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Young Jackfruit Meets Food Service Operator Needs Increase Customer traffic by offering on-trend “meat alternative” menu items that are rapidly rising in demand Drive Higher Revenues by attracting a broader audience of customers and consumers accustomed and willing to pay more for a healthier food choice (higher check averages) Gain Competitive Advantage over other foodservice operators by featuring delicious, nutritious, wholesome jackfruit entrees on “Meatless Mondays” and everyday for flexitarians, millennials, vegans, and vegetarians

Market Insights

• 60% consume plant-based meals1

• 26% of US consumers ate less meat1

• 95% of meat alternatives are soy- or wheat-based

• 36% of Americans eat at least one vegetarian meal per week1

• Supports transparency, authenticity, simplicity, global inspiration, and convenience2

• 36% eat meat alternatives1

Naked Jackfruit Preparation Tips Empty contents into colander, press jackfruit to drain excess water Sauté in vegetable stock until reduced or concentrated Sear in pan with oil or broil to achieve crispness Season as desired with spices and simple mirepoix Marinate and grill, or add to your signature sauce for creative flavor and dish combinations Substitute in meat dishes such as sliders, tacos, pizzas, wraps, salads, stews and more For more ideas, go to

#514231, 10/30.5 oz


provisions January/February 2018

12016 SPINS Plant Based Foods Report 22015-2016 New Hope Network

Provisions January/February 2018  
Provisions January/February 2018