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Your source for business and chamber news in the Greater Kingston Area November 4, 2013

Vol. 2 NO. 10

Local business shines on the world stage By Hiba Kesebi Reporter

Many of the fireboats used to put out fires across the world were built here in Kingston by the city’s very own MetalCraft Marine. The company prides itself in building high performance custom workboats including fireboats, special boats for the United States navy and coast guard, as well as petrol boards, research vessels, pollution response vessels and hybrid boats. It is an industry leading manufacturer, and MetalCraft Marine’s General Manager, Michael Allen, says the success the company has seen is largely due to the talent they’ve found in Kingston. “What we build are highly customized boats that require a great deal of skill in terms of craftsmanship to build, and we find people here that love boats and want to be the best boat builders in the world,” says Allen. “People here are passionate about building and passionate about making each boat better than the one before.” The company currently employs approximately 130 full time craftsmen and engineers in its head office in Kingston. Today, employees at MetalCraft Marine are busy completing the third of three 70-foot fireboats for the Port of Houston. “Each one of these fireboats sell for about $5 million and are best in class

in terms of speed, pumping capabilities and reliability,” says Allen. It takes around 10 months – 20,000 hours – to build a 70-foot fireboat. The company first meets with its customers to find out what their mission is and then begins the design of the craft. Once that’s created, aluminum is brought on site and metal fitters and aluminum wielders work on putting the boat MetalCraft Marine staff stand onboard one of the boats manufactured for the Boston Fire Department together. With the per minute. So it can get to the scene Zealand. merous awards for its boats includboat structure inAllen says there are currently 30 ing 2002, 2009 and 2010 Boat of tact, the company’s electricians and in a hurry, put out the fire, and save mechanical personnel put up all the people’s lives in a timely and effec- people enrolled in the apprenticeship The Year by the International Workprogram. boat Organization show in New Orelectrical elements, engines and win- tive manner,” he notes. Fireboats manufactured by Metal“It takes five years to become a leans, the largest workboat show in dows. Though the company builds sev- Craft Marine are shipped out across fully certified aluminum boat build- the world. The company was also eral types of work boats, it has revo- the globe including “Zambia, all er – we are the only company in the named the Greater Kingston Chamlutionized the industry when it comes through the United States and the world that New Zealand has confi- ber of Commerce Large Business of Panama Canal,” adds Allen. dence in to license [the apprentice- the Year in 2011 and, more recently, to the fireboat, says Allen. In addition to revolutionizing the ship program] and what sets us apart it received the 2012 Achievement “Before the fireboat was a relatively slow moving boat that did not fireboat, the Kingston based compa- is our investment in people and the Award. For more information about Metpump much water. Now it is a high ny is also the only one in the world to investment that our people make in alCraft Marine visit: http://metalspeed vessel that is very sophisticat- run a special apprenticeship program learning their craft.” MetalCraft Marine has won nu- ed. It can pump over 15,000 gallons developed by the government of New

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2 The Kingston EMC - Monday, November 4, 2013

Attracting innovative young people Getting creative with corporate video key to Kingston’s future, says 2013 Vital Signs report

how to disassemble the appliance because the customer service line was becoming overwhelmed with calls about this one particular FAQ. That being said, effectively produced FAQ (perhaps answered by a company expert) and instructional videos can save you a lot of money in post-sale customer support. Trade Show Content- Take your trade show booth from “just another table” to “what are they about?” with video content as a promotional tool. This not only increases your appeal in terms of professionalism and credibility, but it is an element that will help draw people in, or occupy someone while you wrap up an ongoing conversation. Besides, sometimes a compliment on that beautiful flat screen is all it takes to start a conversation and generate a lead! Event Presentation- If you are in the business of making presentations or pitching on a regular basis, video might be the edge you’ve been looking for. It increases engagement and when done right, your credibility benefits as well as a result of appearing up-to-date or ahead of the times. It can also serve as a take-away on a branded USB to accompany whatever documents you are leaving behind. Leaving them with more is always a good way to go. As you can see, there is more to video than meets the eye (pun intended). If you are looking to get a message across to an audience, it is an effective way of being seen and heard.

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By Hiba Kesebi Reporter

Dr. Peter Kirkham, former chief economist with the Bank of Montreal and chief statistician with Statistics Canada to attract people and we are trying to attract them from neighbouring communities and those same communities are trying to attract them from us, it’s going to be pretty tough,“ he explains. “The only way that’s going to happen is if you have some very attractive facilities or opportunities within your city that bring people in,” he adds, noting the slow growth in the public sector coupled with the city’s inability to attract new people is likely to increase the burden on taxpayers. Kirkham also proposed attracting wealthy retirees with large pensions, as well as exporting goods outside the community. He explains that both of these suggestions bring money, and that money becomes a catalyst for the economy in the community. “We bring in that kind of money from outside and then those people start to spend that money, and as long as they spend it within the community, that becomes money for others in the community so you get a bit of a multiplier effect.” Kirkham says he is now looking more closely at what is likely to happen to Kingston if we are unable to attract the people we need. “The two scenarios, if successfully developed, should give us a range of possibilities and consequences that can feed our deliberations on public choices,” he says.


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Kingston’s Vital Signs report for 2013 revealed that more than 90 per cent of Kingston and area residents are satisfied with their quality of life – but that may change in 15 years. According to Dr. Peter Kirkham, former chief economist with the Bank of Montreal and chief statistician with Statistics Canada, the city’s future economic prosperity is dependent on attracting more people to the area. That’s because by 2026, the aging population will occupy 24 per cent of the total population – up 8 per cent from the current. This demographic shift, along with the provincial and federal governments’ recent budgetary troubles, will bring along numerous complications. “We are going to have to replace retirees in the jobs they are occupying or those jobs are going to disappear, and for the older people we are going to have tremendous demands on the healthcare system and other support services,” says Kirkham. Kirkham, who moved to the city 20 years ago, explains that replacing retirees’ jobs will not be easy because Kingston’s economy relies heavily on the public sector – and a very large percentage of this public sector is dependent on the provincial and federal government. For one, the demographic shift will add more strain to an already strained healthcare system. In fact, Kirkham believes the provincial government will not be able to increase its budget for healthcare in proportion to the increasing aging population. “Both of those levels of government are under tremendous budgetary pressures. So what they are going to attempt to do, I would think, is constrain the amount of expenditure in those areas as much as they can. So if people move out of jobs the question would be, will they seek out another person for that job or will they cut that job?” As a result, the city should also be looking to attract innovative people. “You have to attract young people in innovation and startups and that’s where I think we can have some impact,” explains Kirkham. That’s because attracting entrepreneurs will help bolster the labour force, improve work output and ultimately improve our level of income for the community. But as Kirkham foresees, attracting new people to the city will not be an easy task. “Every other community in Ontario, for example, is facing the same situation with regards to their population. So if we are trying

With consumer testimonial videos, infomercials, and even basic website landing page videos becoming more and more apparent, there’s no denying this is where the industry is headed. However, even with all the potential video has to offer, few businesses consider the various creative uses beyond the obvious. To break down barriers, here are a few creative uses for video within your business or organization that you may not have considered. Training & Orientation- Perhaps the picture that comes to mind when the term “corporate video” is used, training and orientation videos are an engaging and effective way of educating internally. A number of big brands have already made the switch- it might be something for you to consider as well. Recruitment- A lot can be said about why recruitment videos are a must when it comes to getting people interested in jumping on board. Whether it’s for hiring purposes, summer camp enrollment on post-secondary recruitment, video gives viewers a feel for your brand’s personality. Email Video- Looking to potentially double your click through rates for direct email campaigns? Placing a video will increase engagement substantially, especially if there is a specific call to action such as “visit our site, call to request a quote, or follow us on (insert preferred social media site)”. Post-Sale Customer Support/ FAQhank you for over years I don’t know about you, but I prefer to avoid user manuals altogether and resort of supporT ingsTon area to them once I’ve reached a point of no return. Granted, it is not the best way to go about assembling, but technical drawings tend to miss the point of simplifying the process. A video however, makes the process of problem solving and instruction much easier for consumers to understand. For example, I purchased a juicer and after attempting to take it apart for a good Phone 613-542-0820 • Fax 613-548-8616 part of an hour, I typed my question into Google. Sure enough, a video appeared on


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The Kingston EMC - Monday, November 4, 2013 3

Find support for your home business with Kingston and Area Home Business Asscociation Reporter

When Christine Martin first joined the Kingston Area Home and Business Association, she presented members with her business card. At the time, Martin had recently immigrated to Canada from the United States and brought her business as an executive coach and longtime business consultant with her. “I saw an ad in the paper for this group and went down and joined not expecting business, frankly, but to be around people from the community and learn some things,” says Martin. Martin found the right group to join because from her very initial encounter with the association she learned a few tips and tricks that had rethink the look of her business card. “I got greeted with ‘this is not a good business card,’ and I looked at it and said ‘you are right,’” she recalls. “There happened to be a guy in the group who runs a printing business and we went through the process where he helped me design a card that everybody in the group gave their input on.” Martin tossed out her business card, which she made in the United States, and created a completely dif-

ferent card than she’d ever had before. “It had my picture on it, which I would never do. But it’s important since I was brand-new here,” she explains. Today Martin is the president of the Kingston Area Home and Business Association where she runs the executive committee and chairs the meetings. She explains that the association is not a business exchange networking group, rather it is more of a support system for people who run a small business, or even a large business that is generated from home. “We share information and round tables during meetings and discuss things like social networking, business funding and how to structure time management. Everyone basically brings their own particular expertise,” she says, adding that members also have the opportunity to hone their presentation skills by presenting to the group. Currently the association has 25 members, but it is looking to grow. Martin says anyone who owns a small business – whether it is their full-time gig, or a side business, which they hope to grow – is welcome to join, and she says the benefits are invaluable. “It’s the perfect place to learn how to network and get feedback

Christine Martin, President of the Kingston and Area Home and Business Association for what you do from people in a very communal and relaxed environment. It’s just invaluable for people who are starting a business and need that kind of practice and experience.” The association prides itself

in being “the voice of home and small business in Kingston since 1992,” and meets on the second Saturday of each month at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 560. Their next meeting will be Nov. 9, 8 a.m. – 10:30 a.m., with

breakfast starting at 8:30 a.m. This month’s focus is on banking, booking keeping, tax benefits, insurance and other financial services. For more information visit: or email

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By Dave Hallett


a common location for policies, procedures, forms and other important information. They can ask questions and receive answers online when they may be too shy or confused to find the right contact to talk to in person. Departments like HR, finance, legal and others can discuss sensitive information in a secure, private setting. Your internal social network has private groups to ensure these conversations remain confidential without stopping the flow of ideas. You can also tap into a wealth of information by allowing your staff to post questions. Not only can your designated internal experts answer the questions, but you may find expertise in hidden

corners of your company. Employees can strike up online chats to solve problems or exploit opportunities. Internal social networks are private, cloud-based and use secure SSL protected networks to keep communications safe. They can help your company and employees harness the productivity and ingenuity that comes from having people work together no matter where they are or the time of day. Dave Hallett is a member of PEAK. He is a Certified Professional who works with companies to improve their sales and service processes, develop portals and intranets and develop custom applications in the cloud.

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Human Resources Policies: Is your business protected? By Connie Carrillo

Johnson and Associates, an accounting firm, has 12 employees, three of them women. Sally Brooks, 40, has been the manager of finance and accounting for ten years, and earns $75,000 annually. Bernice Young, 40, a newly hired accountant, earns $60,000. Priscilla Smith, 63, an administrative assistant for 25 years, earns $35,000. After Ms. Young was hired, she disclosed that she requires accommodation for depressive episodes; in her first year of employment she missed three weeks while her medications were adjusted. Seven months ago, Ms. Brooks revealed she was pregnant for the first time. Mr. Johnson told her they would top up her year’s maternity leave benefits, so she receives 90% of her normal earnings. Then business slowed. Five months ago, Ms. Young revealed that she too was pregnant. Regretfully, because of the business downturn, Mr. Johnson told her they could not top up her maternity benefits. Three months ago, Mrs. Smith revealed her son was diagnosed with cancer and wished to take a compassionate care leave. Although she is entitled to employment insurance for 6 weeks, Mrs. Smith told Mr. Johnson she could not live on those benefits, and asked for a minor top-up, in view of her lengthy service. However, Mr. Johnson denied that request. After Ms. Young left for maternity leave, she complained to the Human Rights Tribunal that she was discriminated against because of disability. She cited the differential treatment of maternity benefits, between Mrs. Brooks and herself. This emboldened Mrs. Smith. She is resentful because Ms. Brooks was treated generously, while she received no supplementary benefit even after years of dedicated service. Ms. Smith believes this denial can be explained by only age discrimination. She too has complained to the Human Rights Tribunal. Mr. Johnson, who managed all human resources on his own, has approached Lester Lawyer for advice. Mr. Johnson explained that the only reason he was more generous with Ms. Brooks was that business was doing well. However, Mr. Lawyer has advised him the Human Rights Tribunal may not believe this, and may

order Mr. Johnson to pay tens of thousands of dollars if he does not settle with Ms. Young and Mrs. Smith. What could Mr. Johnson have done to avoid this mess? Mr. Johnson could have published and distributed human resources policies that addressed entitlement for wage supplements. By publishing these before his employees approached him, he could have avoided accusations of favouritism and discrimination. Effective human resource policies will help ensure compliance with employment law and reduce the risk of lawsuits. Further, some policies, particularly relating to workplace violence and harassment, are required by law; the mere absence of a policy exposes employers to fines, regardless of employee complaints. Policies should be put in place to deal with all aspects of human resources, including entitlement to employee benefit plans, overtime and vacations. Human resource policies are the guidelines managers use in their daily interactions with employees. Setting out standards of conduct and entitlement force managers to behave more consistently, and reduce perceptions of unfair treatment. This is important for morale. Human resource policies also guide new employees through the abundance of information presented during the orientation process. They build employee loyalty, particularly when these policies reflect a commitment to fairness. Employers must also ensure staff are trained on these policies and that they are published and easily accessible. They should be reviewed and updated periodically. If you need help developing your organization’s workplace policies, consult a human resources professional. Connie Carrillo is a Certified Human Resources Professional, operating as HR on Target. You can visit Connie at her website,, email her at or phone Connie at (613) 389-3265. She is also a member of Professional Expert Advisors Kingston (“PEAK”)

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A business interest in Pinterest By Jennifer Baker

Pinterest, a photo-sharing website, entered the social media arena in 2010. Built with the functionality to allow users to search and save (aka “Pin”) images to folders (aka “Boards”), users create boards to highlight interests, hobbies, and passions, as well as a tool to plan future projects. Popular topics on Pinterest include fashion, esthetics, interior/exterior design, travel, recipes, and crafts. The content found on Pinterest can either be uploaded directly by individual users or pinned from an external website. While originally designed for individual use, Pinterest introduced business accounts in 2012. These business accounts have provided a number of benefits to businesses. 1. Female Audience Is your target audience women? You’re in luck! Pinterest is used primarily by women (~80%) who are between the ages of 18-34. 2. Showcase Product

Do you sell shoes? Are you a travel agent? Are you a home renovator? Pinterest is a great way to showcase the products (or services) that your business has to offer. Create specific boards to highlight specific products, for example: “Red Shoes” or “Summer Sandals” rather than just “Shoes.” 3. Drive Web Traffic Because content can be pinned directly from a website, that image will be associated with that specific webpage. As a result when Pinterest users click on the image they will be redirected to your website for further information or to make a purchase. Pinterest for business use is just getting started. Take a peek at this social media platform to see if it is a good fit for your business! Jennifer offers social media training seminars, one-on-one personalized training, and corporate group training. Jennifer Baker Consulting is located in Kingston and is a proud member of the Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce.

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Words from the Chair By Donna Woodbury

A few months ago, my husband Don and I completed the sale of our business. After 22 years of hard work, ups and downs, building our business across the province, it was a bittersweet moment to see someone else take the reins of our “baby”. We celebrated it as a successful culmination of many years of dedication and entrepreneurial risk-taking, but at the same time, will miss the people we worked with on a daily basis – our staff, customers and associates – many of whom had become an extension of our family. The process of the sale was far more grueling than we had ever anticipated. Not that we ever thought it would be easy, but it really was an exhausting process. Countless hours were spent reading and preparing documents and dealing with lawyers and accountants than we ever expected or wanted. It was the reality of a change of ownership in a business. It is a long, complicated process, filled with legalities, negotiations, frustrations and emotions. Most entrepreneurs and business owners are so busy with the day-today emergencies and priorities within their businesses to devote much time thinking about their exit strategy. There are far more pressing demands on your time like trying to compete in today’s marketplace, attract and retain staff, and seek to innovate and grow the existing business. Thinking about your way out seems so far in the future, that it gets set aside out of necessity. The reality is, though, that every business owner needs to be aware of their eventual exit at all times. If you are planning to sell to someone already working in the business, you may need to do certain things or make decisions that will help increase the valua-

tion of the company. If you are planning to sell to someone outside the business, they need to be identified, groomed and trained over time, which might not be the chosen action when only thinking about current dayto-day operations. Many entrepreneurs end up facing an exit from their business where they won’t get the valuation they expected, or will face a process of identifying and completing a transaction with a purchaser that is much longer and more expensive than they thought. They may have to stay in the business longer than they had hoped to facilitate the transition and retain some of the value they had built into the business over time from the relationships and experience they have. And with the changes in demographics, with Boomers retiring, we face a potential crisis in the coming years of there not being enough buyers interested in the businesses that will be available for sale, worsening the normal challenges of selling a business. Entrepreneurs may not get the retirement nest egg they thought, and many will simply have to close their businesses without any compensation. As someone who has recently gone through it, I encourage you to take the time to begin thinking about and planning for the eventual exit from your business. It may seem like a long time away, but the decisions you make in your business now can have a tremendous impact on the ease and value with which you can exit your business when the time comes. Then, you will truly be able to celebrate and enjoy the rewards of all your years of sacrifice, risk-taking and dedication. Donna Woodbury, Chair Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce


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KEDCO connection helps make private school dream a reality By Mary Anne Beaudette

Elizabeth Turcke is nurturing a dream. It involves, among other things, sanding, sculling, and students, and it came to life in Kingston’s Woolen Mill this past September. Turcke is principal, teacher, and driving force behind Leahurst College, Kingston’s first private co-ed university preparatory school. “I’d always dreamed of opening my own school,” the 23-year veteran math and chemistry teacher says. The dream was inspired by her own experience at West Island College in Montreal, where she attended high school. “It started in a strip mall with a handful of students and it grew to 200 in five years,” she says. “It was a wonderful, warm welcoming and supportive community. I knew that story, so I knew it was possible to start a school.” The dream took flight a little more than a year ago, when she left Kingston Collegiate and Vocational Institute to set up her new venture. “It was a steep learning curve – but there were lots of generous, kind, helpful people, who put me in touch with other people in specialized fields,” she says. “The biggest lesson I’ve learned through this is to ask for assistance. Kingston is rich in terms of people who are really good at what they do. It’s unbelievable.” One of her new connections was with Mark Hanley, Manager of the Entrepreneur Centre at the Kingston Economic Development Corporation (KEDCO), who helped Turcke refine her vision and meet some immediate challenges. “Mark was very helpful with the strategic planning, and providing me with good marketing advice,” she says. “One of my biggest challenges was attracting students. I have a very limited budget, so I have to be very smart about how I spend my marketing dollars. KEDCO helped me get going in the right direction, and get my name out there among families with school-aged children.” Her “startup” experience also involved a lot of sanding. Turcke and her two teachers, Carly Hills and Peter Galbraith, spent the summer reclaiming 30-year-old wooden lab benches for converting into more than 20 desktops for Leahurst’s classrooms. Those desks are emblematic of Leahurst’s “old school, new school” ethos. The school’s vault-like ceilings, wooden floorboards, slate blackboards and eight-foot-high mullioned windows are all reminiscent of Victorian schoolrooms. But these elements are brought harmoniously into the 21st century through the

innovative use of glass partitions, smart technologies, and reclaimed and donated materials and fixtures, creating an airy, bright, welcoming space. The school’s donated slate blackboards, for example, were inspired by Waterloo’s Perimeter Institute, where Turkce visited and observed their value in stimulating collaboration. “The kids write riddles on them and puzzles to each other,” she says. “Their textbooks are iPads, but they also love the chalk and the feel of the slate.” Currently, the eight grade 9 students form Leahurst’s inaugural class, were lured there, Turcke says, by the school’s small class sizes (15 to 20 is the planned maximum), personal approach, and enriched curriculum. “Our scheduled day is 30 minutes longer, which gives us Friday afternoons to do something special, such as speakers or events,” she says. The curriculum is on a de-semestered system, which means students get the benefit of the key subjects of math and English all year, Turcke says. There’s no gym at Leahurst – but there’s the outdoors. These days, phys-ed class usually sees all eight students and their teacher practising their sculling skills on the nearby Cataraqui River. That activity is an apt metaphor for the school, which has gotten off to a swift, strong start. And like a good coxswain, Turcke is keeping up the momentum as she prepares to expand Leahurst’s enrolment to Grades 7, 8, 9 and 10 next September. The curriculum will be structured so that Grade 8s graduate with Grade 9 math and science credits. “I want to make sure we give students the skills to get through high school with all the sciences, which leaves all the doors open when they get to university,” she says. The school’s goal is not just about opening doors in university. Accessibility is important to Turcke. “Leahurst is not about elitism or snobbery,” she says. “We have a bursary program that I’m working very hard on. My goal is to create an amazing school, offering a different educational experience, where financial constraints don’t restrict a child from attending.” It’s been a whirlwind of a year, Turcke says. “But I’ve loved every minute of it. The glorious part of this is, it’s about allowing yourself to dream, and asking yourself, what’s your perfect school look like?” For more information on the programs and services offered through KEDCO, email

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Mobile truck industry driving profits for a number of local businesses By Hiba Kesebi Reporter

The mobile truck industry is blooming in Kingston – and whether you are a foodie or more into retail shopping you are bound to find a truck that caters to your interests. Take Tamara Bolger and Joan Sharpe, for example. They both recently opened up mobile trucks and while the products they sell are very different, both can attest to one thing – business is great. Bolger, who launched her mobile food truck business, Farm Girl Mobile Food Co., in May, says she’s had “one heck of a season, and although Farm Girl has been open for just a little over five months it’s been outstanding, absolutely outstanding.” Her 18-foot-long truck, dubbed Betty Lou, serves seasonal farm-to-table hearty food and was visited by more than 200 customers a day this summer. “It’s more than just a food truck; it is healthy fast food, it is supporting local and people just love our story,” explains Bolger. Bolger moved from Toronto to a farm in Kingston two years ago. She says she came up with the concept when her kids started commenting about the quality of local food. “I discovered the local food scene and fell in love, and when I decided to open up a mobile food truck my husband said I should cook what I usually cook for the family. And the way I cook is seasonally. Right now I’m busting up my soups and stews.” Bolger is confident that there is a market for the mobile truck industry in Kings-

ton, and she says it is something that is not going to go away any time soon. Sharpe, who owns Purlin’ J’s Roving Yarn Co, a mobile retail truck business, agrees. Sharpe’s truck, Lil’ Dorothy, sells yarn and other tools that will delight knitters and crocheters. Sharpe says she has always had a passion for knitting and when she learned about a mobile yarn truck business in California, the idea of starting up her own yarn truck occupied her thoughts. “It kept me up at night. I talked to my friends and family about it. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it and I knew I had to give it a shot,” she says. After doing her research Sharpe purchased ‘Lil Dorothy from the Lanark County Fire Department. “I’m really lucky to have found the truck itself,” she says, noting that it is the perfect size and she didn’t have to make a lot of modifications to it. “It’s important to find the perfect truck,” she says. Like Sharpe, Bolger says doing your research and looking for the perfect truck is essential. As well, both Sharpe and Bolger have set up their own websites and use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to promote their products as well as engage current and prospective clients. They agree that getting on social media is a great way to market their brand. “You have to know that social media is something that is absolutely key,” says Bolger. To learn more about Farm Girl Mobile Food Co., visit: For more information on Purlin’ J’s Tamara Bolger, owner/operator Farm Girl Mobile Food Co. Roving Yarn Co., visit:

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Sometimes being being shut outout is aisgood thing.thing. Sometimes shut a good Between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2012, a total of 1,015 companies and individuals were convicted under the Ontario Ministry of Labour’s Employment Standards Act, incurring Between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2012, a total of 1,015 companies and big fines and public shaming on the ministry website.

individuals were convicted under the Ontario Ministry of Labour’s Employment Of all individuals named in these cases,and nonepublic were HRPA members. Standards Act, incurring big fines shaming on the ministry website. HRPA regulates the named professional practice of its members whoHRPA agree members. to abide by its Rules of Of all individuals in these cases, none were

Professional Conduct. For more information on how HRPA-member HR professionals can help you reduce your workplace legal and compliance please visit who HRPA regulates the professional practice ofrisks, its members agree to abide by its

Rules of Professional Conduct. For more information on how HRPA-member HR professionals can help you reduce your workplace legal and compliance risks, please visit tario. It connects its membership to an unmatched range of HR information resources, events, professional development and networking opportunithe national standard for excellence in human resources management and the Senior Human Resources Professional (SHRP) designation, reserved for high-impact HR leaders.

HR Information Service is a service of the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA)—Canada’s HR thought leader with more than 20,000 members in 28 chapters across Ontario. HRPA connects its membership to an unmatched range of HR information resources, events, professional development and networking opportunities and annually hosts Canada’s largest HR conference. In Ontario, HRPA issues the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation, the national standard for excellence in human resources management and the Senior Human Resources Professional (SHRP) designation, reserved for high-impact HR leaders. R0012385379

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