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ERASMUSstudents2013 REDACTOR: FlaviusSTREIANU Hello! Where are you from and can you tell us something about you and your country?

Since 1999, RAU has been involved in numerous edu-

Rémi: I'm Rémi, I’m from France and I study in the European Business School of

cational and professional

Lyon. France is full of history, culture and

development programs.

very good student life with a lot of nation-

Presently our university is


developing Erasmus Inter-

Skapti: I am from Iceland. I am a student

national Programs in par-

at the University of Bifröst studying Philos-

tnership with other mem-

ophy, Politics and Economics. Iceland only

bers of the European Community. The study exchange program repre-

has 300.000 inhabitants, so studying in a city like Bucharest is quite a change, especially since our University village only has 300 people and everyone knows everyone.

ty, and each year RAU wel-

Signý: Hi there! I'm Signý and I'm an ex-

comes students from diffe-

change student from Iceland. Living in Bu-

rent countries for a term

charest is quite different from living in my

or full year.

small Icelandic town of only 400 residents.

I asked a few questions

People usually think it's very cold in Ice-

from some of our Erasmus students here are their an-

land, but that's actually not very correct even though the name implies it.

swers. Noiembrie 2013 | Ediția 27

sents a unique opportuni-


Performance - NR. 27 Noiembrie 2013  

Știai că Eliza Chirilă, colega ta de la Drept, este delegata României la ONU? Citește interviul la PAGINA 20 pentru a afla cum este să repre...

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