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BUSINESSDIY EDITION The start of the new academic year brings quite a few changes along with it, especially in the lives of

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students. One of these is the time spent at our desk


or work space. Staring at a bland and empty surface while trying to accomplish the several tasks

that University life demands can discourage us from

completing them. Your workspace should reflect who you are and resemble a space you would like to spend a significant amount of time in. Here are a few ways to spice up your office and motivate you to be a better student during this upcoming year!



One of the most frustrating and distracting items on any desk would be the cords from all of our electronic devices. Since they are completely

necessary, here is a simple way to clear them from your space! Keep all of your cords organized with this simple DIY. You will be able to charge all of your electronics - cell phone,




getting your wires crossed.


Ediția 37 | Noiembrie 2014


Take an empty and clean shoebox. You can decorate it using gift wrap or wallpaper, making sure that you measure the fabric and secure it on the top and bottom of the box. On one of the longer sides of the box, measure and mark the placement of four evenly spaced holes, with the first and last holes being around 7 centimeters from the box’s edge. Proceed to cut out the holes, and then repeat on the other side. Slip the wires through the holes and you will have a decorative, tangle free charging station on your desk. Image

Performance - NR.37 NOIEMBRIE 2014  

Începem luna noiembrie la taifas cu boboceii noștri care ne povestesc ce lună frumoasă și plină de evenimente au avut acum, la început de st...

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