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RAUinternationalSTUDENTS REDACTOR: OanaDRÄ‚GAN (International Students Office)

Tell us something about you. Soulaiman: For starters, I come from a country which is culturally diverse in so

What made you choose RAU as opposed to other universities and opportunities?

many aspects. I'm very open minded

Soulaiman: The first thing that made

and rarely get in an argument with any-

me choose it was because it is located

one. I like to enjoy my life and make the

in Romania. I always heard about it as

best out of it, no matter what situation

being a beautiful place to visit so I de-

I'm in.

cided to come here to pursue my stud-

Jemal: I came to Romania from Turkmenistan (Central Asia). I wanted to

ies. It is accredited so that's a thumbs up for the university.

study abroad, because I'm interested in

Jemal: I've chosen RAU because I saw

exploring new things such as culture,

many opportunities here. Starting from

traditions and languages. My primary

the presence of international profes-

goal is to explore the world.

sors, scholarships for the students, or-

Martins: My name is Awoyele Biodun Martins, I am from Nigeria and currently


studying International Business (2nd Year). Diane: My name is Diane Monique Forrest and I recently moved from New York City to Romania. I love playing volleyball, designing websites and doing unexpected things.


Ediția 28 | Decembrie 2013

ganized visits for international students like me with the purpose of introducing us to the country, parties and competitions for students. Martins: I chose RAU because of the interests I had in International Business, lower tuition fees, academic and state of the art IT facilities as compared to other Universities.

Performance - NR. 28 Decembrie 2013  

Știai că în orice moment poți trece în Campusul URA pe lângă un regizor de la Cannes? Numele său este Mircea Ibadof, iar scurtmetrajul său ”...

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