Performance Foodservice: Grow To-Go Product Catalog

Page 90

SALADS Over the past decade the salad has made the move from being a side dish to center of plate for lunch and dinner. What’s unique to salads is that consumers purchase with their eyes. In the case of salad takeout and delivery if the salad arrives and looks unattractive and wilted/old, it ruins the entire dining experience for the customer. A real no-no is to pack a green leaf salad in a closed unvented container such as foam container along with a hot entrée. Within 15 – 20 minutes in transit the heat will damage the lettuce and other vegetables, fruits and even cheeses in the salad. A lot of on-the-go salads are purchased at self-help salad bars where customers are picking and choosing their own items to build the salads. A container that snaps securely may be your best take out option. If your restaurant is known for heated protein on your fresh salads such as chicken, steak or shrimp, you may want to pack these separately to keep them warm and so it does not damage lettuce in transit. Dressings and cheeses might also work ideal to be packaged separate from the salad. Salads are very profitable and are enhanced by quality packaging with a clear lid. This is true not only for entrée salads but side salads served with the entrée. They key is to keep salads cool during transport and tight in the containers so they don’t shift and arrive unattractive.