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The warmer weather has already approached


upon us, which means that just like the weather, we have to make some changes as well. Here are a few DIYs to get you ready for this summer.

summerSNACK Popsicles are a classic favorite for summer weather. With the delicious, juicy and inexpensive fruits you find here in Romania, making your own fresh popsicles will be quite the treat.

You can create various mixtures of grapefruit and strawberries, cucumber and honeydew, watermelon and mint, etc. The options are endless. Place your mixtures in a mold of any kind. You can place them in ice trays as well, adding a tasty touch to any drink of your choice.


Ediția 35 | Iunie 2014

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Performance - NR.35 IUNIE 2014  

"Am ajuns în punctul în care într-adevăr combin ceea ce am studiat cu ceea ce am trăit la rândul meu ca expatriat în anii în care am fost pl...

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