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DIY 2015

With the year changing, the time and feeling for a „new you” is coming about. We plan our resolutions

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for every New Year, but following through with them


throughout the year seems to be a setback each time. Keeping this in mind, a new organization

system for all aspects of your life should be one of

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the main priorities in your resolutions.

Personally, I would recommend using a system in which you physically write down your ideas, as it helps you remember and reinforce what you write. Firstly, begin by writing your resolutions on the front page so that you will be reminded of your yearly goals. You can divide your planner into sections, such as „Goals”, „Projects”, or whichever categories pertain to you and your daily life. Aside from noting your daily

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Ediția 39 | Ianuarie 2015

tasks, plan your long term goals throughout each month. You can even designate a separate color to each categorical task, allowing them to be more noticeable.

Performance - NR.39 IANUARIE 2015  

Vedeta noastră din această ediție este colega noastră Ana Iunker care a străbătut SUA în lung și lat cu ajutorul programului Work and Travel...

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