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CHRISTMASGIFTS The beautiful spirit of Christmas is upon us, along with the season for love, family, friends and giving.

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However, it is also the season of gift-giving, which


can put a dent in our wallets. We all know that the thought behind our gifts can

mean far more than the actual gift itself, so here are a few DIY present ideas that you can share with your loved ones.

Preplanned dates This gift is perfect for any lovebirds. Surprise your significant other with a few preplanned dates. Place each date idea into an envelope labeled with

ther a day or month in which you plan on taking them out. Both you and your significant other can have fun with this idea because you will have a fun date on the calendar to look forward to.


Ediția 38 | Decembrie 2014

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Performance - NR.38 DECEMBRIE 2014  

Luna aceasta vi-l aducem în prim plan pe Tiberiu Pintilie (pagina 28), care nu a furat Crăciunul, însă a cucerit cele mai înalte creste de m...

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