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SpiceUPyourOLDclothing Spring cleaning is in full effect, which means it’s time to go through your wardrobe and replace all of your



heavy sweaters and knits with some warm weather pletely out of style now? What if your clothes have


clothing. What if the trends from last year are com-

grown or shrunk? Well, replacing doesn’t necessarily

have to entail purchasing new items that seem better and

cuter, so here are a few ways to spice up your old pieces of clothing and save some serious cash.



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Take a plain t-shirt and lay it flat on the ground, with the back of the shirt facing you. Draw four lines on the fabric at an

equal distance apart from each other, then continue to turn the lines into oval shapes. Cut the ovals, and make sure to keep the

of fabric to wrap tightly around, creating

pieces of fabric that you cut out. Cut the

the center of the bow. You can secure it

scraps of fabric into rectangular shapes.

with glue or sew it in place. Repeat the-

Going back to the shirt, grab the bottom of

se steps down the t-shirt and you will

the first oval and the top of the second

have transformed a plain old t-shirt into

oval and hold them together. Use a piece

an adorable and original cut-out top.


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