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BREAKFAST Breakfast on-the-go is much more than picking up a bagel or donut and a cup of coffee or a latte . Breakfast has skyrocketed as America’s favorite meal with breakfast now being offered all-day in more and more restaurants — 80% of Americans consider breakfast to be that most important meal of the day. People are searching out foods that are portable, nutrient-dense, affordable and healthy. Breakfast foods are hitting all those targets — and then some. According to new data from market research firm The NPD Group, the consumption of breakfast is expected to increase 5% through 2019. To accommodate busy schedules and increasingly long commutes, consumers buy and eat nearly a third of breakfasts on the go. NPD reports that morning visits to fast food restaurants grew by 5% in the past year, on top of a 3% increase the previous year. Even more than a good meal, we crave convenience in the morning, buying more and more breakfast sandwiches — especially breakfast burritos – and other breakfast foods. Technomic’s report also said that 32% of participants indicated they will purchase breakfast food as a mid­morning snack; 45% will purchase at lunch, and 59% will purchase a breakfast food at dinner time. As for delivery, one of the biggest announcements was by Denny's® — the restaurant known for breakfast — that launched a 24-hour delivery service called Denny's® On Demand.