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INTERVIEW with Filipe Carrera Please tell us a little bit

People can take your money, car or

about yourself.

house, but they can never take your

I was looking forward to a carrier as an

experience. That’s why “Carpe Diem!” is

economist because I wanted to be a

so important to me.

company’s manager, but actually I ended

Another credo in a more personal way is

up doing what I do now, and it’s more

“No regrets!”. Look at the logic behind

rewarding than I could have anticipated.

the words: if you believe that it’s a bad

Currently my area of activity is quite

experience, think about the fact that it

diverse. Firstly, I teach at universities in

could have been worse.

Portugal, Spain and Romania, and I do

Whoever I am now is due to the good

some consulting as well. Secondly, in the

and bad experiences I had along the

last 8 years I’ve been a trainer and key

way, and I’m happy about it, because

note speaker at conferences across

they created the person I am today.

more than 50 countries. I truly enjoy

Why did you choose to become

training people from different cultures. Actually, I write books about the topics

As I told you I wanted to be a manager

I teach and train - communication, net-

and I started looking why I would like to

working, digital marketing, social learning

become one.

and competitive work.

It was because I wanted to have an

What is your motto?

a trainer?

impact on people, be recognized for it, being able to travel, and of course have

There are several to be precise, but I

a nice life standard.

think that the main one would be “Carpe

Logically, I thought that holding trainings

Diem!” (trans. “Seize the day!”) because

was something that conjugated all of

time is the only resource that we cannot

these in a collateral way, and if they

ever recover.

were at an international level that would

When you start thinking like that you

have been perfect.

must understand that life is a set of

The only issue was I knew nobody in


Portugal that was doing something like


Ediția 39 | Ianuarie 2015

that back then.

Performance - NR.39 IANUARIE 2015  

Vedeta noastră din această ediție este colega noastră Ana Iunker care a străbătut SUA în lung și lat cu ajutorul programului Work and Travel...

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