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Goodbye 2017 Food Trends, Food Trends! Greens 2017: Kale This trend didn’t exactly start in 2017, but it saw a definite plateau this year, with kale salads all over menus and kale chips cluttering retail store shelves. And while the superfood is versatile and loaded with nutritional benefits, it’s seeing its heyday winding down.

2018: Sea Greens Whether you call it ‘seaweed,’ ‘sea greens,’ or by their proper names, including kelp, nori or dulse, sea greens are entering the market in a big way. This potentially sustainable aquaculture can feed a staggering amount of people, and intrepid entrepreneurs on the coasts are cashing in. Sea greens are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and omega-3’s. And, according to Rowan Jacobsen, “a seaweed farm can produce twice the protein per acre of a soybean farm and 17 times that of a livestock farm. And it does it all without any inputs of energy, fertilizer, or water.” Take that, kale!

Chefs across the While some classics never go out of style, these days modern diners are evermore obsessed with what’s next. Once a trend has been sufficiently played out, it elicits eye rolls and yawns, as guests look to the horizon for something shiny and new to post on their Instagram. We’re

taking a look back at the foods that shaped 2017 and turning our gaze forward to what we might expect to see in 2018. >>


Provisions January/February 2018  
Provisions January/February 2018