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Russet White and Norland Red

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otatoes are one of the most versatile vegetables, transforming from simple earthen root to potato skin appetizer, hash browns, French fries, or mashed potato sides. You’ll find fresh potatoes cropping up in unexpected places these days, too — Asian fusion restaurants have embraced the potato and are creating Asian inspired potato salads and sides. Performance Foodservice has a potato for any type of menu application! Peak® Potatoes are grown for quality and consistency and are always packed to order.


or the first time in our Peak® brand we are offering a wide variety of refrigerated diced, shredded, sliced and wedge potatoes, consisting of only White Russet Burbank Potatoes and Dark Red Norland Potatoes from the soil of Maine. The state of Maine is the No. 2 potato producer in the U.S. behind Idaho. There are three sizes of Peak® Diced White Russet Potatoes ½”, ¾” and 1” and the white shredded potatoes are hearty shreds that grill to a golden brown for the perfect hash browns every time. The sliced potatoes are available skin-off and skin-on – perfect for casseroles, rustic home fries and au gratin potatoes. Peak® Dark Red Norland Redskin Potatoes are available in both ¾” and 1” dices and thick wedges which are a great alternative to French fries.

Features and Benefits •

Sampling and inspection of Peak® products occur in the field, at the shipper, and on the receiving dock, prior to arriving at the customer location.

Peak® Potatoes are packed to order and shipped in a timely manner to preserve freshness.

Trucks are carefully monitored while in transit to ensure product is kept at the correct temperature.

Packed in 4/5 lb plastic modified air • Modified Atmosphere Packaging is used to prolong shelf life, increase product quality and to add value to processed foods. Air is removed from the package and replaced with a gas mixture that helps preserve product freshness.

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provisions January/February 2018

DESCRIPTION Potato White Diced 1/2“ Potato White Diced 3/4” Potato Redskin Diced 3/4” Potato Redskin Diced 1” Potato White Slied 1/$” with skin-on Potato White Shredded

PACK 4 4 4 4 4 4

SIZE 5 LB 5 LB 5 LB 5 LB 5 LB 5 LB

Provisions January/February 2018  
Provisions January/February 2018