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2018 COLOUR TRENDS to paint and decorate your home

ULTRA VIOLET A rich and thoughtful shade that adds energy and depth to the room. Paint an accent wall or add some accessories in this colour.

BOLD BLUE Creates calm and relaxing feeling. Use it in bedroom or bathroom. Combines well with white, yellow, neutrals.

TURQUOISE/ AQUA Bright and beautiful, the colour of wanderlust. Brings energy and life to the room. Works well with neutrals, grey, beige.

GREENBOLD OR PASTEL Tech green for a bold and vibrant look. Softer shades like avocado, sage, olive, celery to create relaxing atmosphere close to nature.

MUSTARD/ YELLOW Mustard adds some retro vibes and infuses the space with happiness. Combines well with wooden floor. Looks good with brown or white trim. Yellow makes the room sunny and warm, make it feel organic. Combines well with neutrals, cream and blue.

ORANGE Create a minimalistic and modern look with muted orange combined with neutrals.

DUSTY ROSE/ MILLENNIAL PINK Combined with metal elements as brass and chrome, creates a modern and classy look of the room. It's not too sweet and acts as neutral.

CALIENTE/ VIBRANT DEEP RED Designed to stand out it adds energy and harmony to space. It is strong, pleasing, passionate and makes everyone feel special.

BROWN Use it as a base on the wall for a vibrant accent which will make the space pop. Combine with pink, blue, bold green or stone accent wall for a sophisticated and natural feel.

CHARCOAL GREY/ BLACK Good for accent wall in bedroom, living room, office. Neutral, adds some drama, it's sleek and sexy.


2018 colour trends  
2018 colour trends  

Follow the trend and choose modern colours for your renovation project this year. Make your home beautiful adding stylish accents.