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BACHELOR STUDENTS Tell us a little bit about yourself

In terms of hobbies, my favorite two are:

and your home country.

chess and tennis. I also enjoy occasionally going down to the paintball field if the

BISHAL: I am Bishal Bhushal from Nepal,

opportunity arises. However, I won’t bore

Mount Everest. After graduating my high

you with more details about my personal

school I was in a dilemma about what uni-

life. Toronto is a much more captivating

versity to choose. I searched the Internet

topic. Its main features are that it’s a very

and found various websites, but was fasci-

modern and culturally diverse city. The

nated by the quality of the education pro-

amount of activities to partake in is truly

vided by the Romanian-American Universi-

astonishing. Finding dishes from cuisines

ty. Furthermore, I decided to start building

all around the globe it’s a wonderful fea-

my career in this friendly environment.

ture of the downtown. Additionally, amusement parks (e.g. Canada’s Wonderland),

IRA: My name is Bessarab Irina. I was

massive malls and almost any paid service

born in Moldova. I’m a citizen of both

imaginable can be found in Toronto.

Moldova and Romania (this is due to some


historical facts common for these coun-

Did you already get familiar with

tries). I’m fluent in Russian, I also speak

the Romanian lifestyle?

English, Romanian and a little bit of Turkish as well. I love to travel and have

BISHAL: Mostly I got to know things about

been to about 15 countries including

Romania through the University, and I can

Spain, Egypt, UAE just to mention a few

tell you it seems great! I like the Romanian

and of course Romania.

lifestyle and the atmosphere here at RAU.

PETER: My name is Peter Pufan and I’ve

IRA: In fact, a few years ago Romania

lived in Toronto, Ontario for 14 years.

became my favorite country all over the

Ediția 46 | NOIEMBRIE 2015

world and I did everything possible in order

Performance - NR.46 NOIEMBRIE 2015  
Performance - NR.46 NOIEMBRIE 2015