Performance Foodservice: Grow To-Go Product Catalog

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WELCOME Welcome to the Performance Foodservice Grow To-Go™ Catalogue. This Catalogue is designed to help customers find the right solutions for delivering greater profits in takeout and delivery. You’ll find a full scope of Performance brands First Mark® and Silver Source® and national brand products used for out-of-restaurant dining by category, price point, and innovation/eco‑friendly and by restaurant type. In addition, we’ve included useful content about takeout and delivery and linked resources for mobile apps and delivery solutions. New technology, mobile apps and delivery services are contributing to the takeout and delivery phenomenon, which is surpassing the $52 billion mark. Now is the time for restaurant operators to evaluate their strategy and determine how they can provide a takeout/delivery program that meets consumer needs for convenience, while maintaining the quality and menu taste. Some restaurants report increases of up to 20% in sales revenues from implementing a comprehensive takeout and delivery program. Delivery isn’t just for pizza anymore. Today’s diners are looking for variety when it comes to takeout. In fact, in a 2017 Technomic study, when asked which items they recently ordered for takeout and delivery, the most popular items ordered were pizza (62%), chicken (46%), sandwiches (45%), burgers (43%) and salad (37%). No food is off limits so don’t leave dollars on the table. Embrace the trend and prepare for profits!