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The Official Guide to

Stockholm Design Week February 3–9, 2014

February 4–8, 2014 at Stockholmsmässan

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Section I: Stockholm Design Week Showrooms and Events Events and Happenings / Day-by-Day.............................................................5

Map of Stockholm .............................................................................................6

Welcome to Stockholm Design Week 2014 ....................................................7

Showrooms and Events ....................................................................................9

Section II: Your Guide to Stockholm Shopping Design .............................................................................................41


Interior Design Trends 2014 .......................................................................... 50

Going Out ....................................................................................................... 54

Museums and Exhibitions ............................................................................. 68

Section III: Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2014

Guest of Honour – Installation and lounge by GamFratesi ....................... 72

Greenhouse – The display window for independent designers and design schools ..........................................................................................74

Restaurant Fager & Myllymäki ....................................................................76

Furniture & Lighting Trends 14/15 – Trends installations by Jan Rundgren .........................................................78

Twelve – Established Nordic Designers ...................................................... 80

Material Attraction – Scandinavia likes Japan – Installation by Naoto Nakamura and The Materials Library.................... 82

Guest exhibitions .......................................................................................... 84

Awards ............................................................................................................ 86

Stockholm Design Talks 2014 ..................................................................... 88

Northern Light Fair 2014 ............................................................................. 92

Exhibitors Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair ...............................................94

General Information ................................................................................... 102

Inside – Find your way around .................................................................... 104

Fair Layout ................................................................................................... 105

Events and Happenings / Day-by-Day FRIDAY





10–18 Kinnarps Care of Kinnarps – Hospitality Hub. Page 20 and 40.

Konst-ig Art Bookshop GlassOnBooks opening. Page 36.



Svenskt Tenn Opening: Fornasetti at Svenskt Tenn. Page 34.




ELLE Decoration Swedish Design Awards 2014 ELLE Decoration – Press breakfast Page 36.



Beacon at Clarion Hotel Sign Beacon opening party Page 36. Iittala Apartment Iittala Cocktail. Page 36 and 40.

De La Espada / Luca Nichetto 50/50 by De La Espada & Luca Nichetto. Page 14.



Moods Studio Kök & Inredning Moods Studio Pre Opening. Page 26.

18–21* Designgalleriet Note Design Studio opening Page 36 and 40.


Atelier Ryberg Opening Day Showroom. Page 11.


Olby Design Olby Design press lunch. Page 36.

18–22 Arper Edition: Bardi’s Bowl Chair. Cocktail. Page 10.


Arkitektur- och designcentrum True freedom can only be collective – a seminar celebrating Lina Bo Bardi. Page 10.

16–18* Berns ”Life is a play” at Berns. Page 36. 17–19*

Iittala Apartment Iittala Cocktail. Page 36 and 40.


Matsuso Takahashi at Svensk Form. Page 24.

18–20 Arper Lina Bo Bardi: Together. Page 10. 19–00*

ELLE Decoration Swedish Design Awards 2014. Page 36.

De La Espada / Luca Nichetto 50/50 by De La Espada & Luca Nichetto. Page 14.

18–22* Bolon Bolon VIP event. Page 13. 18–22 Interface Interface After Fair. Page 18. 18–22 Officeline AFTER FAIR EVENT. Page 27. 18–23

Moods Studio Kök & Inredning Moods Studio Essensial Food and Cocktails by V-ZUG. Page 26.

19:30–22* Foscarini + OFFECCT Cocktail Party. Page 16 + 27.

Events and Happenings / Day-by-Day WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 5 8–10*

Scandinavian Business Seating Seminar with Breakfast. Page 30.

8–11* Bolon Bolon VIP Press Breakfast. Page 13.

18–21* 18– 22*

Tjeckiska centret Stockholm / So Stockholm Gallery BRILLIANT BY DESIGN – Vernissage. Page 39 and 40. Atelier Ryberg Studio Cocktail at Atelier Ryberg. Page 11.


18–22 Interface Craft beer from local microbrewery. Page 18.

10–18 Kinnarps Care of Kinnarps – Hospitality Hub. Page 20 and 40.

De La Espada / Luca Nichetto 50/50 by De La Espada & Luca Nichetto. Page 14.

10:30– 12:30*

Scandinavian Business Seating Seminar with Lunch. Page 30.


18–22 Officeline AFTER FAIR EVENT. Page 27. 18–22

Moods Studio Kök & Inredning Feel Good Lounge by Moods Studio. Page 26.

11–00 WOODSTOCKHOLM at StudioStudio WOODSTOCKHOLM Design Week AUCTION! Page 39.



Iittala Apartment Iittala Cocktail. Page 36 and 40.


Galleri Sebastian Schildt+ Konigt, geometric shapes of Anders Olsson. Page 39.

17–20* 17–21*

Palmgrens Store Monica Förster/Palmgrens Stitches & Buttons. Page 39. Adesso Kollektion Adesso kollektion RS#2 fussball tournament & mingle. Page 39.


Cray Collective Exhibition Vernissage. Page 39.


Jangir Maddadi at Audi Forum Stockholm Future Perfect – cocktail. Page 39.

18–20* Skultuna Skultuna & Friends Party 2014. Page 31.

Kasthall Flagship Store & Showroom Kasthall celebrating 125 years. Page 18.


R40 Centre SDD – After Fair Event. Page 21 and 29. Studio B3 Fair mingle with refreshments & music. Page 39.

18–23* Fogia Party. Page 16. 18–23

Skånegatan 70 Cocktails @Skånegatan 70. Page 31.

18:30–21* David design at Argentine Embassy Page 39. 18:30–23* Kvadrat Presentations by GamFratesi & Åsa Pärson. Page 22. 19–22

CASAMANIA @ Il Caffè Page 39.


One Nordic Furniture Company + Aplace ONE NORDIC pop-up lounge at APLACE. Page 29. 20–00*

AWB office RINGVIDE - Party. Page 39.

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Events and Happenings / Day-by-Day THURSDAY FEBRUARY 6 9–12*

Designers Guild Sweden Presentation by Sacha Walckhoff for Maison Christian Lacroix. Page 15.


De La Espada / Luca Nichetto 50/50 by De La Espada & Luca Nichetto. Page 14. 10–18 Kinnarps Care of Kinnarps – Hospitality Hub. Page 20 and 40.

18–22 Officeline AFTER FAIR EVENT. Page 27. 18-22*

R40 Centre Dansk afton. Page 21.

18–22 Interface Interface International Evening. Page 18. 19–23* Materia Party. Page 24. 19–23* NC Party. Page 26.


Moods Studio Kök & Inredning Feel Good Lounge by Moods Studio. Page 26.

19–23* Skandiform Skandiform showroom / Party. Page 30.

11–20 Waldemarsudde Carl Malmsten – Designer and Educator. Page 39.


12–20 SLOWFASHIONhouse - THE DOOR IS OPEN. Page 39.



Galleri Konstart Total Kontroll – Vernissage. Page 39.


Studio B3 Open evening with drinks & snacks. Page 39. 17–22*

Blå Station, Källemo and Zero Party ”Sill & Design”. Page 12, 22 and 36.

17–22* Kinnarps Evening event by Kinnarps. Page 20. 18–00*

Moods Studio Kök & Inredning Moods Studio ”Senze & Passion of Design” with Sancal & Vondom. Page 26.

18–21* Gärsnäs Cocktail. Page 17. 18–21*

Made in Mimbre at Asplund Made in Mimbre - Cocktail. Page 11.

Lammhults Möbel Lammhults party. Page 23. Scandinavian Business Seating Party! Page 30.

20–02* BAUX BAUX launch party @ Studio Atrium Ljungberg. Page 12.

Events and Happenings / Day-by-Day FRIDAY FEBRUARY 7 9–17

De La Espada / Luca Nichetto 50/50 by De La Espada & Luca Nichetto. Page 14. 11–21

Moods Studio Kök & Inredning Feel Good Lounge by Moods Studio. Page 26. 18–23

Download the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair and Stockholm Design Week apps for Iphone and Android.

Skånegatan 70 Cocktails @Skånegatan 70. Page 31.


De La Espada / Luca Nichetto 50/50 by De La Espada & Luca Nichetto. Page 14. 11–21

Moods Studio Kök & Inredning Relax & Finsih by Moods Studio. Page 26.


Moods Studio Kök & Inredning Softly end by Moods Studio. Page 26.

PLEASE NOTE: * means strictly by invitation Colour codes refer to map on next page.

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Map of Stockholm





Old Town


Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair





The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014



Stockholm Design Week would like to warmly welcome you to seven action-packed days in one of the world’s coolest and most creative cities! To say that Stockholm is a city that never sleeps is a bit of an exaggeration. Unless, of course, you are talking about February 3–9, 2014. Because then things are happening all the time! Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair and Stockholm Design Week join forces to create the world’s largest meeting place for Scandinavian design. A business trip to Sweden’s capital in the beginning of February offers several nuances of white. Like the glistening snow that coats the city in a winter-white fairy tale. Like the invitations to all of the evening’s exciting parties and events. Like the tablecloths at the restaurants and the walls at all of the galleries, stores and museums. Like the spotlight on all of the new products, world premiers and industry profiles during Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. Here in the official guide for Stockholm Design Week 2014 we make it easier for you to find out about everything that is happening in the city during this, to say the least, action-packed week. You will be able to read about everything that is happening in the city as well as about tips for popular restaurants, bars and trendy shopping addresses. It also includes an overview of all of the events in the exhibition halls. Stay awake and keep cool! Cecilia Nyberg, Event Manager, Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair / Stockholm Design Week

UPDATE YOURSELF about all the activities during the week and get all the latest news at, and Here you can stay in touch with everything that is going on around the city and at the fair. You can also download the “Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair” and “Stockholm Design Week” apps for both Iphone and Android.

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

OVER 50,000 purchasers, architects, designers and media representatives from more than 60 countries visit Stockholm in February every year for Stockholm Design Week and Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. The whole city turns into a melting pot filled with events, showrooms, fair activities and parties. All together the world’s largest meeting place for Scandinavian furniture and lightning design.


Klassikerna finner du hos oss på Clarion Hotel Sign Här kan du även äta och dricka gott i vår restaurang American Table Brasserie and Bar eller hoppa i poolen på Selma Cityspa. Och när mörkret faller på kan du checka in i ett hotellrum för att morgonen därpå njuta av en frukost i Arne Jacobsen stolar. Boka på

Showrooms & Events Index Arkitektur- och designcentrum Arper


Lammhults Möbel Made in Nimbre at Asplund


Asplund Atelier Ryberg


Materia 24 Matsuso Takahashi at Svensk Form

BAUX 12 Blå Station

Moods Studio Kök & Inredning NC


Bolon Choice Hotel Sweden


Offecct 27 Officeline

De La Espada / Luca Nichetto Design Lab S


One Nordic Furniture Company + Aplace 29 R40 Center

Designers Guild Sweden DUX


Scandinavian Business Seating Skandiform


Fogia 16 Foscarini

Skultuna 31 Skånegatan 70

Fox Design Gärsnäs

Svenskt Tenn Swedese


Interface 18 Kasthall Flagship Store & Showroom Kinnarps 20 Kinnasand Kvadrat 22 Källemo

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014


Zero 36 + other Events & Happenings in short 36–40

For the latest updates on what happens during the week, please download the mobile app or visit


Showrooms & Events

Arkitektur- och designcentrum


Skeppsholmen | +46 8 587 270 00 |

Banérgatan 10 | +46 733 101 112 |

The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design is a national centre for architecture and design located on Skeppsholmen in an award-winning building by Rafael Moneo constructed in 1998.

The Italian design company Arper presents a limited series of 500 pieces of the Bardi’s Bowl chair, designed by Italian-Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi in 1951, never industrially produced before.

The main objective for The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design is to illustrate and offer an active platform for architecture, design and sustainable urban development, as well as to care for the collections entrusted to it.

The proceeds from the sale will finance the world tour exhibition ”Lina Bo Bardi: Together“, and the social and cultural programs of the Instituto Lina Bo and PM Bardi.



3th, 15:00–18:00: True freedom can only be collective The centre, together with Hall of Femmes, arranges the seminar “True freedom can only be collective – a seminar celebrating Lina Bo Bardi”

3rd, 18:00–20:00: Lina Bo Bardi: Together Opening of the exhibition dedicated to Lina Bo Bardi, sponsored by Arper, at the The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design in Stockholm.

Bardi's Bowl Chair collection is displayed at Arper showroom, Mon–Fri 9am–5pm.

4th, 18:00–22:00: Edition: Bardi's Bowl Chair. Enjoy a cocktail at Arper Showroom and discover the entire Bardi's Bowl Chair collection.


The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Showrooms & Events


Atelier Ryberg

Sibyllegatan 31 | +46 8 662 52 84 |

Åsögatan 130 | +46 735 25 01 59 |

ASPLUND collection .

Welcome to our new studio space in SoFo to discover the Atelier Collection and behind the scenes material.

A Swedish contemporay high quality furniture company with specialities such as storage furniture and carpets but also other furniture and accessories design by Leding and upcoming Swedish and international designers.

Atelier Ryberg works across boundaries with objects, spaces and visual branding, focusing on creating intriguing situations rather than mere functions, using historical and cultural references, proposing essential and long lasting concepts. Open Showroom Feb 3rd 11–21, 4–9th 11–18. Studio Cocktail Wednesday 5th 18–22, by invitation.

Events 3th, 11:00–21:00: Opening Day Showroom Welcome to our new studio space, situated in the creative area SoFo, Södermalm. Open Showroom Feb 3rd 11–21, 4–9th 11–18. 5th, 18:00–22:00: Studio Cocktail at Atelier Ryberg Cocktail by invitation.

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014


Showrooms & Events


Blå Station

Sickla Industriväg 19 | +46 8 218 002 |

Sibyllegatan 9 | +46 8 24 90 70 |

BAUX is a new design brand launching during the Stockholm Design Week 2014. BAUX is founded with the belief that building materials should be both surprisingly functional and remarkably beautiful. The inaugural exhibition in collaboration with Atrium Ljungberg is showcasing the possibilities of the new collection of BAUX acoustic panels, design by Form Us With Love.

We make furniture from an innovative perspective. Curiosity is our fuel as we keep searching, not for the already known & established, but for the unexpected, yet-to-be discovered. To meet the demands & desires of today you need an innovative nature, a child’s curiosity – and a heart that refuses to take the easy way out.

Studio Atrium Ljungberg Sickla Industriväg 19 Tue–Fri 4/2–7/2, 12am–7pm

Showroom open 4–7th Feb, 9:00–18:00. Welcome!



6th, 20:00–02:00: BAUX launch party @ Studio Atrium Ljungberg BAUX launch party in collaboration with Atrium Ljungberg. By invitation only.

4th–6th, 9:00–18:00: Blå Station – Showroom Open You can also find us on Stockholm Furniture Fair at stand A18:28. 6th, 17:00–22:00: Party "Sill & Design" Blå Station (By invitation) Welcome to Sibyllegatan 9 in Stockholm! 7th, 9:00–18:00: Blå Station – Showroom Open You can also find us on Stockholm Furniture Fair at stand A18:28.


The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Showrooms & Events


Choice Hotel Sweden

Snickarbacken 7 | +46 321 530 400 |

Östra Järnvägsgatan 35 | +46 8 676 98 00 |

Inspired by the tranquil beauty of forests and wide skies of Ulricehamn, the flooring company Bolon is proud to present the collection ‘Silence’. This launch features a collaboration of an exciting kind with choreographer Alexander Ekman. The result is the groundbreaking short film ‘The Contradiction Of Silence’. A playful piece of art filled with energetic beauty, sits at the centre of the launch.

Clarion Hotel Sign is a first class design hotel in the heart of Stockholm.

Come closer, see us. Open 3–6 feb, M–Th 10–18.

On the roof top you find Selma CitySpa+ with spa treatments, gym, sauna and a heated outdoor pool. On the entrance floor you find our new exciting restaurant American Table influenced by American lifestyle and food culture combined with great Swedish ingredients.

Events 4th, 18:00–22:00: Bolon VIP event By invitation only. 5th, 8:00–11:00: Bolon VIP Press Breakfast Press breakfast by invitation only.

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014


Showrooms & Events

De La Espada / Luca Nichetto

Design Lab S

Bauer Skrädderi, Brunnsgatan 4 | +46 8 73 550 74 46 |

+46 739 73 04 43 |

From the collaboration between De La Espada and Luca Nichetto is born the collection “50/50”. The project balances the proportions between solid wood and other materials, at a ratio, as the name implies, of 50/50.

Design Lab S will be featuring their community based design through a mobile pop up studio in Stockholm City during Stockholm Design Week. For more info see:,

Stockholm Design Week hosts the first of 3 events that will happen in 3 different cities around the world, and stages the debut of the brand “LucaNichetto” with the launch of the first product of the collection, a lounge chair.

Samir Alj Fält will be working on his limited design collection. Some of the products are ready, some of them not. Childrens artistic work will be exposed side by side to Samirs work, which might make it difficult to seperate them; who made what? As a visitor you will have an insight in the process based work that is the key to everything by Design Lab S.

Events 3th, 5th–8th 9:00–17:00: 50/50 by De La Espada & Luca Nichetto Exhibition of the lounge chair from the 50/50 collection by De La Espada & Luca Nichetto at Bauer Skrädderi, Brunnsgatan, 4 4th, 18:00–21:00: 50/50 by De La Espada & Luca Nichetto Cocktail Party by Invitation Only.


The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Showrooms & Events

Designers Guild Sweden


Norrbackagatan 19 | +46 8 32 20 20 |

Hamngatan 13 | +46 734 33 38 41 |

Agency and showroom for retailers.

We warmly welcome you to our furniture and bed display during Stockholm Design Week, 4–7 February. In the Volkswagen showroom at Hamngatan 13, Norrmalmstorg. You not only meet us, professionals and other interesting people, but also to see our news under pleasant circumstances.

We focus on both private and contract markets and show full range of fabrics, wallpapers, cushions, throws, bedlinen, rugs, furniture. Designers Guild, Ralph Lauren, William Yeoward, Christian Lacroix, Royal Collection, Howard Hodgkin. Opening hours during Furniture Fair Wednesday–Friday 9.00–19.00 Saturday 10.00–14.00

Events 6th, 9:00–12:00: Presentation by Sacha Walckhoff for Maison Christian Lacroix Join us for brunch in our showroom. By invitation only.

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014


Showrooms & Events



Finnboda Varvs väg 19 A | +46 8 556 091 20 |

Torsgatan 13 | +46 8 410 516 70 |

Fogia is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Scandinavia. Our products are most appreciated for the design and top quality and are sold through leading retailers and interior design suppliers.

Foscarini is an innovative and passionate Italian lighting design company. A creative hub that conceives, develops and produces more than lamps: pure emotions.

A visit to our unique Stockholm showroom is a revelation of inspiration, history and innovation.

The Foscarini collection is powerful enough to transform any space – be it public or private – into a memorable experience.

Opening hours Mon–Fri 10–18, Sat 10–16, Sun 11–16.

At the SDW 2014 Foscarini will partner with Offecct, for a special viewing of new designs. OFFECCT Showroom Exhibition open 5–7 February from 12–8pm



5th, 18:00–23:00: Fogia, Party, by invitation only

4th, 19:30–22:00: Foscarini + Offecct Cocktail Party By invitation only. R.S.V.P. at latest January 31


The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Showrooms & Events

Fox Design


Tellusgången 8 | +46 8 440 85 40 |

Eastmansvägen 12A | +46 8 442 91 50 |

Fox Design – Telefonplan. Welcome to Fox Design – Lighting for the public environment.

Welcome to Gärsnäs showroom situated in the new artmuseum of Sven-Harrys (Konstmuseum).

Our product range comprises indoor as well as outdoor luminaires made in cooperation with architects and Lighting Designers. Showroom open tue – fri 10am – 6pm

The golden house offers a restaurant, museum and the collection of Gärsnäs furniture. We are presenting news from Åke Axelsson, Nina Jobs, Pierre Sindre and Färg & Blanche. Opening hours: T–F 9–18, S 10–16.



4th, 9:00–17:00: Our showroom at Telefonplan, Stockholm Fox Design represent Jake Dyson products in the Nordic contries. Jake Dyson design brilliantly engineered lighting products.

6th, 18:00–21:00: Gärsnäs – Only by invitation Cocktail at Gärsnäs Showroom. Welcome!

5th, 9:00–17:00: Our showroom at Telefonplan, Stockholm The 110 diameter Punkt Lamp will be the perfect finish in most premises. It is available for many different lamp types. 6th, 9:00–17:00: Our showroom at Telefonplan, Stockholm Becco is a new rotation symmetrical bollard, born with LED. Many necessary LED components are integrated parts of the design. 7th, 9:00–17:00: Our showroom at Telefonplan, Stockholm Fox Design is the distributor of Planet Lighting products in the Nordic contries. Here yor can see the small LED puck HLS.

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014


Showrooms & Events


Kasthall Flagship Store & Showroom

Maria Bangata 2 | +46 20 801 801 |

Ingmar Bergmans Gata 4 (close to Birger Jarlsgatan) +46 8 662 27 11 | |

By definition, we are the world’s largest designer and maker of carpet tile. By reputation, we are a company of ideas and courage.

Welcome to our Flagship Store and Showroom in the heart of Stockholm where we show all our new collections of rugs for 2014. This year we celebrate 125 years of passionate craftmanship. Immerse yourself in our world of colours and textures and see our reinterpretations of four drawings from our historic design archive.

Showroom: Monopolet, Maria Bangata 2 / Rosenlundsgatan 40 Our showroom is open every day during Stockholm Furniture Fair from 08.00 A.M.

OPENING HOURS: Mon-Fri 10-18 Sat 10-16 You are also welcome to visit our stand A04:20 at Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Events 4th, 11:30–12:30: Press event at Interface's stand 4th–6th, 13:00–16:00: Kallpressen serves ecological juice Welcome to our stand where Kallpressen serves ecological juice and tells about cold pressed juice. 4th–7th, 16:00–18:00: Interface – Sparkling wine at the stand Please come by our stand and we will serve you a glass of sparkling wine. Every day from 4 P.M.

Events 5th, 18:00–22:00: Kasthall celebrating 125 years Kasthall celebrating 125 years of passionate craftmanship. Cocktail in our flagship store and showroom. By invitation only.

4th, 18:00–22:00: Interface After Fair Our showroom in Stockholm Design District is open every evening after fair opening hours. 5th, 13:00–14:00: Seminar - Without blue no green An epic tale. The beauty of the blue oceans to the green planet. An inspiration to design beautiful sustainable carpet tiles. 5th, 18:00–22:00: Interface - Craft beer from local microbrewery A local microbrewery will serve craft beer in our showroom at Stockholm Design District. 6th, 18:00–22:00: Interface International Evening We will serve light finger food and drinks in our showroom in Stockholm Design District. Welcome!


The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Showrooms & Events



Fannys väg 5 | +46 515 38 000 |

Rosenlundsgatan 42 | +46 771 320300 |

Kinnarps creates furniture and interior designs solutions which through traditional craftsmanship, design and total ergonomics have a positive impact on people, and this despite why, how and where we work, study and socialise.

UNI /VERSE – Woven Poetry is our new collection for experiencing the feel of textiles. A statement on the meaning of materiality in the digital age. On the beauty of colourful nuances. On the play of light and movement. On the fascination of structure and material. UNI / VERSE – Woven Poetry combines the poetic clarity of Nordic design with the elegance of high-quality weaving. Sensuous fabrics for a subtle distinction at home.

Kinnarps is the largest supplier of interior design solutions in Europe. With control over the entire chain from production to installation. Represented in 40 countries. A turnover in 2011/2012 of SEK 4.3 billion.

Events 4th–6th, 10:00–18:00: Care of Kinnarps – Hospitality Hub Make a visit to our Hospitality Hub – Care of Kinnarps – at Wetterling Gallery, Kungsträdgården, Stockholm. A place for wellbeing. 6th, 17:00–22:00: Evening event by Kinnarps Customer Event in our showroom – dinner & enterainment. By invitation only. Kinnarps Showroom in Sickla, Fannys väg 5


The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

R40 is a showroom at Rosenlundsgatan 40 representing top brands in various areas for the contract market. Our products range from carpets, furniture, storage systems, conference equipment, and fabrics to curtains and blind systems. You are most welcome to visit the individual brands at the fair and join us at the showroom, located at Sรถdermalm, close to Sรถdrastation. For more information and contact details visit our webiste or call +46 8 615 02 50.

Upcoming Showroom Events Sthlm Design District After Fair Event Date: 5th of February Time: 18.00-22.00



FOR APPOINTMENT: 0760 523 100



Dansk afton - Invitation only Date: 6th of February Time: 18.00-22.00




Showrooms & Events



Nackagatan 4 | +46 8 205 800 |

Sibyllegatan 9 | +46 370 150 00 |

Come visit our Stockholm showroom where we will present new curtain textiles by Patricia Urquiola, Alfredo Häberli, Maxjenny, Åsa Pärson and Femmes Regionales.

During the fair we will introduce our latest news from well-known designers.

We will also launch Land, a new upholstery by Giulio Ridolfo and new Danskina rugs designed by Karin An Rijlaarsdam and Hella Jongerius.

Opening hours: T 9–18 W 9–18 T 9–18 F 9–18

Opening hours: February 4 – 7, 9 am – 4 pm.



5th, 18:30–23:00: Presentations by GamFratesi & Åsa Pärson Evening event; by invitation only.

4th–7th, 9:00–18:00: Källemo – Showroom Open You can also find us on Stockholm Furniture Fair at showcase A 25:28. 6th, 17:00–22:00: "Sill & Design", By Källemo – Party By Invitation You can also find us on Stockholm Furniture Fair at showcase A 25:28.


The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Showrooms & Events

Lammhults Möbel

Made in Mimbre at Asplund

Kungsbroplan 2 | +46 472 26 95 00 |

Sibyllegatan 31 | +46 8 662 52 84 |

Lammhults develops and markets modern furniture of international design for companies with high demands on quality and design. We cooperate with some of the leading contemporary furniture designers. What we accomplish together shall be elegant, effective and eco-friendly. Lammhults is part of Lammhults Design Group.

The MADE IN MIMBRE project by Chilean THE ANDES HOUSE is devoted to the preservation and development of a generations-old weaving tradion. On the west foot of the Andes mountains and south of Santiago, in Chimbarongo, artisans are making a livelihood out of cultivating and weaving wicker. CHINITA, BELLOTA, MEDUSA – Three new lamp designs by CLAESSON KOIVISTO RUNE are shown in Scandinavia for the first time at ASPLUND. Mon–Fri 11–18 Sat 11–16



6th, 20:00–00:00: Lammhults party by invitation At separate location

6th, 18:00–21:00: Made in Mimbre – Cocktail, by invitation CHINITA, BELLOTA, MEDUSA – Three new lamps by CLAESSON KOIVISTO RUNE are shown in Scandinavia for the first time at ASPLUND. By MADE IN MIMBRE, Chile.

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014


Showrooms & Events


Matsuso Takahashi at Svensk Form

Nackagatan 6 | +46 140 38 56 00 |

Svensksundsvägen 13 | +46 8 463 31 30 |

Materia is one of Scandinavia's most exquisite brands for designed furniture.

World launch of two exquisitly crafted wood furniture lines designed by CLAESSON KOIVISTO RUNE and JIN KURAMOTO. MATSUSO TAKAHASHI is based in the Fuchu region, near Hiroshima, Japan.

At Stockholm Furniture Fair, Materia is presenting new exciting products by innovative designers and architects, stand A29:16.

A one-night-only event is held in the library of Svensk Form – the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design – near by the Museum of Modern Art, Skeppsholmen, on Monday 3rd.



6th, 19:00–23:00: Party by invitation

3th, 17:00–21:00: Matsuso Takahashi at Svensk Form World launch of exquisitly crafted furniture by CLAESSON KOIVISTO RUNE and JIN KURAMOTO for Japanese MATSUSO TAKAHASHI. One-night-only at Svensk Form.


The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Höganäs. Tailored for you. An individually assembled chair with an uncompromising ergonomic approach to every detail.

Visit us at Stockholm Furniture Fair, 4–8 February, Stand A39:30. Please also join us at ETAGE1 for a drink at our After Fair Event. 4–6 February, 6–10 pm, Rosenlundsgatan 40.

Showrooms & Events

Moods Studio Kök & Inredning


Grev Turegatan 51 | +46 730 600 740 |

Nackagatan 6 | +46 140 38 40 60 |

Sancal launches an entirely new collection in Moods’s showroom. Its name, Tierra, means earth, soil, or one’s homeland in Spanish. It follows that the Tierra Collection should capture the essence of Sancal’s origin. Chairs, sofas and tables designed by Ionna Vautrin, Sebastian Herkner, José Manuel Ferrero, Nadadora, Rafa García, Yonoh and Karim Rashid among others would be at your entire disposal. We will be waiting for you!

NC has more than 60 years of experience working with wood furniture. We cooperate with the most renowned Nordic designers. Our ambition is to offer a concept that creates accessibility by promoting all human rights to participate in the public area.



3rd, 11:00–17:00: Moods Studio Pre Opening Moods Studio offer a chill lounge in central city during the Fair for all visitors, here you can relax and joy the atmosphere.

6th, 19:00–23:00: Party by invitation

NC also work for a progressive environmental responsibility. We call it Inclusive Design.

4th, 18:00–23:00: Moods Studio Essensial Food & Coctails by V-ZUG Moods Studio offer a chill lounge in central city during the Fair for all visitors, here you can relax and joy the atmosphere. 5th, 11:00–21:00: Feel Good Lounge by Moods Studio 6th, 11:00–17:00: Feel Good Lounge by Moods Studio 6th, 18:00–24:00: Moods Studio "Senze & Passion of Design" Senze & Passion of Design with Sancal & Vondom invites to Coctail by Invitation att Moods Studio. 7th, 11:00–21:00: Feel Good Lounge by Moods Studio 8th, 11:00–21:00: Relax & Finsih by Moods Studio 9th, 11:00–23:00: Softly end by Moods Studio


The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Showrooms & Events



Torsgatan 13 | +46 8 410 516 70 |

Rosenlundsgatan 40 | +46 8 556 11900 |

A common passion for creative design brings Offecct and Foscarini together during Stockholm Furniture Fair 2014.

Ergonomics, functionality and innovative design at a reasonable price are the core principles that drive Officeline.

We are are happy to invite you to Offecct's showroom for a special viewing of new designs by Offecct and Foscarini. These designs include work by Luca Nichetto, Jean-Marie Massaud, Claesson Koivisto Rune among others, and will not be shown in our stands at SFF.

Since our start in 1984 we have oriented our goals towards better sitting, a meaningful contribution towards reducing the risk for occupational injury.

Exhibition will be open 5-7 Feb from 12.00 - 20:00, Welcome!



4th, 19:30–22:00: Offecct + Foscarini + Cocktail By invitation only

4th–6th, 18:00–22:00: After Fair Event You are most welcome to join us at ETAGE1 for a drink at our After Fair Event! 4–6 February, 6–10 pm, Rosenlundsgatan 40.

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014




Showrooms & Events

One Nordic Furniture Company + Aplace

R40 Center

Norrlandsgatan 11 | +358 50 573 5533 |

Rosenlundsgatan 40 | +46 8 615 02 50 |

One Nordic Furniture Company is the young start-up rethinking the the world of furniture. By combining surprising practicality, original aesthetics and new technology, we aim to revolutionize how people buy and live.

Our showroom at Rosenlundsgatan keeps top brands in various areas for the contract market. Together we present, carpets, furniture, storage, conference equipment, fabrics, curtains and blind systems.

During the Stockholm Design Week One Nordic teams up with Aplace and their brand new shop at Norrlandsgatan 11 for a perfect match of fashion and furniture.

Most welcome for a getting together at our showroom Rosenlundsgatan 40, one stop from the fair, opposite to Södra station.

Open all week 11–19.



5th, 19:00–22:00: ONE NORDIC pop-up lounge at APLACE Join us for a night of drinks, furniture and fashion at Aplace. In collaboration with Residence.

5th, 18:00–22:00: SDD – After Fair Event SDD - Big After Fair Event among the 28 companies. Walk around our showrooms and have something to eat and drink.

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014


Showrooms & Events

Scandinavian Business Seating


Box 294, Nässjö | +46 380 55 53 00 |

Nackagatan 6 | +46 44 85550 |

Scandinavian Business Seating owns the Scandinavian brands HÅG, RBM and RH, and has about 480 employees working together to realise the company’s vision:

Skandiform was founded in 1962 and is one of Scandinavia's leading suppliers of furniture for public premises.

“To make the world a better place to sit!” Visit our Showroom at Rosenlundsgatan 29C, Stockholm.

Furniture with ingeniously conceived functions and a form with roots that go Deep into Scandinavian design traditions – Scandinavian sense.

Monday 8–17 Tuesday 8–17 Wednesday 13–17 Thursday 8–17 Friday 10–15



5th, 8:00–10:00: Seminar with Breakfast Only by invitation.

6th, 19:00–23:00 Skandiform showroom / Party by invitation

5th, 10:30–12:30: Seminar with Lunch Only by invitation. 6th, 20:00–1:00: Party! Only by invitation. Held att Eric Ericson Hallen, Skeppsholmen.


The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Showrooms & Events


Skånegatan 70

Grev Turegatan 18 | +46 8 545 835 55 |

Skånegatan 70 | +46 8 22 99 33 |

Skultuna was founded in 1607. For over 400 years Skultuna has produced objects of the highest quality, always with the same sense of everlasting quality and design.

During Stockholm Design Week our showroom at Skånegatan 70, in the midst of Sofo district, will be transformed into a shared exhibition space and platform for four design brands; Greenworks, Makeda, Lith Lith Lundin and Martin Björnson.

Today Skultuna works with leading designers like Monica Förster, Claesson-Koivisto-Rune and Richard Hutten. The Concept Store by Thomas Sandell is located on Grev Tureg 18.

Our common vision is to provide well-crafted and sustainable design products for both public and private spaces. Timelessness rather than trends lie at the core of all four companies.

Skultuna will show off three brand new products (one of these is the Land's End trivet by Objecthood). Welcome!

Open daily 10.00–20.00



5th, 18:00–20:00: Skultuna & Friends Party 2014 Skultuna Concept Store, Grev Turegatan 18. By invitation only.

5th, 18:00–23:00: Cocktails @Skånegatan 70 Meet our designers and hear about their products and philosophy behind. 7th, 18:00–23:00: Cocktails @Skånegatan 70

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014


Welcome to the Creative Community at Telefonplan

7176 Music & Media A small game Add more fun Amazing Applications A designstudio Bepliant Binsto Bloggcoach Carl Andersson Cedronius A designbyrån Design Box Ensemble Yria Espmark & Espmark ETS Media Francesco Radano Hyper Island Ida Andersson Invent House Ipeer Iquest JC Konstfack - University College of Arts, Crafts and Design Konstruktor Swe Korotynska Mandi Gavois Maria Raymondsdotter Marie O´Connor Mikael Nordiska Interaktionsbyrån Oskar Ekman Piacon Point Advisory Services Rollof Scharc Arkitektur Simris Alg SMYSE Solfilm Solid Partner STHLM Top Scandinavian Media Tuqan Tuqan Ulrika Ehrensvärd Urax Förlag Way2

Andrew MacPherson Animated Games Sweden Annex Media Another new AB Chen Karlsson Crimo Creative AB Dealplatform Den pedagogiska a Expressiva Formellt Fotograf Daniel Lundberg Fox Design belysning CB Systems Johan Örn Kapea Keyfuture Kjell Design KMV forum Kolonien eden AB Kunskapsmedia Like/Ronnie Johansson Local Talk Rec Magda l Säker Mike Manzi Mobildialog Moonlit MTB North Mucho Mas Webb R2-3PO Rohan Jaguste Design Ropson Röda roboten animation AB Sara M Rejuvenate Studio Malin Lundmark Swifler TEN accessories Timagine 26 Victor Mickelsson Videomaskinen Wycore Xsense design Ylva Ceder

Showrooms & Events

Svenskt Tenn


Strandvägen 5 | +46 8 670 16 00 |

Narvavägen 10 | +46 8 660 93 01 |

Svenskt Tenn was founded in 1924 by designer and drawing teacher Estrid Ericson. In 1934 she began her lifelong collaboration with Josef Frank, already a well-known architect. Together, the two laid the foundations for the interior design philosophy that Svenskt Tenn has since come to represent.

Welcome to Swedes shop + showroom in Stockholm where we present the new furniture for 2014 and many more models from the Swedese collection.

Opening hours: Mon–Fri 10am–6.30pm Saturday 10am–4pm Sunday 12pm–4pm

Opening hours: Tuesday Feb 4th 11–18 Wednesday Feb 5th 11–20 Thursday Feb 6th 11–20 Friday Feb 7th 11–15 Saturday Feb 8th 11–15 You are also welcome to visit Swedese at the Fair.

Events 4th, 10:00–18:30: Opening: Fornasetti at Svenskt Tenn An exhibition showing the meeting between the two historical design companies.


The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

one place - all solutions SHOWROOM OPEN ALL DAYS 3-9 FEBRUARY 11:00-21:00

Design Moods Sweden



Showrooms & Events

Other Events and Happenings in short (Day by Day) GlassOnBooks opening

Konst-ig Art Bookshop Date: Friday 31 January Time: 18–20 Place: Åsögatan 124 Info: Glass by Carina Seth Andersson, Simon Klenell and Ann Wåhlström. By invite only. Exhibition: 31/1-16/2, M-F 11–18:30, Sat 11–17, Sun 12–16

ELLE Decoration – Press breakfast

ELLE Decoration Swedish Design Awards 2014 Date: Monday 3 February Time: 9–10 Place: Operaterassen, Karl XII:s torg Info: Only by invitation

Zero Sibyllegatan 9 | +46 8 545 850 00 |

The family company Zero manufactures and sells attractive light fittings for all types of space. Innovation, quality, attraction and durability have been our watchwords since our beginnings in 1978. We will present 6 new lights at the Northern Light Fair and in our showroom. Monday–Friday 09.00–18.00

Olby Design press lunch

Olby Design Date: Monday 3 February Time: 12–14 Place: Sturegatan 24 Info: Designers Mattias Stenberg & Lisa Hilland. By invitation only.

”Life is a play” at Berns

Berns Date: Monday 3 February Time: 16–18 Place: Berzelii Park Info: Over its 150 year history Berns has seen all of human experience, from low humour to high drama. Margot Barolo and Ulrika Mårtensson capture the spirit of Berns in their new installation. By invitation only. Exhibition runs 3-9 February

ELLE Decoration Swedish Design Awards 2014

Date: Monday 3 February Time: 19–00 Place: Operaterassen, Karl XII:s torg Info: Design gala, by invitation only.

Events 4th, 9:00–18:00: Zero Showroom open 5th, 9:00–18:00: Zero Showroom open 6th, 9:00–17:00: Zero Showroom open 6th, 17:00–22:00: "Sill & Design" by Zero – Party by invitation 7th, 9:00–18:00: Zero Showroom open

Iittala Cocktail

Iittala Apartment Date: 3–5 February Time: 17–19 Place: Götgatan 28 Info: Iittala and Friends are holding casual pre parties at the Iittala apartment. Different hosts for each night. 3–5 feb. Strictly by invitation.

Beacon opening party

Date: Tuesday 4 February Time: 17–19 Place: Clarion Hotel Sign, Östra Järnvägsgatan 35 Info: Helsinki based network of young creatives collaborates with Clarion Hotel Sign to create a unique installation.


The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

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When we meet great things happen. We learn. Work. Create. Become inspired. See things from a new perspective. Share our thoughts and ideas. Help each other solve problems or issues. Become a part. Collaborate. Communicate. Listen. And learn. In whatever form they may be meetings matter. Meeting with yourself and focusing on your work. Having an inspiring conversation with a colleague. Setting new goals and visions with your team members. Learning new things with your department. Or catching up over a nice cup of coffee. Every meeting is important. In its own way. And happens for a reason. For creativity. New knowledge. Impressions. Friendship. Moving forward. Creating value. Visit us at Stockholm Furniture Fair 4-8 February. A27:30.

Other Events and Happenings in short (Day by Day) Note Design Studio opening

Designgalleriet Date: Tuesday 4 February Time: 18–21 Place: Odengatan 21 Info: Åkerlapp – by Note Design for Växbo Lin. Note Design Studio presents a limited edition collection of linen textiles. By invitation only.


WOODSTOCKHOLM at StudioStudio Date: Wednesday 5 February Time: 11–00 Place: Åsögatan 115 Info: Welcome to Woodstockholm Design Auction! The event is part of WOODSTOCKHOLM Design Week (2–9 Feb). Auction at 6 PM followed by drinks&music!

Konigt, geometric shapes of Anders Olsson

Galleri Sebastian Schildt+ Date: Wednesday 5 February Time: 17–20 Place: Nybrogatan 25 Info: Sebastian Schildt+ invites you to Anders Olssons world of geometry in the form of furniture, jewellery and candle-holders in metal and stone.

Info: Welcome to Studio B3 showroom ”city center”, read more at Opening hours this week: mon, tue 9-17, wed 10-22, thur 10-20, Fr 9-17

Future Perfect – cocktail

Jangir Maddadi at Audi Forum Stockholm Date: Wednesday 5 February Time: 18–20 Place: Hamngatan 17 Info: Exhibition by designer Jangir Maddadi. By invitation.

David design at Argentine Embassy

Date: Wednesday 5 February Time: 18:30–21 Place: Narvavägen 32 Info: David design & Federico Churba introduce the Pluvial collection and celebrate collaboration between Argentine designer and Swedish design producer. By invitation only.


Date: Wednesday 5 February Time: 19–22 Place: Södermannagatan 23 Info: During the Stockholm Design Week, Casamania gives a special scenography to Il Caffè. Come and see the collection! 3–8 Feb, 8:00–20:00

RINGVIDE – Party by invitation only

Monica Förster/Palmgrens Stitches & Buttons

AWB office Date: Wednesday 5 February Time: 20–00 Place: Brunnsgatan 13 Info: RINGVIDE Showroom, February 5th, Open 9–18

Adesso kollektion RS#2 fussball tournament & mingle

Waldemarsudde Date: Thursday 6 February Time: 11–20 Place: Prins Eugens väg 6 Info: An exhibition showing the Swedish furnituredesigner Carl Malmsten´s work and the work of young designers who develop in his spirit. Tue-Sun 11–17, Thu 11-20.

Palmgrens Store Date: Wednesday 5 February Time: 17–20 Place: Sibyllegatan 7 Info: Cocktail, by invitation only. Open Mon-Fri 10–18, Sat 11–16.

Adesso Kollektion Date: Wednesday 5 February Time: 17–21 Place: Åsögatan 136 Info: Rugs and carpets from adesso kollektion, danish design by WE, Uno lighting, Rs Barcelona metal stuff.

Cray Collective Exhibition – vernissage

Date: Wednesday 5 February Time: 17–22 Place: Nytorgsgatan 15 Info: CC will exhibit small to large objects in the fields of art/design.Dj and drinks! By invitation Open thu-sat 13.00-18.00.

Carl Malmsten – Designer and Educator – THE DOOR IS OPEN

SLOWFASHIONhouse Date: Thursday 6 February Time: 12–20 Place: Narvavägen 22 Info: SLOWdesign from: Andrea Brugi, AnonymDesign, Falcon Eamel, Place de Bleu, TrueStuff, TSÉ & TSÉ ASSOCIÉES

Total Kontroll – Vernissage


Galleri Konstart Date: Thursday 6 February Time: 17–20 Place: Hökens gata 11 Info: Five newly graduated designers interprets and explores the concept of control. February 6th-12th: Weekdays 12-19, Sat/Sun 12-17

Fair mingle with refreshments & music

Studio B3 Date: Thursday 6 February Time: 17–20 Place: Barnhusgatan 3 Info: Welcome to Studio B3 showroom ”city center”, read more at

Tjeckiska centret Stockholm / So Stockholm Gallery Date: Wednesday 5 February Time: 18–21 Place: Jussi Björlings Allé 5 Info: Exhibition at So Stockholm Gallery by contemporary Czech glass and porcelain. By invitation only. Studio B3 Date: Wednesday 5 February Time: 18–22 Place: Barnhusgatan 3

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Open evening with drinks & snacks


Trendgruppen Public Events



Åkerlapp - by Note Design for Växbo Lin Swedish Note Design Studio presents a limited edition collection of linen textiles. A collaboration with Växbo Lin and Designgalleriet, packaged by Bookbinders Design. Odengatan 21. February 4 - 28



Take a pause at Kinnarps hospitality hub in the center of Stockholm. Get your hair done, fill your energy levels with a fresh juice and get pampered by Kinnarps. Wetterling Gallery, Kungsträdgården February 4 - 6



Brilliant by Design presents new concept of Czech glass and porcelain organised by Czech Centre. See work by Jiří Pelcl, Arik Levy, Viktor Chalepa, Maxim Velcovsky and many more. So Stockholm Gallery, Kungsträdgården February 5 - 8



Finnish Young Designer of the Year Iina Vuorivirta and Mari Isopahkala were awarded Young Designer of the Year 2013 by Design Forum Finland. Together they light up Svarta Lådan with their products, combined with inspiration and process - about form, function and being Finnish.


Scandic Hotel Malmen, Götgatan 51 January 28 February 24


Installation at Clarion Hotel Sign Helsinki based network of young creatives collaborates with Clarion Hotel Sign to create a unique installation at the hotel lobby.

Clarion Hotel Sign, Östra Järnvägsgatan 35 February 3 - 9



See the latest launch from the home interior collection at Iittala flagship store at Götgatan. Götgatan 28, 3 tr February 3 - 8

Catch the latest design news at

Odengatan 21 • 114 24 Stockholm • •

Your Guide to Stockholm Contents 42–49 Shopping Design 50–52 Interior Design Trends 2014 53–67 Going Out 68–69 Museums and Exhibitions Vasastan


Find your way around Stockholm with the help of our colour coded map.

City Djurgården


Kungsholmen Vasastaden

Old Town

City Östermalm Södermalm


Old Town Djurgården Södermalm Nacka


Stockholmsmässan Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair Stockholmsmässan


See a larger version of the map on page 6.

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014


Your Guide to Stockholm:

Shopping Design Adesso Åsögatan 126 A fine selection of sofas, rugs and fabrics. Adesso also design their own furniture and carpets, in close cooperation with suppliers.

Afro Art Hornsgatan 58, Nybrogatan 29 Colourful fabrics, rugs, jewellery and small furniture items by Swedish designers who work with organisations and families in developing countries. The project helps to preserve craft traditions and create jobs.

Artek Repslagargatan 11 Designed by Finnish designer Harri Koskinen, this flagship store features modernist furniture by, among others, Alvar Aalto and Eero Saarinen, as well as Japanese objets d’art, Finnish retro pottery and leatherware, and vintage Artek furniture.

Asplund Sibyllegatan 31 This Swedish reference store is well-known for its elegant, modern collection of furniture by prominent designers such as Jonas Bohlin, CKR, Thomas Sandell, Tom Dixon, Jasper Morrison and Piero Lissoni, as well as the hottest stars from the new generation.


Blås & knåda Hornsgatan 26A The Blås & knåda gallery in the arty area around Hornsgatspuckeln features a large selection of contemporary workshop ceramics, studio glass, utility items and unique pieces of art, all created by one of the 45 members.

Bookbinders design St Paulsgatan 1 Notebooks, binders, guest books and storage in wonderful materials and colours.

Brio Brand Store Norrlandsgatan 18 Furniture, toys and strollers by Swedish Brio, perhaps best known for its superb-quality wooden educational toys.

Bucks & Spurs Karlavägen 58 A young, visionary company with a new take on high quality Nordic design, with a twist.

Byggfabriken Högbergsgatan 29 Building restoration products for renovation in original styles, from the 19th century to the late functionalist style. The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Shopping Design

Bucks & Spurs

Carl Malmsten Strandvägen 5B Classic Malmsten furniture. If you like Nordic design and good, solid workmanship, this is a shop you can’t afford to miss.

Designgalleriet Odengatan 21 A lively gallery/store exhibiting fashion, interior design, architecture, crafts, graphic design and industrial design, with interesting new exhibits every month.

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Design House Stockholm NK Hamngatan 18–20 Contemporary Scandinavian design, with products ranging from furniture to fashion, lighting, tableware and limited studio editions by well-known names and newcomers alike.

Designtorget Sergelgången 29, St Eriksgatan 45, Nybrogatan 16, Kungsgatan 52, Götgatan 31. Limited-edition designs from up-and-coming talents. Wooden toys, hand-made jewellery, unusual books, kitchen utensils and refrigerator magnets are just some of the products that pass through this lively shop every year.



My favourite hangout!




“I still go to The Opera Bar at Karl Xll:s Torg. It has a classic environment that has not changed since the 1960s and it is a solace that has been preserved. It is possible to sit here and talk in peace. I also have a personal reason for coming here, since many years ago I was personally involved in its restoration. During Stockholm Design Week, we usually have our own well-attended gathering in our showroom by Vasaparken. I enjoy that, and then of course it is always with a certain degree of curiosity that I go to the fair and see all the new products.”

“Restaurant B.A.R at Blasieholmsgatan 4 A, since I still haven’t learned how to grill fish. I choose the perfect produce from a refrigerated display counter, add the side dishes I want and almost always enjoy spending time in the bar with my oldest son, Rasmus. Have come scores of times to an always noisy, packed restaurant. And everyone has perfectly grilled fish. My favorite is monkfish cheeks with a chili/ pepper mix.   What do I look forward to most during Stockholm Design Week? There usually is some half-secret Bolon-thing.”

Shopping Design

Flos Showroom Lützengatan 1 Stockholm showroom and brand store for Italian Flos with well-known designers such as Achille Castiglioni, Philippe Starck, Marc Newson and Patricia Urquiola.

G.A.D Tegnérgatan 4 Based on the island of Gotland, G.A.D is a very Swedish company. The store also features selected furniture by Scandinavian designers such as Yngve Ekström and Børge Mogensen. Also a good assortment of arts and crafts, textiles, glass and porcelain wares.

Galleri Pascale Cottard Olsson Humlegårdsgatan 15 Pascale, a discerning Frenchwoman, has put together a diverse collection of objects in her narrow little shop.

Garbo Interiors Brahegatan 21 Housed in an old garage with no display windows. The rather raw interior emphasises the product range: a mix of timeless furniture, selected vintage and French industrial design from the 1920s and 1930s.

Grandpa Fridhemsgatan 43, Södermannagatan 21 An eclectic mix of Scandinavian and international fashion, vintage furniture and quirky objects in a friendly store with a commitment to sustainability.


The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Shopping Design


Granit Kungsgatan 42, Götgatan 31, St Eriksgatan 45, Långholmsgatan 36, Humlegårdsgatan 20 You’d be forgiven for thinking you’re in a Swedish Muji when you enter one of Granit’s stores. Files, photo frames, newspaper stands, and a whole variety of attractive storage solutions. Smart and inexpensive.

Gysinge byggnadsvård Storgatan 31 Specialist store for building restoration in picturesque Oxenstiernska Malmgården on Östermalm. There is also a cosy café, as well as a consulting service.

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Gärsnäs Eastmansvägen 12 A A furniture-making workshop dating back to 1893 is the heart of the company. By opening up its showroom, Gärsnäs invites the public to take a look at the new range by designers such as Åke Axelsson, Anna von Schewen, Inga Sempé, Pierre Sindre and Nina Jobs.

Habitat PUB, Hötorget, Stockholm Habitat has finally found a home in Sweden, in the PUB department store in central Stockholm. R.O.O.M, Lexington, Himla, House Doctor and Systrarna Voltaire are based on the same floor.


Shopping Design H&M Home Drottninggatan 56 Cheap and cheerful textiles for the home.

Iittala Götgatan 28 Iittala’s store in the Södermalm district differs from its predecessors in that it uses recycling chic. Design agency Byggstudio is responsible for the modern, slightly industrial concept.

llums Bolighus Hamngatan 27 The best of Danish interior design gathered under one roof in the heart of Stockholm’s city centre. Classics by Verner Panton, Piet Hein and Arne Jacobsen, as well as brands with a more modern slant such as Muuto and Hay.

Jacksons Sibyllegatan 53 Vintage design gems. The focus is on decorative glass, handicraft products and furniture classics bearing the signatures of icons such as Arne Jacobsen, Bruno Mathsson, Poul Kjaerholm and Eero Arnio.

Kartell Ingmar Bergmans gata 6 In Kartell’s flagship store, plastic rules! Philippe Starck, Ron Arad, Vico Magistretti, Alberto Meda and Patricia Urquiola have all worked with the Italian company.

Kasthall Ingmar Bergmans gata 4 A brand-new flagship store featuring the unique woven and tufted Swedish mats of worldwide


repute, as well as wall-to-wall carpets in a wide range of types and materials. Store design by BAS.

Konsthantverkarna Södermalmstorg 4 The works of around 70 designers under one roof. The store is owned by a craft cooperative and all the traditional materials are represented here: ceramics, glass, wood, silver, iron, leather, textiles and clothing.

Marimekko Norrmalmstorg 4, Stureplan 6, Skånegatan 21 The Finnish cult brand, carrying patterns from the 1960s and 1970s, offers good-quality bed linen, dressing gowns, towels and clothing that don’t follow the dictates of fashion. Check out the charming gallery store on Skånegatan in trendy SoFo.

Modernity Sibyllegatan 6 Vintage classics from all the major names you’d expect in a shop specialising in 20th-century design. Pieces that sell for hundreds of thousands of Swedish kronor at Bukowski’s, Sotheby’s and the other big auction houses.

NK-Inredning Hamngatan 18-20 A directional mix of furniture and interior design from various international design companies, including Piet Hein Eek, Moroso, Established and Sons, and Vitra, together with a regularly changing selection of lesser-known brands.

Nordiska Galleriet Nybrogatan 11 Stockholm’s reference store for high-end furniture, The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Shopping Design

My favourite hangout!

whether you’re looking for one-offs or classical, functional furniture for home or office use – from all of the major international names.


“We like to hang out at classic bars like KB, Smålandsgatan 7, and restaurants with a genuine atmosphere, like Tennstopet, Dalagatan 50. Like everyone else we are looking forward to GamFratesi’s exhibition at the fair.”

Birger Jarlsgatan 27 A design philosophy that combines American Shaker style with Japanese minimalism, rooted in Swedish country-style interiors and the Scandinavia of the 1950s. The first company to gain the Nordic Swan ecolabel for home furniture.


Plan Ett Birger Jarlsgatan 32 A personal selection of well-known and lesserknown designers. Plan Ett (First Floor, in Swedish) collects functional beauty for the home and also has exciting specialist departments for lighting, storage, textiles and interior fittings.

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014



Pierre & Peter’s Grevgatan 61 Pierre Hagströmer and Peter Ravén are veterans of Stockholm’s interior design scene. Their store boasts a homely feel, with a carefully selected product range featuring a mix of upholstered furniture, bed linen, antiques, towelling, art and soft furnishings.


Offecct Torsgatan 13 Gathers names such as Monica Förster, Katrin Greiling, Satyendra Pakhalé and Ineke Hans under the same roof. The 2,250-sq. ft. showroom in Stockholm was designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune.


“I like Kulturhuset/Stadsteatern at Sergels Torg. It is a genuine cultural meeting place with innovative works of art where everyone is welcome. Aside from our own Material Gap/Form/PechaKucha Night at Berns on February 4, I look forward to seeing how Stockholm hums with interesting international visitors during Stockholm Design Week, which grows in importance every year.”

“I eat breakfast at Bakverket, Bondegatan 59, lunch at cozy Snickarbacken 7, which is both the name and the address, and dinner at Stockholm’s classic #1, PA & Co, Riddargatan 8, good food, good wine and wonderful atmosphere. During Stockholm Design Week I think the new focus on lectures – Stockholm Design Talks – sounds promising, both as inspiration and for educational purposes.”



Shopping Design

Royal Copenhagen

R.O.O.M. PUB, Hötorget, Stockholm In R.O.O.M on the top floor of the PUB department store you will find, among many other things, Mateus ceramics and textiles from Anna O. There is also a large exhibition area with regularly changing displays.

Royal Copenhagen Mood Stockholm, Regeringsgatan 48 Royal Copenhagen Stockholm offers the world famous Royal Danish porcelain in an exclusive concept store with a restaurant serving Danish smørrebrød.

Skultuna Concept Store Grev Turegatan 18 Skultuna brass factory is one of the world’s oldest firms, founded by Swedish King Charles IX in the 17th century. The concept store in the heart of Stockholm was developed in cooperation with Sandellsandberg.


Swedese Shop+Showroom Narvavägen 10 A combined store and showroom stocking most of Swedese’s own wide range of furniture, alongside accessories from a few selected suppliers.

Svensk Hemslöjd Norrlandsgatan 20 Svensk Hemslöjd set up in business over a hundred years ago. The aim then, as now, was to promote Swedish handicrafts. The range mainly consists of everyday items produced by craftspeople all over the country.

Svensk Slöjd Nybrogatan 23 This is where trend guru Li Edelkoort heads as soon as she arrives in Sweden. A unique shop selling very special, very beautiful objects. Swedish traditional handicrafts at their best.

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Shopping Design

My favourite hangout!

Svenskt Tenn Strandvägen 5 Founded in 1924 by the queen of good taste, Estrid Ericson, Svenskt Tenn is about as classic as it gets. Ericson engaged the legendary Josef Frank to design modernistic furniture and fabrics in a delicate botanical style. The store also includes a cosy tea salon.



Götgatan 25 Synonymous with colourful, uncompromising designs that last for decades. The patterns have been transferred onto fabric and oilcloth and applied to bags, napkins and plates.

Växbo Lin Odengatan 52 While others outsource their production to exotic locations, Växbo Lin keeps its linen production in Sweden. Växbo Lin offers tablecloths, table mats, towels, dishcloths and more. All products are certified eco-friendly.


Zara Home Birger Jarlsgatan 15 The international chain store has opened a first Swedish Home store in the luxury shopping district in central Stockholm. Main focus on textiles. The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014


Woo Shop Hökens gata 8 The illustration Agency Woo Agentur’s lovely little store features original art works as well as design objects from the likes of Futagami, Onao’s, Kaico, Horisaki, Siwa, Midori Brass, Midori Kraft and Another Country.

“The people, the environment, the food and the atmosphere always draw me to Riche, Birger Jarlsgatan 4. The interior design is almost 20 years old, but it still feels new every time I go there. During Stockholm Design Week I will of course be hanging out at Restaurant Fager & Myllymäki at the fair, I will try to be there around lunch on most days.”

“Two to three times a week you will find me at the World Heritage Site, Skogskyrkogården. I enjoy the silence, the forest and the architecture, but mainly the beauty of the magical landscape. The new crematorium, designed by Johan Celsing, which received the Kasper Salin Prize last year is fantastic. I think it is always fun to meet people during Stockholm Design Week, the pulse and the interchange in all of the conversations. Among the designers, I am most curious about what Thomas Bernstrand and Pierre Sindre have created.”

“The place that I like to hang out at most during SDW is Hotel Skeppsholmen, for the cozy atmosphere and because it is the best place to meet with friends.” LUCA NICHETTO, DESIGNER


Interior Design Trends 2014 In this downtown apartment, the strictly anonymous is abandoned in favor of the elegant individual. Bold is mixed with old and new during a time when a yearning for nature and water is making itself more apparent. From our home is our garden to our home is our sea.  Designer, author, trend expert and lecturer JAN RUNDGREN gives us four strong influences in 2014.

1. Pure classics The contourless, so-called “lounge style” that has been so apparent in recent years is on its way out. The feeling of anonymous hotel rooms, which has been so dominant in interior design contexts, has given way to an elegant, sophisticated appeal with a more personal touch. We call it “Pure classics”. Blending old and new feels natural. The lines make wider sweeps and the color takes on more discreet tones, with muted pastels preferably in harmony with shades of grey. Metal continues to be popular – gold and brass glitter the most. We mainly see metal in symbiosis with other materials, as the frame of tables and chairs or in the details on furniture and fixed furnishings. One of the most interesting materials is white marble, more luxurious stone materials will be coming in the future.   Who lives here: the elegant urbanite.  Likes: classic style, marble, discreet colors, gold and brass, silk, wall-to-wall carpeting, stucco, crystal and modern luxury.

2. Secret garden The green room feeds next season’s color chart. Clear, flowery, strong colors together with fresh, green nuances that are preferably combined with white and nature. “Secret garden” is a combination of rustic retro and modern romance. Secondhand mixed with modern furniture for a personal expression. The home is furnished with products


that fit both outside and inside, and we see a lot of new furniture that is only for displaying flower and plants. Seats with integrated plant holders are coming, a trellis as a room divider feels completely on-the-mark. Green plants take a natural place in our Nordic dwellings.   There are still a lot of organic patterns on printed fabrics, Clear colors on white backgrounds. The motifs can be both childish and naturalistic.   Who lives here: the passionate romantic.   Likes: clear colors, flowery, linen, trellises, shades of green, rustic retro, modern romantic and budding plants.

3. Natural elements Nature is one of tomorrow’s most important sources of inspiration. We are searching for influences in the Nordic landscape with its wide landscapes. Materials such as stone, wood and glass are dominant.   “Natural element” stands for a modern feel in design and form with natural elements in furniture and fixed furnishings. We see an exciting interaction between wood, metal and leather, the latter is a raw material that is making a comeback in a new form. Baskets and other woven effects are interesting even for the furniture. Here we are noticing finished, patinous surfaces both in wood and textiles and heavily washed linen on both sofas and beds. And everything is naturally in shades of The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014


Interior Design Trends 2014

Trend: Pure Classics

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014


Trend: Natural Elements

Trend: Aqua Marine

nature. The palette is cold brown nuances combined with granite and hints of leafy green.   Who lives here: the down-to-earth interior design enthusiast.   Strong feelings for: wood, washed linen, natural colors, stone, shades of gray, leather, patinous surfaces, modern design and rustic material.

4. Aqua marine With “Aqua marine” we are seeing a traditionally updated maritime feel. Many people dream about living close to the sea, we are primarily inspired by its fantastic underwater world. The classic marine style feels like new in a bluish green hue.   Changing colors in blue, green and turquoise create a color chart that is supplemented with white in the summer. Blue and white are the summer’s strongest combination – we are seeing


Trend: Secret Garden

that in everything from porcelain to furniture. Blue appears to be one of the most popular colors for upholstered furniture for the approaching season. Watercolor techniques are used for printed patterns and the colors flow into one another and have a sense of being alive. In this wave, wood is the primary material used for furniture. The outdoor furniture, which has been painted white, feels completely right for the outdoor space, but grey wooden furniture is making more of an appearance. The preferable feel is almost the color of old driftwood. The style is very Scandinavian and suits those of us who live up north as we yearn for the sea and the much too short summer.   Who lives here: the rustic archipelago enthusiast.   Has a good eye for: bluish green, modern marine style, watercolor prints, cadet stripes, grey wood, block stripes, blue and white. The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014


Interior Design Trends 2014

Your Guide to Stockholm:

Going Out 54

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Going Out

AG Restaurang & Bar

AG Restaurang & Bar Kronobergsgatan 37 A world-class meat restaurant. Jonas Bohlin created the decor, featuring a gigantic refrigerator full of meat, in a former factory. The bar is an excellent place to hang out and enjoy tapas, with a pleasant atmosphere even on a slow Monday.

Bakfickan Karl XII’s torg The classic opera house restaurant, where actors and performers like to have a bite to eat before and after performances. Swedish home cooking in a charming atmosphere. The perfect spot if you’re dining alone.

B.A.R. Blasieholmsgatan 4A At the heart of this restaurant specialising in fish and shellfish is a large aquarium, as well an ice counter where guests can make their own selection. Relax in the bar and mingle with advertisers and designers, either at lunchtime or in the evening.

Beijing 8 Hornsbruksgatan 26, Grev Turegatan 1, Kungsgatan 25, Kocksgatan 52. Mikael Ljunggren’s rapidly expanding Beijing 8 offers a slice of modern China in the form of lovely, healthy dumplings and tea. Perfect for a quick bite.

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014


My favourite hangout!





“There are of course many places to choose from, but we have had several good evenings at Häktet, Hornsgatan 82. If you like a bit of a busy environment, it is perfect for both drinks and a sit-down meal. Nice staff and a passionate owner! We think it is fun that GamFratesi is the Guest of Honour and are excited to see what they do with the entrance hall. As usual, we will be hosting our annual event and look forward to meeting all of our friends and industry colleagues there.”

“Kaffe on Sankt Paulsgatan 17, we have our studio next door so it’s a perfect place to go and have a quick coffee as well as meetings. If you go there you will probably meet a lot of people involved in Stockholm’s culture. For an anecdote: the American version of Millennium filmed a scene in this place. During Stockholm Design Week I will not miss the premiere of an art/dance/design film project by architect Erika Janunger and choreographer Oskar Frisk that we have been involved in. We have made and produced all of the furniture specifically for this project and it will be shown in an installation together with the film.”

Going Out

Berns hotel, bar and restaurants Berzelii park 9 This former entertainment palace with turn-ofthe-century decor and several different bars to explore is one of Stockholm’s hottest party spots. In addition to the bars, Berns also houses one of Stockholm’s best Chinese restaurants.

Bistro Jarl Birger Jarlsgatan 7 Champagne bar and dining room that is one of the busiest spots in the city in the evenings. Brasseriestyle food, a wide range of champagnes and delicious drinks in a bistro-like environment ensure an enjoyable evening.

Bistro Süd Swedenborgsgatan 8 A pleasant local restaurant close to the Rival hotel. Quite often full, so it’s wise to book a table. Lots of different dishes, including Swedish, international and oysters. Great atmosphere!

Bucco Nero Roslagsgatan 4 Italian cuisine at great prices. When the popular Caffé Nero grew too cramped for everyone who wanted to dine there, the owners expanded into the basement next door. It definitely has an Italian feel, but is more New York Little Italy than traditional Italian. The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014


Café Opera Operahuset, Kungsträdgården Opened in 1980 and at times the hottest bar and disco in town. Beautiful premises located in the same building as the Opera. Just about every celeb in the country has partied here, while international rock stars look in for late-night parties.

Clarion Hotel Sign Östra Järnvägsgatan 35 (Norra Bantorget) Stockholm’s largest hotel, right next to the central train station. Architecture by renowned Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh and an interior filled with Scandinavian design icons by names such as Arne Jacobsen, Bruno Mathsson and Alvar Aalto. The American Table Brasserie and Bar concept is created by famous Swedish chef Marcus Samuelsson. The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Djuret Lilla Nygatan 5 The Old Town is home to this carnivore restaurant with a truly unique concept: one animal is served each month. The décor, designed by Jeanette Dalrot, is quirky but appropriate. The overall look brings to mind the home of a butcher with an eye for antiques.

Ekstedt Humlegårdsgatan 17 Niklas Ekstedt, who is one of the most popular chefs in the country due to his TV cookery shows, runs this restaurant that features a wood-fuelled fire pit in the centre of the restaurant, over which the Basque cuisine-inspired food is prepared. Interior by Jeanette Dalrot.


Going Out

Flippin Burgers Observatoriegatan 8 A new address and slightly bigger premises for the extremely popular, critically acclaimed fast-food restaurant. Pure American hamburgers and creamy milk shakes. Queue up for your own favourite.

The Flying Elk Mälartorget 15 This popular new gastro pub by top-notch restaurant Restaurant Frantzén offers ”proper pub grub” in an easy-going atmosphere, in the charming Old Town.

Gastrologik and Speceriet Artillerigatan 14 Perfect new Nordic cuisine. Diners choose three or six courses, according to the ingredients selected by the chefs. The decor by Jonas Lindvall is just as exciting as the dishes. Right next door is Speceriet, an unpretentious new drop-in food bar with a homely feel.

Gondolen Stadsgården 6 Diners can enjoy the best view in town from this restaurant perched high above the ground at Slussen. The food can best be described as Swedish Mediterranean deluxe, masterfully prepared by celebrated chef Erik Lallerstedt.

Grand Hotel Cadierbaren Blasieholmshamnen 8 With a meticulously-styled long bar and cocktail lounge, Britain’s Richmond International designed


the interior. Tourists from all over the world mingle with locals here. Piano music Wednesday to Saturday.

Hotell Skeppsholmen Gröna gången 1 Situated on the beautiful island of Skeppsholmen, with decor by Claesson Koivisto Rune. Art, design, music and food come together in perfect partnership here. But perhaps the best thing of all is the sea view.

KB Konstnärsbaren Smålandsgatan 7 Classic Swedish home cooking elevated to a fine art. Konstnärsbaren KB opened its doors in 1931, and since then has been the haunt of writers, artists and the bohemian crowd. The original furnishings have been preserved and the walls are adorned by a wealth of art.

Kåken Regeringsgatan 66 One of Stockholm’s hotspot bars tucked away at the back of the hearty restaurant Niklas, by Niklas Ekstedt. A surefire spot for an enjoyable evening. Always with different DJs and a good crowd, this is a Stockholm gem. And, oh yes, the restaurant is brilliant as well.

Köttbaren Tegnérgatan 32 For the type of savvy young diners who only frequent establishments with real street cred and quality. The stylish decor by Jidström & Gil centres on the combined bar and market hall counter. You share tables and are served by staff in white coats. The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

”Life is a pLay” Over its 150 year history Berns has seen all of human experience, from low humour to high drama, where every person has played the main character in their own personal drama. Artists Margot Barolo and Ulrika Mårtensson capture this spirit in their new exciting installation “Life is a play”. Come by Berns and become one of the main characters. Welcome!

BeRNs, BeRZeLii paRK 3-9 feBRUaRy

Contact for Scandinavia Eduardo Teixeira-Alves Email: Tel: +34 651415284

Sourcing for the Best 路 Quality Design & Price


Going Out

Lux Dag för Dag

Lux Dag för Dag Primusgatan 116 Former luxury restaurant Lux has re-opened as a more moderately priced eatery with focus on organic, local produce. A “walk through” offers delicious take-away meals.

Lydmar Hotel Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2 Superb location next to the famous Grand Hotel. But the Lydmar may be a little cooler than its distinguished neighbour. The white art nouveau building contains 46 rooms, all individually furnished. Cosy restaurant with à la carte and popular lunch menus. The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Marie Laveau Hornsgatan 66 Restaurant and bar Marie Laveau is one of Södermalm’s best choices for drinks. There is also a dining room serving Creole food and a low-key bar with a wide range of club evenings downstairs.

Mathias Dahlgren Grand Hotel, Södra Blasieholmshamnen 6 Mathias Dahlgren, the only Swede to have won the prestigious Bocuse d’Or, runs this gourmet dining room adjacent to the Grand Hotel. Expect out-ofthe-ordinary culinary sensations served by delightful waiting staff. Interior design by Ilse Crawford.


Going Out

Nosh & Chow Norrlandsgatan 24 Popular restaurant with a cosy outdoor atrium on the ground floor of a yet to be realised luxury hotel in a four-storey town house. Interior design by Spanish Lázaro Rosa-Violán.

Nytorget Urban Deli Nytorget 4 This combined food hall and restaurant in the former post office is a perfect fit for the hip SoFo district. A mix of bohemians, yuppies and families gather around the bar, where you can indulge in shellfish without breaking the bank. Oaxen Krog & Slip

Meatballs – For the People Nytorgsgatan 30 A new, trendy restaurant with focus on one of the most Swedish of Swedish dishes – meatballs.

Miss Voon Sturegatan 22 A gem with a European take on Asian cuisine, located on Stureplan. Those not looking to eat can enjoy mingling in the bar and Asian drinks. Decor by Thomas Sandell.

Nobis Hotel Norrmalmstorg 2-4 A luxury hotel with interior design by famed Swedish architects Claesson Koivisto Rune. The hotel has an atrium with a cocktail bar, a classical Italian restaurant and a 24/7 bistro bar serving food all night long. Not to be missed.


Oaxen Krog & Slip Beckholmsvägen 26 The world-renowned fine dining venue Oaxen Krog in the Stockholm archipelago closed in 2011. Now it is back in a new guise and at a new location in beautiful Djurgården. The Slip bistro is a welcome addition.

PA & Co Riddargatan 8 A small cult restaurant. It is often hard to get a table unless you’re a regular, but if you arrive early enough, you might be lucky. Fantastic food based on Swedish home cooking.

Pharmarium Stortorget 1 Popular new stylish bar and restaurant in a former pharmacy in the main square of the Old Town. Creative menu based on seasonal produce, medical herbs and healthy cocktails.

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Going Out


My favourite hangout!

Brunnsgatan 1 A cosmopolitan luxury restaurant like nothing else in Stockholm. To start with, it’s three openplan storeys high. Then, to set the tone, there’s the library wallpaper, stretching fifteen metres from floor to ceiling. The food, too, lives up to its appearance.

Pubologi Stora Nygatan 20 This Old Town gourmet restaurant is not exactly a dining room, a bar or a traditional pub. It’s a fusion of all three. Serving delicious light dishes and a weekly selection of draught beer. Interior design by Swedish Jeanette Dalrot.


Restaurang Jonas Fleminggatan 39 After 20 years in the kitchens of The French Laundry, Bagatelle and The Square, chef Jonas Lundgren won silver in the Bocuse d’Or. Then, he opened this popular restaurant in former bank premises. Interior design by Formforyou.

Restaurant Frantzén Lilla Nygatan 21 Highly innovative, cutting edge restaurant offering slow-cooked Scandi dishes and luxurious elegance.

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014


“Blå Porten on Djurgården. Mum used to take me there when I was a kid after visiting Liljevalchs and they have the tastiest food and such a wonderful ambience. I love the history of the place, the large communal tables, the architecture and the fact that Monica Zetterlund sings about it in Kärlek och Pepparrot – a very angry and funny song about lost love. I look forward to seeing what GamFratesi will get up to as this year’s Guest of Honour. They are a really talented duo and I like the fact that they have been invited despite being relatively young and not yet super famous.”

“My favorite breakfast and lunch place is just around the corner from my studio on Södermalm, it is very personal with a lovely interior. The name is Pom & Flora, Bondegatan 64. Another new favorite is Tradition on Tjärhovsgatan 5, a restaurant designed by the very talented Daniel Frantzén. The interior and the food are very Nordic. During Stockholm Design Week I’m especially looking forward to the early exhibition at Designgalleriet. This year Note Design Studio will do a cooperation with an old Swedish weaving firm, Växbo Lin.”


Going Out

Restaurang Prinsen Mäster Samuelsgatan 4 A cosy classic where for decades writers and poets have hung out until the small hours. First, you’re offered crispy sausage and strong mustard by the always amiable staff.

Riche Birger Jarlsgatan 4 Restaurant and bar. Another classic that’s rejuvenated at regular intervals. One thing is for certain: both bars and the restaurant will be packed at the weekend. DJs provide the music, while the energetic bartenders mix the drinks.

Rolfs Kök Tegnérgatan 41 Rolfs Kök is a gem. Apart from the excellent food, they also have a superb selection of wines. Well worth a visit, and a reservation may be necessary. The decor is by duo Jonas Bohlin and Thomas Sandell and still looks fresh over 20 years after opening.

Råkultur Kungstensgatan 2 Beautiful, high quality sushi with a Scandinavian slant. The very best in its genre in Stockholm, according to many an expert. Open for lunch, dinner or take-out. Upstairs is the luxury restaurant Esperanto.

Spybar Birger Jarlsgatan 20 The late nightclub where everyone eventually ends up on a night out. Open until 5 am from


Wednesday to Saturday, you can party in the three bars, with the hotspot being Gubbrummet (the Gentleman’s Room) tucked away at the back.

Story Hotel Riddargatan 6 A relaxed, bohemian chic hotel, bar and restaurant. The interior, by Concept Sthlm, is cosy and charming with mismatched chairs and lots of colour and shape. The restaurant offers healthy wraps and food from around the world. Good after-work atmosphere with a DJ and jazz.

Strandvägen 1 och Milles Strandvägen 1 New high-class restaurant by restaurateur Pelle Lydmar. Generous opening hours and a great atmosphere in this prime location on one of Stockholm’s most beautiful waterfront boulevards.

Sturehof Stureplan 2 A classic with a mixed clientele that is almost always full. Surrounded by Stockholm’s entertainment hotspots, you can sample Swedish classics and large platters of fruits de mer. Interior by Jonas Bohlin. Hidden upstairs is the O-bar, open until 2 am every night.

Svartengrens Tulegatan 24 This local restaurant in one of Stockholm’s trendiest districts serves meat from neighbouring farms. The concept involves using all parts of the animal à la Fergus Henderson. To reinforce the farming connection, the bar is made from a black-painted barn door. The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Going Out

Taverna Brillo

Taverna Brillo Sturegatan 6 Stockholm’s new meeting place in the posh shopping and nightlife area around Stureplan. A restaurant, bakery, pizzeria, café and greenhouse all in one. Designed by Jonas Bohlin.

Teatergrillen Nybrogatan 3 A seventies gourmet restaurant that attracts all sorts of people, from businessmen to club kids. The specialty is sole with hollandaise sauce, flavoured with truffles. When you’ve finished your meal, you can get into the Riche bar without having to queue. The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Tranan Karlbergsvägen 14 An institution in Stockholm cultural circles, where many an author has jotted down a few ideas on a napkin. The meatballs are classic. Downstairs, there’s a popular bar re-designed by Jonas Bohlin and run by art-gallery owner and DJ Jonas Kleerup.

Vassa Eggen Birger Jarlsgatan 29 Former fine-dining restaurant turned upscale steakhouse that hosts one of Stockholm’s best bars. With DJs from Thursday to Saturday, the two bars at Vassa Eggen are filled from after work until closing time.



Going Out



The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Going Out

My favourite hangout!

Voltaire Restaurang


Volt Kommendörsgatan 16 Stockholm’s first Gastro bistro, owned and run by four young chefs who aspire to serve high-end bistro dishes with a twist. One of Stockholm’s most exciting restaurants, where you definitely need to book a table.


PUB, Hötorget 13 A modern vegetarian and raw food dining experience in the basement of the PUB central department store. Also a juice bar, tea salon, deli and take-away.

Wedholms Fisk

Wienercaféet Biblioteksgatan 6-8 A new meeting place for the creative crowd. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, after work, take away … Patisserie et boulangerie in a beautifully refurbished landmark café established in 1904.

Zink Grill Biblioteksgatan 5 Bistro serving food all day, from breakfast to dinner. A perfect place for a drink after a luxury shopping spree on Biblioteksgatan.

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014


Arsenalsgatan 1 One of the city’s most prestigious venues, offering fish in all shapes and guises. In the elegant dining room, generous portions of turbot, pike-perch and other delicacies are served with mouth-watering sauces. Suit-wearing clientele.


“Gaston Wine bar in Gamla Stan. They have great wine, are very knowledgeable and the bar staff is very enthusiastic. The interior by SandellSandberg creates an intimate atmosphere. During Stockholm Design Week I also tend to have many of my meetings at Skeppsholmen Hotel, which becomes a bit of a hotspot for the design crowd. I think we all long for substance, so apart from the usual industry news, I really look forward to moderating/ chairing some of the panel talks during the fair, focusing on, among other things, the power of Scandinavian design. I will not miss the exhibition and auction, Örnsbergsauktionen, which pushes the more experimental and avant-garde within Swedish contemporary design.”

“As an Italian, I like to take a short walk at lunchtime, which I also did when I lived in Stockholm. I often slipped into the cozy Östermalms Saluhall at Östermalmstorg to thaw out from the winter cold. It is always nice to taste some traditional Swedish cooking and buy something delicious to take home. For me, it was like finding a real southern European market in the middle of my cold, Nordic daily routine.”



Your Guide to Stockholm:

Museums and Exhibitions ABBA The Museum Djurgårdsvägen 68, Djurgården The amazing story of Sweden’s most successful band of all time. The opportunity to sing Mamma Mia or Dancing Queen on stage, as the fifth member, is one of the most popular features of this new, highly successful interactive museum from which visitors have reportedly been ”dancing out”. Melody Restaurant is the museum’s exclusive, intimate steakhouse.

Arkitektur- och designcentrum Slupskjulsvägen 7, Skeppsholmen The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design,


with a permanent exhibition on architecture in Sweden through the ages. On now: Light Houses – Young Nordic Architecture, until 16 February. Lovely Café Blom serves coffee and light meals.

Fotografiska Stadsgårdshamnen 22 World-famous centre for contemporary photography with high-class exhibitions. Right now, a major exhibition on Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt, until 2 March. The museum’s café and bistro, on the top floor, boasts spectacular views of the sea and Djurgården.

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Museums and Exhibitions Liljevalchs Konsthall Djurgårdsvägen 60, Djurgården Beautiful contemporary art museum. Traditionally opens the art year with a Spring Salon, featuring works by a wide range of both established and emerging artists. All the pieces are assessed and selected by a jury, until 23 March. Restaurant Blå Porten next door is a true oasis.

Moderna Museet Slupskjulsvägen 7, Skeppsholmen The Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm houses one of the world’s finest collections of 20th and 21st century art. Don’t miss the exhibition Dance Machines – From Léger to Kraftwerk, showing until 27 April. The museum’s restaurant offers great food and stunning views.

of-the-century building by architect Ferdinand Boberg is now a popular exhibition hall. On now: Carl Malmsten – Designer and Educator. A major retrospective on Carl Malmsten as a designer and craftsman of note, and also as an educator, until 2 March. Hungry visitors are welcome to dine in the Prince’s Kitchen restaurant.

Spritmuseum Djurgårdsvägen 38-40, Djurgården The Museum of Spirits delves into the Swedish people’s bittersweet relationship with alcohol. Entertaining exhibitions based on art, scenery, experience, scents and tastes. Meet the provocative stars of the Stockholm club scene in the temporary exhibition 150 Years of Club Kids, until 17 March. Typical Swedish dishes and schnapps culture in the waterfront restaurant.

Sven-Harry’s Art Museum

Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde Prins Eugens väg 6, Djurgården Originally the home of Prince Eugen, this turn-

Eastmansvägen 1 This art museum is a work of art in itself. The golden box-like building in Vasaparken is designed by Wingårdhs. The top floor is laid out as a replica of art collector Sven-Harry Karlsson’s home, the 18th-century Ekholmsnäs Manor just outside Stockholm. The building also houses a pleasant restaurant. On now: Nathalia Edenmont, Only Me, until 16 March.

Carl Malmsten at Prince Eugen’s Waldermarsudde

Arkitektur- och designcentrum The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014


Nordiska Museet Djurgårdsvägen 6-16, Djurgården Sweden’s museum of cultural history. The temporary exhibition Stripes, rhythm, direction gives a tour of all things striped – in furniture, art, fashion and textiles, until 31 August.



You’ll find it in boutique hotels in the Hamptons. And in your kitchen.

t mor e To find ou edish w S t abou e sit us at th vi e, ur it furn niture ur F lm ho Stock EH:08. Fair, Stand Wel come!

You probably know them. The distinctive Lilla Åland of the 40’s. The timeless Lamino of the 50’s. And the groundbreaking Sting of the 2000’s. Three classics of their time, sprung from a furniture culture characterized by close collaboration between design and production. A relationship that nurtures innovative, functional furniture you can experience and enjoy, year in and year out. Regardless of who you are or where you live.

Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2014 Contents 72–73

Guest of Honour – Installation and lounge by GamFratesi


Greenhouse – The display window for independent designers and design schools


Restaurant Fager & Myllymäki


Furniture & Lighting Trends 14/15 – Trends installations by Jan Rundgren


Twelve – Established Nordic Designers


Material Attraction – Scandinavia likes Japan Installation by Naoto Nakamura and The Materials Library


Guest exhibitions




Stockholm Design Talks 2014


Northern Light Fair 2014

94–100 Exhibitors Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 102–103 General Information 104 Inside – Find your way around 105

Fair Layout at Stockholmsmässan

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014


Guest of Honour

Guest of Honour Installation and lounge by GamFratesi


In a short period of time, GamFratesi have put the world at their feet. Danish Stine Gam and Italian Enrico Fratesi are the eleventh Guest of Honour at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. But it is not their first appearance at the fair. In 2006 they exhibited their graduation project in the Greenhouse talent section and the next year the young design duo’s first “real” product – the Antropomorfo line of chairs – caught the eye of Swedish Swedese, which started to manufacture them. Multi-award winning GAMFRATESI DESIGN STUDIO consists of Danish furniture designer Stine Gam and Italian industrial designer Enrico Fratesi. The studio is based in Copenhagen, but the designers constantly travel to Italy. They have had exhibitions in a number of the world’s major cities and have received assignments from Swedese, Ligne Roset, Gubi, Fontana Arte and One Nordic.

“We are surrounded by anthropomorphic elements – living objects – just waiting to be discovered. The chairs were one way to interpret their silent message,” says Enrico Fratesi. “Our design is inspired by the cultural contrasts between traditional Danish furniture craftsmanship and the classic Italian intellectual approach. Stine and I have the advantage of being able to work very closely together throughout every stage of the creative process. This creates a transnational symbiosis, and this is the process we try to recreate in our furniture.” Studio GamFratesi has always considered Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair to be an important link between Scandinavia and the rest of the design world. Now they are here as Guest of Honour and we are curious about the lounge that will be built in the entrance hall. “It will be a dynamic space in constant motion, where we highlight the idea of a progressive, natural change. Colors and spaces will change as the day progresses. An exhibition where you will find, in an unexpected way, a place to work, meet and rest.” Stand EH:02


The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Guest of Honour

Previous Guests of Honour: Patricia Urquiola, Spain, Brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, France, Naoto Fukasawa, Japan, Konstantin Grcic, Germany, Giulio Cappellini, Italy, Ineke Hans, the Netherlands, Sir Paul Smith, UK, Arik Levy, Israel/France, Inga SempĂŠ, France and Oki Sato/Nendo from Japan.

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014




– The display window for independent designers and design schools

140 independent designers applied, 36 were chosen. 36 design schools exhibit. 16 nations are represented. A display window to the world. Several of Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair’s Guests of Honour were completely unknown when they came here. It is hard to describe the impact of Greenhouse more clearly than that. Unestablished designers from across the world can send in an entry and be evaluated by the jury, design schools are invited to participate. Work on the exhibition continues year round. Meet some of the participants. “This year we want to highlight the meeting place,” explains JOHANNES CARLSTRÖM from NOTE DESIGN STUDIO, the multidisciplinary design studio that once again is responsible for the setting of the hall. “Young designers from the entire world meet and share ideas and experiences. Wherever they have come from, they have packed, travelled and now settled down for several intense days at the adventure that is Camp Greenhouse.” Johannes participated himself in Greenhouse in 2005.


Studio GamFratesi exhibited its graduation project in 2006. “When we participated for the first time, we had no idea what the reception would be like, and we still warmly remember that enthusiastic, naive feeling. To be honest, we do not know if a special product can create a breakthrough, but Greenhouse undeniably gave us the opportunity to continue on the path we had chosen.” Matti Klenell, who has been a member of the jury for many years, thinks that the entries in general are of high quality. “We look for uniqueness and innovation. It is a lot of fun when we find applications that are like shimmering pearls. Vitalizing and different, that make the entire jury yell, ‘Wow!’.” The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014



Mattias Stenberg had a successful exhibition in 2012. His Demi Lamp and portable Carry on Seat immediately found manufacturers. “As an un-established designer at Greenhouse, you have to have a clear concept and well thought-out prototypes.” Manufacturer Blå Station’s Johan Lindau thinks that Greenhouse is a fantastic platform. But Johan, who handed out the exhibition’s first “Best in Show” award, believes that many of the selected designers do not take full advantage of this opportunity. “Exhibitors receive a lot of attention and when given the chance a person needs to be well prepared. Then it can be a fantastic week with unbelievable opportunities!” Greenhouse in Hall V The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Mattias Stenberg


Restaurant Fager & Myllymäki

Restaurant Fager & Myllymäki When good friends designer Jens Fager and chef Tommy Myllymäki take on the assignment to create the 2014 Design Bar, the cross-fertilization takes place on several levels. The result: a quality restaurant, where both the food and the visual impression originate from Swedish and Scandinavian tradition. JENS FAGER gained international acclaim early. Constantly curious, investigative and innovative. Designs furniture and household items, does interior design for restaurants. In addition to being a designer, he is also a trained cabinetmaker and chef. TOMMY MYLLYMÄKI is representing Sweden in Bocuse d´Or Europe 2014. Hosts a program on TV, runs his own restaurants and food event company and is creative director at the Sturehof and Riche restaurants in Stockholm.

“The food sets the character and the atmosphere,” explains Jens, who describes the optimal interior design of a restaurant as follows: when it is good it is barely noticeable, it is just there, creating a sense of well-being. According to Tommy Myllymäki, the portions do not become more beautiful just because many of the guests at the restaurant have esthetic professions. “There must be a blend of form and function, just like a beautiful chair may not be uncomfortable. However, presentation can be enhanced with different attributes. If venison is being served, I can add a piece of moss and some sprigs on the plate to symbolize the forest.” Master chef Tommy is incredibly interested in design and knows a lot about primarily Nordic designers. He really likes strong materials, preferably timeless, simple forms with refined finesse. At Restaurant Fager & Myllymäki, guests will experience Swedish dishes with a contemporary interpretation. Myllymäki’s culinary art and Fager’s design will create a concept that has never been seen before during Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. The purpose of the Design Bar is to shine a spotlight on a Nordic designer or design team. The bar’s previous designers have been Marge Arkitekter, the Front design team, design duo Broberg & Ridderstråle, the Save our Souls duo, the Camp Site collective, Jonas Wagell, Katrin Greiling, Lina Nordqvist and Daniel Rybakken. Stand AG:96


The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Restaurant Fager & Myllym채ki

Tommy Myllym채ki

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Jens Fager







Trends installations



The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Trends installations

Furniture & Lighting Trends 14/15 Trends installations by Jan Rundgren We take off our coats and relax. Let nature and the sea into our homes. Generally well-cared-for, preferably barefoot. Modern. These are the interpretations of the four trends Jan Rundgren has identified and displays in two exhibitions. Lighting in one (Hall B) and Furniture in the other (Hall C). And as usual the exhibition products are taken from the companies participating in the fair.

Pure Classics: Elegant and sophisticated style with a personal touch. Interesting material: white marble. Key words: discreet colors, gold/brass, silk, wall-to-wall carpeting, stucco, crystal, modern luxury.

Secret Garden: Furniture for both outside and inside. Second-hand alongside flowers and greenery. Key words: clear colors, flowery, linen, trellises, shades of green, romantic, rustic retro, modern romantic, green plants. Natural Elements:

The season’s biggest source of inspiration is nature, which is where the material comes from. Brown baskets and other woven effects combined with granite and hints of leafy green. Key words: wood, washed linen, natural colors, stone, leather, shades of gray, patinous surfaces, modern design, rustic material.

Aqua Marine: Traditionally updated style with motifs from the underwater world. Nordic wooden furniture colored like old, grey driftwood. Take us to the sea and the summer. Key words: bluish green, modern marine style, watercolor prints, cadet stripes, grey wood, block stripes, blue and white. Stand B12:21 and C12:35 The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

JAN RUNDGREN is a designer, author and trend expert. He is often travelling and always has his radar trained on today’s trendiest signs. Do not miss his red-hot trend report, and a lecture every day at Stockholm Design Talks, Main Stage (EH:09).




– Established Nordic Designers

Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair’s brand-new Twelve zone is a forum where established designers are given freer scope to showcase their work, meet and work up contacts. “A focus on artistic expression gives participants a chance to really go for it and share their style and ideas in a more personal way,” explains Mattias Ståhlbom, TAF Architecture Studio, who has a dual role as designer of the new zone and one of the twelve exhibitors. The setting, based on plain fiberboard, consists of open spaces where the only indication of individual areas is an open door for each one. The designers will be onsite from time to time and meetings can also be booked at a reception located in a central position in the area. Johanna Agerman Ross, Editor-in-Chief of Disegno Magazine, had the final say in who made the cut. She reports that the high caliber of all the designers applying made it a grueling process. The diversity of the applications – everything from product and furniture design to textiles – will be reflected in the exhibition. Stand A42:20 Participants 2014: Designer Lukas Dahlén from Gotland; Norwegian industrial designer Peter Opsvik; Lisa Hilland from Malmö; Mika Tolvanen from Finland; designer and architect Jonas Wagell from Stockholm; Harri Koskinen from Finland; Thomas Bernstrand and Färg & Blanche from Stockholm; Malmö designer Louise Hederström; Swedish Folkform; Industrial designer, co-founder of design group FRONT; senior lecturer at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm Katja Pettersson; Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom from TAF Architecture Studio.


The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014



Thomas Bernstrand

Färg & Blanche

Louise Hederström

Peter Opsvik



Gabriella Gustafson och Mattias Ståhlbom


Jonas Wagell

Harri Koskinen

Mika Tolvanen Katja Pettersson

Lukas Dahlén

Lisa Hilland

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014


Material installation

Material attraction – Scandinavia likes Japan Installation by Naoto Nakamura and The Materials Library

Oliver Schmidt, Naoto Nakamura and Björn Florman

NAOTO NAKAMURA is an industrial designer and architect. He has studied in Tokyo, in the USA and at Konstfack (University College of Arts, Crafts and Design) in Stockholm. For the past six years he has spent most of his time in Stockholm, but travels to Tokyo every month. According to Naoto, a person should spend at least five years in a foreign culture in order to fully absorb all of the new impressions. There are more than 2,000 material samples to look at, feel and read about in THE MATERIALS LIBRARY’S permanent exhibition and lecture rooms at Stockholmsmässan. Founders Oliver Schmidt and Björn Florman arrange tours and lectures for professionals and students, both onsite in Älvsjö and throughout the world.


The exhibition will unveil Japanese materials and production methods for furniture production, many of which to date have never been shown outside of the country’s borders. A brief look at how to use historical materials and skilled craftsmanship and place them in an entirely new context. Naoto Nakamura and the Materials Library have known one another a long time. “Every time Naoto returned from his trips to Tokyo he brought back new ideas,” explains Oliver Schmidt. “It was soon apparent that there were loads of small-scale Japanese production companies with unique skills that those of us in Scandinavia had never heard of. Somewhere around there the idea for this collaboration was born.” “In Japan, it is common to use, for example, natural materials in industrial products, which I perceive to be rather unusual here,” says the Stockholmbased Japanese architect and designer, Nakamura. One of the main purposes of the exhibition is to find a place to combine old knowledge with new techniques, new areas and products. Our countries have many similarities in how we look at esthetics, they both say, but in Japan there is a different and more playful approach to how to use the material and draw out its most important features. Scandinavian with a poetic twist! Meet the Materials Library and Naoto Nakamura at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. The exhibition will be in Hall B and daily guided tours and lectures will be held, primarily in English. Partners: Material and production sponsor Mediagården in Höganäs and JETRO – Japan External Trade Organization. Stand B12:11

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Material installation

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014


Guest exhibitions


Guest exhibitions 2014


Designboom Mart


Ethical Council


Since it was founded in 2003, Architonic has established itself as the world’s leading resource for architecture and design, currently providing information more than 140,000 selected products by 1,200 manufacturers and 1,300 architectural projects. Stand EH:04 

The Council was formed on the initiative of Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair and industry organization TMF. During the fair, the Ethical Council, with its motto “No Copy”, will be available to assist exhibiting companies with advice and measures related to copy issues. Stand EH:03

Designboom Mart

Kingdom of Furniture/ Träregion Småland

Spain has become a something of a second home for hundreds of thousands of northerners, and we have therefore become very familiar with this country’s culture. The ROJO exhibition displays a representative selection of contemporary Spanish design. Objects that have been designed and produced in Spain and thereafter become popular on the international home interior design market. Stand B16:11, B16:19

The traveling market returns to Stockholm for the sixth time, this is their 33rd exhibition! 40 international design talents display their latest products. High-profile design in a charming street market environment. More than 200 products are sold at symbolic prices. Stand AG:45


This exhibition represents unique design and has a furniture history rooted in the forests of the Småland region. The area is filled with young designers and innovative manufacturers. Here you will see a joint presentation by furniture companies and design schools. Focus on Wood and inspiration. Stand KF:10, KF:20

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

12 TREE The ”1 2 TREE” exhibition focuses on wood in all kinds of different forms and functions. Contemporary Scandinavian designers and architects were invited to interpret the eternal relationship between humans and trees. 1 2 TREE: Wooden stool by Saina Barazande

The unique Swedish furniture TMF (The Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture) highlights the value of Swedish design and the furniture industry’s unique ability to join traditional craftsmanship with modern production techniques. The Swedish furniture industry is a world leader in quality while at the same time taking care of the environment and being socially responsible. TMF shows how the industry is working to offer today’s design furniture – tomorrow’s antiques – for both public spaces and the home. Stand EH:08

Designers and architects have always used nature and wood as materials. After Staffan a long period Bengtsson during which it was more or less banned, the forest has once again, in the wake of ecological and environmental awareness, become trendy and acceptable. This past summer, the One, two, Tree exhibition attracted a gigantic crowd to the Artipelag art hall on the island of Värmdö outside of Stockholm.   “We saw that there is extensive interest in wood design here in Scandinavia,” says Staffan Bengtsson, TV producer, cultural journalist and author as well as curator for the exhibition.   If the summer’s 1,200 m2 installation is considered a concert at a major arena, the

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Guest exhibitions

1 2 TREE: Lamp Knippe by Lars Stensö

version that is now coming to Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is an intimate club performance where the viewer will be able to get close to the object and thereby see different qualities. The exhibition attempts to capture the strong wave of new Scandinavian wood design that currently seems to be washing in from every angle. It combines high and low, particle board and hardwood, the tested and the untested. To quote Staffan Bengtsson again, “Wood only becomes more beautiful over time, which is an unbeatable quality. I never get tired of it.”   1 2 TREE contains works and objects by several of Scandinavia’s most recognized designers and architects. These include Daniel Svahn, David Franzén, Folkform, Lars Stensö, Gustav Persson, Julia Gamborg Nielsen and Siren Elise Wilhelmsen. Stand AG:50 (”1”), EÖ:03 (”2”), EÖ:05 (”TREE”)



Top 100 within Architecture and Design

Award and panel discussion presented by the magazine RUM. The award presentation and panel discussion will take place on the Main Stage, EH:09, on Tuesday, February 4 at 1 pm.

The Supplier of the Year The trade association for Colour, Furniture and Interior (FMI) and their periodical magazine will hand out the prize to a supplier who strives to maintain a long-term and good business relationship with its customers. Award ceremony at Main stage, EH:09, Tuesday, February 4 at 2 pm.

Green Furniture Award Green Furniture Award is a furniture design competition that encourages outstanding sustainable design – ”sustainability” and ”design” that stand out conceptually and/or visually. In 2014 the winner will be awarded SEK 200,000. Exciting news for 2014 is that Mr. Giulio Cappellini will be a member of the expert jury.   The finalists will be presented on the Main Stage, EH:09, on Tuesday, February 4 at 2.15 pm, and Mr. Cappellini will present the award to the winners during Milano Design Week 2014.

Form +1 Award The +1 Award is presented by Form Magazine and rewards the most interesting innovation at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. The rules of the +1 Award are simple. Last year’s winner selects the new recipient of the award from all the exhibits displayed at the fair. The judge for 2014 is the design studio Form Us With Love. Award ceremony on Main stage, EH:09, Thursday, February 6 at 1 pm.


Last year’s winner of the Form +1 Award was design studio Form Us With Love with their pendant lamp Levels.

Light Store of the Year Every year, the Home Lighting Association selects the best lighting store in the Nordic region. The jury takes into consideration the overall impression made by the store on the basis of carefully selected criteria. The award will be presented at a Gala Banquet on February 6.

House, Kitchen and Bathroom of the Year In cooperation with Lifestyle Publishing. The awards will be presented on the Main Stage, EH:09, on Saturday, February 8 at 1 pm. The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014


Awards 2014

Vi erbjuder konstnärliga utbildningar på heltid som ger en gedigen grund för studier på högre nivå. Utbildningarna är studiemedelsberättigade. Skolan ligger centralt på& Södermalm i Stockholm. INOM KONST DESIGN?


Vi erbjuder konstnärliga utbildningar på heltid som ger en gedigen grund för studier på högre nivå. Utbilningarna är 08-642 44 13Konststudiemedelsberättigade. skolan Basis är på 1 år med påbyggnadsår. Inredningsskolan är WWW.BASIS.SE 1-årig. Båda har intagning under våren för start i höst. Skolan ligger i ett härligt 1700-talshus, centralt på Södermalm i Stockholm. Här finner du inspirerande miljö och erfarna pedagoger.

ÖPPET HUS HELGEN 17-18 MAJ KL 12.00-16.00 Elevutställning och café. Kom och träffa elever och lärare. Välkomna till Konstskolan Basis, Folkungagatan 147!

08-642 44 13

Stockholm Design Talks

Stockholm Design Talks 2014 This winter Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is arranging an even more interesting program of seminars and talks, which has also been given a new name – Stockholm Design Talks.  The theme for 2014 is Moving Forward. The years since the financial crisis in 2008 have been difficult for many actors in the furniture and design industry and there is now a need to look forward again.  Stockholm Design Talks presents a forum for knowledge and discussions, and architects, designers, buyers, manufacturers and dealers alike will be able to find interesting themes and headlines. The program is based on a Scandinavian perspective in parallel with a wider international outlook. Stockholm Design Talks consists of trend seminars, lectures and in-depth panel discussions.  Unless otherwise specified, the program takes place on the Main Stage in the Entrance Hall (EH:09). 88

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Stockholms Design Talk

Panel Discussions All panel discussions will be held in English. We reserve the right to change the members of the panel due to illness or other reasons.

The Power of Scandinavian Design

Hospitality Design

Moderator: Hanna Nova Beatrice Is it a sales pitch – or an aesthetics? We put the spotlight on the phenomenon that is Scandinavian design, the forces behind it and the powers that brings it further into the future.

Moderator: Guy Dittrich Hospitality design (hotel, restaurant, bar) is developing rapidly in what is a growing industry, and focus is now turning to new customer groups, such as the Millennials, and new consumer needs. The lines between business and leisure are being erased and the hotel lobby has become the new social living room. Areas at hotels and restaurants are being exposed to extreme wear at the same time as they are supposed to be a lifestyle product.

The New Nordic Wednesday, February 5, 11AM–12PM New Nordic has become a bit of a slogan, but what exactly does it mean? Is Scandinavian going through a revival internationally and if so, why? What are our strenghts and weaknesses design wise, and how does our working methods differ from those in other countries? Can we really speak about a specific Scandinavian design aesthetic today, when designers and producers work internationally and everything is distributed worldwide? On the panel: Amelie du Passage, founder of Petite Friture, Joel Roos, founder of One Nordic Furniture Company, Sebastian Wrong, Wrong for Hay and Martin Kornbek Hansen, &Tradition. The Scandinavian Landscape Wednesday, February 5, 2PM–3PM What does it mean to work as a designer in Scandinavia today? What role does the close proximity to local production play? Is there a particular design aesthetic? What is the most exciting aspect of Scandinavian design right now and why are Scandinavian designers such hot property among international producers? On the panel: Anya Sebton, designer, Andreas Engesvik, designer, Fredrik Paulsen, designer.

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

What’s coming? Hospitality Design Trends Thursday, February 6, 11AM–12PM What are the latest trends and projects in hospitality design? Are there any new tendencies and whatever happened to the design hotel? On the panel: Sören Hullberg, CEO and owner, Story Hotels; Fiona Thompson, partner Richmond International; Hans Meyer, Hotels Ahead (concept developer, Citizen M); Signe Bindslev Hendriksen, Founder & owner, Space Copenhagen (Noma, D’Angleterre, Fiskebaren, Geist) Laboratory of Design: Designing for Hospitality Thursday, February 6, 2PM–3PM Hotels and restaurants often want to be at the forefront in terms of trends, and they naturally find themselves in a very competitive environment. Hotel design often tests new ideas in terms of functions, esthetics and storytelling – it is a laboratory of design. On the panel: Catarina Molén-Runnäs, CEO Nordic Choice Hotels; Inge Moore, Hirsch Bedner Associates (Edition Istanbul, Alpina Gstaad)


Stockholm Design Talks MODERATOR: MARK ISITT

Mark Isitt is a journalist who grew up on the island of Marstrand, north of Gothenburg. He has written about architecture and design since the end of the 1980s for both Swedish and international journals, and he has participated in anthologies of Sweden’s best journalism. In 2008 he received the Spot City Award for his articles on urban planning and segregation in the newspaper, Göteborgs-Posten.


Hanna Nova Beatrice is a design writer and editor-in-chief of the Swedish magazine, Residence. She has a past as the founding editor of Plaza deco as well as editor-in-chief of Form Magazine, and she has written three books on design, including “Behind The Scenes, Stories from the Design Industry”.


Freelance writer, presenter and moderator, Guy Dittrich is an independent commentator on hotels and design and frequently contributes to the Wallpaper* and Condé Nast Traveller magazines. Often referring to hotels as ‘the laboratories of design’ , Guy’s in-depth knowledge and inside contact with the burgeoning world of hotel design makes him well-suited to moderate the Hospitality Day of the Stockholm Design Talks.

Panel Discussions continues here: Design Pays? Moderator: Mark Isitt The role of design in the furniture and light industry. Is design enough to succeed commercially and build a brand? How are companies working with designers in their product development? How to get ahead through product development Friday, February 7, 11AM–12PM The importance of innovation. Is product development necessary for a design company to be successful? What level of sales is required to make product development a possibility? What are the economic benefits of, for example, new material?


How much of a product’s final price is motivated by investments in product development? On the panel: Tom Lloyd, designer, PearsonLloyd; Marie Eklund, Chief creative officer, Bolon; Petrus Palmér, co-founder and designer, Form Us With Love; Magnus Wästberg, founder and CEO, Wästberg. How to build a successful collection Friday, February 7, 2PM–3PM What kind of and how many products should a collection consist of? Should one hold on to a product even though it doesn’t sell? What can we learn from other types of products and successful brands? On the panel: Eckart Maise, Head of Design, Vitra; Chris Martin, Massproductions; Stine Gam, designer, GamFratesi; Sandra Adrian Asplund, owner and design manager, Asplund. The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Digital Retail Academy A series of lectures that give new insights into the digital world. Topics include e-commerce, digital marketing and marketing on social media. The academy primarily targets the furniture and lighting industry and producers. The program was not completed when this guide went to print. Relevant times and locations are available at

Consumer behavior & growing e-commerce Carin Blom, HUI

Social media marketing Sara Öhman, freelance consultant and lecturer on digital media. She is very interested in content marketing and lives and breathes social media.

Case – You me agency The communications agency, You me agency, unveils how to make yourself heard in today’s fragmented media picture. The speed of the information and knowledge society places entirely new demands on actuality. Interesting cases and phenomena in digital marketing and social media.

Guest of Honour Lecture Wednesday, February 5, 1PM, Location: Hall K1 One of the fair’s absolute high points is the alwayspacked Guest of Honour lecture. It is not often that this lecture is as anticipated as it is this year, as the duo Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi, Studio GamFratesi, will be on stage to talk about their work.

Trend Seminars ColorForward, Consumer Color Directions 2015 The global trend guide, Color Forward, is used by designers, architects, textile producers, car manufacturers and the fashion industry. Dutch designer and color expert Judith Van Vliet talks about how the guide is compiled and the four color trends that will dominate the market in 2015. The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Pure Classics, Natural Elements, Secret Garden and Aqua Marine 6 lectures x 30 minutes. 1 per day and 2 on Wednesday, February 5. Swedish trend expert Jan Rundgren has identified four interior design trends for 2014.

Color Trend Seminar 2014 – NCS in cooperation with Color Marketing Group Tuesday, February 4, 1PM – room TBD Unbelievably dynamic and knowledgeable Mark Woodman – designer and author from Color Marketing Group (CMG), one of the world’s largest non-profit organizations for professionals in color and design. One of the fair’s must-see lectures.

General Admisson Day In cooperation with Residence magazine

The future policymakers Saturday, February 8, 11AM–2PM What role does a photograph play in launching a new piece of furniture? How important is the stylist creating the images, and the blogger spreading them on the internet? In a culture obsessed by images, designers no longer set the bar – but rather the people creating the images. Moderator: Hanna Nova Beatrice, editor-in-chief, Residence On the panel: Costas Voyatzis, founder Yatzer, Nathan Williams, founder Kinfolk Magazine, Emma Persson Lagerberg, stylist and writer, Tomas Backlund, founder Fantastic Frank.

Behind the product Saturday, February 8, 2PM – 3PM Come and listen to some of our most prominent designers talking about their products. Moderator: Hanna Nova Beatrice, editor-in-chief, Residence Participants: Emma Olbers, Carina Seth Andersson, Färg & Blanche, Jonas Bohlin A complete and updated programme is available at and the mobile app.



Northern Light Fair

Northern Light Fair 2014 Northern Light Fair displays the absolutely most recent trends and products in lighting, for both homes and public spaces. Northern Light Fair is arranged every year by the industry organization, Home Lighting Association, in collaboration with Stockholm Furniture Fair. Both fairs are held at the same time. Hundreds of exhibitors show the latest in lighting and fittings in all corners of the home, at the workplace and in other public spaces. Many of the products – and in many cases also their Scandinavian designers – have their debut in Stockholm during the fair. This is where the future stars first see the light of day and start their successful careers.   Another must-see is also trend expert Jan Rundgren’s special exhibition, where, through


a number of carefully selected exhibition products, he shines a spotlight on the clear trends in the area of lighting (stand B12:21).   In line with tradition, awards will be distributed to the Nordic region’s best lighting stores. Industry organization and fair organizer, Home Lighting Association, is behind the competition that selects the store that best lives up to the strict criteria of the jury.

For more detailed information, visit The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

COURTYARD BY MARRIOTT STOCKHOLM Stay and meet on Kungsholmen with spacious bedrooms and modern conference facilities close to city buzz and scenic surroundings.

Courtyard by Marriott Stockholm R책lambshovsleden 50 113 43 Stockholm T +46 (0) 8 441 31 00



Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair Exhibitor list as of December 18, for updated list please visit and

A &tradition A Trend Aps A. Gudmundsson ehf A2 Aalto University, School of Art   and Design, Dept. of Design Aaxsus ABC-Reoler Aulum A/S Above Möbel AB Abstracta Ackurat Industriplast AB A-Grossisten AB AH Belysning AB AIT Akustikmiljö i Falkenberg AB albin i Hyssna Almedahls AB Amanda Boierth & Matilda    Ekström Amtico Andersson Systems Andres Nilson Andreu World Aneta Belysning / Scanlamps Annuzza AB Aparentment Architonic AG Arctic Design Arctic Seaman Arkitekten Arkitektur Art Academy of Latvia Art Douglas


Art Future Design School Artek OY AB Artwood Asplund AB Astrid AB Ateljé Alt. AB Ateljé Lyktan AB B Back App Baltic Furniture Balzar Beskow Bargi AB Basic Collection BD-Möbel Beckmans Designhögskola BEdesign Be-Ge Industri AB Belid AB Bellalite AB Bellfire Bellus Bene AG Benny Bodén Interior Group Bent Hansen Bernstrand & Co Biaro AB Biketjänst Biblioteks  inredningar AB Bisley Bison Produkter AB BIT BY BIT Björg Form & Arkitektur AB Blika AB

Blond Belysning AB Blueform / AIKA Blå Station AB BoBedre Bogesunds Boknäs BordBirger AB Boxit Design AB Brdr Krüger Traedrejeri A/S Brizley Brokis Bruno Mathsson International AB Brunstad AS Bruynzeel Storage Systems AB Bröderna Anderssons Bröderna Jörgensen Bsweden Belysningsbolaget Burhéns sp.zo.o Buster + Punch BuzziSpace By Corporation by Lassen By Leonnie AB By Rydéns by sandenholt Byarums Bruk byJalmari

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Exhibitors Exhibitors in red are part of Northern Light Fair

C Camira Fabrics Ltd Campus i12, Eksjö Canada Goose Home Cane-Line A/S Canett Furniture AS Capellagården Carl Hansen & Son Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies Carpet Concept Casala Catherine Aitken CC Höganäs AB Centro kakel och klinker AB Chat-Board® by Focus   Products A/S Classic Collection AB Colebrook Bosson Saunders Collages Contour Design Sverige AB Cottex AB Création Baumann Croatian Chamber of Economy CS Möbelfabrik AB Cube Design A/S D Dailrade Koks Dalform Danerka Group danfloor a/s David Design and Rumbler Delica Delightfull

Delius GmbH Dencon Designboom Designlight Det Kongelige Danske Kunst  akademi, Designskolen Dickson Digilock Disajn dk3 Domitalia Drapilux Dreamsilk Duba-B8 A/S DuPont Sverige AB Duracell Lighting Duri Svenska AB D-W-A Dyberg-Larsen/Porcelight E EBB & FLOW Edsbyn Kontorsmöbler EFG European Furniture Group AB EGE EGLO Eilersen Ekdahls Möbler AB Eli Gutierrez, Rui Pereira   and Ryosuke Fukusada ELLE Decoration Elmo Elsie D

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Embacco Lighting Embassy of Poland Emmlight AB EMU ERELITA FURNITURE Ergonoma Erik Englund Erik Jørgensen A/S Erla Sólveig Óskarsdóttir Ermatiko OÜ Estiluz Estonian Academy of Arts Eun – Kyoung Lee EuroContact Everled Europe AB F Fabula Living Falck Design Farstrup Möbler A/S Flos Sverige FMI, Branschorganisationen     Färg, Möbler och Interiör Fogia FOLKFORM Folkuniversitetet   Hantverkscentrum i Tibro Folkuniversitetets Art College FontanaArte Fora Form FORM – magasin för   arkitektur och design Form & Miljö AB FORM2 AB


Exhibitors Exhibitor list as of December 18, for updated list please visit and

FORMELLT Four Design FRAMA Frank & Cordinata Fraster Fredericia Furniture A/S Fri Form AB Friends & Founders Frimeko AB Frog Lodge Handelsbolag Frost Design A/S Fuchu Furniture furnea AB FurnX A/S Fågelvik Yrkeshögskola FÄRG & BLANCHE Föllinge Golv G Gabriel A/S Gartorps AB Gemla Fabrikers AB Ginger & Jagger Gislerud Carpets AB Givarps Glamox Luxo Glimakra of Sweden GLOBAL Globen Lighting Gnosjö Konstsmide AB Grafu Baldai Grass Graypants Grebbestads Folkhögskola Green Furniture Sweden


Grythyttan Stålmöbler GUBI & BESTLITE Gudbrandsdalens Gulled Gycom Gärsnäs AB Götessons Industri AB

Horreds Möbel AB Horredsmattan AB House of Light Sweden AB Hovden Möbel AS Howe a/s Hus & Hem HV Skola Högskolan i Gävle

H Hagagruppen AB Hags Aneby AB Hajom Skjutdörrar AB Halo Tech Design Hanna Dalrot Hans K Harri Koskinen Works Haslev Møbelsnedkeri A/S HAY HDK Högskolan för Design   & Konsthantverk HDK Steneby, Göteborgs     Universitet Helland Möbler A/S Hemljus Herman Miller/Ergonomic   Office EO AB Hiipakka Hikki Himolla Polstermöbel GmbH HiOA - Produktdesign Hjertén Design AB Hjort Knudsen Holmris Homeline & FAMOS Hopf & Nordin / Design, Berlin

I Ibl Lightning Ifö Electric iLightab Ilpodesign Inergo AB INFINITI BY OMP GROUP INFURN CONTRACT Innermost Innesti Inno Interior OY Innvik Sellgren A/S Inoff Inredia Institutionen för design   vid Linnéuniversitetet Interface Oy / Living Trade AB Interface Sverige AB Interior Design Collection Interstil AB Interstuhl IoU Design Ire Möbel AB Italian Chair District Italian Lighting / Compolux   / CompoArredo

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Exhibitors Exhibitors in red are part of Northern Light Fair

J JaBaDaBaDo AB Jafo AB James van Vossel Jeltec AB JENSENplus Jess Design JI Jonas Ihreborn Johanson Design AB Jonas Wagell Design & Arkitektur Järnforsens Stoppmöbler K KAB Seating Ltd / Holmek     Consulting AB Kakelspecialisten Projekt Kallholmen AB Kallin & Franzén AB Kamelo International AB Karl Andersson & Söner AB Karlskrona Lampfabrik AB Kasthall Mattor och Golv AB Kateha Katja Pettersson Kenji Fukushima Design Kera Interior Keystone KFF design KHiB, Kunst- og design  høgskolen i Bergen Kilroy Indbo A/S Kinnamark Kinnarps AB Kinnasand GmbH

Kjellbergs Klong Kondator AB Konstfack - Möbeldesign &    Inredningsarkitektur Konstfack Textil Konsthantverk Tyringe AB Konst-ig Kosmos Project Kriskadecor KRISTENSEN &   KRISTENSEN A/S Kristina Kjaer & Signe Hytte Kula Kulla Sitt-Komfort Kulljus Kun Sik Choi Kunihiro Kobayashi Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, KHiO Kurage A/S Kvadrat AB Kvist Industries A/S Kyuhyung Cho and Erik  Olovsson Kährs Källemo AB L La’ Vi Design Lammhults Lanab Design Lapland Wild Design Lappset LBO LichtBank Objekte LedLab AB

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Lepo Product Oy LGT Logistics AB Lifeform Lifestyle Publishing Lightwork Design Lightyears A/S Liljebergs Linak Lindblads Ljus & Armatur Lindholdt Lindhs Linie Design A/S Linköpings Universitet – Slöjd,     hantverk och formgivning Lintex Lisa Hilland Lith Lith Lundin Litsofa UAB Living Carpets Ljungbergs Factory Ljusgruppen AB LK Hjelle LOFT the Scandinavian  Bookazine Louise Hederström Luceplan Ludwig Berg, Charlie Styrbjörn     Nilsson, Olle K Engberg Lukas Dahlén Studio Lund School of Architecture Lundbergs Möbler AB Lustrum AB Luxaflex Lyktan Bankeryds Belysning


Exhibitors Exhibitor list as of December 18, for updated list please visit and

M MAGIS Makers With Agendas Malmbergs Elektriska AB Malmstolen AB Markslöjd Intertrade AB Martela Martinsen AS Massimo Massproductions AB Mater A/S Materia AB Matilda Dahlquist Mattahari Mavis Möbler AB maxdesign Italia srl Maze Megaman Menu Metalmobil MiguelSoeiroWorks Mika Tolvanen Miljöexpo Milla Design Mitab Mixim / Living Trade AB Mobliberica Modern Interiör & Modular Lighting   Instruments NV modulyss® molo Moment AB


Montana Moomin Lights by Feelis    Helsinki Moree Morgana AB Mosa Mosaique MOSO International BV Mottura S.p.A Mr Perswall Munna MUST FURNITURE Muubs Muuto My Living Möbeldesign i Tibro AB Möbelform AB Møbelnett Isfjord Möbelriket N Nanimarquina Narbutas Furniture Company NC Nordic Care NCP NCS Colour New Line AB Nevotex Next Level Design Nielsen Design Möbler Nikari Oy Nila/Akustikfiber AB Noas Snickeri i Tibro AB noidoi

Nola Industrier AB Nonuform Nordicform AB Nordlux AS Norell Möbel AB Normann Copenhagen Northern Lighting Nostalgia design AB Novia NTK Europe AB Nyckelviksskolan Nässjöakademin O Oasistek OFFECCT AB Officeline AB Ogeborg Golvagenturer AB Ola Gillgren Design Olby Design Olof Nilson Möbelverkstad AB OMT Ondarreta One Nordic Furniture Company Orbium Out of the dark P P. Rotola-Pukkila OY Padvaiskas & Ko UAB Pagunette A/S Pahlfer Inredning Papurino

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Exhibitors Exhibitors in red are part of Northern Light Fair

PAROC AB PBJ Möbler Aps pCon.planner KPS Nordic Pedrali S.p.A Penclic Peter Opsvik Petite Friture Philips Consumer Lighting Phoenix Mecano AB Picchio Pivoto Planoform Agencies Plaza Plycollection POIAT Polyrey Polytuft of Sweden AB PR Home Prima Office AB Prinskronan AB Project Baltia magazine Promet safe Promote Iceland Prostoria Q Quietpod Quinze & Milan R Randers+Radius A/S Rappgo AB Rebecca Design re:member

recycleLED Residence Resol Rezas Oriental & Modern Rugs RGE Trading AB Rojo Show – Spanish Design   on Stage Rom & Tonik Roomstore APS Rowico RUM / Nya RUM / Rum Hemma S SA Möbler AB Sarkop AS Sarpsborg Metall AB Saum & Viebahn SAVO Saxo Living – ABC reoler Say O Scan Sörlie AS SCHERLIN FORM School of Industrial Design,   Lunds Universitet Secto Design Oy Selka-Line OY Septon Electronic AB Shepherd Home AB Sibast Furniture Sika-Design A/S Silkflower Import Sintuva UAB SITS Skafab Stålmöbler AB

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Skandiform AB Skandilock Skeie AS Skinnwille Home Collection Skipper Furniture A/S Skovby Möbelfabrik A/S SKRUV Skulpturfabriken Skånebeslag AB Sköna hem Sleeper Magazine S-Line Office AB Smadi Design AB SMD Design SnickarAkademin SnickarPer AB Solgunga Solulight Sonesson Inredningar Sporrong & van der Meijden AB Stapelbordet Star Trading Starsprings Steneby Stoddard Stolab Stolcomfort AB Stouby Strehög AB String Studio Ambjörn Viking Studio Baag Studio Ljung & Ljung AB Style Station Garden AB


Exhibitors Exhibitor list as of December 18, for updated list please visit and

Exhibitors in red are part of Northern Light Fair

SUKI Design Studio/ Suki Park Summit Sundays Sundlings Support Design AB Svea Contract Furniture AB Swedese Möbler AB Svedholm Design Swedstyle AB Svensson Markspelle Sävar Snickeri T TAF Tartu Art College/Furniture   and Textile Tente AB Texa Design AB Textilhögskolan i borås The Romo Group Time to Design – new   talent award Tingo design Tisca Textil Ges. M.B.H.   & Co. KG TMT Design AB Tobex AB TOM DIXON Tonning & Stryn AS Top-Line A/S Torkelson Möbel AB Trade Point A/S Direct  Container Tranås Skolmöbler Trapiche & Co AB Tre Sekel / City Möbler TRECE


Tregren Treku Trentino Wood & Design Trivilita Troels Möbler A/S Tronhill Trä- och Möbelföretagen, TMF Träakademien / Mittuniversitetet TTC– Tibro Training Centre Tunto Design Ltd Turku Univercity of   Applied Sciences Twinco A/S Tylö AB

Design + Business Vifa Viking Beds Wilkhahn Viskaform VITA Vitra AB Vivero OY VividWorks Vårt Nya Hem Wästberg Växbo Lin AB Y YASK Yenwen Tseng Design   Studio Co. Ltd. ygg&lyng

U Unique Furniture A/S UNISON AB V/W


VAD Valoa by Aurora Oy Valoarte AB VANDRA RUGS Watt & Veke Veli Line Denmark Wendelbo Ventura Verbatim Nordic Very Very Gold Vescom Vestre Westroth AB Veyhl GmbH WHITE CUBES VIA CPH VIA University College - Teko

Zero Zesty Interiör AB Zieta Zijlstra BV ZilenZio Å Åke Axelsson/Nomad Ö Örsjö Belysning AB

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

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General information

General information Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair



February 4–8, 2014

Don’t miss out on our “Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair” and ”Stockholm Design Week” apps for both Iphone and Android. You will find all the information you need about exhibitors, exhibitions and events in the city.

Venue Stockholmsmässan, Älvsjö

Opening hours Tuesday–Friday Saturday*

9 am–6 pm 10 am –5 pm

*Open to the general public Children under 15 years, only accompanied by an adult.

Entry (VAT included) One day Two days Five days

SEK 230 (online payment SEK 200) SEK 330 (online payment SEK 300) SEK 430 (online payment SEK 400)

Exhibitor catalogue and admission to seminars included. Please note that online payment on gives you a discount of SEK 30/entrance card. Entry costs on the general admission day, February 8: SEK 140, children 7–14 years SEK 20, 0–6 years free.

Pre-register Use your entrance card to pay and pre-register at You can order entrance cards on our website, register and pay online or at the fair. (For registration and payment at the fair, please bring your registration certificate.)


Accommodation Clarion Hotel Sign. Stay in Scandinavian architecture at the Clarion Hotel Sign. By combining the best of Scandinavian architecture and design, we create a source of inspiration for our guests. Make your reservation at or by calling +46 8 676 98 00. Rica Talk Hotel, which is integrated with Stockholmsmässan, has won several awards for its exciting design. The hotel has 248 rooms and suites with panoramic views, a conference facility, a full-service restaurant and lobby bar. For bookings, please call +46 8 588 820 00, or find out more at the hotel’s website, More information on hotel reservations is available on our website – Travel & Stay.

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

General information

Project management

How to get to Stockholmsmässan Stockholmsmässan is situated in Älvsjö, southwest of Stockholm. Airport buses operate between Arlanda Airport and Stockholmsmässan. For more information please visit Arlanda Express. The airport express train Arlanda Express that operates between Arlanda and Stockholm City takes 20 minutes. Commuter train. Reaching Stockholmsmässan by rail is quick and easy. The commuter train from Arlanda stops at Älvsjö station, Stockholmsmässan. The journey takes 47 minutes. Catch a commuter train from Stockholm Central Station or Flemingsberg to Älvsjö station and Stockholmsmässan. By car. Take the E4/E20, follow the signs for Stockholmsmässan/Älvsjö. By taxi. Ask for fixed rates to Stockholmsmässan from either Arlanda airport or central Stockholm. To book a taxi in Stockholm, call: Taxi Stockholm tel. +46 8 15 00 00 Taxi Kurir tel. +46 8 30 00 00 Taxi 020 tel. +46 20 20 20 20

The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014

Cecilia Nyberg, Event Manager Ann Östervall, Assistant Event Manager Anki Isaczon, Sales Manager Patricio Cisternas, Sales Manager Rickard Dahlin, Sales Manager Johanna Lannerö, Event Coordinator Lina Åkerlund, Event Coordinator Nathalie Smeds-Olkinuora, Event Coordinator

Contact us Tel. +46 8 749 41 00 Fax +46 8 749 42 24

Partners TMF/Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry Organisation of Furniture Importers – MIBO The trade association for Colour, Furniture and Interior, FMI Home Lighting Association

Restrictions Over-the-counter sales are not permitted. No photography is permitted on the premises except by members of the press or as authorised by stand occupants. Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair accepts no responsibility for printing errors or errors in information received.

Arranged by


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Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair Hall A

Hall V, Greenhouse

– Contract Market & Design: Furniture, lighting and textiles Twelve: Established Nordic Designers

Greenhouse: The display window for independent designers and design schools Concept by Note Design Studio

Gallery A

The Main Entrance

– Contract Market & Design: Interior fittings – Trade magazines

Guest of Honour: Installation and lounge by GamFratesi – Stage: Stockholm Design Talks, Interviews with designers and award ceremonies. For an updated program, visit or download the mobile app. – Guest exhibition: Architonic – Guest exhibition: TMF, Swedish Federation of Wood & Furniture Industry – Meeting Point and Ethical Council

Hall B – Contract Market & Design: Furniture, lighting and textiles Material attraction: Scandinavia likes Japan – Installation by Naoto Nakamura and The Materials Library – Guest exhibition: ROJO Show – Home Lighting Lighting Trends installation by Jan Rundgren

Gallery B – Contract Market & Design: Interior fittings – Summit, pod cast

Hall C – Home Furniture & Textiles Furniture Trends installation by Jan Rundgren

Glass passageway leading to Hall C – Interior design magazines

Hall K – Seminars: All seminars are included in the entrance fee. For the program, see or download the mobile app. – Guest exhibition: The Kingdom of Furniture and Träregion Småland

The East Entrance – Contract Market & Design Restaurant Fager & Myllymäki – Bookstore Konst-ig – Guest exhibition: Designboom Mart – bring back a souvenir from Stockholm – Guest exhibition: 1 2 TREE

Exhibition/activity arranged by Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair


The Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014


Stockholm Furnitur SEMINARS



4 2


Meeting point

























Trade magazines


Craft schools











1 Lounge by Guest of Honour, GamFratesi










A 9

3 Greenhouse

- The display window for independent designers and design schools

5 Material attraction – Scandinavia likes Japan - Installation by Naoto Nakamura and The Materials Library


6 AN


Lighting Trends 14/15 - Trends installation by Jan Rundgren

9 Restaurant Fager & Myllymäki Twelve

10 - Established Nordic Designers


14 Furniture Trends 14/15

- Trends installation by Jan Rundgren



2 Architonic 4 Kingdom of Furniture 7 Rojo Show 8 Designboom Mart 11 12 13


1 2 TREE

- Exhibition by Staffan Bengtsson

15 TMF M The Materials Library

Welcome back to Stockholm February 3–7, 2015! See you there!

the Official Guide to Stockholm Design Week 2014  
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