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exchange program that allows students to live and

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The Erasmus Program is an EU student COPYEDITOR:

study in another country, learn and understand a new country, but also to engage with other students from different cultures. Here are a few words from our Incoming Erasmus students that choose to

come to RAU for the 1st semester of this academic year: Please tell us something about you

system is that you can experience how it

and your studies.

will be in a daily working life after the

Lorenzo: My name is Lorenzo Ferrini. I


am 21 years old and I am from Italy. At

Arek: My name is Arek Morawski and I

home I study Business and Administra-

am 25 years old. I study International

tion, while in Romania I study Interna-

Business in both home, in Poland, as

tional Business.

well as in Romania.

Vanessa: My Name is Vanessa Frank,

How would you describe your

I’m 24 years old and come from Ger-

overall experience in Romania?

many. I started studying International

Lorenzo: My experience in Romania

Business in 2013 after an apprenticeship

was amazing because I met a lot of peo-

at a bank. I now go to a University in

ple from different countries. I traveled

Mettmann which is very close to Düssel-

to different cities such as Bucharest,

dorf in the western part of Germany. The

Brașov, Sibiu and Cluj with great friends

studies in Germany include theoretical

that I have made throughout this pro-

and practical parts, which I enjoy very


much. Until now I have worked at 2

Vanessa: I’m very glad that I chose to

different companies as an intern for 3

come to Romania after all. At first I was

months. What I mostly like about that

very nervous about a new language, a


Ediția 39 | Ianuarie 2015

Performance - NR.39 IANUARIE 2015  

Vedeta noastră din această ediție este colega noastră Ana Iunker care a străbătut SUA în lung și lat cu ajutorul programului Work and Travel...

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