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Is Your Dog Scratching So Much its Catching? Everyone knows that dogs like a good scratch. Unlike cats, they don’t wash their own fur so when he does lift his hind leg and sets about the hair around its neck, more often than not, he’s probably just suffering with a bit of loose fur. However, if it gets to the point when your pet is scratching so much, it actually makes you want to do the same thing you could have any number of dog skin problems on your hands. Humans have it a little easier than dogs when it comes to our skin. If we get a problem you can see it. You might notice a slight patch of dry skin or some redness that just doesn’t look right. For dogs, the main issue is they can’t actually tell you they want to scratch the skin off their backs because the itch is so bad and, they also have fur coats which generally masks the problem from us. This is why dog skin problems are probably more common than you think.

The Signs to Look Out For Of course, scratching is one thing to look out for but don’t be too overly worried if it’s just now and then. If you keep up a good hygiene routine (and yes, that does mean bathing him weekly), the chances are if he only scratches on the odd occasion he’s just loosening up some dead skin. However, if you notice this happening way more than it used to, make sure you have a look through his fur. Other signs to look out for are if your dog’s general mood changes. Does he seem a little down in the dumps? Has is appetite diminished? The latter point is a sure sign your pet may need treatment for some type of dog mite. You should also keep an eye on the state of his coat. If it becomes less shiny than usual or even worse, he starts to form bald patches its time for the vets (regardless of if he likes it or not)!

What Can Be Done? Generally dog skin problems are incredibly easy to treat. Your vet may even be able to tell what’s going on just by looking at your furry friend. In some cases, there are bugs that will need a blood test so they can be identified. Either way, if you’re vigilant about keeping an eye on your pet’s general health and the way his coat looks, there isn’t much he can catch that’s life threatening. In a lot of these cases a topical treatment will do the trick or, your vet may want to give your pet a course of antibiotics. In most cases, your dog will more than likely be given a specially formulated shampoo as well to help bring his skin back to normal health. There are some skin problems that may need long-term care but with careful handling from you and in conjunction with the help of your vet, your dog will soon be back to his old self and you can stop mimicking him every-time he lifts that hind leg for a scratch. It’s not always easy to tell if your dog is suffering with some sort of problem like this. Just make sure you keep a regular hygiene routine and if you’re at all worried, see a vet.

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Is your dog scratching so much its catching? Dog skin problems and what to look for.  

For dogs, the main issue is they can’t tell you they want to scratch the skin off their backs, they also have fur coats which generally mask...

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