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Making the decision to attend a Univer-

can be quite the nerve wrecking one, but it

e FO

sity in a country far away from your own

Dia n

Students Talking




seems that our international students here at RAU have been able to adapt quite well. Take a look at what they have to say! Tell us a little bit about yourself and

the country which you are from.

How was your transition to life in

Romania? Do you feel that you

Thomas: My name is Thomas Tyson

have become accustomed to the

and I am from the United States of Amer-

life here so far?

ica. I decided to attend a University in

Thomas: Transitioning to life in Roma-

Romania because I wanted to take an

nia has been very smooth for me, for

adventure for college.

which I have to credit to all the great

Beyza: My name is Beyza Orazova.

people I have met who are more than

I am 18 years old and I am from Turk-

willing to help me whenever a problem



Mahmoud: My name is Mahmoud El

Beyza: I arrived in Bucharest around

Masri and I am from Beirut, Lebanon, but

two months ago, but I feel as though I

I also have Romanian citizenship. I am

have been living here for the past two to

that kind of person who likes to work in

three years, at least. Accommodating to

groups and be social with those around

life in Romania has been very easy for

me. I love traveling and can become

me and I can confidently say that Roma-

quickly accustomed to any place I go to.

nia has become a second home to me.

Rebecca: My name is Rebecca Geor-

Mahmoud: My transition to Romania

gescu and I am from Australia. I enjoy

was easy, mostly because I know how

reading, writing and both playing and

to speak Romanian. One issue I strug-

watching sports.

gled with was communicating with oth-


ers in English, but after the time I have Ediția 38 | Decembrie 2014

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