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Easy to read packaging Color coded labels for the appropriate bakery application – Red for deep frying and blue for other baking applications Bilingual (English/Spanish) packaging Trans fat free Formulated specifically for bakery applications

Time and Temperature Frying Guide Donuts

Cooking Temp.

Cooking Time (minutes)

Yeast donuts



Cake donuts



Is It Time to Change the Shortening? When one or more of the following occurs: •

The color of the shortening is too dark

The shortening is smoking excessively

The shortening is foaming excessively

The food from the fryer is too dark – burned looking

The food from the fryer has an off flavor

Reasons for Fry Shortening Breakdown Heat Water Food Particles Air Soap Salt

Make sure the fryer is set at the correct frying temperature Make sure the fry vat and filter equipment are completely dry after cleaning They burn and cause off flavor and color – skim frequently Handle oil carefully during filtering and add back – avoid splashing and burping Keep cleaners away from oil and don’t forget the vinegar rinse after the boil out Never season food directly over fry vat!

provisions January/February 2018


Provisions January/February 2018  
Provisions January/February 2018