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BUSINESS BUILDER Price It Right: Food Costing Basics

CHEF ANTHONY Lent & Easter Entrees and Sides

TREND TRACKER Create Custom Condiments

March/April 2018

provisions food, drink & supplies for culinary professionals


Gluten Free Pasta Sheets See page 11.


Lobster Ma with smoke

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Bake 'n Joy Coffee Cakes


Gold Medal Baking Mixes


ROMA Gluten Free Pasta - NEW ITEMS!


Heritage Ovens Croissants


Supremo Mexican Items - NEW!


Piantedosi 51% Wheat Sub


Whitey's Beef Chili


Vie De France Pull-Apart Bread Sticks - NEW!

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MONIN Flavor Concentrates - NEW!

Center of the Plate 17

Bay Winds All-Natural Salmon


FarmSmart NAE Diced Chicken - NEW!


Impossible Burger - NEW!


Maine Family Farms - NEW!


Old Neighborhood Corned Beef


Piancone Epicureo Premium Veal & Lamb - NEW!

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Delectables Ecostick Sweeteners - NEW ITEMS!


Heritage Ovens Saltine and Cookies


Whole Earth Sweetener Co. - NEW!

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First Mark Cleaners


SERTUN Rechargeable Towels


World Centric Bio Containers

- NEW!

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White Russet Potatoes - NEW!

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Hoff's Bakery


Sweet Encore New Desserts - NEW!

Create Custom Condiments See page 6.


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Steele Hill Resorts: The Hilltop Restaurant See page 31.


ac & Cheese ed Gouda


Introducing FarmSmart Diced Chicken

Highest quality standards of NAE chicken in our new exclusive brand.

Chef Anthony Spring Inspirations

Chef features some of his menu must-haves for Lent & Easter.


12 oz Center Cut NY Sirloin



Customer Focus Steele Hill Resorts: The Hilltop Restaurant

The Hilltop Restaurant is the hospitality hub with a focus on elevated comfort food at Steele Hill and serves resort guests, locals and day trippers.

Business Builder Price it Right: Food Costing Basics

Managing food cost and pricing your menu well can mean the difference between a thriving business and a struggling one. Here are some things to keep in mind as you pull out your calculator.

Trend Tracker Create Custom Condiments

Custom condiments can help you finish a dish to bring it to life and complete your culinary vision. 20 Dalton Road, Augusta, ME 04330 |


Performance Foodservice - NorthCenter has the right to correct typographical errors.

provisions March/April 2018


THE IMPOSSIBLE BURGER IS HERE It’s meat, made from plants, for meat-lovers. Our burger starts out raw and looks, cooks, smells, and tastes like ground beef. Serve it however you’d like, it’s 100% plant-based – and it

(#567507 4 oz Patty, 4/2.5 lb)

might just change the world.


Burgers, Sliders, Meatballs, Meatloaf, Tacos, Empa


Water, Textured Wheat Protein, Coconut Oil, Potat

Natural Flavors, 2% or less of: Leghemoglobin (soy

Salt, Soy Protein Isolate, Konjac Gum, Xanthan Gum

(Vitamin B1), Zinc, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin (Vi Vitamin B12. Contains: Soy, Wheat


• Fresh frozen with a shelf life of 60 days; thawed 4 • Cooks to temp • Only 8% product loss during cooking (vs. 25% for • More protein than beef • No hormones or antibiotics • Cholesterol-free


For more info go to

Before us, cows were the only way to make beef. Now you can get all the flavors, textures, aromas, and nutrients of beef in a burger that’s much better

or say

for the planet and everyone that lives here. Plus it’s cholesterol-free, with no hormones or antibiotics.



provisions March/April 2018



NEW CAKES ! ! ! Order Number



10” Banana Chocolate Chip Cake Layers of moist chocolate chip banana sponge cake layered with creamy milk chocolate truffle. Covered in cream cheese icing and surrounded with mini chocolate chips.14 slices. Pack/Size: 2/80oz


10” Italian Rum Cake A triple layer of delicious rum syrup-infused vanilla sponge cake layered with vanilla and cocoa-infused custard, covered in vanilla mousse with toasted slivered almonds. 14 slices. Pack/Size: 2/52oz

Sweet Encore is a full line of fine desserts created to meet the appetite of a full range of operators. All are premium desserts but in price ranges that can satisfy casual to fine dining.


10” Swiss Milk Chocolate Cake Creamy, not-too-sweet chocolate truffle made with decadent Lindt® milk chocolate layered with moist chocolate sponge cake. Enrobed in a rich glaze and surrounded with delicate chocolate sponge cake crumb. 14 slices. Pack/Size: 2/74oz


10” Royal Truffle Cake A chocoholic’s dream! A layer of milk chocolate truffle and a layer of white chocolate truffle sit atop a layer of rich devil’s food cake. Decorated with a dark chocolate coating and hand applied waves of white chocolate swirls.14 slices. Pack/Size: 2/64oz


10” Milky Caramel Galaxy Cake Alternating layers of Chocolate Cake, caramel marshmallow cream, and nougat mousse, finished and iced with chocolate fudge, caramel marshmallow crème, and mini chocolate curls.14 slices. Pack/Size: 2/126oz

provisions March/April 2018


Create Custom By Piet Jones You spent months experimenting with different cuts of beef to get just the right amount of fat content for your grind. Hours with different seasoning combinations. Visits to every artisan bakery within driving distance for just the right bun. Finally, all the components of your signature house burger are ready and you’re going to top it with a dollop of… Heinz ketchup? No, probably not. Like many other chefs and restaurateurs, you’re going to make your own condiments from scratch. That is what your house burger and specialty sandwiches are crying out for. The nice part, you’re only limited by your imagination as to what you can do. Traditionally, a condiment is a pickled or preserved food that is used to enhance and complement the flavors of a dish. In America, we’ve narrowed that down to a few. For burgers and sandwiches it’s ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard. Add relishes for hot dogs and then cocktail and tartar sauces for seafood. But there’s a certain sameness to all those and, in the competitive world of dining, you need to stand out. Fortunately, there’s a way to make condiments that will help you separate from your competition.


provisions March/April 2018


Tomato, spices, and vinegar. Not overly complex but you can easily mix it up. A little cayenne can add a spark. Curry ketchups are popular in Northern Europe, especially for fries. Add a little sweet chili sauce for a Thai inspired ketchup or even a little hoisin, soy sauce, Chinese five spice, and a touch of honey for an Asian flair.


First, the difference. Mayonnaise is typically an emulsion of egg and canola oil. Aïoli uses olive oil and is typically begun by crushing garlic into a paste with a mortar and pestle. Either one is immensely customizable. Garlic, of course, is popular but so is tarragon - perfectly suited for a smoked chicken sandwich. Yes, you can use Sriracha to spice things up but that is close to being an overdone trend. Instead, try roasted hot red peppers blended to a paste to get just the right heat and color you desire.


Similar to mayos and aïolis but often with a little added relish. Squeeze out the excess liquid from the relish or else it could become too runny. Add in Old Bay seasoning for a Cajun flair or mustard powder and turmeric with a touch of sugar for an incredible dipping sauce for french fries.


The hardest part about making your own mustards is finding the right seeds. White, yellow, and black mustard seeds have their own characteristics and can be manipulated with toasting and by changing the texture of the grind. Once ground, you mix the seeds with water and vinegar and refine the flavors and heat with neutral or more complex vinegars. Initial results can be a bit harsh but will mellow if allowed to rest for a few weeks.


m Condiments Relishes/Chutneys

Relishes are typically minced pickled cucumber and can range from sweet to spicy. Chutneys can be a little more expansive, including fruits like mango and fresh herbs or ginger. The result is often a little brighter flavor and usually a crisper texture. Perfect for spring dishes that can use a little color and spark.


If you serve raw seafood, you need this condiment. Simply vinegar, fine chopped shallots and fresh cracked pepper. It’ll bring a sharp brightness to clams and oysters that a cocktail sauce simply can’t match. Try a sherry vinegar for just that right amount of sweetness.

Fish Sauce

To those not in the know, fish sauce doesn’t always sound appetizing but the flavor it imparts is sublime. Fermenting fish can be a tricky and lengthy process but the end result isn’t fishy and can be something delicate or akin to a Worcestershire sauce. More simple, but equally tasty, is an XO sauce - made with dried shrimp and scallops, ham, garlic, and chilies. Spoon it out on wok-fried fish or noodles for an explosion of flavor.

Condiments can help you finish a dish, to bring it to life and complete your culinary vision.

This is just the beginning. There are tons of other condiments to help enhance the flavors of your food, from Basque chimichurris to Bulgarian pindjurs. All easily modifiable to match your cuisine. That’s not to say there isn’t a time and place for commercially prepared condiments. Take Chef Jason Alley, owner of Comfort in Richmond, Virginia. Summer, a slow time for the restaurant, was approaching and a major city project was disrupting parking and access. To simplify service and appeal to diners on the go, Alley switched from his normal lunch time sit-down service, featuring Southern comfort food, to a pop-up dishing up Philadelphia-style sandwiches. To achieve the signature taste of the Philly sandwiches, Alley eschewed his normal made-in-house ethos and opted for traditional “cheez whiz” and jarred peppers because, as he puts it, “it just tastes right.” Something his diners agree with as his summertime lunch pop-up is now entering its sixth month of operation. Condiments can help you finish a dish, to bring it to life and complete your culinary vision. Much like getting the right tool for the job, here you just need the right ingredient for the dish.

provisions March/April 2018



• Add flavor without added sugar or artificial sweeteners • Made with the highest quality ingredients and natural flavors • Concentrated and consistent flavor for an endless variety of beverage and culinary applications • Customizable flavor through adjustable usage and flavor combinations • Natural, low-calorie solution to menu labeling requirements

Blackberry (#559529, 4/375 mL) Cucumber (#524445, 4/375 mL) Mint (#523302, 4/375 mL) Watermelon (#549346, 4/375 mL)



provisions March/April 2018


Sleek, visually appealing and use 47% less paper than traditional packets. PFS#




Delectables Ecostick Pink (Saccharin)

2000/0.5g sticks


Delectables Ecostick Blue (Aspartame)

2000/0.5g sticks


Delectables Ecostick Yellow (Sucralose)

2000/0.5g sticks


Delectables Ecostick Green (Stevia)

2000/0.5g sticks


Delectables Ecostick Brown (Turbinado)

2000/3.0g sticks


Delectables Ecostick White (Natural Cane)

2000/2.8g sticks



• Compact shape saves space.

• Consumers perceive what’s

Fill up caddies less often, eliminate counter clutter

• One Stick = One Packet to save you space

inside ecoStick sweeteners to be superior to retail brands*

* Independent study: February 2015

Also Available: Non-Dairy Creamer!

Delectables Ecostick Non-Dairy Creamer 535725

2000/1.5g sticks

1 stick


zero calorie sweetener 1 packet




ALL-NATURAL FULLY COOKED NAE DICED CHICKEN BREAST WELCOME TO FARMSMART® FarmSmart® is just as the trademark name implies a brand based on practicing smarter, better ways of farming including raising animals and livestock. This includes delivering cleaner label products with attributes such as no use of antibiotics; humane treatment of animals; organic; grass‑fed; all‑natural, and no GMOs. When people see and hear FarmSmart® they feel better about the product they are about to purchase and consume. We like to say, “Eat Smart. Eat FarmSmart®.”

ENHANCE YOUR FLAVOR! Performance Foodservice introduces FarmSmart® All‑Natural Fully Cooked No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) Diced Chicken Breast with rib meat. FarmSmart® All‑Natural Fully Cooked NAE Diced Chicken is USDA — approved as minimally processed chicken raised on an all‑vegetarian diet with no antibiotics ever and no hormones*. FarmSmart® All‑Natural NAE Diced Chicken Breast provides operators the convenience of a minimally processed, pre‑diced, fully cooked, individually quick frozen, all‑natural and allergen‑free chicken product from chickens raised without antibiotics. Ideal for quick delicious additions to salads, soups, wraps, pastas and casseroles. Just heat and serve FarmSmart® All‑Natural Fully Cooked NAE Diced Chicken Breasts in minutes as the perfect base protein ingredient for stews, casseroles, salads and other dishes. More and more consumers today are requesting cleaner label chicken products. FarmSmart® answers that call.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS • All‑natural • Chickens raised on domestic farms • Chickens are never‑ever given antibiotics and no hormones • Chickens fed an all vegetarian diet — no animal by‑products • Fully cooked, individually quick frozen and ready to use

PRODUCT: ITEM # DESCRIPTION 559573 CHICKEN BRST DICED 1/2” FC NAE *Federal regulation prohibits the use of hormones in poultry.


provisions March/April 2018




Menu Solutions Roma® IQF Gluten‑free heat‑and‑serve pastas are perfect for restaurants wishing to accommodate customers with sensitivity or allergies to gluten. Its taste and texture is just like traditional pasta allowing for recipe substitution for regular wheat-flour pastas. Try this tasty gluten‑free lasagna recipe!

Products ITEM #




479380 479381



8 OZ



8 OZ




4 LB




3.75 LB

Gluten-Free Lasagna

INGREDIENTS 12 oz. Roma® IQF Gluten-free Pasta Sheets 3 Tbsp. Piancone® Olive Oil 1 Large Peak Fresh Produce® Onion, diced fine 3 Cloves Peak Fresh Produce® Garlic, crushed 56 oz. Luigi Ground Tomatoes 1 Tbsp. Roma® Dried Basil

1 Tbsp Roma® Dried Oregano ½ Tsp. Roma® Red Pepper Flakes ¾ tsp. salt 2 lbs. Roma® Ricotta Cheese 2 Nature’s Best Dairy® Eggs ¼ tsp. Roma® Nutmeg

PREPARATION Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Start by making the marinara sauce. Heat a pot over medium high heat. Add the olive oil, onion, and garlic and sauté until the onion is translucent. Add the tomatoes, basil, oregano, red pepper flakes, and ½ teaspoon salt. Bring to a simmer and cook for 15 minutes. In a bowl mix together the ricotta cheese, eggs, nutmeg, and ¼ teaspoon salt. In a 9 x 13 inch by 2 inches deep baking dish, place 1 cup of the sauce. Begin the first layer by laying two sheets of pasta side by side to cover the bottom of the pan. Spread 1/3 of the ricotta mixture over the pasta, 1/3 of the remaining sauce over the ricotta, and then evenly spread 1/3 of the shredded mozzarella. Repeat 2 more times with the remaining ingredients but leave off the mozzarella on the top. Take a knife and poke it through the lasagna layers evenly about every 2 inches. This will allow air to escape during baking and avoid big bubbles in the pasta. Cover and bake for 45 minutes. Remove the cover and top with the remaining mozzarella cheese and bake for 15 minutes more. Remove it from the oven and let it rest for 20 minutes before serving. Serves 8-12.

provisions March/April 2018


Pull-Apart Breadsticks

Parmesan Garlic PARBAKED PULL-APART BREADSTICKS (10 sheets per case, 18 breadsticks per sheet) Product Code


Sheet Weight

Gross Weight per Case

Case Cube

Case Dimensions (L x W x H)

Pallet Load


Parmesan Garlic

19.7 oz

14.3 lb


23 3⁄8” x 11 3⁄8” x 9 3⁄4”


SHELF LIFE Frozen: 6 months at -10° to 0°F Baked: 24 hours

HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS Preheat oven to 375˚F. Place frozen breadsticks on paper-lined sheet pan and bake for 9 – 12 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from oven and serve warm.

Vie de France Yamazaki, Inc. | 2070 Chain Bridge Road, Suite 500 | Vienna, VA 22182 Nationwide: (800) 446-4404 For nutritional and additional product information, visit us at

© Vie de France Yamazaki, Inc. 2017


provisions March/April 2018

Waste Less, Earn More. Everything you love about a conventional Russet Burbank - taste, texture, and solids but with less bruising and black spots, and stays fresher looking longer

#544502, 90 ct #544504, 80 ct

Throw away fewer potatoes due to less bruising

Less bruise and black spots - Increased servings per case - Reduced trim and peel loss Stays whiter longer when cut or peeled - Potatoes stay fresher looking longer - Prepare potatoes ahead of the breakfast, lunch or dinner rush without soaking in water

White Russet™ Profit Calculator Ask your purveyor representative to enter your weekly volume into our calculator to learn how much you can save. calculator/fresh-calculator/ provisions March/April 2018


New! Now Available at Performance Foodservice - NorthCenter Fresco This authentic Mexican-style fresh farmer’s cheese is prepared true to the memories of V&V’s heritage, and uses all-natural, nonprocessed ingredients. The creamy, lightly salted flavor and crumbly texture of this traditional cheese compliments a host of dishes. Serving Suggestions: Typically crumbled over soups, salads, beans, tacos, tostadas, nachos, or used as a filling for enchiladas. Can also be cubed and placed on a cheese tray with a variety of accompaniments such as raw vegetables, crackers and sausages. NorthCenter# 277520

Item Description Queso Fresco Fresh Crumbling Cheese - Whole

Pack Size


4/5 lb.


Oaxaca Semi-soft Mexican-style string cheese. Sold in a twisted “rope” of cheese as is traditional in the Hispanic world. Oaxaca Serving Suggestions: Can be eaten in sections and “peeled” like string cheese. Perfect for grating and melting in quesadillas, queso fundidos (broiled cheese), nachos, Mexican pizza, taco topping — or any recipe that calls for melting cheese. NorthCenter# 470700

Item Description Queso Oaxaca Melting String Cheese - Loaf

Pack Size


2/5 lb.


Sierra® Branded Cotija Known as the “Parmesan of México”, Sierra® Cotija is firm in texture with a sharp, bold flavor. Sold already grated. This hard cheese is in the style of the original Mexican product from Michoacán. Serving Suggestions: Most typically grated over grilled corn, this full flavored cheese is perfect for refried beans, soups, salads, casseroles and stews. Try it sprinkled on pizza, pasta and cooked vegetables. NorthCenter# 252313

Item Description Queso Sierra® Ground Aged Cotija Cheese

Pack Size


6/2.2 lb.


Queso Chihuahua® Quesadilla Cheese Traditional Mexican-style melting cheese made from all-natural, non-processed ingredients, sold pre-shredded. The distinctive color, and mild, buttery flavor make this the highest quality quesadilla cheese in the marketplace. Serving Suggestions: Quesadillas, queso fundido, enchiladas, pizza, sandwiches, pastas, and casseroles. Any melting cheese application, where top quality product is desired. NorthCenter# 938919

Item Description Chihuahua® Quesadilla Cheese - Shredded

Pack Size


4/5 lb.


Pork Chorizo Chub V&V’s traditional Mexican sausage is a blend of fine spices and fresh lean meat with no fillers. Robust in flavor with a crumbly texture. Traditionally used with eggs, beans, potatoes, queso fundido, or as a filling for sopes, tacos, tortas, chalupas, etc. Serving Suggestions: Fry like ground beef until crumbly and add eggs for a great breakfast. Add to any ground meat recipe for an added “kick” like lasagna, meatballs, tomato sauce, and meatloaf. NorthCenter# 254469

Item Description Cured Pork Chorizo - Chub - Fresh

Pack Size


4/5 lb.


For more information, please contact KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc. Greg Flagg: | Steve Smalley:


provisions March/April 2018


— It’s Time to —

There’s a new, vibrant conversation about sweeteners as more consumers are moving toward the new wave of zero-calorie options: ■

Almost 15 million households use stevia based sweeteners* Some of the nation’s leading coffee chains have quickly adopted stevia based sweeteners Stevia based sweeteners help reduce sugar consumption amid public health cautions over consumption levels* Product Nature Sweet®

Case Size Distributor Product Code 1000 ct.


For more information on how your operation can RETHINK sweet, visit us online or call your local Merisant/Whole Earth Sweetener Representative today! © 2017 Merisant Company. Pure Via and Nature Sweet are registered trademarks of Whole Earth Sweetener Company LLC. The ingredients in Pure Via are produced without bioengineering.

* Source: Nielsen panel data 2017, CDC Division of Diabetes Translation. National Diabetes Surveillance System,

provisions March/April 2018


All *Natural Farm Fresh Meats

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE We buy from New England Farms to support creating a direct supply chain between New England’s best farmers and those who appreciate quality local farmfresh natural meat products. We desire to uphold local agriculture and promote sustainable farming systems in New England. • Beef-grass fed, finished on non-GMO natural corn grain. • Pork-grass fed, natural foraged with non-GMO feed. • Lamb-grass fed, natural foraged with hay supplemented pasture raised. • Chicken-fed mesh corn with vitamins and minerals- Air-Chilled ABF. • Eggs-cage free, open barn vaccinated for salmonella. Our Beef, Pork, Lamb & Chicken have never been fed or injected with artificial hormones or steroid growth enhances-no antibiotic (ABF).

In the *Meat Industry

• USDA inspected meat processing facility. • HACCP inspected manufacturer. • GMP-Good Manufacturing Practices-Ensuring that products. are produced and controlled according to quality standards. • Northeast Labs-N-60, 24 hour test & hold to prevent outgrowth of pathogen-coli 0157:H7 & Non-0157 STEC. • Animal Welfare approved. • Humane handled. • Beef harvest under 30 months. • Average process weight on beef is 1200-1500 lbs. • Merieux NutriSciences Certified.

Breeds Beef-Black & white face, Red Angus & Hereford Pork-Heritage, Berkshire & Yorkshire Chicken-Cornish Cross Duck-Grimaud

566391 Beef Ground 90/10 4/5 Lb 467767 Beef Ribeye Chuck Steak Shaved Fz 2/5 Lb 564574 Beef Roast Deli Boneless Whole Ckd 1/8 LB 467726 Pork Loin Whole Boneless

3/7 Av

We stand by our products. If you are not fully satisfied, we will take whatever steps necessary in order to maintain your satisfaction.

Maine Family Farms, Inc. 4 Davis farm Road Portland, Maine 04103-1604 207-797-2405


provisions March/April 2018


Add Faro these

• S

• T G

Exceptional quality. Exceptional story.

• S

The Bay Winds brand is reserved for Performance Foodservice’s top tier seafood portfolio featuring all-natural, premium seafood sourced from prime, sustainable areas of the globe. Primarily wild-caught, each species that is selected for the Bay Winds® brand must meet our strict standards, tight specifications, and be processed with the utmost craftsmanship. ®

Pro All Far

Whe Farm sure descr impr more

Every pound of Bay Winds® seafood has a story. Whether it is sourced from remote locations like the northern ice shores of Antarctica; or from the unique marine environment that feeds off the Kuroshio and Oyashio currents, north of Hokkaido Japan. Fishing masters like Captain Andes Montemuiño or Captain John Jordan guide boats named “On The Hook” or “Globalpesca III” with crews of waterman whose lineage to the seas often go back generations.

Ultra Salm fish f DHA produ water Salm the in ble aq

All-Natural Farm-Raised Faroe Island Salmon The Faroe Islands are a small, remote island group located in the middle of the North Atlantic between Iceland and Norway, North of Scotland. The island’s commitment to responsible, sustainable aquaculture produces exceptional quality Atlantic Salmon.

Each elegantly designed black box of Bay Winds® brand presents seafood with exceptional quality, pride, workmanship and taste. The black box means the best seafood there is.


A few shou

• T d f c p




1/10 LB.


1/10 LB.


1/10 LB.

provisions March/April 2018

• B F b

• C o q


Managing food cost and pricing your menu well can mean the difference between a thriving business and a struggling one. Here are some things to keep in mind as you pull out your calculator.


provisions March/April 2018

Food Cost Food cost refers to the menu price of a certain dish in comparison to the cost of the food used to prepare that same dish. In other words, how much you pay for food will determine how much you need to charge for it. Generally, food cost should be around 3035%. This means that if you pay $1.00 for something, you need to charge a minimum of $3.34. It may seem like you are charging a lot more than necessary, but keep in mind that you aren't just paying for the food itself. You are paying someone to prepare the food, serve the food, and clean up after the food. Everything in your restaurant, from payroll to the electric bill, needs to be covered by the food you serve.

If you pay $1.00 for something, you need to charge a minimum of


It may seem like you are charging a lot more than necessary, but keep in mind that you aren't just paying for the food itself.

A typical menu item that many restaurants offer: Filet Mignon Dinner. The initial cost of a filet mignon dinner can be broken down into the following areas: 1. The beef filet costs you on average $6.00 per portion 2. The wrap (the potato, vegetable, salad and bread that comes with the filet, as well as any condiments the guest asks for) costs $2.50 3. Therefore, the entire meal costs you $8.50. If you wrapped the filet in bacon and topped it with herb butter (very tasty) your costs would increase. So, then your prices would increase. Get the picture? Everything that goes onto the plate needs to be accounted for. So how do you decide on a final menu price? Time to brush up on that high school algebra you swore you'd never use.

The type of pasta you choose is also critical. Spaghetti doesn’t work

for just every sauce/protein combination, either in taste and texture or visually. Pick the right tool for the right job. Or, in this case, the right pasta for the right sauce. Different shapes hold sauces of different density differently. Thinner sauces can coats strands nicely. Soupier, heavier sauces need shapes to help capture the flavor on the plate on its way to the mouth. There is also something to be said for taking inspiration from classic dishes, especially those that have survived the test of time but might not be familiar to today’s diners. Take Cacio E Pepe, for example. Think of it as a mac-n-cheese for adults. Tagliolini or bucatini, tossed in butter with loads of fresh ground black pepper, add in grated Grana Padano and Piancone Pecorino, tossing until the cheese melts and the sauce thinly coats the pasta. If it’s looking a little too dry add a small ladle of the pasta water. This simple, minimalist dish, as a small plate or an entree, will appeal to everyone and get Instagrammed by all the food critics, professionals and Yelpers alike.


provisions March/April 2018


business builder Everything that goes onto the plate needs to be accounted for.

So how do you decide on a final menu price? The formula for costing goes as follows: Cost of your product/.35=menu price or $8.50/.35= $24.29 $24.29 is the absolute minimum you need to charge The formula for costing goes as follows: Cost of your product/.35=menu price or $8.50/.35= $24.29 $24.29 is the absolute minimum you need to charge in order to make a profit off the filet mignon dinner. Of course, $24.29 is an awkward looking number, so you might bump it up to $24.99. If you bumped it up to $29.99, your food costs would drop below 30%, which means you make a bigger profit.

Portion Control One reason that chain restaurants are so successful is that they have a firm handle on portion control.

The cooks in those restaurants know exactly how much of each ingredient to put in every dish. For example, shrimp scampi may have a portion control of six shrimp per dish. Therefore, every shrimp-terrino that goes out of the kitchen will have six shrimp in it, no more, no less. This is portion control. In order to practice portion control in your own kitchen, everything should be measured out. Chicken, beef and fish should all be weighed, while shredded cheese can be stored in portion control cups and a measuring cup can dish out mashed potatoes. Once you feel comfortable cooking your menu, you can eyeball the serving amounts but in the early stages of your restaurant, err on the side of caution and measure everything out. Another way to practice portion control is to purchase preportioned items, such as steaks, burger patties, chicken breasts, and pizza dough. They may be more expensive, but can save you money in labor and food waste.


provisions March/April 2018

Menu Balance

And remember ...

Food markets fluctuate depending on the season, the weather and the price of gas.

Stay flexible when you first open. Give your menu a

One day lettuce may be $10.00 a case and then the following week it has jumped to $30.00 a case. There is little you can do when prices jump, short of changing your entire menu every few weeks, and who has time for that? However, when you balance expensive items, which are prone to price fluctuations, with items that have stable prices, you can help maintain your desired food cost. So, go ahead and have some fresh lobster and beef on your menu, but temper it with some less expensively priced chicken dishes or pasta dishes. Even franchises change their menus, in large part because of an increasingly savvy dining public. With more people going out to dinner more often, the question isn't if you're going to change your menu but when.

chance to work. After a change or new opening, allow at least a couple weeks or maybe a month to let people get familiar with your offerings, try out several different things, and establish favorites. Watch for trends at different times of the day and different meal periods. If your appetizers are selling better at lunch than at dinner, try to figure out why.

Don't get locked into a tiered menu pricing system. A tiered pricing

system requires all appetizers to be $x, all entrees to be $y, and so on, with no room for change. If your appetizer list is really working well but no one is interested in ordering the crabstuffed mushrooms, you may want to consider dropping the price by a buck or so. Be open to that possibility. Ultimately, diners determine what works and what doesn't based on their willingness to buy menu items.

Think before you adjust your pricing. In today’s

economy, many restaurants are reducing prices on their menus to fill seats. While this may seem like a good short-term strategy, it is a deep hole to dig yourself out of and you could end up alienating customers in the end. Rather than re-pricing your menu, consider weekly or nightly discounted specials that are more sustainable, and easier to phase out or raise pricing for in the long run.

provisions March/April 2018



Inspirations The Winter months are quickly coming to an end (thank goodness), and the Spring months are not too far away. With the change in season comes changes in menus, switching to the lighter side of flavorful ingredients. Between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday, why not try some of these easy and delicious entrees and side dishes.

Cheesy Baked Asparagus Trim asparagus (#80966) bottoms and place in a casserole dish, slightly cover with heavy cream and top with lots of parmesan cheese and cracked pepper. Roast until cheese and cream form a thick sauce. Top with Bacio Cheese and broil until golden brown.


provisions March/April 2018

Roasted Tri-Colored Rosemary Potatoes Cut tri colored fingerling potatoes (#307861) in half and place in a mixing bowl. Season with lots of fresh chopped rosemary, kosher salt and black pepper and some fresh chopped garlic and a little melted butter. Roast until golden brown and crispy.

Balsamic Glazed Carrots Toss rainbow colored carrots (#269451) with olive oil, salt and pepper and roast (whole or halved) until al dents. Place the roasted carrots on a platter and top with a mixture of balsamic glaze and honey. Top with fresh parsley or basil‌simple and delicious.

Classic Deviled Eggs Forget the whole process to boil and peel the eggs‌use our Nature's Best fully cooked HB Eggs (#439686). Cut eggs in half, scoop out the yolks into a bowl and mix with mayonnaise, a little Dijon or yellow mustard, white or cayenne pepper and a pinch of salt. Refill centers of the egg whites and top with fresh dill and smoked paprika. For a twist, top with some chopped bacon bits, fresh chives or caramelized red onions‌just get a little creative and have some fun.

provisions March/April 2018


Gluten Free Parmesan Crusted Haddock with Lemon Butter Easy to make yet great for a Friday Lent Special. I used an 8 oz. portion of Haddock (#462212) and topped it with a mixture of Gluten free breadcrumbs (#508269) mixed in with some mayonnaise and parmesan cheese and black pepper to toast to form a crust. Place crusted haddock on a greased sizzle platter and bake @ 350 F for 9-11 minutes, depending on the thickness of the haddock. Top with a simple lemon butter and serve with your favorite sides.


provisions March/April 2018

Chimichurri Scallops over Jasmine Rice Place 1-2 TBSP of olive oil in a sautĂŠ pan and get it nice and hot. Lightly coat the scallops with flour, salt and pepper, then sautĂŠ on both sides until golden brown (about 2 minutes each side). Remove scallops and set aside. In the same pan, add in diced Roma tomatoes and white wine and sautĂŠ for 30 seconds. Then add in 2 TBSP of Chimichurri Sauce (#547921) and heat for 1 minute. Place the scallops back into the sauce mixture and simmer for 30 seconds. Place a generous portion of cooked jasmine rice (#397190) in the center of the plate, surround the rice with scallops and place one on top of the rice. Add sauce over everything and top with chopped basil if desired.

BRT Garlicky and Mint Leg of Lamb Easy to use and ready to season, roast and serve. Cook this wonderful product by simply taking some finely chopped garlic cloves and mixing it with chopped mint, a little olive oil, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper to taste. Rub the garlicky/mint mixture over the lamb legs (keep the netting on as it will hold the leg together). Slow roast until internal temperature is 115-120 degrees F. Let rest for 1/2 hour before slicing. Serve with your favorite sides, and a mint jelly or mint sauce.

Roasted Lamb Shanks over Roasted Root Vegetables This item is a "Special Order" item, and is cut by our own T.F. Kinneally company. Here's how I prepared this dish. Seasoned with salt and pepper and seared on all sides until light brown. I then removed the shanks (#567222) from the pan and added in some mirepoix vegetables and sauteed in the lamb fat until slightly opaque. Added some thyme, granulated garlic, then some chicken stock and let the veggies simmer until al dente. I then placed the shanks in a roasting pan and topped with the veggie/stock blend, covered it tightly and low and slow roasted them (225F) until they reached a 130 degrees F internal temp. Serve them over some roasted carrots and roasted fennel, roasted tri-colored potatoes, and some of the lamb au jus.

provisions March/April 2018


Premium Veal & Lamb Products for Our Most Discerning Customers Piancone® Epicureo is Performance Foodservice’s exclusive epicurean brand of carefully selected products that meet the highest gastronomic standards that the nation’s top foodservice professionals demand. Piancone Epicureo epitomizes the brand essence of more than six decades of the Piancone namesake heritage of Italian cuisine excellence. Piancone Epicureo’s premium selections are produced to the rigorous specifications of our trademarked PathProven® supply chain management process. PathProven ensures that every step to the table is carefully monitored and verified. Unique to the industry, this process yields the highest quality milk-fed veal and Colorado-raised lamb in the nation.




Performance Foodservice utilizes PathProven to bring Piancone Epicureo Premium Veal to America’s leading chefs. Every step is carefully monitored and audited from feed ingredients to the highest levels of humane animal welfare treatment in modern, tether-free group-raised farming facilities to Level 3 SQF-certified production plants. As a result, every cut of Piancone Epicureo Premium Veal is of the highest quality and consistency. No matter how veal is prepared and plated its unparalleled taste sets new culinary standards.

Produced under our PathProven supply chain management process, our All Natural USDA Choice American Lambs are raised in the Colorado foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Starting with feed ingredients, the process is vigilantly monitored and audited, including the highest levels of humane animal welfare treatment to Level 3 SQF-certified production facilities. Colorado Lamb is renowned for its exceptional taste, performance and consistency that enables creative chefs to deliver a delicious and unique dining experience.

For more information about featuring Piancone Epicureo Veal and Lamb on your menus, please contact your local Performance Foodservice Sales Representative.

For more information about featuring Piancone® Epicureo Veal and Lamb on your menus, please contact your local Performance Foodservice Sales Representative. ALL NATURAL USDA CHOICE MILK-FED VEAL




• • • •

• • • •

Highest quality feed ingredients Traceability of all feed Food programs meet NRC requirements Source of protein, vitamins and minerals

America’s most modern feeding facilities Highest quality feed ingredients Traceability of all feed Source of protein, vitamins and minerals



• North America’s most modern group-raised farming facilities • Open group housing (5 to 8 calves) in natural light • Always untethered, calves socialize naturally • Stress-free environment • No dehorning or castration • No added hormones • Humane-certified (DQC) • HAACP & SQF farm standards • Certified SOP program • On-site farm staff 24/7 • Continuous monitoring (Technical Director and/or Vet) • Third-party traceability

• Lambs humanely raised in one of America’s most modern farming facilities • Bred for their larger size and weight, usually 70-80 pounds each • Stress-free environment • No dehorning or castration • No added hormones or antibiotics • Certified SOP program • On-site farm staff 24/7 • Continuous monitoring (Nutritionist and/or Vet)

Production • Humane animal welfare assured through principles of Dr. Temple Grandin • Arrowsight 24/7 third-party remote video monitoring of calves at our abattoir • Facilities with Level 3 SQF Certification • State-of-the-art technology and equipment • Staffed by trained and experienced professionals • Audited carcass selection, color scored, weight and conformation inspection • Precise cutting and packaging customized to customers’ exact portion control specifications

Production • Facility with Level 3 SQF Certification • State-of-the-art technology and equipment • Staffed by trained and experienced professionals • Audited carcass selection by weight and conformation inspection • Precise cutting and packaging customized to Piancone Epicureo’s exacting specifications


produce a product of superior flavor, color and texture. Veal is not only delicious but it is easy to prepare. Veal can be sautéed, stir-fried, braised, stewed, grilled or broiled — making it a center of the plate favorite.


with with Roasted Roasted Tomatoes Tomatoes

ALL ALL NATURAL NATURAL MILK-FED MILK-FED VEAL VEAL This This lean lean meat meat is is not not only only supremely supremely tender, tender, it it has has subtle subtle flavors. flavors. Group Group housed housed VEAL TOP ROUND, CAP OFF and untethered, our milk-fed calves and untethered, our veal milk-fed calves Selected top round, trimmed and cap removed. Oneflavor, of the most produce a product of superior produce a product of superior flavor, utilized veal cuts. Easy to process color and texture. cutlets or medallions. Vacuum colorinto and texture.

sealed. 5 lb. pack. 2 packs per case. 10 lb. average case.

Veal delicious but Veal is is not not only onlyItem delicious but it it is is easy easy #: 544727 to prepare. Veal can be sautéed, stir-fried, to prepare. Veal can be sautéed, stir-fried, braised, grilled braised, stewed, stewed, grilled or or broiled broiled — — VEAL LEG HIP SIRLOIN making of plate making it it aa center center of the theportion plateoffavorite. favorite. Top sirloin the leg. Completely trimmed and great for veal cutlets, medallions or rollatini. Vacuum sealed 2 pieces per pack. 2 packs per case. 10 lb. average case.

Item #: 544733 2” portion: 2 pcs./pk., 5 pks./case Item #: 544734 2.5” portion: 5 pcs./pk., 2 pks./case

VEAL TOP ROUND CUTLET Selected veal top round, hand-sliced and pounded into cutlets. Vacuum sealed. 10 lb. average case.

Item #: 544728



Item #: #: 544727 544727 Item 544731

Selected shanks cut Selected veal veal hind hind shankshand-sliced cut into into osso osso hip sirloin, and buco. Vacuum sealed. 10 lb. average case. buco. Vacuum sealed. 10 lb. average case. pounded into cutlets. Vacuum sealed. Item #: average 544733 2” 2”case. portion: 22 pcs./pk., pcs./pk., 55 pks./case pks./case 10 lb. Item #: 544733 portion: Item Item #: #: 544734 544734 544739 Item #: 544741 Item #: 544743

2.5” portion: 55 pcs./pk., 2 pks./case 2.5” pks./case 2 oz.portion: portion: 8pcs./pk., pcs./pk.,210 pks./case 4 oz. portion: 4 pcs./pk., 10 pks./case 6 oz. portion: 2 pcs./pk., 13 pks./case

VEAL HIP SIRLOIN VEAL LEG LEG HIP SIRLOIN BUTT TENDERLOIN Top sirloin portion (LEG FILET) Top sirloin portion of of the the leg. leg. Completely Completely

VEAL ROUND CUTLET VEAL TOP TOP ROUND CUTLET LEG EYE ROUND Selected veal top round, MEDALLION Selected veal top round, hand-sliced hand-sliced and and

Item #: 544732

Item #: 544745



trimmed and great veal trimmed great for forremoved veal cutlets, cutlets, Portion ofand tenderloin from veal medallions or Vacuum sealed medallions or rollatini. rollatini. Vacuum sealed leg and referred to as butt tender, filet 2 pieces per pack. 2 packs per case. 2mignon pieces of per pack. 2 packs per case. veal. Approximately 14-16 oz. 10 lb. average case. 10 average case.sealed 2 pieces per perlb.piece. Vacuum Item #: 544728 pack. packs per case. 10 lb. average case. Item #: 5 544728

Boneless veal veal leg leg muscle muscle separated separated Boneless from from the the bottom bottom round round section section of of the the leg. leg. Completely trimmed. trimmed. Great Great for for veal veal leg leg Completely medallions medallions or or cutlets. cutlets. Individually Individually vacuum sealed. sealed. 8 8 pieces pieces per per case. case. vacuum 10 10 lb. lb. average average case. case. Item Item #: #: 544731 544731


Selected veal hind shanks cut into osso buco. Vacuum sealed. 10 lb. average case.

Item #: 544735 2 oz. portion: 8 pcs./pk., 10 pks./case Item #: 544736 4 oz. portion: 4 pcs./pk., 10 pks./case Item #: 544737 6 oz. portion: 3 pcs./pk., 9 pks./case

Selected veal top round, trimmed Selected Bonelessveal vealtop leg round, muscletrimmed separated and cap removed. One the and cap removed. One of of the most most from the bottom round section of the leg. utilized veal cuts. Easy to process utilized veal trimmed. cuts. EasyGreat to process Completely for veal leg into cutlets or medallions. Vacuum into cutlets or cutlets. medallions. Vacuum medallions Individually sealed. 5 lb. 2 packs per case. sealed. lb. pack. pack. packsper percase. case. vacuum5sealed. 82 pieces 10 10 lb. lb. average average case. case.



Portion Portion of of tenderloin tenderloin removed removed from from veal veal leg and referred to as butt tender, leg and referred to as butt tender, filet filet mignon mignon of of veal. veal. Approximately Approximately 14-16 14-16 oz. oz.

pounded into cutlets. Vacuum sealed. pounded sealed. Boneless into veal cutlets. leg eye Vacuum round muscle 10 lb. case. 10 lb. average average case. separated from bottom round section of Item 544735 22 oz. 10 the #: leg. Hand-sliced into88 2pcs./pk., oz. medallions. Item #: 544735 oz. portion: portion: pcs./pk., 10 pks./case pks./case Item #: 544736 4 oz. portion: 4 pcs./pk., Vacuum sealed. 8 pieces per pack. Item #: 544736 4 oz. portion: 4 pcs./pk., 10 10 pks./case pks./case Item #: oz. pcs./pk., pks./case 10 packs per 66case. 10 lb.33average Item #: 544737 544737 oz. portion: portion: pcs./pk., 99case. pks./case

Selected veal veal hip hip sirloin, sirloin, hand-sliced hand-sliced and and Selected pounded pounded into into cutlets. cutlets. Vacuum Vacuum sealed. sealed. 10 lb. lb. average average case. case. 10 Item Item #: #: 544739 544739 Item Item #: #: 544741 544741 Item Item #: #: 544743 544743

22 oz. oz. portion: portion: 88 pcs./pk., pcs./pk., 10 10 pks./case pks./case 44 oz. oz. portion: portion: 44 pcs./pk., pcs./pk., 10 10 pks./case pks./case 66 oz. oz. portion: portion: 22 pcs./pk., pcs./pk., 13 13 pks./case pks./case


Boneless Boneless veal veal leg leg eye eye round round muscle muscle separated from bottom separated from bottom round round section section of of the the leg. leg. Hand-sliced Hand-sliced into into 2 2 oz. oz. medallions. medallions.

COCOA-CURED LAMB LOIN with Olive Pear Relish


with with Olive Olive Pear Pear Relish Relish

ALL NATURAL COLORADO LAMB Colorado-raised Colorado-raised lambs lambs have have long long been been recognized as the source of the world’s recognized as the source of the world’s best best tasting, most nutritious lamb products. tasting, most nutritious lamb products. Raised on on local local ranches, ranches, they they are are free free to to Raised roam roam the the countryside countryside while while grazing grazing on on quality natural forage. quality natural forage.

COCOA-CURED LAMB LOIN with Olive Pear Relish

LAMB TENDERLOIN (LOIN TENDERS) Boneless tenderloin from loin section with the silver skin on. Vacuum sealed in 8 piece pack. 5 packs per case. 10 lb. average case. Item #: 549573

LAMB TENDERLOIN LEG BRT LEG BRT LAMB RACK, FRENCHED Lamb leg boned, trimmed, shank (LOIN TENDERS) Lamb leg boned, trimmed,cap shank 9-rib lamb rack available on or cap

removed, and and jet-netted. jet-netted. Individually Individually removed, Boneless from loin off with 4“tenderloin bone, 3” french andsection 1” lip. vacuum sealed. 9-12 lb. average. vacuum sealed. 9-12 lb. average. with the silver skin on. Vacuum sealed in Vacuum sealed 1 half rack per pack. 2 pieces pieces per per case. case. 18-24 18-24 lb. lb. average average case. 2 8 5 packs per case. 4 piece packspack. per case. 18 lb. average Item #: 549562 10 case. Itemlb. #:average 549562 Cap Item #549574: On Item #: 549573 Cap Off #549575:


Separated from from lamb lamb leg leg to to make make Separated 9-rib available cap on or cap Lamblamb chuckrack boned and hand-cut lamb top round cap on. Individually lamb round cap on.cubes. Individually off with bone, 3” french and 1” lip. into 1”top to4“1.5” average May vacuum sealed. sealed. 6 6 pieces pieces per per case. vacuum Vacuum sealedmeat. 1 half rack percase. pack. include shank Vacuum sealed 10 lb. average case. 10packs 4 per case. 18 lb. in pack. 2case. packs peraverage case. case. Item #: 549564 10 lb. Item #:case. 549564 Cap On Item #549574:


The result result is is all all natural natural lamb lamb that that is is richly richly The marbled, marbled, juicy juicy and and consistently consistently tender tender with with aa mild, yet distinctive flavor. That’s why mild, yet distinctive flavor. That’s why this this wholesome wholesome and and delicious delicious meat meat is is often often the star star attraction attraction on the the menus menus of of the the the on ALL NATURAL world’s world’s leading leading restaurants. restaurants. COLORADO LAMB LAMBKABOBS LEG BRT LAMB

Lamb leg from boned, trimmed, lamb leg andshank hand-cut Colorado-raisedSeparated lambs have long been removed, andlamb jet-netted. Individually into 1.5” to 2” leg kabobs. Vacuum vacuum 9-12 lb. average. recognized as the source the world’s best sealed inof 2sealed. lb. pack. 5 packs per case. pieces 102 lb. case.per case. 18-24 lb. average case. tasting, most nutritious lamb products. Item #: 549562 Item #: 549692 Raised on local ranches, they are free to roam the countryside while grazing on quality natural forage. LAMB LOIN CHOP


Lamb loin from trimmed to 1/2” Separated lambwith leg 0” to make

Lambground loinfrom trimmed with 0” to 1/2” Separated lambaveraging legrichly and hand-cut Select lamb 80/20 The result is all natural lamb that average tail and cutis to yield yield T-bone or or lamb top round cap Individually average and cut to T-bone into 1.5” totail 2” Vacuum lamb legon. kabobs. Vacuum lean content. sealed in 2 lb. pack. porterhouse-style chops. Vacuum sealed vacuum sealed. 6 pieces per case. porterhouse-style chops. Vacuum sealed sealed in 2 lb. pack. 5 packs per case. packs per case. tender 10 lb. case. marbled, juicy and 5consistently withcase. in 2-piece 2-piece pack. 10 lb. lb. average average case. 10 lb. average case. in pack. 10 10 Itemlb. #:case. 549693 a mild, yet distinctive flavor. Item #: 549569 oz. pks./case Item 549564 Item #: 549569 44 That’s oz. chop: chop: 20 20why pks./case Item #:#: 549692 Item Item #: #: 549570 549570 66 oz. oz. chop: chop: 14 14 pks./case pks./case this wholesome andItem delicious meat is often Item #: #: 549571 549571 88 oz. oz. chop: chop: 10 10 pks./case pks./case the star attraction on the menus of the world’s leading restaurants. LAMB DENVER RIBS, LAMB HIND SHANK

LAMBBURGERS DENVER GROUND LAMB &RIBS, LAMB SLIDERS ST. LOUIS-STYLE ST. LOUIS-STYLE Cut from the loweraveraging portion of80/20 the rear Select ground lamb

A lean alternative. 100% selected ground Trimmed lamb breast yielding high leg with trotter bone removed. Vacuum Trimmed lamb yielding lean content. Vacuum sealed in 2high lb. pack. lamb burgers andbreast sliders. Packed and qualityinSt. St.4-piece Louis-style Denver Ribs (spare sealed pack. 2 packs per(spare case. quality Louis-style Denver Ribs 5 packs per case. 10 lb. case. papered. Vacuum sealed. 10 lb. case. ribs). Vacuum sealed 12-15 average ribs).lb. Vacuum sealed in 4-piece 4-piece pack. pack. Item #: 549693 549694 3 packs packs per case. case. 15 15 lb. lb. average average case. case. 3 per

Item #549575: #: 549691 Cap Off

Itemslider: #: 549565 20-24 portion10 lb. case 2 oz. 1 pc./pk., 80 oz. pks./case, Item #: 553371 24-28 oz. portion Item 549566 Item #: 553371 Item #:#: 549696 8 oz. burger: 2 pcs./pk., 12 pks./case, 12 lb. case

LAMB STEW HIND HIND SHANK SHANK LAMB LAMB LEG Cut from theBRT lower portion of the rear


Cut from theboned lower and portion of the rear Lamb chuck hand-cut Lamb legtrotter boned,bone trimmed, shank leg Vacuum leg with with bone removed. removed. Vacuum into 1” totrotter 1.5” average cubes. May removed, and jet-netted. Individually sealed in 4-piece pack. 2 packs per sealed inshank 4-piece pack. 2 packs per case. case. include meat. Vacuum sealed vacuum sealed. 9-12 lb. average. 12-15 12-15 lb. lb. average average case. case.

Lamb loin eye boned and trimmed A Lamb lean alternative. 100% ground loin trimmed withselected 0”sealed. to 1/2” 0 0. vacuum 0 xx burgers 0. Individually Individually vacuum sealed. lamb and sliders. Packed and or average tail and cut to yield T-bone provisions 2018 1. 8 pieces per 1. 5 5 lb. lb. average. average. piecesMarch/April case. papered. Vacuum8sealed. case.sealed29 porterhouse-style chops.10Vacuum 12 12 lb. lb. average average case. case.


CORNED BEEF BRISKETS A St. patrick’s day tradition


BOOK by 1/26/18 for GUARANTEEd PRICING! PFG code 946667 267273 973556 278478

item premium red deli brisket red drop brisket raw corned round sliced corned beef brisket

specs 20% inject, 10% trim 40% inject, untrimmed 20% inject, round pre-sliced brisket

case 2 12-14# avg. pcs. 2 16# avg. pcs. 2 8# avg. pcs. 4 2# packages

old neighborhood foods ~ 37 waterhill street ~ lynn, ma 01905 contact us at ~ (781) 595-1557 ~ 30

provisions March/April 2018

The Hilltop Restaurant

Tova's Tavern

516 Steele Hill Road | Sanbornton, NH 03269


ew Hampshire’s Lakes Region is home to a wide variety of attractions, countless options for fourseason outdoor recreation, and entertainment for all ages. Steele Hill Resorts in Sanbornton is among the best destinations in the region, offering luxurious accommodations, numerous amenities, and an unparalleled focus on quality. The quintessential family resort is surrounded by 500 acres of fields and forests filled with snowmobile, snowshoeing, and hiking trails. Resort guests can enjoy fishing in the private pond or golfing in the 9-hole executive course. The resort boasts stunning views of Lake Winnipesaukee, Lake Winnisquam, and the surrounding White Mountains, and even offers an enclosed observation tower. In 1941, Steele Hill opened in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire as a hotel for the affluent. Over the next 35 years, it established itself as one of the top hotels in the area. In 1968, Steele Hill was purchased by the Cutillo family and the development of the modern resort began to take shape. The resort undertook several expansions during the mid70s and 80s and finally during the early 2000s, finalizing the modern footprint of the resort. Today, Steele Hill is a worldclass destination resort and event space, offering year-round hospitality to many guests coming from New England, New York, and beyond.


provisions March/April 2018



he Hilltop Restaurant is the hospitality hub at Steele Hill, and serves resort guests as well as locals and day trippers. With a focus on elevated comfort food, the Hilltop is a family-oriented establishment and has become a great amenity. Quality ingredients are a top priority at the Hilltop. The restaurant focuses on classics like burgers, mac and cheese, steak, and chicken tenders, and guarantees that everything on the menu is freshly prepared and flawlessly executed. Their bar program is made up of craft beers and cocktails that rival or exceed some of the best resorts’ programs. Guests at Steele Hill can dine in the main section of the Hilltop Restaurant, featuring an inviting and romantic atmosphere with magnificent views, or enjoy the full restaurant and bar menu in the adjacent Tova’s Tavern for a more relaxed setting. For guests who want to enjoy the homemade, premium classics in the comfort of their resort room or on the go, the Hilltop Restaurant also does a significant amount of takeout and room service business, including two outdoor pool areas, a banquet tent, the Carriage House Conference facility and the adjoining campground.





12 oz Center Cut NY Sirloin

11:30 AM to Close


Heavy cream with tender clams and potatoes

Crock $7.25



A rich hearty broth stocked full of cara topped with a seasoned crouton, pro cheese Crock $7.25

Topped with shredded cheese and scallions Crock $7.25


Add your choice of the following delicious selections: grilled or fried chicken $4.95, ste grilled or fried colossal shrimp $12.95, grilled salmon $12.95 o





Baby arugula tossed with red wine poached pears, red onion and crumbled goat cheese. Drizzled with house made raspberry vinaigrette Demi $6.95 Entrée $14.95 Baby mixed greens topped with grape tomatoes, red onion, cucumbers, carrots, and garlic croutons, with your choice of dressing Demi $4.95 Entrée $12.95

Hearts of Romaine lettuce, garlic crouto parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing Demi $4.95 Entrée $12.95

Iceberg lettuce wedge with blueberry S belly, grape tomatoes and red onion, w $9.95


care. The WINGS Hilltop is– Buffalo, knownBBQ, forMaple Chili hostsTERIYAKI weddings year-round, JUMBO CHICKEN CHICKEN & PINEAP their milkshakes as well – the and has ample indoor WITH BACON – Servedand with a pea or au natural, served with crudité and your choice of dipping perfect pick-me-up outdoor $9.95 facilities all prominently sauce 5 wings $6.95 ~ 10 wings $13.95 ~ beloved 20 wings $23.95 by kids and adults alike. Guests featuring the stunning views. ONION RINGS – A heaping portion of hand cut, SPINACH & ARTICHOKE DIP looking for a full dinner option The pita event and restaurant staff breaded onion rings served with a side of our horseradish chips $6.95 can choose from several continuously goes above and sauce $6.95 LOADED POTATO SKINS classic and expertly crafted beyond to make sure that– Topp Monterey Jack blend and choice of: po NACHOSoptions, GRANDEincluding – Tri colored tortilla chips piled Chicken the couple’s special day is a high with black olives, jalapenos, tomatoes, red onion, coli. Served with sour cream $8.25 Saltimbocca over ravioli, Beer magical one. Most recently, cheddar-Monterey Jack blend, lettuce, sour cream and Braised Ribs, and Shrimp Steele Hill was SHRIMP awardedMARTINI The COLOSSAL charred salsa $12.95Short Add Chicken or Beef $4.25 served with our house m and Knotcolossal Best shrimp of Weddings 2018 Guacamole $3.95 Scallops over capellini sauce pasta. The Hilltop’s homemade andtail The Knot$8.95 Hall of Fame for smoked Gouda Macaroni and winning their 4th award. Cheese is one of the most popular items on the menu, Events sponsored by 11:30 SteeleAM The food served at The Hilltop and with good reason. The Hill are not to be missed. with baked your choice of: large french fries, sweet potato fries or coleslaw, and a kosher is a crowd-pleasing mix of Sandwiches dishserved comes in a Annually, the resort hosts "A pi Caesar salad, house salad or hand cut onion rings may be substituted for an additiona upscale comfort food, specialty cast iron skillet and can be Brew With A View" event – a Gluten Free bun available upon request for an addition for of $1.00 pizzas and sandwiches, and customized with vegetables, great opportunity craft elegant dinner entrees. There premium meats, or everyone’s beer enthusiasts to enjoy the is truly something for everyone TURKEY CLUB favorite – lobster! and showcase the – Cr WRAP – Thinly sliced oven roasted facility BUFFALO CHICKENall WRAP on the menu. The premium turkey breast, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, crisp amenities tenders tossed in buffalo that Steele Hillsauce, has shre quality of the ingredients used bacon, swiss cheese Dijon mayonnaise wrapped to offer. diced Holidays tomatoes are and always blueberry Steele Hilland Resorts is one of the astilton really shines through to the final in a soft flour tortilla wedding $13.95 Wrapped in a soft flour premier and event special day at Steele Hill tortilla as well,$14.95 meal, and even the sauces facilities in the Lakes Region and the family of employees – Slow braised boneless REUBEN – Corned beef brisket wit and sides are homemade with SHORT RIB of SANDWICH New Hampshire. Steele Hill takes great pride in providing


provisions March/April 2018


beef and rich brown gravy nestled inside a toasted ciabatta roll $15.95

thousand island and swiss, grilled bet $14.95

CHICKEN FRITTER PLATE – Lightly seasoned

HILLTOP RACHAEL – Roasted tur thousand island and havarti cheese, marble rye $13.95

chicken tenders served with choice of side $12.95 Make them buffalo, sweet chili or bbq $1.00

Lobster Mac & Cheese with smoked Gouda

Chef - Tyler Petrie

Head Chef - Shawn Deegan

guests a memorable day no matter the celebration. Steele Hill rises to the occasion for everything from Mothers’ Day to Thanksgiving and constantly exceeds expectations. This past Thanksgiving, the Hilltop served up a feast to over 500 happy guests! Seasonal localities like the New Hampshire Lakes Region bring a unique set of challenges to local businesses. Steele Hill sees a very busy summer season, but the volume of business doesn’t subside during the winter months. The area is full of opportunities to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and numerous other winter activities, and locals and travelers alike frequent Steele Hill to stay and dine. While staffing is a challenge these days as it is for most in the

industry, Steele Hill is very grateful to have a tremendous team to keep their year-round flow of guests happy. The energetic culinary enthusiasts work very hard and take pride in providing guests with a memorable experience. Steele Hill shows their appreciation for their staff by creating a true family environment for all team members.

Owners - Justin & Doug Cutillo

The food served at The Hilltop is a crowd-pleasing mix of upscale comfort food, specialty pizzas and sandwiches, and elegant dinner entrees. provisions March/April 2018


Nothing says upscale delicious like Heritage Ovens Croissants. Whatever your daypart, need, or occasion, we have the perfect croissant for unmatched appeal, taste and higher rings.

Breakfast: start your customer's

day off with something extra special... a perfect medium size croissant for breakfast sandwiches or side.

Lunch: larger size croissants

make any lunch even more special... sandwiches or with soup/side/ accompaniment

Dinner: our small size croissants

bring new excitement to the dinner bread basket.

Our Croissant Line includes a full range of varieties for all your customer's needs:

C r o i s s a n t Butter


2 oz. Crescent, sliced

2.25 oz. Round, sliced

(#329779, 4/16 ct)

3 oz. Crescent, sliced (#329790, 4/12 ct)


provisions March/April 2018

L i n e

(#329787, 4/16 ct)

3 oz. Round, sliced

(#329788, 4/12 ct)

Order today and start serving Heritage Ovens croissants. Your customers will love them and so will your bottom line.

H E R I TA G E O V E N S C O O K I E S & C R A C K E R S

Experience the Difference

Philosophy Ovens bakery goods. When you crave goodness, our wholesome and delicious baked goods will capture your senses. to bake, par-baked and pre-baked bakery goods, Heritage Ovens has a solution for all meal occasions. From our baked goods are rich in variety and exceptional in taste. Heritage Ovens Cookies and Crackers add convenience and value to operators’ are perfect for soup and salad bars or great additions to cracker and bread baskets. ingredients.

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hitey’s Gourmet Chili is slow-cooked the old-fashioned way with the finest ingredients and a delectable blend

of herbs and spices, then fresh frozen to seal in flavor. Easy to prepare, just boil in bag or microwave. Create your own zesty signature dish or serve them as a delicious appetizer, a great meal or with a sandwich combo.

Product Features * Whitey’s Premium Chili is made with the highest quality ingredients * Meat is the number one ingredient * Fully cooked, just boil in bag or microwave and you’re ready to serve

Product Descriptions Whitey’s Beef Chili This is the original Whitey’s chili that got it all started. Loaded with premium beef and beans, fresh tomatoes, onions and a special blend of herbs and spices, Beef Chili is slow cooked for the ultimate in taste and flavor.

Whitey’s Beef Chili

Heating Instructions Whitey’s Chili can be tempered overnight in a refrigerator or kept frozen. Boil-In-Bag: Place in boiling water and heat for 30 to 40 minutes or until hot. Microwave Oven: Microwave on high for 20 to 30 minutes or until hot, rotating as needed.


Whitey’s Beef Chili


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provisions March/April 2018




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Merchandising stickers in each case

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HOFF'S B A K E R Y Banana Cream Square 458679 Old fashion banana cake w/smooth banana cream & banana ganache.24 per tray

Strawberry Cream Square Banana Cream 458678Square 458679 White cream cake w/fresh Old fashion banana strawberries whiped cake cream & w/smooth banana cream strawberry ganache. 24 per&tray. banana ganache.24 per tray

Dense refres in a sil s

10" Lemoncello 16slcd 12" Key LIme 16 slcd 10" R 269725 10" Lemoncello 16slcd 915718 Lemon Burst Square Three layers of moist white cake filled 269725 Refreshing and smooth, our Three laye 851318 with a tart lemon cream frosted with Three layers of moist white cake filled Key Lime is an original R raspbe Dense moist lemon cake filled with a smoothlemon lemoncream, buttercream and Strawberry Cream Square & Banana Cream Square withFlorida a tart recipe. lemon cream frosted with Key Lime buttercrea refreshing all covered Lemon Burst Square withganache. white chocolate curls ay. 458679 in garnished smooth buttercream filling onlemon a graham crumb and a silky lemon 24 per tray 458678 851318 Old fashion banana cakeand handmade lemon chocolateWhite cream cake w/fresh garnished with white chocolate curls topped with whipped cream. Dense moist lemon cake filled w wedges. w/smooth banana cream & and&handmade lemon chocolate to strawberries whiped cream refreshing lemon cream, all cove anana ganache.24 per tray wedges. strawberry ganache. 24 per tray. in a silky lemon ganache. 24 per

10" Raspberry Cream 16 slcd 904783 Three layers of yellow cake filled with raspberry preserves and a light 10" Lemoncello 16slcd 12" Key LIme 16 slcd buttercream decorated with chopped 269725 915718 toasted e layers of moist white cake filled almonds. Refreshing and smooth, our a tart lemon cream frosted with Key Lime is an original mooth lemon buttercream and Florida recipe. Key Lime ished with white chocolate curls filling on a graham crumb nd handmade lemon chocolate topped with whipped cream. wedges. 38

provisions March/April 2018

10" Raspberry Cream 16 slcd 904783 Three layers of yellow cake filled wit raspberry preserves and a light buttercream decorated with choppe toasted almonds.

gOlD meDal makes it easy tO serVe scratch-like quality pancakes.

easy tO use


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yielD per case


6/5 lb

504 2 oz 4" pancakes


6/5 lb

540 2 oz 4" pancakes

gold medal® complete Waffle


6/5 lb

204 standard waffles

gold medal® Belgian Waffle


8/3.75 lb bag

216 7" waffles

general mills complete pancake


6/5 lb

576 2 oz 4" pancakes

golden Valley® complete Buttermilk pancake


6/5 lb

570 2 oz 4" pancakes

pancake & Waffle miXes

Just add water and mix — anyone can make consistent scratch-like quality pancakes and waffles. • With add-water-only simplicity, it’s easy to bake-up every time • Lowers overall cost for serving up pancake favorites

gold medal® complete Buttermilk pancake gold medal® Whole grain complete pancake

Versatile Go beyond pancakes and waffles by creating signature dishes with just one box. • With just one box you can go beyond pancakes and waffles • Recipes created by our industry-leading culinary team

tOlerant & cOnsistent Respond to demand easily and quickly while delivering the tolerance and consistency you depend on every day. • Make batter a day in advance for up to 36 hour refrigerated hold time • Exceptional after-mix hold time means little batter wasted from gassing out

All products Kosher

general mills convenience and foodservice is dedicated to offering quality baking mixes. to learn more about our pancake portfolio and other mixes, visit our website.

Usage: 2 inches or larger ©2013 General Mills




provisions March/April 2018

51% Wheat!


provisions March/April 2018

Heavy Duty Multi-Surface Degreaser 243550 Heavy Duty Concentrated Multi-Surface Degreaser

1/12 LT

This multi-use product is great for floors, walls, table tops, grills, fryers, this is a true state of the art cleaner. When used according to directions, Multi-Surface Degrease can be used to easily clean normal grease and grime from most hard surfaces. When used with a heavy dilution, Multi-Surface Degrease becomes a tough cleaner that will cut grease from a car engine. Spray bottle available. Contact your Area Manager.

Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner 243629 Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner (Scenic Non-Ammoniated)

1/12 LT

Like the view? See it through glass cleaned with SCENIC. This surfactant based glass cleaner provides streak free windows and mirrors. It is a truly effective cleaner when used as directed. Since SCENIC is non-ammoniated, it is also very effective as a general purpose cleaner on stainless steel, chrome, and painted surfaces, table and counter tops. Just spray on and wipe the dirt away. A special blend of surfactants and soil suspending agents makes light duty out of all general cleaning jobs. Spray bottle available. Contact your Area Manager.

provisions March/April 2018


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Introducing SERTUN™ Rechargeable Sanitizer Indicator Towels Never wonder again if you’re sanitizing hard surfaces properly! New SERTUN™ Rechargeable Sanitizer Indicator Towels from ITW Pro Brands. will give you unmatched confidence in your sanitizing! • Using our patented Color Check Technology™, SERTUN™ towels give you complete assurance that you are truly sanitizing hard surfaces! • Think of it as a quaternary ammonia (Quat) test strip embedded in a disposable foodservice wiper. • SERTUN™ towels change from yellow to blue when proper quat levels are present in the sanitizing bucket and in the towel.

• Have confidence you’re sanitizing with just a quick glance into your sanitizer bucket! • As the towel deploys Quat, the color changes from blue to yellow, indicating there is not sufficient sanitizer in the towel. • By placing the towel back into your sanitizer solution, the towel recharges, and turns blue again. When the towel does not turn blue, it’s time to change the sanitizer solution. • Works with quaternary ammonia (Quat) only. • Use with your red bucket system.

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provisions March/April 2018

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World Centric products are: Non-polluting, non-toxic and environmentally responsible Made from renewable resources Available in custom designs Manufactured to meet your sustainability goals

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Quality matters. We have what you need. Our new warehouse expansion is complete and we are loading up with new products just right for your operation. Join us to see, taste and learn about exciting new ideas your summer customers will love.

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Provisions March/April 2018  

Running your business is a journey which Performance Foodservice - NorthCenter is here to supply. We designed this publication with you in m...

Provisions March/April 2018  

Running your business is a journey which Performance Foodservice - NorthCenter is here to supply. We designed this publication with you in m...