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GIFTSforHIM&HER It’s that time of year again when love and romance surround us. Valentine’s Day has sprung upon us, which means we have to express our love to those we care for. However, you don’t have to break the bank in the difference, as it really is the thought that counts on this special holiday.

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process. A simple ‘Do It Yourself’ gift can make all the


YOU’LL NEED:  A plain white mug  Black Sharpie (or any other color)


 An oven  Rubbing alcohol


Firstly, prepare the surface of the mug by rubbing alcohol over it. Let it dry

completely before drawing your design on it. Then, write any message you want to tell your significant other on the mug using a sharpie.

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After the marker has dried, it is time to “bake” it so that the message stays permanently - soit in the oven for 30 minutes. Your partner will absolutely love to drink their coffee out of a personalized mug every morning.


Ediția 31 | Februarie 2014

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“Cele două pasiuni sunt, într-un final, complementare, dar nu contează atât de mult ce faci atât timp cât lucrezi cu entuziasm și pui suflet...

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