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EMERGENCYKITS We’ve all been in situations where we are in desperate need of a certain product, and unfortunately that is the

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exact one we do not have with us. Whether it be a


bottle of perfume or a Band-Aid, we always seem to forget to take it with us because we don’t anticipate

needing it, or in most cases we are rushing to get out

of the door. Here are few “emergency” kits to have

prepared so that you won’t find yourself stressing over the necessary item that you forgot to bring.

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a radio are just what you need. When needing to get your vehicle

home again, a shovel, spare tire,

jumper cables, extra fluids such as

oil, wiper fluid and brake fluid, and We never know what kind of situation

basic tools can help you immensely.

we can get into when we are on the road.

Lastly, to make the best of being

Here are a few recommended items to

stuck, a blanket, fire starting sup-

always have with you just in case you land

plies, a first aid kit and general

in some trouble. In circumstances where

survival tools, such as a knife and

you would need to be found, road flares or

flashlight are ideal.


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