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Introducing a Health Care Routine for Your Dog Dogs lack even the most rudimentary of health and beauty care regimes – they rarely apply moisturiser, they never brush their teeth and they prefer to wear their hair without even combing it each morning. Therefore it is up to you, the dog owner, to take it upon yourself to manage your dog’s own health and beauty care regime. Here are a series of tips best designed to assist you in maintaining a successful health and beauty care regime for your precious pooch.

Teeth Brushing

It’s probably easier to get your children to brush their own teeth than it is to get your dog to brush its own teeth. However, this has nothing to do with the fact that dogs don’t want to brush their own teeth and everything to do with the fact that dogs are largely only capable of understanding basic, one word commands such as ‘fetch’ and ‘sit’. Thus, if you attempt to say to your dog a sentence such as, ‘Rowley, it’s nearly bedtime now, so go to the bathroom and brush your teeth’, in all likelihood your dog will meet your gaze with a somewhat dumbfounded stare before slumping down indifferently on the living room carpet. As such, you are going to have to brush your dog’s own teeth, the process of which is remarkably similar to brushing your teeth apart from the fact that you may want to use a beef or chicken flavoured toothpaste on your dog so as to fool it into thinking that it’s actually being fed. Tooth brushing should ideally be carried out on a dog once per week.

Hair Combing Your dog will no doubt want the latest hair style that is popular with all the other dogs but you’ll have to be firm on this one. A dog’s coat is largely used for functionally and warmth rather than for glamour and style, so unless you’re considering entering your dog into Crufts then a quick brush of your dog’s coat once a day will help to remove any shedding hairs and dirt.

Skin Care A dog with dog skin problems will scratch itself a lot more than usual. Dogs with skin problems continually scratch themselves throughout the day and this could be an indicator of the presence of fleas or any number of underlying dog skin problems such as eczema, skin mites or sarcoptic mange. The majority of all dog skin problems can be treated with medications designed to specifically combat a range of skin disorders in dogs. Moreover, these applications are increasingly becoming available without the need for a prescription. If you are looking to purchase a product designed to combat dog skin problems then it may be advantageous to you to consult with online retailers who cater towards the dog health market. To this end you will save yourself the cost of a trip to the vets as well as the inflated costs of veterinary prescribed medication. The majority of this prescribed medication can now be found online at a fraction of the cost and without the need for a prescription. A variety of products designed to treat dog skin problems are now available online to help your dog to stop scratching itself and to help you to stop scratching your wallet.

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Introducing a health care routine for your dog from dental to coat and skin care  

Dogs lack even the most rudimentary of health and beauty care regimes. Therefore it is up to you, the dog owner, to take it upon yourself to...