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“Milos, I am going to Break you” A mini-revolution is brewing in North America. The approach is called “Progressive Tennis.” It is imported from European countries such as France and Belgium where it was used to successfully develop players like Justine Henin-Hardenne and Olivier Rochus. Progressive Tennis uses a systematic progression of court sizes, balls, and racquets, to scale the game down to an appropriate level for 5-10 year olds. Modified racquets and balls are not new. The equipment has been around for a while, as has the “graduated length” concept. Coaches have used bits and pieces for years seeing the advantage from the perspective of success, fun and safety. The difference this time is that all these elements have been brought together in a much more systematic way than ever before. Tennis companies now carry the full line of half-court and ¾-court progressive equipment including graduated, balls, racquets, lay down lines and nets. The power of the progressive tennis system is that it allows players to play quickly and successfully. In Progressive Tennis, the philosophy is that tennis is a great and fun game to play and the quicker and more skillfully a player can play the more fun it is. Each stage not only has specific equipment to aid success, but particular skills to develop as well. It is recommended a Game-Based Approach be used. The coach’s job is to get them to play, and help them learn to play better. Simply put, “Progressive Tennis” is used as a developmental tool to allow young children to improve their overall tennis skills faster so they can transition to the regular court with more ease. The OTA, NCTA, City of Ottawa and all of our clubs are committed to helping you and your children play this great game. Sean Sweeney OTA Regional Chair said that: “All of us are committed to helping introduce over 25 000 new kids to the game of tennis by Dec 2013”. So, call or drop by one of our great clubs below and get started today. You too can crush Milos and his 242KM serve. Well maybe not but you can have a great time trying.

Slower Balls, Smaller Courts, Right sized Racquets” Get started today.


Armand Vienneau and Jean Pierre Huard drum a tune or two in preparation for the Ottawa Race Weekend. The two are in the Heritage Hands Ottawa Drum Club, who will be performing during the marathon race on May 24.

Marathon drummers to strike a beat at race weekend michelle.nash@metroland

The group used to play before football games at Lansdowne Park and said they loved performing in front large crowds, but say their most enjoyable audience members are children. “They just surround us when we play,” Vienneau said. Even though there are nine members in the group, the men say they are always looking for more experienced drummers to join. “We are not getting any younger,” St-Jean said. The troop will be performing by the War Museum from 7 to 11 a.m. on May 24. For more information about the group, please visit www.

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WHAT IS PROGRESSIVE TENNIS? • Progressive Tennis uses adjusted equipment for young participants and playing formats to match their level of play. This allows a much faster progression to truly enjoy the game. • Progressive Tennis focuses on the skill development to stimulate and maintain excitement and enjoyment. • Progressive Tennis is for ages 3 to 99+.

DID YOU KNOW? • Tennis is rapidly growing and is becoming more popular every year. Over 600,000 new players have started playing tennis since 2010 in Canada. • In Ottawa there is 1 tennis court for every 4,300 people. The National average is 1 person every 10,000. • The biggest area of tennis growth is with children under 12.

WHAT IS THE ONTARIO TENNIS ASSOCIATION? • The Ontario Tennis Association (OTA) is a non profit organization that promotes participation in tennis as part of a healthy lifestyle and encourages the pursuit of excellence for all players. • Their #1 goal is to attract more people to play and support tennis on a sustained basis. • For more information go to

Membership Manotick Tennis Club Information: 5572 Dr. Leach Drive, Family: $200 Manotick Adult: $100 613-692-0533 Senior: $50 Junior: $50 Manotick News EMC - Thursday, May 23, 2013


EMC news - While some onlookers might only see marathon racers stretching their limbs before the big race, there will be a group of nine men also stretching in preparation for a different kind of marathon. During the Ottawa Race Weekend marathon, the Heritage Hands Ottawa Drum Club will be performing for a total of four hours on May 24 to encourage the more than 10,000 racers across the finish line. “We will be drumming until every last runner or straggler has crossed the line,” said Michel Monette, co-founder of the club. “We won’t leave until everyone else is gone.” Monette and longtime friend Charles St-Jean have been drumming most of their lives, starting together in the De La Salle Cadets when the two were only 15 years-old and lived next to each other in Lowertown. In 1998, St-Jean brought some of the old drummers together for a reunion and since that meeting the group has been playing at shows and for fun in the Ottawa area. “It’s passion and friendship that keep us together,” St-Jean said. The group average age is 60, which the men joke is why

they will be stretching too before the marathon. “It’s physically demanding,” said Armand Vienneau, a drummer in the group. “It can take a lot out of you.” The group performs both old historic military rhythms and new songs they composed together. The only drumming club of its kind in Ottawa, members from all across the city come to play with the group. Passionate about drumming, the club members say they perform more for the enjoyment than for money these days, taking gigs where they can get them. “It’s the rush,” Monette said.


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