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EDITOR: Andreea Ioana STANCA - Erasmus Coordonator


ERASMUS STUDENTS Tell us a little bit about yourself

Federica: Hello, I am Federica Censorii

and your home country.

and I was born in Teramo on the 25th of September 1991. My family is composed of

Enrico: I am Enrico Lentini Santo, and I

five people including me. My older brother

am 23 years old. I am currently a 2nd-year

is going to get a Bachelor Degree in Engi-

student of the Master of Science in

neering, and my younger sister is preparing

Finance. Last year, I was selected by the

her qualifying examination in Quantity Sur-

University of Siena (Italy) for the Double

veyor. Last year I got my Bachelor Degree



in Economics with 104/110 at the University

American University, and this is the reason

of Teramo, and I decided to continue my

why I am going to spend here my whole

studies there by choosing the Master

second year, which at the end will give me

Degree at the same University in “Finance

the great chance to get two Master

of the Markets and Firms”.




Degrees: one in each university. I come from a small city of almost 85.000

Did you already get familiar with

inhabitants, called Marsala, situated in the

the Romanian lifestyle?

west side of Sicily (Italy). Marsala is a very


beautiful city, with amazing landscapes and

Enrico: Yes, I did, but not with all. But, of

seaside, but moreover full of wonderful

course, I think to have enough time to

historical background.

discover much more, as long as I will stay

The name “Marsala” was given by the


Arabs who called “Marsà Allah” meaning

Federica: With respect to my lifestyle in

“Port of Allah”, from which derived the

Italy, my rhythms here are much faster but

name of the city. Marsala is also famous

fortunately, I became confident very quick-

for the landing of Garibaldi and “I Mille”,

ly. Honestly when I arrived at the begin-

and for the production of the wine.

ning, I thought I was not able to face this

Ediția 47 | DECEMBRIE 2015 | Performance - Revista Studentului URA

Performance - NR.47 DECEMBRIE 2015  

Revista Studentului URA

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