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HOMEdecor aBUDGET If you want to give your room more of a personal style without denting your wallet, using fabric is up any area in a matter of minutes. Here are a few things you can add to any plain piece of furniture

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the way to go. Just one meter of fabric can spice

with one streak of fabric:


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Wrap it over an armchair and hem or tuck in the edges.

The possibilities with a small amount of fabric are endless. You can easily revamp and change

Tape the edges of your fabric on

the atmosphere of your room with barely

the wall in any shape of your

any tools, time or money spent.

preference. Add pictures for a personal touch or a frame for a

What more can you ask for?

classy edge.


Cut the fabric into a wide strip and sew it onto a part of your towels, dining cloth, napkins,

shower curtains, mirrors, lamps or anywhere else.


Place it over a cork board and use it to pin reminders or pictures. Decembrie 2013 | Ediția 28


Performance - NR. 28 Decembrie 2013  

Știai că în orice moment poți trece în Campusul URA pe lângă un regizor de la Cannes? Numele său este Mircea Ibadof, iar scurtmetrajul său ”...

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