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How You Can Tackle Food Waste Limit menu items and cross-utilize ingredients Look thoughtfully at where you have the most waste on your menu and troubleshoot ways to change or improve those menu items with efficiency in mind. Reducing food waste won’t be the only outcome; you’ll also save money!

Work with local farmers to let them know what produce you need each season and in what quantities. Commit to buying overages and preserving them, either by canning, pickling, or other methods. Doing so will cut your costs, put money back into the local economy and result in a higher quality final product.

Establish a composting system for scraps. These can be used by the farmers you already work with. Often, community partners will pick up compost weekly. Check online for services in your area.

Use your platform to educate the public about food waste. While some consumers are familiar with the concept, most don’t fully appreciate the impacts of food waste on their daily lives. Chefs can be leaders in the fight against food waste.

Consider hosting a Food Waste Dinner that uses food that would be considered waste in a creative way. Share your efforts to donate or reuse food with your followers via social media and press releases. Publicly pledge to reduce waste in your restaurant, and work with staff to educate them on the best ways to do so.

provisions January/February 2018


Provisions January/February 2018  
Provisions January/February 2018