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Proud to be part of your past, present and future since 1887 April 4, 2013 | 72 pages


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Vandalism charges pending



Kory Earle vies for presidency of People First of Canada. — Page 3


The puck drops here EMC News - Smiths Falls Mayor Dennis Staples performs the ceremonial puck drop March 29 at the Memorial Community Centre to start the exhibition game between the women’s hockey teams from the Czech Republic and Finland. Representing the teams are: Alena Polenska (left, Czech Republic) and Jenni Hiirikoski (right, Finland). See inside for more.

Smiths Falls Jr. A Bears honour season’s top guns. — Page SF14


Youth centre founders honoured as champions By STACEY ROY

EMC News – What started out as a way to end boredom in small town Smiths Falls resulted in the creation of the town’s first youth centre. Those founding members were honoured recently as Youth Centre Champions. The formal presentation of the first Youth Centre Champions awards took place the weekend of March 23-24 to coincide with Youth Centres Canada’s (YCC) magazine launch. Les Voakes, executive director of YCC said the new recognition program began this year to acknowledge and highlight the dedication and commitment that past teens and adults in communities across Canada have shown in support of youth. When the idea was approved for action Voakes knew immediately the group of youth he would recommend, but had only one problem: how to narrow it down to just a select few. “I could have filled the page with people from Smiths Falls who could have

been listed as real champions,” he said. In the end, Voakes decided to list those who were involved in the early days of setting up the Smiths Falls youth centre and from there drafted the final list of nominees: Mark Evans, Justin Daye, David Van Scheyndel, Sherri Cassibo, Tanya Strickland, Jasmin Palendeau, Paul Coates, Dave Czuprys and Jim Dolan. “They never let up and they encouraged other communities to do it,” Voakes said of this group. Evans and Van Scheyndel attended the formal launch in late March and spoke to the crowd about their experiences in starting a centre that would be a safe place for local youth to get together, socialize and learn. It was the early 1990s when Voakes’ thesis work led him to survey area youth and ask them what they needed and wanted. The need for a youth centre was clear and Voakes began to ask area youth to join him in getting one off the ground. Van Scheyndel got involved in 1992 when the centre was above the post office and called Midnight Junction.

“It was pretty fun and could be quite busy as times,” he recalled. “I remember there were nights where there could be 200-plus youth there.” The former town youth would volunteer at the centre from his teenage years into early adulthood. Those years in growing the youth centre to the point where it would ultimately move into its current location and change its name to the Smiths Falls and District Club for Youth (now known as the Smiths Falls and District Centre for Youth) still has a place in Van Scheyndel’s heart. “There are a few people to this day that I’m still friends with,” he said. One of those people is fellow youth centre champion, Mark Evans. He was one of the youth who was bored in town and looking for a constructive way to focus his mind. The solution for him was to jump into the creation of the youth centre. Looking back on the process Evans said the hardest part of the centre’s opening was gaining acceptance and a location for it to open.


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“The adults had a hard time accepting youth with empowerment,” he said. However, the project was valuable and much needed for the local youth who couldn’t afford to be involved in paid extra-curricular programs. Evans played a role in the early days of fundraising for the centre by volunteering as a DJ for fundraising dances. Once the youth centre was up and going Evans continued to work with Voakes in the Taking Young People Seriously (TYPS) program and then to the Skills and Initiatives effort before Voakes called him up and asked for his help in encouraging other communities to set up their own youth centre. Together, Voakes and Evans would prepare and distribute computers to communities across Ontario and parts of Quebec. The computers would serve as the centre’s first administrative computer and held a number of template policies and procedures on how to start a youth centre. “I did like 40 to 50 computers like that See YOUTH page SF5


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EMC News - The Smiths Falls Police Service continued to investigate a person of interest in the March 27 vandalism incident at Duncan J. Schoular School. A letter sent home to parents that night explains that earlier that morning a local high school student kicked the bottom windows and punched the top windows of the front entrance doors of the school. The school custodian along with principal Mark Williams gave chase. Shortly after police apprehended the suspect. Police and the school board confirm that at no time were students or staff in harm’s way. Terry Simzer, spokesperson for the Upper Canada District School Board was not able to provide further information as of March 28 on the incident except to say “I do know that the windows have been repaired already.”

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Paulson said that is far from always the case; that unions reduce employee turnover, add experience, and bring other benefits. A well-paid workforce usually means fewer social problems that require government intervention; intervention that requires taxes from corporations. He added that the bulk of investors are from within a given region. There are not many outside investors considering a move to Ontario. So to discard labour laws that have worked for 70 years in the hope of attracting outside entrepreneurs isn’t a wise decision. “For all the rhetoric of companies being able to pick up and move to the ‘most attractive’ locales, it’s mostly smoke-and-mirrors, just as the outcries about outsourcing in the 1990s were pretty much red herrings,� Paulson said. McDonald’s can’t have an Ontario customer’s burger flipped in Mexico. “Most companies, and certainly most factory operations, are not able to move. And there are all sorts of factors at play – unionization is just one among a great many – in choosing where to establish a new business operation.� Paulson joins a growing list of economists and others, along with groups like the right-leaning International Monetary Fund, who say taking an austerity approach hasn’t fixed problems in Europe, and likely won’t improve the stalled situation in places like Ontario. He said cutting back the size of government might be ideologically appealing to some, but it is the opposite of what needs to happen to grow an economy. “You can’t get out of a stagnant economy by austerity,� Paulson said. “You have to grow your way out of deficit; if the goal is to eliminate a deficit.�

Turn off the lights, the computer and the TV when they are not in use. Using only highly efficient and money saving appliances can reduce the electricity consumption of an average household to one tenth of the average.

EMC News – The Progressive Conservatives vow to bring in U.S.-style right-to-work legislation if the party wins the next election. But an economics expert at Carleton University says that would lead to lower wages for all Ontario workers, usher in labour chaos and further damage the Ontario economy. A party “white paper� was released recently to gauge voter feedback. While not a series of campaign promises, it is considered the direction leader Tim Hudak and the party intends to go. Sweeping changes to strip unions of power is at its core. “It’s time for Ontario to re-examine outdated workplace rules that date back to the 1940s and adapt them to the much more flexible requirements of today’s employees,� reads the Paths to Prosperity: Flexible Labour Markets. “We must realize that labour flexibility and more opportunities for workers are essential to retaining and attracting the very best talent to our province.� The white paper goes on to say a series of government policies favour union leaders over employees and their employers in ways that reduce opportunities for individual workers and are obstacles to economic growth. “Union leaders have become so powerful that many employees in effect have two bosses, their actual employer and the people who run their union,� reads the white paper. “Mandatory union membership, forced paycheque contributions, closed tendering for government contracts and the artificial restriction on the number of our youth able to enter the skilled trades – these are not policies that foster the open, innovative economy Ontario needs.� U.S. President Barak Obama recently commented on states – such as the one-time union powerhouse Michigan - enacting right-to-work legislation. He called it “right to work for less� legislation. It’s a phrase Justin Paulson, assistant professor of sociology and political economy at Carleton, said accurately captures what happens in those regions. Alabama and about 23 others with right-to-work laws have the lowest wages; when workers are divided they are more vulnerable. “Encouraging employees to opt out of paying dues substantially weakens any union’s ability to negotiate on behalf of all of its members,� said Paulson, who studied in the U.S. “The result is almost always weaker unions and lower wages. This is uncontroversial; the lowest in the U.S. are in rightto-work states, and while right-to-work proponents claim that this is somehow offset by the creation of more jobs, the dynamics behind employment and unemployment are far more complicated than whether or not strong unions exist.� Paulson said a “flexible� workforce – the ability to fire workers and restructure almost at will – only sometimes increases profits. He said the idea that cheap labour always equals high profit is “rather sophomoric.� It might have an effect in the short term, but it doesn’t account for other variables and doesn’t hold for all industries. The assumption in the PC argument is that corporations don’t like unions.

especially holds that lower business taxes will attract more investors, which in turn will create more jobs, which in turn will drive wages up. Paulson doesn’t buy that line of argument. “It won’t work. The whole right-towork strikes me as a straight unionbusting tactic. It serves an ideological function, but that’s it,� he said. “The idea that it would bring up wages is ridiculous. It’s just not mainstream economics.� He said austerity measures – cutting government jobs, reducing wages, failing to add stimulus - puts an economy into a recessionary tailspin or, at best, a kind of stagflation. Ontario, with some of the lowest corporate taxes in North America, would benefit from raising them, according to Paulson.

Union violence His fear is that if Ontario continues to go after unions – much like the Liberals did with teachers – it will embolden the more radical left-wingers in the union movement. For the last 30 years or so, moderate union leaders have won the support of the majority with steady increases in pay. Should that fall away, the moderates’ grip on union workers would slip. Few remember how wildcat strikes, vandalism, even all out rioting and violence, happened with some frequency in North America. Business suffered, workers suffered, all agreed laws respecting workers were needed in order to benefit the whole. Would dismantling labour laws and taking away Charter and union rights mean a return of the radical left? “I think you should have concerns,� Paulson said, pointing to last year’s student uprisings in Quebec and elsewhere. He said these things are unpredictAusterity needed Carleton-Mississippi Mills Con- able, but it could get a whole lot worse servative MPP Jack MacLaren said if governments insist on eliminating austerity measures are the only way to deficits rather than grow economies. go; that the private sector in this province has taken a hit to the tune of some 60,000 jobs and now it is the public sector’s turn. “Everybody in our society is going to have to shoulder the burden,� said the Carleton-Mississippi Mills MPP, adding that high taxes are collected to pay for an educated, healthy workforce, but that the time has come for Ontario to compete with other jurisdictions. “We are living beyond our means,� MacLaren said. “We haven’t paid the true costs of government as we’ve gone along. And now it’s come home to roost.� He said unions served a purpose in the past, but that individuals can negotiate wages on their own or move to another province that will appreciate their skills. MacLaren dismisses the notion that government can have a hand in shaping and growing an economy. The best it can do is clear up red tape for the private sector, he says. His universal statement is that the private sector does a better job: every time. He even downplays taxpayers’ investment in his own salary. “As someone in the public sector, I’m a burden on society,� MacLaren said. “If government is smaller with fewer workers, we’ll tax you less.� He is on board with his party’s plan to enact right-to-work legislation. He R0012004587


THE EMC - 2 - Thursday, April 4, 2013




Hudak’s right-to-work would lead to labour chaos: economics expert





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Kory Earle announces bid for presidency of People First of Canada EMC News – Alexander Graham make this event (press conference) Bell once said, “When one door amazing,” said Earle. closes, another opens.” He also thanked mayor Wendy After nearly seven years as leader LeBlanc and Coun. Jerry Flynn of People First of Lanark County for endorsing his run as president (PFoLC), Kory Earle of Carleton of PfoC, in addition to his many Place bid farewell to the organizafriends, family and colleagues. tion on Feb. 1 – in order to spend “I will win this election!” said more time with his family and get Earle. control of his health. He vowed not to make any prom“It was time,” he said. “My mothises, but he will make a huge comer and I talked about it – for the last mitment: to represent the concerns two years, actually. I’ve gone back of all provinces and territories. and forth. However, I now believe “I will also work with staff each I have achieved what I set out to do day to ensure they know they can (locally).” call on me at anytime,” said Earle. On the other hand, Earle set in “I will bring new ideas forward and motion the next phase of his life last ensure I bring responsible leaderWednesday morning, March 27. ship.” With family, friends, colleagues The head office for PFoC is in and community leaders in attenWinnipeg, but Earle will continue dance, the 27-year-old launched to live in Carleton Place and travel his campaign for the presidency of back and forth for monthly meetPeople First of Canada (PFoC). ings. “This is an incredible way to start Once he is elected – he is thinkthe next chapter, by running in the ing positive – ensuring the closure Photo by TARA GESNER 2014 election,” said Earle. “Today of institutions is on his priority list, Celebrating with Kory Earle, from left: Joan Morin, People First of Lanark County (PFoLC) member; Ann Arm- as well as employment for people is a very proud day for me.” At the moment, he also holds strong, treasurer of People First of Ontario; Cindy Showers, Earle’s mother; Mayor Wendy LeBlanc; Earle; the positions of president of People Manon Lépine, PFoLC president; Coun. Jerry Flynn; and Courtney O’Halloran, PFoLC treasurer. See EARLE page 4 First of Ontario (PFoO) and 1st vice president of PFoC. He was re-elected as president of PFoO in 2011, and he’s completing his tenure as 1st vice president of PFoC. Each term comes to an end next fall. When Earle moved to Carleton Place in 2004, he became involved with the Lanark County Community Living Association. In May 2006, the organization’s then executive director (Rick Tutt) approached him about working together to see if a People First chapter would survive in the area. From the very beginning, people in Carleton Place were receptive. The first official meeting of PFoLC took place on July 21, 2006. Over the years, Earle has had the privilege to stand for many people – becoming a very important advocate for vulnerable people and inclusive communities. “People don’t want to be pitied,” he said. “They want to be accepted, SPECIAL ECIAL T TRUCKLOAD RUCK KLOAD PURCHASE whether they are disabled, gay or a different ethnicity. Individuals must +1 Ê not be labelled like jars.” - / Earle’s record speaks for itself, and he has never backed down from ÓÊ* ° an issue. 0/#+%4#/),s15%%.3%4 Highlights for the former PFoLC with the comfort, %52/4/0,585293500/24 leader over the years: Protecting support & durability only Vulnerable People Against PicketDreamstar can provide ing Act, inclusive education, Bunny Run and Community Christmas Dinner, community acceptance, community partnerships (Community Living Association-Lanark County and Mills Community Support Corporation), anti-bullying campaign, support for the Lanark County Food 0/#+%4#/),s15%%.3%4 Bank and local troops, and the hir%52/4/0-/.!#/#/-&/24 ing of Diane Sexsmith. “I grew up with many challenges in my life,” he said. “Let me very be clear, if I had known about People First back then, my life would have been different.” “Far too often people get judged Roll-A-Way and bullied,” continued Earle. “This Cot is why I continue to fight each day. Folow us on I do not want people to experience what I went through.” Box & He acknowledged PFoLC’s new executive director, Sexsmith for her Mattress hard work and dedication, and for baking cupcakes and decorating the 40 Main Street East, Smiths Falls 284-8206 2 piece office. Hours: Monday-Friday 9:30-5:30; Saturday 9:30-5; Closed Sundays s “She worked around the clock to R0012014567/0404

SALE 398


U//Ê/"*Ê"" , -/

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1 698




798 m






THE EMC - 3 - Thursday, April 4, 2013


with disabilities. “Only 26 per cent of people with disabilities are hired by employers in Canada,” said Earle. “In my view, this is shameful! We need to change this.” Since day one of his advocacy, he has been opposed to institutions. “There is no room (in the world) for institutions,” said Earle. “Every person deserves to be treated equally in the communities where they live.” Endorsement “It is always difficult to follow Kory,” said LeBlanc with a laugh. “He is such a good speaker.” Like many people in attendance, she was wearing a black t-shirt with hot pink lettering bearing the words: “Support Kory Earle for president of People First of Canada.” Pink is Earl’s favourite colour. Other members of council in attendance included deputy mayor Ed Sonnenburg, Flynn and Coun. Gary Strike. “Our local members of People First work diligently, making an important difference in how people with disabilities are perceived and welcomed in our community,” said LeBlanc. Owing to numerous events, members of People First have made themselves visible in Lanark County, and they have strived to make its communities better places to live. The mayor tipped her hat to Earle for his work with provincial legislators, including Dufferin-Caledon Member of Provincial Parliament

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(MPP) Sylvia Jones, to end picketing in front of group homes. “Although it (Bill 23) didn’t get to third reading, it did draw significant attention to this issue,” said LeBlanc, “and I know it’s going to be brought back.” This important work in the community didn’t happen without vision, and it didn’t happen without leadership. “Kory, you had that vision, which spread and as a result, People First has strong support throughout our county,” said LeBlanc. The mayor whole-heartedly endorsed Earle’s campaign. “Kory was and is determined and persistent, and these are two very important characteristics in a leader,” said LeBlanc. “I was going to wish you luck, but it’s not luck that is going to make you president of People First of Canada. It is you and your skills.” PFoLC president Manon Lépine has known Earle for 10 years “and when I was living in Kincardine, he would call me and talk about People First.” His message triggered something in Lépine, and when she moved to Lanark County six years ago she got involved. “I would not be here if it wasn’t for Kory,” said Lépine. “I owe him a great deal of thanks.” She called him a wonderful man with the biggest heart of gold; someone who would help anyone day or night. Photo by TARA GESNER “Kory is hard working, honest and very dedicated,” continued Lépine. Kory Earle speaks to supporters last Wednesday, March 27, at the PeoEarle’s dream: every person has ple First of Lanark County headquarters in Carleton Place.

the right to live a full and satisfying life and be a contributing member of a community. “The world needs more people like Kory,” said Lépine. “He has accomplished so much. I look up to him.” “Kory’s exceptional leadership skills are evident in everything he does,” added Coun. Jerry Flynn. “He continues to give members with visible and not so visible disabilities hope. Hope that their years of struggle against prejudice, segregation and discrimination are finally over.” In a light-hearted moment, Flynn joked Earle had grown tremendously over the years – up and out. On a more serious note, Flynn said, “Kory’s talents have taken him to institutions of power where he has been listened to and shown the greatest respect. He is more than worthy of the presidency of this important and much-needed organization, and as councillor of Carleton Place, supporter of People First and a friend of Kory’s, I am proud to endorse his decision.” At last week’s announcement, Earle showed off a key chain gifted to him by his mother 10 years ago. It is engraved with the following message (by Bo Jackson): “Set your goals high and don’t stop until you get there.” The PFoLC board passed a motion on March 13 to make Earle the organization’s honourary member. For more information about PFoLC, call 613-257-7111 or stop by the office, which is located at 355 Moffatt St. in Carleton Place.


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Invitation to General Public to hear: Authors Claude Weil and Raouf Omar Tuesday April 9th, 2013 at 7:30p.m. Algonquin College Caffeteria, 7 Craig Street, Perth

Light Behind the Darkness: Stories of Compassion from the Holy Land Presented by the Lanark County Community Justice Program

A compilation of stories of the authors experiences during a conflict that is at the very forefront of the world’s consciousness. Weil is an Israeli Jew and Omar is a Palestinian, an unlikely combination for two such close friends. But this friendship proves that compassion--in the most unlikely places and at the most unlikely times--lives on in the hearts of even the toughest soldiers of the desert. We think of soldiers as being hard, impersonal, and rough; even insensitive. But in these stories we learn that they can be tough, but oh, so gentle. They can become captivated by a sunset or a desert flower; by a child, an old man, a beautiful woman. They can be capable of acts of compassion.

Photo courtesy DORIS OHLMANN

EMC Entertainment – Members of the Little Sisters of Hoboken look forward to greeting you at the Carleton Place Town Hall for their return in ‘Nunsense II: The Second Coming.’ Come out for a show that will delight your senses with harmonious voices and scintillating scenes of laughter and antics. It’s sure to be even more hilarious and enchanting than the first show!

Tickets are available from the Chamber of Commerce on Coleman St. for April 25, 26, 27, May 2, 3, 4 at 8 p.m. with a matinee April 28 at 2 p.m. Tickets are $20 with a special price of $15 on opening night only. For information, call 613-257-1976 or visit

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Lanark County approves tax rates for 2013 EMC News – The following are highlights from the regular Lanark County Council meeting held Wednesday, March 27 at the county building in Perth. Council has approved bylaws setting the 2013 levy amounts to be collected from ratepayers, as well as tax ratios and tax-capping provisions. The county’s budget passed in November with a $29.5 million levy to be collected through the towns and townships. The county residential tax rate for 2013 is 0.00410042 or $410 per $100,000 of assessment, an increase of 1.8 per cent from 2012. “We continue to work hard to find ways to maintain and replace the county’s infrastructure in a sustainable manner while limiting tax increases as much as possible,” said Kurt Greaves, county CAO/treasurer. Once the tax levy is established, council sets tax ratios, which distribute taxes between the various classes (e.g. industrial, commercial, residential). Tax capping is a mandatory continuation of tax protection for multi-residential, commercial and industrial classes. The nine municipal treasurers of Lanark County recommended a zero increase in the industrial tax ratio again this year. “The industrial class is above the provincial average. When the increase is maintained at zero it helps to move it closer to the average,” Greaves explained. The industrial class represents only 1 per cent of the county’s $6.9 billion assessment

base, with almost 90 per cent consisting of the residential class. “Restricting the industrial tax class ratio shifts the burden to the other classes, but then council can adopt revenue neutral tax ratios, which limits the increase to the residential class,” he said. Assessment changes for those classes are capped at 10 per cent. “Assessment is now being phased in, so we expect to eventually eliminate capping as it has become redundant,” Greaves said. The county portion is only one of three components on the tax bill, with the local municipality and education portion making up the balance.

costs were compared to an estimate to build a new operations facility. Considering the costs of repairing the aging garages and the operational efficiencies that will result from centralization, council directed staff to begin developing a plan for a new facility. Before the facility design process begins, reports regarding options for property acquisition and disposal, and proposed plough truck deployment options for winter operations, will be prepared for council consideration. Back-up site changed for fire communications Council has authorized a change to the fire dispatch communications centre services agreement that makes the Smiths Falls Police Facility the remote back-up site. The county has an agreement with Smiths Falls for the provision of fire communications for the municipal fire departments within Lanark County. As part of that agreement, the Perth Police/ Fire Communications Centre was the remote back-up site, but that centre is scheduled to close in early April. The Smiths Falls Dispatch Centre commenced communications services for the Perth Fire Department on Jan. 8. The new remote backup site will be the Smiths Falls Police Facility on Hershey Drive, which is expected to be operational in late March.

Proposed centralization of public works operations Council has approved, in principle, one of four options that would eventually see a new three-bay garage with office space built for the entire public works department. The department currently works out of five main locations: the Perth garage, the McDonald’s Corners pit, the Union Hall garage, the Almonte garage and the public works office building in Perth. The county owns all but the Almonte garage, which is owned by the province of Ontario. A consultant evaluated the condition of these properties to determine costs to repair and upgrade the existing facilities and to bring them up to code with barrier-free ac- Public access defibrillator program supcess and improved energy efficiency. These

ported County staff have been authorized to develop an education and awareness program to promote the public access defibrillator program. Since 2007, several rounds of grants through the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s funding of public access defibrillators have resulted in numerous automatic external defibrillators being placed in facilities across the county, with several more sites identified as having a need. The latest round of funding in 2012 focused on recreation complexes and schools with sport facilities. Some sites include secondary schools that annually teach use of AEDs to students. “The more individuals trained on the use of an AED, whether from public access facilities or through secondary school training, the more effective the program will be if the need arises,” said Rick Hannah, emergency services coordinator. Upcoming meetings County Council, Wednesday, April 24, 7 p.m.; Community Development, April 3, 5 p.m.; Public Works April 3 (following Community Development). Community Services, April 10, 5 p.m.; Corporate Services, April 10 (following Community Services). For more information, contact 1-888-9-LANARK, ext. 1501. Submitted by Lanark County.

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Delta Maple Syrup Festival April 20 and 21 EMC Events – As soon as the sap starts to run, the community of Delta starts to prepare for the Delta Maple Syrup Festival. The 46th anniversary edition, April 20 and 21, promises to offer entertainment, refreshments, activities and of course, maple syrup and pancakes to the thousands of people who opt to visit the Village of Delta each spring. Established as the Village’s Centennial Project in 1967, this year’s festival will be held during the weekend of April 20 and 21 at which pancakes and sausages flooded with maple syrup will be served at the fairgrounds between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. There will also be a craft sale in the upper level of the main fair building, a silent auction downstairs and local syrup producers outside selling their maple produce throughout the weekend. In addition to the special

added on-grounds feature of having hot air inflatable jumping castles for the children on Saturday and musical entertainment by “King of the Swingers” on Sunday, there will be a blacksmithing demonstration at the Old Stone Mill Drive shed and a maple display, bake sale and book sale at the Old Town Hall. On Saturday, there will be a ball hockey tournament at the recreation centre in the morning and a dance at the legion in the evening. If you are able to assist at this year’s festival, please contact Heather Halladay at 613-9282949 for table servers and clean up or Liz Preibe at 613-9282902 for cooking and serving pancakes. People wishing to reserve concession space may contact Marlaine Hart at 613924-2407. The event is sponsored by the Delta Agricultural Society and

follows a tradition which began in 1967 as a Centennial project under the leadership of Harold Russell who worked tirelessly as he arranged sugar bush visits and promoted demonstrations. In the beginning, the Festival was a three day event which included busloads of students who visited Delta on school trips to enjoy pancakes and syrup which were served on both floors of the town hall. Visitors were able to tour the local sugar bushes and to watch maple syrup being bottled and maple candy being made in the Confederated Foods Syrup Plant. Over the years, the festival continued through the efforts of many local residents and service clubs until it recently became a project for the directors of the Delta Agricultural Society. For complete details, please visit the Delta Fair website at

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SAFETY TIPS Carbon Monoxide Alarms: Installing a carbonmonoxide alarm near the sleeping areas of your home will alert you to the presence of this deadly gas. It is a good idea to invest in a batteryoperated alarm that will continue to work during power failures.

TICO 50007364


Bus trips to 1000 Islands Casino


Every Mon, Wed & Sat

Every Tues & Sun

Every Friday

Kemptville Food Basics (South end) • 8:00am and 3:15pm Spencerville Centre & Spencer St • 8:20am and 3:35pm Prescott Liquidation World (NW end) • 8:35am and 3:50pm Brockville Food Basics (SE end) • 8:50am and 4:05pm

Kemptville Food Basics (S. end) • 9:00am Merrickville Front of Legion Hall • 9:20 am Smiths Falls County Fair Mall Hwy 29 Southwest Corner • 9:40 am Brockville Food Basics (SE end) • 10:30am

Morrisburg Family MotelPlaza Morrisburg • 1:00pm - in front of beer store Iroquois Foodland Plaza (NW end) • 1:10pm Prescott Liquidation World (NW end) • 1:30pm Brockville Food Basics (SE end) • 1:50pm

We still go to Casino du Lac Leamy and Rideau Carleton too!

Casino du Lac Leamy Every Tues Rideau Carleton Smiths Falls (10:15am), Perth (10:40am), Carleton Place (11:05am) and Kanata (11:30am) Cost: $11 Get: $10 Credit

Every Thurs & Sat

Brockville (10:00am) Cost: $16 Get $15 Credit Phone: 613-384-0012 • Toll Free: 1-866-384-0012 566 Cataraqui Woods Dr, Kingston ON K7P 2Y5



Please Note: All passengers must be 19 years or older. A Players’ Card is required to receive all bonuses. Government-issued photo ID is required to get a Players’ Card. Bonuses are subject to change without notice. R0011956661-0307







613-275-2734 • 1-888-575-2734

Main Office & Showroom 18 Leacock Road, RR#1, Frankville

HARMAN STOVES starting at



Sunbury Showroom 3769 Battersea Road,, Sunburyy


APRIL 5 7th w

DON’T PAY FOR 6 MONTHS THE EMC - 7 - Thursday, April 4, 2013


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EMC News – Communities across Lanark, Leeds and Grenville marked Good Friday with the Walk of the Cross processional. Left, Matthew, Doug and Joshua Beckwith carry the cross down Prescott St. in Kemptville as a parade of residents follow behind. The congregation made a stop at each church in town with the cross. Photo by KATHY BOTHAM


Consumers should be concerned about genetically modified alfalfa DEAR EDITOR: The National Farmers Union in Ontario has called for a national day of action for April 9 to stop the commercial release of GM (genetically modified) alfalfa – Alfalfa (commonly harvested as hay) is a high-protein forage fed to animals like dairy cows, beef cattle, lambs, poultry and pigs. It‘s also used to build nutrients and organic matter in the soil, making it particularly important for organic farming. If it’s introduced, GM alfalfa will ruin export markets for alfalfa products, contaminate family farms, make it more difficult for farmers to control weeds, and threaten the future of organic food and farming in Canada. Because alfalfa is a perennial plant that is pollinated by bees, genetically modified alfalfa will inevitably cross-pollinate with nonGM and organic alfalfa. Prairie farmers have already rejected GM

alfalfa for these reasons so now the industry is trying to introduce GM alfalfa in eastern Canada. I am one of many Canadians trying to eat healthier by supporting farmers’ markets, trying to grow more of my own food and buying organic produce and products. While I live in Toronto, I support Canadian farmers who don’t want GM alfalfa or other GM crops on their fields. Consider visiting the web link above or visiting to find out more about why you should be concerned about GM alfalfa and other GM crops. It would be appreciated if you would consider writing your MP and Minister Gerry Ritz ( regarding this important issue to Canadian agriculture. Todd Buhrows Toronto

COMMENTARY Spring no time to go near water EMC Editorial – It seems like forever, but spring is coming. While Mother Nature seems to be playing a good April Fool’s joke on all of us here in Eastern Ontario, warmer days are on the horizon. And while the winter that never ends does reach its ultimate conclusion, it marks a return of fast-running and dangerous waterways throughout the region. While there’s no doubt the slow melt will help, according to South Nation Conservation (SNC), this is no time to let down our guard. “Water levels near an operated dam can change suddenly without warning,” noted SNC Team Lead for Water Resources Sandra Mancini in a press release. “We caution residents – especially parents of young children – to be wary of changes in flows, high water levels and unstable ice.” According the information bulletin, “SNC monitors snow depth and its water equivalent at seven locations twice a month; this information indicates how well the snow will be able to absorb rainfall and excess water. In addition, there is continuous monitoring of a total of ten stream gauges that measure river levels throughout the watershed.” Despite the heavy late-season snows, the authority has not had to issue flood warning messages so far this spring. That’s not to say conditions are safe, however. Despite taking what should be the necessary precautions, all too often we read about tragedies, of someone straying too close to the edge and slipping into the near freezing water. From there, it can take just seconds for hypothermia to set in, leading to a most preventable death. Keep well back of the banks and keep an eye on youngsters to make sure they come nowhere near what appear to be inviting watercourses. For more information about the watershed, visit www.

Using the outhouse at night a scary proposition EMC Lifestyle – During the day, the outhouse held little terror for me. It was at night, when it was pitch black outside, that I dreaded the small clapboard building that sat like a sentry behind a cluster of cedar trees in our back yard. Mother hated the outhouse for an entirely different reason. After living in New York City for 18 years, she thought going outside to the bathroom was right up there with drinking tea from a saucer, or wearing a soiled apron when company came to the back door. “Uncivilized. That’s all it is... just plain uncivilized,” was her constant lament. Well, we had no choice out there in the back woods of Renfrew County. Our chances of having a flush toilet like my little friend Joyce had in her brick house, were absolutely nil! We had no running water, and there was no electricity or telephone, and the very thought of having a flush toilet in the house was like dreaming the Depression wasn’t happening! For the longest time, when I was very little, I remember our outhouse having only one hole. But eventually,

after Mother complained endlessly, a new one was built by Old Herman, who was considered an outhouse authority out there in Northcote, for reasons which escaped me at the time. It was after it was built that my older sister Audrey pointed out the bevelled seat Old Herman was famous for. Well, the bevelled seat did little to endear the outhouse to Mother, and did less for me, who still dreaded going out to it, once night had settled in. Old Herman had put a latch on both the inside and outside of the door too, which was a vast improvement over the stone on the floor that you shoved with your foot to keep the door closed once you got seated. Yes, the new outhouse was an improvement, but Mother still lamented daily about how it was, what she called, ‘an uncivilized way of life’, which she never quite got used to. My little friend Joyce also had a store-bought roll of real toilet paper in her indoor bathroom. It hung on a wire holder on the wall, and even when I didn’t have to go, I never failed to use the bathroom when I visited her house, and reef off a piece of that store bought Vice President & Regional Publisher Mike Mount 613-283-3182, ext. 104

65 Lorne St., P.O. Box 158, Smiths Falls, Ont. K7A 4T1. 613-283-3182 Toll-free 1-800-267-7936 Fax: 613-283-7480 Published weekly by: Record News Communications, A division of Performance Printing Ltd.

Regional General Manager Peter O’Leary 613-283-3182, ext. 112 Group Publisher Duncan Weir 613-283-3182, ext. 164 Regional Managing Editor Ryland Coyne

Mary Cook’s Memories MARY COOK

toilet paper, just to witness the sheer luxury of the whole experience. Our toilet paper was the no-longer current issue of Eaton’s catalogue. Father would drive a spike through the upper left corner of the thick book, and feed a piece of heavy binder-twine through the hole, and hang it on a nail on the inside near the door. An entire page was never fully torn out, and by the time the catalogue was well used up, it was almost useless. But it was all we had. Well, except at Christmas time. This was when Mother would ask Mr. Briscoe from Briscoe’s General Store if she could have the little orange wrappers that came around the oranges he brought in only at Christmas. They were only about six inches square, but News Editors: Laurie Weir, Joe Morin, Ashley Kulp REPORTERS: Stacey Roy, Tara Gesner, Desmond Devoy, Tiffany Lepack, Sabine Gibbins DISTRIBUTION: Lori Sommerdyk, 613-284-0124 ,ext. 27 CLASSIFIEDS/REGIONAL ROUNDUP: Fax: 613-283-5909 Judy Michaelis Email: Lee Ann Gilligan Email: Jennifer Coughlin Email:

Member of: Ontario Community Newspapers Association, Canadian Community, Newspapers Association, Ontario Press Council, Association of Free Community Papers

THE EMC - 8 - Thursday, April 4, 2013

she would iron them flat, and put them in the back-to-the-wall cupboard in a neat little pile, and they replaced the Eaton’s catalogue in the outhouse only when we had company. And we children were well warned not to use the orange papers...they were there for a higher clientele. A big pail of lime sat in a corner of the little black building, and we were instructed to use a dipper of it often. I confess, I found that chore had little appeal to me. During the day, I had little fear of going into the outhouse, but once it got dark at night, I was filled with dread. So as soon as the daylight started to fade, I made awfully sure I made a trip out behind the trees to the little building. But the very thought of going through the entire night without emptying my bladder was all it took to create an urgent need. This was when I would beg my sister Audrey to come with me. Audrey thought I was old enough at five or six to go on my own. And so I would ask her to light the lantern, even thought it had yet to get absolutely dark out, and I would go through the summer kitchen and then ADVERTISING SALES: ADVERTISING SALES CO-ORDINATOR Andrea Harding SALES: Cheryl Johnston, Sharon Sinfield, Peter Ellis, Kathy Perreault, Liz Gray, Kevin Hoover, Jamie Rae-Gomes Email: Fax: 613-283-9988 THE DEADLINE FOR DISPLAY ADVERTISING IS MONDAY 4:30 PM

the wood shed, a long-about way of getting there, because that way I was under cover for most of the trip. My brother Emerson, whose mission in life seemed to be to scare the living daylights out of me every chance he got, would always warn me to stay clear of the coyotes, or the big black bear he assured me would like nothing better than to haul a young girl off to the bush! And so going out to the outhouse became a constant challenge for me once it got dark at night. There was always the Johnny pot under the bed, but to use it before we retired was out of the question. It was there for emergencies, Mother said. I couldn’t think of a more dire emergency than forcing a young terrified girl out in the dark at night to go to the privy! Like the silos that were on every farm, the tin mailboxes at the end of the lanes, the hay lofts, the pumps over the wells in the middle of the yards, and piles of manure at the back of every barn, the outdoor privy was very much a sign of the times during the thirties. Each, very much a necessity for our very survival. • Advertising rates and terms and conditions are according to the rate card in effect at time advertising published. • The advertiser agrees that the publisher shall not be liable for damages arising out of errors in advertisements beyond the amount charged for the space actually occupied by that portion of the advertisement in which the error occurred, whether such error is due to negligence of its servants or otherwise... and there shall be no liability for non-insertion of any advertisement beyond the amount charged for such advertisement. • The advertiser agrees that the copyright of all advertisements prepared by the Publisher be vested in the Publisher and that those advertisements cannot be reproduced without the permission of the Publisher. • The Publisher reserves the right to edit, revise or reject any advertisement.

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Sunday’s Purse Event in Smiths Falls to How to enjoy fresh herbs all year benefit library, Big Brothers Big Sisters By HELEN HALPENNY


EMC Events – Find a new purse (or a few) this Sunday, April 7 at the Smiths Falls Royal Canadian Legion during the Purse Event. This is the third year for the event, which runs from 1 to 4 p.m. and is being coordinated by Tammy’s Nail Salon. It serves as a fundraiser for the Smiths Falls Public Library’s summer literacy tutoring program for children, as well as Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Lanark County. Last year, over 500 handbags were sold (raising $7,000) throughout the afternoon and Sunday’s fundraiser promises to offer even more purses of all shapes and sizes, colour and pattern. In fact, according to the Facebook page for the Purse Event, to date, more than 580 items have been donated by the community, businesses and organizations. “It’s a cool idea because everyone has purses they

want to get rid of and then they can come to the Purse Event and replace them!” said Tammy’s Nail Salon owner Tammy Edwards, who along with her mother Betty Fowlie and an organizing team, is coordinating the fundraiser. Those attending on Sunday afternoon can expect a bit of everything: new and gently-used handbags, clutches and wallets at great prices. In the past, high-end designer handbags such as Coach and Prada have been featured. All donations have been scrutinized to ensure there are no rips and the zippers are working properly. There will be three opportunities for guests to take home some great purses at discount prices: the bargain table, where items will be priced from 50 cents to $20, as well as a silent auction. The cream of the crop (about 20 to 25) have been selected to be auctioned off live by Joynt’s Auction Services, who are generously donating their time during the day.

Edwards is excited about the event and the quality of purses this year. “It’s a great afternoon out with your girlfriend, mother or kids. You can enjoy a few refreshments and get a nice purse for $20,” she said. The Purse Event runs from 1 to 4 p.m. at Smiths Falls Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 95 on Main St. A free gift will be given to the first 25 people through the door, door

prizes will be offered every 15 minutes and guests can enjoy a light lunch for a small fee. For more information about the fundraiser, visit the Purse Event on Facebook. Donations are being accepted right up until the event. Those interested can drop them off at Tammy’s Nail Salon (50 Lorne St.), email thepurseevent@gmail. com or call 613-283-4277 ext. 1 to arrange for pickup.

EMC Lifestyle – When last summer’s abundant garden herbs are just a distant memory, it is time to start some indoors, to enjoy this spring and summer. Herbs can share space in a large container or grow in individual pots. Parsley, basil, sage, dill and thyme will all perform well on a bright sunny windowsill or under fluorescent lights that give 14 hours of light. A soil mix suitable for containers should be used. Do use plastic pots, as clay ones dry out too quickly. Since indoor air is dry in winter, misting is very helpful. Give adequate water but do not overwater. An all purpose fertilizer used at half strength very two weeks, will provide

Master Gardeners

the necessary nutrients. Regular pinching will encourage bushy growth. If there is a mild spell you may be able to dig up a small clump of chives from your garden. They will come along quickly indoors. As spring approaches, your herb seedlings can be harvested sparingly and after being hardened off can eventually be transplanted to your garden where they will soon be robust plants, ready to add flavor to your meals.




Home Escape Planning: If you are aware of someone living alone nearby, check with them to make sure they are safe.

UÊ Õi̜œÌ…Ê>˜`ÃÊÀiiʈ˜Ž UÊÕ̜“>̈VÊ/À>˜Ã“ˆÃȜ˜

Spring is Here!

UÊ*œÜiÀÊ7ˆ˜`œÜÃÊEÊœVŽÃ UÊ6i…ˆViÊ-Ì>LˆˆÌÞÊÃÈÃÌ UʈÀÊ œ˜`ˆÌˆœ˜ˆ˜} UÊ ÀՈÃiÊ œ˜ÌÀœ UÊÊi>Ìi`ÊÃi>ÌÃ

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UÊ-ˆÝʈÀÊ >}ÃÊ>˜`ʓœÀi

R0011949143/0307 R0012014594_0404

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“MASTER SHOE FITTERS ON STAFF” If We Don’t Have Your Size We’ll Be Glad To Order It For You.

12 Beckwith Street North, Smiths Falls £‡È£Î‡Ón·äxÇÇÊUÊ£‡nÇLJÓx£‡{ÈäÎÊÊÊ

Men’s Sizes 6-15 B to 6E




biweekly + tax



biweekly + tax


Highway 15 North, Smiths Falls, *Limited time lease offers on any new 2013 Honda Civic LX Sedan (Model FB2F4DEX) models available through Honda Financial Services Inc., on approved credit. Representative bi-weekly lease example: based on a 2013 Honda Civic LX Sedan (Model FB2F4DEX) on a 48-month term with 104 bi-weekly payments at 2.99% lease APR, the bi-weekly payment is $119 [includes $1,495 freight and PDI, EHF tires ($29), EHF filters ($1), A/C tax ($100 except Civic DX), and OMVIC fee ($5)] $0 security deposit, $0 down. 96,000-kilometre allowance; charge of $0.12/km for excess kilometres. **Limited time finance offer on any new 2013 Honda Civic LX Sedan (FB2F4DEX) models available through Honda Financial Services Inc., on approved credit. Representative biweekly finance example: based on a 2013 Honda Civic LX Sedan (Model FB2F4DEX) on a 84 month term with 182 bi-weekly payments at 2.99% APR, the biweekly payment is $128 [includes $1,495 freight and PDI, EHF tires ($29), EHF filters ($1), A/C tax ($100 except Civic DX), and OMVIC fee ($5)] $0 down, $0 due on delivery. For all offers: license, insurance, PPSA, and other taxes (including HST) are extra.

THE EMC - 10 - Thursday, April 4, 2013

73 Gore Street East

22 Beckwith Street South



613-283-6666 (24-hour service)

613-267-7766 (24-hour service) Pauline Aunger Real Estate H OP O E U N S E


11 Oakridge Cres. – $289,500 *PAULINE AUNGER 613-285-9158

SATURDAY APRIL 6, 1:00 PM–2:00 PM 34 Tudor Circle – $399,900 MLS#0831929-331-638 ***LINDA MCKENNA 613-485-0576

134 Maple St., McDonald’s Corners – $225,900 ***GEORGE EDWARDS 613-200-4485




New Condos from $194,500

SUNDAY APRIL 7, 11:00 AM–12:00 PM 3628 Hwy. 43 – $224,900 MLS#091990801003300 ***LINDA MCKENNA 613-485-0576

1229 Armstrong Road, Perth – $259,900 **IVAN HODGINS 613-812-0363

SATURDAY APRIL 6, 11:30 AM–12:20 PM


S M S R D TH B A 4 B 2


This Detached Model from $224,900




SATURDAY APRIL 6, 11:00 AM–12:00 PM 32 Roosevelt St., Smiths Falls – $119,900 MLS#090403003046500 ***LINDA MCKENNA 613-485-0576


SATURDAY APRIL 6, 11:00 AM–12:00 PM 323 Main St. W. #103, Merrickville MLS#0719714006703 **STAN SUFFEL 613-284-6756


#206 Rob Glen, 26 Salmon Side Rd. – $79,000 **PETER MADDOCK 613-284-3900

Independently owned and operated brokerage

SATURDAY APRIL 6, 11:00 AM–12:00 PM

Visit our listings at


Visit our listings at


EVERY SATURDAY & SUNDAY 1-2 PM New Location! Lot 76 Lee Ave., Smiths Falls


More Homes Currently Being Built

85 ML 26 S# 95

35 Arthur St. – $169,900 ***MICHELLE FOURNIER 613-812-8585

8 Birch Lane, Smiths Falls – $339,900 ***MICHELLE FOURNIER 613-812-8585

1000 Flower Stn. Rd., Lanark Highlands $209,000 ***GEORGE EDWARDS 613-200-4485

191 Clarchris Rd., Tay Valley – $219,500 ***BRIAN CAVANAGH 613-812-0229

263 Yacht Club Rd., Rideau Ferry – $349,900 *** JEFFREY WEIR 613-285-4467

86 ML 22 S# 52

4 MS R D B

A 2 T H S

A 1 C 8 R E S

84 ML 96 S# 90

11 DeCaria Blvd., Perth – $319,900 ***JEFFREY WEIR 613-285-4467


2368 Bath Upper 4th Conc., Perth – $369,900 ***JEFFREY WEIR 613-285-4467

54 Montague St. – $49,900 * PAULINE AUNGER 613-285-9158



142 Semier Lane, Tay Valley – $146,000 **IVAN HODGINS 613-812-0363

161 Beckwith St. – $115,000 * PAULINE AUNGER 613-285-9158

66 Winnifred St. N. Smiths Falls – $121,900 **IVAN HODGINS 613-812-0363

SUNDAY APRIL 7, 1:00 PM–2:00 PM

86 ML 23 S# 57

*Pauline Aunger ***Tina McPhee ***Bob Arnold



10 Treelawn Blvd, Perth – $309,950 ***DOUG FORDE 613-285-5732

1582 Rideau Ferry Rd., Perth – $229,900 ***JEFFREY WEIR 613-285-4467

Pauline Aunger is pleased to announce that her former client care manager, Connie McNamee, has joined her Award Winning Sales Team as a Sales Representative partnering with Lee Hitchins.

182 Kitley Line 3 - $249,500 *PAULINE AUNGER 613-285-9158

Connie can be reached by calling her direct at 613-223-8168 or at the office 613-283-6666

4 McKenzie Ave, Smiths Falls – $173,000 **IVAN HODGINS 613-812-0363



Pauline Aunger


Ivan Hodgins


Mark Lee


Brian Cavanagh


Michelle Fournier


Jeffrey Weir


George Edwards


Doug Forde


Stan Suffel


Peter Maddock

THE EMC - 11 - Thursday, April 4, 2013


Elaine Perry


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Lee Hitchins


Tina McPhee


Jennifer Aunger


Linda McKenna


Connie McNamee



this week in

this week in



ASHTON Rare Opportunity to Own a Custom Built Grizzly Home in Prestigious Ashton Creek Estates. Boasting Over 1800sqft of Modern Living. 3Beds, 2Bths, Maple Floors. Rich Chocolate Coloured Maple Kitchen. Expansive Custom Deck Overlooks Extensively Landscaped, Privately Treed Yard.

STONEWATER BAY Calling All Retirees or 1st Time Home Buyers! This is a BRAND NEW 2 Bdrm Semi in a Fabulous Location! Elegant & Chic Best Describes this Home. Hrdwd Flrs, 9ft Ceilings, Maple Kitchen, Custom Shower, Modern Open Concept, C/Air! TARION Warranty. Move in Today!

3.5% Commission. Full MLS Service. Full Representation Call for Free Evaluation. Why Pay More?



613.229.7565 613.860.0858


HOU SE LLERS REAL ESTATE SERVICES INC. BROKERAGE Independently Owned and Operated Brokerage


2 Wilson Street East, Perth

613-264-0123 1-800-552-7242 SETTLEMENT REALTY






5 Alexander St. Perth Beautiful Victorian home located in one of Heritage Perth’s most prestigious neighbourhoods. Elegantly appointed for entertaining with large living room with fireplace insert, formal dining room with high ceiling and wainscoting, beautifully renovated kitchen with gas stove, built in dishwasher and elevated breakfast bar, large main level mud room to rear deck, and main level office. Gorgeous stained glass window in front foyer and main floor 2-piece. Second level features 4 bedrooms, a 4-piece bath and cozy 3 season sun room. The 3rd level is fully developed with a 3-piece bathroom, bedroom, and den. Double detached garage with storage loft, covered porch at front and side entry, rear deck, stone patio. MLS#853219 Andrew Rivington 613-812-3280

Quiet living in Jasper this well kept side split is a perfect fit for a small family or retired couple. The lovely kitchen dining combo leads to a relaxing deck with gazebo, main floor laundry, 2 bedrooms and double attached garage, with spacious mudroom entrance. The property is like a picture, lovely gardens and trees!… don’t wait! NEW PRICE $159,500 MLS # 838718 Cathie McCabe 613-284-6263 Julia Scotland 613-390-0401

VICTORIAN $259,000 Spacious family room with gorgeous stone fireplace and elevated ceilings added to this stately red brick Victorian with traditional wraparound porch close to downtown Perth. 3 bedrooms plus office or nursery, 2 full baths. New furnace, large living/dining. Elegant! Call Barbara Shepherd Cell – 613 326-1361

57 Harvey Street NEW PRICE $219,000 – Backing onto the Tay River just across from Stewart Park, this 2 storey home offers 3 bedrooms, living and dining area with large bright country kitchen. This is a perfect starter home, or retirement home with a detached garage and lots of storage area for your garden toys. Off the back of the home is a room with wonderful sunroom potential to sit and watch the water roll buy, Walking distance to downtown Perth, this is a sweet home to make your own!

Cathie McCabe 613-284-6263 Julia Scotland 613-390-0401

OPEN HOUSE SAT APR 6, 2:30-3:30PM 1213 Carroll Road $329,900 Immaculate, spacious, beautiful lot with pond and close to town, what more could you ask for? This is a 5 bedroom home with open concept, double garage and workshop, pool and hot tub. Don’t miss the open house this weekend. See you there! Cathie McCabe 613-284-6263



$229,000 If privacy & a peaceful country setting at the top of a little knoll in the middle of a maple bush with a view out over a little pond & creek are what you are looking for, then this home is for you!! The 12.84 Acres is mostly forest with some natural rock out croppings popping through to give the land some character. This 3 or 4 bedrm, board & batten home is in excellent condition. Maple and ceramic flrs, vaulted pine ceilings, warming woodstove & open rail to upper level, add a nice country feel to this open concept design. Maple cabinets, breakfast bar & generous dining area with patio dr to 3 season screened sun rm, is open to the great living rm area. Also on the main level is laundry/mudrm, master bedrm, 4 pce. Bathrm, den/office (or 4th bedrm) & family rm. The upper level sees 2 bedrms, one with patio door to juliet balcony & walk-in closet, a generous sized upper landing, 3rd bedroom & 3 pce bathrm. 5 Appliances incl., Flexible possession. Just a gem! Mls# 094000202535004 Sheri Mahon-Fournier 613-812-1215

Rooms with a view! Water, sunsets, wildlife! Private location near the end of a road - 185 feet on The Big Rideau for the boating enthusiast who loves to travel the Rideau system. Year round home with great design for entertaining. $314,000 Call Barbara Shepherd cell -613 326-1361

OPEN HOUSE SUN APR 7, 1-2:30 PM 34 Joseph St., Jasper


32 GORE ST. Big house, small price! 5 Bedrooms, 2 full baths, convenient location. Many updates since 2004. Was previously and upper & lower duplex with 2 bedrooms in both units, 2 hot water tanks & electrical systems, could be converted back Call Barbara Shepherd cell – 613 326-1361



Only 10 min. to Perth! Deeded access to Otty Lake!

Please support the Canadian Cancer Society

Spacious! Cathedral ceilings! Glorious light! 5 bdrms total with 2 full baths, separate dining room & living room with eating area and walkout to deck. Private 2.8 acre lot. $319,900 Call Barbara Shepherd Cell – 613 326-1361


Sheri Mahon-Fournier* Andrew Rivington* Joanne Bennell* 613-812-1215 613-812-3280 613-812-0505

Bob Ferguson* 613-812-8871

Barbara Shepherd* 613-326-1361

Christian Allan* 613-207-0834

Oral Pretty* 613-264-0123

THE EMC - 12 - Thursday, April 4, 2013

Julia Scotland** 613-390-0401

Norene Allan* 613-812-0407

Cathie McCabe* 613-284-6263

Sales Representative* Broker** Broker of Record***

Michael Cardiff* 613-285-0655

Paul Martin*** 613-264-0123






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1 Main Street West, Smiths Falls 613-205-0999





Saturday, April 6, 11am-12pm 171 Burchill Rd., Merrickville $625,000 MLS: 858697

Saturday April 6, 1-2pm 45 First Street, Smiths Falls $129,900 MLS: 861845




Sunday, April 7, 11am-12pm 38 Birch Dr., Port Elmsley $84,900 MLS: 856529

117 Sherbrooke Street East, Perth $219,900 MLS: 862334

101 Rideau Ave. - COMMERCIAL $650,000 MLS: 855482

53 Marsha Drive, Smiths Falls $184,900 MLS: 852505



Sunday April 7, 1-2pm

  1  * + / *  +


    2    2        3         +    /  

   2 2     4 & & *    * +    2  + 2      /     +  !"##



 )*  +

,"-. /!-/&&  /!-/0&





Joanne Keays


OfďŹ ce Administrator

Sales Representative 613-812-8034

“Making the right choice when selecting a Real Estate Brokerage� Evelyn Lee Realty Ltd.





SATURDAY APRIL 6, 11:00 AM-12:00 PM



SATURDAY APRIL 6, 11:00 AM-12:00 PM










16.5 ACRES




SATURDAY APRIL 6, 12:30 PM-1:30 PM


30 BELL – $221,000 ROB GARVIN*

Your Choice Realty Inc.

LEGEND: ***Broker of Record **Broker *Sales Representative




      !" # 

 $ %&' (&


885 TOWNLINE RD. - $349,900 ROB GARVIN*

41 LINE 7 – $319,900 ROB GARVIN*

Kevin Grimes

Jacalyn Feenstra

Nan Bell

Wendy Hillier

Rob Garvin

Broker of Record




Sales Representative













10050 CTY. RD. 15 - $349,900 ROB GARVIN*




Lisa Ritskes


Francine Rever

Sales Representative Sales Representative


THE EMC - 13 - Thursday, April 4, 2013


426 CTY., RD. 41 -$219,900


Anna Kowalewski

Andrea Geauvreau

Jessyka Auclair

Sales Representative

Sales Representative

Sales Representative






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Refinancing up to 90% of value of your home x Purchases up to 95% of price at great rates x Specializing in First Time Home Buyers x Our Services To You Are Free (OAC) x

613.253.BANK (2265)

Ralph Shaw,

CIP Mortgage Broker

Dilys Anne Hagerman

John Walsh

Mortgage Agent

Lic M08001983

Lic M09000865

613.253.2265 x111


Mortgage Agent Lic M08000603


Carlie Dagenais Mortgage Agent Lic M08008098


Trevor Barr

Lesley Mouck

Mortgage Agent

Mortgage Agent

Lic M08001983

Lic M11002737





Brokerage Lic # 10124

We specialize in SOLD signs





OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 2-4 PM 199 Queen St. S.

167 Heather Crescent

Large family home. Fenced yard. Double garage with inside entry. Oak cabinets in ktichen. 3 ample bdrms, upgrades include: furnace, cent a/c, windows, roof, insulation and wiring!

4 bedrroms, 3 bay garage on 1 1/2 acres in Munro Meadows. Natural gas heat and lower level bedroom with walk out.

$249,900ÊUʓÃ›ÊnÈ£Ç™Ç Marly Burke

$474,900ÊUʓÃ›ÊnÈÎÓÈÎ Jason Coleman



331 Ramsay Conc. 2 625 Bluebird Hill, Rockhaven Park 2 bdrm, 2 full bath, corner unit. Vaulted ceiling, gas furnace and central air. Clean unit.

Country home set on 12 acres close to Hwy. 7 3 stall barn and riding ring. 3 bedrm home with fully finished bsmt. Terrace doors to rear patio, hot tub area. Roof shingles newer. Call today!

306 Stewart Gibson Rd., Hopetown Bright open concept 3+1 bdrm. raised bungalow, mature trees, pine flooring, very spacious deck, chicken coop, wood shed & more.

$203,500ÊUʓÃ›Ênx{{{™ Robin Ferrill

$339,900ÊUʓÃ›ÊnxÇ{xä Jeff Wilson

170 Munro Lane Own a year round 2 bedroom home with 118’ of good shoreline on Mississippi Lake.

fÎn{]™ääÊUʓÃ›ÊnÈ£Ç{Ç John Coburn

$249,900ÊUʓÃ›ÊnxÇÈÎÓ John Coburn

Gerry Coleman Broker

John Coburn Broker

Rhonda Brunke Sales Representative

fxn™]™ääÊUʓÃ›ÊnÎÎÇäx Marly Burke ! N TIO

239 Miguel Street Close to all amenities. Double paved driveway. Big foyer leads to garage and covered back deck! Cent. a/c for summer. Gas stove in fam. rm. Move-in condition.

$319,900ÊUʓÃ›ÊnÈäx{{ Marly Burke E M N STO MINIU O ND




593 Quarry Road

1 Rosamond Street

Beautifully maintained and updated 4 bdrm. bungalow. Hardwood Gorgeous condo building in Almonte, overlooks the falls, elevator, & ceramic, pillars, interlock walkway and no back neighbours. immediate occupancy available.

$414,900ÊUʓÃ›ÊnÈ££ä™ Rhonda Brunke


180 Lee Crescent

$169,900ÊUʓÃ›Ênxnn£n Jeff Wilson


1 acre treed lot, fully finished lower level, 5 beds, 3 baths, walk to town, oversize garage.

378 Megan Drive

2453 10th Line

Shows like a model home, hardwood, air, kitchen reno, new bath, huge entry and gorgeous landscaping.

A rare find, almost 40 acres mixed bush and open fields, all brick bungalow, large outbuildings, and 2 miles to town.

$349,900ÊUʓÃ›ÊnÈÓ{{™ Jeff Wilson

$369,900ÊUʓÃ›ÊnxnÈäÇ Jeff Wilson

$459,900ÊUʓÃ›ÊnxÇÈn{ Jeff Wilson


4598 Wolfgrove Road Builder’s own home sitting high on a nicely treed 2.7 acre site. Please visit on MLS for virtual tour. $599,900ÊUʓÃ›ÊnÎÈÎ{Ó John Coburn

Marly Burke Broker




1329 Quarry Road

Robin J. Ferrill Broker of Record

$519,900ÊUʓÃ›ÊnÈ£ÇÇx Robin Ferrill


Architect designed home with wonderful views of nature from every room. Top quaility.

7542 Hwy. 15 Stone and brick home on 15+ acres at edge of town. Sunken lvgrm c/ gas f/p. Gourment kitchen, big d/r and sitting area. Main flr. laundry. Massive master suite w/ walkin and ensuite bath.

189 Flora Street Private backyard. Close to river. Completely updated. Awesome sunroom. Custom kitchen w/granite and porclain frs. Too many upgrades to list!

247 Blue Heron Full Tarion warranty. 3 large bdrms., 2 baths, ensuite, hdwd floors and oversize garage.



$314,900ÊUʓÃ›ÊnxÈÓ{Ç Robin Ferrill E T NEWICEULA RA IMPM




288 Yacht Club Road, Rideau Ferry

$349,900ÊUʓÃ›ÊnÈÓ£™£ Marly Burke

$99,900ÊUʓÃ›ÊnÈ£Èxä Robin Ferrill



4 bdrm. split level. Walk to public beach and boat launch. Newer furnace, HRV, HWT, roof and more. Metal roof, hardwood, double garage, skylight and more.


HERITAGE WAY REALTY BROKERAGE – Independently owned and operated

Jeff Wilson Sales Representative

THE EMC - 14 - Thursday, April 4, 2013


86 Brae Street 3 bdrm. in Almonte. Large yard, lots of renos, small detached garage, and hardwood floors. $199,900 Jason Coleman

Carolyn Renwick Sales Representative

Jason Coleman Sales Representative

4 Wright Street, Carleton Place Extensively updated, 3 bedrm row unit. SOLD: CALL RHONDA FOR RESULTS. f£n™]xääÊUʓÃ›ÊnxÓÎnx Rhonda Brunke

Karen Duncan Sales Representative

Vicki Behn-Belland Sales Representative

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REAL ESTATE R0012009842_0404






Rebecca Wissler ASA

Al Jonkman

Jennifer Glazier

Bridget O’Flaherty

Demi Thompson

Randy Cavanagh

Paul Gordon

Silvia Blanchard

Sheri D’Aoust


Sales Representative

Sales Representative

Sales Representative

Sales Representative

Sales Representative

Sales Representative

Sales Representative

Sales Representative










527 HANDS ROAD, PERTH 30 min to Kanata, 5 min to Perth on newly paved rd! Perfect for 1st time Buyer/retiree & ideal for commuter! Cozy family rm w/woodstove, oak kitchen open to living/dining, spacious screened porch overlooks private back yd. 20x24ft insulated det.garage. Move-in ready! $212,000. Call Jennifer Glazier: 613-812-8114

PERTH Unique opportunity close to Heritage Perth. This 1 acre property is zoned Industrial and has a high quality 2 storey residential home, plus a commercial building-approx. 1350 sq. ft.-propane in floor heating. Unlimited uses for this property. $549,000




Large 4 bed 2 bath family home, spacious eat in kitchen living room w/dbl doors to dining /family rm. Main level laundry. Upper floor study/ exercise area. Hardwood floors, loads of storage/walk in closets & original features. Close to HWY 15. $215,000

Looking for a waterfront home with privacy? 1000’ water frontage, 4.97 acres, m/f ktch/dining area; l/r w/ woodstove & garden doors; master bdrm w/walk in closet; 2nd floor 33’ x 26’ undeveloped, endless possibilities, a spectacular view all around! $399,900

Year round cottage/home with 140’ water frontage on Mississippi River, mins to Perth, private & peaceful with a gorgeous view, 1+ 2 bdrm, 1 bath w/full bsmt. This could be just what you are looking for! Call today. $209,900 Host Sheri D’Aoust 613-812-9344




SUNDAY APRIL 7TH 11-12 NOON 771 COUNTY ROAD 43, NEAR KEMPTVILLE Beautiful home for the growing family 3+1 bedrooms, huge family room with woodstove, in-ground pool, barn. $319,900. Host: Silvia Blanchard 613-294-3661


Fantastic family home features large-scale living great for entertaining! 4beds on 2nd level/4baths-9ft ceilings, centre hall plan-formal LR/DR, massive eat-in kitchen open to family rm w/fireplace, vaulted ceiling & huge windows. 5pc ensuite, 3 car garage. $399,900

Gorgeous custom built home on 12 acres. 3+1 bdrm, 3 baths, cherry kitchen, fireplace, Walk/out bsmt with rec room and bar, eternity pool, arctic spa, 2 large garages/workshops. An amazing home. $519,900 Host Sheri D’Aoust 613-812-9344




4 bed, 4 bath, well designed, high quality luxurious waterfront home on 3 Acres on Bennett Lake, 15 mins to Perth. Exquisite home built by a high level builder (owner). Approx. 10 miles of boat run on this system. $749,000

Larger than it looks! This family home has lots of space for everyone,4 beds, family & rec rooms. Open plan kitchen dining, formal living room cozy wood stove on lower level, laundry room, plenty of storage, close to town & 2.83 acres to play in. $249,000

Close to Historic Perth. Suburban sanctuary with nature all around. The grounds are garden ready. The home is open kitchen dining & living room. Lower level partially finished with lots of opportunity to develop. $279,900. Host Randy Cavanagh 613-464-1000

MOTIVATED SELLER LEAVING PROVINCE. Renovated home in a quiet neighbourhood. Open concept kitchen/ breakfast nook, formal liv/din, hdwd flrs & staircase. 3 season front porch. Mn flr master w/4pc bth, Jacuzzi, sky lights. Det heated & cooled workshop. $339,900 Host: Randy Cavanagh: 613-464-1000


SUN APR 7TH 2:00 – 4:00 PM 13529 HWY 7, CARLETON PLACE

Enjoy cottage life on Christie Lake. Two bedroom cottage with nice views of the lake and good clean water. Take the short drive to serenity and relaxation. $199,900

PERTH Move-in ready 3bed/3bath home in family friendly neighbourhood. Living rm boasts rich dark hwd, spectacular stacked stone feature wall, bay window &opens to dining. Pretty master w/bay window & ensuite. Lovely kitchen leads to deck overlooking green space. $249,000



E CR 7A 4.9





3 bed brick bungalow in private setting, 15 mins to Perth. Lg rec room on lower level w/cozy woodstove. Low maintenance home to call your own. $242,500

Incredible 6 year old one of kind Log Home by Kea, 3 beds/2baths, loft master suite, 3.64 acres of pure nature. $419,900

Cozy & comfortable well cared for 2+1 bedbungalow, hdwd floors, m/f office, sun room, full finished bsmt with bar,air source heat pump, 2 car det garage/ wrksp, a refreshing a/g pool. You will love to entertain family and friends here. Nicely situated on a private 1.8 acre lot. $224,900




Great family home on quiet 4.9 acres. 4 beds, 2 baths. Completely renovated. Det single garage with carport. Fully finished lower level with walkout & storage. Walking distance to Palmerston Lake & many walking trails. $159,900

Fully renovated bright 3 bd character property. Gleaming hardwood, Open plan living/dining, den, lg kitchen & bath, mud/laundry rm. Sun rm, bonus attic room, Dble gar, great functional basement /storage total turnkey property. Central Perth. $349,900

2 bed condo unit with balcony w/wonderful views from 8th floor. Open & bright living area. In-ground pool for exercise and cooling off in the summer months. Minutes from shopping and recreation in Historic Perth. $159,000


Updated 2 storey hobby farm on 96 acres w/ detached garage/workshop & 7 stall barn. 3 beds, 1.5 baths, main floor laundry, lg master w/ample closets & Jacuzzi tub. Property completely fenced. Midway between Brockville & Kingston. $359,900

Period home features 4 bds, 3 bths, fam rm, eat in kitchen, dining, formal living, ensuite, laundry. Sits on 153 acres w/large outbuildings & facilities especially for horses. Move in condition. $579,900 Host Rebecca Wissler 613-264-9481


Full scribe log bungalow custom built in 1988 on private forested 30 acres. Open concept great room w/vaulted ceiling. Open kitchen w/lg island. Master in separate wing with 3pc ensuite. 2beds &4pc in other wing. Basement workshop. $332,500

DREAMS FOR SALE - CHOOSE WISELY… CHOOSE THE EMC - 15 - Thursday, April 4, 2013

3 Bedroom Bungalow, built in 2012, Riverfront Estates, $409,900 Host: Silvia Blanchard 613-294-3661


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REAL ESTATE List with your local “A” team! OUR SOLD SIGNS ARE SPRINGING UP!!! OPEN HOUSE Sat., Apr. 6 1-2:30 p.m.







NEW LISTING 199 Robertson - $339,000



SUNDAY APRIL 7TH 1–3 PM 1261 Ferguson Falls Road, Ferguson Falls History/Log Home Enthusiasts LEND ME YOUR EAR! 1835 circa with bright/large addition. Located in the riverfront Hamlet of Ferguson Falls. Updated EVERYTHING but keeping with the charm of days gone by. Two staircases serve the 2nd storey. Two woodstoves & propane furnace for heating. Central Air for the summer. New kitchen with s/s appliances included. Four bed, 2 bath home w/ensuite. Two living rooms (formal & relaxed). Mins. from Hwy 7. $269,900



Broker of Record Owner Office: 613-259-3033

PERTH CONDO $249,500

Sales Representatives

Christian 613-207-0834

Settlement Realty Brokerage 2 Wilson Street East, Perth

613-264-0123 Each office is Independently Owned & Operated

Norene 613-812-0407

Thinking About a New Career This Year?

Rideau Heartland Realty Brokerage 23 Beckwith Street North, Suite 203 Smiths Falls, ON K7A 2B2

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CALL NOW/EMAIL for a confidential meeting Diane Hatfield, Broker/Manager “Your Perfect Partner”

Each office is Independently owned and operated Legend: **Broker ***Sales Representative

204 Hunter Rd. – $279,000 MLS® 862768


700 Darling Rd. – $229,000 MLS® 853205



56 Jogn St. – $251,900 MLS® 856441

79 ES R AC






Kerri Keeney


4100 Cheetham Rd. – $485,000 MLS® 850745



369 Rutherford Side Rd. – $234,000 MLS® 860268


Bill Cheffins 2430 Zealand Rd. – $209,900 MLS® 860271

104 Poonamalie Rd. – $124,900 MLS® 860782

4184 Joe Draw Lane – $299,900 MLS® 853088


19B Basswood Cres. – $559,900 MLS® 856331

To Check out all of our listings go to

Diane Hatfield

Leah Allen

James Benda

Licensed Administrator


Lisa BrennanTrudel

Regan Lee

Broker ‘Manager


Sales Rep


Sales Rep

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Sales Rep











THE EMC - 16 - Thursday, April 4, 2013

Judy Charles

Darlene Graham

Marcella Best

Jennifer O’Brien

Bill Cheffins

Tim Lee Broker of Record

REAL ESTATE Barbara Has Assisted over 3000 Families to Buy or Sell their Homes


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Sales Representative

Metro-city realty ltd Brokerage





Sales Representative


OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY APRIL 7, 3:15-5 PM LOOKING FOR A PRIVATE ESCAPE WITH AWEINSPIRING VIEWS? Discover this cozy, newly decorated 3 Bdrm Split Level. Fam sized Eat-in Kit with ceramic tile r enhances an up to date “Sharky Greyâ€? color palette that ows throughout this sunlit home. A WETT certiďŹ ed Wd Stove takes centre stage in the open concept LVG/DNR & Kit. The LL offers a tranquil Fam Rm & Oh so much Storage space. Your designer will love the EXTRA SPACE to create a great Den/OfďŹ ce or 4th Bdrm. An oversized Att Dbl Gar boasts sought after inside entrance. A GREAT COUNTRY HOME MINUTES TO HWY 417 & CARLETON PLACE! MLS: # 863126


IF YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR A UNIQUE DESIGN THIS HOME IS “THE ONE�! Outdoor Enthusiasts will thrive in this funky retreat in the heart of Ashton Station. This cool design boasts a contemporary St Steel Kit, striking corner brick 70’s FP, a funky blue Vermont Castings Wd Stove in a cozy Fam Rm & sparkling Hrd Fls throughout. “One of Kind Views� of 300 ft on the fascinating Jock River is sure to inspire the artist within. 75K of Upgrades have created an amazing 3 Bdr , 2 Bath home with a LL ready to design to your liking. PRIVATELY NESTLED ON AN AMAZING WOODED LOT! MLS: # 859832


w w w. b a r b a raco u c h .co m 674 3RD LINE ROAD, SMITHS FALLS HOUSE Sunday, April 7, 2-4 pm OPEN Great 3 bdrm family home on a deep 1+ acre lot only about 10 min to Smiths Falls MLS#859035




Large home with lots of character! MLS#855814


CALLING ALL MECHANICS, ENTREPRENEURS & WOODWORKERS! This 2 Stry Custom Home situated on a 1.66 Ac Country setting is the back drop for an active Fam with dreams of Home Based Business. The “Days Gone By� Veranda, & Country Kit/Island create space where memories are made. Sparkling Hrd Flrs, LL Fam Rm & Deck overlooking the Above Ground Pool, add to the fun. Convenient inside entrance from Dbl Gar to Mud/Stor Rm & Det 20 x 36 WRSP means no more commute to work AN ENCHANTING DESIGN FOR FAMILY LIVING!




Sitting on 6.9 acres! Lovely 2+1 bedroom home



OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, APRIL 7, 1-3PM AN IDEAL DESIGN FOR A LL IN-LAW SUITE! This affordable 4 Bdrm, 3 Bth Semi boasts a Windowed Wall that allows sunlight to cascade through the Vaulted Lvg Rm. A natural gas FP sits amid a stylish Stone Wall. The Mbr cleverly leads to a 3 Season Solarium with Southeast exposure to catch the morning sun. Freshly painted thruout, a white palette provides an airy feel and blank slate to allow endless dĂŠcor ideals. LL features a spacious Fam Rm, Laundry, Storage Room & Inside access from an Att Dbl Gar which makes it an easy convert to a Nanny Suite. STEPS AWAY FROM SCHOOLS, MISSISSIPPI RIVER, BEACH/PARK/PLAYGROUND/CANOE CLUB & DOWNTOWN SHOPPING!



w Ne

g tin Lis


SEARCHING FOR VALUE PLUS? A HANDSOME EXTERIOR STONE RETAINING WALL INVITES YOU HOME TO THIS SPARKLING CUSTOM BACK SPLIT. Step into a gorgeous 4 Season open concept Sunroom where a dramatic stone wall frames the stylish Lvg Rm. A country style Eat- In Kit is anything but country, granite counters are just the beginning! 3 Bdrms, 2 Baths, not 1 but 2 exciting Family Rms and an amazing huge Att DBL Gar with much sought after inside entrance + Det Gar/Wksp ideal for the handyman. IF PEACE & QUIET IS WHAT YOU DESIRE DON’T MISS THIS FABULOUS RETREAT!

Carleton Place 613-253-0518 Ottawa 613-596-5353







318 Stonehome Cres., Almonte



SUPERIOR CRAFTMANSHIP & DETAIL THRUOUT THIS NEWLY BUILT COUNTRY HOME will please the most discerning buyers. A Circular Drive leads to a “Finally Home� residence. Private treed setting & Heated Att/Dbl/ Gar. This 2 Stry custom-built treasure demands a busy family who require Flawless Quality & Design Practicality. Mn Flr Great Rm boasts Stunning Stone FFP, A WOW Granite/Oak Kit & Gleaming Hrd Flrs . An eclectic 2nd Stry, features Fam Rm, 2nd & 3rd Bdrms & Mbr with Chic Ens to entice any woman. STOP LOOKING YOU HAVE FOUND YOUR HEARTS DESIRE! MLS: # 838709


Saturday, April 6, 2-4 pm OPEN HOUSE Immaculate, 2+1 bdrm home on a 1.7 acre lot

Elizabeth Powell Sales Representative

REALTY SOLUTIONS SO O O S LTD. Real Estate Brokerage Independently Owned & Operated

1-866-620-4663 Direct: 613-314-5455

176 Church St., Franktown

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Sales Representative Cell: 613-218-9883 Office: 613-733-3434




Janice Hastie-Waugh Broker of Record 613-283-5435

Casey Errett Sales Representative

613-285-9129 613-283-8770

OPEN HOUSE: SAT. APRIL 6, 1:30-3PM $179,900. 216 Foster Side Road. 86 MLS 07 # Affordable home minutes to Perth or Smiths Falls! Country living on deadend 60



Gale Real Estate Independently Owned and Operated, Brokerage





86 MLS 00 # 67

$215,000. Location, location! Old fashioned 3 season cottage on Dunrobin Shores. 100ft of waterfront on the Ottawa River. 3 bdrms, 1 bth. Stunning view of the water, Gatineau Hills & fabulous sunsets. Flat stone waterfront. Enjoy your summers on the river. Easy commute to work.

Clark Munro**

THE PRICE IS RIGHT!! Affordable 3 bedroom home with an eat-in kitchen, sun filled living room, finished rec rm and affordable gas heat. Large front yard + a fenced in back yard. $249,900 MLS 860990 Clark Munro 613-256-1860

A VALUE THAT ASTOUNDS! Attractive 2 plus 1 bedrm. semi bungalow in well established area. Sunny open concept. Walk out lower level which is 75% completed, 3 bathrooms. All appliances included. Spacious deck. Asking $309,900 MLS 862307 Mona Irwin 613-256-1860

Mona Irwin*

Leo Carlucci*

Chris Dunham*

ESCAPE CITY LIVING! 7 yr old Hi Ranch nestled on 2.47 acre lot in beautifully scenic Lanark Highlands. Open concept kitchen and eating area with huge back yard and no rear neighbours. Call Leo for more info. $234,900 MLS 862250 Leo Carlucci 613-256-1860



$369,900 MLS 861781 Joy 613-371-2475


$429,900. Kashwakamak Lake: 4 bdrm, 1.5 storey year round cottage/home. 235ft of waterfront with clean deep swimming. Boathouse and large deck. Western exposure. Fabulous view looking down 7+ miles of the lake. Propane FP in living room. Twp maintained Rd.


Helping you is what we do! 613-256-1860

**Broker *Sales Representative

Beautiful sun-filled 3+1 bdrm., 3 bth bungalow. Large eat-in kitchen, spacious living rm w/new gas fp, dining rm, sunroom, hdwd and tile flrs, l/l family rm w/bar, new furnace. Visit Joy.

road. 2 bdrm, 1 bath bungalow. Spacious and bright living rm. Eat-in kitchen. Large front deck. Spacious master bedroom. Family/rec room in lower level. Lots of storage. Workshop and utility/laundry room.

86 MLS 29 # 28












337 & 339 NAPIER

Joy Neville*


MOTHER NATURE AS YOUR NEIGHBOUR! 21 treed acres surround this 3 bedrm., 2 bathrm home. Large country kitchen, beautiful sunfilled family rm with vaulted ceilings. Formal living rm. Main flr. laundry. Finished rec rm with a walk out basement! $419,900 MLS 861099 Clark Munro 613-256-1860 HAVE IT YOUR WAY! NEW SEMI! 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, step saving main level laundry. Choose your own cabinets, colours and flooring. Ready for summer occupancy. Mona Irwin has all the details. Affordably Priced at $269,900 MLS 861961 Mona Irwin 613-256-1860

Joan Johnston*

Tom Barker

Michael Pitcher R0012012058_0404

Robert Pauhl


Sunday, April 7 2-4 pm

THE EMC - 18 - Thursday, April 4, 2013

f£n™]™ääÊUÊÓÎ™Ê 7, ]Ê, *,",

f£™™]™ääÊUʛ£äȇÓäÈÊ7"" 7, ]Ê , /" Ê*


 1/Ê -/9

Details & Pictures at

Details & Pictures at

"* Ê"1- Ê-1 ÊӇ{Ê* fÓ£Ó]™ääÊUÊÎäÊ7]Ê , /" Ê*

fÓ£™]™ääÊUÊ££ÈÊ ,*/" ]Ê , /" Ê*

7Ê-/  Details & Pictures at

fÓn{]™ääÊUÊÓx™Ê1 ]Ê , /" Ê*

fÓn{]™ääÊUÊ{£ÎÊ/"-]Ê , /" Ê*


, "6/

Details & Pictures at

Details & Pictures at

fÓn™]™ääÊUÊÎä£Ê",]Ê , /" Ê*

fә{]™ääÊUÊ{ÓÓÊ ,,]Ê , /" Ê*

1-/Ê Ê- Details & Pictures at

Open House Weekend Saturday April 6 11:00am-12:00pm 171 Burchill Rd #206 Rob Glen 323 Main St W #103 32 Roosevelt 13 Gladstone Ave 7842 14 Saddle 11:00am-12:30pm 52 Thomas St 109 Colonel By Cres 11:30am-12:30pm 11 Oakridge Cres 12:00pm-1:00pm 658 Mackay Line Rd 12:30pm-1:30pm 4 Ford Cres 7842 1:00pm-2:00pm Ferrara Dr Model Homes 45 First St 57 Harvey St 34 Tudor Circle 1:00pm-2:30pm 13 Bridle Path Lane

Merrickville Salmon Side Rd Merrickville Smiths Falls Smiths Falls

Evelyn Lee 613-284-7277 Peter Maddock 613-284-3900 Stan Suffell 613-284-6756 Linda McKenna 613-485-0576 Anna Kowalewski 613-875-

Smiths Falls

Jessyka Auclair 613-283-2121

Almonte Smiths Falls

Garry Dalgleish 613-880-4434 John Gray 613-868-6068

Smiths Falls

Pauline Aunger 613-285-9158


Sheri D’Aoust 613-812-9344

Smiths Falls

Anna Kowalewski 613-875-

Smiths Falls Smiths Falls Perth Smiths Falls

Pauline Aunger 613-285-9158 Evelyn Lee 613-284-7277 Cathie McCabe/Julia Scotland Linda McKenna 613-485-0576

Otterdale Estates

Carol Barber 613-285-4887

403 Moffat St 26 Kelly’s Rd 52 Wills Rd 143 Hudson Rd 5 Alexander St 3280 134 Maple St 10 Treelawn Blvd 1:30pm-2:30pm 322 Bathurst Line E 2:00pm-4:00pm 4 Pinewood Ave 331 Gillies Cor Side Rd 2:30pm-3:30pm 1213 Carroll Road 3:00pm-4:30pm 237 Golf Club Rd 57 Golf Club Rd

Carleton Place Smiths Falls Rural Smihs Falls Rural near Perth Perth

Garry Dalgleish 613-880-4434 Cole Walker 613-812-0536 John Gray 613-868-6068 Randy Cavanagh 613-464-1000 Andrew Rivington 613-812-

McDonald’s Corners Perth

George Edwards 613-200-4485 Doug Forde 613-285-5732

McDonald’s Corners

Sheri D’Aoust 613-812-9344

Carleton Place Rural Smiths Falls

Gerry Seguin 613-852-4313 Elizabeth Powell 613-314-5455

Smiths Falls

Cathie McCabe 613-284-6263

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Sizing up impaired drivers all part of police officer’s job By DESMOND DEVOY

EMC News – Popping a few sticks of gum to mask one’s breath before climbing behind the wheel after having a few with friends won’t fool OPP Const. Beth Hollihan. Ditto wearing those sunglasses after toking up. Hollihan has been with the OPP for 15 years and currently operates out of the Carleton Place detachment. She is one of only four drug recognition evaluators in Lanark County, though there are 12 officers trained in standardized field sobriety tests. If you have foolishly decided to drink-and-drive, you may already be in the process of being sized up by the police before you even see the red-andwhite lights in your rearview mirror. “You stop a car for speeding – Cavanagh Road (outside Carleton Place) is a good example,” said Hollihan, with nods of recognition about that infamous strip, since it is posted 60 km/h but, with motorists coming off of Highway 7, many assume that the road is posted at 80 km/h. “We have to, in Canada, have something called reasonable suspicion.” Usually, erratic driving, or driving too slowly, are tip-offs. “If you see a lot of driving evidence to suggest that this person is impaired or texting,” that can be grounds for pulling the car over, and initiating the walk-the-line test, for example, or take a “diverted attention test…to see if they can multi-task, which is exactly what

It blocks oxygen from getting to your brain, which gives them the high.” One of the new drugs of choice is ketamine, which is available over the counter in places like Tijuana, Mexico, and is popular in the southern U.S. “(It was) designed during World War One for amputees in the trenches to disconnect their brain from the pain” in essence, said Hollihan. Today, however, a teenager experimenting with the same drug will exhibit some very odd behaviour. “Their mind is not connecting with their body,” said Hollihan, describing ‘moonwalking’ (“and no, I am not talking about Michael Jackson,”) where the user will take very slow, exaggerated, deliberate steps, while walking. On the horizon Another drug on the horizon that Hollihan is on the lookout for is “bath salts,” (synthetic Cathinones). “We had a case with a kid in Carleton Place who was on bath salts,” said Hollihan. Even though “he was freaking out in hospital,” lifting up staffers far larger than his 150 pounds, because the drug was so new on the scene at the time, nothing came back in the toxicology reports linking him to the drug – since there were no tests, as yet, to look for it. The drug works as a stimulant on the central nervous system and they are harder to regulate since “they are labeled ‘Not for Human Consumption,’ (so) that is to get around the regulations.” They can sell anywhere from $25 to $75 (U.S.) per 50 mg packet online.

“There is no quality control on these, because they are not for human consumption,” said Hollihan. While Hollihan is always looking for physical signs of substance abuse, it’s not what people perceive to be the obvious signs that signal her. “It’s not bloodshot eyes, it is pink in the white of the eyes,” she said. Eyelid tremors are another good hint. “This is a great one if you have teenagers.” While parents may not want their children taking illicit drugs, some young people are learning by example, with their parents, at the same time, doping them up for problems like attention deficit disorder. Though not intentional, sometimes those same children recognize the same drugs they were given when they were younger as something more potent. “People are often surprised that Ritalin is in here,” said Hollihan, pointing to a list of drugs, along with cocaine, khat, and amphetamines. “What you are giving your kid is a stimulant? These kids are sometimes not taking them. They share them with friends…(and) by crushing them (the pills) they are breaking down that time release.” While the new Oxy Neo, the replacement for Oxy Contin, is said to be harder to break down, like Ritalin, “Google (it and) you can find five different ways to break down Oxy Neo,” and ingest it, like users used to do with Oxy Contin. Hollihan also revealed that some illicit drugs are, frankly, revolting, and while drug experimentation is not to be

encouraged, sometimes, the situation sorts itself out, as it did locally with jimson weed. “We had a few kids who tried it here a few summers ago,” said Hollihan. “It is a terrible high and they never touch it again.” On the other hand, one of the bad things to come out of the ’90s rave scene has returned to the area. “We see a lot of ecstasy in the Carleton Place area,” said Hollihan. “We see a lot of it coming in from Ottawa.” Because the room was filled with people who work with drug addicted people all the time, Hollihan cautioned them that, just because someone may not appear responsive, alert, or even awake, on some drugs, they are still lucid enough to hear conversations. “Officers have been caught saying not nice about people,” in their custody, thinking that they were stoned out of reality. “But they are hearing everything you say.” And because they heard all of the unpleasant things said about them, it’s almost not surprising that they are then less cooperative in the police investigation. While parents and teachers may find new technology baffling – and youngsters take to it with ease and abandon – when it comes to discovering what pills your children may be popping, yes, there really is an app for that, with a pill finder app. “I found a white pill with Playboy bunny ears in my kid’s closet, what is it?” asked Hollihan.






they must do when driving.” Sometimes, the driver simply rolling down the window and asking “Anything the matter officer?” is enough to raise her suspicions. “If there is any odour of alcohol, we go right away for the breathalyzer,” said Hollihan. If the driver blows over 80, they are charged right away. However, Hollihan is also alive to the fact that a driver’s slurred speech and lack of coordination may be part of a more permanent problem. “We’ve had situations where people have (had) undiagnosed brain tumours or were diabetics” and didn’t know it. Hollihan was speaking at the municipal drug strategy networking session on March 1, at the Brunton Community Hall, Blacks Corners, Beckwith Township. She noted how hard it is to contend with teenage drivers, the lure of drugs and alcohol, and the volatile mix they make. Sadly, many teens just have to look at their parents for a bad example. Twice as many teenagers say they have driven a car after taking drugs or alcohol. About 40 per cent admit to having been driven by someone while high, and about 20 per cent of teens say they have used prescription drugs to get high – with three fourths of that number saying that they stole the drugs from their parent’s medicine cabinet at home. “You can get Prozac for your dog now, for separation anxiety, that’s how common they are,” said Hollihan. “Soccer moms are addicted to Dust Off…the accelerant gives them a high.

MAY 10 TO SEPTEMBER 2, 2013 At the Canada Aviation and Space Museum Tickets:



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Interval House hosts first-ever online jewelry auction April 5 to 20 EMC Events â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Join Lanark County Interval House for our first-ever online jewelry auction, Be Dazzled. This charity auction for LCIH will be available on our website at www.lcih. com. It begins on April 5 and will close on April 20 at 6 p.m. The public has the opportunity to bid on more than 40 unique pieces. Featuring all styles, the auction includes necklaces, pendants, rings, watches, bracelets, earrings and sets made of materials ranging from sterling, gold and other metals, to fused glass, crystal and stone.

Each piece of jewelry has been generously donated by talented jewelry artists and chic boutiques from across the region and each donor was asked to pick or create a piece that spoke to a theme of â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Strengths and Struggles.â&#x20AC;&#x2122; All prizes can be picked up or delivered before Motherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day. This is a great way to support women and children affected by violence. Every dollar raised through the online auction will be used to directly fund agency programs. Lanark County Interval House provides extensive support for



children, youth and women who experience abuse. All the services are free and confidential and you do not need to be a resident of the shelter to access the services. Call 613-257-5960 or 1-800-267-7946, 24 hours a day for any of our services. Contact Heather at 613257-3469 ext. 27 for additional information. Visit the website at www. to see the Be Dazzled Jewelry Auction or find out other ways you can help. Happy shopping! Submitted by Lanark County Interval House.

EMC News â&#x20AC;&#x201C; As warmer temperatures and some precipitation are being forecast for the next five days, flows are expected to increase in smaller creeks and ditches. No significant flooding is anticipated at this time, however, we encourage residents to continue to warn their children about the dangers of playing on or near ice covered surfaces or fast flowing water in ditches and smaller creeks. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The average water content in the snow pack across the watershed in mid-March was approximately 60 per cent above the historical norm which could lead to an above average risk of flooding. However, severe flooding in this watershed is largely dependent on rainfall combined with snowmelt.

So far, the weather has cooperated and the snow pack is slowly being depleted,â&#x20AC;&#x153; says Gord Mountenay, the Mississippi Valley Conservation (MVC) water management supervisor. Ice conditions on area waterways will continue to deteriorate with the warmer weather and area residents are advised that no one should be venturing out onto ice covered waterways. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The potential for ice jams will increase as the flows increase so residents along the rivers should pay close attention to what is happening in the river over the next few weeks,â&#x20AC;? Mountenay cautions. Residents in low lying areas are advised to ensure their sump pumps are working and take the necessary steps

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E TO ITâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S TIM R FUR OU STORE Y

UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x160;*Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x153;viĂ&#x192;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;>Â?Ă&#x160; Â?i>Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2DC;`Ă&#x160; Â?>âÂ&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160;*Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x153;ViĂ&#x192;Ă&#x192; UĂ&#x160; Â?Â&#x2C6;Â&#x201C;>Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x160; Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x153;Â?Â?i` UĂ&#x160;-Ă&#x152;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;>}iĂ&#x160;ÂŤÂŤĂ&#x20AC;>Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x192;>Â?Ă&#x192; UĂ&#x160;,iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x17E;Â?iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2DC;`Ă&#x160;VÂ&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x203A;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192; UĂ&#x160; Â&#x153;Ă&#x160;VÂ&#x2026;>Ă&#x20AC;}iĂ&#x160;iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x201C;>Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x192; UĂ&#x160;/Â&#x2C6;Â&#x201C;iÂ?Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;,iÂŤ>Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x192; UĂ&#x160;*Â&#x2C6;VÂ&#x17D;Â&#x2021;1ÂŤĂ&#x160;>Â&#x2DC;`Ă&#x160; iÂ?Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x203A;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2021;Ă&#x160;FREE


We Are At Your Service!


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to prevent damages to their property and belongings. The MVC flood forecasting and warning program monitors weather conditions and snowpack water content, estimates expected river flows and water levels and issues flood advisories or warnings as required. MVC provides early warning and continuous monitoring to municipal and provincial emergency response personnel through a flood event. Daily water levels and flows are available on the MVC website at www.mvc. Updates to the watershed conditions will be issued as required. Submitted by Mississippi Valley Conservation.

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MVC not expecting significant flooding this spring



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UPCOMING SHOWS 42nd St Lions Club Music Festival Priscilla Shirer – Simulcast John McDermott Stars of the Festival Edgar Winter Group & Kim Simmonds Toopie and Binoo An Evening with Rick Mercer West Side Story R0012006457_0404

Apr 18-20 Apr 21-25 Apr 27 Apr 28 Apr 30 May 1 May 2 May 6 May 31, June 1

BOX OFFICE – 235 King Street West 613-342-7122 Toll Free 1-877-342-7122 Online Sales: R0012015468_0404

Submitted photo

Annie (Jacqueline Ramsey), left, jokes irreverently about the For a Friendly Face.’ The production runs in Perth April 18, 19, deceased, while her sister Jane (Gina Tremaine) looks on in 20 at 8 p.m., and Sunday, April 21 at 2 p.m.; April 26 and 27 at disbelief, in the Studio Theatre’s upcoming comedy ‘$38,000 8 p.m. and Sunday, April 28 at 2 p.m. See our website for more details and songlist:

You might die laughing at Studio Theatre’s upcoming production EMC Entertainment – Get ready for ‘$38,000 For a Friendly Face,’ the new play by North Bay’s Kristin Shepherd, premiering at Perth’s Studio Theatre April 18. Here’s a taste of what you can expect from this black comedy about life and death at a funeral parlour, courtesy of the rhyming talents of director Roberta Peets. There once were two sisters, apart Who didn’t have much of a heart For their mother, who’d died. At her funeral, they tried To regroup and create a

fresh start. There was also an ex-cop named Matt Who’s now wearing a gentler hat He takes care of bereaved Who for loved ones have grieved And they all are so grateful for that.

But the love’s what we finally see. Then along comes the young Alison Who wants to connect with someone Should she stay? Should she go? Well we really don’t know Then she stays and connects everyone.

Saturday, April 27, 2013 8pm ‘til Midnight

Tickets available at: Colonial Flowers

We’ve had fun and we see Brockville 613-342-3455 That our stories can lessen the includes Midnight Hot/Cold Buffet Lanes Smoke Shop $30 per person Prescott 613-925-2939 pain! or call evenings ‘$38,000 for a Friendly Face’ 613-658-3159 7024 County Road 18, RR#2, runs at the Studio Theatre Perth or 613-658-5225 Spencerville, Ontario K0E 1X0 April 18, 19, 20 at 8 p.m., and Sunday, April 21 at 2 p.m.; April 26 and 27 at 8 p.m. and Sunday, April 28 at 2 p.m. Advance tickets are $20 (cash) at the Book Nook, and $22 at Tickets Please The food’s done by volunteers (39 Foster St., Perth, 613-485- MOTORCOACH HOLIDAYS three So, goodbye to the late Mrs. 6434) which accepts credit cards Friends who tend to see things Bain. and phone orders. As always, NEW YORK CITY 19-22 / May 17-20 / June 14-17 / June differently. Your demise has not all been students with ID pay just $10 at April 28-July 1 / August 2-5 / August 30 MYRTLE BEACH When the tensions get tight in vain. the door. For further details, visit September 2 / September 20-23 $529 “The Entertainment Showplace of the South” Start Spreading the News...We’re Leaving There erupts a food fight Through this black comedy

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Even with more time, G.I. Joe sequel manages to fall short MOVIE: G.I. Joe: Retaliation STARRING: Dwayne Johnson, Channing Tatum, Adrianne Palicki, Lee Byung-hun, Ray Park, D.J. Cotorna, Jonathon Pryce, Ray Stevenson and Bruce Willis DIRECTOR: Jon M. Chu RATING: PG EMC Entertainment - The movie studio held G.I. Joe: Retaliation for a year so it could be ‘re-tooled’ which is code for we just had three bombs at the box office and can’t afford a fourth. I can see why they held it, but I’m not sure it was worth the wait. Duke (Channing Tatum) leads the Joes on a successful mission to retrieve some nuclear weapons from an enemy state. It’s just as the Joes are getting ready to head home that they’re attacked. When the dust settles the only Joes left alive are Roadblock (Dwayne Johnson), Lady Jane (Adrianne Palicki) and

Flint (D.J. Cotorna). The whole mission was a set-up orchestrated by the President of the United States (Jonathon Pryce) to frame and wipe out the Joes. Of course the President is really Cobra operative Zartan who’s working under the direction of Cobra Commander (Luke Bracey). Taking out the Joes wasn’t the end game, but a step in their larger plan to take over the world. The three Joes have to stop Cobra, but they can’t do it on their own. Fortunately Snake Eyes (Ray Park) and his protégé Jinx (Elodie Yung) are still in the field tracking Storm Shadow (Lee Byung-hun). Roadblock also calls on retired general Joe Colton (Bruce Willis) for some extra firepower. They aren’t many, but they’re all the world has. G.I. Joe: Retaliation might have a few more scenes with


Channing Tatum, and is newly dressed up in 3-D, but it doesn’t meet expectations. I’ll start with the good because the film isn’t a compete wash. There’s a few slick action scenes, and some amazing special effects that bring all those wonderful toys to life. Dwayne Johnson is born to play Roadblock. Tatum is short lived but great as Duke. I like Arianne Palicki as Lady Jane. Ray Park and Lee Byung-hun are perfect adversaries. Jonathon Pryce is a brilliant villain, and adding Bruce Willis in as the original Joe is genius. It’s a great

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Washington Cherry Blossoms April 11-15 ...................................... $754 North Conway Shopping COUNTRY MUSIC CAPITALS 26-28 ..................................... $320 NASHVILLE / MEMPHIS / BRANSON April Amish Country April 27 – May 6 $1695 Pennsylvania May 2-5 ............................................ $699 Come with us to America’s Live Entertainment Capital Cities. During our visit Cape Cod & Boston May 6-10 .......................................... $824 we will tour Branson and take in dazzling

action movie cast. So here’s the bad. The story is choppy and disjointed. The film jumps all over the place leaving the whole thing feeling forced and live performances showcasing well-known entertainers, including the ATLANTIC CITY contrived. A lot of the fight scenes Doug Gabriel Show, Jim are difficult to see mostly from what Stafford, Shoji Tabuchi ACH CASINO HOTEL ($50 US Bonus) and the Presley’s May 6-9 ..........................................$429 looks like bad camera work. They Country Jubilee. Then June 4-7.........................................$443 fail to capture the action which I we are off to Memphis BALLY’S ATLANTIC CITY ($45 US Bonus) where we will visit Graceland May 6-9 / June 4-7 ........................$482 believe has a lot to do with going and then off to Nashville, where we back and re-doing scenes for 3-D. spend an evening at the Grand Ole Opry. Call Today to Reserve your Seat! NO FLY CRUISE VACATIONS Speaking of which the 3-D effects Canada & New England Cruise are terrible. You can tell they were SENIOR’S EXTRAVAGANZA September 19-30.........................$1612* June 7-9 $665 Inside Cat. M Plus $389 taxes added in as a second thought, and If you enjoy Live Entertainment, then call today Annual Bermuda Cruise the film would have been much to reserve your seat on this Fabulous Excursion October 19-27 ........................ $1299 to see the Famous better had it been left alone. Inside Cat. M Plus $340 taxes Geritol Follies, “Guys & *Save $100 per couple, Book by May 1st In the end G.I. Joe: Retaliation Dolls” at the Shaw Festival Call for more details & additional cabin selections. and the Famous is just a poorly constructed film. Theatre People Players. It needs a few more scenes, a bit Don’t miss it! more dialogue, and more time to We Make Your Vacation NEW BROCHURE develop a proper story. Mind you Dreams Come True! NOW AVAILABLE they had a whole year, and it still wasn’t enough. 1-800-267-5288 Mark Haskins’ column is a 1642 Merivale Road (Merivale Mall) Nepean 613-723-5701 regular feature of the EMC. R0012005381

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Baby should visit dentist after first birthday Happy first birthday, Baby! Who’s your dentist? Hmmm…maybe not the top thing on a one-year-old’s mind, but did you know that babies should see a dental health professional by age one? The Canadian Dental Association recommends that all children see a dental health professional by age one. This helps to spot potential problems at early stages when treatment is most simple. Baby teeth can decay quickly, and are very important for a child’s speech and nutrition. This first dental appointment can seem overwhelming to parents, especially if they have any anxiety surrounding the issue themselves. Having your little one see a dentist early helps to develop a worry-free dental relationship, and save money. What can you expect at that first appointment? Baby will most likely be in your arms while the dentist or dental hygienist has a look in their mouth. They will lift up the lip to check the front teeth and look for any signs of decay. This is a great time to ask any questions you may have, such as how and when to clean baby’s mouth, what are tooth-friendly snacks, and talk about fluoride. They may discuss how to reduce the risk of decay for your baby and provide a quick and easy fluoride varnish if needed. Tooth decay is the second most common childhood disease. Seeking dental care early can prevent this problem and give your child a lifetime of healthy smiles. Call your dental provider today to book that first appointment. If you do not have a family dental provider, contact the Health Unit at 1-800-6605853. Want to know if your baby is at risk for decay? Go to and click on the interactive quiz to help you decide. Like our Facebook page for important public health updates. April is Oral Health Month.


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Local employees hit the Sunshine List By STAFF


The hunt is on EMC News – Jaiden Laszlow, 2, of Smiths Falls takes in the Easter Egg Hunt in Perth at Stewart Park on Saturday morning. It was the first time for her and her mom, Kayla Horton attended. There were more than 500 children and their parents from across Lanark County who found the 2,500 coloured eggs in the park and traded them for treats. Children’s entertainers Splash ‘N Boots made an appearance, as did the Easter Bunny and Sparky the Fire Dog.

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Phone: 613.284.9916 E-mail: 361 Queen Street, Smiths Falls, Ont. Gallipeau Centre

$100,734; Gloria Cauley, RN, $101,916; Susan Connerty, RN, $141,272; Patricia Corrigan, patient care unit manager, $101,639; Rhonda Donovan, RN, $103,918; David Evans, HR manager, $101,639; Diana McDonnell, director Lanark County Mental Health, $109,828; Susan Robert, patient care manager, $101,639; Fadia Schurman, RN, $113,496; Nancy Shaw, patient care unit manager, $101,639; Tracy Allan-Koester, director of community health, $107,149; Randall C. Brown and business administrator, $107,149. At the Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit, medical officer of health and CAO Paula Stewart made $307,669. Education In the Upper Canada District School Board, David Thomas, director of education, is at the top of the list with a salary of $221,949. David Coombs, superintendent of education; Jeremy Hobbs, chief information officer, Linda Lumsden, superintendent of education; Charolette Patterson, superintendent of human resources had a salary of $165,665 each. Principals, both secondary and elementary, were also over the $100,000 mark, as were many senior teachers. At the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario, William Gartland, director of education and secretary, was the highest paid with a salary of $205,708. Associate director and treasurer, Gordon Greffe earned $180,425. Superintendents Donaleen Hawes ($160,051); Charlotte Rouleau ($145,779); Mark Musca ($154,124) were the next highest paid in the Catholic education system. Like the UCDSB, principals, vice principals and senior teachers earned more than $100,000.


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public salaries, Ontarians can expect to see the pay packets of public executives continue to grow at the expense of public services,” said Horwath. “A single million-dollar salary is enough to keep over a dozen nurses on the job. Ontarians want their government to know where its priorities should be.” Municipal In the municipal sector, nine people made the Sunshine List in Smiths Falls for 2012 including: CAO Wayne Brown, $131,376 (now retired); police Chief Robert Dowdall, $131,563; police Sgt. Kourtney Droeske, $103,359; fire Chief Joel Gorman, $109,992; police Sgt. Paul Klassen, $101,656; police Staff Sgt. Richard Labelle, $103,922; fire Cpt. Richard Laming, $107,298; deputy Chief of Police, Mark MacGillivray, $111,996; Director of Community Services, Rick St. Dennis, $103,914. In Perth, on the list are: police Chief Pat Capello, $123,853; first class police Const. Craig Campbell, $102,020; police Sgt. Richard Crowe, $191,916; police Inspector Glen Dewey, $112,038; first class police Const. Stephen McElravy, $102,152 and CAO John DeRosenroll, $119,191. In Carleton Place, CAO Paul Knowles tops the list at $148,447, followed by deputy CAO/Treasurer Phil Hogan at $117,394 and Director of Public Works David Young at $105,819. Medical At Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital, president and CEO Linda Bisonette tops the Sunshine List for 2012 with a salary of $160,736. She replaced Todd Stepanuik who was listed as making $259,917. Alphabetically, the list of hospital staff includes: Brian Allen, VP financial support and services, $122,258; Michele Bellows, patient care unit manager, $100,487; Cathy Cassidy-Gifford, QA manager,

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EMC News - Ontario New Democratic Party Leader Andrea Horwath renewed her call for a hard cap on public sector CEO salaries following the release of the 2012 Sunshine list last week. “When public sector CEOs are getting pay hikes that are bigger than most people’s pay cheques something’s not working. We need a hard cap on CEO pay in the public sector,” said Horwath. “Money that should be going to frontline health care or lowering tuition fees, is being spent on CEO salaries, and that’s not fair for families who are struggling.” Horwath has reiterated her call to cap publicly-paid executive salaries at double the salary of Ontario’s Premier. The Premier’s current salary is $209,000. According to the provincial sunshine list, there are more than 25 public sector energy executives making more than twice the Premier’s salary, and while everyday Ontarians are told to tighten their belts, public sector executives continue to receive generous raises on top of six-figure salaries. • Tom Mitchell, the CEO of Ontario Power Generation made $1.7 million; •Laura Formusa, the CEO of Hydro One made $1.036 million, with a raise of over $70,000 (almost twice the pay of the average Ontarian); • The CEO of London Health Sciences Centre made over $600,900, including a raise of over $45,000; • The CEO of Sunnybrook in Toronto made over $760,000, including a raise of over $50,000;• The CEO of St. Joseph’s Health Centre in London made $470,000, including a raise of $20,000; • CEOs at all five major downtown Toronto hospitals made well above a proposed cap of $418,000. “Until we have a hard cap on

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‘Drugosaurus’ undercover cops battle greed, weed, and misdeeds

EMC News – It’s probably a good thing if you do recognize Detective Constable Steve Rothwell in his work clothes. Because if you recognize him in his other, undercover work clothes, then he probably has some questions to ask you. Rothwell describes part of his job as walking around with “my hat on backwards, in my jeans, trying to find out what’s going in the county,” drug-wise. Being a cop, both undercover and in uniform, was not always his day job either. He worked for 20 years as a mechanic in Carleton Place before joining the drug unit in town. Both Rothwell and Detective Sgt. Chris Dobler of the organized crime enforcement bureau in Ottawa, were on hand at the municipal drug strategy committee networking session on Friday, March 1, at the Brunton Community Hall, Blacks Corners, Beckwith Township. They were there to lift the lid a little on how they do their job to catch the crooks and dealers preying on the vulnerable. “I’m a bit of a drugosaurus,” said Dobler with a laugh, of his 12 years in the drugs unit. “I am not going anywhere.” Dobler said he was heartened to see so many people together in one place, talking openly, honestly, and constructively about how to deal with the scourge of drugs. This was necessary not only because it is the right thing to do, but also because it is what the other side is doing too. “The criminals, they are working together,” said Dobler. “It’s not where the Hells Angels work alone. They are with the mafia, the Jamaicans and Asian gangs.” While the criminals never really change, the drug of the day most certainly does, and the chase is always on to catch on to the next big thing, and to bring our lurching laws along in to catch up. Nowadays, it’s “bath salts,” that are the problem. “We are seeing that now,” admitted Dobler. “We are getting a lot of bath salt seizures.” Bath salts have just recently

been “codeified,” for enforcement as a controlled substance, but the first cases using these laws are only getting to court now. Certain mandatory minimum sentences in the Criminal Code also came into effect this past November, and “we won’t feel the effects of that yet,” on drug cases. He did point out that, before the changes in sentencing, a bust of 40,000 marijuana plants in Petawawa netted the perpetrator five years – whereas the same crime in the United States would have resulted in a life sentence. Hash is also making a comeback in the area. “It’s a brown, tar-like substance,” said Dobler. “It’s not as strong.” Other well-known drugs are seeing a resurgence. “Crack is very dangerous but speed (amphetamine) is just the ultimate drug in destroying people’s lives,” said Dobler, with one tablet costing as little as $5. “For $5 you will feel like you can take on the whole world. It’s a 10 out of 10. We’re seeing it in pill form. Down in Kingston, we are seeing crystal meth. Speed, there is definitely an influx of that… we are seeing Fentanyl here.” In a dozen years dealing with drugs, Dobler has seen the scene change in scary ways. “Twelve years ago, it would be very rare if we saw a needle at a search warrant,” said Dobler. “Now, it comes across all the time.” The only thing that does not change is the greed of the criminals. “There is no loyalty, they (drug dealers) are not your best friend,” said Dobler. For them, it’s all about the money. While it’s not uncommon for drug abusers to believe they can trust their dealer, they also believe other incorrect information, like marijuana being relatively harmless. Dobler showed a T-shirt with a smoker lighting up, saying “Marijuana – hey, at least it’s not crack.” “That’s what a marijuana user thinks,” said Dobler. “The good Lord put it on the earth.” Debates about marijuana’s usefulness, medicinal and

otherwise aside, marijuana’s production and distribution is still controlled by the criminal element, and as such, there is no quality control, so to speak. Addictive elements are often added to the mix to hook users simply looking for a high. Drug suppliers will also tweak other drugs to boost their bottom line. “The coke (cocaine) we are seeing in the schools, it is buffed up, it is weaker,” said Dobler, adding that up to 50 per cent of ecstasy is laced with some type of methamphetamine, since ecstasy itself is not addictive, but dealers want to get kids hooked. Dobler heard this himself from drug dealers in Hawkesbury. “The drug dealers were telling us, ‘bag ’em up, get the kids addicted,” recalled Dobler. “They will keep coming back to you.” One way to do this was to stamp logos and cartoons on to the pills – including a John Deere tractor logo, or the Transformers cartoon logo, or an Ottawa Senators logo, though, in Hawkesbury, Dobler saw that Montreal Canadiens logos were selling better. While he takes his job seriously, Dobler admitted that there are unintentionally lighter moments undercover, and he has to watch what he says – especially when using drug terminology. In Ottawa, for example, the street lingo for marijuana is “herb”. In parts of the Ottawa Valley, however, it can be “green”. During one undercover operation, Dobler asked some dealers, “Hey, got any herb?” This question garnered him some nervous, shifty looks from his potential sellers. “What are you talking about?” they said, not familiar with the term herb. “Are you a cop?” Dobler also updated the assembled on different drug terminology that today’s high school students might use, and even have on their clothing, binders or backpacks, such as S.W.E.D. (Smoke Weed Every Day) or 4:20 (the time in the afternoon when tokers like to sneak off work early for a joint.) While teenagers will always want to tweak the nose of authority, Dobler has less time

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for the perception that Canada is soft on drugs compared to other countries. “Canada was known as a place where you could go to grow

marijuana,” said Dobler. “We have the best pot in the world, hands down, so, something to be proud of,” he said sarcastically. It’s even less of a laughing

Contact us at: £ÇäÓʙ̅ʈ˜iÊ iVŽÜˆÌ…Ê,,›Ó]Ê >Ài̜˜Ê*>Vi]Ê" ÊUÊÇ ÊÎ*Ó i˜iÀ>Ê˜µÕˆÀˆiÃ\Êȣ·ÓxLJ£xΙʜÀÊ£‡nää‡xÎx‡{xÎÓ *ÕLˆVÊ7œÀŽÃ\Êȣ·ÓxLJ£n£äʜÀÊ£‡nää‡xÎx‡{xÎ{Ê­È£ÎÊ>Ài>ÊVœ`i®

SCHEDULED MEETING DATES 2013 The Meeting Dates are as follows:

Monday April 8th, 2013 Tuesday April 9th, 2013 Thursday April 11th, 2013 Monday April 15th, 2013 Tuesday April 16th, 2013 Tuesday April 16th, 2013

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FIRE RULES AND REGULATIONS Reminder that you need a fire permit for burning (they are required from April 1st – October 31st). You can pick up your permit at the Municipal Office during their business hours. Permits for Saturday burning can be picked up on the Friday before. The permits are only good for the day of issue. Remember that you are still responsible for your fire even though you have a permit, so don’t burn in windy conditions. PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE OF INTENTION TO ADOPT THE 2013 BUDGET



The meeting will include an overview of the budget and capital projects for 2013. All interested parties are invited to attend this meeting.


Planning Special Council Heritage Committee Recreation Public Works Finance

Councillor Faye Campbell Reeve Richard Kidd Reeve Richard Kidd Reeve Richard Kidd Councillor Brian Dowdall Deputy-Reeve Sharon Mousseau

Detailed agendas for meetings are available for review on the Township website at or at the Township Office 24 hours prior to the meeting

In accordance with section 291 on the Municipal Act, 2001 and Municipal By-Law No. 2007-51, notice is hereby given that the Council of the Township intends to discuss and adopt its 2013 Municipal Budget at a Special Council Meeting on Monday, April 9th, 2013, 7:00 PM, Council Chambers.



Insp. Glen Dewey of the Perth Police Service (now retired), introduced OPP Detective Constable Steve Rothwell of Lanark County’s drug unit, and Detective Sgt. Chris Dobler of the organized crime enforcement bureau in Ottawa.

matter when the drug scourge touches one’s own family, as it did with Dobler. “My nephew, he was approached to see if he wanted to smoke marijuana,” said Dobler. “He is in Grade 6.” He urged attendees and the public to remain vigilant and not be afraid of seeming like the paranoid old man on the block, always calling the cops. “What might seem small to you could be the cherry on top for us,” said Dobler. “If it doesn’t feel right, it likely isn’t.” Dobler heard of a great example of this himself when new neighbours moved into a house. A lady approached the house with a pie and some wine, welcoming gifts to the area. After she knocked on the door, the occupant flipped her the middle finger. This unneighbourly behaviour prompted her to express her complaints to the police. This led to an investigation and, finally, a raid, which netted 1,100 marijuana plants, and arrests all around.

For additional information, please contact Cynthia Moyle, CAO/Clerk (T) 613-257-1539

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Friday 7:00pm-9:00pm & Saturday 9:00am-4:00pm Brunton Community Hall 1702 9th Line, Beckwith $40 Registration Fee Taught by Heather Leggee Bring Your Lunch Must be turning 12 years of age in 2013 or older To register, or for further information please contact the Beckwith Recreation Department at 613-257-1539. Forms can be found on-line at under Recreation ~ Youth Committee





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VIA Rail agreement could see town on hook for more than $186,000

Cadet awards


The Royal Canadian Air Cadets were in attendance last week at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 95 for their annual mess dinner. Pictured are presentations made to the cadets for various achievements during the year. To the right, Capt. Penney Irish presents Preston York with the Effective Speaking Award.

EMC News â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Mayor Dennis Staples is urging town staff to find a better option to an agreement with VIA Rail that could see the town on the hook for upwards of $186,000. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Unfortunately, because VIA Rail is a crown corporation, they are not under any obligation to sign an agreement with the Town of Smiths Falls,â&#x20AC;? said Niki McKernan, assistant planner at the Town of Smiths Falls at the Monday, March 25, committee-of-the-whole meeting. Back in January, VIA Rail contacted town staff about the service contract and development agreement between the railway and the town, â&#x20AC;&#x153;indicating their dissatisfaction with the development agreement,â&#x20AC;? according to McKernanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s report to council. Staff amended the agreement â&#x20AC;&#x153;to accommodate and remove clauses as requested by VIA.â&#x20AC;? However, this was still not enough, as â&#x20AC;&#x153;VIA continued to express concerns regarding the scope of the development agreement,â&#x20AC;? McKernan wrote. â&#x20AC;&#x153;There was a misunderstanding,â&#x20AC;? explained McKernan. Finally, in early March, the two sides came to an agreement of purchase and sale for the town to buy from VIA Rail the pumping station on Union Street for the price of $1. However, the agreement also includes a clause that VIA will be reimbursed â&#x20AC;&#x153;for the cost

Submitted photos

Range team members included Pte. John Smith, WO2 Destiny Sherman, Sgt. Reggy Hammond, Cpl. Haley Hewton, LAC Preston York and LAC Benjamin York who are pictured here with their coach Sgt. Dan Hammond.

of the station at the time future users connect to the system.â&#x20AC;? The cost of that â&#x20AC;&#x153;front-loading obligation,â&#x20AC;? would be $186,362.99. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This part that stands out in my mind is this â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;mutually agreeableâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; part,â&#x20AC;? said Coun. Ken Graham. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I know why the pumping station is there. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s because someone didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t do their homework, and it wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t us. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the end of the line for us, that pumping station. Water canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t flow uphill, thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why it (the pumping station) is there.â&#x20AC;? He also reminded council that engineers had found that the pumping station might not be able to handle the capacity if more demand were put on it in future. â&#x20AC;&#x153;A second pumping station would be required,â&#x20AC;? said McKernan. Graham was also concerned about the cost to the town if so much as a single development tapped the pumping station. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They could hold us to ransom if someone wanted to develop that (area),â&#x20AC;? said Graham. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The could hold us at bay. They could do a roadblock up for future development. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not their money. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s taxpayer money.â&#x20AC;? Staples stated that town staff might need to seek additional advice from the townâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s legal counsel before proceeding and signing the document. Staples also noted that even so much as, for example, a single new house tapping in to the pumping station could result in the town having to fork over the $186,000 plus amount to VIA Rail.

Support Small Business Small business provides jobs, tax revenues and many other contributions to our region.

The exertion team was recognized for their outstanding achievements this year. Included on this team are: WO1 Jonathan Reid, WO2 Destiny Sherman, FCpl Philip Pilon, Sgt. Spencer Warwick, FCpl Meghan Beauregard, FCpl Darla Reid, FCpl Chantel Kirby, AC2 Jacob Michael, LAC Preston York and LAC Benjamin Seward. R0011956129 0307 R0011956129.0307



BUS TRIPS 4/)3,!.$3'!.!./15%#!3)./ From Kempville, Spencerville, Prescott, Brockville

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday BONUS: $5

FIRST 8:00 am 8:20 am 8:35 am 8:50 am

SECOND 3:15 pm 3:35 pm 3:50 pm 4:05 pm

Depart Casino 1:45 pm Depart Casino 8:30 pm Return Times FIRST 3:15 pm 2:55 pm 2:40 pm 2:25 pm

SECOND 10:00 pm 9:40 pm 9:25 pm 9:10 pm

From Kempville, Merrickville, Smiths Falls, Brockville

Tuesday and Sunday BONUS: $5 Pick up Location Kemptville Food Basics, South end of lot Merrickville in front of Legion Smiths Falls County Fair Mall, SW Corner Brockville Food Basics SE Corner

Arrival 11:00 am

Departure 4:00 pm

Departure 9:00 am 9:20 am 9:40 am 10:30 am

Return 6:10 pm 5:50 pm 5:30 pm 4:40 pm

Morrisburg, Iroquois, Prescott, Brockville

Friday BONUS: $5 Pick up Location Morrisburg Food Plaza - in front of Beer Store Iroquois Foodland Plaza, NW Corner Prescott Liquidation World, NW Corner opposite Timâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Brockville Food Basics SE Corner

Arrival 2:30 pm

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Departure 1:00 pm 1:10 pm 1:30 pm 1:50 pm

Return 8:30 pm 8:20 pm 8:00 pm 7:40 pm

WWWGO-C#OYCOMs  s4OLL&REE    566 Cataraqui Woods Dr, Kingston ON K7P 2Y5 TICO 50007364 All passengers must be 19 years or older. A Playersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Card is required to receive all bonuses. Government-issued photo ID is required to get a Playersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Card. Bonuses are subject to change without notice.

THE EMC - SF3 - Thursday, April 4, 2013


Choose foods produced organically, locally and in season. Support your regional farmers and farming industry: buying locally and in season is better for the environment than buying foods that have been shipped hundreds of kilometers to your local market.

Pick up Location Kemptville Food Basics, South end of lot Spencerville Corner of Centre St. & Spencer St. Prescott Liquidation World NW Corner opposite Timâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Brockville Food Basics SE Corner

Arrive Casino 9:30 am Arrive Casino 4:45 pm Departure Times


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Probation for child pornography Editor’s Note: Sentence Reports are now being provided to The Record News by the Smiths Falls Police Service. EMC News - On Oct. 19, 2012, members of the Ontario Provincial Police, Child Sexual Exploitation Section accompanied by members of the Smiths Falls Police Services executed a search warrant in Smiths Falls. As a result David Covell, 37, was charged with numerous criminal offences. Covell was sentenced March 11 on charges of possessing child pornography, accessing child pornography, and possessing marijuana. Covell received a sentence of 126 days in custody (all presentence) followed by two years probation and being placed on the Ontario Sex Offender Registry and providing a DNA sample

wearing a disguise and possession of cocaine in relation to his charges. MacDonald was sentenced to a total of 270 days imprisonment to be followed by two years probation. Probation, six months jail time for assault As the result of a police investigation starting in January 2012, Justin Bryan, 29, was sentenced March 18 on charges of assault causing bodily harm, assault, failing to appear in court and breaching his release conditions. Bryan received a sentence of six months in jail after serving 91 days in presentence custody to be followed by two years probation

Three years in jail for aggravated assault As the result of a police investigation into a Imprisonment, probation for armed robbery stabbing at a local establishment on Oct.17, 2012, As a result of an investigation into a robbery at Joshua Morris-Ouellette, 27, was sentenced on Mac’s Milk located on 45 Main St., East in Smiths March 25 on charges of aggravated assault, utter Falls on the June 26, 2012, 26 year-old Samuel threats and possession weapons dangerous. MacDonald was arrested June 27 and charged with Photo by STACEY ROY numerous criminal offences. Morris-Ouellette received a sentence of three EMC Business - The complete renovation of the former Zellers store into a Target has beOn March 18, MacDonald pleaded to robbery, years in jail.

Youth charged after assault at school with mischief and held in custody for breaching his conditional sentence. A 27-year-old Smiths Falls woman was charged with assault and obstruct Police. The woman was released on a promise to appear. The allegations have not been proven in court.

Man arrested after breaching conditional sentence On March 13 it is alleged that the accused breached his conditional sentence by being outside of his residence and consuming alcohol. Man charged after domestic argument A 48-year-old Smiths Falls man was arrested On March 5 at about 9:30 a.m. it is alleged that and held in custody for breaching his conditional the accused and the victim were arguing in a resi- sentence. The allegations have not been proven in dence on Montague Street. During the argument court. the accused punched a bathroom door hard enough to leave a hole. Police catch man before he drives impaired A 21-year-old Smiths Falls man was charged On March 17 at about 10:36 p.m. it is alleged with mischief and breach probation. The accused that police located the accused in the parking was released on a promise to appear and officer-in- lot of a local bar, sitting in his vehicle. Police charge undertaking. The allegations have not been determined the accused had been drinking and arrested the accused after he failed a roadside proven in court. test. A 22-year-old Lombardy man was charged with Youth charged after assault at school On March 7 at about 8:03 a.m. it is alleged that care and control over .80. He was issued a 90-day the accused and the victim were in attendance at a suspension and released on a promise to appear local school. The victim was in the smoking area and officer-in-charge undertaking. The allegations when the accused approached and began pushing have not been proven in court. him. When the victim left the accused followed and continued the assaults by pushing the victim Drug charges On March 17 at about 8:13 p.m. it is alleged that and then punching him several times in the face. The victim was later treated at the hospital for an officer on patrol observed the accused walking on Beckwith Street North. The accused was wanted bumps and bruises. Further investigation revealed the accused had for failing to attend court and he was arrested withassaulted the victim on March 6 as well, by push- out incident. While searching the accused police ing him. A 15-year-old Smiths Falls youth was located a small quantity of a substance suspected charged with two counts of assault. The accused to be marijuana. A 24-year-old Smiths Falls man was released on a promise to appear and officer-in- was charged with possession CDSA and breach ofcharge undertaking. The allegations have not been ficer-in-charge undertaking. He was held for bail. The allegations have not been proven in court. proven in court. Man charged after resisting arrest On March 8 at about 2:41 p.m. it is alleged that police located the accused on Main Street. Police informed the accused there were grounds to arrest him for a curfew breach. The accused became uncooperative and attempted to resist arrest. The accused was quickly brought under control and arrested. A 19-year-old Smiths Falls man was charged with resist arrest. He was held for bail. Allegations have not been proven in court. Domestic charges laid On March 9 at about 11:24 a.m. a commonlaw couple began arguing in their residence on Brockville Street. During the argument the male damaged a television set and the female pushed the male striking him in the face. The female also attempted to interfere with police as they arrested the male. The female was arrested shortly after the male. A 34-year-old Smiths Falls man was charged

Causing a disturbance On March 21 at about 9:35 p.m. it is alleged that an officer on foot patrol came across the accused yelling and swearing in the area of Beckwith Street and Main Street in Smiths Falls. The accused was arrested after she continued yelling when spoken to by police. A 37-year-old Smiths Falls woman was charged with cause disturbance and two counts of breach probation. She was released a promise to appear and officer-in-charge undertaking. The allegations have not been proven in court. Youth charged after punching friend On March 21 it is alleged that the accused attended a friend’s apartment on Beckwith Street South. During his visit the accused struck the victim in the face with a mop. The accused became upset when he was asked to leave and he punched the victim in the face numerous times. While exiting the apartment complex the accused kicked and smashed a glass door.

OPEN HOUSE PUBLIC DOCKS JOIN US FOR A PUBLIC INFORMATION SESSION The Township is holding an Open House to provide an opportunity for public review and comment on the proposed concept and design of docks at Rideau Ferry.



Your ideas and opinions matter!

Enquiries about this project may be directed to: ScoƩ Cameron Manager of Public Works 613-267-6500 Be Part of Our Future


EMC News - On March 4 at about 8:15 a.m. it is alleged that the accused was in attendance at a local school. The accused was upset with the victim, a worker at the school. The accused located the victim and a confrontation quickly ensued. The accused pushed the victim into a door and punched her in the face several times. A 17-year -old Kingston youth was charged with assault. The youth was released on a promise to appear and officer-in-charge undertaking. The allegations have not been proven in court.

gun at the County Fair Mall. Crews began to demolish the entrance of the former retail store recently. Plans are to open the store in the fall of this year.

TUESDAY APRIL 30, 2013 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

THE EMC - SF4 - Thursday, April 4, 2013


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Immigration changing faces, tongues of Lanark County By DESMOND DEVOY

EMC News â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Can you talk Tagalog? Can you ni hao with the best of them in Beijing? Or wish someone Buenos dias? While your Hindi may need a bit of brushing up, and you may not need to know all of these languages, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re more likely to hear them by 2020 thanks to the rising number of immigrants from these areas who are calling Lanark County, and Smiths Falls, home. â&#x20AC;&#x153;India is huge, Spain is huge,â&#x20AC;? said Kim Leach, economic development coordinator, during the Monday, March 25 committee-of-the-whole. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We do have a large Filipino community here. The number of languages spoken by the new arrivals is quite vast. The top languages include Chinese, Greek, Hindi, Filipino (Tagalog), Spanish and other European languages like Dutch and German.

In 2006, Smiths Falls had an immigration population of about 448. By 2010, that number had grown to 671 and by 2020, it is expected to top 671 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; all that in a town with a population of about 8,777, according to the latest available census data. The town is in the midst of a funding window from the federal and provincial governments to the tune of $1,110,081, which runs until 2014, directed mostly at the T.R. Leger schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s immigration services. Another tool used to attract immigrants to the area, as part of the immigration attraction campaign within the county, is through websites like and The web site began in May of 2009 and attracted 111 visits â&#x20AC;&#x201C; mostly town and county staffers checking that everything worked. However, the web sites soon began attracting many more online visitors, with about 97,347

accessing the sites between April 1, 2012 and March 20, 2013. The online job board for immigrants has also just gone live, which helps match skills to jobs. The Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) is not promoting the job site to employers. Leach estimates that about 859 people have been reached directly through the program, which has also generated about 130 phone calls/e-mail responses and 15 letters seeking newcomer settler services. While New Canadians may be drawn to the area because of the affordable cost of living and slower pace of life, â&#x20AC;&#x153;people are still unaware of our services.â&#x20AC;? While Smiths Falls has been actively trying to recruit doctors and health care professionals to the area, the â&#x20AC;&#x153;shortage of health care professionals,â&#x20AC;? is a concern for Leach in attracting people to the area. New residents may also cite a â&#x20AC;&#x153;lack of cultural and

religious opportunities.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Traditional immigrants donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to come to small, rural communities,â&#x20AC;? said Leach. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Attracting newcomers isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t the only problem. It is retention once they are here.â&#x20AC;? Diane Pinder-Moss, the LIP coordinator, explained that Smiths Falls is one of the smallest LIPs in Ontario in terms of areas served, with only an 18 km radius around town, into parts of Montague and Drummond/North Elmsley. The new immigrant guide Pinder-Moss produces with assistant Amber Colville covers everything from understanding Canadian currency to waste disposal. There are seven readers of the newsletter in Tagalog and 12 in the Mandarin dialect of Chinese. Community of the year nomination Pinder-Moss also came bearing good news to council for the town. See IMMIGRATION page SF6

YOUTH From front page

in my house,â&#x20AC;? Evans said. Being part of the youth centre initiative gave Evans a positive place to channel his energy and turned his troubled youth around. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It gave me a chance to be wise not just smart,â&#x20AC;? Evans said. Youth Centres Canada plans to continue its Youth Centre Champions program on an annual basis as a way to highlight the good that is being done in youth centres across Canada. To learn more about how


you can nominate a youth in your community log on to www.youthcentrescanada. com. The Smiths Falls champions joined one other 2013 recipient this year: Jocelyn and Lise Ouellette of Bathurst, New Brunswick. Upon hearing of his nomination and receipt, Evansâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; reaction was one of humbled pride. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I was absolutely honoured,â&#x20AC;? he added. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I knew it made a different for me and Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m glad to see what it did for me itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s done for other people.â&#x20AC;?


6,500 FINANCE RATES 1.9% from




2011 Mazda 3 iTouring



5 speed, 4 cyl., 2.0L, power group, sunroof, 50,794kms


UĂ&#x160;,Â&#x153;Â&#x153;wÂ&#x2DC;} UĂ&#x160;-Â&#x2C6;`Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}]Ă&#x160;-Â&#x153;vwĂ&#x152;Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160;>Ă&#x192;VÂ&#x2C6;> UĂ&#x160;-i>Â&#x201C;Â?iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160; >Ă&#x203A;iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;}Â&#x2026;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;} " Ă&#x160;6 Ă&#x160;



2009 Honda Civic DX-G R0011983392_0404

 $$  ( 

5 speed, air, power group, 4 door, only 61,464kms




2010 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT 4x4





2008 Chevrolet Cobalt LT Auto,2.2L, coupe, air, power group, only 40,604kms

Quad cab, auto, air, power group, 64,902kms

10,995 2008 Pontiac G5 SE




5 speed, air, sunroof, 71,512kms


2010 Toyota Corolla CE



Auto, air, power locks, 127,118kms

5)&$07&*//t8&451035 0/5"3*0 "QSJM

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 $#$$  i5&"35)&)064&%08/w #-6&4'30.0'5)&#&45

 $&$($% "%7"/$&3&4&37"5*0/43&26*3&%


2008 Honda CR-V EX 4WD




4 cyl., auto, air, pwer group, sunroof 107,894kms

### !" 



12,287 2008 Toyota Yaris LE 2010 Dodge Caliber SXT




Auto, Toyota lease return, amazing fuel mileage! Only 117,659kms

Auto, air, power group, 48,313kms


'' ( '



2006 Chrysler 300C

Hemi V8, heated leather, navigation, sunroof, loaded! 115,510kms

4.6L, V8, TRD pkg., double cab, tonneau cover, air, power group, 72,194 km


All-you-can-eat dinner buffet: $19.99

All guests must be 19 years of age or older with valid govâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t issued photo ID to enter the SLOTS & Dining Room; everyone 19-25 will be required to show a second piece of non-photo ID.




10,995 2011 Toyota Tundra 4x4 $28,995 2005 Chevrolet Equinox LS AWD$7,995 3.4L, V6, auto, air, power group, 139,108kms





THE EMC - SF5 - Thursday, April 4, 2013

TONY REUVERS Service Manager



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Photos by STACEY ROY

EMC News - Smiths Falls residents took part in the annual Walk of the Cross Good Friday (March 29). The Tri-church initiative traveled from St. Francis de Sales to Trinity United to the First Baptist Church and finally St. John’s Anglican Church among other stops. At each stop a reading and prayer are said before the cross is passed on to another member to carry on.

Walk of the Cross

Visit a local Civitan Club as group celebrates awareness month

“Last week, we got the news that Smiths Falls was one of eight communities across Canada to be nominated for the 2012 Community of the Year award by the Welcome Wagon,” organization. One of the most important parts of the success of the program has been buy-in from stakeholders, through initiatives









to remove the Comfort Inn from the waterfront, are recommendations only and intended for a long-term item should the property become available. The Comfort Inn is still open and serving customers.

MY BELIEF do unto others as you would have them do unto you. MY PLEDGE to practice the golden rule and to build upon it a better and nobler citizenship. Please contact me if you have any questions at or call 613-283-8006 Submitted by Bryan Wiltsie, Canadian District East Governor.

like the newcomer subcommittee, an employers council (to identify needed services and find ways to attract and retain newcomers), as well as an international students sub-committee. However, Pinder-Moss did put forward the challenge to council to decide whether they wanted to see the

immigration sustainability subcommittee become a committee of council or stand on its own as an incorporated body. To educate the broader public about the issue, LIP is planning a multicultural dinner and dance this fall, as well as a planed newcomer fair this spring, which will be promoted to newcomers.

From page SF5


EMC News - The Record News would like to reiterate some information regarding the Downtown Revitalization and Waterfront Integration Master Plan process. The details reported in the paper, including the recommendation

MY HEART beats for every friend, bleeds for every injury to humanity and throbs with joy at every triumph of truth. MY SOUL knows no fear but its own unworthiness. MY HOPE is for a better world through Civitan. MY MOTTO builders of good citizenship.




MY EARS hear the cry of children and the call throughout the world for peace, guidance, progress and unity. MY EYES search for others to join in fellowship and service of Civitan. MY MOUTH utters the call to daily duty and speaks prayers in every tongue. MY MIND teaches me respect for law and the flag of my country.


fund raising activities, you are helping to make your community a better place. Civitan has two districts in Canada, Canadian District East with 15 clubs and Canadian District West with 14 clubs. I am the Governor of Canadian District East and our clubs are Almonte, Aylmer, Brockville, Carleton Place, Chateauguay, Cobden, Kingston, Lakeshore, Lanark, Napanee, Pakenham, Pembroke, Perth, Petawawa and Smiths Falls Lyle Armstrong is the Governor of Canadian District West and their clubs are Agincourt, Barrie, Brampton, Burlington, Don Mills, Dundas, Halton, Kawartha Lakes, Kitchener/Waterloo, London/Middlesex, Midland, Mississauga, Oakville and Toronto Lung Transplant. We are also in 37 Countries: Bangladesh, Cameroon, Canada, China, Cote d’lvoire, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Liberia, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Slovakia, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom & United States. At the International Convention in Tallinn Estonia, July 2012, Bob Robinson of Perth Civitan became the third Canadian to be elected International President-Elect. The future of Civitan in Canada is only limited by the limits of our imagination. Our Civitan Creed I AM CIVITAN as old as life, as young as the rainbow, as endless as time. MY HANDS do the work of the world and reach out in service to others.


EMC News - If you have been thinking or are interesting in volunteering in your community I would like to invite you to be my guest in April at a Civitan club nearest you. Civitan was introduced to Canada in Hamilton, Ontario in 1925 thus making Civitan an international organization within eight years of chartering the first Civitan Club in Birmingham, Alabama. The main focus of the Civitan International is helping people with disabilities; each club operates autonomously, selecting projects which are suitable for their own area. My home club is Smiths Falls and we have two dinner meetings every month. Our next two meetings are Thursday April 4 and 18. I would be pleased to have you as my guest and introduce you to our members and share what we do for our community and what Civitan is all about. The Smiths Falls Civitan Club is a non-profit volunteer organization that serves the community of Smiths Falls and surrounding areas. Members of the Smiths Falls Civitan volunteer their time to raise funds and provide much needed services, as well as supporting and hosting community events throughout the year. Funds raised by the Smiths Falls Civitan go back to benefit the community by way of donations. Hall rentals, catering and bingos are not just a service to the community but an important part of fund raising for the club. The Smiths Falls Civitan Club has been very active in our community since it was chartered on April 4, 1964. When you support the Smiths Falls Civitan, whether by renting our hall, attending a bingo or supporting any of our


PLUS an ADDITIONAL $100 OFF from Burnside Windows

When you purchase a minimum of three North Star windows or one patio door. Single Hung U Double Hung U Slider U Casement U Awning U Bow U Patio

1536 Highway 2 West Brockville

Call us for details or go online to


to get your certificate Offer valid ‘til April 30, 2013 QUALITY WINDOWS AND DOORS. GREAT SERVICE. EXCEPTIONAL VALUE.

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a division of...


©2011 North Star Manufacturing (London) Ltd. All rights reserved.


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Lottery winner credits lotto’s charitable focus for her win By STACEY ROY

In the months of October, November, and December, for every new hearing aid purchased at the Madden Hearing Centre, the centre would donate $50 to the charity of the client’s choice. The entire campaign raised more than $10,000 for local charities in Perth, Brockville, Kemptville, Carleton Place, Almonte and Smiths Falls. Joining general manager Sheri Madden and her staff at the Smiths Falls location in Cornelia Court on Monday, March 4, are representatives from the Gerry Lowe Memorial Fund, Smiths Falls Lions Club, Smiths Falls Community Food Bank, Salvation Army, Smiths Falls citadel, Smiths Falls Community Hospital Foundation , Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lanark County, and Lanark Animal Welfare Society.

EMC News – Nancy Foster recently won $1.3 million (CAN) in the BiLLe Lottery (www.thebille. com) and she owes it all to her favourite television star and her desire to help others. It was while watching her favourite show Super Natural that she realized actor, Jensen Ackles was hosting a celebrity charity challenge in support of Down Syndrome through the BiLLe lotto. Foster’s family has been touched with the condition and so she felt she would vote for her favourite actor’s efforts to raise money for such a good cause and he won. From this single act of kindness Foster was granted four free plays from the BiLLe Lotto. “I’m a firm believer of pass it on. I believe it comes back I really do,” Foster said. That is certainly the case for this local woman. A spur of the moment pick of numbers resulted in the big win for this single mom. “I didn’t believe them. I thought they were scamming me,” Foster recalls of her initial reaction to the phone call telling her of the win. However, the lottery win came at a time when the local woman needed it most. Foster had been the victim of a credit card scam earlier and was

struggling to manage the bills on her disability income. “The bills were starting to pile up and I didn’t think I could keep up,” Foster said. In fact, the local woman had received calls from the hydro and gas company threatening to cut off their service just two weeks before her win. In such tight times, Foster felt she wanted to support Ackles charity and was impressed with the BiLLe Lotto’s support of many charitable organizations. “That’s what I really liked about it,” Foster added. “It’s not just to win the lottery it’s to help the lottery and help other people.” The local woman has received two lottery payments so far and still can’t believe her luck. “To me that was the hardest part was letting it sink in that I deserve it,” she said. Foster urges everyone to log on to www.thebille. com to learn more about the lottery and how they can help an array of charities through the celebrity charity challenge and general play. According to the website 10 per cent of sales goes directly to their charity pool with players able to vote on where they want to see the money go each week.

Support Small Business

Wendy Vincent of the Lanark Animal Welfare Society accepts her portion of the money raised from the Madden Hearing Centre campaign from general manager Sheri Madden on Monday, March 4.





Public Works Labourer Salary Range $12.75-$14.71/hr 2 labourers required to assist with grounds maintenance and various other activities performed by the Public Works department from June to September 2013. Qualifications: Must have valid drivers licence; willing to work indoors and outdoors; previous experience with lawn cutting equipment an asset; must be responsible, reliable and attending post-secondary school.

TAKE NOTICE that the Council of the Village of Merrickville-Wolford passed By-law No.11-13 on the 25th day of March, 2013 under Section 34 of the Planning Act, RSO 1990, as amended. TAKE NOTICE that any appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board in respect of the Zoning By-law Amendment must be filed with the Clerk of the Village of Merrickville-Wolford not later than the 24th day of April, 2013. A notice of appeal must set out the reasons for the appeal, and the specific part of the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment to which the appeal applies. A notice of appeal must be accompanied by a fee of $125.00 as prescribed by the Ontario Municipal Board. TAKE NOTICE that only individuals, corporations and public bodies may appeal the Zoning By-law Amendment to the Ontario Municipal Board. A notice of appeal may not be filed by an unincorporated association or group. However, a notice of appeal may be filed in the name of an individual who is a member of the association or the group on its behalf. TAKE NOTICE that no person or public body shall be added as a party to the hearing of the appeal unless, before the Zoning By-law Amendment was passed, the person or public body made oral submissions at a public meeting or written submissions to the Council or, in the opinion of the Ontario Municipal Board, there are reasonable grounds to add the person or public body as a party. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION relating to the complete Zoning By-law Amendment is available for inspection during normal office hours at the Clerk’s Office at 317 Brock Street West. DATED AT THE VILLAGE OF MERRICKVILLE-WOLFORD, THIS 26th DAY OF MARCH, 2013 Jill Eagle, CAO/Clerk Village of Merrickville-Wolford Telephone: 269-4791

Sizzling Summer Camp Program 2013 Summer Camp Program Director (Salary Range $12.75 – $14.71/hr) The successful candidate will be a self starter with enthusiasm and the desire to help local youth (age 6-12) experience a fantastic summer of fun and learning. The Program Director will be responsible for establishing a schedule of 8-10 summer programs which they will organize and operate. The successful candidate will be responsible for hiring assistants for the summer. 2 Summer Camp Program Assistants (Salary Range $9.60 - $14.71/hr) The successful candidates must be able to take direction, work well with others, be enthusiastic and enjoy working with youth (age 6-12). The Assistants will aid the Program Director to operate the summer program as needed and will supervise and coach children. For the Summer Camp, preference may be given to students involved in recreational / sports / children’s studies at a post-secondary institution. First Aid training and previous experience working with children will be an asset. Applications for all of the above positions will be received until 4:00 PM on Wednesday, April 17, 2013. The envelope or cover letter shall clearly indicate “Public Works”, “Camp Director”, or “Camp Assistant” and be addressed to: Village of Merrickville-Wolford 317 Brock St. West, P.O. Box 340, Merrickville, ON K0G 1N0 Attn: Jill Eagle, CAO/Clerk Fax: 613-269-3095 e-mail: We thank all of those who apply but only the parties invited for an interview will be contacted. Information is collected in confidence under the Freedom of Information Act. The Village of Merrickville-Wolford is an equal opportunity employer.


Small business provides jobs, tax revenues and many other contributions to our region.

EXPLANATORY NOTE The Zoning By-law Amendment affects all land within the Urban Area of Merrickville, as shown on Schedule B of comprehensive Zoning By-law No. 23-08, and which is located in any of the three Residential (R1, R2 or R3) Zones, including all vacant land that might be re-zoned in future to permit residential development. The Key Map below shows the urban area of Merrickville, outlined in a heavy black line, where the Amendment is applicable. The Zoning By-law Amendment adds new Zone Regulations to all three Residential Zones. These new Zone Regulations are intended to further regulate the height and mass of residential buildings so that they are more consistent with the character and appearance of the historic architectural styles of the village. Specifically, the Amendment: UÊÊVœ˜ÌÀœÃÊ̅iʓˆ˜ˆ“Õ“Ê>˜`ʓ>݈“Õ“Ê…iˆ}…ÌÃʜvÊÀœœvÃÊ on new residential buildings, and on additions to i݈Ã̈˜}ÊÀiÈ`i˜Ìˆ>ÊLՈ`ˆ˜}ÃÆÊ>˜`] UÊÊVœ˜ÌÀœÃÊ̅iʓ>݈“Õ“Ê}ÀœÕ˜`ÊyœœÀÊiiÛ>̈œ˜Êœ˜Ê˜iÜÊ ÀiÈ`i˜Ìˆ>ÊLՈ`ˆ˜}Ã]Ê>˜`ʜ˜Ê>``ˆÌˆœ˜ÃÊ̜Êi݈Ã̈˜}Ê residential buildings.

THE EMC - SF7 - Thursday, April 4, 2013


Merrickville Urban Area


Connected to your community

Looking Back 100 YEARS AGO - MARCH 25, 1913

The Princess Theatre has just been renovated. New comfortable chairs have been put in. Five ventilators have been installed and the crowds are breathing good air. The stage has just been refitted by a Toronto firm and the whole inside savors of good allows. The director of the public hospital said goodbye on Saturday evening to the Rev. Mr. Mackay who has been a valued member of the board since its formation. The steamer Antelope, which plied between Smiths Falls and Portland under Capt. Geo. Davis’ guidance is being put up at auction in the Davis dry dock, Kingston March 27th. 50 YEARS AGO – MARCH 28, 1963 Construction on the new Federal Building will begin Monday. Postmaster Leonard Aubin, informed The Record-News yesterday morning. It is expected that the work will be completed by the Abel Construction Company of Ottawa by March 1, 1964. Harold G. Smith of Portland and formerly of Smiths Falls, was singularly honoured by the local branch of the Canadian Red Cross Society last Wednesday evening when he was presented with a citation. The award officially recognized the fact that Mr. Smith has given more than 200 blood donations and thus has given outstanding service to his community.

Remember When

Ronald Stewart, principal of New Aberdeen School, has been named principal of Rideau Public School, effective September 1. This was announced during a special meeting of the Public School Board held late yesterday.

The general store of Williams & Vanluven at the southeast corner of Russell and Beckwith streets, as photographed circa 1905. The store catered mainly to the railroader population, and was situated on one of the town’s most busy intersections. (Photo courtesy Glenn J. Lockwood’s book Smiths Falls: A Social History of the Men and Women in a Rideau Canal Commu-

25 YEARS AGO - MARCH 30, 1988 Approximately 120 family members turned out to the Rideau Regional Centre (RRC) Saturday to give the administration a thumbs down to any future closing of the 35 year-old institution. Newly elected Ontario Public Service Employees Union local 436 president Mike Selvey said in a vote following an administration planned information session, 100 per cent of the parents in attendance turned down the idea of closing RRC. The reign of a beauty pageant winner is short but the memories last a lifetime. After winning Miss Smiths Falls and Miss Eastern Ontario honors, 19year old Sherry Turcotte will long remember 1987 as an experience in the limelight. “It’s been very exciting and the town has been very supportive,” she said.

nity, 1794-1994). The Record News welcomes any submissions. Please e-mail them to or by mail to PO Box 158, 65 Lorne Street, Smiths Falls, ON, K7A 4T1. Please include your name and return address so they may be returned to you.

Cadet program could be best kept secret in town

EMC Lifestyle - I attended the tribute that will see Vintage Wings split mess dinner – not to be confused with into three groups, including central, easta messy Easter dinner shared with my ern and western Canada. It will operate little two year-old niece who would from Vintage Wings bases in Calgary, rather have chocolate eggs than real Gatineau-Ottawa and Moncton, and will Weir View ones any day of the week. It was hostsupport RCAF Air Cadet Programs from ed by the 585 Squadron of the Royal coast to coast. Canadian Air Cadets as they celebratRuddick hopes to “leverage” two ased their latest achievements. tronauts to speak about the program to I was hanging out at the back of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch the local cadets. The lectures will be reinforced by taking over 550 air 95 and one of the cadets’ dads sat beside me. We chatted about the pro- cadets flying in BCATP aircraft that their RCAF forefathers learned to gram, and he said he was impressed. It was his son’s first year. “It’s such fly in. an incredible program,” said the dad. “My son has no problem with “Where schedules can be coordinated, other Vintage Wings assets giving them three days a week. He really enjoys it. This is Smiths Falls’ such as our F86 Sabre Hawk One, Spitfire, Mustang, P40, Corsair or best kept secret.” Hawker Hurricane would be on static display for motivational cockpit Guest speaker, Capt. Mike Ruddick of the Vintage Wings of Canada tours,” Ruddick said. enticed the cadets to take their core competencies in school (math, sciIn addition, Vintage Wings will offer “Fighter Reward” flights, if ence) to become pilots, as the air force will need a lot of them in the they can secure funding, in their P-51D Mustang and P-40 Kitty Hawk future. Ruddick said Vintage Wings of Canada which is a not-for-profit for top cadets. public charitable organization based at the Gatineau-Ottawa Executive For the Smiths Falls cadets, some two dozen or more of the 50 memAirport operates a fleet of 18 operational vintage aircraft. It costs $3.5 bers will have the opportunity to attend summer camp in Trenton this million annually to fund the program and that requirement comes from year. They will be selected based on their performance, participation, donations, fund raising and sponsorship. attitude and attendance. Ruddick said that in 2011 Vintage Wings of Canada had a fleet of “If selected for summer camp, the kids will have a lot of fun and single engine British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP). The come back and talk to the cadets about what they did at camp,” said captain spoke about the Yellow Wings which is a cross Canada air cadet Capt. Penney Irish. “It’s a wonderful opportunity for them.”


10 YEARS AGO – MARCH 26, 2003

Six months ago he said ground would be broken on a new SFDCI within three months. Now he is saying again, three months. But this time Gino Giannandrea says he means it. Once again Mildred Craig has tried to ban junk food from Ontario schools and once again she has come up short. The Brockville trustee and vice chair of the Upper Canada District School Board failed in her bid to lobby the Ontario government in providing only nutritional food in school. Compiled by: STACEY ROY

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CONNOR Marjorie “Maggie” (Payne)

HAPPY 50TH ANNIVERSARY Ron and Carol James Loving, Inspiring, Supportive, Generous, and Giving to family, friends and community. Please join us to celebrate the 50TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY of Ron and Carol James Open House Sunday April 14th, 1:30-4:00pm St. James Anglican Church Hall Drummond St., Perth No gifts please, donations of non-perishable food for The Food Community (Perth & Dist. Food Bank) welcomed. Brett, Supriya, Veda and Kiran

The family of Hazel Coote-Baker invite you to help celebrate her 80TH BIRTHDAY on April 6 at St. Andrew’s United Church Hall, Toledo 1-3 pm Best wishes only

HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY Alyson B. Love Daddy Miss You xoxox



DUNLOP George Booth “Doadie”

The children of Matt and Norma Hayes would like to invite everyone to an open house for our parents’ 60th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY on April 6, 2013 from 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. at the Roebuck Community Hall


March 29, 1919 - March 28, 2013 Slipped quietly away at Almonte Country Haven just before Easter, leaving memories of her wonderful sense of humour and lovely smile. Predeceased by her husband, George. Survived by her daughter Marion and son-in-law Murdock “Mert” Aucoin; her grandaughter Sarah (Brown) and Paul Desjardins of Old Perth Road; grandson Connor Brown and his wife Valerie Dessaulles, their son Theo Toby, and their baby-to-be, of Salmon Arm, B.C. She will be missed by those who knew her, especially Darron and Susan Aucoin of Alcove, Quebec, and Mike and Maureen Rivoche of Ottawa. A very special thank you to Dr. Anne Oldfield for all her years of care and to all the kind staff at Almonte Country Haven. Private funeral arrangements at Mum’s request, followed by interment at St. Mary’s Cemetery, Almonte. In memoriam donations may be made to the Heart and Stroke Foundation or the charity of your choice.


Hannah Olmstead-Wilcox April 2, 2013 HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY to our Beautiful Ballerina We love you xoxo Mommy, Daddy and Jake

HAPPY 75TH BIRTHDAY Mom Isabel Hope Family and friends come join in the celebration at the Carleton Place Legion April 14 from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. CARD OF THANKS


Veteran WWII 17th Duke of York’s Royal Canadian Hussars (7th Recce Regt.) Retired Bell Canada At Stoneridge Manor, with his wife by his side, on Monday April 1, 2013 at the age of 89. Loving husband and best friend of Ina Auclair “Peggy” for 63 years. Dear father of Dawn (Wayne Hynes), Doreen (John Riley), Nancy Dunlop, Bob and Bonnie Dunlop (Chris Burridge). Proud grandfather of 12 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by his brothers Bob and John and his sister Jean. Friends were received by the family at the Alan R. Barker Funeral Home, 19 McArthur Avenue, Carleton Place, on Wednesday April 3, 2013, from 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. Funeral service will be held in the Chapel Thursday at 1:00 p.m. with Rev. Fr. David Andrew officiating. Cremation to follow. For those who wish, a donation to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 192 Carleton Place would be appreciated by the family.


WEDDING Homestyle Ceremonies. Choose your location and have a meaningful relationship-based ceremony designed just for you. Judie Diamond, 613-375-6772.

Thank you, The Farrell Family

Fournier Lorraine W. Fournier Lorraine passed away surrounded by the love of her family, in hospital, Ottawa, on Friday, March 29th, 2013. Lorraine Fournier, of Perth, at the age of 80 years. She was the dearly loved daughter of the late Alva and Viola Wood (neé Millar). Very cherished wife of Peter Fournier, and treasured mother to Breck (Nancy) Fournier, of Perth, and Terry (Nancy) Fournier, of Peterborough. Wonderfully amazing Granny to; Trisha, Brandy (Mark) Cullen, Abbie, and Jason, and adored great-grandmother to Riley, Morgain, Victoria, Andrea, Cameron, Brooklyn, Patrick, Leila, and Breckin, and sadly missed by her great great grandson, Colton. Lorraine was the caring sister to Vietta (late Raymond) McInnis, of Plevna, and Yvonne (Walter) Sokoluk, of North Bay. Lorraine was also predeceased by her great-granddaughter, Fiona, and by her siblings; Bruce, Robert, Eldon, Elva, Shirley, and Viola (in infancy). A natural born educator, and ardent golfer, Lorraine surpassed everything that a wife, mother and grandmother could be. Lorraine will be sadly missed by her beloved Dakota, the family dog. Visitation was held on Wednesday, April 3, from the hours of 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the O’Dacre Family Funeral Home, 15 Victoria Street, Perth, followed by a service in the O’Dacre Family Chapel, at 1:00 p.m. There was a time for fellowship and refreshment, immediately following the service. Cremation has taken place with a private interment to be held at a later date. For those wishing, donations to the Canadian Diabetes Association or to the Ontario Heart & Stroke Foundation, would be appreciated. Mrs. Fournier’s funeral arrangements have been entrusted to the care of the O’Dacre Family Funeral Home, Perth. 613-267-3082


Monuments on display at 19 McArthur Avenue Carleton Place 613-223-3213


The family of Lillian Mackler invite you to join them in celebrating her retirement on April 14, 2013 from 2:00 - 6:00 p.m. at the B.V.M. Hall, Stanleyville family, friends and neighbours all welcome Best Wishes Only!


John Bowes


THANK YOU The Farrell family would like to thank everyone who came to celebrate the life of our dear Father, Son, Brother, Uncle and Cousin, Steven Douglas Farrell on Thursday, March 21st, 2013. It was a great tribute to him and also an absolute honour for his family to see and speak to all those who held him in such high regard. To all those who contributed to the Canadian Cancer Society and the Heart and Stroke Foundation in memory of Steve, we thank you. One thousand dollars for each charity was raised that night in cash alone. We cannot even begin to imagine how much more will be donated through cards and online, and for that, we would like to thank you too. On behalf of Steve, we would like to say that he would have been so pleased to see you all, and would have wished for nothing better than to have a drink with you, a laugh, and to make sure it would have been a night to remember. It certainly was for us.


THANK YOU Marjory Foster and her family would like to thank all of those who attended her 90th Birthday Party. Marjory felt richly blessed that so many came to celebrate with her. Special thanks to St. Paul’s UCW and all those who brought flowers, gifts and cards.

THANK YOU I wish to thank the many people who gave me and my siblings their love and support when our Mom (Nora Aubin) passed away on March 12, 2013. We will miss both Mom and Dad, but take comfort in knowing they are together once again enjoying their afternoon tea and a game of cribbage. Thank you for the cards and phone calls, and also to the CWL honour guard. Love Judy Aubin and family

THE EMC - 25 - Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Family of Donald Munro We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of our family and friends who helped us during the loss of Dad. The flowers, donations, friendship and support meant a great deal to all of us. A special Thank You to Tubman Funeral Home, the pallbearers and the staff at the Country Haven for all of their help. Sincerely Lois, Charles and Clark

IN MEMORIAM HALLIWELL, Fran - April 9, 1988. It’s hard to believe that it has been 25 years. We often will be sitting thinking of the time we had by a smile, a laugh or even a cry, but we only wish we could of had more time. We did cherish the time we had and love and miss you. Love your daughter Maryanne Duberville, sons Gary and Kevin and families

Kinkaid • Loney Monuments 613-223-3213




Providing services for Monument Sales and Lettering to New & Existing Monuments



Waugh Eleanor “Billie” Louise Jane (nee Kidd)

B.A. Queen’s University 1935 It is with great sadness we say a loving farewell to a wonderful lady, mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, great grandmother and friend who passed away at Maplewood Nursing Home in Brighton on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 in her 99th year. Much beloved wife of the late James Douglas ‘Doug’ Waugh B.A. Queen’s University 1935, and loving mother of Jo-Ann Graham (Don Carter) and John (Bonnie) Waugh. She was the proud Grandmother of Heather (Will) and Andrew Graham, James (Sarah), John (Jill), Andy and Mitch Waugh, Nicole (Greg) Betteridge and Alicia (Lindsay) Wight. A very proud Great -grandmother as well, she was ‘Grandma Too’ to Cathryn Graham and Alyxandra GrahamTaylor, and simply but appropriately ‘Great’ to Ava J, Tess Waugh, Torah and Devon Betteridge. She is also survived by her sister, Madge Flindall of Trenton. Eleanor is predeceased by her parents, Dr. George and Mrs. Hazel Kidd, her brother George and sisters Hazel and Mary Alice. Eleanor enjoyed 50+ years in Oshawa where she made many friends and taught high school at O.C.V.I. and O.C.C.I. Eleanor spent a few years at Carolina Suites Retirement Home in Perth, and her last almost 4 years at Maplewood Nursing Home in Brighton. To both Staffs, heartfelt thanks for all your care and kindness. In lieu of flowers, please spend a few minutes with an elderly loved one, or make a donation to a charity of your choice. There will be a “Celebration of Eleanor’s Life” at the home of her son, John, at a later date. Interment will be at the Cataraqui Cemetery in Kingston, alongside her husband, Doug. Blair & Son Funeral Home, Perth (613) 267-3765 to send your condolences or for further information visit

Hale George H. Hale

In hospital in Perth on Thursday March 28th, 2013 surrounded by the love of his family, George Herbert Hale at the age of 90 years. He was the cherished husband for 44 years of Jane (Erwin) Hale. Loved and respected father of Valery (Bruce) Wood, Wendy, Randy (Diane) and Trevor (Edith) Hale. Grandfather of Joshua (Julie), James (Christa), Samuel, Thomas and Lia. George will be sadly missed by his sister-in-law Eleanor (George) Gardiner, brother-in-law Harry (Jean) Erwin, their families and many friends. He was predeceased by his sister Marjorie (Alex) McNeil. Friends were received at the Blair & Son Funeral Home, 15 Gore St. W., Perth on Sunday March 31st, 2013 from 1:00 to 4:00 P.M. Funeral service was held in the Chapel Monday at 2:00 P.M. followed by a reception in the Blair & Son Family Centre. Interment, Scotch Line Cemetery. Those wishing to honour George’s life with a memorial donation are asked to consider Gideon Bibles or the Heart & Stroke Foundation. “With Christ which is far better” Young Funeral Home, Lanark (613) 267-3765 to send your condolences or for further information visit



Fournier Lorraine W. Fournier Lorraine passed away surrounded by the love of her family, in hospital, Ottawa, on Friday, March 29th, 2013. Lorraine Fournier, of Perth, at the age of 80 years. She was the dearly loved daughter of the late Alva and Viola Wood (neé Millar). Very cherished wife of Peter Fournier, and treasured mother to Breck (Nancy) Fournier, of Perth, and Terry (Nancy) Fournier, of Peterborough. Wonderfully amazing Granny to; Trisha, Brandy (Mark) Cullen, Abbie, and Jason, and adored great-grandmother to Riley, Morgain, Victoria, Andrea, Cameron, Brooklyn, Patrick, Leila, and Breckin, and sadly missed by her great great grandson, Colton. Lorraine was the caring sister to Vietta (late Raymond) McInnis, of Plevna, and Yvonne (Walter) Sokoluk, of North Bay. Lorraine was also predeceased by her great-granddaughter, Fiona, and by her siblings; Bruce, Robert, Eldon, Elva, Shirley, and Viola (in infancy). A natural born educator, and ardent golfer, Lorraine surpassed everything that a wife, mother and grandmother could be. Lorraine will be sadly missed by her beloved Dakota, the family dog. Visitation was held on Wednesday, April 3, from the hours of 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the O’Dacre Family Funeral Home, 15 Victoria Street, Perth, followed by a service in the O’Dacre Family Chapel, at 1:00 p.m. There was a time for fellowship and refreshment, immediately following the service. Cremation has taken place with a private interment to be held at a later date. For those wishing, donations to the Canadian Diabetes Association or to the Ontario Heart & Stroke Foundation, would be appreciated. Mrs. Fournier’s funeral arrangements have been entrusted to the care of the O’Dacre Family Funeral Home, Perth. 613-267-3082

McGILL JOHN RIVINGTON ‘Jack’ Passed away peacefully at the Almonte General Hospital surrounded by his loving family on Sunday, March 31, 2013. John McGill of Pakenham, age 89 years. Loving husband for over 62 years to Feryn. Missed by his two children; Steven (Marylea) and Dawn. Proud ‘Poppa’ of eight grandchildren; Michael, Dineen, Alyssa, Leah (Sean), David, Linea, Matthew, Eric and three greatgrandchildren; Kolby, Owen and Nevaeh. Also survived by three siblings; Hubert (Barbara), Lois Munro (late Donald) and Isobel Eastman (Stewart). Friends were received at the C. R. GAMBLE FUNERAL HOME & CHAPEL INC. 127 Church Street, Almonte, ON (613) 256-3313 for visiting on Wednesday, April 3, 2013 from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 PM. Funeral will be held Thursday, April 4, 2013 in St. Andrew’s United Church in Pakenham, ON. (2585 County Road 29N) Service at 11 AM. Rev. Debbie Roi officiating. Reception to follow. A special thanks to the staff at Almonte General Hospital for their dedicated care and support. Donations in memory of John may be made to the University of Guelph - Year 48 Library Archives. Condolences & tributes:



DARLING Steven Leslie Suddenly at the Ottawa Civic Hospital on Friday December 21st, 2012. Steven Leslie Darling age 60, of Smiths Falls. Born October 2nd, 1952 in Athens, at the home of his uncle and aunt, Tom and Evelyn Lawson, to Pearl (Lawson) Darling and the late Garnet Darling. Steven was raised in the Lyn area attending Lillies, Tincap and New Dublin Public Schools and went on to graduate from Thousand Islands Secondary School. During his school years, Steven worked on the area farms, and the old east bound 401 service center, he also did volunteer work at the Brockville Psychiatric Hospital. After graduation, he moved to Toledo and worked full time at Rideau Regional, for over 28 years. About 20 years ago he moved to Smiths Falls. Steven is survived by his wife Debbie Crawford and by a chosen son, Darcy Ruddock and his wife Bonnie of Gananoque. Steven also had the honour of being a loving and very proud grandpa to granddaughters, Stephanie and Amber Ruddock. Also surviving is his only sister, Linda Brown and husband Wayne, and a sister-in-law, Laurie Darling, he also leaves numerous nieces and nephews, and a large circle of friends. Predeceased by his father Garnet Darling, May 2012 and his older brother Larry 2011. Steven was a regular at the bingo halls in the area, and enjoyed spending time at the casinos. He enjoyed entertaining, playing cards and traveling and was known to be a good cook. In recent years he became involved with the Smiths Falls Civitan Club. Special thanks to Judson Funeral Home, Athens, for all their guidance and help. In keeping with Steve’s wishes, there was no funeral, a celebration of his life will be held at the Smiths Falls Civitan Club on Saturday May 4th, from 2 to 5 pm.

Monovan W.F. Bill Monovan

Bill passed away peacefully at the Perth hospital on Thursday March 28th. 2013 at the age of 102. Bill was predeceased by his wife Marion. Bill was a loving father to Peter and wife Lyn, and loving grandfather to Kelly and her husband Nick. He attended Dalhousie University and became a Professional Chemist. As part of the war effort he was solicited to join Alcan. He had a wonderful life with Alcan retiring at age 58, and enjoying the camaraderie of that group all thru retirement. He was an avid outdoorsman, canoeing, canoe racing, fishing and hunting were his passions. He had a lively and analytical mind with a great sense of humour. In his retirement years he became a cowboy. He loved his horses, Kay, Max and Rua the little red roan. He went to the barn every week, sharing riding and lessons with his bevy of ladies. He competed in cattle sorting and team penning with encouragement from all. The family would like to thank Dr Ross McLean, the caring staff at the Great War Memorial Hospital in Perth and Dad’s special nurses for their wonderful compassionate care. Visitation will take place at the O’Dacre Family Funeral Home at 10:00 am on April 9th, where a memorial service will follow at 11:30. Cremation has taken place, with a private interment to be held at Barrie Union Cemetery, Barrie. Those wishing to make donations are encouraged to do so to the Lanark County Therapeutic Riding Program. Mr. Monovan’s funeral arrangements have been entrusted to the care of the O’Dacre Family Funeral Home, Perth 613-267-3082. All are reminded of Bill’s philosophy on ageing—Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting… holy moley! what a ride!

C.R. Gamble Funeral Home & Chapel Inc. THE EMC - 26 - Thursday, April 4, 2013



Andress Catherine “Cathy” S. Andress (née Hase)

Passed away unexpectedly in hospital, Smiths Falls on Saturday, March 30, 2013 Catherine Sheila Andress at the age of 74. Loving wife and best friend of William “Bill” Andress of Smiths Falls. Devoted mother of Dan (Wanita) Andress of Smiths Falls, Terri (Jim) Andress-Mosley of Arnprior, Lisa (Marshall) Andress-Hogan, of Smiths Falls, Julie (Bryan) Andress-Wiltsie of Smiths Falls and Cory (Siobhan) Andress of Sydenham. Cathy is predeceased by her parents Charles and Kate (née Forge) Hase and her brother Dennis Hase. She will be fondly remembered by her 17 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren, her 5 nieces, 3 nephews, her sister Diane (William) Haig, her sister-in-law Joyce Andress as well as her many other extended family and friends. Friends were received at the Blair & Son Funeral Home, Smiths Falls, on Wednesday, April 3, 2013 from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p.m. Private family service will be held in the Chapel at a later date. Interment will take place at Hillcrest Cemetery at that later date. If desired, you are welcome to consider making a donation in Cathy’s memory to the Smiths Falls Hospital Foundation or the Canadian Diabetes Association.



Sodhi Eeva Mirjami Sodhi Eeva passed away after a brave struggle with cancer, surrounded by the love of her family, in hospital, Perth, on Tuesday, March 26, 2013. Eeva Sodhi, of McDonalds Corners, in her 75th year. She was predeceased by her parents, Urho and Aura Sairanen, (née Kurppa) and also by her son, Raoul, as well as her sisters Eila and Terttu. Eeva was the cherished wife for nearly 50 years, to Rajendera Sodhi. Loving mother to Erick, of Ottawa, and treasured grandmother to Shane and Mariah, Eeva was the caring sister to Pirjo Hemmila of Turku, Finland. A loving and caring lady, Eeva will be fondly remembered by families and friends in Finland, India, and Lanark County. To honour Eeva’s wishes, cremation has taken place. For those wishing, donations to the Lanark County Animal Welfare Society, in memory of Eeva, would be appreciated. Mrs. Sodhi’s funeral arrangements have been entrusted to the care of the O’Dacre Family Funeral Home, Perth 613-267-3082

Blair & Son Funeral Home, Smiths Falls (613) 283-2800 to send your condolences or for further information visit


Thomson Harold Ferguson Thomson

Passed away in the presence of his family at Perth Community Care Centre on Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 at the age of 82. Beloved husband for 59 years of Noreen Bernice (Gray) Thomson. Dearly loved father of Kathy (David) Truelove, Gary, Glenda (Bill) Walker, Ralph (Annette) and Susan (Paul) Lafosse. Cherished ‘Poppy’ of Erin (Daniel), Derek (Toni), Shannon (William), Fraser (Stephanie), Todd (Whitney), Kara-Anne (Chad), Kent (Shea), Dana, Blake, Ryan, Brandon (Andrea), Travis (Claudette) and Krista (Nick); great ‘Poppy’ of Ciann and Kathleen. Harold was predeceased by his sister Irene (Tom) Dobbie and his brothers John (Grace) and Ronald (Bette) Thomson. He will be fondly remembered by Noreen’s family and his many nieces and nephews. Friends were received at the Blair & Son Funeral Home, 15 Gore St. W. Perth on Sunday, March 31st, 2013 from 1:00 until 4:00 P.M. Funeral service was held in the Chapel on Monday at 10:30 A.M. followed by a reception in the Blair & Son Family Centre. Interment was then be held in Campbell Cemetery. In remembrance, contributions to the Great War Memorial Hospital Foundation or Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (C.H.E.O.) would be appreciated. Blair & Son Funeral Home, Perth (613) 267-3765 to send your condolences or for further information visit

The members of the Guatemala Stove Project are saddened to be bearers of bad news, its hard for us to believe too. At 33 years of age Carlos Garcia Garcia was killed in a motorcycle accident near Zunil on Thursday March 28, his funeral was Saturday March 30, 2013. He is survived by his wife Marta and daughter Estefany, his parents, brothers, and sisters. You know what a bright spirit Carlos was, full of positive energy and happiness. He lived near Perth in Tom and Rita’s home for 6 months and all were impressed by his joyful nature, kindness, and generosity. He was a young man full of dreams, plans and promise - he will be sorely missed. As details become known they will be posted on the Guatemala Stove Project Facebook page here GuatemalaStoveProject?fref=ts. The GSP will be sending some funds to help Carlos’ family. Donations can be made through our website online but should be followed up with a note to “info@” stating the funds are for Carlos. Cheques can be sent payable to the Guatemala Stove Project to Tom Clarke’s address with a note in the memo field mentioning “for Carlos”. 549 Brooke Valley Rd., Perth ON, K7H 3C6. Please give to help Carlos’ family at this difficult time.


IN MEMORIAM RING, Gary James In memory of a close friend who passed away March 16, 2002. Years have passed But you are always remembered Good times never forgotten Your friend David LaForce

MORRIS - In loving memory of our dear Mom, Grandmother and Great Grandmother, Pansy, who passed away April 5, 2002. Those whom we love go out of sight, But never out of mind; They are cherished in the hearts, Of those they left behind. Dearly loved and missed by your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren





Blair & Son Funeral Home, Smiths Falls (613) 283-2800 to send your condolences or for further information visit


Passed away peacefully at her home, on Friday, March 29, 2013 Rosemary L. McLachlin at the age of 59. Beloved wife and best friend of Bob. Rose is predeceased by her parents Mel “Mugs” and Doris (née Christie) Fisher. She is survived by her brother Steven (Carole), her sisters Bonnie, Tammy and Lori (Allan) as well as her sister-in-law Donna (Wayne). Rose will be fondly remembered by her many nieces, nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews, as well as her extended family and friends. Family and friends were received at the Blair & Son Funeral Home, Smiths Falls on Tuesday, April 2, 2013 from 11 a.m. until the time of the service in the Chapel at 1 o’clock. Interment will take place at United Cemetery, Carleton Place at a later date. For those who wish, memorial contributions may be made to either the Smiths Falls Hospital Foundation or to LAWS.

C.R. Gamble Funeral Home & Chapel Inc.

Blair & Son Funeral Home, Smiths Falls (613) 283-2800 to send your condolences or for further information visit





Pominville - In loving memory of my dear husband, sons and daughter, father, brothers and sister. Lorne passed away April 2, 1997; Weldon on March 15, 1959; Grenville on April 20, 1941; Hazel (Rigby) on December 29, 1996; and our son-in-law and brother-in-law, David Rigby on January 9, 1985. Oh happy hours we once enjoyed, How sweet their memory still, But death has left a loneliness, The world can never fill. Always loved and remembered by Katy, Glenn, Cahl and Lorna & families.

McCLINTOCK, Robert In loving memory of a dear husband, father and grandfather, who passed away April 2, 1988. This day is remembered and quietly kept No words are needed We shall never forget. May the winds of love blow softly And whisper for you to hear We will always love and miss you And wish you were here. We hold you close within our hearts And there you will remain To walk beside us all our lives Until we meet again. Forever in our hearts Hilda, Jeanette Breanne, Derek, Paula, Kallie and Cole

Peacefully, at The John M. Parrott Centre in Napanee on Sunday, March 31 2013, with family by her side. Lila Doris Vivian Crozier (née Thompson) of Napanee at age 87. Beloved wife of the late Lyle Crozier and dear mother of Bev Martin (late Bill); Ken Crozier; Lil Shaver (Gerry); David Crozier; Douglas Crozier and Christine Crozier. Grandmother of Lindsay Noyes; Justin Martin (Shannon); Nathalie Crozier; Michael Crozier; Rachael Crozier (Jay); Allison Crozier (Sam); Tanya Mallette (David); Kimberley Shaver (Jeremy); Jami Shaver (Jordan); Sean Crozier (Ashley); Traci Crozier (Renaud) and great-grandmother of Gavin and special great-grandma and friend to Kallysta. The family will receive friends at the HANNAH FUNERAL HOME in Napanee at 123 Dundas Street West (613-354-3341) on Thursday from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Service in the Chapel on Friday, April 5 at 11:00 a.m. Interment at Oxford Mills Cemetery in North Grenville at a later date. Memorial donations made to the John M. Parrott Centre or the Grace United Church or the Canadian Cancer Society would be appreciated by the family. Online condolences at IN MEMORIAM


WOOD In loving memory of Edward (Ted) Wood who passed away April 5th, 1984.

Loving and kind in all his ways, Upright and just to the end of his days, Sincere and kind in heart and mind, What a beautiful memory he left behind.

Jim, Jack and Families


Hanham, Jerry

Peacefully with his family by his side at the Gatineau Hospital, on Wednesday, March 27, 2013, at the age of 51. Loving father of Sierra. Dear son of Bette. Predeceased by his father William. Survived by his brothers Gregg and Richard and sisters Bonnie and Jane Drzewicki. Predeceased by brother John. Jerry will be missed by his nieces and nephews. Friends joined the family for the funeral service on Tuesday, April 2, 2013 at the Alan R. Barker Funeral Home, 19 McArthur Avenue, Carleton Place at 1 p.m. Spring interment at St. James Anglican Cemetery. For those who wish a donation to Pancreatic Cancer Canada, Suite 6562446 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 1A8 or First Tee, 4235 Rue Viau, Montreal, Quebec, H1T 2V2 would be appreciated by the family.


DAVIS Betty Passed away peacefully on March 31, 2013 surrounded by her loving family. Betty (nee Wilcox) of Ottawa, in her 92nd year. Loving wife of the late Harry Davis. Devoted mother to Dianna Hardy (Andrew), Leslie Davis, Alan Davis (Christine). Proud “Grandma” of Robert, Colin, Jeff, Andrea, Terilyn, James, Eric, Tanner and great-grandchildren Jessica, Kiefer and Kaleigh. Family and Friends were received at C. R. GAMBLE FUNERAL HOME & CHAPEL INC. 127 Church Street, Almonte, ON (613) 256-3313 On Wednesday, April 3, 2013 from 9am to 11am, a service followed in the Gamble Chapel at 11am. Spring burial at Auld Kirk Cemetery. Donations may be made in memory of Betty to the Heart and Stroke Foundation or the Canadian Cancer Society. Condolences & tributes:

Rose L. McLachlin (née Fisher)

Nobel A. Doyle

Peacefully at Broadview Nursing Centre, Smiths Falls on Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Nobel A. Doyle at the age of 82. Beloved husband of the late Isabel (Donahue) Doyle. Loved father of Lynn Woody (Wayne Gravelle) of Smiths Falls and Richard Doyle (Janice) Calgary. Sadly missed by his grandchildren Justin Woody, Jason, Rikki and Marshall Doyle and greatgranddaughter Aaron Lynn Doyle. Fondly remembered by his nieces, nephews, extended family and friends. Family and friends may pay their respects at the Blair & Son Funeral Home, 112 Beckwith St. N., Smiths Falls on Friday, April 5, 2013 from 12:30 p.m. followed by service in the Chapel at 2 p.m. Interment, Hillcrest Cemetery. In remembrance, contributions to the Lung Association would be appreciated.




4th 1969 - Stanley, Percy 1981 - Morrow, Emma Emelia 1989 - Halpenny, Albert Newton 2005 - Thom, Edith Kathleen(Kay) 2006 - Baby Ella Craig 5th 1987 - MacLean, Hazeldean 1991 - Morrow, Amanda Marie 1991 - McGregor, Patricia May 1996 - Bowden, Lenard Reginald (Reggie) 1997 - Sensenstein, Joseph (Joe) 1999 - Dease, Gladys Mary E. 2004 - Hooper, Leila Gertrude 2008 - Steele, Elsie Joan 6th 1969 - More, Winnifrid 1970 - Hughes, William Alfred 1981 - Scott, Walter 1982 - Box, John Erskine 1996 - Illingworth, Sylvia M. 2000 - Campbell, Willard 2000 - Collins, Laura May Reilly 2002 - Kazakoff, Viola Eleanor

also our way of saying “thank you” to the many families who have shown confidence in us since we came to Almonte in 1973. Some families are unable to visit this book on the anniversary of the death of those they love. For this reason we are proud to publish these names weekly as our way of saying…“We Remember”.

2006 - Royce, Eldon Melville 2009 - Jackson, Philip Arthur 2012 - Giles, Helen Evelyn 7th 1984 - Belford, Lottie Jean 1986 - Warren, George 2007 - Jardine, Marjorie Eileen 8th 1982 - Waddell, Kenneth Ernest 1982 - Ladouceur, Joseph Camille 2005 - Byrne, Gertrude Agatha (Gert) 9th 1990 - Deugo, John Wesley 2000 - Millar, Dora Emma 2009 - Racine, Irene Marion 2011 - Poaps, Gerald Elbourne 10th 1981 - Smithson, Charlotte Bernice Doris 1985 - Donahue, Desmond Andrew 1993 - Kirk, Kenneth John 1998 - Bickley, Lt. Col. The Rev. George F. 2003 - Norton, Josephine Lucy


McGOVERN, Jim – In loving memory of a dear husband who passed away April 6, 2012. A million times I’ve needed you, A million times I’ve cried, If love could have saved you, You never would have died. Things we feel most deeply, Are the hardest things to say, My dearest one, I loved you, In a very special way. If I could have one lifetime wish, One dream that could come true, I’d pray to God with all my heart, For yesterday and you. Missing you, Sharron

HELLYER, Nancy – In loving memory of a dear wife who passed away April 5, 2008. God saw you getting tired, And a cure was not to be, So He put His arms around you, And whispered “Come to Me.” With tearful eyes we watched you, We watched you fade away, Although we loved you dearly, We could not make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating, Hard working hands now rest, God broke our hearts to prove to us, He only takes the best. It’s lonesome here without you, We miss you more each day, Life doesn’t seem the same, Since you have gone away. When days are sad and lonely, And everything goes wrong, We seem to hear you whisper, “Cheer up and carry on.” Each time we see your picture, You seem to smile and say, “Don’t cry, I’m in God’s hands, We’ll meet again some day. Love Doug and family

THE EMC - 27 - Thursday, April 4, 2013



“WE REMEMBER” Just inside the main entrance of the C.R. Gamble Funeral Home is a book of remembrance. Each day we turn a page in the book. The names of those we have served are inscribed on that date along with the year in which they passed away. It is our way of honouring and remembering a life that was lived. It is




GAW, Joyce – In loving memory of a dear wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother who passed away April 4, 2012. I feel a warmth around me like your presence is so near. And I close my eyes to visulaize your face when you were here. I endure the times we spent together and they are locked inside my heart. For as long as I have those memories we will never be apart. Even though we cannot speak any more my voice is always there. Because every night before I sleep I have you in my prayer. Sadly missed every day Sam and families

McGOVERN, James – In loving memory of a dear grandfather who passed away April 6, 2012. In life loved and honoured, In death remembered. Sadly missed Andrew

ARMSTRONG, Judith, Mildred, 1955-2005 – In loving memory of a dear sister, sister-in-law, aunt and great-aunt who passed away April 7, 2005. You toiled so hard for those you loved, You said goodbye to none, Your spirit flew before we knew, Your work on earth was done. We miss you now, our hearts are sore, As time goes by we miss you more. Your loving smile, your gentle face, No one can fill your vacant place. Your life was love and labor, Your love for your family true, You did the best for all of us, We will always remember you. Remembered always Brian and Margo Armstrong Randy, Sarah, Tyler and Evan Armstrong, Stephanie (Armstrong), Ryan, Summer and Daylyn Imerson

LEMAY, Dave - In loving memory of a dear husband, father and grandfather who was tragically taken from us on April 6, 1999. This month comes with sad regret Brings back a day I will never forget, The blow was great The shock severe, Little I thought the end was near. No farewell words were spoken No time to say goodbye, You were gone before I knew it, And only those who have lost can tell The pain of parting without farewell. You left so suddenly Your thoughts unknown But you left memories I’m to own. Dearly loved, sadly missed and will always be remembered Terrie, Stacey and Geoff Christopher and Lindsay and grandchildren Owen and Isabelle


COMING EVENTS NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING For Carleton Place Municipal Non Profit Housing Corporation Monday, April 22, 2013 9 a.m. 105 Elizabeth Street Carleton Place, Ontario 613-257-4812

McPHEE, Diane- In memory of Diane who passed away March 25, 1953. It’s been 60 years since I held you, But you’ve never been out of my heart. I’ve missed you, But I knew that you were in God’s hands. Your Dad and sister have joined you now So I know you are not lonely anymore. You will always be with me in my heart and soul. Much love Mom, Murlin McPhee

M c G O N E G A L Remembering with love a very special mother, Hazel who passed away April 9, 2001. Sadly missed by Ken and Penny.

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EVOY, Matthew – loving memory of a d son, father, brother, u and friend who pas away March 30, 2007 Forever remembered missed by your family friends. You are very much lov and never forgotten b your family and friend ST. CYR - In loving memory of a dear husband and brother, Clair, who passed away April 4, 2012. My darling has gone to the Angels above Where there’s nothing but happiness, joy and love. Gone from this world, so full of strife Back to the God who gave him life. So let us not fret or wish him back again To go through the sorrow that comes to all men; But rejoice that God chose our Sweetheart for His own And has taken him back to His Heavenly home. Forever remembered and loved by wife Darlene and sister Thelma



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Windows not functioning? Computer running slow? Viruses, malware, blue screen? Come into Staples today for a Total Repair service. No upcharges, no hidden fees. Staples CARLETON PLACE 613-253-2400 ext 236

Staples SMITHS FALLS 613-283-3200 ext 236

Staples 302 Colonnade Dr. KEMPTVILLE 613-258-5900

Smiths Falls Air conditioned

613-283-0220 Store front retail space. Excellent location, downtown Carleton Place, near town hall. 613-867-1905.

FOR RENT 1 bedroom apartment, heat and water, fridge and stove included. Hydro extra. $600/month. 104 High St., Carleton Place. 613-257-3122.



Kemptville. Large renovated 1 or 2 bedroom, 1-1/2 bath duplex, available immediately, backs onto river. Pool, outdoor decks, second floor balcony. No pets. Non-smoker. $1,000/month utilities negotiable. Parking. DownBachelor Smiths Falls. town, on Water Street Across from G.T. Clean, beside Library and Courtquiet, adult building. In- house. 613-715-0616. cludes heat, parking and laundry. 3rd floor. 1st and Kemptville. Room mate last. No pets. $500 plus wanted to share 2 bedroom apartment, hydro. 613-283-9135. $400/month. Available now. 613-327-3666. Carleton Place, 1400 sq. ft. upstairs, 2 bedroom, $900 includes fridge, Large 2 bedroom apartstove and heat. 15 Frank. ment, Sunset Blvd., Perth. Close to schools and park. 4 appliances, laundry, Available immediately. Call swimming pool on site. Non-smoking unit. 1 Tom 613-257-2223. months free rent. $ 1 , 1 5 0 / m o n t h Carleton Place, 2 bedroom home on large lot. 519-221-8123. $1,200/mth. plus utilities. Non-smoker. No pets. Ref- Large ground floor apt. erences required. Smiths Falls. Seniors welcome, eat-in kitchen. Heat, 613-250-0519. hydro, stove, fridge, washCarleton Place, apartment er & dryer included with downtown, stairs, first/last garage. Walking distance month rent, references, no for shopping. $1,200/mth. smoking, no pets. Call Perry, (Weagle Realty Ltd.). 613-284-4191. 613-867-1905. Carleton Place apt., in lower level of bungalow. 2 bedrooms, bright and freshly decorated. Garage, yard, heat and hot water, appliances, laundry included. Non-smoking only. $875/mth. Available May 1. 613-256-6026. Carssridge Apartments, Smiths Falls, 2 bedroom, available immediately. 1095/month; 3 bedroom, $1,175/month, available June 1. Heat, hydro, cable included. In quiet security building with laundry. Call 613-283-9650. Code Apartments. Smiths Falls. Spacious, bright, 2 bedroom in clean, quiet, adult building. Fridge, stove, parking, laundry facilities. (613)283-7779.

3 bedroom duplex, Colonel By Luxury adult Smiths Falls. A newly apartments. Close to renovated, clean three County Fair Mall in bedroom, 2 floors. 7 Aber- Smiths Falls. Air condideen. Back yard, parking. tioning, exercise room, Looking for responsible party room, library and working family, by applica- elevator. 613-283-9650. tion. $950 per month plus gas, hydro, 1st and last. Couple for light duties and reduced rent of 2 bed613-283-9135. room apartment on 20 3 bedroom house, main acre estate lot (near floor only, fridge, stove, Smiths Falls). No children No pets. washer, dryer, heat, A/C preferred. included. Large yard. Am- Available May 15. Referrequired. ple parking. Walking dis- ences tance to all amenities in 613-283-3627. Kemptville. March 1/13. $1,100 plus hydro. Downtown Merrickville. Bright, renovated, 2 bed613-258-7803. room apartment, all 3 bedroom semi-de- utilities, washer, dryer, AC. building. tached house, Carleton Non-smoking Jim Place. Available June 1. $1,200/month. Fridge and stove included. 613-277-9018. Recently renovated. $1125 plus heat & hydro. Good Easton’s Corners, 2 bedSecond level. references required plus room. 1st and last months rent. Fridge, stove, dryer. $700 plus hydro. Free satellite. No pets. 613-257-4627. Avail. May 1. Almonte, 2 bedroom 613-283-4514. apartment, fridge, stove, washer, dryer, heat and Elgin, available immedihydro included. No pets. ately, two bedrooms, re$1,150/month. Available cently redecorated open May 1. (613)256-2919. concept 2nd floor apartment, close to stores and Almonte, Waterfront, 2 schools, $600. plus hydro, story, 2 bedroom. great lo- includes stove and fridge. cation. $920/mth + Abstainers, no pets. Call utilities. Available May 1st. 613-387-3308. Heather 613-256-7067 leave message. For Rent- 3 bedroom house & garage, centretown Perth. No pets, VEHICLES available May 1st. $740/month plus utilities. 613-267-4454.


2002 VW Beetle Auto, Loaded, Grey

$6,995 CL422744_0404

Financing & Warranties Available! THE EMC - 29 - Thursday, April 4, 2013



Ashley Chase Luxury Adult apartments overlooking the Tay River, near downtown Perth. Air conditioning, exercise room, entertainment room, library, elevator. 613-267-6980.



We computers

Corner of McGill & William Sts.

1 or 2 bedroom apt. second floor. Smiths Falls. Heat, hydro, stove, fridge, Dog obedience classes. shared washer & dryer inPuppy kindergarten, becluded with paved parking. ginners and advanced Close to down town. classes located at the FINANCIAL / INCOME TAX $950/mth. Call Perry Perth Indoor Pool and (Weagle Realty Ltd.), the Training Hall (just 613-284-4191. off the Carp Rd.). Spe- Personal tax preparation, cializing in training your over 40 years experience, 2 bedroom apartment 3 dog to be a better be- $35. ODSP or Social As- km from Perth, available haved family member. sistance with rent receipt April 1. No pets. No smokProfessional instructors only $20. Valerie Kerr ing. $550 plus utilities. Jim and Judy Stewart of 613-267-6708. Franktown 613-264-2993. True Companion Dog Road. 2 bedroom apartment, Obedience School, serving the Perth and area The Only Way, Personal downtown Smiths Falls. communities for over and Small Business Tax No parking. Hydro extra. 23 years. Gift certifi- Preparation. Certified and 613-267-7841. cates available. Professional, prompt and efficient service. Patricia 2 bedroom apartment for rent in Perth. Mature per(613)264-0203, or Hendry (613)267-5293 son (couple) preferred. 1(888)299-7185. (home). Answering service Parking included. $700 + utilities. No pets. Walking Doggie Bed & Breakfast. available. distance to downtown. Call In-home kennels, groom613-812-0809. ing, fenced activity park, nature walks. Lorna WANTED TO RENT 2 bedroom apartments (613)200-1952 or Looking for a studio or a 1 downtown Perth, May 1, (613)264-2203. & 1/2 bedroom apart- June 1. Clean, quiet, well ment. all inclusive with maintained building. Set your dog free with a parking and garage. $700-$725 plus hydro. Dogwatch Hidden Fence $ 6 0 0 / m o n t h . 613-207-1064. System. Service and in- 1-514-717-5029. stallation of any system. 2 bedroom half house, 60 1(800)647-3307. Victoria Ave., Smiths Falls, PETS off street parking, no pets, $750/month plus utilities. 613-283-2266.


Wanted- hay wagons for bale thrower. Contractor buys properties 613-326-0366. in need of repair or renovation for top cash price. LIVESTOCK Gerry Hudson, Kingston (613)449-1668 Sales Representative Rideau Town Burnbrae Farms Purebred and Country Realty Ltd, Bulls for sale. Two January Brokerage (613)273-5000. 2012 Black Angus bulls available. Contact Richard Wanted - furnace oil, will Hanna 613-341-2029. remove tank if possible. St. Jean’s Farrier SerCall 613-479-2870. vice. 613-283-1198.


EMC Classifieds Get Results!


Disability EquipmentWheelchair (Patriot Invacare), mint condition, $550; Expresso Lite adult walker (only used 4 months) $300; Bed rail, $50; Bathtub arm $25; Bath bench without back $25; Push walker $20. 613-267-4463 after 5:30 weekdays.



Perth - 2 bedroom, 2 story apartment in triplex. Porch & balcony, parking, snow removal, fridge, stove, washer & dryer all included. Walking distance to downtown. $885 plus hydro & gas. Available April 15. First & last months rent required. 613-267-2321 Perth- 1 ($620) and 2 ($700) bedroom apartments in modern, well maintained, centrally located building. Security/intercom system, modern, professionally maintained, laundry facilities. Parking included. Plus hydro. (613)298-2983. Perth, 1 bedroom second floor apt. Fridge, stove, heat included. Hydro extra. First/last months rent required. $535. 613-264-0002. Perth, 2 bedroom apartment, clean, adult building, laundry facilities, parking. Hydro extra. Available May 1. $ 8 0 0 / m o n t h . 613-283-5996. Perth, 2 bedroom apartment in quiet security building. Well looked after. Fridge, stove, parking, balcony. Laundry in building. $775/month plus hydro. No dogs. (613)349-9377. Perth- 2 bedroom apt. $700/month plus hydro. Clean, quiet secure building. Seniors welcome. Parking, laundry facilities available. 613-925-3046. Perth: 3 bedroom rowhouse, new 2-storey building, 2 large balconies, 2 large decks, open concept in tiled kitchen/dining/living room area, electric radiant in-floor heating (new energy efficient system) 1-1/2 baths, jet tub, coin laundry facility, free parking. Every room TV, internet and phone jacks. $1200/month, plus hydro, no extra water/sewage costs. Available May 1. 613-479-2164.

Perth duplex, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 4 appliances, deck, yard, storage shed, parking, $900/month, heat and water included. References, Gorgeous 1 bedroom with first and last months rent den, adult building in La- required. 613-267-7464. nark. Utilities, appliances, garage incl. No smoking or pets. $950.00, STORAGE 613-278-2878. Kemptville, 1 bedroom apartment, $750/month, includes heat. Hydro extra, no pets. (613)296-3455.


Kemptville- 105 George St W., fairly new, large, 2 bedroom basement apartment with appliances. $800/plus hydro. Available immediately. 613-258-7931.

Indoor storage of all sizes Outdoor storage also available 613-285-5507 Smiths Falls 613-264-0213 Perth

Smiths Falls





FOR RENT Smiths Falls 2 bedroom upstairs apt. $800. Heat and hot water included. Quiet adult occupied building. Laundry services onsite. 613-264-9695.

Perth- large 1 bedroom apt. Quiet location. Utilities and parking included. No smoking. No pets. Perfect for seniors. $750. Available May 1. 613-267-9584. Smiths Falls- Available April lst. 2 bedroom upper Perth. Large 2 bedroom, apartment in quite neighclean. Quiet, secure build- borhood. $650/month plus ing. Near pool and all utilities. Call amenities. No dogs. 613-283-7000. Available June 1. 613-267-6940. Smiths Falls. Bachelor apartment, available May Perth: new senior luxu- 1, no pets, no smoking, ry rental rowhouse ap- single female preferred. Graham prox. 1550 sq. ft. up to Call 3 bedroom, 50 years 613-283-0865. and over, new 2-story building, 2 large balco- Smiths Falls- Big and tonies, 2 large decks, tally renovated insulated 3 open concept in tiled bedroom up and down kitchen/dining/living semi-detached. Driveway, room area, electric radi- small yard, no pets, nonant in-floor heating smoking. Available March (new energy efficient 1. $1,050 plus utilities. system) 1-1/2 baths, jet First/last. References retub, coin laundry fa- quired. 613-342-0829. cility, free parking. Every room TV, internet Smiths Falls, small 1 bedand phone jacks, room apartment. Profes$1200/month, plus hy- sionally renovated, quiet dro, no extra wa- adult building, $595 plus ter/sewage costs. hydro. Heat included. Available May 1. 613-220-0698. 613-479-2164. Perth, one bedroom apartment, fridge, stove included, $650/month plus heat, hydro Free parking No pets. No smoking. 613-264-9153 leave message. Rent-to-own- Kemptville area. Beautiful brand new home, cathedral custom kitchen with island, fireplace, deck, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom. Bad credit okay. R e c o r d i n g : 1-888-540-4835.

ROOM / BOARD Carleton Place, private room for elderly or mentally challenged people. For more information call Lisa 613-253-0853.


Young family of 5 looking to purchase a home in or around Smiths Falls. Can be a single home, duplex or tri-plex, turn-key or handyman special. No agents preferrably, a private sale. Please call Richmond townhouse, 613-283-7195. May 1st. Family community on Jock River. 3 bedPERSONAL room 1.5 bath, parking. $1175/mos plus utilities 613-791-5674. Alcoholics Anonymous Pet/smoke-free. (613)284-2696. Shamrock Apartments, Are you concerned about Perth, 1 bedroom, drinking? $620/month includes heat. someone’s Hydro extra. No smoking, There is help available for you in AL-ANON/Alateen. no pets. 613-264-8380. Call 613-284-6100, 272-3105, Smiths Falls, 1 bd apt in 257-3138, 826-2566, secure building, includes 203-3713, 283-5038. all utilities. $725, 41 Center St., Smiths Falls. 613-283-1721 Male 65 seeks female 60+ for long term and possibly marriage. 613-622-5887. Smiths Falls. 1 bedroom apartment, ground floor, Overeaters Anonymous centrally located, available 613-264-5158 immediately. No pets. No smoking. Call Graham 613-283-0865, VACATION/COTTAGES Smiths Falls- 1 bedroom upstairs apartment, approx 1,000 sq. ft., downtown, clean, $725 all inclusive. 613-720-7991. Smiths Falls, 2 bedroom apartment, washer, dryer, fridge, stove, parking. No pets. Non-smoking. First and last. $746 plus hydro. Available May 1. 613-342-0829. Smiths Falls. 2 bedroom apt. 2nd floor. Adults only. No smoking, no pets. Available immediately. Graham (613)283-0865.


Bellamy Park Campground- we have lots of great seasonal sites available for 2013. Call 613-275-2361 for pricing and other options or check us at http://www. and find us under the Visitor tab.

HELP WANTED Antique Diningroom Set. Red oak, 105 years old. Buffet, china cabinet, 6 chairs, table extends 2 leaf’s, very good condition, $3,000. 613-624-5277.

Welder Fabricator required by custom welding shop located near Almonte, ON.

Experience in gates, stairs, railings and custom fabrication with installation experience would be an asset.

Please fax resume to 613-256-9308 or email

ELECTRICIANS Licensed and registered apprentices with experience in commercial installations. Please send resume to: Box NP c/o the EMC

P.O. Box 158, Smiths Falls, ON K7A 4T1


Sales & Service Seeking a

Come On Board! Join the South East CCAC Board of Directors

Licensed 310T Truck Technician

Interested in giving back to your community? The South East Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) is seeking applicants to its volunteer Board of Directors, in particular from the Hastings and Prince Edward County, North Hastings or Quinte West area.

UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x2022;Â?Â?Ă&#x160;/Â&#x2C6;Â&#x201C;iĂ&#x160;*Â&#x153;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC; UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;`>Ă&#x17E;Â&#x2021;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;`>Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;n>Â&#x201C;Â&#x2021;xÂŤÂ&#x201C; UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x160;6>Â?Â&#x2C6;`Ă&#x160; Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x203A;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2C6;ViÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;i UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x2022;Â?Â?Ă&#x160; iÂ&#x2DC;iwĂ&#x152;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160; >Ă&#x203A;>Â&#x2C6;Â?>LÂ?iĂ&#x160;>vĂ&#x152;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x17D;Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;Ă&#x192; UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160;7>}iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x152;Â&#x153;Ă&#x160;LiĂ&#x160;Â&#x2DC;i}Â&#x153;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;>Ă&#x152;i`Ă&#x160;L>Ă&#x192;i`Ă&#x160; Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x192;Â&#x17D;Â&#x2C6;Â?Â?Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160;ViĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;wV>Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x192;

CCACs help people of all ages ďŹ nd their way through the health system. We support people to go home from hospital, help seniors live safely in their communities, help children with complex chronic diseases to go to school, help dying people stay at home with their families, and help people navigate the health system to connect with the care they need. The South East CCAC is a multi-site organization (head ofďŹ ce in Kingston), with over 300 employees and 1,500 contracted provider staff. On a day-to-day basis the South East CCAC serves over 11,500 people in the communities from Bancroft to Smiths Falls in the North and from Brighton to Brockville in the South and span a diverse demographic population of 500,000 in both rural and urban centres.

Â?Â?Ă&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x20AC;iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x152;i`Ă&#x160;>ÂŤÂŤÂ?Â&#x2C6;V>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160; Ă&#x192;Â&#x2026;Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Â?`Ă&#x160;Ă&#x192;iÂ&#x2DC;`Ă&#x160;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;iÂ&#x2C6;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;,iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x2022;Â&#x201C;iĂ&#x160; LĂ&#x17E;Ă&#x160;iÂ&#x201C;>Â&#x2C6;Â?Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;v>Ă?

Some of the skills and expertise we are seeking in our Board members: CL427380_0328

UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x153;Ă&#x153;Â?i`}iĂ&#x160;>Â&#x2DC;`Ă&#x160;VÂ&#x153;Â&#x201C;Â&#x201C;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x152;Â&#x201C;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x152;Â&#x153;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;iĂ&#x160;Â&#x2026;i>Â?Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;Ă&#x160;V>Ă&#x20AC;iĂ&#x160;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;iÂ&#x201C;Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2DC;`Ă&#x160;Ă&#x152;Â&#x153;Ă&#x160;ÂľĂ&#x2022;>Â?Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;vĂ&#x160;V>Ă&#x20AC;i for clients of the South East CCAC UĂ&#x160; Ă?ÂŤiĂ&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;iÂ&#x2DC;ViĂ&#x160;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;>Ă&#x160;VÂ&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;ÂŤÂ&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;>Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x160;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;ÂŤĂ&#x2022;LÂ?Â&#x2C6;VĂ&#x160;vĂ&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;`i`Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160;LÂ&#x153;>Ă&#x20AC;` UĂ&#x160;LÂ&#x2C6;Â?Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x152;Â&#x153;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x153;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x17D;Ă&#x160;ivviVĂ&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x203A;iÂ?Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;>Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;>Ă&#x160;`Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x20AC;iVĂ&#x152;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2DC;`Ă&#x160;>Ă&#x192;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x2022;Â&#x201C;iĂ&#x160;Â?i>`iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2026;Â&#x2C6;ÂŤĂ&#x160;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x153;Â?iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x153;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;>Ă&#x160;LÂ&#x153;>Ă&#x20AC;`Ă&#x160;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x2022;VĂ&#x152;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;i UĂ&#x160;i}>Â?Ă&#x160;Â&#x17D;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x153;Ă&#x153;Â?i`}iĂ&#x160;>Â&#x2DC;`Ă&#x160;iĂ?ÂŤiĂ&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;iÂ&#x2DC;Vi UĂ&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;>Â&#x2DC;VÂ&#x2C6;>Â?Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2DC;`Ă&#x160;LĂ&#x2022;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;L>VÂ&#x17D;}Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;` UĂ&#x160;Â&#x2DC;vÂ&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x201C;>Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;Â&#x201C;>Â&#x2DC;>}iÂ&#x201C;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x192;Â&#x17D;Â&#x2C6;Â?Â?Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2DC;`Ă&#x160;iĂ?ÂŤiĂ&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;iÂ&#x2DC;ViĂ&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160;VÂ&#x153;Â&#x201C;ÂŤĂ&#x2022;Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;>ÂŤÂŤÂ?Â&#x2C6;V>Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192; UĂ&#x160;*Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x153;VĂ&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;iÂ&#x201C;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2DC;`Ă&#x160;VÂ&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;>VĂ&#x152;Ă&#x160;Â&#x201C;>Â&#x2DC;>}iÂ&#x201C;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;iĂ?ÂŤiĂ&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;iÂ&#x2DC;Vi UĂ&#x160; Â&#x2C6;Â?Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x2022;>Â?Ă&#x160;­ Â&#x2DC;}Â?Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2026;Ă&#x2030;Ă&#x20AC;iÂ&#x2DC;VÂ&#x2026;ÂŽ

Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;vÂ&#x153;JĂ&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;>Â&#x2C6;Â?iĂ&#x20AC;VÂ&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x17E;°V> *Â&#x2026;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;i\Ă&#x160;Ă&#x2C6;ÂŁĂ&#x17D;Â&#x2021;Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x2C6;Ă&#x2021;Â&#x2021;Ă&#x17D;xnäĂ&#x160; >Ă?\Ă&#x160;Ă&#x2C6;ÂŁĂ&#x17D;Â&#x2021;Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x2C6;Ă&#x2021;Â&#x2021;{Â&#x2122;xn Only those candidates selected for interview will be contacted

Interested in joining the South East CCAC Board? For more information and to apply online, please visit us at, or submit a completed resume and covering letter by April 19, 2013 to: CL427348_0404

Beverley Townsend, Chair, Governance Committee c/o Johanne Kot, Executive Assistant Phone: 613-544-8200 Ext. 4241 Email:

AZ DRIVERS, Many fleet options at Celadon Canada. Dedicated Lanes; lifestyle fleet with weekends off: Intra-Canada or International. O/O and Lease opportunities. Join our success. Call 1-855-818-7977 Bobâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fresh Cut Fries in Merrickville hiring cook for weekends and evenings. Call Sarah 613-897-2627. Desktop publishing position, full-time, to work with medium-size print and sign company. Experience required. Carleton Place. Apply: Experienced Carpenter needed for construction firm. Must have valid drivers license. Company is based in the Village of Westport. Please send Resume by email only to: First Choice Haircutters requires part time stylist in Carleton Place, guaranteed hourly wage, profit sharing, paid vacation, benefits. Please call Pam, Carleton Place 613-253-8841. Handyman needed, general maintenance in apartment housing facility. Basic knowledge of make ready painting, electrical and grounds maintenance needed. Up to 20 hours per week. Own tools. Email resume to: or mail to Five Arches, P.O.Box 249, Pakenham, ON K0A 2X0.

Looking for a part time

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Luxury Riverfront Retirement Suites Carolina Retirement Suites is seeking full time Cooks and casual & part time Dietary Aides and PSW/Attendants. s7ORKSWELLUNDERPRESSURE TOMEETDEADLINES s!BLETOWORKINDEPENDENTLY s!VAILABLEFORVARIOUSSHIFTS ANDCALLIN 0LEASESENDRESUMETO %MAILMBRANDRICK CAROLINASUITESCA CL427385_0404


is looking for an

for light custodial work


(Industrial only)

Salary Based on Experience

Please fax resume to: 613-283-6850 or drop off at 52 Abbott St. N., Smiths Falls

Requires the following:

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Bilingual administrative assistant and sales representative AZ truck drivers with forklift experience an asset

Email resume to

iĂ&#x160; - Ă&#x160;`Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x160;-Ă&#x2022;`Â&#x2021; Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;>Ă&#x160;`iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;LĂ&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;i>Ă&#x2022;Ă?Ă&#x160;`>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;ÂŤÂ?Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2C6;iĂ&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;iÂ&#x201C;ÂŤÂ?>ViÂ&#x201C;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;­LĂ&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;i>Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x160;ViÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;>Â?Ă&#x160;DĂ&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;ÂŽĂ&#x160;iĂ&#x152;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Â?Ă&#x160; VÂ&#x153;Â&#x201C;ÂŤĂ&#x152;iĂ&#x160;ÂŤÂ?Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;`iĂ&#x160;Ă&#x17D;ääĂ&#x160;iÂ&#x201C;ÂŤÂ?Â&#x153;Ă&#x17E;jĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x160;ÂľĂ&#x2022;iĂ&#x160;ÂŁĂ&#x160;xääĂ&#x160;vÂ&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x192;iĂ&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;`iĂ&#x160;Ă&#x192;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x203A;Â&#x2C6;ViĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x20AC;iĂ&#x152;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;DĂ&#x160;VÂ&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;>Ă&#x152;°Ă&#x160; iĂ&#x160;Â?Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x160; iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;Â?Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;]Ă&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Â?Ă&#x160;Ă&#x192;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;ÂŤÂ?Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;`iĂ&#x160;ÂŁÂŁĂ&#x160;xääĂ&#x160;ÂŤiĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2DC;iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;`>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;iĂ&#x160;Ă&#x20AC;j}Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;ÂľĂ&#x2022;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x192;½jĂ&#x152;iÂ&#x2DC;`Ă&#x160;`iĂ&#x160; >Â&#x2DC;VĂ&#x20AC;Â&#x153;vĂ&#x152;Ă&#x160;Â?Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x192;ÂľĂ&#x2022;½DĂ&#x160;-Â&#x201C;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160; >Â?Â?Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;`>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â?iĂ&#x160; Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;`]Ă&#x160;ÂŤĂ&#x2022;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;`iĂ&#x160; Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;}Â&#x2026;Ă&#x152;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;Â?Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x192;ÂľĂ&#x2022;½DĂ&#x160; Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x153;VÂ&#x17D;Ă&#x203A;Â&#x2C6;Â?Â?iĂ&#x160;`>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â?iĂ&#x160;-Ă&#x2022;`]Ă&#x160;Ă&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;iĂ&#x160;Ă&#x20AC;j}Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;`½Ă&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;iĂ&#x160;}Ă&#x20AC;>Â&#x2DC;`iĂ&#x160;Ă&#x203A;>Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;jĂ&#x152;jĂ&#x160; `jÂ&#x201C;Â&#x153;}Ă&#x20AC;>ÂŤÂ&#x2026;Â&#x2C6;ÂľĂ&#x2022;iĂ&#x160;iĂ&#x152;Ă&#x160;`Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;Â?iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;xääĂ&#x160;äääĂ&#x160;Ă&#x20AC;jĂ&#x192;Â&#x2C6;`iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x192;iĂ&#x160;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x203A;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;`>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;`iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;VÂ&#x153;Â&#x201C;Â&#x201C;Ă&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;>Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x152;jĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;>Â?iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;>Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x160;LÂ&#x2C6;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x160; ÂľĂ&#x2022;iĂ&#x160;`>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;`iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;ViÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;L>Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;° iĂ&#x160;VÂ&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;iÂ&#x2C6;Â?Ă&#x160;`½>`Â&#x201C;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;>Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;`Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x160; - Ă&#x160;`Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x160;-Ă&#x2022;`Â&#x2021; Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;VÂ&#x2026;iĂ&#x20AC;VÂ&#x2026;iĂ&#x160;`iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â&#x201C;iÂ&#x201C;LĂ&#x20AC;iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;>Ă&#x17E;>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;Â?½iĂ?ÂŤjĂ&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;iÂ&#x2DC;ViĂ&#x160;iĂ&#x152;Ă&#x160;Â?iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160; compĂŠtences suivantes :


Custodial Person

iÂ?>Ă&#x160;Ă&#x203A;Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;jĂ&#x20AC;iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x192;iÂ&#x2021;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2C6;Â?Ă&#x160;`iĂ&#x160;`Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2DC;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x20AC;iĂ&#x152;Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;DĂ&#x160;Ă&#x203A;Â&#x153;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;iĂ&#x160;VÂ&#x153;Â&#x201C;Â&#x201C;Ă&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;>Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x152;jÂśĂ&#x160;iĂ&#x160; iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;iĂ&#x160;`½>VVmĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;>Ă&#x2022;Ă?Ă&#x160;Ă&#x192;Â&#x153;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160; VÂ&#x153;Â&#x201C;Â&#x201C;Ă&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;>Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x152;>Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x20AC;iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;­ - ÂŽĂ&#x160;`Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x160;-Ă&#x2022;`Â&#x2021; Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;VÂ&#x2026;iĂ&#x20AC;VÂ&#x2026;iĂ&#x160;`iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;V>Â&#x2DC;`Â&#x2C6;`>Ă&#x152;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;ÂŤÂ&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x192;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;VÂ&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;iÂ&#x2C6;Â?Ă&#x160;`½>`Â&#x201C;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;>Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160; LjÂ&#x2DC;jĂ&#x203A;Â&#x153;Â?i]Ă&#x160;ÂŤĂ&#x20AC;Â&#x153;Ă&#x203A;iÂ&#x2DC;>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;ÂŤ>Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;VĂ&#x2022;Â?Â&#x2C6;mĂ&#x20AC;iÂ&#x201C;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;`iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;VÂ&#x153;Â&#x201C;Ă&#x152;jĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;`iĂ&#x160;>Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;iĂ&#x152;Ă&#x160;`iĂ&#x160;*Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;ViĂ&#x160; `Ă&#x153;>Ă&#x20AC;`]Ă&#x160;`iĂ&#x160; Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;Ă&#x160; Hastings et de Quinte West. iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160; - Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2C6;`iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;Â?iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;}iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;`iĂ&#x160;Ă&#x152;Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;@}iĂ&#x160;DĂ&#x160;Ă&#x192;iĂ&#x160;Ă&#x20AC;iĂ&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x203A;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;`>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â?iĂ&#x160;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;mÂ&#x201C;iĂ&#x160;`iĂ&#x160;Ă&#x192;>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;j°Ă&#x160; Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2C6;`Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â?iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160; clients hospitalisĂŠs Ă regagner leur domicile, nous aidons les aĂŽnĂŠs Ă  vivre en sĂŠcuritĂŠ dans leurs VÂ&#x153;Â&#x201C;Â&#x201C;Ă&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;>Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x152;jĂ&#x192;]Ă&#x160;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2C6;`Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â?iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;iÂ&#x2DC;v>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;ÂľĂ&#x2022;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;`iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â&#x201C;>Â?>`Â&#x2C6;iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;VÂ&#x2026;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2C6;ÂľĂ&#x2022;iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;VÂ&#x153;Â&#x201C;ÂŤÂ?iĂ?iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;DĂ&#x160;vĂ&#x20AC;jÂľĂ&#x2022;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x160; Â?½jVÂ&#x153;Â?i]Ă&#x160;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2C6;`Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â?iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;ÂŤiĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2DC;iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â&#x201C;Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;DĂ&#x160;Ă&#x20AC;iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;VÂ&#x2026;iâĂ&#x160;iÂ?Â?iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;>Ă&#x2022;ÂŤĂ&#x20AC;mĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;`iĂ&#x160;Â?iĂ&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;v>Â&#x201C;Â&#x2C6;Â?Â?iĂ&#x192;]Ă&#x160;iĂ&#x152;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160; >Â&#x2C6;`Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â?iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;}iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;DĂ&#x160;Â&#x2DC;>Ă&#x203A;Â&#x2C6;}Ă&#x2022;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;`>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â?iĂ&#x160;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;mÂ&#x201C;iĂ&#x160;`iĂ&#x160;Ă&#x192;>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;jĂ&#x160;ÂŤÂ&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;LĂ&#x152;iÂ&#x2DC;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;Â?iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x192;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x203A;Â&#x2C6;ViĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;`Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Â?Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;LiĂ&#x192;Â&#x153;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;°



Ă&#x20AC; vos marques! PrĂŞts? Participez! Devenez membre du conseil dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;administration du CASC du Sud-Est





1 WAREHOUSE PERSON Please submit resumes to: P.O. BOX 354 PERTH, ONTARIO K7H 3E4 or drop off resume in person to 38 Lanark Rd., Perth

Rideau Community Health Services RCHS IS SEEKING BOARD VOLUNTEERS Rideau Community Health Services (RCHS) is a fully accredited, non-profit, communitygoverned organization representing Smiths Falls Community Health Centre, Rideau Valley Diabetes Services and Merrickville District Community Health Centre. RCHS is a vibrant organization which oversees the provision of a broad range of services (including primary health care, health promotion, diabetes education, etc.) in support of the health and well-being of members of our communities. We require Board Members with: knowledge of the community, particularly Smiths Falls; a wish to learn more about health and social support services; and a desire to improve the health and well-being of all members of our communities. Experience with: a non-profit board, financial oversight, program evaluation or the high tech sector would be helpful. The Board meets monthly in either Merrickville or Smiths Falls. Potential board members need to live, work or volunteer in Lanark or Leeds and Grenville, and be over 18 years of age. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re interested in contributing to our communities in a meaningful manner, then we invite you to submit a brief rĂŠsumĂŠ, by April 19th, to the Nominating Committee, RCHS, PO Box 550, Merrickville, ON, K0G 1N0 or by email to For more information please visit our website at or contact Peter McKenna, Executive Director, at 613-269-3400, extension 224. RCHS is supported by the South East Local Health Integration Network (SE LHIN), the Ministry of Community and Social Services and by the people and communities we serve. CL427530/0404

THE EMC - 30 - Thursday, April 4, 2013

Do you enjoy working outside? We are looking for responsible, mature, hard-working individuals for our busy landscaping company


Landscape & Grass Cutting Foreman Will train, must have a valid â&#x20AC;&#x153;Gâ&#x20AC;? license and provide driverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s abstract. Must be willing to work in all weather conditions. Some experience required.

Experienced excavations and site servicing/sewer Foreman and Labourers wanted. GPS layout and grades experience will be an asset. Permanent position at Perth location. Apply via email to Jim Ghinn or call 613-267-4265



R.E. HANNA PAVING requires

Labourers, Experienced Asphalt Rakers, Experienced Mini-Grader & Mini-Backhoe Operator, Experienced AZ Truck Drivers, Experienced Asphalt Roller Operator.


Wages to be negotiated depending on experience. Work to commence May 6th weather permitting.

Delivery Driver: Operation & Maintenance of Trucks and Heavy Equipment, will involve some manual labor. Must have DZ license.

Forward resumes to: 142 Pick Rd. Carleton Place, ON, K7C 3P1 Tel: 613-253-3467 Fax: 613-253-7462


Fax Resume: 613-283-6850 or drop off at Ontrac, 52 Abbott St. N., Smiths Falls 0404.CLR425212


Floral Design Landscaping



for the 2013 season. Call 613-761-0952 to arrange an interview or send your resume to

Â&#x201C;>Â&#x2C6;Â?Ă&#x160;Ă&#x20AC;iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x2022;Â&#x201C;iĂ&#x160;Ă&#x152;Â&#x153;\ Ă&#x192;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x203A;Â&#x2C6;ViJĂ&#x20AC;>Â?Â?Ă&#x17E;Â&#x2026;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;`>°VÂ&#x153;Â&#x201C; or fax to 613-283-0673 HELP WANTED!!! $28/hour. Undercover Shoppers Needed to judge retail and dining establishments. Genuine opportunity. PT?FT experience no required. If you can shop you are qualified!







UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x160;,iĂ&#x17E;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x153;Â?`Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160;,iĂ&#x17E;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x153;Â?`Ă&#x192; experience preferred but not required UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x152;Â&#x153;Ă&#x160;ÂŤ>Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2DC;`Ă&#x160;Ă&#x192;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x203A;Â&#x2C6;Vi experience preferred UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x2022;Â?Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x152;>Ă&#x192;Â&#x17D;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160;Ă&#x152;i>Â&#x201C;Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;i`

Experienced Landscape Labour

Best Theratronics Ltd. is a Canadian company of TeamBestâ&#x201E;˘. We became a member of the Best family in May 2008. We manufacture external beam therapy units and self-contained blood irradiators. We have created a new product line of cyclotrons (B14p, B35p and the B70p) for radioisotope production. The team brings with it a diverse range of knowledge from around the world. TeamBestâ&#x201E;˘ is driven by one primary goal - to provide the best products and services to customers.

Blue Heron Golf Club

in a fast-paced customer focused team environment.



KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: We are looking for an energetic team oriented electro-mechanical technologist to join our cyclotron team. Reporting to the Onsite Project Manager, this role will involve development work; assembling and testing of a variety of cyclotron prototype units, components and sub-systems in order to bring them into production with documented processes, in an effective timely manner. This role will also include commissioning activities for cyclotron products both On-site and at customersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; locations. In the longer term this role involves installation and servicing of the cyclotrons at customer locations.

Full time Service Advisor

2860 Donnelly Drive, Kemptville

Davis Landscape & Design


HELP WANTED!!! Up to $1,000 weekly, paid in advance. Mailing our brochures/postcards or paid bi-weekly. Typing ads for our company. PT/FT Genuine Opportunity. No experience needed. Looking for experienced cooks and waitresses. Available evenings and weekends. Gourmet Restaurant, Carleton Place. Please contact France 613-297-4892. Positions Available: Landscapers and Maintenance Labourers. Requirements: Driverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Licence: Able to work long hours, Saturdays, to December. MOEX 613-258-6805 Prodecal LTD. in Perth is looking for someone to join their Production Team in the signage and screen printing industry. Ideal candidate will have the ability to independently manage tasks and projects. A general knowledge on the use of hand tools along with some computer skills would be an asset. Wages to be determined on experience. Only the successful candidates will be contacted for an interview. Resumes will be accepted until Monday, April 15th, 2013 by fax; 613-267-1491 or by e-mail to; Residential Foundation company looking for a stone slinger/concrete pump/boom truck operator. Valid DZ licence and a clean drivers abstract a must. Experience an asset. Competitive wage based on experience with benefits. Please fax resume to 613-256-3008 or e-mail to Skilled workers no time for training steel roofers. Call 613-894-5211 or send resume to: rextroughing Treadmill complete with accessories. $500 o.b.o. 613-267-6355.

THE EMC - 31 - Thursday, April 4, 2013

Childcare needed at my home, Smiths Falls, before and after school for 1 - 2 hours (no weekends, evenings or dinner preparations needed). References required. Contact Dan Boisclair at 613-284-1031. (Leave a message).

Brick & Soils Yard: Operation & Maintenance of Heavy Equipment and Trucks, yard sales and manual labor. Must have minimum G level license.

Send resume & telephone number to 613-253-3266 or

We also have a part time position available for watering and maintaining planters and hanging baskets in Smiths Falls and surrounding area.





HELP WANTED CL427425_0404


Help Wanted


Looking for enthusiastic team players to join our staff for the upcoming 2013 golf season. Positions are seasonal part time. s'ROUNDS-AINTENANCE s"EVERAGE#ART0RO3HOP Forward Resumes to: Blue Heron Golf Club Email: info@blueherongolďŹ Fax: 613-264-8183

Home Away From Home Child Care (Franktown) has openings. 10+ years experience, ECE diploma, First Aid/CPR training. Call Julia 283-1732.

WORK WANTED â&#x20AC;&#x153;A1â&#x20AC;? Handyman with halfton truck. Dump hauling, wood splitting, driveway sealing, moving, tree removal, eaves trough cleaning, carpentry, siding, painting, roofing, general maintenance. Call Kevin 613-253-4764.



YOUR AD 283-5909



PAULâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S MASONRY BUILDING AND REPAIRS Heritage Stone, Brick and Block Footings, Foundations, Concrete Finishing, Log Chinking and Chimney Sweeping Will go anywhere! PAUL WARRINGTON 268-2394




HOME IMPROVEMENTS No job too small! Free estimates â&#x20AC;˘ Home Renovations â&#x20AC;˘ Plumbing Repairs â&#x20AC;˘ Painting/cleanup â&#x20AC;˘ Concrete work Doug Morley 257-7177

CL420715_0307 74475/111






St. James Anglican Church


NOTICE OF INTEREST / TENDER NOTICE FOR ST. JAMES ANGLICAN CHURCH CONSTRUCTION OF ADDITION & ALTERATIONS 225 EDMUND STREET, CARLETON PLACE Guy Saumure & Sons Construction Ltd. acting as the construction manager for St. James Anglican Church is seeking bids from interested qualified Trade Contractors for the above noted project. The project consists of construction of a 7,500 sq. ft. addition & renovations & alterations to existing church. Scopes of work to be tendered to qualified Trade Contractors include: Supply Of Granular Backfill & Sandfill Rough & Finish Carpentry Hollow Metal Doors, Frames & Hardware Engineered Roof Trusses Mechanical (HVAC & Plumbing) Steel Studs, Drywall, Acoustical E.I.F.S.

Aluminum Windows & Doors Eavestrough Flooring Painting Masonry Electrical

Work is to start mid April and be substantially complete by Fall 2013. Tender documents will be available to qualified Trade Contractors that express interest in writing (by fax or e-mail) to the head office of Guy Saumure and Sons Construction Ltd.. A Trade Contractor may be required to provide references of similar sized projects to prove qualifications. Bids will be received at the head office of Guy Saumure and Sons Construction Ltd on the time and date noted for each Trade Contractor (Staggered closing dates from early April until late May depending on trade). Lowest or any bid not necessarily accepted. Questions or inquiries should be addressed to the Construction Manager: Chris Saumure Guy Saumure and Sons Construction Ltd. 91 Cornelia Street West Smiths Falls, ON K7A 5L3 Fax: (613) 283-3691 Email: CL427349_0404

Certified Mason. 12 years experience. Chimney repair, restoration, parging, repointing. Brick, block and stone. Small/big job specialist. Free estimates. 613-250-0290.

Clean As A Whistle House Cleaning Services. Call 613-283-9823, cell 613-206-2775.

Moving Service Available $95/hour cube van & 2 men. Dan Peters Auction Home Office (613)284-8281. Fast Service. Experienced Movers.



TENDER For the provision of

Sale of Land for Tax Arrears By Public Tender MUNICIPAL ACT, 2001

TAKE NOTICE that tenders are invited for the purchase of the land (s) described below and will be received until 3:00 p.m. local time on Tuesday the 16th day of April, 2013 at the Municipal OfďŹ ce, 3131 Old Perth Road, Almonte, Ontario K0A 1A0. The tenders will then be opened in public on the same day at the Municipal OfďŹ ce Council Chambers at 3:05 p.m. Description of Lands: 1. Part Lot 23, Concession 1, Ramsay Part Lot 24, Concession 1, Ramsay BEING Part 1, Plan 26R-218 and Part 1, Plan 27R-5256 Except Parts 1 and 2, Plan 26R-1795 and Part 4, Plan 26R-3273 146 Maple Drive, Clayton ON Town of Mississippi Mills, County of Lanark PIN 05085-0225 Roll Number 0931 929 015 03500 0000 Minimum Tender Amount: $16,672.30 2. Part Lot 16, Concession 8 as in RN103214 Ramsay Town of Mississippi Mills, County of Lanark PIN 05087-0147 Roll Number 0931 010 015 07800 0000 Minimum Tender Amount: $9,318.28 3. Part Lot 3, Concession 3, Ramsay as in RN47252 Town of Mississippi Mills, County of Lanark PIN 05106-0014 Roll Number 0931 929 030 07600 0000 Minimum Tender Amount: $10,975.98


One tender for each parcel of land must be submitted in the prescribed form and must be accompanied by a deposit in the form of a money order or of a bank draft or cheque certiďŹ ed by a bank or trust corporation payable to the municipality and representing at least 20 per cent of the tender amount. Except as follows, the municipality makes no representation regarding the title to or any other matters relating to the land to be sold. Responsibility for ascertaining these matters rests with the potential purchasers. This sale is governed by the Municipal Act, 2001 and the Municipal Tax Sales Act. The successful purchaser will be required to pay the amount tendered plus accumulated taxes and the relevant land transfer tax. The municipality has no obligation to provide vacant possession to the successful purchaser. For further information regarding this sale and a copy of the prescribed form of tender contact: Rhonda Whitmarsh, Treasurer 3131 Old Perth Road R.R. #2 Almonte, ON K0A 1A0 (613) 256-2064 ext. 262


AUDIT SERVICES which includes the examination of records and preparation of Financial Statements for Open Doors for a 3 year term commencing with the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014. Firms must hold a valid Public Accountants License issued under the Public Accountancy Act. Copies of the request for Proposal of Auditing Services, along with a copy of the most recent audited financial statements may be requested in writing by faxing 613-257-5038 or by email to prainville@ Completed proposals must be received by 4 p.m. on April 30, 2013, addressed to: Nicki Collins 40 Bennett St., Unit A Carleton Place, Ontario K7C 4J9 CL427263_0328





Sunday Brunch Festival Caterer Wanted Current request for proposal can be found on the Stewart Park Festival website

Franktown Public Cemetery

GRASS CUTTING TENDER May 1â&#x20AC;&#x201C;Oct 31 2013

The Smiths Falls Public Library is accepting bids for restoration of the facade of this historic Carnegie Library. Documents clearly outlining the scope of the work may be obtained from: Smiths Falls Public Library 81 Beckwith St., N. Smiths Falls, ON K7A 2B9 (613)283-2911 or contact Mandatory site visit. Deadline: Monday, April 29th at 3:00 p.m. Contact: Karen Schecter 613-283-2911 The lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be accepted.


Superintendent Team As a team, you will both be responsible for customer service, cleaning, minor repairs and maintenance of the interior and exterior of a residential property in Ottawa. Related experience and good communication and computer abilities are a must. A competitive salary and beneďŹ ts package, including on-site accommodation, await you!

$%$#!!'%!' (# !!%%!#('  )($#!-'!(#('+!!$#((

Contract includes grass cutting & trimming around headstones. Contractor must supply own equipment. Tender must be submitted in a sealed envelope by April 14th, 2013 to: Joan Currie RR#6, 1810 Richmond Road Smiths Falls, ON K7A 4S7 Please direst inquires to 613-283-8644 Lowest tender not necessarily accepted.

EMC Classifieds




INTERIOR PAINTING Professional Work. Reasonable Rates. Honest . Clean. Free Estimates. References. 613-831-2569 Home 613-355-7938 Cell. NO JOB TO SMALL!

Window Washing Wizards, Commercial and Residential. No job too big or too small. Book by May 1, 2013 and save 5%. 613-264-6115.

EMC Classifieds Get Results!



283-3182 Toll Free 1-888-967-3237 1-888-WORD ADS

FORM 6 Municipal Act, 2001


Rogerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Affordable Handyman Service. Reasonable rates. Indoor/outdoor jobs, painting included. Call (613)267-1183. Send A Load to the dump, cheap. Clean up clutter, garage sale leftovers or leaf and yard waste. 613-256-4613.

THE CORPORATION OF TAY VALLEY TOWNSHIP Take Notice that tenders are invited for the purchase of the land described below and will be received until 3:00 p.m. local time on April 24, 2013, at the Tay Valley Township Municipal Office, 217 Harper Road, RR#4, Perth, Ontario K7H 3C6 The tenders will then be opened in public on the same day as soon as possible after 3:00 p.m. at the Municipal Office, 217 Harper Road, Perth. Description of Land: Roll No. 09 11 916 020 01301 0000; PIN 05201-0116(LT); Part Lot 5 Concession 5 Bathurst; Part Lot 5 Concession 6 Bathurst; Part Road Allowance between Concessions 5 & 6 Bathurst designated as Parts 1 2 & 3 Plan 27R1994; Township of Bath Burg Sherb. File No. 11-06 Minimum Tender Amount: $5,363.96 Tenders must be submitted in the prescribed form and must be accompanied by a deposit in the form of a money order or of a bank draft or cheque verified by a bank or trust corporation payable to the municipality and representing at least 20 per cent of the tender amount. Except as follows, the municipality makes no representation regarding the title to or any other matters relating to the land to be sold. Responsibility for ascertaining these matters rests with the potential purchasers.


For April 20th and June 23rd Firearms Auctions, Consign or Sell to a licensed dealer whose core business is Firearms auctions. We specialize in Estates and Handle Single Items or Complete Collections including Restricted and Prohibited Firearms. email: See us online @ Call Paul @ 1-800-694-2609


For the Estate of Barry Pardoe Preview March 30 from 10:00am to 12:00 noon at 27E Main St. Lyn, ON Featuring 16 speed floor model drill press, bench grinder/ polisher on stand, industrial router table, wood lathe on bench, Ryobi table saw, Craftsman band saw, Brad Finish Nailer, Quick Grip clamps, storage cabinets, MasterCraft thickness planer, Craftsman air compressor, Craftsman sandblaster and numerous hand and power tools by Milwaukee, Black & Decker, Makita, Skil, Master Mechanic and MasterCraft and so much more! Online Bidding opens Friday, March 29 @ 9 a.m. and closes Friday, April 5 @ 12 noon. Simply visit, click Online Bidding button to view catalogue and pictures. 5501 County Road 15, RR #2, Brockville, ON K6V 5T2 Phone: (613) 926-2919 E-mail:

The municipality has no obligation to provide vacant possession to the successful purchaser. For further information regarding this sale and a copy of the prescribed form of tender, visit: or if no internet access available, contact:

WANTED &)2%!2-3s-),)4!2)!

Carrie Hands, CAI, CPPA, Auctioneer & Appraiser Jason Hands, Auctioneer

This sale is governed by the Municipal Act, 2001 and the Municipal Tax Sales Rules made under the Act. The successful purchaser will be required to pay the amount tendered plus accumulated taxes and the relevant land transfer tax and HST if applicable.






Maxeen Munro Deputy Treasurer/Tax Collector The Corporation of Tay Valley Township 217 Harper Road RR #4 Perth ON K7H 3C6 (613) 267-5353 CL422333_0314

THE EMC - 32 - Thursday, April 4, 2013


Please apply on-line at or fax your resumes to (613) 788-2758, attention: Jensa.

With option for renewal with Board approval.

Front Facade Restoration Tender





TRUCK TRAINING ACADEMY 10-12 Maple Avenue, Smiths Falls ON K7A 1Z5 For course information please call 1-866-529-1113 or 613-742-7499












Almonte Antique Market, 26 Mill St. in historic downtown Almonte. 613-256-1511. 36 vendors. Open daily 10-5.

Murrayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Furniture & Flea Market. Open 6 Days a week. Closed Mondays. 525 High St., Carleton Place. 613-257-3118. Antiques, Toys, Collectibles, Estate moving sale, Sat- Jewellery & More. urday and Sunday, April 6, 7, 13 and 14. 8-5. Over 50,000 items, priced right. 5698 Martin St North, Almonte. Rain or shine.

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YOUR AD Toll Free 1-888-967-3237 283-5909 D L FOR SOSALE 1-888-WORD ADS Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be

on the










One of the Largest in the Ottawa Valley!




UĂ&#x160; /+1 -Ă&#x160; UĂ&#x160; " /  -Ă&#x160; UĂ&#x160;/""-Ă&#x160; UĂ&#x160;-*",/-Ă&#x160; ", Ă&#x160; UĂ&#x160;** -Ă&#x160; UĂ&#x160;/  Ă&#x160;7, Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;1, /1, Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;EĂ&#x160;1 Ă&#x160;1 Ă&#x160;", t

0 sq ft Huge 10,0o0wroom! Indoor Sh "*



xĂ&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Â?iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;-Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;vĂ&#x160;-Â&#x201C;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;>Â?Â?Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2021;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x153;Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;ÂŁxĂ&#x160;JĂ&#x160; >Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;,Â&#x153;>`


                  ))%$(" !)+ 0)+% AUCTIONS



FARM AUCTION CL425899_0328

for Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay Stewart Travel three miles north of Winchester on Ottawa Street (County Road 3) to Farm # 12,808.

MONDAY, APRIL 8 - 11:00 A.M.

N.H. LB75B ExtendaHoe, 4WD, two buckets and pallet fork; Hesston 766 DT 4WD tractor with L330 loader and cab; Ford 5000 tractor with loader; Winpower 25 kW generator; N.H. 718 harvester with hay head; Gehl 6â&#x20AC;&#x2122; flail chopper; Two Dion forage wagons; Two gravity wagons; Grain auger - 7â&#x20AC;? x 52â&#x20AC;&#x2122;; I.H. mower, rake and square baler; N.I. hay and grain elevator; Pipe elevator; Three furrow reversible plow; Triple K cultivator - 12â&#x20AC;&#x2122;; Two I.H. seed drills; Hardi 500 gallon trail sprayer; Seed cleaner with screens - 3 pth; Other machinery and farm related items; Assorted household effects and antiques. For full listing, visit TERMS: CASH or CHEQUE with PROPER I.D. Auctioneer: James Cooper 613-652-4145

Drop in or Call! Monday to Friday: 8:30 am to 4 pm  ednesdays: 10 am to 4 pm

â&#x20AC;˘ Employment Workshops/CerĆ&#x;ficaĆ&#x;on â&#x20AC;˘ Job Development Support â&#x20AC;˘ High Speed Internet â&#x20AC;˘ Career Decision Making

)''.($-2 '*&)2' ( +/$ ,

â&#x20AC;˘ Job PosĆ&#x;ngs â&#x20AC;˘ Re-training Programs â&#x20AC;˘ Resume PreparaĆ&#x;on â&#x20AC;˘ All Services Are Free!


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Call or email to Book Your Auction Todayâ&#x20AC;? Funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, and in part by the Government of Canada.

    .(, - ).& /+ .$-  +-# (-+$)   #)(   1 











Sunday April 7, 2013 - Estate & Consignment Auction. Auction starts at NOON (Preview from 11 am). Featuring 2001 Chrysler Seabring. Recent e-test, daily driver, in good condition. Large selection of brand new & AS new quality tools, zero turn riding mower & so much more! Featuring Smiths Falls, Ottawa & Perth Estates. Sunday April 14, 2013 - Space available for Consignments of Antiques, Furniture, Collectibles & More in this Auction. Call to book your consignment in this Auction. We are Currently Booking for our Annual May 12th Classic Car Auction - Currently Accepting Reserved & Unreserved Classic Cars, Cars, Trucks, Boats, Trailers, RVs, ATVs, Motorcycles and more! Please call or email our office for Special Rates on this Auction & Free Advertising. Book Early Space is always Limited. WHAT WE DO: Auctions, Appraisals, Brand New Bed Sales, Moving & Trucking Services. CL425903_0404


Dan Peters CPPA Auctioneer & Certified Appraiser Amanda Todd CPPA Auctioneer & Certified Appraiser (613) 284-8281 or Auction Hall (613) 284-1234 email: Website:

 Network Systems IT Professional Diploma â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 44 wk  Network Systems Administrator â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 30 wk

 Technical Support Specialist â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 23 wk

  , ,  ,    ,  -         +       ,   %) %*)    %$*(%(!% &    # , )           "    ,           


          NOC Code 2281




Carrie Hands, CAI, CPPA, Auctioneer & Appraiser Jason Hands, Auctioneer

 Network Administrator - 29 wk

Antiques and Collectibles for Mrs. Shirlee Bonokoski and others to be held @ Hands Auction Hall, Algonquin Saturday, April 13 @ 9 a.m. Mrs. Bonokoski was a long time collector of antique furniture and accessories. Please visit www.handsauction. com to view catalogue and pictures. Online bidding open Friday, April 5 @ 9 a.m. and closes Friday, April 12 @ 12 noon. The choice is now yours! You may bid online or of course we are always pleased to have you attend the live auction. 5501 County Road 15, RR #2, Brockville, ON K6V 5T2 Phone: (613) 926-2919 E-mail: THE EMC - 33 - Thursday, April 4, 2013

School board recently approved new workplace harassment policy EMC News â&#x20AC;&#x201C; At the Feb. 27 Committee of the Whole board meeting, the Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) approved a new Safe Workplace â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Workplace Harassment policy (#226). â&#x20AC;&#x153;This policy demonstrates our commitment to providing a working and learning environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity in accordance with the provisions of The Ontario Human Rights Code and Occupational Health and Safety Act. The key here is that all of our employees are entitled to learn and work in an environment free of harassment and objectionable behaviour,â&#x20AC;? outlined chair Greg Pietersma. The policy ensures the implementation of measures and procedures to report and deal with incidents and complaints of workplace harassment and to provide workers with information on the contents of the workplace harassment procedures. All members of the board community are accountable for complying with this policy and procedure and maintaining a harassmentfree environment. The policy defines harassment as engaging in a course of vexatious comment or conduct that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome contrary to any ground prescribed by the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Harassment can include sexual harassment as defined pursuant to the code. Objectionable behaviour is defined as often, but not always, persistent, ongoing, vexatious conduct or communications in any form, of attitudes, beliefs or actions toward an individual in the workplace which might reasonably be known to be unwelcome. A single serious act or expression can constitute objectionable behaviour. Objectionable behaviour is not the normal exercise of supervisory responsibilities, including training, direction, instruction, performance appraisal, counselling or discipline. The policy applies to all board employees, trustees, volunteers, parents, contractors, permit holders, and employees of other organizations not related to the board but who nevertheless work on or are invited onto board premises. This policy covers harassment by such persons which is proven to have repercussions that adversely affect the boardâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s working and learning environment. The policy prohibits reprisals against individuals, acting in good faith, who report incidents of harassment or act as witnesses. The board shall take all reasonable and practical measures to prevent reprisal, threats of reprisal or further harassment. Submitted by the UCDSB.

Hillier introduces act to honour Constitution Day EMC News â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Randy Hillier, MPP for LanarkFrontenac-Lennox and Addington, introduced an Act to Proclaim Constitution Day March 28. As a matter of happenchance, March 29 was the day that both the British North America Act, 1867 and the Canada Act, 1982 received Royal Assent. The two most important documents in Canadaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s constitutional history were adopted on the very same day. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a significant event and should be recognized by our province,â&#x20AC;? said MPP Hillier. Hillier also noted that he recently found a copy of Ontarioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s high school entrance exam from 1925. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The exam required pupils to list every aspect of the BNA Act. How many people could do that today?â&#x20AC;? he said. According to research conducted by Abacus Data for the Canadian Constitution Foundation, 80% of high school graduates cannot

correctly answer what the four founding provinces of Canada are. Ninety-three per cent of high school graduates do not know that the Constitution of Canada does not include property rights. Fifty-four per cent of high school graduates couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t identify July 1st, 1867 as the day the British North America Act came into effect. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Our survey shows the disappointing lack of knowledge that Canadians have about our Constitution,â&#x20AC;? said the Canadian Constitution Foundationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s executive director, Chris Schafer. The Canadian Constitution Foundation runs programs to educate Canadians about Canadaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Constitution. â&#x20AC;&#x153;In many countries around the world, a constitution day is recognized. Ontario should follow their lead.â&#x20AC;? Video of Hillierâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s introduction of the bill can be viewed here: http:// media032820131.





Gilles Renaud Heating Ltd. /ILs'ASs0ROPANE




Mention this ad & receive 20% off sealing if booked by April 30, 2013

613-342-9955 613-283-0422 3 ER UALITY SOF1 /VERYEAR







R.W. Tradesman Ltd.


No job too small ~ We do it all

CUSTOM BUILT HOMES... â&#x20AC;&#x153;More home for a lot less moneyâ&#x20AC;?

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Buy a house for spring delivery and receive FREE stainless steel kitchen appliances: fridge, stove, dishwasher & microwave. 4193 Maple Drive Lane, Verona ON




264 County Road 8, Toledo 613-275-1581


Zane Williamson BSc

40 years Construction + Teaching -General contractor, all trades -Designer large general contractor -Retired, wide range of jobs including Energy Efficient, log & timber framed

Smiths Falls 613-283-5434

Alex Clayton Deborah Gervais, ARIDO ph - 613-489-2323 fax - 613-489-3720 email:


3435 Roger Stevens Drive North Gower, ON


UĂ&#x160; >Ă&#x20AC;ÂŤiÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;*Â?Ă&#x2022;Â&#x201C;LÂ&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160; Â?iVĂ&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;V>Â? UĂ&#x160;``Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160; Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x153;>Â?Â? UĂ&#x160; iVÂ&#x17D;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160; Â&#x153;VÂ&#x17D;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160; iÂ&#x2DC;ViĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;Â?Â&#x153;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;} UĂ&#x160;7Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;`Â&#x153;Ă&#x153;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160; Â&#x153;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160; -Â&#x2C6;`Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;} Home Inspections

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Carpenter/Handyman Renovations, Home Repair & Handyman Service Kitchen, Bathrooms, Decks, Installations and General Carpentry




Friendly, professional and affordable help with color selection, custom blinds, window coverings and all your Jennifer Moore decorating needs.



Certified Interior Decorator

58 Abbott St., Smiths Falls

â&#x20AC;&#x201C; TWO LOCATIONS â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 3954 Hwy. 43 W., Smiths Falls, ON

1124 Lyn Rd. Brockville, Ont.






Manufacturers of kitchen and bath cabinets and countertops



Construction Ltd.

New Home Construction & Fall Renovations, Additions, Decks, Porches and Garages, etc. Ceramic, Hardwood & Laminate Flooring Kitchens, Bathroom & Basements

Pierre Viau

Kevin Morrow

613-812-8554 (C) 613-285-0159 (C) 613-267-4253 (H) 613-359-5370 (H)







Dowcom Sheet Metal Ltd.

HOUSE PLANS Registered Designer Ontario BCIN 29414 & 23889


Sap pan repair fabrication

Grain wagon repairs rust patching/combine repairs


Building and Renovations Robert Wilson


Frontenac Modular Home Sales



G. D. Construction

* Geothermal Systems Commercial & Residential * Air ďŹ lters Commercial & Residential * Electric Motors * Variable Frequency Drives * Air source Heat Pumps (House & Pool) * Commercial Refrigeration AC & Chillers * Custom Built Electrical Panels * Steam HumidiďŹ ers * Motor Soft starts * Thermography * Air Balancing * Motor Controllers & PLC * Geothermal Supplies

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Kelly Shaw *iĂ&#x20AC;vÂ&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x201C;>Â&#x2DC;ViĂ&#x160;"Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;Â&#x153;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;VĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160; Clinician

Do You Suffer Fromâ&#x20AC;Ś Our performance diagnostic UĂ&#x160;Â&#x153;Â&#x153;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;*>Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Âś system will determine if poor foot UĂ&#x160;Â&#x2DC;iiĂ&#x160;*>Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Âś function is causing pain or UĂ&#x160;Â&#x153;Ă&#x153;Ă&#x160; >VÂ&#x17D;Ă&#x160;*>Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Âś UĂ&#x160;iiÂ?Ă&#x160;*>Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Âś discomfort in the rest of your body. UĂ&#x160;-Â&#x2026;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;-ÂŤÂ?Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x192;Âś No charge Assessment. Orthotics/Knee Braces covered by most health care plans.

Specializing in Custom Orthotics and Knee Bracing 309 Park Street, Brockville 613-498-1661


FOR AS LITTLE AS $39.00 PER WEEK Call: 613-283-3182 or 1-800-267-7936 extension 184Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x160;>Ă?\Ă&#x160;Ă&#x2C6;ÂŁĂ&#x17D;Â&#x2021;Ă&#x201C;nĂ&#x17D;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2122;Â&#x2122;nn Email: (Attention Cheryl) THE EMC - 34 - Thursday, April 4, 2013

Deadline is Thursday by Noon





UĂ&#x160;7>Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x20AC;ÂŤĂ&#x20AC;Â&#x153;Â&#x153;vÂ&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;} Specializing UĂ&#x160;-Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x2022;VĂ&#x152;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;>Â?Ă&#x160;,iÂŤ>Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x192; in Foundation UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x192;iĂ&#x160;iĂ&#x203A;iÂ?Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160; Restoration EĂ&#x160;,>Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;} UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x160; Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;VĂ&#x20AC;iĂ&#x152;iĂ&#x160;Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;`>Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160; EĂ&#x160;Ă&#x160; Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;VĂ&#x20AC;iĂ&#x152;iĂ&#x160; Â?Â&#x153;VÂ&#x17D;Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;`>Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;

613-295-4004 Â?LĂ&#x20AC;iÂ&#x2DC;Â&#x2DC;>Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2122;JVÂ&#x153;}iVÂ&#x153;°V>


LANARK HARDWOOD FLOORING ->Â&#x2DC;`Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160;U-Ă&#x152;>Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;} Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;>Â?Â?>Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;U,iÂŤ>Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x192; *>Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;i`Ă&#x160;7Â&#x153;Â&#x153;`Ă&#x160;Â?Â&#x153;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;,ivÂ&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2026;i`Ă&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x17D;iĂ&#x160; iĂ&#x153;tĂ&#x160;

IF YOU WANT THE BEST CALL THE BEST! 40 YEARS EXPERIENCE Free Estimates Wally (613) 278-0699 Toll free 1-877-766-6601


UĂ&#x160;/Â&#x2026;iĂ&#x20AC;Â&#x201C;>Â?Ă&#x160; >Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;iĂ&#x20AC; UĂ&#x160; VÂ&#x153; >Ă&#x152;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x192;

Custom Home Specialists

613-843-1592 Toll Free 1-855-843-1592

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(613) 259-5766 >Ă?\Ă&#x160;Ă&#x201C;xÂ&#x2122;Â&#x2021;Ă&#x17D;{Ă&#x201C;ÂŁ RR 2, Lanark, Ont.

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The body makes Vitamin D naturally when it is exposed to Ultraviolet (UV) rays. Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;VĂ&#x160;-ÂŤĂ&#x20AC;>Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;/>Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160;>Ă&#x203A;>Â&#x2C6;Â?>LÂ?iĂ&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;-Â&#x201C;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;>Â?Â?Ă&#x192;°

Bus: Ă&#x2C6;ÂŁĂ&#x17D;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2122;Ă&#x201C;{Â&#x2021;Â&#x2122;nĂ&#x2C6;nĂ&#x160;UĂ&#x160;,iĂ&#x192;\Ă&#x160;Ă&#x2C6;ÂŁĂ&#x17D;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2122;Ă&#x201C;nÂ&#x2021;Ă&#x201C;{ÂŁÂŁ Fax: 928-2280Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;Â&#x153;LÂ&#x2C6;Â?i\Ă&#x160;Ă&#x2C6;ÂŁĂ&#x17D;Â&#x2021;näĂ&#x201C;Â&#x2021;xĂ&#x17D;{Ă&#x2C6;




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UĂ&#x160;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160; Ă?Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;*>Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;} UĂ&#x160; Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x153;>Â?Â?Ă&#x160; Â&#x153;>Ă&#x20AC;`Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}]Ă&#x160;/>ÂŤÂ&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}]Ă&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2026;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;} UĂ&#x160;-Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;ÂŤÂŤÂ?iĂ&#x160;,iÂŤ>Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x160; UĂ&#x160;Â?Â?Ă&#x160;7Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x17D;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x2022;>Ă&#x20AC;>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;ii` Ă&#x2022;Â?Â?Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;i`




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UĂ&#x160;-ÂŤĂ&#x20AC;>Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;>Â&#x201C;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160; Â?Â&#x153;Ă&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160; iÂ?Â?Ă&#x2022;Â?Â&#x153;Ă&#x192;iĂ&#x160;UĂ&#x160; >Ă&#x192;iÂ&#x201C;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;7>Â?Â?Ă&#x192; UĂ&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x160; >Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;/Â&#x2026;iĂ&#x20AC;Â&#x201C;>Â?Ă&#x160; >Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;Â&#x2C6;LiĂ&#x20AC;}Â?>Ă&#x192;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160; >Ă&#x152;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x192; Ă&#x160;U Ă&#x20AC;>Ă&#x153;Â?Ă&#x192;ÂŤ>ViĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x152;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;VĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160; Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2C6;Â?Â?Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Â?Â?Ă&#x160;,iĂ&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x153;wĂ&#x152;Ă&#x192; &2%%%34)-!4%3s2%3)$%.4)!,s#/--%2#)!,s).$5342)!,

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V >Â&#x201C;iiĂ&#x160;-Ă&#x152;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;>}i



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16621 Hwy. #7 Across from Hinton Pontiac (Perth) Various sizes available Call for details 613-267-1559 Business hours


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Ă&#x160;iÂ&#x153;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;iĂ&#x20AC;Â&#x201C;>Â?Ă&#x160;7iÂ?Â?Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160; *Ă&#x20AC;iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;iĂ&#x160;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}

Wilf Hall & Sons 613-278-2933 ÂŁÂ&#x2021;nnnÂ&#x2021;nĂ&#x2021;nÂ&#x2021;Ă&#x201C;Â&#x2122;Ă&#x2C6;Â&#x2122;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160; iÂ?Â?Ă&#x160;Ă&#x2C6;ÂŁĂ&#x17D;Â&#x2021;Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x17D;Â&#x2021;xänĂ&#x201C; V Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;>Â?`Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160; Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Â&#x2DC;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;

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WINDOWS & DOORS Sales Associate at xnĂ&#x160;LLÂ&#x153;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;-Ă&#x152;°] -Â&#x201C;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;>Â?Â?Ă&#x192;

613-283-2211 s r



COMPETITIVE PRICES: 7-/ Ê 1*-/ ,-ÊUÊ,""Ê " / , - Ê "/" Ê*," --" -/-Ê-ÊqÊΙx{Ê79°Ê{ÎÊ7°

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Scrap Vehicles Small Tin For Shredding Aluminum, Copper, Brass , Batteries fÊ/"*Ê " ,Êf


Connected to your community

Kudos to all who supported Jaqui see the free shuttle from Healey’s arrive for the hall was already at Maximum capacity, so I was relieved to see it empty and it was very much appreciated. I am so thankful for the very generous donations from so many of our local businesses and so many individuals from our community who kindly contributed so much to make this event a complete success. Thank you so much to so many. I think everyone who was able to make it out that night enjoyed themselves greatly as I have been asked many times, ‘When is the next one?’ I do so hope we can all get together again real soon to celebrate new lungs and new life for Jacqui. In the meantime Mr. Paul Howard along with Cynthia from the Bank of Montreal (Smiths Falls branch) have set up a trust account for Jacqui and Bruce to help with the many medical costs associated with the transplant if you would like to help out financially please make your donations to Jacqui Sandor in trust. I can’t find words grand enough to explain the amount of gratitude and joy in my heart knowing there are so many wonderful people here in this town and how such a wonderful community can come together in a time of need. All of your well wishes, emotional support, and the many prayers are so greatly appreciated and will help Jacqui put up a winning fight against Idopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. Thank you so much. Beth Green Smiths Falls

Letter: Reader dismayed by eroding hospital services DEAR EDITOR: I appreciated the article (March 28, 2013), on the presentation by Save Our Services (SOS) to Town Council regarding cuts to our hospital services, and I would like to add to the comments made by Mr. Lundy. I am dismayed by the chipping away of what is offered at our local hospitals. My family and I have had health issues that have required emergency treatment, surgery, and hospitalization. I was more than thankful these

were provided locally. I was able to be with family (and at times friends) for longer periods of time, and when required I was able get to bedsides very quickly. During those very stressful times, I was relieved that I didn’t have to make a trip into the city. The treatments we received were excellent, and the added bonus was that there were familiar faces in familiar settings. I urge anyone who has ever received help from our local hospitals to speak up to keep or reinstate services.

Local politician, Randy Hillier, is on the record for his support of private health care and Mr. Steve Clark won’t speakout about what is happening in someone else’s riding; therefore it is up to us as concerned citizens to do so. Remember before the crash of 2008, 40 per cent of all bankruptcies in the US were because of healthcare debt. That is not the Canada I want to live in. Norma Wrightly Smiths Falls


Draped in a red ticket sash, Nancy Langdon, president of the Broadview Nursing Centre resident council, poses with the ingredients for a spaghetti dinner. Beside her are Broadview staffers Rob Pierman and Cheryl Bingley.

Spaghetti fundraiser dinner on tap By PAGE TAYLOR

EMC News – It may be true that the way to the heart is through food. Or, more specifically, through spaghetti. On Wednesday, April 10, the Broadview Nursing Centre will be holding a spaghetti fundraiser dinner at the Smiths Falls Civitan Club from 4:30 to 7 p.m. The proceeds go towards the resident activity fund, which allows for weekly entertainment and monthly shopping trips for the residents.

Nancy Langdon, president of the resident council, enjoys the activities as much as anyone. “The staff is excellent at getting us out to things,” she explained. “My favorite is the entertainment.” Admission to the dinner is $10 per person – children under six are free – and not only buys a plate of saucy spaghetti, but includes a side of Caesar salad, drinks, coffee or tea and dessert. A vegetarian option is also offered. When it comes down to it though, Rob Pierman, director of

activation, said that not everyone comes only for the food. “We have some people that come out who don’t even like spaghetti,” he said. “They come out for the support.” There is no shortage of support at the Civitan Club, and for that, Pierman says that he’s grateful. “They’ve been paying for all the shopping trips,” said Pierman. “I want to thank (Civitan member) Gib Hodge for going over and above.” Tickets to the event can be purchased at the door, and take out is available.

‘Promise of the Week’ d are on r o L e h t f o s “For the eye is ears are H d n a s u o the righte prayers.” ir e h t o t n e p o (NKJV) – I Peter 3:12 How to walk with God in His spirit

Your Name could be here!


EMC News - Nadine Lebel (left) presents Jennifer Miller, executive director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lanark County with a $500 donation from the staff at Canadian Tire in Smiths Falls. The funds were raised through a weekly dress down day at the store where staff made a donation to wear more comfortable clothing. The presentation took place at the local store March 27.

If you would like to support the publishing of one of God’s Promises each week call Cheryl at 283-3182 ext. 184.

Our relationships with others should always be filtered through prayer. When we intercede for others, bitterness and contention are possible. Take time to pray everyday.

Rideau Lakes Corps 251 Brockville Street P.O. Box 381 Smiths Falls, ON K7A 4T2 Tel. 613-283-3563 Fax. 283-3564

The Bible, Read it, Believe it.

10 reasons to believe in the Bible

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THE EMC - SF9 - Thursday, April 4, 2013


DEAR EDITOR: Thanks again for the great article and wonderful picture for Jacqui in the March 28 issue of The Record News EMC. There were just a few key people I wanted to thank as they did so much to make this event happen. The evening was filled with amazing entertainment as mentioned in your previous article but this also included our feature band the “Jam Junkies” for without them I would not have been able to orchestrate such an evening it was Kurt, Rob, Steve, Jeff and Chris who had originally agreed to help me in this venture and who really made this night happen. The sound equipment was donated by Tom Burns, transported and set-up by Rob Moore; the sound was terrific and our night was packed full thanks to our fantastic M.C. Hugh Colton the night flew by at a truly dynamic pace. I want to give a huge amount of credit to Kurt Lowe our master chef who prepared the most mouth- watering delicious beef with gravy, which was accompanied by all the fixings prepared by our many wonderful, kind and generous volunteers. Louise and the volunteers from Lombardy Hall went over and above the call of duty to help out. We were also fortunate to have the Kinsmen to supply the bar. The kindness from Mr. Hodge and the volunteers from the Civitan was so greatly appreciated, we were even offered the RCAF hall for the event but I felt it might not be quite big enough and I was absolutely right... I was afraid to


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Musical talent recruitment under way at Station Theatre in Smiths Falls EMC Entertainment - Have you got a band? Are you a solo musician? Want to become better known? Then consider an opportunity to present on stage at the Station Theatre in Smiths Falls. The Station Theatre is pleased to be presenting two accomplished performers in May and June and is looking for talented local performers to open for them.

EMC Business – An initiative from northern Ontario to put an end to the labour shortage and assist local employers with their employee hunt is coming to the Smiths Falls area. Garvin Cole, a profile auditor with HR North, had an opportunity to introduce his organization’s hiring program during the Local Immigration Partnership Council’s (LIPC) March 27 presentation at Valley Heartland CFDC. HR North got its start just this past February and since then has been working hard to fill its database with qualified workers and employers from a large part of the province (including Smiths Falls) with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises. “If we don’t help those small and medium employers grow then our entire community is going to slow down,” Cole said. For a fee, HR North and its full-time staff will assist companies to collect and vet their applications for academic qualifications and overall fit within the company. Users also get access to retention guides and discounts on program software. Richard Timmons of Guildline Instruments in Smiths Falls attended Cole’s presentation and thought the program would be valuable for employers who receive hundreds of applications. “We’re so specific that we don’t have 100s of applicants,” Timmons said.

What he would find helpful are employer-specific programs that give tangible assistance to employers who are attracting a specific type of worker. To achieve this he supports getting more employer involvement when developing programs. It is through this process of intensified employer involvement that HR North got its start. The database service is offered through an employer’s council that had its start in northeastern Ontario in 2008. So far this council has created its own relocation guide, employer’s guide and mentorship program to name a few. Mayor Dennis Staples was interested in the prospect of this new database service assisting the town in making new contacts with family doctors looking to relocate. “This is one area I really want to get into,” Cole said. The mayor provided introductory comments to launch the second workshop hosted by the LIPC. During this he congratulated all those present at the March 27 session, saying “by working together we can do so much more.” Last week’s event was funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, in collaboration with the LIP Renfrew and Lanark and the Municipal Immigration Information Online (MIIO) project, under which the recent development of an online Job Board for the County of Lanark and Town of Smiths Falls was funded.

EMC Events - Starting this summer, there will be a new option for keeping your kids safe, happy, & busy in their time off from school. After successfully providing summer fun to Perth children for the past four years, Maple Key is bringing that same program to Smiths Falls. Maple Key Day Camp will be running their Smiths Falls camp at the former Basswood Golf Centre, now the Siloki Centre, at 123 Poonamalie Rd. The Siloki Centre has an 18 hole mini-putt micro golf course, outdoor driving range, and laser tag facilities, all of which will also be available for use by the camp. MKDC will also have its own separate indoor and outdoor spaces for programming that will not be accessible by the general public. “We are extremely proud of our program,” says Kristen Widenmaier, the

owner and director of Maple Key. “When kids progress from daycare to school, their needs change. “They need a program that is appropriate to their stage of development, that is challenging enough to keep their brains stimulated over the summer, and provides social interaction in a safe, nurturing, but also mature environment.” It is for this reason that age groups at Maple Key are kept to a range of no more than three years. Ten, 11, and 12 year olds often opt out of summer programs because they don’t want to be “stuck with the little kids. That won’t happen here,” Widenmaier explains. “They also have very different needs from smaller children, so their schedule is adjusted to reflect that.” Similarly, younger campers need the comfort of caring staff with the familiar-


KITLEY TOWNSHIP OFFICE Wednesday April 3rd 6pm - 8pm

Saturday April 6th 9am - Noon

Wednesday April 10th 6pm - 8pm

ity of their own peer group. “Our four- to six-year-olds get a wide variety of programming, but their activity periods are kept short to match their attention spans,” says Widenmaier. The MKDC summer program will run in Perth and Smiths Falls from July 2 to Aug. 16. Regular programming runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., but they offer free extended care from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. to accommodate working families. Programs offered include ages 4 through 12. Maple Key Day Camp, established in 2009, is the only privately owned and operated day camp in Lanark County. Their goal is to provide high quality care and programming specifically designed for the needs and interests of school-aged children. For more on their programs visit www.maplekeydaycamp. com.




$10 Late Fee will apply after April 10, 2013 Recreational Soccer for ages 5-16 years

10am to 2pm


Norwood scores top-four spot EMC News - Henry Norwood has made the final four in CBC’s Searchlight music competition. The 14-year-old country crooner’s original song Another Bottle Another Day has clearly plucked the heart strings of fans across Canada. The Perth native has beaten out more than 300 entrants to snag a spot in the semifinals. Polls for the final two close Henry Norwood this Sunday, April 7 at midnight ET. Norwood couldn’t be reached for all. To vote for Norwood, go to cbcmusic. comment at press time. He may be a rising star but it’s still a school day, after ca and click on the Searchlight banner.

Roast Beef, Turkey, Ham, Meatballs, Sausage, Eggs, Veggies, Potatoes and MORE!!! Plus DESSERTS! `ՏÌÃÊf£Ó°™xÊUÊ …ˆ`Ài˜Êȇ£ÓÊfÈ°xä



Tuesdays: Spaghetti $6.99 Thursdays: 12 Wings $7.99 8575 County Road 15 North Augusta 613-926-1616 ÜÜܰܜœ`Þë>Vi°V> THE EMC - SF10 - Thursday, April 4, 2013



space. Entries will be judged by our production committee. The successful musician(s) will be notified one month prior to the event. With your permission, submitted material will be retained by the Smiths Falls Community Theatre so these musicians could be considered for future engagements of a similar nature. Please note that all entries must come directly from the artist (no agents or managers please). This opportunity is open strictly to independent artists and there is no remuneration for the event. It is simply an opportunity for artistic exposure. We look forward to hearing from you. Submitted by the Smiths Falls Station Theatre.

Maple Key camp brings local programming


New employment service launches in Smiths Falls

June 22 - James Lowrie is a talented classical guitarist We are looking for a performer(s) to open for him on June 22. If you are interested in being considered for this, please forward an mp3 audio file or a video to no later than May 3. If you have technical difficulties doing this or if you need further information please call the theatre at 613-283-0300 and ask for Lynda. This is a great opportunity to expose your musical talent to an appreciative audience in a wonderful performance



Garvin Cole, profile auditor for HR North, attended the Smiths Falls LIPC meeting March 27 to introduce its new employment service. HR North services northeastern Ontario including Smiths Falls.

May 25 - Patrick Lehman Patrick Lehman will be bringing his “pop, soul, blues, rock” sound to our stage. We are looking for an opening act for this concert in keeping with this style of music. Here’s the link to his website If you would like to be considered to open for him, please provide an mp3 au-

dio file or a video to thestationtheatre@ No later than April 6. If you have technical difficulties doing this or if you need further information please call Lynda at the theatre at 613-283-0300.


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Indie winners coming to area EMC Entertainment All six players are - Inspired by windswept classically-trained and northern landscapes, possessed of expansive tranquil wintery mornpost-secondary musiings, and the atmosphercal educations. Zoe Duic music of acts like maisâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; now-defunct string Beirut, Sigur Ros and quartet, Foresome, was a its compatriots, Patrick prize-winner at the CaWatson, Quebec indie nadian Music Competiinstrumental ensemble tion, the Festival de MuSagapool has charted a sique du QuĂŠbec, and the new musical course with Young Artists program its Felix Award-winning broadcast by Radio-Caneponymous fourth alada. bum â&#x20AC;&#x201C; one so cinematic Alexis Dumais, who, and evocative that it unas a child, was a twofolds like the score to an time national finalist as-yet-unwritten film. in the Canadian Music They will be playCompetition, earned the ing in Perth, at the MaCouleur Jaz scholarship son Theatre on April while a student at the 12. Tickets are $28.50, University of Montreal. available at Tickets Alexis Dumais was Please, and the show the bassist with the esstarts at 8 p.m. teemed jazz world act After premiering the Submitted photo Polemil Bazaar, and, material to enthusiastic Sagapool will appear at Mason Theatre in in 2003, was a soloist crowds at last yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Perth on April 12. with the Symphonie des Ashkenaz Festival, the vents de Montreal. Marband â&#x20AC;&#x201C; recipients of a ton Maderspach has 2008 GAMIQ (Quebec studied Arabic and Cuindie music award) nomination, two Canadian ban percussion and is a member of the Gitanes Folk Music Awards, a Galaxie Rising Star Award de Sarajevo. Guillaume Bourque plays with the and a 2006 ROSEQ-RADARTS discovery award contemporary music ensemble Chorum and the - returns to Toronto on April 11 for its first full-on East-meets-West jazz ensemble Absinthe. And concert since the albumâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s release. Zoe Dumais performs with flamenco guitarist Juan Audiences can expect an all-encompassing mu- Carranza among many other artists. sical journey weaving the often wry and mischieYet despite their vast musical interests, the band vous klezmer and hot jazz-inspired compositions members all found themselves in accord on the of the actâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s three previous albums with periods of new focus for Sagapool. dreamy introspection that build in intensity toward Originally formed in 1999 as an exploration of moving crescendos. the intersections between klezmer, Balkan and film The core instrumentation will be familiar to music, the members felt inspired this time to put long-time fans: clarinet, accordion, violin, guitar, the emphasis on the filmic. The result is a sound bass and percussion. But the new sounds provide a both familiar and adventurous and a richly varied lush contrast to some of their more angular earlier live show that is not to be missed. compositions. For more information, contact Contact Heather That Sagapool can pull off this ambitious mu- Kitching: 604.838.4968 / heather@heatherkitchsical outing owes much to its membersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; training, virtuosity and diversity of musical experience. Submitted by the publicist.

Photo courtesy of DAVE PRINGLE

EMC Lifestyle - As many as six trumpeter swans have taken up residence in Lower Reach Park in Smiths Falls recently. These swans are rare, especially in eastern Ontario. If you get a chance, take a stroll in the park and keep an eye out for these beautiful birds.

Historical Society to be re-established EMC Events - Interested in learning more about your home community or new to the area and interested in bringing history alive? The Smiths Falls & District Historical Society will be marking its new journey of rebirth by hosting their Annual General Meeting on April 16 at 7 p.m. at the Heritage House Museum, 11 Old Slyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Road, and everyone is welcome. To kick off the revitalization of the Historical Society the meeting will start with guest speaker, Blake Seward, who will be sharing a small piece of how youth in our community are helping rebuild our local heritage. This presentation will be a taste of future events

the Society plans to launch in 2013. The Historical Society is looking for new members who are interested in celebrating local heritage. Membership is open to everyone who may be interested in local regional history. Membership to the Smiths Falls & District Historical Society is $10 and gives free access to all the events hosted by the Society including workshops, events and presentations. For more information about membership or available positions on the Executive Council please contact Maria Fournier, Heritage Coordinator for the Historical Society, at mfournier@smithsfalls. ca or 613-283-6311.

Swing into spring Saturday, May 4 Jazz Fest, Almonteâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s RiverEdge Festival, The Art of Being Green, Puppetâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Up!, The Young Awards, the Ottawa Swing Dance Society, the Bird House Auction, and â&#x20AC;&#x153;A Country Christmas Rememberedâ&#x20AC;? in Spencerville. The event will also be the official spring launch to the Festivalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s summer season of Broadway hits, which this year will feature the Neil Simon comedy about the attraction of opposites, â&#x20AC;&#x153;The StarSpangled Girl,â&#x20AC;? and Leslie Stevensâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; classic play of marital mayhem, â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Marriage-Go-Round.â&#x20AC;? The season, which runs July 12 to Sept. 1, will take place at a new venue, the Full Circle Theatre at 26 Craig St. (next to Last Duel Park). The Festival is also organizing, in conjunction with the Perth Museum (Matheson House) a special Theatre History Exhibit focusing on both the original Canadian productions of this seasonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s shows, as well as artwork, designs, and photos of performers from the founding years of Canadian professional theatre. Tickets to the Swing into Spring event are $25 (plus a minimal ticketing fee), and are available at Tickets Please (39 Foster Street) in Perth, or by calling (613) 485-6434. Anyone purchasing tickets before April 15 will be entered into a draw to win a one-year membership with the Canadian Automobile Association. Meanwhile, individuals wishing to take advantage of the Early Bird special or Season Pass for the 2013 Classic Theatre Festival can receive their discounts (and choose their shows dates later) by visiting or calling 1-877283-1283. Submitted by Classic Theatre Festival.

New KX040-4




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THE EMC - SF11 - Thursday, April 4, 2013


EMC Events - On Saturday May 4 at 7 p.m., the Perth Civitan Club will open its doors to fans of the sounds of Big Bands, who will be able to enjoy a full evening of live music, along with dance lessons, a silent auction, and more, all under the title, Swing Into Spring. Whether folks enjoy ballroom or swing dancing, or want to learn how to do the Single Swing or Foxtrot (courtesy of Bob and Evelyn Abell, formerly of Arts in Motion and Taniaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dance Studio), the event will be an opportunity to enjoy tunes from the 1920s to the 1960s performed by the much-loved 16-piece Big Band, Standing Room Only. Organized by the Classic Theatre Festival, the evening will also feature a range of silent auction items, including tickets to the Stratford and Shaw Festivals, the Upper Canada Playhouse, Thousand Islands Playhouse, St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival, among many other items. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a great fit for us, because our mandate is to produce the classics of Broadway, which is essentially the same period that saw the rise in popularity of jazz and swing music,â&#x20AC;? says Festival Artistic Producer Laurel Smith. â&#x20AC;&#x153;When we launched the Festival in 2010, our first public event was with Standing Room Only, and we had such a great turnout â&#x20AC;&#x201C; with requests to do it again â&#x20AC;&#x201C; that we felt it was the right time to give the band a call.â&#x20AC;? Standing Room Only, founded in 2003 by trombonist and Almonte resident Catherine Illingworth, with members from the Almonte and Ottawa areas, has become well-known for its Sunday tea dances at Almonteâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Old Town Hall, along with gigs throughout Eastern Ontario from Merrickvilleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s


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EMC Sports - The Rideau District High School intermediate girls basketball team captured the first ever Upper Canada Sports League championship, played in Smiths Falls last Thursday, March 28. Back row (left to right) are Leah Rice, Lindsay Gray, Hailee Banks, Cortney O’Grady, Claire French and coach William French. Front row: Katherine Whyte, Taylor Donaldson, Clevelyn Nairn and Maclayne Forbes. To the right, Rideau’s Lindsay Gray makes her way down the court in semi-final action of the Upper Canada Sports League championship versus Almonte District High School. Rideau won the game 27-11.


The Smiths Falls Community Theatre Presents

The Heiress


By Ruth and Augustus Goetz


Directed by Joan Sonnenburg Winner of the 1995 Tony Award!

Get ready for


Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc. — April 2013

April 18th, 19th, 20th, 26th, 27th at 8:00 pm Sunday Matinees April 21st & 28th at 2:00 pm Adult $20 • Senior (65+) $18 • Student (with ID) $10


Group rates available for 15 or more for same performance - call for details

THE EMC - SF12 - Thursday, April 4, 2013


Catherine Sloper stands to inherit a fortune. Morris Townsend, a young man with no money, professes undying love for her. Catherine’s father believes Morris is only after Catherine's inheritance, a notion that Catherine totally rejects. What eventually happens reveals the power of control and disillusionment.

Smiths Falls 613-283-3906 Store Hours

OPEN: Monday to Friday 8a.m. - 9p.m. ->ÌÕÀ`>ÞÊn>°“°Ê‡ÊÈ«°“°ÊUÊ-՘`>Þʙ>°“°Ê‡Êx«°“°


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Finland crushes Czech Republic in IIHF exhibition By STAFF

EMC Sports - Smiths Falls’ taste of international hockey talent was certainly coloured Finnish blue. Finland dominated the ice from the opening face-off to the final buzzer with a 10-1 romp over the Czech Republic. The March 29 exhibition game in Smiths Falls between the two IIHF Women’s World Hockey Championship participants was welcomed by an audience of 1,115 who filled the stands and cheered on their team of choice. The Finns are looking to showcase their talent in this competition in hopes of getting back into the medal standings this year, while the Czech Republic is cutting its teeth in this first international women’s hockey tournament experience this week

in Ottawa. Finland came out strong in the first period to stake their claim on the ice. The women broke open the score with 12 minutes remaining in the first period. A second goal was scored before the period ended putting Finland in a comfortable position after 20 minutes. The second period was a blockbuster of fast-paced hockey resulting in a series of goals for the blue and whites. The Finns left their opponents breathless as they connected on six goals in quick succession during this period. The Czechs responded with a lone marker, leaving them trailing 8-1 heading into the third period. Another two goals rounded out the game in the third. The exhibition was a rare treat for local hockey fans and a

great opportunity for area female hockey players to see their idols on home ice. Roughly 30 Smiths Falls Cubs players were at the rink March 24 to welcome the Finland team who used the local arena for practice before the tournament. On game day, Cubs Brittany MacGillivray, Nicole Robinson, Nicole McKenna, Elizabeth Holmes, Cassidy Nadeau and Megan McCoy handled game operations for the exhibition game against the Czechs while also raising more than $900 for SFGHA. This was Finland’s only exhibition game before the puck dropped in the regular tournament schedule this week. Finland played Switzerland April 2, USA April 3 and Canada April 5 before the medal round.

Photos by Stacey Roy



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KARSON McCARTNEY Second-year Smiths Falls Jr. A Bear Karson McCartney enjoyed a solid season in the CCHL in 201213. The Perth resident improved his stats considerably over his rookie year, scoring 14 goals, adding 15 assists and 36 penalty minutes in 55 games.

Finland earned the win against Czech Republic, 10-1, Friday night in Smiths Falls. Pictured are shots of the game at the memorial centre.



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Smiths Falls locks down novice championship EMC Sports - The Smiths Falls Novice B2 team won the Upper Canada League playoffs Monday, March 25 at home. They were the first place team going into the playoffs, and received a bye for the first round. They met Kemptville #2 in the second round and lost the first game, and won the second two games both by a score of 1-0. Next, they met their rivals,

the other Smiths Falls Novice B1 team in the West Division finals, and took victories for both games to earn the west division championship. Onto the cross over finals to face off against North Dundas, winners of the east side, Smiths Falls B2 took the first two games by 3-1 scores, and the final game at home by a 6-3 score for the UCMHL championship. Submitted by Casey Burns

Submitted photo

Jr. A Bears hand out seasonal hardware

EMC Sports - The Smiths Falls Jr. A Bears wrapped up their season with their awards presentations recently. Chris Maniccia earned the Joel Cyr Award and the MVP this year to take top honours. Joel Cyr was an outstanding hockey player who was taken from us far too early. As well as succeeding on the ice, Cyr was a bigger success in life. The Bears are honoured to have an award named after Cyr which goes to the top forRobbie Hull ward on the team. (right) presents Maniccia of St. Catharines led the league in scoring for the Fan Favoumuch of the season. Only a rite Award that shoulder injury could stop the bears his name offensive dynamo. to Karson McManiccia still had a fine Cartney of the offensive year and ended the Smiths Falls season as the league’s sixth Bears. leading scorer with 34 goals Submitted photos and 44 assists for 78 points in only 54 games. Maniccia will be headed to UMass-Lowell in the fall to begin his NCAA career on a scholarship. Maniccia. the league’s sixth leading scorer, also was named a CCHL second team all star as well as the NeilsonPeckett Award winner. To conclude his final season in the CCHL the centreman will add the Lake 88.1 FM MVP award to his trophy case. Patrick Martin was obtained in an off-season trade to solidify the Bears’ goaltending situation. It ended up being a good trade for the Bears and Martin. The Ottawa native had a good year in the Falls and was rewarded as the 2012-2013 Sports - Mike Porubovic and Robbie Hull present Chris Maniccia with recipient of the Smolkin’s the Lake 88.1 FM trophy as the Smiths Falls Bears’ Most Valuable Play- Men’s Wear 3 Stars Award. This award is presented to er.

the Bears player who accumulates the most 3 Star selections throughout the year. Martin played in 44 of the Bears’ 62 games and complied a record of 23-15-0-2 with six shutouts. The wins and shutouts were among the league leaders in each category. “PMart” as his teammates call him, had a 3.09 goal against average and a .907 save percentage. Martin followed up his stellar season with an outstanding playoff series against Carleton Place. Martin has completed his final year in the CCHL and the Bears wish him the best of luck in the future. Karson McCartney plays a high energy, exciting brand of hockey. The diminutive Perth native is fun to watch as he pesters opposing players at the Bears’ Den. It is no surprise that McCartney is the 2012-2013 recipient of the Rob Hull Fan Favourite Award. Well liked by the fans, his teammates and the Bears staff, McCartney just completed his second full season with the Bears at the ripe old age of 17. McCartney played in 55 of the Bears’ 62 games and collected 14 goals and 15 assists for 29 points. The rambunctious McCartney also earned 36 minutes in the sin bin. Rob Hull was all smiles as he presented McCartney with the trophy. Karson will return to the Bears for the 20132014 season. Awards continue on page SF15.

THE EMC - SF14 - Thursday, April 4, 2013

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Patrick Martin (right) was solid between the pipes for the Bears this season. He accepts the Smolkin’s Men’s Wear 3 Stars Award from assistant coach Walt Dubas.

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Purse Event


EMC News - Pictured are the Novice B2 champs after ousting North Dundas in three straight to win the playoff honours. Team members include coach Brian Onion, assistant coaches Eric Dagg and Chad Storie, and trainer Al Pilon; players: Quinton Burns, Cameron Rice, Robert Onion, Kyle Dagg, Wyatt West, Jason Bles, Sophie Fournier, Joseph Brownson, Ty Storie, Robbie Camelo, Adam Hustins, Jesse Lumsden, Mathew Pilon.

in support of local charities Sunday, April 7th 1-4pm Royal Canadian Legion 7 Main Street E, Smiths Falls Last year’s event offered over 500 purses and raised over $7,000.00! The afternoon will include:

A Silent Auction of purses to suit every taste and style UÊʈÛiÊÕV̈œ˜Ê̅>ÌÊ܈Ê…>ÛiÊޜÕʜ˜Ê̅iÊi`}iʜvÊޜÕÀÊÃi>ÌÊÊ UÊÊvÀiiÊ}ˆvÌÊ̜ʜÕÀÊwÀÃÌÊÓxÊ}ÕiÃÌð

Bargain tables full of purses and great deals. A light lunch will be available for purchase.

To make a donation, please contact: Tammy’s Nail Salon ȣ·Ón·{ÓÇÇÊ­£® tammysnailsalonJLi˜iÌ°V> We are pleased to welcome Joynt’s Auction Services to this year’s event.


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Submitted photo

Smiths Falls Bears assistant coach Rob Dopson presents Tyler Akeson with the Gerry Lowe Memorial Trophy as the teamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s top defenceman.

Akeson wins Gerry Lowe Memorial Award

Submitted photo

EMC Sports - Front row left to right: Noah Foster, Thomas Nasmith, Riley Harris, Ethan Percy, Nairn Rubino, Kirby Scott, Caleb Phillips, Taylor Pilon; back row: coach Barry Degray, manager Bert Stranberg, Jordan Ribbink, Nick Morgan, Taylor Jackson, EMC Sports - Tyler Akeson games. He scored an impres- Zachary Hendershott, Devin McCloy, Reilly Degray, Nick Burrows, Brandon Burchill, Brett Benoit, assistant coach Al Pilon, was thrilled when he was told sive seven goals and 42 as- trainer Tom Burchill, trainer Alec Scott. Missing: trainer Nathan Philipps. he was this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s recipient of the Gerry Lowe Memorial Award. The third-year Bear is aware of what Gerry Lowe meant to the Smiths Falls hockey community. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Akeâ&#x20AC;? as he is known, was honoured to win the award presented annually in honour of Mr. Lowe. Tyler had a year that would have made Lowe proud. Akeson played 60 of the Bearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; 62 regular season

sists for 49 points. The 49 points placed him third overall in the league for defenceman scoring. Akeson was well respected by his own team as well as the teams throughout the CCHL as he was selected as a second team all star. An assistant captain for the second year, Akeson is a leader on and off the ice. A true warrior, Ake probably leads the league in blocked shots as well.

Bantam Rep Bears are UCMHL champions EMC Sports â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The Smiths Falls Bears Bantam Rep team finished the regular season in first place in the West Division of the Upper Canada Minor Hockey League with a 15-4-5 record. Their first place finish earned them a bye into the second round of the playoffs where they faced North Dundas Demons who eliminated the Brockville Braves in round one. The Bears

swept the Demons in two games and went on to face the South Grenville Rangers who had swept the Kemptville Panthers in their first round. The West Division final round lasted only two games with the Bears earning a well deserved West Division championship. In the UCMHL championship round the Bears faced the Alexandria Glens who had

dominated the East Division for the entire regular season. The league championship round got off to a slow start for the Bears dropping their first game at home 4-1. Undeterred by their only loss of the playoffs and under the guidance of coach Barry Degray the Bears took the final three games and won the league championship outscoring Alexandria 16-4.


Spring Clean up





RIDEAU LUMBER (SMITHS FALLS) LTD. Locally owned and operated

58 Abbott St., Smiths Falls, ON K7A 1W5

5FMr THE EMC - SF15 - Thursday, April 4, 2013



Spartan Scene 2.0 BEN WILLMS

EMC News - Last week, the Grade 8 Science Fair projects were presented in the cafeteria. My project was to investigate how a high-density neighbourhood can conserve energy, but that’s just one example of the many unique projects on display. One examined the science of truss bridges, and others asked which type of throw is most effective in football, and whether listening to music while working can make people more productive. Jenna McParland, Bailey Laidlaw, Shannon Retty, Mikayla Gemmill, Scott Seguin, Connor Brady, Anna Brown, Gabrielle Culham-Putnok, Elizabeth Gallant, Ethan Adrain, Jayden Carson, Declan Noonan, Livia Fowler, Darien Heney and I will have the honour of representing St. John at the Rideau St. Lawrence Science Fair at the 1000 Islands Mall in Brockville on April 12. Also last week, the Intermediate boys and girls, in separate groups, were given a half-hour presentation by a representative of the Perth Police Service about Internet safety. On the sports front, boys’ and girls’ badminton tryouts are happening soon. Good luck to all the students who try out for this great spring sport!



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œiV̈œ˜Ê}i˜Vˆià UÊiÌÊ>ÊÀiÅÊ-Ì>ÀÌÊUÊÀiiÊ œ˜ÃՏÌ>̈œ˜


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www.1000Islands THE EMC - SF16 - Thursday, April 4, 2013

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OPEN HOUSE Saturday April 6, 1:00-2:30pm

HAS ARRIVED come see our selection 66 Foster Street, Perth 613-267-4466 |



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Crain & Schooley Insurance is a trade name of Johnson Inc., a licensed insurance brokerage in Ontario. Personal lines home and auto insurance policies are primarily underwritten by Unifund Assurance Company (Unifund). Unifund and Johnson Inc. share common ownership.

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Local family shares unique pageant tradition By ASHLEY KULP

EMC News – Some would say one area family has pageants in their blood. The Sturgesses of Franktown don’t have just one or two family members involved in the pageant circuit, but three, thanks to 16-year-old Mariah’s recent participation in the Miss Teen Ontario World competition. She joins sister Marley, 18, who was the International Plowing Match’s (IPM) Queen of the Furrow in 2012; and mom Elaine, who was crowned Miss Lanark in 1981. Mariah’s foray into the pageant world happened by chance. The shy Carleton Place High School student said she never considered entering Miss Teen Ontario World, held Jan. 20 in Ottawa, but was intrigued when a former modelling agency she was involved with sent her an email about it. “I thought I would just take a shot and see what happens,” Mariah remarked. She applied for the competition, originally to be held in December, in November. Though she had done a bit of modelling, Mariah had to quickly search for the perfect outfits and learn to conquer high heels, which she had never worn previously. “I had no idea what to expect, or what to do. My friends and I spent the weekend trying to walk in heels,” she commented. Upon hearing she had been accepted to participate, Mariah said judges told her she was chosen because of her unique qualities. “I love art and I’m always sitting in a corner and drawing and I love photography,” she explained, stating her platform focused on anti-bullying. “I’m really quiet and I can’t even believe that I did this. My friends barely believed me.” Neither did her sister. “She’s really quiet at school and she doesn’t strike me as the kind of girl that would put on a gown, do her makeup and hair and put on heels,” Marley ad-

Photos by ASHLEY KULP and submitted

One Franktown family truly has pageants in their blood. Marley Sturgess was Lanark County’s Queen of the Furrow in 2011, while sister Mariah competed in the recent Miss Teen Ontario World pageant. They join mom Elaine, who was crowned Miss Lanark in 1981. From left, Marley, Elaine and Mariah strike their best pageant pose. Above, Mariah, fourth from left, onstage during the Miss Teen Ontario World competition, held in Ottawa in January. mitted. “It surprised me, because she’s the exact opposite of me.” Fast forward to the day of the competition, Mariah and 46 other participants were thrown right into the mix. “We all met on that day (of the competition)... and had to rehearse our dance for the opening number,” she remembered, adding that Miss Teen Ontario World officials taught the contestants how to improve their posture and sit properly. However, she stood her ground when pageant organizers asked her to remove some of her piercings, which included a nose and belly button ring. “The theme (of Miss Teen Ontario World) was stand up, stand out and be your own kind of beautiful and I felt that since my piercings were my style...I didn’t think it was fair,” Mariah remarked. “Another girl there was asked

to cover up tattoos on her ankle and she said no as well.” “I’m so proud that she stood up for herself and didn’t let it strip her of her personality,” added Elaine. The competition featured included cocktail, evening gown and swimwear portions and Mariah admitted modelling swimwear was the “most nervewracking.” “I’m a very shy person and everyone is staring and I had to wear heels,” she said, noting that the experience did help her overcome some of her shyness. “I gained a lot of confidence from it. Last year, I never would have done shows a lot of different girls can do anything, really.” “I think I would apply next year. It See PAGEANT page 38


COMPETITIVE PRICES: 7-/ Ê 1*-/ ,-ÊUÊ,""Ê " / , - Ê "/" Ê*," --" -


*9Ê -Ê",Ê- ,* -/-Ê-ÊqÊΙx{Ê79°Ê{ÎÊ7°





," 6 ÊqÊÓ{££Ê9 Ê, °





THE EMC - 37 - Thursday, April 4, 2013

Scrap Vehicles Small Tin For Shredding Aluminum, Copper, Brass , Batteries fÊ/"*Ê " ,Êf






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Nutrition advice is everywhere – How do you know what to trust? EMC Lifestyle – Many diplomas, certificates, training programs, and schools exist for someone to become a “nutrition expert.” And since anyone can claim to be a nutrition expert, how do you know if someone is really trained and qualified to provide credible nutrition information? What is a reliable source of nutrition information? Registered Dietitians (RD) are specially trained to translate nutrition research into practical advice that can have a positive impact on health, including: • An accredited 4-year or equivalent university degree;

• An accredited dietetic internship or equivalent supervised practical training; • Successful completion of the Canadian Dietetic Registhe responsibility and power to tration Examination; investigate and take action. The While anyone can provide titles “Registered Dietitian” nutrition education and advice, and “Public Health Nutritionwhat sets RDs apart is that, un- ist” (because this is a job title der the Regulated Health Pro- that requires someone to be a fessions Act, they are responsi- RD) are regulated by law. In contrast to what is reble to the College of Dietitians of Ontario ( quired to be a RD, there is no for safe, competent and ethical formal training required for nutrition practice. Every RD someone to be called a “numust complete quality assur- tritionist” or to provide nutriance and practice assessment tion advice. There are no legal programs to ensure that they means to ensure that unreguare competent. When anyone lated nutritionists have accuhas a concern regarding a RD, rate knowledge about nutrition they can contact the College of and that they practice safely Dietitians of Ontario which has and ethically. This means the

Nutrition Tips

PAGEANT From page 37

was a really cool experience,” Mariah added. Miss Teen Ontario World has also opened up a few more doors for Mariah and she may be doing more modelling in the future. Queen of the Furrow For Marley, whose uncle is a director with the Lanark Plowmen’s Association, the decision to enter came much easier than her sister. The outgoing teen traditionally volunteers at plowing matches and opted to try her hand at the Queen of the Furrow pageant. Instead of swimwear, Marley had to brush up on how to plow the perfect furrow. “I like public speaking so I decided to go for it and I won. I was really surprised,” she said. Marley actually won the Queen of the Furrow competition in 2011 and represented Lanark County at the IPM in September 2012, becoming close with Leeds County Queen of the Furrow Katie Chant who she participated against, along with other 33 girls, for the title of Ontario Queen of the Furrow. While she didn’t win, one of the highlights waxs meeting Wayne Gretzky’s father, Walter. “It was also fun meeting all the other girls from the different counties and listing all of the cool things about (Lanark) County,” Marley remarked. “You find out about other counties and that Lanark County really has so much to offer.” “...I’m proud of where I come from and the history behind everything,” she continued. Their mother’s pageant experience was quite different than her daughters’. Elaine was crowned Miss Lanark during a winter carnival and was required to skate around the arena in Lanark and face a panel of judges. She said she is proud of both of her daughters and their accomplishments. “They are both very independent girls who definitely speak their mind,” Elaine stated. Mariah joked that her mom

public is not protected. Beware of unqualified individuals Because the title of “nutritionist” is not regulated in Ontario, it is used by many people who do not have the same credentials as a Registered Dietitian and are not qualified to do the type of nutrition counseling they offer. Some words in “professional” titles or services may be used to make them look credible but do not guarantee it. Here are some to watch for: • Registered – e.g., Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Registered Nutrition Professional. Just because a title is “registered” does not mean it is covered by the Regulated Health Professions Act. • Certified – e.g., Certified Nutrition Practitioner or Consultant, Certified Nutritionist. Anyone who completes a training program can receive a certificate and become “certified” regardless of the quality of the

program. • Incorporated – e.g., Being incorporated means that a new business or agency has been formed. Being incorporated makes something a legal body, but not accountable as a health professional. • Clinical Nutrition – Anyone can claim to practice clinical nutrition, so if this is listed as one of their areas of expertise, they still may or may not be adequately trained.

nutrient deficiencies. • IgG blood screening for food allergies – this shows the body’s normal physiological reaction to food proteins but does not indicate allergic disease. • Detox diets to rid the body of contaminants – the body does this for us already. • Light-to-skin tests to detect nutrient deficiencies – there is no evidence to indicate that this works.

When in doubt, get your nutrition information from a Registered Dietitian and steer clear of anyone who suggests: • Large doses of vitamins will help with a large number of conditions – this is not evidence-based. • Hair analysis to detect the body’s nutrition status – hair is not a reliable indicator of nutritional health. • “Hidden food allergies” are the cause of a wide variety of health problems – again, not based on any evidence. • Computer-scored “nutrient deficiency test” as the basis for prescribing vitamins – computer programs can do dietary analysis, but cannot indicate

Arm yourself with knowledge of what good nutrition advice really is. For more information on reliable sources of nutrition information, contact EatRight Ontario at 1-877-510-5102 ( to speak directly to a Registered Dietitian. You can also contact the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit at 1-800-660-5853. Visit our website at www.healthunit. org/nutrition and “Like” us on Facebook. Dianne Oickle, Msc, is a Registered Dietitian/Public Health Nutritionist with the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit.

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Out of fabric softener sheets for the dryer? Dampen an old washcloth and pour a capful of liquid fabric softener on it. Toss it in the dryer with a load of wet clothes. You can also save used dryer sheets and use them instead of the washcloth.

Submitted photo

Three members of the Sturgess family of Franktown have participated in pageants. Above, mom Elaine, crowned Miss Lanark in 1981. Her daughter Marley was named Lanark County Queen of the Furrow in 2011, while her other daughter Mariah, participated in the recent Miss Teen Ontario World. takes photographs to work to show coworkers and carries them around in her purse so she can “pull them out and show a random person” she meets. “Mom says we get it from her,” she commented. Marley didn’t realize at first

that she and Mariah had followed in their mother’s footsteps. “She says that we’re just like her now. The picture of her with her crown has always been on the shelf and I never really thought anything of it,” she noted. THE EMC - 38 - Thursday, April 4, 2013




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Visit to Vancouver gave spring a nice kick-start




shoe leather in the process. Walking in Vancouver is a little more challenging than in some communities because being a seaside centre, some of your time on foot is spent going uphill. English Bay We love the coast. Any coast for that matter! We stayed at the Sylvia Hotel, a wonderful independent hostelry on picturesque English Bay. As the name of the bay suggests, the Sylvia reminded us so much of some of the small, privately owned inns we have stayed at in England, Scotland and Ireland. The vine-covered, eight storey hotel is marking its centennial this year. It is not rare for guests to open the drapes in the morning and find a raccoon nestled on the window sill. We also had a close encounter with a skunk at the main entrance on Day 1. The familiar white and black tail was up, in threatening fashion. Fortunately for us he/she was more afraid of us than we were of him/ her. The hotel is right on the edge of Stanley Park, a spectacular 1,000

!  !

&    $ # { %"&   % &    $#      (' 

acre preserve which is one of the major highlights of Vancouver. Hence the wildlife around our hotel! We toured Stanley Park extensively on foot and it was a spring delight with blossoms bursting out everywhere. One day we walked all the way around the sea wall which encloses the famous green space. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a nine kilometre excursion. Along the way we were able to collect shells on the beach. I have never seen such a vast collection of shells. There were untold trillions, the most I have encountered on any seashore and we have visited many during our travels. Frank says itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a sign of the health of the Pacific along Canadaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s west coast, with sea life thriving. The vast number of shorebirds feasting on this shellfish smorgasbord provides further testimony. English Bay is post card beautiful. Because we stayed in a hotel overlooking the inlet we were treated to so many wonderful scenes, including one of the prettiest sunsets Kathy and I have ever witnessed. Large ships from around the world lie at anchor in English Bay and that simply adds to the magic of the place. We were told an ocean going freighter can wait for up to two weeks before receiving permission to enter the busy Port of Vancouver. As I said, we love the seaside. Another of the pleasures of our visit was the chance to take a ferry across Burrard Inlet to North Van-

couver where we enjoyed lunch at a seaside market. Fish and shellfish of course. If you go to Vancouver donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t miss the False Creek Ferries. False Creek is another, smaller inlet which divides downtown from the rest of the city. The ferries are small, often tiny, vessels which take passengers across the creek or along its length to various docks in the downtown area. Wendy calls the ferries â&#x20AC;&#x153;cuteâ&#x20AC;? and if there were ever cute ferries, then surely the False Creek ferries are them! A short ride took us to Granville Island and a visit to the popular weekend market located there. It is off season so fortunately we were not engulfed in the shoulder-toshoulder crowds which frequent the very interesting market during summer and fall. Frank says that in the past they have been forced out by the throngs who flock to Granville Island on many weekends. We had a grand opportunity to enjoy the market experience on offer there during the off season. Famous districts Our travels took us through all of Vancouverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s famous neighbourhoods. Yaletown, Gastown, Chinatown and Coal Harbour are among the main downtown districts. Vancouver has a vast Oriental population and its Chinatown is the largest in Canada. That status is beSee COLUMN page 40


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THE EMC - 39 - Thursday, April 4, 2013



company them on one of their frequent returns to B.C. This spring our schedules dovetailed and we are very pleased. We saw and learned a great deal, which of course is one of the many bonuses of travel. Kathy and I have spent a lot of time in Europe over the course of two decades. We are now embarking on a plan to see more of our own country. Vancouver is a very good place to start! One of the surest, safest and most informative ways of seeing the highlights of any large centre is to take the local â&#x20AC;&#x153;hop on, hop offâ&#x20AC;? bus tour. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been on dozens of such tours and have enjoyed them all. But the trolley we took in Vancouver was undoubtedly the longest and most comprehensive tour we have ever taken. We prefer to make a round trip first, take in as much as possible and then pick out some locations to hop off and have a closer look. The beauty is that you can then hop on the trolley or bus and it takes you back where you started. One of the greatest travel innovations of all time! Of course with Wendy and Frank as guides we had no worries on this occasion. They know Vancouver well and that meant we were able to avoid some of the pitfalls which normally plague first-time visitors to any big city. Knowing the short cuts is an important start. Even at that we put a lot of kilometres on our personal odometers, wearing out a little


EMC Lifestyle â&#x20AC;&#x201C; I am just back from Vancouver where the only snow is on the mountain peaks and the warmer breezes from the Pacific Ocean offered a welcome start to spring. Yes, the same spring we have waited on for so long in eastern Ontario and which is finally gaining on us! This was the first visit to Vancouver and Canadaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s beautiful west coast for Kathleen and me. With any luck it wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be our last. We were suitably impressed. We were fortunate to be in the company of friends Frank and Wendy LeBlanc who were the â&#x20AC;&#x153;trip guidesâ&#x20AC;? for our week in what is sometimes referred to as â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Lotus Landâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. Vancouver is well ahead of us in welcoming spring. The Rhododendrons were already blooming in Stanley Park, daffodils swayed in the gentle breeze all over the city and fruit trees were showing strong signs of blossoming along the expansive avenues which run up from the sea. The grass is always green in Vancouver. But this was the greenest grass I have seen since last summer in the United Kingdom. The Maritime climate in both locations is ideal for growing grass. Last summerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s drought in our part of the world turned almost everything alive into various shades of brown. During his military career Frank was posted to Vancouver and Wendy taught elementary school there. They have been urging us to ac-


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Remembering Canadian folk music visionary “Chopper” McKinnon

COLUMN From page 39

Vancouver most people would rather not talk about. Incredibly Vancouver is the second most expensive city in the world to live in, next to Singapore. Vancouver’s impressive skyline is dominated by condominiums. The smallest sell for $1.5 million or more (no, that’s not a typo). Foreign investment, mainly from the Orient, has poured into Vancouver in recent years. There are too many condos for my liking and many more to come judging by what we saw. Even a small war-time house in the downtown area sells for $1 million plus. Not for the home itself, but for the valuable land it sits on.

ing drive. In that spirit a donation bucket went around a few times at the celebration of life, and over $1,100 was raised for CKCU in Chopper’s memory. The show will carry on, recognizing the big shoes and expectations left by Chopper will guide their direction for a long time to come and will continue to keep exposing Canadian folk music to its truly worldwide listeners. I expect there will be other recognitions of his legacy. Thanks Chopper and all your friends you inspired. RIP. I wanted to give a heads up to all you jazz fans that Clay Young is returning to Fiddleheads for their wonderful Jazz Brunch on Easter Sunday. Clay states: “This is, I think, my 15th year there; J.J. Stewart and Pat Moore have helped keep the morsel of jazz that Perth enjoys, alive. Later on, guys with me are: Scott Poll, clarinet on April 14; Dave Renaud, clarinet, April 28; and Dave Renaud, Tom Denison, bass, and myself have an Ottawa Jazz Festival gig on Wednesday June 26 at the Rideau Centre.” My parents and I love to enjoy Clay and his visitors in the beautiful surroundings of the atrium of the Code’s Mill building. It’s always a sweet time. Upcoming events April 5: New Country Rehab – backroom of Perth Restaurant. This amazing group started playing in tribute, covering Hank Williams and evolved by taking their traditional country roots and dislike for “new country”, so prevalent today and developing their “anti-new country” sound, a blend of old school country, bluegrass, folk, roots, blues, which has been turning heads around the world. Check them out! This is a CD release for them and tickets are available from Sue at 613-267-7902. April 26th: Bluesmaster Suzie Vinnick and country picker extraordinaire Wendell Ferguson are appearing at Music On McLean House Concerts at Perth Restaurant. Both amazing players, this will be a night to remember as Suzie plays with our heartstrings with her award winning blues and Wendell amazes with his playing and makes you wet your pants with his humorous songs. Reservations are available by calling 613-267-7902 or at the Perth Restaurant. Support live music forever.

In the expansive marinas there are lots of vessels for sale during a time of recession. Some of the huge yachts on offer were going for a cool $3 million. Yes, Vancouver is an expensive city to live in and it’s not cheap for visitors either. But if you want to see a particularly beautiful part of our country up close, it is definitely the place to go. Among the many highlights of our visit, Stanley Park, English Bay and the False Creek ferries, as well as the spectacular mountains which guard the impressive city will long remain in my memory. If you have any comments or questions for Jeff Maguire he can be reached by email at

THE EMC - 40 - Thursday, April 4, 2013

Small business provides jobs, tax revenues and many other contributions to our region

Smiths Falls Rotary Club Every Friday 7 P.M. Lamplighter Convention Hall, 30 Victoria Ave, Smiths Falls

Come & Have Some Fun… the more people that attend will increase prizes. People Attending Regular Games Special Games Bonanza Game Jackpot Game TOTAL PRIZES

$ $ $ $ $

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101-120 1050 475 300 600 2425

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>120 1240 475 300 700 2715


$3.00 Per Strip - Regular Game $2.50 Per Strip - Special Games (starting Nov 19) BONANZA: $.50 (Trade-In $.25)


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4 Corners = 1 Line

WE OFFER: UÊ9>À`ÊVi>˜‡Õ« UʏœÜiÀÊLi`ÊVi>˜‡Õ«]ÊVÀi>̈œ˜ÊEÊ`iÈ}˜ UÊÀ>ÃÃÊVÕÌ̈˜}ÊEÊÌÀˆ““ˆ˜} UÊ-ii`ˆ˜}ÊEÊÜ``ˆ˜} UÊ/œ«Ê`ÀiÃȘ}ÊEʜÛiÀÃii`ˆ˜} UÊ>ˆ˜Ìi˜>˜ViÊ«Àœ}À>“à UÊ/ÀiiÊÌÀˆ““ˆ˜}ÊEÊÀi“œÛ> UÊʘÌiÀœVŽˆ˜}ÊÃ̜˜i]Ê«>̈œ]ÊÜ>ŽÜ>ÞÃÊ EÊÀiÌ>ˆ˜ˆ˜}ÊÜ>Ã


ing threatened however as younger residents of Chinese extraction assimilate into the general population and abandon Chinatown. The place is a little down on its heels these days. We were told the Chinese community which has developed in suburban Richmond, B.C. is now threatening to overtake its downtown predecessor. Richmond’s Chinatown is much more modern and far more vibrant from all accounts. Make no mistake about it, Vancouver is a big city and it comes complete with big city problems. Sirens are a constant presence and our brief look at East Hastings Street on the city’s downtown east side revealed a side of

Irene’s, honoring Allan “Chopper” McKinnon and he would have been humbled at the turn out and number of his friends who performed. Karen Flanagan-McCarthy emceed the evening of song and stories. Notable to me were performances by Pat Moore and later Sneezy Waters & Vince Halfhide. I’d previously enjoyed Sneezy’s prowess and had heard Vince accompany too many to mention previously but this was the first time I heard Vince’s songwriting and was quite impressed. Arthur McGregor played a couple of tunes and indicated the Ottawa Folklore Centre are working on developing a songwriting award in Chopper’s name; details yet to be determined. Lynn Miles dedicated a beautiful song she’s been working on for four years called ‘Tears’ to Chopper. Terry Tufts played a couple of tunes and spoke briefly reminding us not to wait until friends die but rather start telling those who impress or whom we love how much they mean to us now, while they’re still with us. (I’ve been passing this idea forward since.) He followed these thoughts up with a brand new song he dedicated to Chopper, so far titled ‘I Love You All’… touching sentiments and a tasty song. Melwood Cutlery touchingly changed his song ‘Jimmy’s Room’ to ‘Chopper’s Room’ and we all joined in, sounding like an Ottawa Folk Festival choir. It was nice to hear him back a couple of others with his harmonica. I hadn’t heard Christine Graves or Lynne Hanson in quite a while so was thrilled to hear their lovely pipes. You could feel the love in the room as Chopper was remembered by so many of his friends and admirers. It was an honour to be there. CKCU’s Canadian Spaces was Chopper’s baby and he treated it so tenderly. He and his show’s ‘Space Cadets’ (listeners) were the top fundraisers every year as part of the station’s annual fundrais-



EMC Lifestyle – We turn on the radio and instantly hear music. We enjoy attending concerts or festivals and in all these cases most people have little knowledge of the tremendous amount of planning, coordination and information sharing that goes on behind the scenes. Yes, there are the music makers, those fine creative musicians but there are also the music support people who make what we enjoy, happen. The Canadian folk music community lost a visionary, one of those often behind the scenes guys, a long standing ambassador as Allan “Chopper” McKinnon, host of Carleton University’s radio station CKCU’s Saturday morning show Canadian Spaces (93.1 FM) for more than 33 years passed on recently. “Chopper” seems to have always worked in the music business, in one way or another. I know he managed in the ‘70s the Toronto Folklore Centre and later the Ottawa Folklore Centre. He was one of the instigators of the Ottawa Folk Festival where he and Karen Flanagan-McCarthy co-hosted for 15 years. He’s been an artist manager, show producer, artistic director, not-for-profit board member, mentor and friend to countless musicians and industry professionals. As an honorary ‘Space Cadet’, I was so thankful being able to start regularly listening in several years ago, via “the interweb” to Canadian Spaces as most of my home radios couldn’t pull the show in every Saturday morning. To hear most of Canada’s singer/songwriters starry talent at some point or other either live or being interviewed by Chopper was always such a refreshing piece of real radio that opened my ears to so many. I spoke to Chopper backstage at Stewart Park Festival a couple of times as well as at his well polished stool at Irene’s in Ottawa and his knowledge of Canadian folk music was legendary. CKCU hosted Canadian Spaces for the first time without Chopper on this planet with Chopper’s co-host of late, Chris White, and guests including Lynn Miles, Arthur McGregor, Ian Tamblyn and many by phone, including Rebecca Campbell from Toronto shared stories that brought both tears to my eyes and laughter that hurt my ribs. I attended a Celebration of Life at

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1950 Pontiac Streamliner brings back a flood of memories EMC Lifestyle – Well-known tomato farmer Herm Dick and I were having coffee recently around 6 a.m. at Tim Hortons on Erie Street South in Leamington when he mentioned that his dad was fond of buying Pontiacs. The list included a ’46, a ’50, a ’52, a ’56 and others. A photo of a 1950 Streamliner is reproduced here to bring back memories for Herm, who remembers driving all his dad’s Pontiacs. The family Pontiacs were purchased from Ray A. Young, a Pontiac-Buick dealer in Leamington for many years. Ray was born in nearby Wheatley in 1899 and sold his first GM car when he was still a teenager. When he finally retired in 1981, he had been selling cars for GM for 64 years, a cross-Canada record that is probably still unbroken. I landed my first summer job at age 15 in 1957 as the “wash boy” at 50 cents an hour on Ray Young’s used car lot. I still remember a 1950 Pontiac parked on the lot with that big dazzling grille. The car was seven years old at the time and I spent lots of elbow grease trying to bring out the best shine possible on all that chrome. It was a fastback, just like the one pictured here, and I enjoyed looking at its sleek silhouette

and at the famous Pontiac streaks on the hood and trunk lid. The car you see in the picture is currently owned by Paul Calderone of Toronto, who purchased his dark blue metallic 1950 Pontiac Streamliner two-door fastback four years ago from Al Webster, a classic car dealer north of Toronto. A decoding of the V.I.N. indicated Paul’s car had been built in Southgate, California. Under the hood is a 239 cubic inch flathead inline six cylinder cranking out 90 horsepower and bolted to a three-speed columnshift transmission. Also available that year was a flathead straight eight with 268 cubic inches cranking out 108 horsepower. The year 1950 was a record setter for Pontiac with nearly 466,500 cars, breaking the previous all-time record in 1941. Also noteworthy for 1950 was the arrival of the first Pontiac hardtop, the Catalina, available in the Chieftain series, and instantly popular with almost 10 per cent of all 1950

Submitted photo

Paul Calderone’s beautiful 1950 Pontiac Streamliner is photographed in Toronto by Lake Ontario. Note the outside sun visor, rear view mirrors, fender skirts, and wide whitewall tires. Pontiacs sold. Chevrolet also brought out its first hardtop that same year, the Bel Air. The Pontiac nameplate has now been discontinued, but as long as Pontiacs like Paul Calderone’s 1950

Streamliner show up at car shows and cruise nights, these cars will never be forgotten. I’m always looking for stories. Email or write Bill Sherk, 25 John Street, P.O.

Box 255, Leamington, ON N8H 3W2. Everyone whose story is published in this column will receive a free autographed copy of my latest book: “OLD CAR DETECTIVE FAVOURITE STORIES, 1925 to 1965.”





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Lanark chapter of CARP promotes pole walking with free clinics Lanark County over the next few months. We have set the following towns, dates and times with specific meeting places still to be determined. Please RSVP to Crawford by email ( or phone (613-623-2978) indicating which session you would like to attend and the number of participants, so that we have enough poles. If you cannot attend any of the sessions below, you may still contact Crawford to make other arrangements. April clinics • Almonte: Saturday, April 13 at 9 a.m., location TBA • Carleton Place: Saturday, April 13 at 1:30 p.m., location TBA • Smiths Falls: Saturday, April 27 at 9 a.m., location TBA • Perth: Saturday, April 27 at 1:30 p.m., location TBA May clinics • Pakenham: Tuesday, May 7 at 7

for the first training session. There p.m., location TBA • Merrickville: Saturday, May 25 is no charge for attending this training session or using the poles. Durat 10 a.m., location TBA ing this session, Crawford will instruct the group on how to use the June clinics • Almonte: Saturday, June 8 at 9 poles and then will lead a walk with the poles. a.m., location TBA Expect the session to last at least • Carleton Place: Saturday, June 8 one and a half hours. at 1:30 p.m., location TBA Come to the training session, • Smiths Falls: Saturday, June 22 learn to walk with the poles and at 9 a.m., location TBA • Perth: Saturday, June 22 at 1:30 incorporate pole walking into your own lifestyle, whether walking p.m., location TBA daily or weekly, individually or in a Crawford will supply the poles group. It is fun to get together with

a group to pole walk as it provides a highly effective exercise and a social outing. Feel free to bring family and/or friends. If you want to buy poles, Crawford has some for sale. CARP members will get a 10 per cent discount off the price of the poles in the next three months. (Disclosure: The Lanark Chapter of CARP will also receive a fee if a CARP member buys poles.) Submitted by the Lanark County chapter of the Canadian Association of Retired Persons.



Full Circle Theatre hopes sold out events turn into musical theatre excitement EMC Entertainment – Following up on SRO (Standing Room Only or Sold Right Out) events at the Full Circle Theatre (FCT) this past week, Perth’s BarnDoor Productions (BDP) is turning their efforts to what should be the musical theatre event of the season at FCT. ‘Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well And Living In Paris,’ BDP’s 88th production, hits the stage on April 12 and promises a whirlwind of music, colour, lights and great theatre. Jacques Brel is a show that is vastly different time it is staged and BarnDoor’s new vision of it aims to bring the late-60s musical into a new century. The show was groundbreaking in its off-Broadway debut in January 1968, anticipating the bookless, character-less musical form that ‘Hair’ brought to Broadway four months later. But while ‘Hair’ was a show that was very much about issues of the 1960s, ‘Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well’ is built around songs that are timeless in their content. It’s an all-music musical and the emotional intensity required by the show is unique – every one of the show’s 27 songs is a small drama in itself, requiring not just singing ability from its performers but the need to create a fresh set of characters and a fresh new story with each number. The musical is a physical challenge. The whole show is carried, in BarnDoor’s case, by five performers who sing, dance, clown and cry their way through a score that moves from laughter to nostalgia, from tears to joy in songs about life, death, loss, love, girls, dogs, bulls, carousels and much more. Some songs are Latin in flavour, some are rag-time, some are jazzy, some pure rock and others are of that remarkable style known as

French cabaret – small, intense songs about huge emotional upheavals that move their audience deeply but are quickly replaced with something else entirely. The show’s band is challenged as well. Songs change tempo, key, musical styles and emotional levels constantly, working from the smallest pianissimo to the heaviest fortissimo, from achingly slow to frighteningly fast – often within the same song. In particular, one of Brel’s more famous songs, ‘Carousel,’ begins with the slow gentleness of a merry-go-round starting up and builds to a remarkable four-part, highspeed climax that leaves audience, and performers, gasping. As if all that weren’t enough, BarnDoor is challenging itself technically as well, calling on the full resources of the Full Circle Theatre, and beyond, to create a piece of theatre that moves seamlessly through its two acts and its kaleidoscope of emotion and images. There are songs that will make you laugh, songs that will make you think, songs that will make you cry and, in the end, a piece of theatre will let you leave excited and highly entertained. BarnDoor Productions’ ‘Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well And Living In Paris’ will be memorable and unique – a theatre event unlike anything you’ve seen in Perth in a long time. ‘Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well And Living In Paris’ runs April 12, 13, 18, 19, 20 at 8 p.m. and April 14 and 21 at 2 p.m. Tickets for Jacques Brel and details on it and other events at Full Circle Theatre (including full details on BDP’s 2013-2014 season) are on BarnDoor’s website: www. Submitted by BarnDoor Productions.





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ion of life, lo ild.” e in celebrat nc Da d an to raise a ch Dine ) and es a village ak “t it at health clinic news th k-in mental al (w au re Serv ices Bu m). ing to Youth Proceeds go dge (sacred child progra Lo in sh aa w.stephenjr Minw website ww r ou e se item. n, formatio major raffle and event in ad Sports as st nd Ku For tickets om a bike fr auction and s for silent em it y it al qu Many l!! Thanks to al hael Ranney an, and Mic th na Jo , Debra

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EMC News – The Lanark Chapter of the Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) is cooperating with Janet Crawford of White Lake, to encourage older adults to consider pole walking as a fun way to get outdoors and get low-impact exercise. Nordic pole walking provides both a low-impact cardiovascular workout and resistance training. Pole walking exercises 90 per cent of your muscle mass and therefore has greater benefits, such as: increase in strength and stability, greater weight loss, prevention of chronic diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and heart disease. Please note you do not have to be an athlete to gain the benefits of this highly effective physical activity! If you can walk, you can do this! How do you get started? What about the poles? Crawford will be holding free instructional clinics throughout

Help find forever home for felines By LORI CLARKSON


This Week’s Pets

EMC Lifestyle – This week, I’d like to introduce you to Boots, Hank and Bella. They were brought to LAWS when their owner, who took extremely good care of her cats, passed away and there was nobody else to care for them. They have been with us since March 16, and Hank and Boots are now at Natural Pet Foods in Carleton Place and we hope that these cats can once again find love and care in a new forever home. homes, too! Abel is a quiet dignified four-year-old white male with brown markings. He tends to be a quiet boy but enjoys being petted and talked to, looking out windows and taking care of his beautiful coat. He is sure to win your heart with his easygoing, gentle personality. Please stop by LAWS to visit Abel today.

WEEK 2013 Salutes

National Volunteer Week 2013

Boots is a lovely black medium long-haired boy of about six and a half-yearsold. He is black with very striking green eyes and lovely long white whiskers. Boots also has a few white marking on his chest and white “boots.” He loves his

brother Hank, who is a long hair grey with some blushcoloured hair. He is also about six and a half-yearsold and loves to snuggle. Both Boots and Hank must have been used to regular brushing as they love it.

Bella is a short hair white and black female cat who also is a snuggle bug. All three cats are very healthy, playful and ready to find their forever home(s). They are such beautiful cats! We also would like to introduce two handsome little guys who would be thrilled to find their forever

April 21st–27th Willie is the volunteer pick of the week. This handsome boy absolutely loves being brushed and petted, prefers to be king of the castle and would love to be the main man in your life. He is quite insulted about being picked up and brought to the shelter and feels this must be a mistake. He is a take charge kind of guy – confident, handsome and large framed. Wee Willie would love the opportunity to have his own home in the country where he can bird watch, take naps and be your best companion. He looks forward to having you meet him! LAWS (Lanark Animal Welfare Society) is located on Glenview Road, just off Highway 43, about 2 kilometres west of Smiths Falls. The shelter is open Monday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Write to us at P.O. Box 156, Smiths Falls, ON K7A 4T1 or contact us at 613283-9308, or email at Visit our website at Please also check out www.AdoptADog.TV featuring some of our canines up for adoption. If you have lost a dog or cat please check our website or phone or visit the shelter. If you have found a dog or cat please visit our website to find the number of your local animal control officer.

Show your support for your greatest natural resource…

VOLUNTEERS Applaud the contribution they make to Our Communities.

A Special Advertising Feature is planned for the Record News EMC and the St. Lawrence EMC April 18, 2013 Don’t miss this opportunity to acknowledge your volunteers! Advertising Deadline - April 11th, 2013

Call Cheryl at 283-3182 ext. 184 or 1-800-267-7936 e-mail: THE EMC - 43 - Thursday, April 4, 2013


April is

Daffodil Month

Join the fight. Wear a daffodil.

Daffodil Pinwheel Materials: U paper (construction paper, fun foam, thin plastic) U pencil with eraser at the end (unsharpened is best) optional: a small bead (like a pony bead)

U something to color with U push pin or straight pin optional: green paint

Instructions: Optional: paint your pencil green so it looks like the stem of a flower U Take the circle and crimp it along the lines to make an orange cup shape U Fold the rectangular template piece on the dashed line to make a square decorated on both sides U Glue the square together so you have a square decorated on both sides U Cut on the diagonal dotted lines (don’t cut all the way into the middle) U Bend each corner to the center dot, but don’t crease your folds U Place the cup in the middle of the pinwheel U Push a pin through the center into the eraser of a pencil (don’t push it super tight) Optional: put a bead in between the eraser and the paper (some people find it spins a bit better this way) U Place it in a vase or pot and decorate your springtime table! DONATIONS...



With your help we can make cancer history.

Use sunscreen with an SPF 15 or higher and reapply frequently.

offering hope to cancer patints

EARLY DETECTION... and screening can save lives.

the vibrant side of RETIREMENT

WORRY FREE LIVING in one of our comfortable spacious studios or suites.

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Helping Families Celebrate Lives Lived – since 1875

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Independent & Supportive Retirement Living

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More than 50% of people diagnosed with cancer will survive.

and register for Relay for Life

Regular exercise reduces your risk of colon cancer.



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s r

Monday-Thursday 7a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


613-283-1206 613-283-4999 INFORMATION ON CANCER... Call toll free 1 888 939-3333


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Sales Ltd




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“Your Provider, Leader and Partner in Healthcare”


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Join the Fight

YOUR DOLLARS... fund research, information and services to people living with cancer.

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Canadian Cancer Society Lanark, Leeds and Grenville


For 75 years, we have been with you in the fight for life. We have been relentless in our commitment to fund research and support Canadians touched by cancer. These efforts, combined with our work in prevention, are the foundation for a future where we will engage Canadians to change cancer forever. Since 1938, the Canadian Cancer Society has been the trusted national voice in the fight against all cancers and the primary source of support and information for all Canadians affected by cancer. The Canadian Cancer Society is marking its 75th Anniversary in 2013. It is an occasion to commemorate our successes over 75 years while recognizing the work that still needs to be done in our fight for life. Commemorate this special year by hosting a fundraising event in your community/workplace, becoming a volunteer, participating in Relay For Life. It is only with your support that the Society will continue to save lives and support people living with cancer right now.

UÊ, É-" UÊ , " Ê" "8 UÊ-Ê / /" UÊ7/ ,Ê 6 

UÊ- 1,/9 UÊ, "/ Ê6 " UÊ

--Ê " /," UÊ  Ê -/, --

613-283-6238 127 Beckwith Street North, U.L.C. LISTED STATION

Smiths Falls

BE SENSIBLE IN THE SUN... Reduce sun exposure between 11:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.

Daffodil Days Wednesday, April 3 through to Saturday, April 6, 2013. Go to to find out where you can get your daffodil pin

Upcoming Events Saturday, April 6 Wednesday, April 24 Saturday, April 27 Saturday, May 25 Wednesday, June 1 Tuesday, June 7

Tuesday, June 7

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Our caregivers make the difference... Call today for your

Prescott Daffodil Tea 24th Annual Lanark Dessert and Variety Night Daffodil Day 20th Annual Smiths Falls Cancer Golf Classic 14th Annual Ross Craig Cancer Golf Classic Relay For Life in Smiths Falls Register at Relay For Life in Mississippi Mills Register at Relay For Life in Brockville Register at y

PREVENTION... 50% of cancers can be prevented through healthy lifestyle choices.

2 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU! 76 Beckwith Street North -“ˆÌ…ÃÊ>ÃÊUʭȣήÊÓn·Èx™Ç £££Êœ“L>À`Ê-ÌÀiiÌÊÜÞ°Ê£xÊ-œÕ̅ -“ˆÌ…ÃÊ>ÃÊUʭȣήÊÓn·ș™Î

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from the sun and second hand smoke.

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Wanted! Scrap vehicles, Small tin for shredding, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Batteries $ TOP DOLLAR $ SMITHS FALLS,3954 HWY 43 W. 613-283-5230 BROCKVILLE, 2411 LYN RD. 613-345-3263

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BE ACTIVE... Regular exercise reduces your risk of colon cancer.



“Most people talk recycling, we do it” THE EMC - 45 - Thursday, April 4, 2013

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Experience poverty maze in Lanark County with ‘Take a Walk in My Shoes’ April 24 EMC Events – The Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit, in partnership with the Social Service Worker Program at Algonquin College Perth, is hosting an interactive workshop called ‘Take a Walk in My Shoes.’ This free event, taking place on April 24 at Perth-Upon-Tay Legion, aims to raise awareness about the barriers people experiencing poverty face, and the day to day stigma that is often associated with poverty. Participants will navigate through a maze where they will experience the challenges of trying to secure some of the most basic necessities in life. Poverty affects everyone, including the families living in Leeds, Grenville and Lanark. A total of 9.3

per cent of households in our area are food insecure (Canadian Community Health Survey, 2011. Ontario Share File. Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care), suggesting that many families do not have access to safe, affordable food that they like to eat, that helps them to be healthy and that they can get in ways that make them feel good about themselves. Close to 11,000 families in Leeds, Grenville and Lanark are living on $19,000 or less per year (Canadian Community Health Survey, 2011. Ontario Share File. Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Statistics Canada, 2006, Census Population). This is not nearly enough income to raise a family and pay for things like, food, clothing,

shelter, health expenses, transportation and childcare. “Students in the social service worker program at Algonquin College support people affected by poverty and recognize that affordable housing, fresh food, and transportation are not accessible for many people in Lanark County,” says Lisa Shaw-Verhoek, professor in the social service worker program at Algonquin College Perth Campus. “This workshop will provide a unique experiential opportunity for anyone with an interest to explore this multi-faceted problem and to brainstorm solutions” says ShawVerhoek. “Having access to healthy, safe and affordable food and housing is essential to being healthy, and not

Alzheimer Society works to remove stigmas EMC Lifestyle - Even though Alzheimer awareness month has come to an end our mission at the Alzheimer Society of Lanark County hasn’t. This year our awareness campaign is “See Me, Not My Disease…..Let’s Talk about Dementia”. We will be working very hard to remove the stigma that people with Alzheimer’s disease live with every day. “She has lost her marbles” or “he has old-timer’s disease” may seem like harmless things to say about someone who has been diagnosed with the disease, however, the truth is they are harmful and hurtful words. People who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia are still who they have always been; unique, educated, able body people. They now have the challenge of living with a disease that is slowly taking away all the memories they have developed throughout their lifetime. “It’s very interesting to see how people close to me act. It’s almost as if they are afraid of bringing up the subject. Being a cancer survivor, I know that I was constantly asked how I was doing while I was going through treatment. With Alzheimer’s, no

one asks.” – Person with dementia, UK World Alzheimer Report 2012. So, now we are asking ourselves, “What can we do for a person who has Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia?” That is where our campaign comes in. “See me, not the disease”. See the person, see their strengths, be involved in their life and learn about the disease and what you can do as a family member, friend or co-worker for this person. The Alzheimer Society of Lanark County’s Education & Support Coordinators are here to provide a variety of educational opportunities for people in our community. Learn about the disease, how to communicate with someone affected with the disease or how to keep your brain and body healthy with “Heads Up for Healthier Brain”. If you are caring for someone with this disease you can attend one of our many Learning Series, or a caregiver support group. You can also come into

our office and speak with one of our Education & Support Coordinators. They can help you understand the disease and the people who are living with it. Education & Support Coordinators will also speak at public events and groups covering a wide variety of subjects on this disease. Right now, more than 747,000 in Canada are living with some form of dementia. In the next 20 years, this number will reach 1.4 million. The risk doubles every five years after the age of 65 and people as young as 40 have been diagnosed with a form of dementia. The time is now to erase the stigma that has been around too long and open up our minds and our hearts to those who are living with Alzheimer’s disease and the ones who care for them. We are here to help our community. Contact us at 613-2640307, 613-256-3113 or email Submitted by Robin Hull, Education & Support Coordinator.

WEEKLY DRAW for a $75 gift certificate – every week from March 25 till June 28 (good at any downtown BIA business)

GRAND PRIZE ($500 value) consisting of: UÊ "˜iʘˆ}…̽ÃÊÀœœ“ÊvœÀÊÌܜÊ>ÌÊ iÃÌÊ7iÃÌiÀ˜Ê*ÕÃÊplus UÊ Ê-«>ÊÌÀi>̓i˜ÌÊvœÀÊÌܜÊ>ÌÊ̅iÊ*>ÀŽÃˆ`iÊ-«>Êplus UÊ Êf£ääÊ}ˆvÌÊViÀ̈wV>ÌiÊ̜Ê̅iÊ œÜ˜ÌœÜ˜ÊÀiÃÌ>ÕÀ>˜ÌÊ œvÊޜÕÀÊV…œˆVi


SHOP DOWNTOWN PERTH AND WIN!!!, visit or call the health ACTION Line at 1-800-660-5853. Like the Health Unit on Facebook for important public health updates.

Pension income-splitting – why it works and how to do it Even for younger people, doing the splits can be difficult but, believe it or not, doing the splits becomes easier as you mature. Of course, what we’re talking about here is not physically doing the splits but financially – as in splitting your pension income with a spouse or common-law partner to save on taxes. The federal government allows eligible retirees to save on income tax by letting couples shift up to 50% of the higher earner’s eligible pension income to the lower earning partner who is taxed at a lower rate, reducing the tax bite for both of you. (By the way, you don’t actually have to pay the shifted income to your partner, you simply report it for tax purposes.) To qualify for pension income-splitting, you and your partner must be Canadian residents and either married or living in a common-law relationship. Regardless of your age, income from these sources is eligible for income splitting: • Lifetime pension, bridging payments, or

Manage Your Money annuity payments from a registered pension plan or foreign pension plan. • Payments to a surviving spouse from investments held within a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) or Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) annuity contract resulting from the death of the original annuity owner. At age 65, income from these sources also becomes eligible for pension income-splitting: • Payments from your investments held within a RRIF. • The interest component of the annuity payments under a contract purchased with non-registered funds. You can qualify for pension income splitting even if you are receiving a periodic pension benefit and have started a second career. But your income may change year-to-year, so you should frequently reevaluate to determine if you still qualify for pension income-splitting and the

percentage of income that should be transferred to the lower earner in order to maximize tax savings. Pension incomesplitting is a valuable taxreduction strategy for most retirees – but to be certain it’s right for you, check out the tax implications of income-splitting -- and get good info on other tax-saving strategies – by talking to your professional advisor. This column, written and published by Investors Group Financial Services Inc. (in Québec – a Financial Services Firm), and Investors Group Securities Inc. (in Québec, a firm in Financial Planning) presents general information only and is not a solicitation to buy or sell any investments. Contact your own advisor for specific advice about your circumstances. For more information on this topic please contact your Investors Group Consultant.

When it’s time to retire, will your RRSP be enough?


It’s time to consider additional strategies to maximize your Darlene Donnelly CFP Robert McGlade CFP FMA CIM Jane Graham CFP (613) 264-0064 ext 23 (613) 269-4906 (613) 264-1530 investment potential Perth Merrickville Perth and minimize the taxes For Exciting Career Opportunities you pay today.


This contest is sponsored by the Downtown Heritage Perth BIA

everyone in our community has the same opportunity for health”, says Joanne Desormeaux, Health Equity Coordinator at the Health Unit. ‘Take a Walk in My Shoes’ is building on the success of a similar event held in Leeds and Grenville last year. “People walked away from that experience with a deeper understanding of the challenges those experiencing poverty face,” Desormeaux said. ‘Take a Walk in My Shoes’ provides an opportunity for members of our community to better understand the challenges people experiencing poverty face and to start the conversation about how we can work together to create better health. To register, go to www.taws.


Trademarks owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations.

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Public welcome to Federal government announces new savings for Canadian consumers attend Perth climate change forum April 15 EMC News â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Labour, on behalf of the Honourable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, this week announced new tariff relief

Why this forum now? Changing climate trends are already touching many areas of our lives, from the local economy and tourism to peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s health. A warning of possible spring flooding came as recently as March 7 from the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, stating that nearrecord snowpack could melt quickly, depending on weather conditions, resulting in flooding of vulnerable areas. Meanwhile last July was the driest since 1931, part of a serious drought throughout Lanark County, accompanied by extreme heat warnings. Wetlands are still in recovery mode. And who can forget the ice storm of 1998? Our small towns and largely rural communities must develop plans and strategies to attempt to slow down accelerating rates of climate change related to global warming and to adapt to new climate trends. It is certainly not too soon or too late to begin such planning, and in Ontario

there is already an example for us to consider. The Lake Simcoe watershed area has an official climate change action plan in place following extensive consultations with the public, municipalities, scientists, economic development, First Nations and Metis peoples, environmental and academic groups and more. This plan which began as a study by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources will be discussed at the forum as a possible model which could be customized for this area, its boundaries to be determined. Questions, questions, and maybe some answers Discussion topics will focus on our state of readiness to cope with climate-related challenges. How will dry riverbeds and lower lake levels threaten some species or our water supply? Will the beauty of our natural environment be affected by the changing landscape? What about the consequences for tourism, property values, agriculture, food security and more? Just think of the dollars required to rebuild damaged infrastructure after severe storms or of the losses that farmers suffer when crops fail. This meeting will also provide opportunity for those affected already to share their challenges and concerns, and for everyone to consider do-able followup actions, including building a local climate action network of our own. Where is leadership coming from? In the absence of adequate planning from higher levels, demand must come from below. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s us, everyone! On April 15, panelists will discuss what they think will be needed to guide us through the coming changes, and the Lake Simcoe plan. Appropriate actions that individuals can take will be suggested and the need for extensive on-going collaboration amongst all sectors will be emphasized. Public input is vitally important for a made-in-Lanark strategy. Come to the forum on April 15 to discover what we can do here and now. The event is free and refreshments served before the meeting starts. See you then! For more information, contact CFUW environment committee chair Peggy Land at 613-267-7597 or Taro Alps, a member of the Friends of the Tay Watershed Association board of directors, at 613-273-8495.

the 18 per cent tariffs on imported baby clothing as well as tariffs on certain sports and exercise equipment, including,: 18 per cent tariff on ice skates; 2.5 to 18 per cent

tariff on hockey equipment; 6.5 to 20 per cent tariff on skis and snowboards; 2.5 to 7 per cent tariff on golf clubs; and 6.5 per cent tariff on exercise equipment.

Imagine talking to all the people in



households at once!



.32 20 words Each additional word $1.00





Smiths FaEMC DISTRIBUTION 474,000 lls


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Starting @


28, 2010





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Town responds to AMO challenge for Haiti



S Staff Writer

Build a Mountain campaign success. celebrates

EMC News of Smiths Falls â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The Town challenge when is up for the helping Haiti. it comes to In respons lenge issued e to a chalpresident of by Peter Hume, the Associa of Municipalities tion of Ontario (AMO) and tive directo AMO executown councir Pat Vanini, l committee committed at of the Wholeits Committee sion on Monda(COW) sesthe town makingy night to the minimum $100 Photo courtesy for Haiti indonation sought of JOHN GRAY of a devasta the aftermath Residents quake thatting 7.1 earthJan. 21 as may have noticed a curious several specia Central Americstruck the sight floatin hot air balloo l guests an nation g atop Smiths on Jan. 12. Connections n. During his ride, were invited to Falls on take a Realty Inc., John Gray, Smiths Falls broker of trip in the RE/MAX Dennis captured this picture record with Staples said Mayor sque view RE/MAX in support he of the town. of the initiati was By DIANN ve. He mentio E PINDER-MOS S that he had ned, however, â&#x20AC;&#x153;This is Well-known heard of some pheno Staff cartoo menal news commu Writer nist donate for the commu nities Orthopaedics EMC News s time to that ucts that had sending prodnities and Department LAWS. Smiths Falls â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Perth and certainwe serve. We been collect it will be with potent or shelter items. will will ed a pleasur ly ial soon to welcom orthopaedic have the a second e candid e him with orthopaedic have open arms,â&#x20AC;? ates. He asked staff â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Page 35 work with opportunity to geon to call he noted in if they had him.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;The recruit been on at their sur- press release. a The Perth hospital followi ment of that able to clarify whethe local physici and Smiths ans and would be r Falls ful recruitment ng a success- heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;sDr. Mark Roberts the area can specialists to says would Distric t Hospit The responspossible. excited be a challen al ing process e from CAO Dr. Mark effort. like to acknow gof moving at the prospect Dr. Wayne Robert . I am delight Brown was ledge here. Intern ationa s, an Anderson 2009 ed based on that, and the OR by this announcemen â&#x20AC;&#x153;I was Medic al Graduate, will l extrem ely nursing staff who provide it is key to t as had seen, the news clips he UNITED impressed join the medenablin dynamic and with the hospita organiz ical staff at a staff, physici active ortho- continue to deliver g us to the Red Cross ations like WAY ans and admin-l paedic service Falls DistricPerth & Smiths istratio and Save the on our Childre ability to meet . n were seeking CAMPAIGN the needs of Dr. July, 2010. t Hospital in care n. 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Your Choice Realty Inc. Brokerage Office: 613-283 -2121

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20 words. Each additional word 0.55 cents

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or call

1-888-WORD ADS (1-888-967-3237) emcclassiďŹ

CLASSIFIED THE EMC - 47 - Thursday, April 4, 2013

*Above rates are for residential ads. For commercial rates visit emcclassiďŹ

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EMC Events â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Floods, droughts, ice storms and damaging winds â&#x20AC;&#x201C; these extreme weather events may well continue to affect us all as our climate patterns change. To learn about the environmental, economic and personal impacts we can expect in our area, and what we can do about them, plan to attend an open public forum, hosted by the Perth and District Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) and the Friends of the Tay Watershed Assocation, at the Perth Royal Canadian Legion Monday, April 15. The evening, which is open to all, begins at 7:30 p.m. sharp and is expected to wrap up around 9:30 p.m. A panel discussion will feature both politicians and environmental authorities including Perth mayor John Fenik; Lanark County warden Bill Dobson; Bruce Reid, Rideau Valley Conservation Authorityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s director of watershed science and engineering; Missisippi Valley Conservation general manager Paul Lehman; and environmental consultant Jackie Oblak. The forum will be moderated by Lynn Preston of the Centre for Sustainable Watersheds. The public is invited and encouraged to enjoy the discussion, ask questions, share ideas and be-gin a dialogue about what we can do locally to build resilience into our environment and economy in the face of climate change.

that will benefit Canadian families, consumers and businesses. Economic Action Plan 2013 announced $76 million in annual savings through the removal of

REGIONAL ROUND-UP Any community organization based in our circulation area wishing to list an event of community interest is invited to submit a description of 25 words or less in writing. Admissions or event costs, will not be included. Deadline is Monday at 4:30 p.m. prior to publication date. This service is provided free of charge. Events will be listed no more than two weeks in advance. Write, EMC, P.O. Box 158, Smiths Falls, Ont. K7A 4T1, or fax at 613-283-5909 or e-mail: OR Items will be edited as necessary. Please include name, address and phone number.

150 Years of Canadian Weddings- an exhibit of wedding attire at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in Almonte, running March 19 to May 18, Tuesdays to Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Aerobic Class, senior-friendly. Almonte arena on Wednesdays, 10-11 AM. Call 613256-1077 for details. April 15th- Almonte Quilters Guild will meet at the Almonte Civitan Hall, 500 Almonte Street in Almonte. Monthly meeting. 7-9:00 p.m. Jen (JC) Empey, (613)256-5858, e-mail: Euchre, 4 hand, April 4, 7:30 p.m. Sponsor: Town & Country Tenants Assoc., 375 Country St. Light lunch. Contact Norma 613-256-4179. Euchre at Holy Name of Mary School Gym on Patterson St. in Almonte. Every Wed. 7 p.m. Prizes awarded and light lunch. Legion Branch 240, Saturday, April 13, Billy Armstrong, 3-7 p.m. Mississippi River Watchers public information meeting, April 11, 7 PM. Civitan Hall, Almonte. Topic; Environmental Review process of the proposed Enerdu Power Plant Redevelopment. Mom to Mom Sale, Saturday, April 13, 9-1. Almonte Civitan Hall, strollers welcome after 10 a.m. The April Valley Singles Lunch, will be held at Delicious Steak House, Hwy., 17, Cobden. Sunday, April 7 at 1 p.m. Info: contact Fay 613-256-8117 or Johanna 613-432-7622. Travels in Textiles, April 13 fibre artist Anne Kelly will conduct a workshop at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum. Register at 613256-3754.

50+ Fitness, Canoe Club, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10-11 a.m. Info: 613-256-8339. 50+ Fitness, Tues.,&Thurs., 10-11 AM. Carleton Place Canoe Club. For info call 613-256-8339. Adult Bereavement walking group, Tuesday, April 9, 1:30-3:30 p.m. Starbucks, corner Hwy 7/McNeely Ave. Contact: Rebecca Bowie 613-267-6400. Adult Bereavement walking group, Tuesday, April 9, 1:30-3:30 p.m. Starbucks, corner Hwy 7/McNeely Ave. Contact: Rebecca Bowie 613-267-6400. Breakfast- 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. After 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. masses at St. Mary’s28 Hawthorne. Sponsor: Knight of Columbus. Carleton Place Lions Club, 4-hand euchre tournament series. Army Navy Hall, 315 Townline Rd. E. April 6. Doors open 12 noon, games start 1 p.m. (613)253-5243. Carleton Place Lions Club Euchre tournament. BBQ, 12 PM. 1 PM, tournament. Eightgame tournament play. Army Navy Club, 315 Townline Rd., Carleton Place Info; 613-2538461. Carleton Place Orange Lodge meets 3rd Tuesday of the month at 195 Industrial Ave at 8 p.m. Info: Kevin 613-253-5547. Carleton Place Sunset Club meets every Wednesday, 1 p.m. Legion. Euchre, bid euchre, games, socializing. Third Wed. each month- short general meeting, noon. Potluck lunch/games follows. 613-257-7483. Carleton Place Sunset Club Spring Tonic Tour. Wheelers Pancake House. April 18. Meet at Legion 11 a.m. or Wheelers at noon. 613-2571355. CPDMHA Annual Roast Beef Dinner, Tuesday, April 9, St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 39 Bridge St. Two seatings available 11:30-12:15 and 12:30-1:15. Tickets: 257-2200 ext 323 or ext 856, Luci 613-253-3829. Debtors Anonymous. If you are having problems with money or debt then we can help. 6:30 Tuesdays, St. James Hall, Bell and Edmund Street. 613-216-9008.

Do You Need To Lose Weight? Join TOPS. We meet every Monday evening (6:30-8 p.m.) Royal Canadian Legion, 177 George St. Info: Nancy 613-257-5732. Euchre, every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Monday of the month. 7:30 p.m. Legion. Sponsor: Ladies Auxiliary. Bring your friends. Lunch/prizes. 613253-6375. Euchre, every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Monday of the month. 7:30 p.m. Legion. Sponsor: Ladies Auxiliary. Bring your friends. Lunch/prizes. 613253-6375. French Playgroup “Plaisirs D’Enfants”. Every Tuesday 9:30-11:30 a.m. Beckwith Community Hall (Black’s Corners). 613-253-0008. Seniors 50 & over, join the Sunset Club for fun and games, trips, etc. Meeting at Legion, 1 p.m. every Wednesday. Info: 257-8102. TOPS weight support group meets every Thursday morning at Zion Memorial Church on Franklin Street (across from the library) Weigh in starts at 9, meeting starts at 9:30-10:30. Info: 613-253-8677. Urban Forest Advisory Committee meeting. 7:30 p.m. Council Chambers Town Hall. April 18.

KEMPTVILLE Baby Talk- Wednesday, April 10, 1:30-3 p.m. Ontario Early Years Centre. Breastfeeding support available. Benefit Dance. Music by “Country Seven”. Fundraiser for the Alzheimer Society (LeedsGrenville) April 7, 1-5, 285 County Rd 44. Tickets at the door. 613-652-1723 or 613-258-6538. BNI of Kemptville, meeting. Every Tuesday 7-8:30 a.m. Kemptville Pub, 200 Rideau St. (613)863-4853. Branch Artisan meeting, at the North Grenville Community Church, 2659 Conc. Rd., Kemptville. April 16, 7 p.m. Info: 613-258-4382. New members welcome. Fundraiser dance. Proceeds to Alzheimer Society Leeds and Grenville. Sunday, April 7. North Grenville Municipal Centre, 285 Cty Rd 44. Tickets/info: Marlyn Scharf 613-258-6538. Kemptville and Area Walking Group- Mon. April 8, Wed. April 10, Fri. April 12, 9 a.m. Meet at North Grenville Municipal Centre. (613)2584487. Sponsor: Health Unit. North Grenville Toastmasters meet 1st, 3rd Thursday every month. O’Farrell Financial Services, Boardroom (292 County Rd. 44). 7 p.m. Learn communication/leadership skills. Rideau-Grenville Ducks Unlimited Dinner & Auction- Sat. April 13. North Grenville Municipal Centre: Doors Open 5:30 p.m.; Dinner 6:45 p.m. Tickets: 613-258-7515, 613-258-4032, Toddler Program- Goosie, Goosie Gander. Ontario Early Years. Adults and toddlers (18 months-3 yrs). 33 Clothier St. (Saunders St. entrance). Fridays April 5-26. 10-11:30 a.m. Register: 1-866-433-8933 ext. 2374.

LANARK Dinner and a Movie. April 5, 6 p.m. Lanark Baptist Church. Families Get Together. Healthy lifestyle program for families and their children aged 6-9. April 4-May 16. 5:30-7:30 p.m. North Lanark Community Health Centre, 207 Robertson Dr. Registration required. 613-259-2182, 1-866-7620496. Fitness Classes every Monday (except holidays). 9:30-10:30 a.m. North Lanark County Community Health Centre. 613-259-2182. Fun and Fitness Wednesdays 9:30-10:30 am. St Andrew’s United Church. Info: Kara (613)259-2182. Lanark Legion Branch 395 will host a Musical Jamboree the 3rd Saturday of each month, 2 PM. All musicians welcomed. Opened to the public. Lanark Lodge Pub (3rd Thursday every month). 2 p.m. Hosted by recreation dept. Info.

613-267-4225. Walking group, every Tuesday morning, 9 a.m. from the NLCCHA. Refreshments, exercises/speaker after walk. Heather 613-259-2182. Wild Game Dinner- Legion. April 6, 6 p.m. Limited tickets. 613-259-5298.

MERRICKVILLE April 12- Legion Dinner and Dance. Chicken dinner 6 p.m. Entertainment: Smokey Rose. April 5- Legion Dinner and Dance. Pork dinner 6 p.m. Entertainment: Fred duCharme. April 9- Legion general meeting. 7 p.m. Fish Fry- St. Ann’s Parish- Merrickville Community Center. April 12. 4:30-7:30 p.m. Takeout available. LEGO Club- Saturday, April 6, 1 p.m. Merrickville Library. Ages 5-12. Merrickville Mom to Mom Sale- Saturday April, 20th, 9 am-12 noon. Merrickville Community Centre. Proceeds: The Merrickville Fire Department. Register for a table. Christine_ by April 18. StoryTime Fridays 10 a.m., theme: April 5, ToddlerTime, Raindrops. Merrickville Library. Info: 613-269-3326.

PAKENHAM Bid Euchre Tournament, 4-hand, Tatlock Hall, 696 Conc 7, Darling Twp. Saturday, April 13, 1 p.m. Prizes. Partner not necessary. Registration recommended. Info: Feryn 613-259-2010 or Doug 613-256-1414. “Celebration” concert featuring The fiVe woodwind quintet. Music from baroque and romantic to Charleston and ragtime, Sunday, April 14, St. Andrew’s United Church. Dessert tea, 3 p.m. concert, 4 p.m. Tickets at door or Pakenham General Store. Low Impact Fitness, senior-friendly. Pakenham Arena on Wednesdays 10-11 a.m. Info: 613-256-1077. Musical Evening at Country View Lodge featuring Clarence Bowes and Friends. Thursday, April 11th, 7 PM. 4676 Dark’s Side Rd., Pakenham. Info; 613-624-5714. Pakenham Square Dance Club Dance, Friday, April 5, upstairs in the Stewart Community centre, dancing 8-11:30. Local musicians, door prizes, light lunch. Info: 613-256-4126.

PERTH Adult Bereavement group, Wednesday, April 10, 1:00-3:00 p.m. Lanark Lodge, 115 Christie Lake Rd. Contact: Rebecca Bowie 613267-6400. Al-Anon Meetings. If you are living with or near a drinking problem. Every Thursday 8 p.m. St. James Anglican Church, Drummond St. 613267-4848, 613-267-6039. Attention all Parents!!! (and Grandparents)!!! Mom to Mom Sale, Saturday, April 13, 8-noon, the auditorium of St Paul’s United Church, 25 Gore St W (corner of D’Arcy). Call 613-267-2973 to book a table. Bag Day- Salvation Army Thrift Store- 51 Foster St. April 12. Beavers and us Workshop on Monday, April 22, 9-4 at Civitan Hall, 6787 Cty Rd 43. Hosted by Stewardship Councils. Register for lunch by April 15 613-335-3589. “Boilingbroke Cafe” ABC Hall, 3166 County Rd. 36, April 5, 7:30-10 PM. Glenn Russell, Dave Martin & David Keeble. Brain Injury- Moving on Group, meet at 1 Sherbrooke St., the second and last Wednesday of each month, 10 a.m.-noon. Info: Kathy (613)283-7795. Bridge, Perth Duplicate Bridge Club meets 7:00 p.m. every Thursday evening at McMartin House, 125 Gore St. E. Day Away Club, social program for individuals with Alzheimer Disease or Related Dementia. Every Monday and Wednesday 9:30-3:30. AlTHE EMC - 48 - Thursday, April 4, 2013

zheimer Society of Lanark County, 115 Christie Lake Rd. (613)267-0307. Day Away Club, social program for individuals with Alzheimer Disease or Related Dementia. Every Monday and Wednesday 9:30-3:30. Alzheimer Society of Lanark County, 115 Christie Lake Rd. (613)267-0307. Day Away Club, social program for individuals with memory loss. Every Tuesday and Friday, 9:30-3:30. Smiths Falls, 4 George St. Includes activities, lunch and in town transportation. Info: 1(800)511-1911. Film Night International Perth is showing Barbara an East Germany doctor in the 1980s, banished to a small country. April 10, 2 pm and 7 pm, Full Circle Theatre, Craig Street. 613-2671224. Lanark Lodge Birthday Party (last Thursday every month). 2 p.m. Hosted by recreation dept. Info. 613-267-4225. Mary Cook Lunch. Apr. 13, 10 am-2 pm. A Kiwanis fundraiser at the Perth Legion. 613-2674662 for reservations. Perth Citizens’ Band annual spring concert, “A Salute to the Broadway Musicals”, April 14, 2 PM. Perth Legion Hall, Info; 613-256-4221, Perth Historical Society’s April meeting, April 17, 7:30 PM. Illustrated presentation of “Mills of the Tay” and more. Perth Museum, 11 Gore St. More info; Perth Old Tyme Fiddler’s Dance, Perth Legion Auditorium, 7:30 p.m. April 12. Info: (613)259-2569 or (613)283-8703. Perth Tay Seniors Meeting. Lions Hall. April 10. 12 noon. Rideau Trail Association, Central Club AGM. Sun. April 14. 10 a.m. McMartin House. Bring bag lunch. Hike to follow. 613-283-0332. Rideau Trail Association, Sun. April 7. 12 km, level 1. Meet Conlon Farm, 9 a.m. Leader: Dave Batchelor 613-264-1559. TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly). Meets Thursday evenings at Lanark Lodge. Info. Janet 613-264-9139. TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) Tuesdays 5 p.m. at Community Care. Info: Barbara 613-267-2040. TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), weight loss support group. Meetings every week. Info./ location 613-838-4777.

RURAL 4 hand euchre. Every Monday night. 7:30 p.m. Christ Church, Ashton. Prizes, food. 4 hand euchre, Wednesday, April 10, 7:30 p.m. Montague Seniors Hall, Rosedale. Good prizes, good food. (613)284-1074. Blood Donor Clinic, St James Major Catholic Church, 14608 Hwy 38, Sharbot Lake, Wednesday, April 17, 3-6 p.m. ‘Bolingbroke Cafe’ (ABC Hall, 3166 County Rd.36). April 5- Glenn Russell, Dave Martin and David Keeble (7:30-10 pm). Specialty coffees, teas and crepes available. Boyd’s Methodist Cemetery Board Annual Meeting on Monday, April 8, Boyd’s United Church Hall. Bullhead Dinner, Portland Legion, Br 2312314 Harlem Rd., Portland. Saturday, April 6. 4:30-7 p.m. Cancer, Relay for Life, Fundraiser breakfast, April 6, 8-11 a.m. put on by Snow Road Snowmobile Club at the Clubhouse, 1106 Gemmills Rd. Pancakes also available. C.A.R.E. Program for frail adults. (Mondays, Lanark, North Lanark Community Health Center) and (Fridays, CPHC Building, 15 Bates Dr.). (613)264-0307. Community Clothing Co-operative, Portland Community Hall. Open every Saturday 10 a.m.-2 p.m. every Wednesday 1-3 p.m. CPHC formally VON foot care clinic, every 1st Thursday of the month. Westport Chiropractic Centre, 39 Bedford St., Westport. Appointments required. 613-342-3693, 1-800-465-7646 ext. 243. Crokinole. Middleville Community Centre.

Friday, April 12. 7:30 p.m. lunch served. Dance Toledo Legion- Sunday April 7th. Featuring Kathy & Friends. Doors open at 1, dancing, 2-5 p.m. followed by hot pork supper at 5 p.m. Dinner & Movie Night, Clayton Community Hall, Linn Bower Lane, Clayton. April 5th. Dinner, 5-7 p.m. Movie 7 p.m. Euchre- every Monday afternoon. 1:30 p.m. South Elmsley Municipal Complex. Sponsor: Club 55. Refreshments. Euchre, Maberly Hall, Wednesday, April 10, 7 p.m. Info: Sue 613-268-2507, Doris 613-2645446, Lorraine 613-326-0622. Fun and Fitness exercise classes for seniors and older adults, Tuesdays, 9:30-10:30 MERA Schoolhouse in McDonalds Corners. Fun and Fitness Mondays 9:30-10:30, Middleville Community Hall. Info: Kara (613)2592182. Fun and Fitness Thursdays 9:30-10:30, Ferguson Falls Hall. Info: Kara (613)259-2182. Fun and Fitness Thursdays 9:30-10:30, Middleville Hall. Info: Kara (613)259-2182. Fun and Fitness Wednesdays Lower Mobility Class, 1:30-2:30 p.m., North Lanark Community Health Centre. Info: Kara (613)259-2182. Gun and Sportsman Show, Saturday, March 30, 9-4, Sunday, March 31, 9-3, Grenville Fish & Game Club, 2596 Campbell Road North, Prescott, Ontario. For information:Lynn 613925-3408 Ham ‘N Jam, April 7, Clayton Community Hall, 2-6, supper at 5 p.m. All musicians welcome. Proceeds to Clayton Hall. Harriette Cook Memorial Pancake BrunchWatsons Corners Community Hall. April 7, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Pancakes, sausage, ham, beans, beverage. Hilltop Jamboree, Sunday, April 14, McDonald’s Corners Agricultural Hall. Doors open noon. Supper 5 p.m. Music starts at 1 p.m. Job Search Resource Centre, job postings, computer and internet access, resume writing assistance, job search seminars and employment counselling. Guthrie House, 10 Perth St., Elgin. Mon.-Fri. 9-4. 613-359-1140. Karate and Cardio-Kickboxing in Port Elmsley. Karate- Wednesday and Friday evenings. Kickboxing- Thursday evenings. Visit www. or call 613-264-9063. Lanark County Archives 1920 Conc. 7, Drummond (former Drummond Township Office). Open first and third Fridays and second and fourth Saturdays, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Info: 613-2563130, (613)267-2232. Musician’s Circle (musician’s only), begins April 11, 7 p.m. ABC Hall, Bolingbroke, 3166 Bolingbroke Rd. Opportunity for musicians to learn from each other. 613-273-9005. New Horizon Club, April 10, 2 p.m., Annual Variety Show. Burritts Rapids Community Hall. 613-269-2737. North Gower Co-operative Nursery School’s Open House & Registration Night. Tues. April 9, 7-8:30 p.m., 2300 Community Way. Registering for the September 2013 junior and senior programs (born 2011/2010) www. Pancake Breakfasts- St. Thomas Anglican Church Hall, Frankville. Hosted by Anglican Parish of Kitley Members. April 6 and 13. 8 a.m.12 p.m. 613-275-2893. Quilting & Sewing Club meets every Thursday, 10 a.m. Montague & District Seniors Forget-Me-Not Club, 658 Rosedale Rd S. Call (613)283-8482, (613)283-6240. Quilting- every Wednesday. 1 and 7 p.m. McDonalds Corners Rd. Hall. 613-278-2943. Riverview Seniors meeting April 9th. Potluck lunch to start at 1 PM, meeting to follow. Royal Canadian Legion #244. (Smiths Falls Club # 60 visiting.) Everyone welcome! Ruby Tuesdays- information and support group for women. North Lanark Community Health Centre, every other Tuesday, 1:00-3:00. Info: Sherry (613)259-2182. Saturday April 6- The Dead Flowers- A tribute to the Rolling Stones. Benefit for Brooke Valley School, Maberly Hall (172 Maberly Elphin See Smiths Falls page 49


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Toyota rules at Monte Carlo conservation rally

viability of alternatively powered autos and the message is getting through. Sandy Di Felice of Toyota Canadaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s external affairs department found a perfect example of this when she spoke with a local family who came out to see the rally. A grandfather, son and two year-old grandson were observing the cars at an overnight pit-stop and when Sandy approached the toddler to ask why he came, he replied in French â&#x20AC;&#x153;pour voir les autos qui ne font pas de bruitâ&#x20AC;? (to see the cars that make no noise). I always count my blessings when I can combine two or more of my favorite interests at once and recently I had this opportunity at the Carleton Place and District Memorial Hospitalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first Community Health Fest. This trade-show style event was held recently in the town arena and showcased a variety of health care providers and services. A group that I volunteer with,

Yours in service, Brian Turner








by the hour in an average evening of celebration. The Intoxi-clock then calculated at approximately what time their BOC would reach zero once the start and end times of the imbibing were entered. The looks of shock on peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s faces was worth the price of admission when they learned that (depending on their rate of consumption) they wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be safe to drive until late the next morning or as late as the afternoon in some cases. This device really demonstrated the reason why many police road-side enforcement programs are successful on Saturday and Sunday mornings in getting impaired drivers off the road. If you have any questions, opinions, or stories on anything automotive please drop me a line, [By email to or directly to bjoeturner@hotmail. com listing â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Question for the Car Counselorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; on the subject line or by post to Record News Communications, 5 Lorne St., P.O. Box 158, Smiths Falls, Ont. K7A 4T1]. When using regular mail, please supply a phone number if you seek direct contact (due to volume I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t always promise replies).

STEVE HILLIER Chartered Financial Planner Since 1983 Perth OfďŹ ce 22 North Street | 613-264-1064 | 1-800-263-8074 Smiths Falls OfďŹ ce 49 Main Street East | 613-284-3737 |

Welcome Wagon for New Businesses and Executives Welcome Wagon has FREE gifts and resources for new business owners and new professionals with a special free package designed for your needs in the ďŹ rst 12 months. We come to you for: sRETAIL sPRODUCTS sSERVICES sSTOREFRONT sHOME BASED sNEWPROFESSIONALS



Car Counselor

the Carleton Place Drug Strategy Committee, manned a booth and provided a seminar on youth drug use and suicide risks. The transportation side of the coin (my other passion) came in the form of a very engaging Ontario Ministry of Transportation display provided by a dedicated MTO Regional Planner who joined our drug strategy group for the day. Josee Bessette brought along two very effective and educational pieces of technology to drive home the lesson about the risks of drinking and driving. The first was a set of specially designed vision goggles that simulated the effect that alcohol has on our most important sense. Visitors were encouraged to don a pair of these goggles and then try to walk a straight line (heel to toe) and pick up a set of keys at the end of the line. The results were hilarious. But the star demonstration was Joseeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Intoxi-clock. This oversized calculator connected to a power-point projector allowed the public to see the blood alcohol content (BOC) results of an evening of partying. Individuals supplied information such as age, sex, their favorite alcoholic beverage, and how many drinks they enjoy


Submitted photo

The Toyota Prius, above, scored big points at the Federation Internationale de lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Automobile Alternative Energies Cup Season in Monte Carlo last month.

RURAL From page 48

Rd.). Doors open 6 pm. Show at 7 pm. Snow Road Snowmobile Club meeting, April 5, 7:30 p.m. at Clubhouse, 1106 Gemmills Rd. Spaghetti Night- April 5, 5-7 p.m. Legion, Br. 231, Portland. The Dead Flowers - A tribute to the Rolling Stones, Maberly Hall (172 Maberly Elphin Rd.) Doors open 6 PM, show at 7 PM, Benefit for Brooke Valley School. Toledo Legion- Sat. April 13. 2-6 p.m. Music by This Old Heart and the Country Comrades.

SMITHS FALLS Bariatric Support Group, first Thursday of month, 6:30-8:30 p.m., at â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;The Linkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, at 88 Cornelia St. W., #4A. Support and information regarding gastric bypass surgery before and after. Info: (613)284-4608 or 1(877)383-2070. Bariatric Support Group, first Thursday of month, 6:30-8:30 p.m., at â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;The Linkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, at 88 Cornelia St. W., #4A. Support and information regarding gastric by-pass surgery before and after. Info: (613)284-4608 or 1-877-

383-2070. Bingo, every Thursday evening, 7 p.m. Royal Canadian Legion Br 95. Info: 283-2690. Breast Cancer Support Group meeting. First Tuesday each month. 7-9 p.m. Rideau Lakes Home & Community Support Services, 4 George St. S. Bridge Club every Monday night, Legion Br. 95, 7 Main St. E., 7 p.m. Partnership Terry Fagan, (613)2836393. EA- Emotions Anonymous- 12-step organization working toward recovery from emotional difficulties (marriage, children, grief, etc). Meetings (every Tuesday)- April 9, 7 p.m. Salvation Army Church (side door). (613)283-0960. Gambling Problem? There is help. Gamblers Anonymous, Tuesdays 7:30-9 p.m. 88 Cornelia St. 613-5673271. Get W.I.T.H. It! (Walking In The Halls) S.F.D.C.I. every Tuesday and Thursday, 5:30-7:30 p.m. Indoor Mega Garage & Bake Sale, April 13, 8 a.m-1 p.m. Trinity United Church, Smiths Falls. Outdoor BBQ food available. Proceeds to â&#x20AC;&#x153;Life Work of Trinityâ&#x20AC;?. Ladies Darts, every Sunday evening, 6 p.m. Smiths Falls Legion Br 95. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Prayâ&#x20AC;? Prayer Line available, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 10 a.m.-noon. (613)283-3485,

(613)267-9780 evenings. Seventh Day Adventist Church, 333 Hwy 29 (just past the mall). Walk-ins welcome. Mom 2 Mom Sale, April 6, 8-noon, St James the Greater gym. Tables are still available. For info/to register a table call the school directly at 613-283-1848. Open Blind Draw Doubles every Friday evening, 7:30 PM start, Legion Br 95. Spaghetti Dinner, Wednesday April 10th, 4:30-7 PM, Smiths Falls Civitan hosted by Broadview Nursing Home. Proceeds to support outings/entertainment for residents of nursing home. All welcome! Super Singles Dart League-Every Tuesday evening, 7 PM, Smiths Falls Legion. Susan Shirley Program, Parent Training coursesMondays 6:30 p.m. Calvary Bible Church, 15 Beech St. 613-205-1643. TGIF Dinner & Dance, April 12, Smiths Falls Legion Br 95, Roast Beef dinner, 6 PM. Music, T N T Country, 7 PM. Members, guests and public welcome! TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), weight loss support group. Meetings every week. Info./location 613-8384777. Vine Rhymes, Smiths Falls songwriters, poets and story tellers, meet monthly for encouragement and support. Come share your gift. Info: Helen (613)284-2243.

THE EMC - 49 - Thursday, April 4, 2013

We are looking for volunteers to participate in a research study of an insulin pump for the possible treatment of Type 2 Diabetes. You may qualify to participate in our study if you: 1. Have Type 2 Diabetes 2. Are 30-75 years old 3. Have been injecting insulin 3 or more times a day for at least 3 months If eligible, you may receive at no cost: study related visits and study related supplies. For more information please contact: Andrea Lasso 613-283-8582


EMC Lifestyle - Words like â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;greenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and phrases such as â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;environmentally friendlyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; usually donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t come to mind when thinking of motor-sports, but Toyota Canada scored a major victory recently in a Monte Carlo rally thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all about conservation. As part of the Federation Internationale de lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Automobile Alternative Energies Cup Season, the Monte Carlo Rally event held in March marks the first of 12 annual green rallies, including one in Montreal. Drivers and their navigators are tasked with completing a 1,500 km/four day course through the scenic and hilly terrain of Monaco, southern France and Italy on sometimes narrow twisting roads. Eight classes of alternatively powered vehicles take part in a rally that scores driving teams on speed accuracy and fuel consumption rather than the fastest finish. The entries ranged from solar-powered prototypes to gasoline-electric hybrids. Our Toyota Canada team took an off-the-shelf Prius PHV (plug-in hybrid vehicle) which had no modifications save the installation of a rally timing/navigation computer. Vinh Pham of Toyota Canadaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s advanced technology and powertrain division was behind the wheel and his navigator was rally veteran Alan Ockwell. They earned their berth at the Monte Carlo event by winning last yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s green rally in Montreal. Vinh reported that the Prius PHV performed flawlessly over narrow roads and extreme elevations of almost 1,000 meters. The plug-in feature of this fuel sipper allows the vehicle to operate totally on electricity from a dedicated battery and a dash-mounted selector switch allowed Vinh and Alan to use this power-cell when it would provide the most benefit. At the finish line, the Prius PHV earned the title of the most fuel-efficient hybrid and came in fifth overall in a field of 113 entrants. The average fuel economy clocked by this Toyota over the course was 3.9 L/100 km or 72.43 mpg! One of the purposes of events such as these is to demonstrate the


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EMC Events – The Easter Bunny hopped into downtown Carleton Place on Saturday, March 30 for People First of Lanark County’s sixth annual Bunny Run. Above, Isabelle Love holds the Easter Bunny’s hand while William Love (with the bunny tail), Connor Love and Aiden Lanaoue, all of Carleton Place, jockey for position while their parents take photos. Right, Alexia O’Neill, Logan LeBlanc and Olivia O’Neill show off their bags of goodies.

Inspiring author talk April 9 in Perth 2014 involved, as well as the community as a whole. The presentation by Claude Weil and Raouf Omar will take place at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 9 at the Perth Campus of Algonquin College, 7 Craig St. For more information, contact 1(888)2641558 or check out our website at www.

ENDS APRIL 23, 2013



EMC News –The Lanark County Therapeutic Riding Program is proud to be starting its 27th year of offering therapeutic riding lessons to developmentally and physically handicapped people in Lanark County and the Ottawa area. On April 8 at Cedar Rock Farm in Perth, we are having a volunteer orientation for the riding program for new and returning volunteers, starting at 6 p.m. If you or anyone you know would be interested in helping a great cause while getting a few hours of fresh air and exercise walking beside a horse one day a week for the summer months – please join us. Directions are on our website at or call Maria 613-2676611.












Volunteers needed for therapeutic riding


EMC Events – On Tuesday, April 9, Lanark County residents are invited to a free presentation by two remarkable men whose stories of hope and reconciliation have inspired many. The Lanark County Community Justice Program (LCCJP) has invited Raouf Omar and Claude Weil, authors of the acclaimed book ‘Light Behind the Darkness: Stories of Compassion from the Holy Land’ to share their message with our community. These two Canadians, (Raouf, a Palestinian, whose family was displaced by the creation of the Israeli state, and Claude, a former Israeli soldier) became self-described “soul brothers” after a chance meeting at Raouf’s restaurant in Ottawa. In the book’s foreword, David O. Ellis writes “In a world increasingly subject to incompatible ideologies, warfare, global pandemics, and human suffering, the gift of human compassion is more essential than ever…To be the recipient of an act of compassion forever changes one’s soul and enhances the fellowship of humanity.” This message of reconciliation is at the core of the principles of restorative justice, which the community justice program brings to Lanark County. After an incident, those affected, including wrong-doers and victims, are brought together in order to facilitate discussion on the impacts of crime on those directly







& $




*0.00% Finance Rate for 36 Months: This is a limited-time offer which is valid for the purchase of selected qualifying models and is subject to credit approval from TD Auto Finance® (TDAF) on qualified purchases financed during this program. Offer may not be combined with certain other offers, is subject to change, and may be extended or terminated without further notice. See participating retailers for complete details and conditions. Rates from other lenders may vary. Monthly payment and cost of borrowing will vary depending on amount borrowed and down payment/trade. Minimum amount to finance is $5,000. Example: $7,500 financed at 0.00% over 36 months = 36 monthly payments of $208.34 with a cost of borrowing of $0.00 and a total obligation of $7,500.00. Freight, licence, PPSA/RPDRM, insurance, registration, any retailer administration fees and other applicable fees and taxes are not included in the financed amount. Dealers are free to set individual prices, but must be enrolled with TDAF to participate. Three-year extended service contract is available on new 2014 snowmobiles. Offer is valid only in the U.S. and Canada and does not apply to prior purchases. Three-year extended service contract consists of 12 months’ factory warranty, plus 24 months’ POLARISTAR Power Protection ESC. Subject to $50 deductible, no mileage limitation. See your dealer for complete details.


THE EMC - 50 - Thursday, April 4, 2013

7642 Highway 15, Carleton Place



THE EMC - 51 - Thursday, April 4, 2013





+ Student Night – A stub and a sub starting from only $20! (tax included) Purchase a SUBWAY® Student Night ticket and receive a SUBWAY® 6” sub

+Canadian Forces Night

Apr. 16, 7:30 p.m.

Apr. 22, 7:30 p.m.

Less than 500 tickets remain

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WASHINGTON CAPITALS Apr. 18, 7:30 p.m.

+Fan Appreciation Night

Apr. 27, 7:00 p.m.

Less than 750 tickets remain

+Metro Family Game – 1 ticket, 1 hot dog and 1 drink starting from only $24.75 (tax included)!*

Less than 3,000 tickets remain

TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS Apr. 20, 7:00 p.m.

Less than 1,000 tickets remain



*Taxes included, service charges additional. Some restrictions may apply. Prices subject to change based on available inventory. © 2011 Doctor’s Associates Inc. SUBWAY®* is a registered trademark of Doctor’s Associates Inc. ® Trade-mark of Capital Sports & Entertainment Inc. ™ Trademark of the Bank of Nova Scotia. Trademarks used under licence and control of The Bank of Nova Scotia.


THE EMC - 52 - Thursday, April 4, 2013

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