Performance Foodservice: Grow To-Go Product Catalog

Page 78


Today bar food and burgers remain American favorites. Burgers (sliders), chicken wings, French fries, and other potatoes, onion rings, nachos, shrimp, dips, fried mozzarella sticks, stuffed potato skins and jalapeño poppers, are patron favorites. But, the menus and offerings are beginning to change. Burgers have been recast to include the word “gourmet,” “artisan” and “handcrafted.” So while a majority of Americans still will take a burger with American cheese between a bun, a growing number are asking for ones topped with every type of cheese from goat to Gorgonzola and topped with lobster or crab or even another meat or infused with vegetables, cheese and seasonings. These “high-topped” gourmet burgers make it an even bigger challenge to travel for takeout or delivery.