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Mr. Nicholas Dima, please tell us




something about you. I am a graduate of the University of Bucharest, School of GeographyGeology, and I was a meteorologist here in Bucharest for about a year. Then I left Romania and went to the US where I got my Ph.D. in Political Cultural Geography. After that, I was a professor in the US and I worked at „The Voice of America” for a number of years. I retired and I’m back into teaching in Romania, US and Africa.

What kind of courses do you teach our students? Through my life experience, I can cover many topics in education, but slowly and gradually I developed two courses that I consider my strengths, and which are rather highly appreciated. One is about understanding other cultures through the „Cross Cultural Communication” course and the other one is about understanding globalization - „The World in the Era of Globalization”

What about your collaboration with the Romanian-American University? Fortunately, I was able to make a

course. Both of them require extensive knowledge and personal experience, mostly cultural.

connection between the Romanian-

American University, American University of Virginia and James Madison University, and so I was invited to teach at RAU. Since I am retired now and don’t have much to do, except writing and teaching, I decided to come occasionally to RAU and keep lectures, among other activities.


Ediția 34 | Mai 2014

Why have you chosen geography and geopolitics? When I was young in Romania I’ve lived in a communist system so I couldn’t aspire to study in the national relations that was reserved for the political party activists and the representatives of the communists.

Performance - NR. 34 MAI 2014  

"Pe, cititorii găsesc informații despre țările, orașele și obiectivele turistice pe care le-am vizitat, dar și sfaturi u...

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