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The future of human performance Physical Therapy Integration


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unique solutions Performance training POWERED BY


Perform-X Training Systems is dedicated to innovate ideas and ever evolving products that will advance how individuals and teams fulfil their physical potential and achieve goals in life, thereby driving the future of human performance.

A new way to think about therapy Perform-X pulls together decades of performance training experience and research to bring the most cutting-edge concepts to your therapy center. We can assist you in developing a Performance Driven Rehab program.

Perform-X Services & Products:

• Provide a diverse selection of exercises for all rehabilitation • Enhance current facility with performance equipment and concepts • Bring your therapy center a step above the rest! 5


Clinic design POWERED BY


Transform your therapy clinic into a human performance center.

The Future of therapy centers • Functional space • Safe and effecting anchoring systems • Equipment for intelligent progressions


physical therapy phases of integrations Performance integration POWERED BY


Phase I Functional Strength and Proprioception Phase II Dynamic Strength Phase III Advanced Therapy and Performance Enhancement

Phase I•Phase II•Phase III• functional strength and proprioception

phase i

Basic resistance integration • Eccentric loading to multi-joint movements • Muscle activation through a full range of motion • Safe, effective anchoring devices • Progressive resistance colors identical to Theraband®

equipment • X-Plode Cords, platforms and wall mounts: Devices for resistance exercises. • Platform and plyometric: Progressive, dynamic lower body movement • Rotator cuff and corrective movement station: progressive and versatile approach to resisted


Phase I•Phase II•Phase III• dynamic strength

phase iI Advanced Strengthening • Sophisticated and versatile dynamic resistance • Unilateral hip and lower extremity strengthening • Structured and supervised performance progressions by the PT 10

Equipment • Hip-X Machine: Functional weight equipment to develop hip-girdle strength • Jump-X Machine: Functional leg-press and jump trainer

Phase I•Phase II•Phase III •Advanced therapy and performance enhancement

phase iII Advanced performance integration • Clinical and outreach performance enhancement • Continuing education opportunities for health care practitioners • Established center as the cutting-edge leader in physical therapy

Equipment • Tred-X 30/30: Safe, efficient machine with advanced technologies. • Forward/backward capable • Incline from 0-30% grade • Speeds from 1-30 mph 11

perform-X Clients Powered by perform-x POWERED BY


Perform-X Training Systems is in training areas all across the country. Physical Therapy Clinics, Stand-alone facilities, high schools, universities and professional sport organizations areas are all powered by Perform-X.

powered by perform-X


lane physical therapy PHASE I - X-Plode Cord systems, custom platform with integrated Trak-X PHASE II - Hip-X Machine, Jump-X Machine PHASE III - Tred-X 30/30


Performance PT PHASE I - Cord Systems, integrated Trak-X PHASE II - Jump-X Machine PHASE III - Custom basketball floor with integrated Trak-X


Physiotherapy Associates, Greenwood Village PHASE I - X-Plode Cord systems with functional training area, two custom platforms with integrated Trak-X PHASE II - Hip-X Machine, Jump-X Machine


pro-Active PT PHASE I - X-Plode Cord systems with functional training area, custom platform with integrated Trak-X


physical therapy


Arkansas Lane Physical Therapy

University of Tennessee


Dave Lawson - Head strength coach

Physiotherapy Associates, Greenwood Village GAT Physical Therapy Pro-Active Physical Therapy Centennial-Southglenn, Highlands Ranch, Broomfield


16 racks with Trak-X and X-Plode cords for squat, dead lift and cleans. Devices for Jump-X stations for all racks. 360-X devices for performance training

Michigan State University Physical Therapy

University of Wisconsin


John Dettmann Director of Strength and Conditioning

Performance Physical Therapy

3 Hip-X, 1 Jump-X

Michigan State University Joey Eisenmann, Ph.D. – Director of SNAPP Plyo Floor with Trak-X, Tred-X, Jump-X and Hip-X (one each). All devices for performance training


Tim Beltz - Assistant. Strength & Conditioning Coach, Olym. Sports/MBB



Iowa State University Yancy McKnight Director of Strength & Conditioning 5 Tred-X 30/30 and 5 Hip-X machines; Indoor synthetic turf football field with 30 wall mounts for X-Plode cords; 20 racks with inlaid lifting platforms with integrated Trak-X; 5 Jump-X Machines

Other Universities North Dakota State University of Iowa University of Arkansas University of Minnesota Marquette University Stanford University University of Colorado, Boulder University of Colorado, Colorado Springs University of South Dakota University of Denver Valdosta State Auburn University

Other Universities Cont.

Fort Hays University University of South Florida Palm Beach Atlantic University University of West Florida

Pro facilities San Francisco 49ers

Mark Uyeyama - Head strength coach 4 Hip-X, 2 Jump-X and 360-X devices for cord performance training

Washington Redskins

Ray Wright - Head strength coach 1 Hip-X, 1 Jump-X

Denver Nuggets

Steve Hess - Head strength coach X-pode cord systems


“I am extremely pleased with the TredX, HipX, and JumpX equipment that I purchased from Perform-X. I’ve been able to utilize them with a variety of diagnoses from ACL reconstructions to knee replacements. The equipment is easy for my staff to adjust and for the patients to use. I am impressed with the amount of weights that are on the machines compared to previous equipment and I have never owned a treadmill that compares to the TredX. I am able to use the equipment in traditional rehab and as a cross-over from traditional rehab to sport specific rehab. This equipment package has improved rehab with positive results in getting the athletes back with confidence. A bonus that I get with this equipment is the sports performance training aspect that has become an extra means of income for my clinic.” Cameron Lane, PT, DPT “Perform-X is a cutting-edge sports performance company. They are designing functional equipment to meet the specific demands of athletes in an integrated manner. The combination of the Tred X 30/30, Hip-X, Jump-X, plyometrics floor & Trak-X along with X-plode cords provides a great platform to enhance general athleticism and sport-specific movements. In addition, their educational underpinnings in sports science along with several years of practical experience with youth through professional athletes allows them to optimize the science and art of sports performance training and rehabilitation. They also provide great insight into facility design and flow and protocol implementation.” Dr. Joe Eisenmann, Director of Spartan Performance, Michigan State University “They provide much more versatility than before. I experienced the most versatility with the Perform-X plyometric boards with the X-Plode cords. We had nothing like it before to challenge our patients in this way.” Greenwood Village Physiotherapy Assoc. Physical Therapist “The Perform-X equipment provides more versatility to patients because the equipment comes in different strength levels so the patient can use as high or as low of an intensity that is appropriate for their therapy. Also the movements/exercises that can be done with the equipment can range from a slow or small movement to a large or fast movement. This makes it very versatile to the patient and their specific limitations for their therapy.” Greenwood Village Physiotherapy Assoc. Physical Therapist “The Perform-X floor with the plyo patterns gives us unlimited possibilities for plyometric and resisted dynamic movement activities. The Jump-X is great for building strength in any manner…isotonic, eccentric or plyometric.” Scott Crook, Performance Physical Therapy, Nicholasville, KY 19

8081 East Orchard Road, Suite 121 Greenwood Village, CO 80111 Telephone: 720-945-9295 Email:

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