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DELI With the exception of perhaps Chinese and Pizza joints, Delis are king when it comes to takeout and delivery Delis have delivered for decades and often have little room to eat in their establishments. Traditionally, deli foods have meant sandwiches, wraps, soups, wet salads, pickles, chips and beverages. Despite these differences, today’s delis vary all over the lot, from gourmet to New York-style to mom and pop localized to regional and small chain. But they all have one thing in common – their food is portable for on the go. The deli is not just for lunch. Delis serve breakfast, dinner, snacks and many are open late for binging or snacking at any hour. And while a majority of foods are deli staples as mentioned previously, delis are branching out to compete with all types of restaurants with hot foods and specialties. Many delis now include full salad bars and hot foods bars where customers can pack and take with them a variety of food items. These food bars have gained favor with busy consumers stopping to pick up to-go dinners on their way home from the work day.



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Performance Foodservice: Grow To-Go Product Catalog  

Performance Foodservice: Grow To-Go Product Catalog