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“It’s Christmas time... and there’s no need to be afraid... or something. However, one thing that has slightly perturbed me is just how quickly this year has gone! It only seems like the other day we were putting together the first edition of this! I suppose, as it’s Christmas, you’ll be thinking of buying Christmas gifts for your loved one. If you’re reading this mag, then your loved one stands a very good chance of being in a band, in which case go get him/her something from here - If you’re not aware of the fine purveyors of musical finery, then they’re a German company who demand sensible prices for their gear rather than the extortionate prices we have to pay here in the UK. Oh and also, they deliver within three days. From Germany. How efficient. However, the huge price of a Moog MF-104 (which is on my list to Santa) doesn’t seem to change wherever you go! Anyway, seasons greetings etc., go get a mince pie and have a read by your flaming log (specification ‘yule’, quantity ONE (1)), Jord


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Minki’sMinki’s Magic moments Magic moments

can actually control, or switch on or off like a lightbulb. It’s just a need

Recently I got an amazing email, offering 50ft Woman a tour in America. A guaranteed ten dates, as main support to some big name artists. Thiswouldincludeenoughmoneytocovertransport,accommodation, food (including a rider!) and still be paid. Wow, I thought, this sounds incredible, who ARE these people? So of course, as you do, I googled the company name; a simple but effective website with similar text to the email, plus a long list of testimonials and bands they had worked with, plus the ubiquitous link to a Facebook page – all the things you expect from a busy booking agent really. But then I looked at other links that had cropped up when searching for the company. Sure enough, the old adage; ‘too good to be true’ reared its ugly head. On the first page was a link to a forum, where one band was thanking the other for their warning with regard to the very same company. On further reading I gleaned that (as is so common in the industry), the company asked for a retainer (to cover costs, you understand) in order for the company to book the promised dates. Of course, the promised dates never happened and either a contract was never signed, or the ‘guarantee’ so brazenly brandished in the initial literature was hidden in some tiny get out clause at the bottom of a contract that the band didn’t bother to get legal advice for, because ‘we ain’t Mariah Carey’, ‘it’ll cost loads’, ‘we need to get it signed today’, ‘It’s a TOUR. In AMERICA. What can go wrong?!’ And so the tour never materialises, the band are left out of pocket and bruised and wary, and the company carries on its merry way, deflecting criticism, complaints and bad mouthing. How they get away with it is a miracle. Why they do it is obvious. What IS worrying is why so many bands fall for it? In the pursuit of whatever it is that makes us artists, musicians, singers (insert creative title of choice), we have a need. For some, it’s fame, for others, recognition, for others, who knows what drives us, what we actually WANT from all this? All I know is it’s not something you

It’s the reason I signed up to the excellent Unsigned Guide, subscribed to the Bandit publication (also good), countless industry email newsletters, bought untold books on ‘how to break the music industry’, a CD of ‘The AIM Guide to Survival and Success in the Music Business’ and pretty much every month contemplate going on one of CMU’s courses in Music Marketing and Social Media (something which I do every day, but hey, you never know what golden nugget you’ll learn that you weren’t doing before that if you do know, just might be that thing you NEEDED to do and didn’t realise.)

We hear of people getting discovered over night on MySpace (Lily Allen), YouTube (Lana Del Ray) and some other band discovered by some CEO of A and R Records trawling Facebook at 3am in the morning; “they just blew me away and I knew I had to sign them up the very next day”. Now imagine this. You have an artist, newly signed to you, but one who has been independently doing their thing under the radar, as most artists do. It’s a great single\album but unless something special happens, how are you going to get THEM off the ground, get everyone talking about them, onto radio and then onto everyone’s MP3 players? It’s HARD. It takes MILLIONS to launch a band with a major label. And PR is nothing without ‘the story’. So, of course, what story captivated people’s imaginations more than ‘discovered overnight’? People love that idea:the rags to riches story. The romanticism of it all! The fact that the artist has probably been on a development deal for 6 months, the album was produced by a top guy and those original shoddy demos re-recorded months ago, the video already made, with top stylists, a whole new wardrobe and probably some media training too … am I going too far? Too cynical? We all love the idea that someone was discovered doing exactly the thing we are doing; putting our music on the internet on whatever social url we choose. So it could happen to us, right? That vague

glimmer of hope that we all have is, like it or not, the same reason that programmes like X Factor are so infuriatingly popular. “Oh my friend Ella, she has a great voice and people are always telling her down the local pub at Karaoke that she could be a pop star.” Of course the ACTUAL chance of Ella ever gracing our screens on a Saturday is slim, unless she has a sob story alcoholic mum/ is an orphan/dog died/has one leg or is the spitting image of Angelina Jolie, or of course, she is, in fact, hilariously shit. But it’s the possibility. The fast track to fame.

A to Z of MMM

Of course, most of us who write our own music wouldn’t hold with such an inane process. We would rather DIE than go onto X Factor, though occasionally it can be seen with chaps like Matt Cardle. Personally, I’ve stopped watching it. I can’t get satisfaction over the auditions with the no-hopers, knowing full well that they’ve gone through a few rounds with producers before ever reaching the judges; ‘Wow you are so spectacularly rubbish, 91-year-old-granny-dressed-as-Madonna, that we’ll definitely send you through to the next round.’

Ebay – A dangerous combination of charity shop and auction; the adrenaline rush when you are bidding for that top/shoes/picture/antique suitcase/jewellery/car – (you get the picture) becomes addictive. Both buying and selling on eBay is an artform and a thick skin is required to succeed.

The fact that now X-Factor producers have allowed managed acts and, indeed INVITE certain acts to take part speaks volumes. Of course, WE know they’ve probably always done that, but once again the marketing machine twists and turns like a twisty turny thing. Cowell ain’t stupid. Like him or loathe him, he knows exactly what an audience wants and exactly what sort of people will queue up for ten hours in a rainy Bullring in the hope that they and their mates are One Direction, Two’s Company, Ten Denier or whoever …

Euromillions – Buying your ticket online and then receiving that “Good news about your lottery ticket” email, only to find you’ve won £2.40, is quite possible one of the highest and lowest peaks of any day, all in a few minutes. Eiffel Tower – One of my favourite landmarks in the world. I’m just a tiny little bit obsessed with it. And don’t get to see it enough. However, thanks to .. Eurotunnel – … it’s a darn sight easier. A genius piece of engineering and one which I* never fail to marvel at, be it ‘the Chunnel’ or on Eurostar. If I’ve ever run away, just check Eurostar. I’ll be on it, bound for Paris.

But it’s that same need, whether you are a band, a boy band or Leona bloody Lewis that makes you vulnerable. That same hunger, that hope that the next thing you do, this will be the one. The one to what .. who knows, but the one to watch? That’s what we want. VRemember, always look a gift horse in the mouth, it might be a Trojan horse! And if you receive any emails like the one I mentioned, check them out first, please! And let us know.

Califor Greetings from California! November. Here in the U.S., it’s time for Thanksgiving. It’s always the fourth Thursday in November. A chance to eat turkey, ham, or a uniquely American treat called turducken. It’s a chicken stuffed inside of a duck stuffed inside of a turkey. Serious excess--that’s the American way. No, I haven’t yet attempted that delicacy. And then there’s the phenomenon known as “Black Friday”. The day after Thanksgiving is traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year. Over the past several seasons, American retailers have kicked it into high gear by offering amazing sales, and opening their doors up early. It’s now gotten way out of proportion--for some stores, Black Friday starts as early as 9:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day--meaning that people can finish their last piece of pumpkin pie, get up from the table, and start their Christmas shopping. Immediately. Folks--I wish I were making this stuff up. But Thanksgiving is not just a buffer between Halloween and Christmas. It’s a chance to reflect upon what we are thankful for. Here at Sound of the Suburbs and Recharged Radio, I’m thankful for a lot. The chance to listen to great music and share it with our listeners is not only a privilege, but it’s one of those things that keeps me (relatively) sane. One of the bands I’m thankful for is A Band Called Mithras. This Michigan outfit, based outside of Detroit, are led by Bob Wilson. Bob’s bio states that he’s been “playing/listening to /worshipping music since his conception and subsequent birth”. That’s quite a commitment to the artform! His early start notwithstanding, Bob got more serious about this after learning how to walk and talk. He’s been at this since the early 1990’s, the sweet spot in the commercial alternative era. He’s got a pretty nice professional studio, located in his basement, called the Mithraeum, named after ancient Roman caves of worship. This led

to the band’s name, which has always been fun for me to say on the radio: “And now, here’s a band called A Band Called Mithras”. From this underground recording oasis comes the recent album, simply titled “2”. “2” touches upon the best parts of the alternative genre, while pulling from a diverse range of influences. Although Bob’s stated influences include pop, funk, and of course, the genre known as The Beatles, I’d say this great album lands squarely within the alternative genre. The bouncy leadoff track “Robot Clowns” starts us off in high spirits. “American Demon” is reminscent of Beck--spacey synthesized sounds coupled with acoustic guitar and a drawled, rapping vocal delivery on the verses, while singing the choruses. The centerpiece track of the album, “I Know What I Know” comes next. A full on, glorious rock onslaught. Driving layers of guitars, tense vocals, and the most intelligent, catchy chorus I’ve heard in some time: “2000 years/I only know what I know, and it’s probably wrong.” It’s pretty much a look at misguided ideas in our culture through the ages--a big statement, to be sure. I could listen to this one over and over. “Nobody’s Waiting” has a big drum and percussion sound and distorted vocals, taking me back to some of my 1980’s prealternative faves (Icicle Works, anyone?). “Cannonball” slows things down a bit, and shows the acoustic, more organic side of Mithras. Nice harmony vocals on this one. “Sell It To The Kids” gets a little funky, while “Call Out The Captain” is the perfect alternative song. It bridges the earlier, more melodic modern rock era and the harderedged, later alternative stuff. The album closer, “Ain’t No Hope For

rnia diner The Modern Man” features a really groovy bass line. It’s a fairly upbeat, quirky number, but carries a pretty substantial message. It’s the perfect companion piece to “I Know What I Know”. In case the rock didn’t get the point across, the funk will. This is booty-shaking music for the thinking man or woman. Get yourself a copy of “2” by A Band Called Mithras. This is what the second decade of the 21st century sounds like. The other band I’m really thankful for this month is Jet Electro. The mastermind behind Jet Electro is Craig Daniel, who plays in the well-established Fresno, California pop band Poplord. Craig is a songwriter, but not in Poplord. So while he was working on recording sessions with bandmates Tom Magill and Stan Schaffer, he’d slip in a minor request here and there (‘“Hey Stan, could you play a drum track for me on this little song I wrote?”), and soon

whole thing sounds great. The first three songs are upbeat rockers: “I’ll Never Find Another Girl Like You”, a sort of teen romance song, where the guy is excited and paralyzed by all the possibilities. “Buckle Up” features a most excellent Memphis/Stax-style horn section, and gritty, bluesy vocals. Amazingly enough, Craig took out an ad on Craigslist for a horn section, and these musicians came through with exactly the soulful sound he was looking for. “For Sale By Owner” features wistful lyrics about selling the house that the main character lived in during his former marriage. It’s my favorite song among an album of favorites. Other standouts: “Walter Cronkite”, a tribute to the quintessential American television news anchorman, who folks of a certain age remember quite fondly. “This Baby Of Mine” deals with a guy who sold everything and even went homeless in an effort to restore his “baby”, a 1965 Cadillac. Until Craig explained that to me, I really did think he was singing about a girlfriend. The last three songs are a pop tour de force: “100 Girls” is a hilarious novelty song--about a girlfriend who “cut her meds in half to save a little money”, “Jekyll and Hyde got nothing on her”, “when she’s not chewing on the curtains, she’s kissing me or screaming in my face”. “Waiting For An Autograph” is an upbeat rocker about going to a show and getting the album autographed afterwards. The moody “Through” starts with a great echoey guitar and features little blasts from an old-school organ and great harmony vocals. This song not only closes the album, but I often use it to end a set of music on the radio. It sticks with you for a while after the final fade. Jet Electro has earned a place among my favorite albums of 2012. And it should be one of yours too. Get this disc. enough, Jet Electro was born. So what a pleasant surprise when Tom sent me his bandmate’s disc earlier this year. It’s taken my radio shows by storm. The album itself is called Jet Electro, and the album art is an homage to the 1970’s. It’s a picture of Craig’s room, featuring all sorts of kitsch and memorabilia from that era. And zillions of albums--on vinyl, CD, and even 8-track tapes. You know this record is going to be fun before you even pull out the disc. And once you put it on, it’s a great listen. No duds on this album--the

Well, that’s about it from California for November. Enjoy this great music. Next stop: the holiday season. Don’t let it drive you crazy-get out to see a live show. Buy music as gifts. Support indie artists. See you then. “Chef” Mike Lidskin

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Simon Says blog and twitter legend @simonj68’s column in Sound of The Suburbs

Boxing Clever? When wasting time on social network sites today, I saw someone mention that there was a 30th anniversary release of The Gift, the final studio album by The Jam. Aside from the fact that I can remember queuing up outside the record shop in Aylesbury 30 years ago to buy it on vinyl, making me feel old, I thought it would be a nice little present to myself. Until I saw the price; £80!! When the original (which I still have) came out, it would have been about a fiver. You can still pick up a CD copy of the original version for a couple of quid (at most) - which I would recommend. The issue of multiple releases and special editions is nothing new, but it does seem to be a rapidly growing trend, as every album from my youth is now getting a 20th, 25th and 30th anniversary special edition re-release. Remastered tracks, bonus tracks, books, postcards, retro badges etc. are all part of the packages that drag you into buying music you already own, at least once (if not twice) paid for previously. And these are not cheap purchases; £50+ is standard and many now reach into the £100+ territory. This is fine for the target market (i.e. people like me with completionist tendencies and “spare” cash) as no new fan is likely to spend that sort of money on an album. And this is where the wider problem is for music and new bands/ releases. If people are spending this sort of money on re-releases of childhood memories, where is the money to spend on new music? I have made the decision not to buy any more box sets and re-releases (apart from picking them up from eBay cheap) as I don’t actually have that much “spare” cash and I do begrudge being taken for a ride. For major labels, this sort of practice is excellent business; no need to wait for a band to actually make some music; just take the master tapes out of storage, get someone to knock up a book and make it all look pretty and the rest is just pure profit; no risk, no real investment. So instead of finding new bands and music to release and take a chance with, it is easier for the businesses to just keep releasing the same old albums every couple of years, with a few demo tracks on the bonus CD, and everyone is happy. Even new albums get a re-release at the festive time of year with a bonus CD or DVD to fill those present sacks up, and this grates on me even more. Fans will always buy a new album as soon as they can, so adding tracks and bonuses to later releases is actually hurting the real fans more, as it is almost forcing them to buy the same album twice in a year just to make sure that they have all the tracks. Gone are the days of just the one version of an album. I dread to think how many releases of “Never Mind the Bollocks” there have been. It seems to be being remastered and “new” material being added to it on an almost weekly basis. The other part of this whole process that annoys me is the remastering of the tracks, making them sound “cleaner” and using technology that wasn’t around at the time of original

release. The record was good enough at time of release, and was recorded using the technology of the day, and was what the bands wanted to release at the time, so why the desire to make it sound different? (Especially albums being re-mastered without the original band being involved.) How does a producer who has never worked with the band know what changes they would make? A major part of the joy of listening to vinyl is the difference in sound quality that you can never get from a CD, and to deliberately change the sound of music seems a very odd thing to be proud of. And finally the demo and alternate versions of tracks on the bonus discs – they weren’t used / released for a reason at the time; the band didn’t think they were good enough. If they were, they would have seen the light of day then. But 30 years on, we are expected to pay for them. You wouldn’t buy the first draft of a book, as it wouldn’t make sense or be what the author wanted you to experience, so why do it with music? Do we need all the demo’s and tracks where one of the verses is different? Of course we don’t, but there seems to be a compulsion to buy them. I am amazed at how many people I know bought the Blur box set, at well over £100. The labels have clearly done their research on what people will pay for something they already own. Just over 20 years ago a band from Wales burst onto the pages of the NME, promising to make one album, which would be the biggest selling album ever, and then break up. Generation Terrorists by Manic Street Preachers is now a CD / DVD box set, including tracks that were not on the album or even of the time of the album. Much as part of me wants to buy it, I can’t help thinking it wouldn’t be happening if Richey Edwards was around. I will put the Motown Junk 12” on instead, and remember when I used to believe it was all about the music. 4 Real.

Web: Twitter: @SimonJ68 Skype: rumblesandgrumbles

3) Hurts - The Fuegos. Just signed publishing to a Brazilian record company, Hitchin-based The Fuegos feature here on a track from their debut EP from last year. 4) Boys Cry Too - 50ft Woman. A cover from 80’s era Hatfield’s Sternbops given a 2012 kiss of life from Minki and assorted friends.

THE RADIO SHOW TUESDAY’s 10pm with Andy Scratch and John ‘Vintage’ Viney Dear Suburbanites, welcome to our now familiar (for those who read last month’s issue) extended and more in depth Sound of the Suburbs column. We decided that it may be good to expand a little on the show ethos and more importantly the great bands and people out there keeping the dream alive and helping to expand the DIY ethic’s legacy for great and interesting music. We know this is backwards compatible, but it means if you missed the show, you NEED the podcast to match up with the text... (we’re not as dumb as I look :-)) ... ahem anyway, happy hunting...

Sound of the Suburbs NOVEMBER PART 1 One Eyed - intro theme by The Reverse Family: From the yet to be released self titled album. 1) Leni - Flash Fiktion - formed from former Universal signees, Switches. Three charming chaps from Sarf London that I had the fortune to meet at Leopallooza festival in Cornwall in July. My favourite album of 2012. 2) Knife in the Water - Metz – Everyone’s talking about Metz at the moment and this is why, with sprinkles of PIL and Nirvana, they could be big.

5) VINYL - Music To Watch Boys By - The Higsons featuring the Fast Show’s Charlie Higson on vocals. 6) VINYL - Heads Down No Nonsense Mindless Boogie - Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias. Comedy band from Manchester, with their take on punk, from double 7” single 7) Trap Door Decoupage - Vas Deferens MorecrazinessfromoneofSOTSfavouritediscoveries,originally based in Dallas, Texas. 8) The B Goodes - Feel Alright. Infectious 60’s pop rock, from Ipswich, Suffolk http : / / w w w. 9) VINYL - Spin This Web - The Adult Net. One time Mrs Mark E Smiths and Fall guitarist’s other band from freebie 7” from cover of Sounds 10) Paralysed - Born Bad**- Legendary Stardust Cowboy. I first heard this classic track on a cassette given to me in 1991, I featured other tracks in November from this cassette. You can readmoreabouttheexcellentBornBadcompilationalbumshere: DEMO 11) Gang Warfare - Illegal 15 12) VINYL – Home - Lene Lovich Track from her Stiff records album from 1978 wiki/Age_of_Chance

13) VINYL - Shack Up - A Certain Ratio. Their 7” duet single on Factory Benelux

9) Surfin - Born Bad**Ward Darby and the Raves -

14) - Gonna Poison You Tonight - sorry I have no information on this and a couple of other tracks on this show, I made the compilation back in the 90’s on Limewire (I know!)... but never wrote the track listings... even so, I still loved the songs, so here they are again, I think it’s fair to say, they are probably American!?* 15) - 3 is the magic number * Before we go I must mention the brand new sound of the suburbs magazine 16) Ain’t Got No Class - The Tuesday Club www. thisisthetuesdayclub. com/gb/podcast/soundsuburbs-novemeber-2012/id490137655?i=123822232

Sound of the Suburbs NOVEMBER PART 2 One Eyed – Intro theme by The Reverse Family: From the yet to be released self titled album. 1) Gimlet Boy* 2) Dream Boy Doing Well - The Bleeed 5) My Sympathy - Metatrons 6) Baby G - The Vickers - Much appreciated (particularly the guitar riff) by us here at SOTS, Italian pop at its best! 7) VINYL - Say Something - Disco Pistol. Late 90’s glitter popster’s on 7” clear vinyl with added pink glitter 8) VINYL - Kiss - Age Of Chance. The Sheffield band’s take on the Prince hit

DEMO 10) Fun House - New Kick. 80’s Luton based Punk goliaths from their cassette EP - Bucket of Blood. 11) VINYL - Heard you Whisper - The June Brides. Mid 80’s indie band from their album ‘There Are Eight Million Stories’ 12) VINYL - Brainbox - The Three Johns A side group started in 1982 by Mekon’s co-founder Jon Langford 13) Devil With The Blue Dress - Shortie Louie - Born Bad** 14) Love Me - The Phantom - Born Bad** 15) VINYL - It Can Be Done – Redskins. 12 incher from left wing 80s band. http:// The_Redskins 16) VINYL - I Relax to Spiral Scratch – The Scratch. 2002 debut release but St. Alban’s finest New Wavers. 17) Ain’t Got No Class - The Tuesday Club - Released on Dec 3rd 2012, as the follow up to Dolly Dynamite, this track comes as limited edition CD, but also features a bonus Christmas track, True Sex Appeal, available only from ... As ever, a very BIG thanks for listening and for all your support. Please don’t forget to send us your old demos and we’ll see you again for our December shows on Andy Scratch and Vintage Viney xx

20 Questions in 20 Minutes: This month we have Phillip Borg, who, when he’s not not busy making movies no-one will see (his words, not ours) he paints pin-ups. He’s explored the painting techniques of classic pin-up art for a while now and even persuaded our very own Minki to sit still long enough to be immortalised on canvas. And now, he’s not only created a zombie encrusted calendar for 2013 “Jobs for the Ghouls” but is also organising a group show of super talented UK pin-up artists in December which will give people the chance to buy original works and prints in a range of styles, but all on his favourite subject - lovely ladies..

1. If you could look like anyone else, who would it be?

9. Favourite word and why? Balloon. No other word

Gizmo from Gremlins.

would fit and it always makes me smile.

2. Favourite flavour of Pot Noodle? I don’t eat that filth.

10. Boiled sprouts, cabbage or spinach? Spinach -

3. Stoned, drunk or sober? Sober usually, it’s more fun taking advantage of drunk people.

4. You are a puppy, what breed are you and why? Lahsa Apso - I have no idea what they look it just sounds nice.

5. Shoes, trainers or boots? Boots. Nuff said. 6. What would you have been called if you were born a girl? Leslie, so it could have been male - just.

Popeye has a lot to answer for. Curse my puny fore-arms.

11. Out of anyone living or dead, who would you like to paint? Shakespeare. There aren’t any attributable portraits of him so I’d make a fortune!

12. You’ve hit random on your iPod – what’s the first song that comes up? I don’t have such technology - but if I did it would most likely be something by the Muppets.

13. And what was the last track you deleted in disgust?

for all.. it’s an election pledge.

I’m quite careful about my music selection process so I don’t usually have tracks that I don’t like. That said, the last thing someone gave to me that went straight on ebay was some experimental jazz.

8. Which monopoly playing piece are you and why?

14. What would you like to have total control of?

7. Everybody wants some … what? Ice cream. Ice cream

Top hat, I’m seriously addicted to hats and have far more than I have heads to wear them on.


15. What is at the top of your To Do List today? Do twenty questions in 20 minutes.

16. Favourite insult? I don’t usually insult people, it only comes back on you.

17. Perfect night in? Fry-up, cartoons and chocolate. I’m well sophisticated.

18. Perfect night out? A metal gig with friends. 19. Who would win a fight between deer, a goat and a boar? Ummm.. a goat? They have



Ain’t Got No Class Out 03 December

beards, never trust an animal with a beard...

20. Describe yourself using three words... Small but perfectly

Jingle Belles Pin Ups – Free launch party Resistance Gallery 265 Poyser Street, Bethnal Green, London, E2 9RF JingleBellesPinUpShowcase

“The art of performance lies in The Tuesday Club! They are a must see band” Prettyxcentric

“If Roxy Music were doing the Rocky Horror show, they’d sound like this” - Steve Honest, Hackney Road Studios

“Now this is a cheeky little track isn’t it?” Q Radio’s @carolinethedj SINGLE LAUNCH PARTY: SUNDAY 2nd DECEMBER - BAR 62 St.Albans

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Dear Matron My girlfriend caught me surfing for porn and has finished with me. What do I do? Dave, Spitalfields

Oh dear Dave, that seems like a ver y strong reaction! I always thought surfing was a harmles s pastime and I certainly didn’t know you could catch prawns while doing it! That must be quite difficult balancing, what wit h your net and all. Maybe she’s allergic to shellfish? ---------------------------------------

If you have an etiquette dilemma, a conundrum or a something you want Matron to ponder on, feel free to email matronscarryon@gma

Dear Matron I’m quite alarme d by my boyfrien d. He’s a lot ol me and keeps tryi der than ng to ‘go down on me’. I keep sayi but he’s very ke ng no en and says he lo ves doing it and ‘do it for hours’ wants to . What should I do? Sammy, Temple Me ads

Well Sammy, I think he needs to come and see me urgently. Please send his name address and telephone number an d preferably a photograph (though by no means essential).

Australian Independent Music Scene

Peleken Records – The true story… as told by the man who was there I’m going to share a story with you. It’s based on the events I experienced at a studio here in Perth, Western Australia. I’ve decided to go for a fictional platform on which to deliver this little tale – but like all good tales, the ones that you KNOW are going to have some pretty crazy happenings, this is…

me. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not some sort of tyrant, ha! Nah, nah everyone just knows me and knows I get things done in my own way. So when people walk in here and see me smoking, they give me a weird look, and I know they’re saying ‘check this guy out… lucky bastard gets to do what he wants.’ I call it jealously, ha!” Garny took a long drag of his cigarette and then blew out the smoke straight at Moss.

“Based on a true story…” By Peter Renzullo

Dee was still at reception, rolling her eyes at everything she heard. Lez, the sound engineer walked through.


“It’s all about the delivery mate, you need to sell them YOU before you sell them the studio, ya know?” Garny was talking up a storm to the new guy, giving him the usual pep talk he gave all new staff. Dee was listening from her desk in reception, which sat only a few feet away from Garny’s office. His door was open, and it was a slow day so Dee was happy to just sit back and take in the nonsense that spewed from that office. “I’ve been in this industry a long time Moss, and if anyone knows how it works it’s me.” Garny proclaimed. “But it’s time to get some fresh blood on board, which is where you come in mate. Something’s been putting people off recording at Peleken Records, and you’re job is to find out why. And more importantly, get this place pumpin’ again!” “Um, ok.” Moss replied, not really sure what was expected from him. He was being hired as a marketing expert to help get a slump in business back up again. While he respected Garny’s passion and commitment to his business, the fact that Peleken Records needed to hire a marketing consultant had raised questions about what could be causing the decline in business. “When I first started out,” Garny continued. “I was working on the mines, with nothing but a dream, some cash, AND plenty of women throwing themselves at me.” Moss was waiting for a chuckle, or some sort of joke after that remark about the women – it didn’t come.

“Dee, has Ryan called to confirm his recording today?” “No calls yet Lez, sorry” “Ah, typical, that’s cool. If he does call up then just let me know so I can get the room ready.” Lez then looked over at Garny and shook his head. “Fuck me…” Lez walked through and knocked on Garny’s door. “Ah! Moss, I’d like you to meet Lez, he’s our resident sound engineer. Ugly fucker isn’t he!” “Hi Moss, nice to meet you mate.” “Hi Lez, yeah nice to meet you too.” “Sorry mate am I able to have a quick word with Garny alone?” “Yes of course I’ll just…” “Nah, nah, nah. Lez, we’re all one team here. Anything you want to talk about can be discussed as a group. I like keeping all my men in the know.” “Actually I’d prefer just to…” “Nup! Spit it out mate, ha!” Garny seemed to think this was a big game, and gave Moss a knowing look.

“So one day I decided, ‘What am I waiting for? People would kill to be me right now, and I’ve got this opportunity to make my dreams come true. Just do it Garny you dummy! Ha!” Garny then reached forward and picked up his pack of cigarettes, took one out and lit up.

“Ok Garny, if you prefer. I’ve got someone coming in soon and you’re smoking on the premises again. We’ve discussed this a number of times. You can’t do it.” “Mate, I kep telling you, and I’ve just told Moss, that no one cares. They come in here, see me smoking and just keep on walking like nothing’s wrong ya know?” “No I don’t know. That’s absolute crap. I don’t want artists coming in here and thinking it’s OK to smoke indoors. Firstly, it’s illegal, secondly, it’s not good for the equipment…”

“Uh, Garny I don’t know if you should be lighting up in the office.”

“Lez, people take one look at me and…”

“Hey? Nah, nah it’s fine mate. No kiddies come in this studio.”

“Look, I’ve heard it all before Garny. Just put it out and start going outside if you want a smoke.”

“Yeah, I think it’s just not a good idea in general, Health and Safety and all that you know?” Moss tried to keep the mood jovial, although he was very unimpressed with this behaviour – especially from the owner of the business. “Mate, trust me. People come in here and see what I’ve created with my own two hands, and they know that none of this would be here if it wasn’t for me and my drive to make it happen. So maybe in other businesses you’ve worked at it wasn’t a good idea for the boss to smoke inside – fuckin’ stupid rule if you ask me, I mean, you can drink inside can’t you?” “Well, no not really, if it’s a place of business.” “This is more than just a place of business Moss. As far as I’m concerned this is my home. I built it, I run it, I make all the magic happen and no one questions

“Mate, I’ve built this company up single-handedly and I can do whatever I want. This is my business.” “Well then run it yourself. Don’t employ others to work in this environment and put their health, and jobs, on the line. What if the Health and Safety commission were to walk in right now? They’ve been cracking down on this sort of behaviour recently and we’re all in danger of getting in trouble for it. Just smoke outside, it’s not negotiable.” Lez stormed off and shook his head when he passed Dee. “Don’t worry Moss” Garny scoffed. “Lez just needs to get laid. Which is something I don’t have a problem with. Ha! In fact, that’s why I started smoking in here.”

The Sound of the Suburbs  

The Recharged Radio maazine in association with The Perfect Pop Co-op

The Sound of the Suburbs  

The Recharged Radio maazine in association with The Perfect Pop Co-op