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air, as well as the panic of what to do and COPYEDITOR:

special holiday. There are many ways to have a great Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank. Here are a few DIY ideas to help you out in creating the perfect gift for your lovebird. DECORATIVE LOVE MUGS If your partner loves to drink tea or coffee, you can purchase two mugs - one for you and one for the other one. Afterwards use a Sharpie marker to decorate them with cute or romantic sayings. For instance, “You’re my cup of tea” or simply write that you love them. You can get creative with this idea and will surely have

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them thinking of you every morning. Image source:

52 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT YOU This is one of the simplest and most meaningful gifts you can create yourself. Take a deck of cards, whole punch the sides and place two rings through it, which will bind the cards and create somewhat of a book. Decorate the front with stickers, your initials, a picture, etc. Continue by writing something you love about your significant other on each card.

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Luna aceasta vă facem cunoștință cu domnul Ioan Bășea, fondatorul CROAZIERE.NET care va susține în premieră în România un curs dedicat secto...

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