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HALLOWEENDIY It is that time of year again where you can spend the



night being anyone, or anything for the matter, that express your creativity through costumes and


you wish. Not only is it the perfect holiday to

makeup, but through your home decoration choices

as well. Whether you may want to host your own Halloween party, have a gathering with your friends or throw a pre-party event at your home; here are a few unique and affordable home decor ideas that will put both you and your guests in a festive Halloween mood for the night. YOU WILL NEED: - Black pieces of paper



- Clear tape This is one of the simplest DIYs and has one of the most interesting effects.

All you have to do is draw an outline of a bat, or anything you wish, on the black piece of paper. Cut out your drawing and tape it behind any lamp shade. Once you turn the lamp on, the paper will reflect through. However, make sure that the paper is not placed near the hot light bulb.


Ediția 36 | Octombrie 2014

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Performance - NR.36 OCTOMBRIE 2014  

Încerc să promovez prin propriul exemplu ideea că nu există sport și atât. Chiar dacă ești aproape în fiecare zi la antrenamente, poți face...

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