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St. Regis Miami Condos - Miami Condos Luxury The turquoise sea, fine white sand and warm sunshine – all you need is a cocktail and a hammock and you got a perfect tropical vacation. However, for some, the beach is not just a dream vacation destination, it’s a coveted address. When it comes to seaside properties, Miami boasts of some of the most beautiful and oceanfront properties and aspiring homeowners, not only within the state, but across the country are always on the lookout for the next seaside residential development that will rise along Miami’s pristine coastlines. For example, St Regis Bal Harbour Condos was recently named as Forbe’s Most Anticipate Hotel Opening (and residential address) of 2012. Much has been said about the perks of living in oceanfront real estate properties such as St Regis Condos, but what exactly are these advantages? A Sea of Psychological Wellness Benefits Seaside communities are not new. In fact, almost all early civilizations were founded near a body of water – from the ancient kingdom of Mesopotamia near the Tigris and Euphrates to the great Egyptian cities near the Nile River. Today, people are going back to seaside living for one prevalent reason – the stress of fastpaced city living. With the increasing demands of a cosmopolitan lifestyle, the beach has been synonymous to relaxation and tranquility. Scientifically, the benefits of living in a seafront residential development like St Regis Bal Harbour Condos arerooted to its close proximity to the water. • Several psychological researches have shown how the sight and sound of natural water elements promote a deep sense of calmness. • Water is also associated with creativity and free flowing emotions which is a great contrast compared to the highly pent up emotions associated with city living. • Sea air, which contains ozone and negative ions, encourage slow, deep breathing which balances your “chi” or energy, which is similar to the effect of yoga. Wave after Wave of Physiological Benefits Aside from the psychological benefits of living in an oceanfront real estate community, there are also scientifically proven advantages that directly impacts people’s physical well-being. • There are minerals in seawater that are readily absorbed by the skin which has a nutritional and calming effect on the nervous system. • Bathing in ocean water opens up the pores which allows for toxins to exit the body via the lymph system. • Recent findings from weight lost experts show how the natural iodine in salt water triggers thyroid activity which hastens weight lost and help eliminate cellulites. • Sea air is found to have a high amount of negative ions which is found to help strengthen the immune system. Promoting a Balance Lifestyle St. Regis bal harbour condos and other upscale residential properties offer these perks, aside of course from the amenities and the services that homeowners get from purchasing a seaside condo unit. With these real estate options, the beach is definitely a once-in-a-while luxury vacation destination; it’s an everyday upscale living experience.

St. Regis Miami Condos - Miami Condos Luxury  

For a picnic like experience for homes, condos etc in Miami, FL, condominium across the coastline of Miami Beach are the USP of St. Regis. L...