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ASIAN The Asian market is one of the fastest growing segments in America, and more and more restaurants are serving Asian and Asian-influenced foods. By focusing on fresh, healthy ingredients and a variety of flavors at a reasonable price, the Asian restaurant segment remains a good example of a cuisine that’s hitting all the hot trends. Millennials and Gen Z customers love variety and to explore new tastes and flavors. This is one of the reasons more and more restaurants have Asian-influenced items on their menus. Takeout and delivery of Asian food, especially Chinese, has been operational for decades. But Asian food is much broader than Chinese and today’s consumer has a fast growing appetite for Japanese, Thai, Indian, Korean, Vietnamese and Philippine cuisine, and these foods aren’t necessarily packed in little white boxes. Mintel Research study showed that there were 550 items on fast food menus (no Asian eateries) with Asian names or Asian influence. According to GrubHub, the online and mobile food ordering service, collected a year’s worth of ordering data from its 30,000 participating restaurants in more than 800 cities serving 172,000 takeout orders a day to their 4.57 million active diners. Here are the 10 most popular Chinese takeout dishes in America: • General Tso's Chicken • Crab Rangoon • Egg Roll • Sesame Chicken • Wonton Soup • Fried Rice • Sweet and Sour Chicken • Orange Chicken • Hot and Sour Soup • Pot Stickers



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