Ă&#x2022;Â&#x201C;LÂ&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;} UĂ&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x152;VÂ&#x2026;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160; >Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;Ă&#x160;,iÂ&#x201C;Â&#x153;`iÂ?Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160; UĂ&#x160;*>Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;iÂ&#x2DC;iĂ&#x20AC;>Â?Ă&#x160;,iÂŤ>Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;










Sand, Gravel, Topsoil, Firewood & Mini Excavation

>  Ž ÂĽz>Â&#x2020;ÂŽOÂŽÂŹÂ?²yÂŤÂ&#x2021;oyĂ&#x2021;œœœ



Connecting People and Businesses! LANDSCAPING








Lawn: Cutting - Fertilizing - Aerating Seeding - Top Dressing - New Sod

Cell: (613)978-3443

1-3 yds of Garden Soil, Topsoil, Stone, Mulch & Riverstone




Landscaping: Interlock Pavers - Patio Stones Retaining Walls - Decks - Sheds - Fencing etc.

Tim Steel Ent.

613-880-1422 & 613-838-5344

Will assist in interlock installation process for clients installing themselves

25 Years

Call 613-413-3489 or 613-258-1956


PROPERTY MAINTENANCE Book now for your spring cleanup, weekly lawn mowing, small interlock jobs/repairs, delivery of small loads and much more! â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weekly lawn mowing *starting from $99 a month 5% pre-payment discount for the seasonâ&#x20AC;?

Call NOW 613-831-7183 or e-mail:

* based on a 50x100 size lot







Chimney Repairs/Builds Parging Re-pointing Brick/Stone New Home Construction Free Estimates



Quality grass cutting, trimming and clean-up....

Guaranteed Quality Work Call Carina 613-858-2746


 / ,",Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160; 8/ ,",Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;ÂŁnĂ&#x160;9Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;°Ă&#x160; 8* , Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;+1/9Ă&#x160;7", -*Ă&#x160; Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x160;9,Ă&#x160;1, / Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;" Ă&#x160;/ tĂ&#x160;" Ă&#x160; 1  /tĂ&#x160;UĂ&#x160;-/** Ă&#x160;, *,-Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;, --Ă&#x160;-*,9 

Free Estimates


Metal or Asphalt Re-RooďŹ ng, Roof & Chimney Repair, Facia, SofďŹ t & Siding & Renovations

Duncan Campbell Licensed Carpenter 613-880-3788

UĂ&#x160; Interior and exterior painting UĂ&#x160; Drywall and Handyman Services UĂ&#x160; Free estimates and great prices UĂ&#x160; Fully insured UĂ&#x160; Winner of Kanataâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Readersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Choice Award


Proudly Serving Ottawa West

FREE Estimates New Roofs/Re-roofs â&#x20AC;˘ Repairs Skylights â&#x20AC;˘ Fully Insured


Email: superiorrooďŹ


ROOFING %*(%#G%%&'&'+*'&



BH ROOFING Residential Shingle Specialist Quality Workmanship Fully Insured â&#x20AC;˘ Free Estimates Written Guarantee on 15 Years E H of T Y Labour AVE



Safari Plumbing Ltd. The White Glove Plumberâ&#x201E;˘ 613-224-6335

HUNTâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S Painting


CONSUMER ALERT! Are You Fed Up With Your Plumbing Leaks And Slow Drains? Before you decide to call any plumber, make sure you know the facts. Find out what most plumbers hope you never find out! Avoid the 6 Costly Mistakes people make every day when choosing a plumber. Call our 24 hour pre-recorded Consumer Awareness Message at 1-800-820-7281.

Serving Kanata since 1993



15% Summer Discount Website â&#x20AC;&#x201C;

ABdec Painting

SCOTT: 613-612-9727





Worry Free Guarantee

Master Painters 20 years experience, Interior/Exterior, %SZXBMMJOHr1MBTUFSJOHr8BMMQBQFSJOH 1SPGFTTJPOBM&OHJOFFS 2 year warranty on workmanship FREE ESTIMATES


Bringing Homes to life!

West: ROB 613-762-5577 East: CHRIS 613-276-2848

(serving the greater Ottawa area (Stittsville, Kanata, Carp, Richmond)






Affordable Prices and Free Estimates Walkways, Driveways, Steps, Retaining Walls, and Patios.

Sodding â&#x20AC;˘ Interlock â&#x20AC;˘ Pavers â&#x20AC;˘ Concrete Overlay â&#x20AC;˘ Decks â&#x20AC;˘ Fences â&#x20AC;˘ Retaining Walls â&#x20AC;˘ Tree & Shrub Trimming


â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;WEE LOADSâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;


Tree & Shrub: Pruning - Removal - Planting Hedge Trimming - Bed Design & Installation




Complete Service Including:


GARDEN SOIL & TOP SOIL 0502.R0012060790





4/03/),s#/-0/34 '!2$%.3/),s!''2%'!4%3 s-5,#($%#/2!4)6%34/.% s&)2%7//$s0/34(/,%3



Landscape & Interlock Services

Landscape Maintenance Limited


We will pick up and remove leftovers & ďŹ ll removal from your landscaping projects.


Residential & Commercial Properties Servicing Barrhaven, Kanata & Stittsville


2243731 Ontario Inc.





Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 57


Connected to your community

Fun Fair at Richmond Public School


Peyton Boudreau-Ryan gets a hand as she tries mounting a tire at the Fun Fair at Richmond Public School in Richmond on Friday evening, June 14.



Sophie Smith, left, watches as Chloe Cordick, right, tosses a ring in a ring toss game at the Allanah Alibhai, right, applies a “Henna” tattoo to the arm of Joey Milroy, left, at the Fun Fair at Richmond Public School in Richmond on Friday, June 14. recent Fun Fair at Richmond Public School in Richmond.



Connecting People and Businesses! ROOFING



Residential Shingle Specialist UÊ+Õ>ˆÌÞÊ7œÀŽ“>˜Ã…ˆ«ÊUÊՏÞʘÃÕÀi`ÊUÊÀiiÊ Ã̈“>ÌiÃÊ UÊ,i«>ˆÀÃÊ7iVœ“iÊUÊ7ÀˆÌÌi˜ÊÕ>À>˜Ìii


20 Years experience - 10 Year Workmanship Guarantee

-i˜ˆœÀÊEÊÀœÕ«Ê ˆÃVœÕ˜Ìà FREE upgrade to Architectural Shingles We will Beat any Reasonable Estimate





BOO >˜Vˆ˜}ÊÛ>ˆ> FOR K NO Li SPR W


Read Online at Booking Deadline Friday 11:00 AM

CALL SHARON AT 613-688-1483 or email Fax: 613-723-1862 58 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013


To all of our Volunteers, Sponsors and Entertainers for participating and making this Canada Day a Great Memory For All!



Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 59


60 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013


Connected to your community

MARY COOK Mary Cookâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Memories

Foray into milking the cows ends without a drop in pail

The next Friendship Club luncheon will be held on Wednesday, July 31 at noon at Glen Mar Golf Club. To reserve a seat, please phone Gloria at 613-831-8819 or Rosemary at 613-836-6354 before Friday, July 26.

Ottawa Valley Tours



Lifestyle - Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m telling you, sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s too young,â&#x20AC;? Mother said. Father said he milked a cow the day he learned to walk. Mother said â&#x20AC;&#x153;thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nonsense, and you know it.â&#x20AC;? Rarely did I have so much attention sent my way and I loved every minute of it. With four siblings, rarely was I singled out, but that day I was getting my share. The subject was if I was old enough to milk. And so on a Saturday, Father put a three-legged stool at the rear end of the quietest cow in the cow byre, put a pail under her and without a word of instruction told me to go ahead and milk. The old cow turned her head in my direction and then back to chewing her cud. After watching my three brothers and sister do the milking often enough, I ďŹ gured there wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t much to it. Well, I pulled and I tugged, and I spit on my hands and kept saying â&#x20AC;&#x153;sooo Bossie.â&#x20AC;? Nothing worked. The brothers were real pros at the job. But here was I who couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t even get a drop of milk into the pail. My arms ached right up to my shoulders and a couple times I almost fell off the three-legged stool. It was beyond me why the milk stool only had three legs in the ďŹ rst place. To add to my misery, it was ďŹ&#x201A;y season and the poor old cow kept swishing her tail trying to rid herself of the pests. With each

swish, however, I took a lash square in the face. Mother was right -- I was too young for this job. But to convince Father was another matter. First of all, I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t like the cow byre. It was full of cobwebs, the cows smelled differently from the horses and I wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t put it past any one of them to give me a good kick, especially when I was engaged in something as personal as tugging at her private parts. Emerson, Everett and Earl were into the snickering and I knew it wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be long before I was into the tears. It was my beloved sister Audrey who ďŹ nally came to my rescue. She ďŹ nished milking her cows, the milk had been emptied into the cans, and came over to where I was sitting hunched over, still tugging away with absolutely not a drop to show for my efforts. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Let me try,â&#x20AC;? she said, and I gladly surrendered the stool. The milk spewed out on the ďŹ rst try with Audrey. I blamed it on the cow. I thought I was doing exactly what my sister was doing, but it certainly wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t working for me. I was convinced the cow didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t like me any more than I liked her. Audrey tried her best to show me how to milk. Nothing worked. Finally, she went up to Father who was at the far end of the

cow byre. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Maryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hands are too small,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;And the cowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s too big,â&#x20AC;? I offered. Father ran his hand over my head. Even though it wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t near my nose, I could smell cow and milk off him, neither of which were my favourite odours. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Well, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll try again some other time,â&#x20AC;? he said. I was out of the barn before you could say â&#x20AC;&#x153;milk pail.â&#x20AC;? I ran to the house and told Mother I wanted to change my clothes. I asked Mother for a pan of hot water and wash cloth and towel, which I hauled upstairs to the privacy of the bedroom. I washed every square inch of my body I could reach, but I thought I could still smell the cow byre off my skin. I opened my sister Audreyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s drawer of the little wash stand we shared and took out her precious can of Lily of the Valley talcum powder and slathered it on with abandon. Then I put on clean clothes from the inside out. When we sat down for supper, my try at milking was never mentioned. I ďŹ gured the brothers had been warned not to bring up the subject and I knew, without a doubt, my milking days were over, but only for the time being. Everyone had to pull their share back then and I knew the time would come when I would be led back into the cow byre and made stick at it until I could ďŹ ll a milk pail like the brothers and Audrey.

New York City

August 2-5 / August 30 - September 2 / September 20-23 / October 11-14 / November 8-11 / December 6-9 $529 Start Spreading the News...Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re Leaving Today. Save money and join Ottawa Valley Tours for a Deluxe Weekend Getaway in the Big Apple. Book Now - Selling Fast

Northern Ontario & The Polar Bear Express

August 7-10 $935 This is where the real wilderness begins. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a place of unchanging, uncompromising splendor of stark beauty and of true solitude. Come experience Ontarioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Northern Frontier with us!

The Best of the Maritimes September 9-19 $2099 Discover Canadaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Maritime Provinces, experience amazing scenery and a blend of natural and cultural treasures, and historical landmarks. Call today to Reserve your Seat!

SUMMERTIME FUN Saguenay Fjord & Whale Watching July 15-18 / August 26-29 .............$962 Timeless Gaspe July 18-22 ......................................$799 Canadaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Wonderland & The Toronto Zoo August 10-11 ................................... $315 Prince Edward Island August 12-17 / September 9-14......$1099 Chicago August 29 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; September 3 ............... $949 Shaw & Stratford Theatre September 10-12 / October 17-19 .. $686

WEEKEND ESCAPES Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake & Toronto July 20-22 / August 9-11 .................. $540 Charming Quebec City August 9-11 / August 31-September 2 ....... $482

NO FLY CRUISE VACATIONS Annual Bermuda Cruise October 19-27............. (call for pricing)

Annual Southern Caribbean Cruise & NYC January 18-31, 2014 ................. $2155 Inside Cat. IB Plus $424 taxes Call for more details & additional cabin selections

We Make Your Vacation Dreams Come True!

Prices per Person, Double Occupancy Save 5%, Book & Pay in Full, 45 days in Advance (Excluding No Fly Cruises & One Day Tours) 1642 Merivale Road (Merivale Mall) Nepean R0012164446



Travel Reg.#2967742 & 5000006

Ottawa Valley Tours



$RJ?LC?H=? +C@?NCG?,?GILC?M $RJFILCHA-ILNB G?LC=;MCH=? Theatre Vacations Sightseeing Escapes Sunny South Getaways â&#x20AC;&#x153;No Flyâ&#x20AC;? Cruise Escapes Flower Festivals & Shows Special Interest Tours Country Music Shows Casino Tours One Day Outings

*For full rules and how to enter, visit Competition closes @ 11:59:59 pm (ET) on August 21, 2013. Competition Grand Prizes: Four (4) $10,000 cash prizes available to be won and your Recipe will be featured in the Grill Up Summer Cookbook. Competition Secondary Prizes: Sixteen (16) chances to have your recipe featured in the Grill Up Summer Cookbook (no $ value). Voting Prizes: Four (4) $1,500 cash prizes available to be won to be awarded via random draw (No Purchase Necessary). Competition Prizing will be determined by a Judging Panel, as selected by the Sponsor. Odds of winning a Voting Prize is dependent on the number of eligible Votes received during each prizing period. Selected entrants in Voting Draw must correctly answer a mathematical skill-testing question. Open to legal residents of Canada who have reached the age of majority. Limit of one (1) Prize per person during the Promotion Period. ÂŽ/â&#x201E;˘ Used Under license by Weston Bakeries Limited. Š2013

Find great coupons at and save 75¢ on the purchase of any Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ItalianoÂŽ, WONDERÂŽ or Country HarvestÂŽ Rolls or Buns Product while supplies last.

is a division of

613.723.5701 / 1.800.267.5288

Merivale Mall, 1642 Merivale Road, Nepean Ontario K2G 4A1 Travel Reg. #2967742-5000006


Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 61



62 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013


Bayou mushroom and shrimp pasta packs flavourful punch Foodland Ontario Special to the News

Lifestyle - The classic combination of mixed Ontario mushrooms, shrimp and pasta in a delicate lower fat sauce will become a new family favourite. This flavour packed, one-pot dish is quick to prepare. Preparation Time: 15 minutes. Cooking Time: eight minutes. Serves: four to six. Ingredients 1 litre (4 cups) farfalle or rigatoni pasta 15 ml (1 tbsp) vegetable oil 500 g (1 lb) mixed mushrooms, sliced (crimini, shiitake and/or white button) 3 cloves garlic, minced 1 large onion, finely chopped 5 ml (1 tsp) each of dried thyme leaves and salt 1 ml (1/4 tsp) pepper 45 ml (3 tbsp) all-purpose flour 500 ml (2 cups) partlyskimmed milk 125 ml (1/2 cup) sodiumreduced chicken stock 500 g (1 lb) large frozen shrimp, thawed peeled and deveined

125 ml (1/2 cup) freshly grated parmiagiano-reggiano cheese, divided 10 ml (2 tsp) hot pepper sauce (or to taste) 25 ml (2 tbsp) finely chopped fresh Italian parsley Preparation In large pot of boiling salted water, cook the pasta according to the package directions and then drain and set aside. In same pot, heat the oil over medium-high heat and cook the mushrooms, garlic, onion, thyme leaves, salt and pepper, stirring occasionally, for about five minutes or until mushrooms have browned. Whisk the flour into the milk and gradually stir into the pot along with the chicken stock and bring the mixture to simmer. Add the shrimp and cook for two minutes. Stir in the drained pasta, 75 ml (1/3 cup) of the cheese and the hot pepper sauce. Cook, stirring gently, until the sauce has thickened and the shrimp are cooked. Taste and adjust seasonings with more hot pepper sauce, salt and pepper if desired. Stir in the parsley; sprinkle with remaining cheese.

Connected to your community

TOPS Provincial Recognition Days Special to the News

News - Maimie and Jim Parker of Richmond played leadership roles at the annual Provincial Recognition Days for TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) in Belleville from Thursday, June 13 to Saturday, June 15. Maimie and Jim fulfilled the roles of coordinator-in-charge and co-chair respectively for the approximately 1,500 TOPS members who attended the event where they enjoyed a welcome by Belleville mayor Neill Ellis, entertainment which included a “wee bit of the Irish”

fun night parade and visits by “Johnny Cash” and “Elvis” and a keynote address by Barb Cady, president of TOPS Club Inc. Ceremonies also included graduation recognizing TOPS members who have been successful on their weight loss journey and have achieved their doctorprescribed ideal weight. These members donned white robes and graduation caps to celebrate their move from TOPS status to KOPS (Keep Off Pounds Sensibly) status. A Provincial King and Queen – those who had lost the most weight to achieve

At Richmond Legion Special to the News

News - The menu and prices for the summer barbeques at the Richmond Legion Hall are the same as last year with steak platters at $16, hamburger platters at $9 and hot dog platters at $6. The barbeques will run from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. during the summer, happening on Fridays, July 12 and 26, Aug. 9 and 23 and Sept. 6 and 20. Everyone is welcome to attend. For the branch’s history, check out the Richmond Legion’s website at www.richmondlegion. ca and click on the Foxy Tales logo on the right side of the page. Coffee is served each weekday at 10 a.m. at the Legion Hall on Ottawa Street. Exercise classes are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. The card game “500” is played every Wednesday at 1 p.m. while euchre is played each Friday, also at 1 p.m. Everyone in the community is welcome to take part in any or all of these activities.

their goals – were crowned. These were Robert Hartwick of Peterborough as King and Vicki Calcutt from Strathroy as Queen. TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) is a not-for-profit weight loss support group that has been providing weight loss support to people since 1948. There are currently more than 10,000 TOPS chapters throughout North America including one in Richmond. For more information about local chapters, please contact Jim Parker at 613838-4777 or go to .

Stittsville Diners Club holds monthly lunch Special to the News

News - It’s a time to socialize, to learn, to eat and have some fun, all at the same time. What could be better? Each month the Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre, along with community volunteers, hosts a nutritional lunch complete wit entertainment and/or an educational program for seniors and adults with disabilities who are living in the Stittsville community. It’s called the Stittsville Diners Club. The lunch is held on the third Tuesday of the month, with everyone most welcome to attend. Those interested in attending a Stittsville Diners Club lunch should call the Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre at 613-591-3686, ext. 316 at least a week in advance to register. The Western Ontario Community Resource Centre also hosts similar weekly lunch sessions known as the Kanata Diners Club in Kanata and bi-weekly lunch programs known as the West Carleton Diners Club in West Carleton.



fresh f lavoured

Looking for a spicy twist on traditional salsa? Try our three new varieties made fresh every day in our kitchen. Choose from fresh cut pineapple and coriander, roasted corn & black bean, or tasty Pico de Gallo. Just in time for barbecue season, pair with Farm Boy™ Tortilla Chips.



99 ea 225 g


Farm Boy™ Flavoured Salsa

Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 63


Connected to your community

Stittsville Co-operative Nursery School’s end-of-year picnic

Donors wanted Special to the News



EMC news - Donations of blood are always in demand and especially so in the summertime when vacations tend to reduce the number of donors. And yet the need remains high. Remember, if 50 people give blood, then one car crash victim can probably be saved. It’s that important to give blood. Leukemia patients can need as many as eight units of blood a week as part of their treatment. There’s going to be a community blood donor clinic hosted by Canadian Blood Services at the St. Philip Church hall in Richmond on Monday, July 22 from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Donors are encouraged to mark down this date and book an appointment as soon as possible. Appointments can be booked online at or via phone at 1-888-2DONATE (1-888-236-6283).

53 James Street , Arnprior LAST UNIT LEFT. Free rent period to qualified tenant. Great signage and terrific high traffic location. Act now!

Call Michael at 613-724-8260

Volunteer Chloe Despatie, left, applies some face painting to Madyson Mariscak, right, at the Stittsville Co-operative Nursery School’s recent end-of-year picnic at Alexander Grove Park in Stittsville. (Submitted photo) R0102078808

RE/MAX METRO-CITY John Roberts Broker REALTY LTD., brokerage 613- 839-1308 or 613-832-0902 2255 Carling Avenue Ottawa, ON K2B 7Z5

NEW LISTING! 311 Whistler Road, Constance B Renovated 2+1 bedrm bungalow from Torbolton Forest on a huge 108’ x 140’ lot with 2 car detached garage. Laminate flooring throughout, gorgeous kitchen with stainless steel appliances, 2 full baths with granite counters on vanities, main floor laundry, natural gas heat, veranda & back deck! Available August 1st or later! $299,900

244 Baldwin Street, Constance Bay Well maintained 3 bedrm hiranch, 113’ x 172’ lot just one block from beach & forest trails in the heart of the Bay on a quiet street! Newer windows, doors, deck, septic, shingles & laminate flooring. Great home situated on a pretty and quiet street only 20 mins to Kanata! $259,900

121 Cricket Crescent, Dunrobin Great home for starting out or winding down! Cozy 3 bedroom bungalow with upgraded hardwood floors on main level, granite kitchen, 3 piece ensuite bathroom, partially finished basement with gas fireplace, single car garage, veranda, back deck and a huge lot that’s quite private with southfacing backyard. $284,900

1330 Kilmaurs Side Road, Woodlawn Escape congestion to this perfect all brick 3+2 bedrm bungalow on a 150’ x 100’ country lot! Enjoy Gatineau Hills views from veranda & sunsets from deck & pool! Features hardwd on main flr, oak eat-in kitchen, newer septic, shingles & furnace, oversized garage & a great basement with full bathrm, rec room & 2 extra bedrms! $319,900

262 Fireside Drive, Constance Bay Your family will love this 4 bedrm home on a 1 acre lot with pool & a detached garage & close to forest, beach & community centre only 20 mins from Kanata. Updated windows, flooring, kitchen, shingles, main flr laundry & famrm, ensuite, fireplace, finished basement & more. $409,900

SOLD! 3826 Stonecrest Road, Woodlawn Quick and scenic 20 minute drive from Kanata takes you home to this unique 4 bedrm raised bungalow setback in the trees on 8.26 acres of pure privacy with a pond & inground pool. Comes with an Ikea kitchen, hardwd flrs, 2.5 baths, nanny suite potential, fireplace, wrap around decks, 2 car garage & more List price. $464,900

Visit to see more pictures and full details of all my listings!! 64 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013

3886 Armitage Avenue, Dunrobin Shores Waterfront Resort Lifestyle

$699,900 782 Bayview Drive, Constance Bay, Beachfront Triplex

$749,900 4164 Armitage Avenue, Dunrobin Shores, Waterfront Beach House 265’ of Spectacular Waterfront

3462 Baskins Beach Road, Dunrobin Shores, Spectacular Waterfront Vistas

15 Weatherly Drive Rural Kanata, European Elegance


1450 Hedge Drive Rural Kanata, Executive 2 Acres


300 Thomas A Dolan Parkway, Rural Kanata, 10 Acre Estate


1068 Julia Court Dunrobin Shores, Large Custom


5667 Loggers Way, Vydon Acres, Spectacular Waterfront


220 Baillie Avenue, Constance Bay, Waterfront Log


444 Rock Forest Road,Dunrobin Shores 10 + Acres Equestrian Property

55 Kenins Crescent, Kanata Lakes, Elegant Family Home

3918 Armitage Avenue, Dunrobin Shores, Waterfront Walkout



3805 Armitage Avenue, Dunrobin Shores, Custom Built

200 Lion Head Drive, Pakenham, Sophisticated Comfort

N pm OPEUSE 12:30-2:30 HO, July 7th


$679,900 101 Rocky Creek Way, Rural Carp, Custom Log

$650,000 221 Timber Lane – Fitzroy Harbour, Boater’s Paradise

$649,900 N OPEUSE th 3-5pm 7 HO uly n, J


$450,000 201 Archie Street, Constance Bay, Updated High Ranch

$349,900 4168 Armitage Avenue, Dunrobin Shores, Waterfront Lot

$585,000 3712 Armitage Avenue, Dunrobin Shores, Waterfront

$399,900 1803-556 Laurier Avenue West Centre Town, Opportunity

$339,000 394 Allbirch Road, Constance Bay, Unique Chalet-Style


3570 Dunrobin Road, Woodlawn, Heated Outbuildings

60 Creek Drive – Fitzroy Harbour, Highly Upgraded

N OPEUSE th 3-5pm 7 HO uly n, J


4042 Armitage Avenue, Dunrobin Shores, 1 Acre Waterfront


328 Riverwood Drive, MacLaren’s Landing Amazing Waterront Views


$529,900 127 Stonewater Bay, Carleton Place, Adult Lifestyle




127 Hunterswood Crescent, Hunt Club Park, Renovated

3332 Dunrobin Road, Dunrobin, Pride of Ownership

$319,900 2866 Old Maple Lane, Dunrobin Shores, Treed Building Lot


3963 Armitage Avenue, Dunrobin Shores, Beautifully Upgraded

$319,900 N OPEUSE th 3-5pm 7 HO uly n, J Su

104 Moorhead Drive, Fitzroy Harbour, Waterfront Escape

$349,900 263 Baillie Avenue, Constance Bay, Unique Design

$304,900 5667 Loggers Way RENTAL 265’ Spectacular Waterfront






Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 65






Connected to your community




O W N YO U R O F F I C E The Mark is the ideal opportunity for established professionals who want to own their premises and create a custom workplace. BUILT BY LUNDY CONSTRUCTION





Richmond volunteer firefighter Bill Gifford is engulfed with smoke (the good kind, from a barbecue fire) as he takes his turn at the cooking grill at the Richmond firefighters’ annual chicken barbecue at the Richmond fairgrounds in Richmond on Saturday, June 22.




a division of Metroland Media Group Ltd. 66 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013


St. Patrickâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s FallowďŹ eld Roman Catholic Church Saturday 5:00pm Sunday 9:00am & 11:00am

SUNDAY MASS TIMES Saturday: 5:00 pm Sunday: 9:00 am & 10:30 am Monsignor Joseph Muldoon, Pastor


Sunday Service at 10:00 am Nursery, Children & Youth Programs, Small Groups

OfďŹ ce: 613-836-2606 Web: Email us at: Direction for life's crossroads

15 Steeple Hill Cres., Nepean, ON 613-591-1135

Parish ofďŹ ce - 613-836-8881 Fax - 613-836-8806

1600 Stittsville Main Street, Stittsville


1489 Shea Road, (corner of Abbott) Stittsville, Ontario K2S 0G8





Church Services Grace Baptist Church of Ottawa 2470 Huntley Road

Preaching the Doctrines of Grace


Sunday Worship 10:30 am â&#x20AC;&#x153;In Community becoming whole through the power of Jesus.â&#x20AC;?

Sunday and weekday Bible studies see our website for times and locations


Children's Church and Nursery provided Youth and Small Groups during the week


The Anglican Parish of March

WELCOME to our Church St. Paulâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s United Church, Carp

St Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s South March 325 Sandhill Road, Kanata Sunday Services 9:00 am & 10:30 am Sunday School 10:30 am


Service and Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Rev. Karen Boivin 613-839-2155 R0011952374.0307

St Paulâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dunrobin 1118 Thomas Dolan Parkway Sunday Service 11:00 am

We are a welcoming and friendly community that invites you to come and worship with us in our new church R0012183612


Mass: Saturday at 5:00 pm Sunday at 9:00 and 11:00 am Telephone: (613) 592-1961 E-mail: ofďŹ

3760 Carp Road Carp, ON



10:00 am: Service of Worship and Sunday School Pastoral Care & Healing Service: 11:30am - last Sunday of each month

St Maryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s North March 2574 6th Line Road, Dunrobin Sunday Service & School 9:00 am

ST. ISIDORE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH 1135 March Rd., Kanata, ON. K2K 1X7 Pastor: Rev. M.M. Virgil Amirthakumar

Free Methodist Church 5660 Flewellyn Road, Stittsville 613-831-1024 email: Pastors: Ken Roth, Luke Haggett

140 Abbeyhill Dr., Kanata Rev. Brian Copeland

.$1$7$81,7('&+85&+ /HDFRFN'U

Christ Risen Lutheran Church




85 Leacock Drive, Kanata

Seventh-Day Adventist Church



Summer Worship Service 9:30am through July and August


Rev. Louis Natzke, Pastor

Pastor: Keith MacAskill

613-591-3469 G%%'&)-(&*+



A New Testament Church 465 Eagleson Road (also entrance off Palomino) 11 am Family Bible Hour (Nursery Available) Sunday School 6:30 pm Evening Bible Hour 613-591-8514



Office 613-592-1546

2 Stonehaven Dr. at Eagleson Road R0011971789

Sunday 10:30 A.M. Worship Service Nursery provided

KANATA BAPTIST CHURCH 3UNDAY3ERVICEAM Pastors: Jonathan Mills , Bob Davies & Doug Ward

A Biblically faithful, Gospel sharing parish in the Anglican Church in North America Services & Sunday School at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday Nursery available Mid-week Bible Studies Info: Rev. Dave Kemp, Pastor 613- 257-5490 Come worship with us at 117 Victoria St., Carleton Place

Stittsville United Church 6255 Fernbank Road (corner of Main St. & Fernbank)

Nursery & Sunday School Available

SundayEucharist Summer Services Sunday Sunday 8:00amEucharist - Said Eucharist

8:00 am - Said AM 3AId 10:00am Sung Eucharist 9:15 am --Choral Choral Music, Sunday School & Nursery AM Music, Sunday School & Nursery School AM 0RAISE-USIc, Sunday School Nursery 11:00 am - and PraiseSunday Music, Sunday School& & Nursery 20 YOUNG ROAD KANAT!s

Youth Group Mondays at 7:oopm R0011952468



10:00 a.m. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Worship Service

St. Paul's Anglican Church



For all your church advertising needs email srussell @ Call: 613-688-1483

Rev. Grant Dillenbeck Church: 613-836-4962 email: Visit our web site: Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 67




BELLEVILLE DOLL AND TEDDY BEAR Show and Sale July 14 Fish & Game Club Elmwood Dr Belleville, ON 10 am - 4 pm Proceeds: Charity, contact Bev 613-966-8095

Heritage Retail & Commercial lease space available. From 200 to 1400 square feet. Central Atrium. Located in downtown Perth, Ontario (Stewart Park Area). Contact (613)267-7040.

Steveâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Roofing 14 years experience, Excellent workmanship, 10 year written warranty, Call Steve for a free estimate 613-5529471.

ACCOUNTING CHRONICLE DIAMOND AWARD WINNER 2009, 2010 & 2011 Saturn Accounting Services 613-832-4699

Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be

Carpentry, Repairs, Rec Rooms, Decks, etc. Reasonable rates, 25 years experience. 613-832-2540

SOon theLNewsDEMC





5,990 0

$ Starting at



Godfrey, ON 613-374-2566


Delivery and maintenance package included included. Limited time offer. Instant rebates up to $1,000.

On Sunday July 14 from 8 am-4 pm; Kanata Animal Hospital on 440 Hazeldean Road; invites you to their 6th annual Microchip/ Nail Trim/BBQ Fundraiser. This event is to benefit giant breed dogs & horses in need of Birch Haven Rescue. No appointment necessary. For more information; (613)725-4279 or



Standing hay wanted, West Carleton area. Need Help with Smoking, 613-222-3600. weight, stress, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, FIREWOOD phobia, systems of parkinFirewood- Cut, split and sonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s & stroke. Hypnosis delivered or picked up. Works! insurance, 40 yrs Dry seasoned hardwood medical background. Linda EDUCATION & or softwood from $50/ Hay RN BSCN Certified TRAINING face cord. Phone Greg Kn- Hypnotist. 613-836-5796 ops (613)658-3358, cell Learning Chinese Man- (613)340-1045. darin Summer Camp located Richmond. Lots activities, two fully certiFOR RENT FOR RENT fied teachers. Have full/part time spaces available. Contact 613-601-8868.


TOMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S CUSTOM

Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hippies Up The Line! Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll laugh. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll cry. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll stand up and shout Hallelujah! Reserve now for Stone Fence Theatreâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new musical comedy by Ish Theilheimer and Johanna Zomers. Opens July 16, with shows in Eganville, Barryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bay and Killaloe. 613628-6600- Toll-Free 1-866310-1004.

AIRLESS PAINTING Specializing in roof barn & aluminum/ vinyl siding painting *30 years experience. *Screw nailing and roof repairs. Insured and Bonded Free Estimates (613)283-8475




TOWNHOMES 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Bathrooms, 5 appliances and more, located in established area, on site management ofďŹ ce, from $1495 + up Urbandale Corporation 323 Steeplechase Dr. (just off Stonehaven Dr.) Kanata, K2M 2N6 Call 613-592-0548

KANATA Available Immediately

3 bedroom townhouse, 1.5 baths, 2 appliances, unďŹ nished basement, one parking spot. $1058 per month plus utilities.

613-831-3445 613-257-8629 FOR SALE






1 BDR Arnprior, quiet secure, non-smoking pet free building. A must see. $800. many extras. References. 613-296-4521

Arnprior, downtown, 1 bedroom apartment, ground floor, fridge/stove, parking. Renovated, clean, quiet building, $775 inclusive. First, last, references. Non-smoking. (613)884-0166.

Downtown Arnprior, 1 bedroom upstairs apartment, small balcony, washer/dryer. 2 paved parking space. $775 plus utilities. Available immediately. 613.302.1669

Carleton Place, 2 bedroom apartment for rent Aug 1st. Garage included. $1000.00 plus hydro. Call Heather 613-227-2652.

ONE BEDROOM 64 McGonigal Street W, Arnprior, ground floor, $650 includes satellite. First and last, 613-623-4341 or 613-762-4341

Absolutely Beautiful 1&2 bedroom apartments

Secure 50â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Plus Building Carleton Place No Smoking No Pets $700.00 and up


1 & 2 bedroom apartments

Seniorsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Discounts

Call 613-720-9860 or 613-823-1694

Large Bright

Campbell View & Campbell Place, Robert Street, Arnprior


Pakenham- 2 bedroom, ground floor apartment. Fridge, stove, laundry, parking, storage, common yard. Many recent upgrades. $775 plus hydro. 613-884-0166.

¸ Security building, Apts recently redecorated, ample kitchen cabinets and closets. ¸ Close to shopping and medical services. ¸ Elevator and Laundry on site. ¸ 1 bedroom $745+utilities ¸ 2 bedroom $835+utilities

613-623-7207 ¸ Please respectfully no pets / no smoking.

for viewing appointment






LOOKING FOR NEW BUSINESS and added revenue? Promote your company in Community Newspapers across Ontario right here in these Network Classified Ads or in business card-sized ads in hundreds of wellread newspapers. Let us show you how. Ask about our referral program. Ontario Community Newspapers Association. Contact Carol at 905639-5718 or Toll-Free 1-800-387-7982 ext. 229.

 Y   [   \ [   ] *    ] [ ^  EQUIPMENT. 40 years or older. Amplifiers, Stereo, Recording and Theatre Sound Equipment. Hammond organs. Any condition, no floor model consoles. Call Toll-Free 1-800-9470393 / 519-853-2157.

ANY LUCK FINDING A LIFE PARTNER? Maybe youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re looking in the wrong places. Maybe you could use some advice & help. MISTY RIVER INTRODUCTIONS is personalized & confidential. See current photos-great success rate. CALL (613)257-3531,


ROSEDALE TRANSPORT requires Owner Operators for our U.S. lanes       clean driverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s abstract & CVOR, FAST card preferred, minimum 2 years cross-border experience.   "#$'()*  +  ' : ; <  = <>  J  Q;'


Have you become addicted to prescription medication? Drug & Alcohol Helpline 1-800-565-8603    Drug and Alcohol Helpline on Facebook or @ConnexOntario on Twitter

APPLY TO: or CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-877-588-0057 Ext. 4612

STEEL BUILDINGS STEEL BUILDINGS/METAL BUILDINGS 60% OFF! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100 sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-457-2206


5 bedroom Katimavik Single House, 2.5 bathrooms, $2100.00 plus utilities, available September 1st. All appliances, Gas stove, central air, semi-finished basement. Contact



For more information contact your local newspaper.

BUSINESS OPPS. B U I L D E R S ! R E N O VAT O R S ! Direct from Manufacturer. Customized Windows/Doors. BECOME A DEALER! Great Discount and Rebate programs! www.thermo 1-855-706-6665




1 in 5 Canadians will experience a mental health issue in their lifetime Mental Health Helpline 1-866-531-2600    Mental Health Helpline on Facebook or @ConnexOntario on Twitter


LAIDLAW CARRIERS VAN DIVISION requires experienced AZ licensed drivers to run the U.S. Premium mileage rate. Home weekly. New equipment. Also hiring Owner Operators. 1-800-263-8267

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 *+ ~Â&#x2030; \  \  *Â&#x2020; *  <j

TRUE PSYCHICS! For A n s w e r s c a l l n o w 2 4 / 7 To l l Free 1-877-342-3036; Mobile Â&#x2039;Â&#x152;Â&#x152;Â&#x201A;Â&#x2030;Â?Â&#x2020;

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MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION RATED #2 FOR AT-HOME JOBS  Convenient online training  High graduate employment rates  Student loan options available Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t delay! Enroll today. 1-800-466-1535



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   Â&#x2020;  > j       ^  Â&#x20AC;   Â&#x2018;  [ ` [ #)Â&#x201A;)$Â&#x2030;Â&#x2030;)Â&#x2030;Â&#x201A;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2021;+ Â&#x152;j

Connect with Ontarians â&#x20AC;&#x201C; extend your business reach! 68 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013


Want to talk to someone about gambling problems? Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline 1-888-230-3505    Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline on Facebook or @ConnexOntario on Twitter FINANCIAL WORRIES? Consolidate into one monthly payment including credit cards, taxes, collection agencies, garnishments. Stop harassing phone calls. 1-877-9770304. 24 hours Services bilingues. =;Â&#x2019;J jj "$ \    +. No Credit Refused. Fast, Easy, 100% Secure. 1-877-776-1660. cl434136_0704


Antiques for sale, visit our barn full of antiques. 3654 Hwy 29 North at Cedar Hill Road, Pakenham. Info: 613-794-5634 or 613-2568937.


HAVE YOU been denied CANADA PENSION PLAN DISABILITY BENEFITS? The Disability Claims Advocacy Clinic can help. Contact Allison Schmidt at:1-877-793-3222




Your Community Newspaper


1-888-967-3237 1-888-WORD ADS

FOR SALE Cedar (white), quality lumber, most sizes, decking, T&G, channel rustic. Also huge bundles of cedar slabs ($45) and large bags of shavings ($35). (613)283-3629.






Sat. July 13, 7 a.m.-2 p.m. Multi-family garage sale. 16 Manchester St. Stittsville. Furniture, misc. kitchen items, toys, different items.

HELP WANTED Full-time Auto parts dismantler required. Needs experience. Pay range $14$16/hr. Apply: Daveâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Auto Parts, Carp. Fax 613-8395590. Email: HELP WANTED - LOCAL PEOPLE NEEDED!!! Simple & Flexible Online Work. 100% Genuine Opportunity. F/T & P/T. Internet Needed. Very Easy... No experience Required. Income is Guaranteed! www.ezComputer-Work. com


Lone Star, Kanata, Now Hiring. Full time experienced, line cooks. Apply to: 4048 Carling Avenue. Competitive Wage. Come join the great Lone Star Atmosphere.

Hunter Safety/Canadian Fire-arms Courses and exams throughout the year. WORK OPPORTUNITIES Held once a month at Carp. + TRAVEL Childcare posi- Call Wenda Cochran 613tions in Unites States, air 256-2409. fare, medical etc. provided. Childcare in Holland, New MARINE Zealand, Australia, Spain, England, China, etc. Differ- Marine Mechanic- stop waiting 2-3 weeks for serent benefits apply. Hotel jobs in England. Teach vice, fast turn around. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll in South Korea, air fare, look at your boat within medical etc. provided. Apply days. Reasonable rates, 35 years experience. 613-267at: 902-422-1455 Email: scotiap@ns.sym- 3470.



BONNECHERE MANOR Bonnechere Manor, a safe and caring community to live, work and enjoy life.

REGISTERED NURSE - Part Time Competition #13-62

REAL ESTATE 10.6 acres of vacant land with 1,100 ft of paved road frontage. 980 Bellamy Rd, Mississippi Mills. $69,500.00. (613)624-5534 or (613)327-2349.





The Carleton Place and District Memorial Hospital has an immediate opening for a casual Material Control Clerk to provide vacation and sick coverage for the department. The incumbent is responsible for the efficient operation of the hospitalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stores department which includes purchasing of the right products at the best price for delivery in a timely manner along with accurate record keeping and inventory control. This is a physically demanding position.

â&#x20AC;˘ A Registered Nurse with a current certiďŹ cate of competency from the College of Nurses of Ontario with annual mandatory licensing renewal â&#x20AC;˘ Must display departmental and position competencies of Personal Sensitivity/Empathy, Decisiveness, Flexibility/Adaptability, Accuracy & Thoroughness, Teamwork, Development of Self & Others â&#x20AC;˘ The ability to work any shifts, be available for short-notice call-ins and to maintain regular attendance is required

Compensation: Start - $37.22 â&#x20AC;˘ 1 Year - $41.17 â&#x20AC;˘ 2 Years - $43.38 â&#x20AC;˘ 3 Years - $48.84 â&#x20AC;˘ 25 Years - $49.71 Please note, starting salary is adjusted based on proof of relevant past RN experience at the rate of one increment for every year of experience with the exception of the 25 year rate which requires 25 years of experience.

Reporting to the Client/Outreach Programs Supervisor, the Registered Physiotherapist is responsible for providing residents assessed as requiring physiotherapy with a rehabilitation plan of care consistent with the Long-Term Care Homes Act and Regulations and within the current evidence-based physiotherapy practices and professional standards. The Physiotherapist will contribute to a comprehensive rehabilitation program that supports and promotes resident-centered care within an interprofessional team, optimizing the resources available to Bonnechere Manor. Bachelorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Degree in Physiotherapy. Current registration with The College of Physiotherapists of Ontario, in good standing. Proven leadership capabilities with excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills. Computer literacy required (word processing, spreadsheet and database). Long-term care experience, preferred.

Compensation: $38.90 - $44.39 per hour, plus comprehensive beneďŹ ts package, including paid vacation time.


QualiďŹ cations: â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘

Leslie Park: High ranch bungalow in an exceptional location backing onto a wooded ravine. Four bedrooms, three bathrooms. An addition created a Master Bedroom suite with bedroom, sitting area overlooking the private garden, dressing alcove, bathroom and door to covered deck. $439,000. Clive Pearce, Broker of Record, Guidestar Realty, Brokerage. 613-2263018 (office), 613-8505054 (cell)


Material Control Clerk

QualiďŹ cations:

Dog Sitting- Experienced retired breeder providing lots of TLC. My home. Smaller dogs only. References available. $17$20 daily Marg 613-7211530 www.

Carleton Place & District Memorial Hospital

Long Term Care Home


EMC Classifieds Get Results!


Employment Opportunities

PHYSIOTHERAPIST - Part Time Competition #13-63


Mini Storage Units 10x20 $120/month Richmond/ North Gower 80 Acres of Plowed NOTICES Farmland for sale. Located Area. Also a Shop available Richmond/ North Gower to Rent 30x40 TRUE PSYCHICS For Answers CALL NOW area. $19,000. per Acre or Call (613)880-0494 24/7 Toll-free 1-877-342- best offer. 613-880-0494-or 3032 mobile #4486 www. 613-489-2001


Canadian Firearm/Hunter Safety Courses. Call Dave Arbour 613-257-7489 or visit for dates and details of courses near you.

Please send your resume, stating applicable competition number, by 4:00 p.m., Thursday, July 11, 2013 to: Human Resources, County of Renfrew 9 International Drive, Pembroke ON K8A 6W5 EMAIL: (in MS Word or pdf format) Thank you for your interest, however, only applicants considered for an interview will be contacted.

Employment Opportunity

Qualifications: UĂ&#x160;-Ă&#x2022;VViĂ&#x192;Ă&#x192;vĂ&#x2022;Â?Ă&#x160;VÂ&#x153;Â&#x201C;ÂŤÂ?iĂ&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;vĂ&#x160;Ă&#x20AC;>`iĂ&#x160;ÂŁĂ&#x201C; UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x160;Â&#x201C;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x201C;Ă&#x2022;Â&#x201C;Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;vĂ&#x160;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x153;Â&#x153;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x17E;i>Ă&#x20AC;½Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;ÂŤĂ&#x20AC;iĂ&#x203A;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;iĂ?ÂŤiĂ&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;iÂ&#x2DC;ViĂ&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;>Ă&#x160;ÂŤĂ&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;VÂ&#x2026;>Ă&#x192;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160; related position in a computerized environment. UĂ&#x160;-Ă&#x2022;VViĂ&#x192;Ă&#x192;vĂ&#x2022;Â?Ă&#x160;VÂ&#x153;Â&#x201C;ÂŤÂ?iĂ&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;vĂ&#x160;Ă&#x20AC;iÂ?>Ă&#x152;i`Ă&#x160;VÂ&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;Â&#x201C;>Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;>Â?Ă&#x160; management preferred. UĂ&#x160; iÂ&#x201C;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;>Ă&#x152;i`Ă&#x160;iĂ?ViÂ?Â?iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;>Â?Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2DC;`Ă&#x160;Ă&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x152;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;VÂ&#x153;Â&#x201C;Â&#x201C;Ă&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2C6;V>Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x192;Â&#x17D;Â&#x2C6;Â?Â?Ă&#x192; UĂ&#x160; iÂ&#x201C;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;>Ă&#x152;i`Ă&#x160;Â&#x17D;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x153;Ă&#x153;Â?i`}iĂ&#x160;Â&#x153;vĂ&#x160;>VVÂ&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160;ÂŤĂ&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;VÂ&#x2C6;ÂŤÂ?iĂ&#x192;° UĂ&#x160; iÂ&#x201C;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;>Ă&#x152;i`Ă&#x160;>LÂ&#x2C6;Â?Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x152;Â&#x153;Ă&#x160;ÂŤÂ?>Â&#x2DC;]Ă&#x160;Ă&#x192;iĂ&#x152;Ă&#x160;ÂŤĂ&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;iĂ&#x192;]Ă&#x160;Â&#x201C;iiĂ&#x152;Ă&#x160;`i>`Â?Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2DC;` implement change. UĂ&#x160; iÂ&#x201C;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;>Ă&#x152;i`Ă&#x160;Ă&#x153;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x17D;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160;Â&#x17D;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x153;Ă&#x153;Â?i`}iĂ&#x160;Â&#x153;vĂ&#x160;VÂ&#x153;Â&#x201C;ÂŤĂ&#x2022;Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;âi` management information systems. UĂ&#x160; iÂ&#x201C;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;>Ă&#x152;i`Ă&#x160;>LÂ&#x2C6;Â?Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x152;Â&#x153;Ă&#x160;Â&#x201C;>Â&#x17D;iĂ&#x160;Ă&#x192;Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;`Ă&#x160;Â?Ă&#x2022;`}Â&#x201C;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2DC;`Ă&#x160;`iVÂ&#x2C6;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;° UĂ&#x160;*Ă&#x20AC;iĂ&#x203A;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;iĂ?ÂŤiĂ&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;iÂ&#x2DC;ViĂ&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;>Ă&#x160;Â&#x2026;Â&#x153;Ă&#x192;ÂŤÂ&#x2C6;Ă&#x152;>Â?Ă&#x160;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x203A;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x201C;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;ÂŤĂ&#x20AC;iviĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x20AC;i`° Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;VÂ&#x153;Â&#x201C;ÂŤÂ?iĂ&#x152;iĂ&#x160;`iĂ&#x152;>Â&#x2C6;Â?Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;>LÂ&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;ÂŤÂ&#x153;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;]Ă&#x160;ÂŤÂ?i>Ă&#x192;iĂ&#x160;Ă&#x203A;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;V>Ă&#x20AC;iiĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160; our website at ÂŤÂŤÂ?Â&#x2C6;V>Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2026;Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Â?`Ă&#x160;LiĂ&#x160;Ă&#x192;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x152;Â&#x153;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;iĂ&#x160;Ă&#x2022;Â&#x201C;>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;,iĂ&#x192;Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;ViĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;

iÂŤ>Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x152;Â&#x201C;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;]Ă&#x160;Ă&#x201C;ÂŁÂŁĂ&#x160;>Â&#x17D;iĂ&#x160;Ă&#x203A;i°Ă&#x160; >Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160; >Ă&#x20AC;Â?iĂ&#x152;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;*Â?>Vi]Ă&#x160;" ]Ă&#x160;Ă&#x2021; Ă&#x160;ÂŁ{]Ă&#x160; >Ă?\Ă&#x160;­Ă&#x2C6;ÂŁĂ&#x17D;ÂŽĂ&#x201C;xĂ&#x2021;Â&#x2021;Ă&#x17D;äĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x2C6;] Â&#x2021;Â&#x201C;>Â&#x2C6;Â?\Ă&#x160;Â?Â&#x153;LĂ&#x192;JV>Ă&#x20AC;Â?iĂ&#x152;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;ÂŤÂ?>ViÂ&#x2026;Â&#x153;Ă&#x192;°VÂ&#x153;Â&#x201C; by 4:00 pm on Wednesday, July 10th, 2013.




ANNUAL HUNTING & SPORTING GOODS CONSIGNMENT AUCTION to be held at Hands Auction Hall, Perth Ontario 3 miles east of Perth on County Rd # 10 K7H 3C3 on Wednesday, August 21, 2013 @ 5 pm Preview @ 4pm Welcoming firearms and sports related items for this auction. Please call our home office at 613-267-6027 in advance to book your space. Terms: Cash, Cheque, Debit, Visa, M/C - Catering

Auctioneers & Qualified Appraisers JIM & TREVOR HANDS The Voices of Experience Phone: (613) 267-6027 (613) 267-1335 HELP WANTED

Bonnechere Manor requires a qualiďŹ ed Registered Nurse/Registered Practical Nurse to provide Advanced Foot Care services as may be required by the Home on a fee for services basis. The Manor requires the following conditions: s !DVANCED&OOT#ARE#OURSECERTIlCATION s 4HESERVICEPROVIDERSUPPLIESALLOFITS equipment, CSA approved s 0ROOFOFREGISTRATIONWITHITSLICENSINGBODY on an annual basis s 4HESERVICEPROVIDERMUSTSHOWEVIDENCEOF adequate liability Insurance and appropriate WSIB coverage while under contract with Bonnechere Manor s -USTSHOWEVIDENCEOFCOMPLIANCEWITHTHE Provincial Advisory Committee (PIDAC) Best Practices for sterilization of critical equipment.

Applications will be accepted until July 12, 2013. References required. For further details contact: Patty Brydges Resident Care Coordinator Bonnechere Manor 470 Albert Street Renfrew, ON K7V 4L5 Tel: 613-432-4873 ext. ext 1186 Fax: 613-432-7138

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Bonnechere Manor, a safe and caring community to live, work and enjoy life.


'JOEVTPO'BDFCPPLBUGBDFCPPLDPN#POOFDIFSF.BOPS Thank you for your interest, however, only applicants considered for an interview will be contacted.

A Division of Hinton Auto Connection Ltd.

CANADAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S NEWEST SHOWROOM Hinton Dodge Chrysler has a Permanent Full Time Position to ďŹ ll immediately. We offer Competitive Pay, BeneďŹ t Plans and a State of the Art Facility. We are looking for Career Orientated, Energetic Self Starters with Great Communication Skills. Position: Automotive Service Technician (310S) P CertiďŹ ed Chrysler Technician. P Must be able to Test and Repair Automotive Systems and Components to manufacturers speciďŹ cations. P Must be able to Perform Scheduled Maintenance and also advice Customers on work performed and required future maintenance. P Must be able to work independently. QualiďŹ ed candidates can either mail or email a copy of their resume to: Attention: Kevin Ireton Hinton Dodge Chrysler 110 Ewart Ave. Perth, ON K7H 3M6 Email:

Ali and Branden

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Reporting to the Administrator, the Director of Care is responsible for the Nursing Department and ensures that nursing services are provided in a manner that focuses on resident satisfaction and rights. This position also collaborates with the Medical Director, Nurse Practitioner, other attending physicians and staff on a regular basis to plan and evaluate resident care, oversees resident placement and programs related to communicable diseases, and ensures compliance of long term care standards.



BONNECHERE MANOR Bonnechere Manor is a 180-bed long term care facility accredited with â&#x20AC;&#x153;commendationâ&#x20AC;? through Accreditation Canada, dedicated to providing quality care and services, which recognize the right to self determination, dignity, privacy, and optimum lifestyle for all residents / clients. We believe in the maintenance of family, staff, community, and volunteer relationships with, and on behalf of, each resident / client and we strive to play a unique role in the community we serve, thereby participating in a continuum of care services.


White Lake. Log house on 5 acres, 2200 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, sunroom, wood heat with electric backup, garage parking for 1 vehicle. $1100.00 plus utilities. Available August 1, 2013. Contact: Joanne 613-2565180.




Dark cherry china cabinet, CHRONICLE DIAMOND glass shelves, like new, $500. AWARD WINNER Teak dining room set, oval ta2009, 2010 & 2011 ble, 6 chairs, buffet and hutch, $1200. Pine kitchen table, 4 SATURN ACCOUNTING chairs, pedestal base, $800. SERVICES Maple bedroom set, queen bed, dresser & mirror, chest of draw613-832-4699 ers, night table, $1000. Maple coffee table, 2 end tables, $250. Cherry corner entertainment GARAGE SALE unit w/4 sets of bookshelves, $400. All in excellent condition. Days, 613-256-1149. Evenings, Almonte Antique Market, 26 Mill St. in historic 613-256-2396. downtown Almonte. Disability Products. Buy 613-256-1511. 36 venand Sell stair lifts, scoot- dors. Open daily 10-5. ers, bath lifts, patient lifts, hospital beds, etc. Call Kanata, Beaverbrook, 107 Silver Cross Ottawa Penfield Dr., Saturday, July 6, 8-2. Downsizing. (613)231-3549. Rain date Sunday. STEEL BUILDINGS/METAL BUILDINGS Up to 60% MULTI-FAMILY Garage OFF! 30x40, 40x60, 50x80, Sale, 4867 Mohrs Road, 60x100, 80x100 sell for Galetta, Saturday July 6th, balanced owed! Call 1-800- 8-4, Sunday July 7th, 457-2206 www.crownsteel- 10-4, Rain or Shine.


FOR RENT Stittsville- 3BR Townhouse. 2 1/2 bath, 6 appliances, laundry room, 2 gas fireplaces. New hardwood/ tile installed, freshly painted. Rent: $1300 (utilities not included).0613-831-4109


1234 ESAFE 5678 9

The War Amps 1 800 250-3030 Charitable Registration No. 13196 9628 RR0001

Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 69

Paradise at a reasonable price. Good fishing and fun just 15 mins. from Perth. Fully equipped 25’ trailer on water front site. The site comes with a dock, 10’x10’ platform, dining tent, 4’x8’ shed, BBQ, fire pit, lawn mower and an optional 16-1/2’ boat, motor and trailer. Without boat $16,950 with boat $20,500 o.b.o. Site rent is paid for 2013. 613-283-7790.

VACATION/COTTAGES Quiet Adult Campground. All services, near Merrickville, Ontario. Rideau River, Petangue, tennis, fishing, telephone. $1,200 per season. 613-269-4664.





Margaret McGrath and Scott Coady Saturday, July 6 at 8 p.m. at the Nick Smith Centre, 77 James St., Arnprior Tickets $5 available at the door

Come celebrate Pat and Joyce Lunitz’s 60th ANNIVERSARY! Trinity United Church, Hastings on Saturday, July 6 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Your presence is your gift. Bring stories or photographs to share in a guest book for the couple. R.S.V.P. or 705-653-2096


“Nanny B” will be sadly missed by her grandchildren John Harvey (Andria), Julie Stahle (Mark), Jason Drobnich (Shelley), Matthew Drobnich, Mark Savage (Susan), Paul, Philip, and great grandchildren Isabelle, Selina, John Paul, Savannah, Josie, Liam, Bradley, Joshua, Katie, Czarina, Ashley, Brian, Cassie, Andrew, and Greg. Sister of Gilmour Brown (Colleen), Shirley Hodgins (Willie), the late Allan Brown (Hazel), and the late Helene Bleeks (Norman). A Funeral Service was held Saturday June 29, at 11am. Cremation took place, with interment in Stittsville Cemetery at a later date.. In lieu of flowers, donations to either the Heart & Stroke Foundation or Canadian Cancer Society would be appreciated by the family. To leave a message of condolence, please go to




Argue, Kerry In loving memory of a special companion, father, and poppa who passed away one year ago July 5th, 2012

STAG AND DOE for Sarah Brown and Steve Cavanagh Saturday July 20th 2013, 8 pm Carp Agricultural Hall, Carp Fair Grounds Tickets $10/person available at the door

We do not need a special day To bring you to our mind For the days we do not think of you Are very hard to find If all this world were ours to give We’d give it yes and more To see your face Come smiling through the door. Lovingly remembered Val, Gordon, Angela & Lindsey, Mark & Dawn









The family of the late Emily Smith would like to express their heartfelt thanks to Rev. Jane McCaig, St. Thomas Anglican Church Choir, the ACW for the lovely luncheon, and the staff at the Queensway Carleton Hospital for their support given to the Smith family. We would like to thank the pallbearers: Gilbert Massey, Ross Moore, Mark Smith, Brian Smith, Huebert Bassett and Garth Smith. We would also like to thank family, friends and neighbours for food, phone calls, cards, flowers and donations. Your kindness will always be remembered. The Smith Family CLR449226-0704

Certified Mason. 12 years experience. Chimney repair, restoration, parging, repointing. Brick, block and stone. Small/big job specialist. Free estimates. 613-250-0290.



Ottawa Heavy Civil Construction Company

Send A Load to the dump, cheap. Clean up clutter, garage sale leftovers or leaf and yard waste. 613-256-4613.

POSITIONS AVAILABLE Goldie Mohr Ltd. is currently hiring CLR445146

Carrie Hands, CAI, CPPA, Auctioneer & Appraiser Jason Hands, Auctioneer

-Estate Auction-

For the Estates of the late John Miller and Olive Watts Miller St Lawrence Riverfront 3+ bedroom home 39 Kerry Point Road, R R # 2, Mallorytown, ON Vehicles, Boats, Tools, Garden Tractors, Household Furnishings Saturday, July 13 @ 9 a.m. 2005 Toyota Echo with 4 snow tires on rims. Pasquali 988 30 hp diesel tractor with backhoe, IH McCormick Farmall Row Cropper & Ford 9N Tractors, Pontoon boats, 1998 Ford Econoline Van, Variety of Hit and Miss and Gas Engines, Generators, Garden tractors, Snow blowers, large variety of shop tools, Welders, Sony Bravia TV, coins, stamps, and so much more. Please visit www.handsauction. com to view full listing. Click Online Bidding to view catalogue and bid. Bidding opens Friday July 5 @ 9 a.m. and closes Friday July 12 @ 12 noon. Of course we are always pleased to see you at the live auction. CL434147_0704 5501 County Road 15, RR #2, Brockville, ON K6V 5T2 Phone: (613) 926-2919 E-mail:


Card of Thanks


grademen, excavator operator and backhoe operator for heavy civil construction in the Ottawa area. Municipal road, sewer and water experience preferred. Please send resume to CLR450144-0704

70 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013



(nee Brown, formerly Savage) Passed away Sunday June 23, 2013. Iva, formerly of Stittsville, ON, Loving wife of the late William Albert Savage (1970), and George Blackman (1999). Dear mother of George Savage (Judy), Faye Pollock (Dave), Karen Savage, and step mother of John and David Blackman (Doreen).

Sandy Beach Resort on Otter Lake, seasonal trailer site available, full hookup, Pristine Lake, great for swimming and fishing. Call 613-283-2080. Website:

Assortment of used tires, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16.5. Summers, all-season and snows. Also used car parts. Gord 613-257-2498.


Stag and Doe

Sandy Beach Resort on Otter Lake. 1, 2 and 3 bedroom housekeeping cottages, beautiful park setting with natural sand beach shoreline on pristine lake. Perfect for swimming, great fishing, use of canoe and kayaks. We are located 1 hour south of Ottawa or 1 hour north of Kingston on Hwy 15. Check out our website at Call 613-283-2080.

Skinny Dipping: Keep cool in summer! Lakesun Nudist Club is a traditional family naturist club for couples and families. Private lake, sandy beach, camping and cabins in a beautiful natural setting just north of Kingston. I n f o : w w w. l a k e s u n . n e t 613-353-2463


REAL ESTATE ANTIQUE & HOUSEHOLD AUCTION for Elvira Powell Estate to be held @ 35 Condie St., Smiths Falls, ON K7A 2T3 on Sat., July 6/13 @ 10 am Property to be auctioned @ 11 am


TRAILERS / RV’S 2004 34’ Carriage Cameo 5th wheel trailer RV. Light weight aluminum frame, 3 slides, built in 110V wash-er/dryer, new tires, heated tanks, 10 gal. hot water tank, all dishes ready for camping, low mileage. $19,000 o.b.o. 613-659-3350. info@1000islandsboattours. com 30’ Trailer, 2007 Super Sport, mint condition, can be seen at Riverside Campground. $10,000. 613-2694664.

~ Calling All Investors ~ ~ Excellent Income Potential ~ Charming brick bungalow located on quiet street in Smiths Falls, ON. Property has paved driveway w/ drive through garage. Spacious back yard w/ fenced dog run & steel garden shed. Front entrance opens into large living room leading to galley kitchen. 3 pce bath w/ new Safestep walk-in tub. Original 2 bedroom home joined to addition in dining/sitting room adding 2 large bedrooms, entrance to side deck & enclosed staircase to attic for lots of extra storage. Basement w/ 2 separate entrances easily accommodates income generating apartment featuring large eat-in kitchen, 3 pce bath, bedroom w/ large window, rec room complete w/ wet bar & gas fireplace, plus separate utility/storage room w/ laundry hook up, cold room, 200 amp service on breakers, natural gas furnace w/ baseboard backup & rented hot water tank. Home has alarm system, central air & vac. Taxes: $3,075.10+/-. For private viewing, terms & conditions, please call our office at 613-267-6027. Terms on chattels: Cash, Cheque, Debit, Visa, M/C Catering. Be on time, not a large auction.

Auctioneers & Qualified Appraisers JIM & TREVOR HANDS: THE VOICES OF EXPERIENCE Phone: (613) 267-6027 or (613) 267-1335

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$39 FOR 10 LBS OF PREMIUM PORK BABY BACK RIBS (A $159 VALUE) Regular Price: $159.00 You Save: $120 $49.99 FOR 11 LBS OF CHICKEN BREAST TENDERS (A $99 VALUE)



$49.99 $20


$29.99 FOR 25 X 6 OZ PURE BEEF HAMBURGERS (A $59.90 VALUE) Regular Price: $99.00 You Save: $49.01 Discount:












Get deals on your phone: 0704.R0012188876

Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 71

Local events and happenings over the coming weeks — free to non-profit organizations Fax: 613-224-3330, E-mail: A four-hand euchre party will be held on Monday, July 8 starting at 7:30 p.m. in the hall at Christ Church Ashton in Ashton. Prizes and refreshments. Everyone welcome to attend. This euchre series will continue every Monday evening until the end of November. The Stittsville 56ers will host the Kars Acres in a Greater Ottawa Fastball League game on Wednesday, July 10 at 8:30 p.m. at the Alexander Grove ball diamond in Stittsville. The Stittsville Goulbourn Horticultural Society and the Stittsville United Church are co-hosting a garden tour on Saturday, July 13 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., rain or shine. Tickets are $15 per person and are available from Ritchie’s Feed & Seed on Carp Road and at the Stittsville United Church on Fernbank Road in Stittsville. There is a $10 discount on Horticultural Society membership with each ticket. For more information about this garden tour, please contact Ian Frei at . “A Company of Fools,” Ottawa’s oldest professional Shakespeare company, will be presenting “The Merry Wives of Windsor” on Saturday, July 13 at 7 p.m. at Alexander Grove Park in Stittsville. This is part of the annual Torchlight Shakespeare series presented by “A Company of Fools” in an outdoor setting in various parks throughout the city of Ottawa. Everyone is welcome to attend. There is no admission charge but “Pay-what-you-can” donations are collected at the end of the perfor-

mance. Those planning to attend are reminded to take along a lawn chair or blanket for sitting on as well as bug spray and a sense of humour to enjoy this rollicking 90 minute show staged by this troupe of six professional actors. The 55 Plus Club of the Stittsville Legion is organizing a theatre/dinner trip to Perth on Wednesday, July 17, open to everyone in the community. See the Neil Simon comedy “The Star-Spangled Girl” followed by dinner at Fiddleheads in a heritage building in downtown Perth. Cost of theatre ticket is $30.50. Dinner cost will range from $19.95 to $25.95 per person. Bus transportation to and from Perth will be provided. Those interested in going on this theatre/dinner trip to Perth should contact Marion Gullock at 613-836-5254 or Shirley Pretty at 613-836-2760 before Wednesday, July 10. The Stittsville 56ers will host the Kars Aces in a Greater Ottawa Fastball League game on Wednesday, July 17 at 8:30 p.m. at the Alexander Grove ball diamond in Stittsville. The Friendship Club is planning a bus trip to Merrickville on Thursday, July 18 for lunch and shopping. Bus will leave the Johnny Leroux Stittsville Community Arena parking lot at 11 a.m. and will leave Merrickville for the return trip at 3 p.m. Family and friends of Friendship Club members welcome to attend. A total of 30 to 35 people are needed to fill the bus and keep the cost at around $10 per person. Please phone Gloria at 613-831-8819 or Rosemary at

613-836-6354 if you wish to go on this trip. A “Jammies in July” craft day for youngsters aged 4-11 will be held on Sunday, July 21 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Goulbourn Museum at Stanley’s Corners. Cost $3 per child. Youngsters are encouraged to arrive wearing PJ’s. To register, please call 613-831-2393 or email . Canadian Blood Services is hosting a community blood donor clinic on Monday, July 22 from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the St. Philip Church hall at the corner of Burke Street and Fortune Street in Richmond. Appointments can be booked online at or by phone at 1-888-2DONATE (1-888-236-6283). The Stittsville 56ers will host the Barrhaven Broadway Blues in a Greater Ottawa Fastball League game on Wednesday, July 24 at 8:30 p.m. at the Alxeander Grove ball diamond in Stittsville. A “Sound of Music” program to demonstrate how music can be a path to relaxation will take place on Thursday, July 25 from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the Stittsville branch of the Ottawa Public Library on Stittsville Main Street in Stittsville. Attendance at this program requires prior registration. You can sign up online at the Ottawa Public Library’s website at or you can register in person by dropping into the Stittsville branch of the Ottawa Public Library.

The next Friendship Club luncheon will be held on Wednesday, July 31 at noon at the Glen Mar Golf Club on Fernbank Road west of Stittsville. Menu to include lasagna, Caesar salad, dessert and tea/coffee. Entertainment by “Mostly Bows.” To reserve a seat, please phone Gloria at 613-831-8819 or Rosemary at 613836-6354 before Friday, July 26. Free concert sponsored by Waste Management in cooperation with Rural West Recreation of the city of Ottawa will be held on Thursday, Aug. 1 at 7 p.m. at the Richmond fairgrounds in Richmond, featuring the country music trio Blackwell. BBQ at 6 p.m. to support local youth initiatives. Those attending should take along a lawn chair for seating. Free concert sponsored by Waste Management in cooperation with Rural West Recreation of the city of Ottawa will be held on Thursday, Aug. 8 at 7 p.m. at the Richmond fairgrounds in Richmond, featuring the Heartbeats, a rock ‘n roll show band specializing in the songs of the 1950’s and 1960’s. BBQ at 6 p.m. to support local youth initiatives. Those attending should take along a lawn chair for seating. The Stittsville Branch 618 of the Royal Canadian Legion is hosting a pancake breakfast on Sunday, Aug. 11 from 10 a.m. to 12 noon at the Legion Hall on Stittsville Main Street in Stittsville. Everyone in the community is welcome to attend.

What’s happening

Free concert sponsored by Waste Management in cooperation with Rural West Recreation of the city of Ottawa will be held on Thursday, Aug. 15 at 7 p.m. at Village Square Park in Stittsville, featuring Sidewinder. BBQ at 6 p.m. to support local youth initiatives. Those planning to attend should take along a lawn chair or blanket for seating. The Stittsville Branch 618 of the Royal Canadian Legion is holding a Family Fun Day at the Legion Hall on Stittsville Main Street in Stittsville on Saturday, Aug. 17. Everyone in the community is welcome to attend.

The Goulbourn Township Historical Society is holding the unveiling of a plaque to commemorate the site of the Holiness Movement and Free Methodist Campgrounds and the Mapledene Youth Camp in Stittsville on Saturday, Aug. 17 at 2 p.m. on the east side of the soccer field at Alexander Grove Park. Photo display. Light refreshments. Everyone welcome. Parking at the parking lot of the Johnny Leroux Stittsville Community Arena. Free concert sponsored by Waste Management in cooperation with Rural West Recreation of the city of Ottawa will be held on Thursday, Aug. 22 at 7 p.m. at Vil-

lage Square Park in Stittsville, featuring the Mick Armitage Band with special surprise guests. BBQ at 6 p.m. to support local youth initiatives. Those attending should take along a lawn chair for seating. The next meeting of the Board of Directors of the Richmond Village Association will be on Tuesday, Sept. 3 at 7:30 p.m. in the basement hall at St. Paul’s United Church on McBean Street in Richmond. Everyone is welcome to attend. Summer Slam 2013 to wrap up the stock car racing season at Capital City Speedway west of Stittsville will take place on Saturday, Sept. 7 featuring a national qualifier 30 lap Legends Race, a 100 lap Enduro Race, a 30 lap Thunder Race, a 30 lap Mini Stocks Race, a Demolition Derby and more.


More what’s happening

72 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Kidney Walk to raise funds for the fight against kidney disease will be held on Sunday, Sept. 8 in Stittsville, starting at 11 a.m. at the Stittsville United Church on Fernbank Road. Walk route will be along Stittsville Main Street to Papa Sam’s at Beverly Street and back to the church. BBQ, children’s activities and entertainment at the church. Register today at For more information, please contact Elizabeth Hochster-Hurst at 613-836-6847 or

Ruth Richardson at 613-836-8735 or Craig Dunbar at 613-724-9953, ext. 4562. The Stittsville Goulbourn Horticultural Society will be holding its first meeting of the fall on Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 7:30 p.m. at Stittsville United Church on Fernbank Road in Stittsville, with guest speaker Brian Carson speaking on the topic “Ottawa Valley Trilliums: Search & Discovery.”

27. Indicates near 30. The central bank of the US 33. Central processing unit 34. Direct toward a target 35. Side sheltered from the wind 37. 6th letter of Hebrew alphabet 40. Form a sum 41. The cry made by sheep 42. Defensive nuclear weapon 44. Clan division 45. Adult male deer 46. Patterned table linen fabric 48. Subtract 49. An imaginary ideal place 51. Chuck Hagel is the new head 53. Round flat Middle Eastern bread 55. Chickpea plant 56. Make obscure 57. Pole (Scottish) 59. Cavities where spores develop 60. Vintage Auto Racing Assoc. 61. Hmong language __: Yao 62. Small head gestures 66. Point midway between S and SE



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CLUES ACROSS 1. Applies paint lightly 5. House mice genus 8. Bible’s Chronicles (abbr.) 11. Old World buffalo 12. Expression of contempt 13. Levi jeans competitor 15. A small-wooded hollow 16. Donkeys 18. River in Florence 19. L. Rukeyser’s TV show 22. The abominable snowman 23. Deerfield, IL, Trojans school 24. Be obliged to repay 25. Woman (French) 28. Delaware 29. Fools around (Br. slang) 31. Affirmative (slang) 32. With three uneven sides 36. Tel __, Israel city 38. “As American as apple __” 39. Aba ____ Honeymoon 43. Fictive 47. Press against lightly 48. Eiderdown filled 50. In the year of Our Lord 52. Obstruct or block 53. A companion animal 54. Political action committee

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1251 Stittsville Main Street Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013 73

Save Up To $26,000 On Select Townhomes In Fully Established Fairwinds.

Enjoy Entertaining In Your Urban Townhome Kitchen.

0./:45=(4+542?-58(2030:,+:03,=,(8,-,(:;804.9(<04.95-;6:5  549,2,*:,+"5=4/53,904(08=04+9 "/,9,(8,:/,542?8,3(0404."5=4/53,904(08=04+9(4+:/,?*53,04(<(80,:?5-9:?209/,>:,80589 =0:/25:95-04:,8058-,(:;8,9(22(:(<,8?(::8(*:0<,680*, 53,(4++09*5<,8=/?358,:/(4 -(3020,9(28,(+?,415?:/,3(4?(+<(4:(.,95-20-,04:/09=,22,9:()209/,+ 3(9:,862(44,+4,0./)5;8/55+&5;22@4+(<,8?96,*0(2-(302?"5=4/53,(:(<,8?96,*0(2680*, KANATA 2,<'



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Fairwinds Sales Centre: (62,85<, 5(+(4(:(




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74 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013




Open House Sun 2-4 pm

315 Breckenridge, New Listing! 2+1 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath row bungalow, Hardwood, open concept living, fully fin bsmnt level. Steps to shopping & transit! $395,900

165 Lindsay Lane, a short drive to city! 90’ waterfront w/docks,gorgeous reno’d & remodelled yr round bung, incl bunkie sleeps 4! Spend time lakeside in style! $529,900

/PEN$AYSA7EEK Corner of Hazeldean Road & Cedarow Court

S yo ee inlection of u Great G reat Selection s St r Sel i s itt su&idCountry e fountry Antiques Antiques sv e C or iDecor o EM lle N f th THURS-SUN 11AM 1AM - 5PM O C. ew e s 6825 Fernbank Road, ad d Stittsville d, nnn%gfe[\ifjXjYXie%ZX nnn% n n %gfe[\if fjXjYXie%Z ZX 613.836.0322 nn


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Stisville News Proudly serving the community

July 4, 2013 | 76 pages

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2 Stittsville News EMC - Thursday, July 4, 2013

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