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“The Tuesday Club are synth punk pop at its catchiest if you’re thinking about Blondie and Roxy Music you’re on the right track... it’s infectious and uplifting” Vive Le Rock

Dear Tuesday Clubbers and Pop Pickers! Welcome to the JUNE/SUMMER issue of In the Club Magazine

Since we last spoke things have taken a rather jolly up turn, not only have The Tuesday Club finally ‘HOORAY!’ released album 3 - Art is Magic (Big thanks to all you made it such a great day, not least Scant Regard and Hubcap Moon for their fab support slots!) But also Reverse Family have got their first BBC6 Music Mixtape appearance under their belts (see and hear below). Back to the The Tuesday Club and things are really shaping up on the gig front, this Friday sees the band at Suburbs in Guilford for the first time and then in July we make our 2nd TV appearance, this time on Plasma Music TV followed the same day by a gig at Ashlyns Festival in Berkhampsted. This is followed on 28th by our return to the excellent Aston Clinton Beer festival. It’s great to be back gigging again after so long in limbo, though now we’re back it seems like we’ve never been away as was shown at our aforementioned album launch at St.Albans, Lower Red Lion, more of that to come in the mag.

'Hand of God' on BBC6Music "It's always great when Tom tweets you!" Fab to get our first BBC6Music Mixtape feature - 30th April 2018

It's taken a good few uploads to feshonthenet, but great to see our persitence paid off, just the other 380 tracks to go now! https://soundcloud.com/reversefamily/the-bbcmusic-introducing-mixtape-with-tom-robinson-edit

Before that we can’t leave TC talk without mentioning our next great support gig, this time it’s for legendary 90s Indie band Space at Harpenden Public Halls, a venue we’ve had our eye on for a longtime and have finally managed to get on! Of course while the TCs have been firing back into action, Reverse Family have been continuing to smash out the eps. Yesterday seeing EP36 hit the digi stores. Not so much on the gig front, but the band are working hard towards a spectacular 365 closing party in October at which they are looking debut a documentary on the 365 currently being filmed by Harkii Media... more of which in the September/ Autumn issue. Before we go we just want to thank you all for sticking with us, liking, sharing, attending gigs and buying our material, we hope your GDPR wasn’t too painful and apologies if it was on our part! We look forward to seeing you at a gig soon. TTC Forever. PS. Don’t forget to check the new PerfectPop Radio show, hosted by Andreas and the Wolf mixcloud.com/perfectpopcoop




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Special mention to Karen Lui who is filming the Reverse Family documentary





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SAT 28th July


Thurs 6th SEPT



REVERSE FAMILY 365 Closing Party The Barn, The Horn, St.Albans

SAT 6th Oct

THE TUESDAY CLUB Farmers Boy St.Albans (+GUESTS)

Thurs 15th NOV


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The TUESDAY Club Playing the hits: ‘Female of the Species’, ‘Neighbourhood’, ‘Avenging Angels’, ‘Me And You v’s The World’ and more!



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Happy 5th Birthday TO Empire Records on Sat 19th May!




A BIG thanks to Pete Ringmaster of another of his excellent reviews. This time of The Tuesday Club 3rd album - Art is Magic

Trials and turbulences are no strangers to most bands but few as acute as that which impacted on British outfit The Tuesday Club and almost brought it to an end. Now though they are poised to release “unlikely album 3” in the shape of Art Is Magic, a slab of multi- flavoured rock ‘n’ roll which certainly gets under the skin in no time but an itch which just gets more delicious and addictive by the listen. It is their finest moment built across ten bold devilish tracks embracing old and new sounds with a unique imagination and their inimitable touch. Originally conceived in 2011 in Walmington-on-Sea, the renowned setting for British legendary comedy Dad’s Army, The Tuesday Club was an eight piece extravaganza of sound and creative revelry embracing the sights and mischief of their home town’s TV heritage. Their sound blossomed with the punk nurtured DIY attitude and inspiring sounds of the late seventies yet from day one cast its own aural image as proven by debut album See You Next Tuesday in 2013. It was a proposition though which was evolving from that first release and in open exploration by the band’s second album which was released as a quadrilogy of four EPs.

‘glamour’ replacing it with a new urgency and directness.” Alongside vocalist Vanderbraindrain, the band now consists of guitarist Dave Worm, bassist/keyboardist Rogerio Marauder, and drummer Blairdrick Sharpely. As they suggested, the quartet has stripped back the TTC sound and brought forward its raw breath and instinctive imagination whilst broadening yet honing its creative flavourings and adventure. Art is Magic opens with its title track, slipping in on a rhythmic coaxing until a lash of sound sparks a post punk lined stroll led by Vanderbraindrain’s distinctive tones. The song prowls the senses, keys simultaneously providing a melancholic yet mystique lined caress; it all uniting in an infectious swing and call to join its arcane devilry. Captivation was swift and only escalated as the track tempted and teased with its seventies lent enterprise. It is a thickly potent start to the album keenly backed by the poppier rock exploits of Always taking things too far. It bounces around like a mix of Athletico Spizz 80 and Mammal Hum, a fusion of new wave and art rock which poked the appetite initially, whetted its lips further before thereon in fully teasing eager greed by the listen. It is a trait of the album as a whole, making an attention grabbing first impression but spawning lustier reactions by the play though some songs like Soulless City Syndrome had us instantly drooling. Its opening noir tinted intimation simply nurtured intrigue, the following electronic and tenacious punk ‘n’ roll of the song sparking the passions as it cantered lustfully through ears. The best track on Art is Magic, it twists and lures like an Adicts meets Zanti Misfits inspired dervish wearing a cape woven with threads of The Monochrome Set for one unique and gorgeous encounter.

“Trials and turbulences are no strangers to most bands but few as acute as that which impacted on British outfit The Tuesday Club”

Devastation hit after the release of the first EP when drummer Terry Super Cockell tragically died. Though the band completed the album’s unveiling it was obviously without zeal; as they say the following EPs released in a ‘daze’, with the band falling to its knees and closing in on demise as members subsequently left. It was a challenging, life questioning and changing time which was not so obvious to the outside world at the time such the quality of those releases but maybe now best understood by checking out Reverse Family’s current project 365 days of songwriting, the band the solo project of TTC’s founding member Andreas Vanderbraindrain though he goes by Dermot Illogical for it. It is a still on-going colossal collection of tracks written across those times released as an EP a week for a year, many of its songs spawned from the darkness he personally fell into through those times. TTC did survive though, its remaining members regrouping and finding a new breath and energy, stripping away “much of the old

It is a hard task to follow such a pinnacle yet Fruit Salad Girl with its spiky pop rock makes relatively light work of it, the infection loaded romp a nagging rock ‘n’ roll roar which had the body bouncing and vocal chords blaring in no time before Drowning My Sorrows allowed a breath to be taken with its folk pop saunter. Not that it is a dormant on the catchiness, its easy going but boisterous swing leading feet and hips away like a collusion of The Farmer Boys and Swell Maps. Put your Faith in what you can control similarly has a laid back but tenaciously catchy gait and demeanour, again the band’s lo-fi instincts breeding a richly appetising temptation as rhythmically persuasive as it is melodically and lyrically sharp. Thus eager involvement was swift and as forcibly recruited by the bolder rousing punk ‘n’ roll of We are the Team, a song which is the band announcing they are undefeated

“they are undefeated and returning with new vigour and invention whilst creating a personal declaration for all to embrace.”

and returning with new vigour and invention whilst creating a personal declaration for all to embrace. It would be a shock not to have the scent of early Adam and The Ants somewhere within a TTC encounter, Let the kids run the country the irresistible moment within Art Is Magic as the band source their own earlier traits and another influences’ for a greed brewing slice of aural virulence before the darker tone and shadows of Rock and Roll’s not a science infests ears and psyche like a viral infection you cannot shake off, or in this case want to. The song reminded of short lived Welsh punks The Table at times but again TTC spin a web of sound and addiction all their own. The album concludes with Who and youz army, a rhythmically tenacious and infectiously barbed slice of punk rock which would have aroused air punching crowds back in the day just as now. Its hooks are familiar yet inescapable and its character old school with the irritability of today; ingredients ensuring Art Is Magic goes out on a major high. Listening to their album just hits home what we would be missing without The Tuesday Club and how lucky newcomers will be now discovering them through such a glorious romp. Art Is Magic is out now @

theperfectpopco-op.bandcamp.com/album/art-is-magic ringmasterreviewintroduces.wordpress. com/2018/04/02/the-tuesday-club-art-is-magic/

Art Is Magic 4.35 Always Taking Things Too Far 4.23 Soulless City Syndrome 3.18 Fruit Salad Girl 3.00 Drowning My Sorrows 4.20 Put Your Faith (In What You Can Control) 3.47 We Are The Team 3.06 Let The Kids Run The Country 3.11 Rock’n’Roll’s Not A Science 3.01 Who And Youz Army 2.39 Produced By Steve Honest and The Tuesday Club at Hackney Road Studios, London All songs © The Tuesday Club 21st Century thisisthetuesdayclub.co.uk

a new breath and energy, stripping away “much of the old ‘glamour’ replacing it with a new urgency and directness.”


Big thanks to Denise Parsons for the pics from the Lower Red Lion on May 6th. And also for her interview on Radio Verulam on Monday 30th April, which you can hear again here; AVBD at Radio Verulam It sets the scene for what was a great day in Fishpool Street and ultimately the return of The Tuesday Club! Not quite in the realms of American rock band Boston and the 20 year gap between their first two albums... but the gap between the release of Boo Hoo (ep4) of the 2015 Quadrilogy and Art is Magic was for a band on a label known for it’s prolific output, seemed like something of an age! The reasons behind such a delay are numerous, but the main one being the length of the healing process as the once eight piece concert party, imploded, first down to seven but then to five, & to four in the space of a matter of two months. Luckily?... There was no shortage of desire from the remainers and the fact that it coincided with a

rather mammoth period of songwriting meant that an ultimate final collapse was on the cards! And so the process began to record. ‘Let the Kids Run the Country’ was already in the can a recent summer of 2015 session, but it was felt that as the band were now shorn of the option of keys live that it along with a selection of other tracks should be re-recorded at Hackney Road. Another stroke of luck was that Steve Honest our producer extraordinaire had recovered from serious illness and was very much up for the task of capturing the new band sound. Two sessions saw the album recorded during 2016. It was mixed and despite a near disaster when someone sharing Steve’s studio on the night shift binned the master tapes! Lucky number 3 was that the demos recorded for half of the lost tracks were so well put together they could be used without redoing them. And so mastering was completed and the album was ready and waiting for the right moment. After much deliberation was settled upon for Sunday May 6th 2018, the venue St.Albans Lower Red Lion has been scene of many a raucous TC event of yore and following an invitation from Dave the landlord, it was as they say - ‘a no brainer!’ A massive thanks goes out to Dave for showing such faith in us and pretty much single handedly running the pub all day! Another massive thanks to everyone who attended the launch to repay his faith in beer sales! As you can see from the Denise’s pics a great day was had by all with brilliant sets by Scant Regard (Will Crewdson) and Hubcap Moon and finished off by two sets from The Tuesday Club - The first being the whole of the IF you haven’t already purchased the album Art is Magic album in order and then a 2nd set which you can do so or indeed stream it here: was curated courtesy of a song raffle and selected by members of the crowd!


The whole set and day was topped off as Will and Roger Payne of Hubcap Moon joined the TCs for a storming rendition of The Adam and The Ants classic Zerox. It’s always a buzz to see Will play that track with the band for obvious reasons, there’s also another little know Zerox/ Ant connection that Roger will reveal on page 32 of this very mag! #artismagic

open.spotify.com www.amazon.co.uk/Art-Magic-Tuesday-Club www.deezer.com/album

Skipping Over Damaged Area 1 Mostly Accidental 2 Fuck Everything 3 Ill Gotten Gains 4 Destroy (We’re Here To) 5 BIGBLACKSHADES 6 Car Crash on Pluto 7 Hemi Demi 8 Traits 9 Sublineage Blues I 10 Posthistoric 11 Crime and Retribution 12 Blue Moon Juice


A body infesting, imagination twisting kaleidoscope to the hope and insanity of the world we shape, Skipping Over Damaged Area is the senses ravishing new captivation from Scant Regard. An album of unscrupulous hooks, electronic virulence, and guitar carved intimation, it surges through ears casting a realm of suggestion and reflection as devilish as the themes inspiring its creative antics leaving hope, fear, and sheer pleasure in its wake. Scant Regard is the solo project of London-based guitarist/ writer/producer Will Crewdson. He is a musician few can have failed to have been consciously or unknowingly pleasured by.

Whether with the rock escapades of Rachel Stamp, which he co-founded, and She Made Me Do It or through his work with the likes of Adam Ant, The Selecter, Johnette Napolitano, Flesh for Lulu, Bow Wow Wow and numerous other bands he played guitar for, Crewdson is a guitarist who has been in demand because of his instinctive ability to incite and bend the imagination as well as simply ignite songs and ears alike. Scant Regard has been an adventurous showcase for his craft and skills across four previous albums, Skipping Over Damaged Area a riveting new addition to their ranks. Exploring various shades in an overall theme “of the apocalyptic destruction and devolution of the planet we live on”, Skipping Over Damaged Area is a tenacious maze of styles

the imagination conjures. Simultaneously feet and hips were given a good smile wearing work out before BIGBLACKSHADES creates a conspiracy of sound and suggestion with its cold wave meets industrial espionage. Electronics and guitar again unite in a dark interpretation of life, its funkiness contrasting yet complementing the song’s voracious dynamics. A lighter climate accompanies the outstanding Car Crash on Pluto, the track like something akin to Fred Schneider colluding with Helldorado as they glide the cosmos upon surf rock fuelled winds, while Hemi Demi courts indie rock tenacity within its electro pop enterprise as again seventies flavoured hues spice its rock ‘n roll. Through the celestial smoulder of Traits, a track with lava hot melodies veining a volatile shimmer, and the hook carrying electro smoking canter of Sublineage Blues, ears and imagination are drawn into further incendiary drama while Posthistoric springs a more intensive atmosphere and adventure to navigate as a bubbling undercurrent of catchiness snaps, crackles and pops. All three simply tantalise and captivate as the imagination fantasises, Crime and Retribution in turn sparking the same responses with its brooding electronic groans and emerging guitar spun cold war clamour.

“A body infesting, imagination twisting kaleidoscope to the hope and insanity of the world we shape” and flavours glazed with a sci-fi nurtured intrigue. At times it is like a warped soundtrack to a seventies TV show such as UFO, Space: 1999, or Doomwatch but with a dark lining in its every move; corrupting hope and light at a turn, tempering their threat in the next. The album opens up with the swiftly addictive Mostly Accidental, electric pulses exploding on impact as it swaggers into view with an almost predacious swing. Instantly electronic suggestion and animation dances and flirts on the senses, thick doomy hues underlining the brewing Westworldesque imagery conjured in thoughts by the instrumental piece which fully comes alive once Crewdson’s guitar explodes on the imagination. It is an outstanding beginning, one to be honest we had to listen to twice before moving on upon our first listen to Skipping Over Damaged Area but quickly matched in strength and temptation by Fuck Everything. Repeated samples of its title float across a landscape of attitude, another electronically woven tale which immerses the listener in an evolving cascade of light and dark, fun and irritancy driven by inspiring shards of guitar.

The album closes with Blue Moon Juice, a collage of vivacious sounds woven into a canvas of rockabilly bred devilry; imagine a psychobilly Yello and you get a hint of the track’s irresistible lure as it brings the album to a forcibly magnet conclusion. Skipping Over Damaged Area is a prismatic insight and incitement for body and thoughts. It impacts on numerous levels, pleasures on every one. Crewdson is no stranger to attention and acclaim and can expect plenty more with what just might be his finest moment yet.

Skipping Over Damaged Area is out now on download and CD


“an adventurous showcase for his craft and skills across four previous albums, Skipping Over Damaged Area a riveting new addition to their ranks.” Pete RingMaster 09/05/2018 The following Ill Gotten Gains is a corruption of sound and Copyright RingMaster: MyFreeCopyright reflection; an addiction breeding ground with melodic lures aligned to dark deeds. At times it lies somewhere between the evolution of Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh’s project British Electric Foundation into their band Heaven 17 but with thicker shadows and dare we say even more infectious boldness. Similarly Destroy (We’re Here to) has an eighties electronic edge to it around hooks and melodies which border on the salacious. Like the musical voice to a modern day Mars Attacks, the track waltzed over the senses, sending them spiralling as

scantregard.com facebook.com/scantregardpage twitter.com/scantregard

#rf365 is now 260 days in, with over 100 songs still to release it's not too late to catch up! On May 24th we finally finished mixing and mastering the last ep. It's now been uploaded to our distributor and is with all the remaining eps now ready to be unleashed. A huge thanks goes out to Steve Honest for his tremendous, patience, skill and support throughout this massive under taking, we are sure you will enjoy the results. Not only this but we are currently working with Harkii media (see page 29) recording a documentary film about the project, details of which will appear in the autumn edition of In the Club magazine out in September. Big thanks for keeping on keeping on. Dermot xx

MONDAY 11th JUNE - RFEP37 Global snowball (day 253) The culture of worklessness (day 254) Dumb dumb (day 255) The glimmer of see through trees (day 256) Til I'm a better me (day 257) Divided nation (day 258) Worry about all that tomorrow (day 259) facebook.com/reversefamily soundcloud.com/reversefamily @reverse_family reversefamily.co.uk  












soundcloud.com/reverse-family-ep1 1


















8 1 ! ! Y ! A D EASES MOND E! N A BR REL EXT UN J N NEW- OUT “It’s outsider pop that’s so far outside you need binoculars to see it.” Reverse Family - Not the kinda boy you want to invite to tea "Not the kinda boy you want to invite to tea from the prolific Reverse BIG thanks @thedevilstuna for this appraisal of a track from ep27 Family, the solo project of Dermot Illogical, (first featured on the blog early last year, The Weekend Mix 11th February 2017) is prickly, scratchy, #rf365 lo-fi post punk that sounds like Wire tuning into Alternative TV. It's We start this week's collection of Fresh Sounds with a song that's two outsider pop that's so far outside you need binoculars to see it." years old but it's been beautifully preserved so it's as fresh as the day besttuna.blogspot.com/2018/06/fresh-sounds it was recorded. RFEP38 - Days 260 to 266 Cosmo Valderma (day 260) Our plans (day 261) The TV Nanny (day 262) Who and youz army (day 263) The real world (day 264) Stay (day 265) Grown ups lie (day 266) Produced by Steve Honest and Dermot Illogical via dropbox/Hackney Road and St.Albans. Recorded on location(s) in St.Albans Jan-Nov 2015 ©reverse family 2018 this weeks themes #plans #army #realworld #stay #grownups #TVnanny #lies #perfectpop #rf365 Where to try and where to buy!











4 track digital SAMPLERS from OCT 2nd 2017 as part of a set of 12 to collect from NUB RECORDS.

Big thanks to Mark and Guy from local celebrity label Nub Records for giving us the chance to release these handy ‘bite size’ samplers, to tempt you into making the full life commitment that is the #365. Available through all the major digital stores.

Sampler 08 - 30 JUNE- RF365SAMP08 Tap water cocktail (day 137) Urbanised suburbanised (day 143) As the world catches up one by one (day 149) Why are all the best places always in the wrong place? (day 154)

LIVE ATHE DC big thanks to Brad Wigglesworth for the pics




"unadulterated post punk edginess birthed of a parentage of Public Image LTD & Magazine types"

WE ARE THE TEAM AN alt ‘WorldCuparama’ By Mark Barton

Big thanks to the one and only Mark Barton for his appraisal of We are the team... not strictly a football song, but the cap fits... just... and we'd hate to get sun In our eyes! Here we give football (this summers next obsession) a bit of a Sunday League slant... there’s no VAR here folks, the song wouldn’t get passed the intro! We are the team will feature on the final ep (52) of the bands massive 365 project, but with Russia 2018 looming, here’s a different slant on things! World Cup songs, what's the general consensus. Me personally, I hate them with a passion, three lions, that New Order tosh and that's before we even scratch a little deeper and go all Waddle and Hoddle on you. Hard as it is to imagine but they've often proved more embarrassing than the national team we put up every few years and entrust with the nations hopes, the payback being that an early doors exit is always on cards and that your gut feeling, another chalk up for the Germans, ends up taking the prize while the Football Association shuffle to fumble some vague excuse as to a work in progress. A fifty-year work in progress not 'arf but what do you expect from a country that excels at mediocrity and no we won't mention Brexit, what a cock up that's proving to be. All said, I'm quite buoyant about this year's world cup, I've accepted we won't win it, I've faith in the manager and the squad, the goalkeeper situation irks me a bit but hey ho if the ten in front of him do what they are

meant to do, he should have a relatively easy run. Quarter Finals and I'll be happy. So why am I wittering about the World Cup, only that Dermot from the Reverse Family has been in touch with details of a video showcasing a forthcoming download only single, a kittle World Cup baiting that's what we need in our life right now and to stuff it is. The animated video pretty much portraying everything you need to know about Leeds United in the early 70's – I swear we spotted Giles and Hunter in there. The sounds, well as some wit once said, it's a game of two halves in so far as yes, disappointingly it's a football song, but secondly and more importantly, it's a good 'un, for 'we are the team' is wonderfully scuzzy, no kid pop singa-longs here, just pure unadulterated post punk edginess birthed of a parentage of Public Image LTD and Magazine types all soldered to an austere blank generation spiky sparseness that's both wirily chilled and somewhat gouged in a superbly subliminal acuteness.


ARKII is a dynamic digital media company based in London which focuses on independent musicians, creative audio and sound research. HARKII.com is the online hub for its original content, and it also manages multimedia content on various platforms, with future plan to transform how talents in audio industries communicate and promote their works. We offer a mix of reporting and commentary on stories of independent musicians, creative audio projects, and academic research on sound and relevant subjects. We also discuss on art, poetry, science, technology, movie when the work is closely related to how we listen to the world.

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ROGUE In the club SECTOR Joining us in the club this month are Andrew, Paul and Ellie from Harpenden’s dark matter specialists the marvelous Rogue Sector, if you don’t know alrwady and want to know what they soundlike check any of the recent Andreas and The Wolf radio shows (featured directly after this article) and you can immerse yourself deep into the underworld!

Welcome to you all, big thanks for joing us In the you guys!


OK firstly, we are sitting in the cyber pub doing this interview, and it’s our round. What do you want to drink?

Paul: A pint of Guinness please. Ellie: I’ll stick with Guinness ta.

Andrew: A double Vodka & Tonic please. What was the last thing you heard/watched that was so good you had to tell someone about it?

Paul: Babylon Berlin is a German period drama television series based on novels by Volker Kutscher. The series takes place in 1929 during the Weimar Republic and follows police inspector Gereon Rath, who has been transferred from the city of Cologne to Berlin, and aspiring police inspector Charlotte Ritter. I’m fascinated by this period in modern German history, how a nation was caught up in a financial crisis and got swept up by fascism. Ellie: Tom Bilyeu’s YouTube channel. Andrew: Can I go for something I read recently? Ghosts Of My Life by Mark Fisher – it really put a stone in my shoe, in the best sense. What four items would you put in a time capsule?


Paul: Old 1950’s His Master’s Voice record player with the theme tune of Laurel and Hardy; Arp 2600 series (best synth ever); My Life in the Bush Of Ghosts by Brian Eno and David Byrne; DVD of World at War

Ellie: Diary entries; letters from family; photos of family/friends; a copy of a song I’ve written. Andrew: Music for A New Society by John Cale; Tomorrow Never Knows by the Beatles; Petrococadollar by Scritti Politti; Eddie’s Out by Cabaret Voltaire. What does Punk mean to you?

Paul: Liberation. Punk opened up a whole new musical philosophy, DIY record labels like Mute made it seem extremely exciting to be able to give it a go as an artist / musician. Continued...

Continued from over... Ellie: Doing what you want and not giving a fuck what anyone.....else thinks, aka my dad [Pete Jones, bassist with Department S, ex-PIL]. Andrew: The attitude. The DIY ethos. Songs suddenly became short, sharp shocks to the system: don’t bore us, get to the chorus! It was a much-needed dose of medicine that cured us (for a while, anyway) of the Prog Rock sickness. But, as with all medicine, I preferred the taste of other things that came up at the same time as punk, or just before, like Throbbing Gristle, Suicide and Cabaret Voltaire. They sounded so alien and punk seemed a bit tame and retro by comparison, with its Chuck Berry riffs. TG and CV proved that you didn’t need three chords either, just one finger and a good idea.

If football is the current ‘rock &’roll (in terms of Superstar status), what do you think could or should be next big thing?

Paul: I haven’t got a clue, it makes my brain hurt thinking about it.

Ellie: I don’t know a thing about football so I’m not sure on this one... Andrew: Unless we completely reconfigure our relationship to the planet, the next big thing is more than likely to be catastrophic climate change. It’ll take more than Simon Cowell to sell that to the teenage economy. If you could be any character in a film, what film and who would it be?

Paul: Casablanca, Claude Rains has the best lines in film history. Ellie: The Little Mermaid in The Little Mermaid Andrew: Charles Hawtrey, in any of the Carry On films. You are now In The Club, but what club do you actually wish it was?

Paul: Studio 54, so many sexy people taking hedonism to the max. Ellie: Berghain in Berlin but without a broken spine [Ellie broke her back while in Germany last year]. Andrew: Can I cheat? I’d like to combine two clubs I used to go to in the mid-nineties. One was the Disobey Club, at the Garage in Islington. The house DJ was The Beekeeper (aka Bruce Gilbert), who played CDs at 3% of their normal speed and called his sets ‘drones’. Among many great nights there I saw Suicide; Pansonic; Aphex Twin DJ-ing with sandpaper instead of vinyl; and Bruce Gilbert performing inside a garden shed and playing the loudest set I have ever heard… The other was Club Indigo. Hosted by the irrepressible Count Indigo, along with resident DJ, Feltchley B Hawkes,

they turned Tuesday nights into an easy-listening paradise. Housed in Madame Jojos in Soho, bands would play, beautiful transvestites would bring drinks to your table and there was even the occasional stripper (blush). It was a total environment, with a dream-like atmosphere. Now, if you could merge both those clubs into one, I’d be as happy as Sam the bad cat who died and went to pussy heaven. Who’d be in your four-piece fantasy band?

Paul: Jaki Liebezeit (Can drummer), Richard Butler (Psychedelic Furs), and Brian Eno on bass synths; and David Lynch doing the visuals. Ellie: Claire Boucher, Bjork, Jenny Lee Lindberg, Justin Vernon. Andrew: Scott Walker, Blixa Bargeld, Deantoni Parks and Peter Christopherson. If you had a time machine and could go back to any year in music, what would it be and why?

Paul: 1962 - the birth of British modern music and fashion. Ellie: The beginning of time, witnessing the origins of music. Andrew: I’m not really nostalgic in that sense. I’d rather go five minutes into the future so I could have the edge on everyone else for once in my life! What question haven’t we asked you that you wish we had?

Paul: “What’s your favourite colour?”

Ellie: “Which one of these delicious donuts would you like?” Andrew: “Would you care for another double Vodka & Tonic?” Where’s the best place to find you on the internet?

Paul: paul_freegard on Instagram Ellie: facebook.com/kintsukumusic Andrew: twitter.com/roguesector

test news from Keep up with all the la w te Jones on Pete’s ne Department S and Pe

www.joylessjones.co.uk s news/ e’ et P d an iL P of ts lo es d Inclu history etc...



Perfect Pop Co Op Radio is back: mixcloud.com/perfectpopcoop now hosted by Andreas and the Wolf, just click, follow and enjoy! Lots of exclusives, oldies and rarities and that’s the music not the band! Follow us @andreasandtwolf instagram.com/andreasandthewolf

PPCO at The first Horn record fair May 6 -2018




7 years in, The Tuesday Club release an unlikely album 3 - Art is Magic. Literally half the band they started out as, now a 4 piece from the initial 8. From a hugely promising debut album - See you next Tuesday... they moved to their 2nd official release by way of a quadrilogy of 4 eps. Having played a fantastic promo tour for ep1 my consciousness, the TCs were literally rocked and almost derailed by the tragic death of drummer Terry Super Cockell, the subsequent releases were put out in a daze and not with a little help from dep drummers until the arrival of Current sticks man Blairski. The good ship ship Rocked and tilted violetly following the penultimate ep release lady gargar and subsequent defection of Bass, vocals and guitars but somehow steadied leaving the current 4 piece to regroup and begin work on their ‘comeback’ - Art is Magic Art Is Magic Always Taking Things Too Far Soulless City Syndrome Fruit Salad Girl Drowning My Sorrows Put Your Faith (In What You Can Control) We Are The Team Let The Kids Run The Country Rock’n’Roll’s Not A Science Who And Youz Army

Tuesday Club expanded See You Next Tuesday The Complete Sessions

In 2013 as a bristling 8 piece - 2 bass, keys, drums, 3 guitars, 2 vocals and a Minx!... The Tuesday Club released ‘See you next Tuesday’ on an unsuspecting world... “Roxy Music played by The Rocky Horror Show”... here for the first time you can grab for your collection - The Complete sessions... featuring the lost tracks and unreleased material... 5 of which have been released on varying eps and singles, 3 of which have never been released... and now due to loss of the original masters - 1 of which was never and will never be finished! Released on Ltd edition of only 50 cds and a digital download. You’d be a definite SYNT not to want this?! CD1: Original Album:

Dolly Dynamite Ain’t Got No Class Money Means Nothing Nanananana She Splayed My Teeth New Regime (Slow Swing) Replication and Montage All You Do Is Wow New Glamour Wish My Slate Was Cleaner Vinyl As a Manifesto Oh Daddy Please Little Miss Attitude Human inhuman being

CD 2:

Previously released Material True Sex Appeal (Free Xmas single) These Dogs Bite (B-Side Dolly Dynamite EP) Old Before Your Time (Original mix) One Idea and a Lonely Voice  (From Forbidden Kiss EP) New Regime (Punkd) (B-Side Ain’t got no Class) Previously Unreleased Material Erotism And Machinery It Ain’t Changed Me Gordon Curfew (unfinished Mix)

Other releases currently available from The Tuesday Club

My Consciousness EP My Consciousness, Harsh tales of ancient news and Something Major. Available on Silver and MP3 download! EP001

Lady Gargar EP Lady Gargar, Scars are Superstars and Resistance makes your heart groan fonder. Available on Silver and MP3 download! EP003

Forbidden Kiss EP Forbidden Kiss, Cities Alive and One Idea and a lonely voice. Available on Silver and MP3 download! EP002

Boo Hoo EP Boo Hoo, Beat Oven, Greyer Shades Of Grey Available on Silver and MP3 download! EP004




This track is based on a cassette demo from the B-Wolf from the mid 1980s with new lyrics added by Andy. Back in 1984 Wargames, the postpunk/new wave band B-Wolf was in, called it a day. But The Wolf carried on writing material for a new album for when he found a new band. He had a portastudio, a couple of guitars, a Casio CZ101 keyboard and a drum machine. As he can’t sing he ended up with a lot of instrumental demos. Fast forward 30 years and when clearing the attic he came across a box full of old cassettes and fancied giving them a listen… He thought it would be an interesting project to revisit these tracks written by his twenty year old self. In some cases he had the original 4 tracks so he used these and added to them and in other cases where he only had a mixed down track he rerecorded everything. At the time he was influenced by the likes of Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Cure, Psychedelic Furs, The Banshees/Cure offshoot, The Glove, and Magazine.


The Dodo - The Album. Finally released in it’s full digital tragedy... Taking 3 weeks of evenings to produce in the autumn of the late late noughties... unplanned and adrenalised. It sounds more like a the soundtrack to Saint-Saens carnival of the animals transported to a lost autumn somewhere in a darker, richer, swinging 60’s... the 1860’s that is. Harpsichord, strings, bells, and tormented otherwordly backing vocals provide the backdrop to this feast of psychedelic melancholia laid bare to inspire and unhinge in equal measure. From the soaring yet forbidding, puritanical bleak, wailing, death mask procession of ‘Into the Black’, to the 60’s apple blossom infused cold war time bomb - ‘Waiting for the walls to come down. The DIY or DIE Organisation sound like a ghostly ice-cream van stalking the neighbourhoods of the as yet unwritten Tim Burton animation… ‘Gothic Pop Victoriana’. The DODO was born, it grew and ultimately demised, leaving this as it’s epitaph... Into the mists of time and tragedy it fades... the last Thylacine resplendent in a Tin Foil Crown.

theperfectpopco-op.bandcamp.com/ album/the-diy-or-die-organisation

With the debut album tabled for release in 2018it looks to be an exciting year for the duo.

All I want is you theperfectpopco-op.bandcamp.com/ album/all-i-want-is-you

Waiting for the walls to come down/ Into the black theperfectpopco-op.bandcamp.com/album/ waiting-for-the-walls-to-come-down

The Purest/My little Eye theperfectpopco-op.bandcamp.com/ album/the-purest


Imagine Scrooge hadn’t had his dream and he’d carried on blissfully and corporatly crushing the spirit of his loyal workforce, this is Bob Cratchits revenge. Despite all the hardship Bob’s soul elevated his family to higher consciousness where they dispensed with traditon and used the foil for something alltogether more glam than a turkeys marathon runners blanket. Melancholic yet up lifting Tin Foil Crown is an anthem of Hope and fortitude against the odds!



THE BLEEED Life is for winners and only winners... 'Dream boy doing well' is about dead winners, dead from life... dead ending... dead bored... dead frustrated... imagine... Johnny the horrifying man from Repetition by David Bowie in a scene from a 1970's Hammer Horror Film... infused with the dark hopeless sarcasm of the queen in snow white... that's what the Bleeed are serving up for you this time dear friends, go on take a bite!

The Silent Scream Valerie Leon (Queen of Neon) Super Juice theperfectpopco-op.bandcamp.com/ album/dreamboy-doing-well

theperfectpopco-op.bandcamp.com/ album/the-silent-scream-ep Plus released to commemorate 40 years since the Ramones debut LP. There’s a FREE download of our version of their classic track Commando theperfectpopco-op.bandcamp.com/album/ commando



MY SONGS ABOUT LIFE MID CRISIS Ever had that dream where an insect invades the ear and sets up home to mercilessly tease and torment thereon in? If so, a form of similar reality is about to be unleashed as the Reverse Family step forward to announce themselves with a sound which trespasses and festers in the psyche. The difference is that this is set to be the most welcome invasion of ears as it crawls with relish into the imagination. Reverse Family is the solo project of Dermot Illogical, aided by a fluid band of collaborators from time to time, this debut offering is a lo-fi exploration into an experimental DIY web of sounds and flavours which is hard to pin down but certainly embraces everything from post punk and noise pop to indie and old school punk. There are so many highlights offered by the Reverse Family songs; each track connecting with an ever eager hunger for punk fuelled, post punk spiced imagination. Plastic Punks epitomises this perfectly, its Fire Engines toned melodic jangle and Spizzenergi devilry sheer temptation again emerging as something specific to Reverse Family. With a tongue in cheek lining to the lyrical reflection shaping songs which spreads into the music itself, Reverse Family is a beguiling adventure with a nod to the past and a grip on an imagination as fresh as it is, well quite simply a touch loco. Ringmaster Review

"This loose and snazzy slinky strut has been leaked as a mooching club floor teaser as to whats to come. Time tunnelling its way from a new wave age to present day, this glam funked schizoid crooner is possessed of the kind of wayward outsider pop dialect that imagines odd popper Gary Wilson doing Adam Ant homages whilst shimmying up to a class of 1980 gathering of Jona Lewie and Robin Scott moonlighting as M types." losingtoday.com

theperfectpopco-op.bandcamp.com/ album/way-it-goes

Legend of Pierre is the follow up single to ‘Way it Goes’ from the bands new vinyl only LP My Songs about life Mid Crisis.

"A haunting keys wrapped sultry croon"

Ringmaster Review

theperfectpopco-op.bandcamp.com/ album/legend-of-pierre


SATURDAY 28 JULY & SATURDAY 10 NOVEMBER 10.00am – 4.00pm


1000s of records, CD’s E Memorabilia, Rarities & Bargains For more information or to book Refreshments all day a table please call 01582 762880 BOOK ONLINE BOX OFFICE


01582 767525

Southdown Road, Harpenden, Herts, AL5 1TE


What is AtomCollectorRecords.com ? At its core it is a FREE site where you listen to music and earn credits which you use to get your own music heard. But it is A WHOLE LOT MORE than that - read on! You can add up to 50 SoundCloud, Spotify, BandCamp, YouTube, ReverbNation & FanBurst tracks. You listen to other musician’s tracks and earn a credit every time you listen for at least 60 seconds. You can vote for your favourite tracks, leave comments and follow their social media accounts. There’s a chat room which is always friendly and a good laugh. We really do have a fantastic community already and it is growing fast! There are message boards to find collaborators, post upcoming gigs, discuss music promotion, find Spotify playlists, etc. Tracks that are in play also get added to playlists on various platforms and there is even a weekly radio show featuring selected tracks that is aired on Radio Beacon. We also make frequent use of Twitter to spread the music so make sure you set up all your social media accounts so you can get tagged and people can follow you. Go to www.AtomCollectorRecords.com and sign up.

Check out the video above and the FAQ for more information. Maybe see you in the chat room! JUXTA JOHN


Here’s our latest PPCO guide to our new & fave ‘LIKED’ artists on ACR


Hans-Peter Radtke

Dislocated Flowers




Jibba The Gent


this months NEW ACR act IS Jibba The Gent Not your regular Rapper... When you think of Vermont you might think of cheddar cheese, maple syrup, and snow. Or perhaps, the Mountains covered in foliage and ski vacations. The last thing one might relate with Vermont is Hip-hop music. Enter Jibba The Gent, born and raised in Southern Vermont, Jibba brings a new flavor of lyricism center stage. Based on creativity, versatility and his country roots. Jibba's style is the raw hip-hop of the underground culture mixed with catchy hooks and an undertone of Comedy. Never taking himself too serious, he represents for the underdog with a positive personality and ambitious work ethic. All through carefully crafted and timed musical poetry.

https://open.spotify.com/ track/21mwl7w61Bs93QE8puKsQI Short Link (All social media and music links)


Who is that Roger Payne again? To some who’ve been reading this mag for more than a couple of years Roger Payne is ‘Roger the Ranter’, to others he is Roger guitarist/vocalist in Harpenden Country Punks - Hubcap Moon, to others he is also a writer with associated press notable in these pages recently for his attempt to unravel the original concept of The Reverse Family 365. But to many impressed by such things (like us!) Roger also has an esteemed past in the early years of Punk Rock in the late 70s.

This news was only recently uncovered by us at The Tuesday Club album launch following Roger’s appearance with the band during their encore - A cover of the Ants classic Zerox - from whence Roger’s story unfolded! Back then Roger who originally hailed from Portsmouth was part of a band called Again Again and was signed to Do It records - at the same time as another up and coming Punk in a little known band called Adam and the Antz. (This being the era of our fave Ant album - the classic Dirk Wears White Sox). Anyway now here for you for the first time in the mag we present the Again Again Peel Session from 12th December 1978. We’ve also included a link to a film about Rogers old Punk Stamping ground in Portsmouth, so prepare yourselves to be beamed back 40 years and enjoy some rather fine late 70s new wave!

The session recorded by Again Again on 12 December 1978 for the John Peel show on BBC Radio 1 and broadcast on the 20th of that month.










PK Promotions

The Parsons Knows championing local music •

facebook.com/theparsonsknows twitter.com/RVparsonsknows lemonrock.com/pkpromotions

By Denise Parsons – Music Promoter – ‘The Live Music Project’ Trestle Arts Base, St.Albans and Radio Verulam DJ

My latest Tips, TOP BANDS, ARTISTS and EVENTS! Hello sunshine & hello festival season

San Blas

… Everywhere you go there are events and festivals… some are just fetes masquerading as festivals off course, but it means we get to take live music outside and that is a good thing in my book... anything from the pub garden to a full-on festival stage gets my vote for passing the time. Bask in the sunshine with something cool to drink listening to some fab live music #Heaven!

Ever heard of a ukele rock band? Well you have now. San Blas are bringing their style to the masses & doing it very well indeed. They guested on my show recently & I found out all about the phenomenon now known as ‘The San Blas Epiphany’ After travelling the world & ending up in ‘San Blas’ Sam decided the way forward with his music was to form a ukele rock band and so he did. Check out their latest EP ‘Draw, Win, or Lose’, available on limited edition CD & presumably online. I reckon these guys really have something... (remember... you heard it here 1st!)

I am also very happy to have my partner in food & style back Mandy McNeil (St Albans Tastes) safe from her travels across the globe via god knows where & pirates... In other breaking news I have been helping my good friend Becky Phillips out on her new adventure over at North Herts FM by curating a local music playlist. Coming live soon I hope! Oh & I’ve got 2 new tattoos courtesy of The Great British Tattoo Show at Ally Pally a couple of weeks ago... wanna see? So, what’s new, hot & full of flavour at the moment then? Let’s find out.


Skomads Brand new single coming out on Father’s Day 15th June ‘Dad’. An emotional one for lead singer & writer Kevee Lynch in memory of his own Dad who sadly passed a year ago. Having lost my dad over 35 years ago, this is one that resonates with me as well. The full album is due to drop not long after. Some great original ska punk for St Albans. You will find them live at this years ‘Aston Clinton Beer Festival’ on 29th July.


Swanvesta Social Club Think of sunshine, think of festivals & these guys should be right on top of your list. Playing locally & up & down the country in what they say is their busiest year so far. New music too with the recent release of ‘Chihuahua With A Paddle’ – Really, I have no idea what it means but it’s a great album! If you can’t see them live, then crank up the stereo & have your own mini garden Anglo Cuban festival.


Starseedz release #Luv – the best ear candy for the summer. New duo The Maranellos – love,love,love it & looking forward to hearing more. Clan of Celts album is still playing on repeat in my car. Ray Waters is back from his travels to the US of A & launching a solo career. Don’t worry he’s definitely not leaving The Zipheads. Ray will be hosting a charity gig at The Garibaldi pub in St Albans on 17th June – an ‘all dayer’ in memory of his father Pete Waters so expect some Plastic Paddy tunes as well. Paul Eccentric releases a new library & a new book ‘Does my Bass Look Big in This’ – hilarious Anti Poet antics.

In other news, Phoenix O’Neill is just back from LA where she performed a series of show case gigs to Industry professionals including performing at Engelbart Humperdinck’s birthday party... I’ve manged to nab her for my very own Harey Open Mic on 27th June! (what’s LA got that we haven’t??!). Whilst in LA who should she bump into but Indi Forde from Indi & The Vegas – small world eh... Indi told me their new album is nearly ready. can’t wait!

Lastly, I’m off to see Billy Idol on 23rd June in Birmingham! Wahoo... sadly I will miss TTC & RF & Whatever’s Red at their charity gig in St Albans but…. Billy Idol… Have I ever told you my Billy Idol story?? Well... a very long time ago… in a pub in St Albans…. I met a young Billy Idol…. Have an amazing summer everyone! Thank you & Goodnight… Finally, here’s all my links, see you

soon, Denise! x

soundcloud.com/denise-parsons-1 facebook.com/theparsonsknows twitter.com/RVparsonsknows

Run by musicians for musicians 3Ms Music is a boutique record label specialising in Limited Edition Vinyl releases as well as CD’s & digital releases #LetsMakeRecords

Free track on this months cover CD. Album now available from www.3msmusic.com

Coming out soon on Limited Edition Vinyl

‘They don’t just play Roots – they play the whole damn tree’.

Other new releases this month include the new album from Sharks - ‘Ready Set Go’ featuring original members Steve ‘Snips’ Parsons on vocals & Chris Spedding on guitar. ‘A quality product with a classic feel, kicked up a notch with some truly modern flourishes’

10% discount code: CD29

3msmusic.com 3MS Music sponsors of The Parsons Knows Local Music on Radio Verulam

! K C O R E G A GAR Great things start with humble beginnings. What does Disney, Harley Davidson, Apple, Hewlett Packard, Google and Amazon all have in common? They all started with a great idea and a garage (can you guess who these garages belonged too? answers at the end).

studio@northhertsfm.com northhertsfm.com

That's what North Herts FM believe they have. Operating from a garage conversion at present but with a vision to be the best Great things start with humble beginnings. What does Disney, Harley Davidson, Apple, privately owned Community Radio station for the area. Run by and Packard, Google andHerts Amazon common? They all started with a great for Hewlett the local community. In fact, North FM isall thehave ONLYintruly local radio station in the area. out of frustration thatgarages "local" radio idea and a garage (can Born you guess who these belonged too? answers at the end). often means a global brand with some community content, thingsadvertised start with humble beginnings. What does Disney, Harley inaccessible and expensive to get your they eventhave. orGreat business That’s what North Herts FM believe Operating from a garage conversion at present but with Davidson, Apple, Hewlett Packard, Google and Amazon all have in and with little knowledge of the local community. a vision to be the best privately owned Community for the Runidea by and the local common?Radio Theystation all started witharea. a great andfor a garage (can you guess who these garages belonged too? answers at the end). In fact, North is diminishing the ONLY truly Youcommunity. would expect the need forHerts radioFM was with local otherradio station in the area. Born out of frustration

that “local” often meansPrime a global with some community content, inaccessible and expensive to options such asradio Spotify, Amazon andbrand YouTube. But Online That's what North Herts FM local believe they have. Operating from a getisyour event or business advertised and with knowledge of the community. radio actually growing by 37% year on year. The little operators of the garage conversion at present but with a vision to be the best station believe that once 5g becomes available on smartphones next privately owned Community Radio station for the area. Run by and year, the need for DAB and FM coverage will diminish. Presently the for the local community. In fact, North Herts FM is the ONLY truly most popular place to listen to radio is in the car and as data charges local radio in the area. Born out of frustration that "local" radio drop and speeds increase on mobile phones, online radiostation will replace often means a global brand with some community content, the older ways of listening to the radio. inaccessible and expensive to get your event or business advertised withand littleHenlow knowledge of the local community. Local organisations such as Benslow Music in and Hitchin Bridge

"Online radio is actually growing by 37% year on year."

Lakes have been taking advantage of the free advertising Great thingsbeing start offered with humble beginnings. What does Disney, Harley You would expect the options need forsuch radioaswas diminishing with other would expect the for House radio was diminishing with other Spotify, andYou organisations such asneed Garden Hospice Care and The Davidson, Apple, Hewlett Packard, Google andAmazon AmazonPrime all have in options such as Spotify, Amazon Prime and YouTube. But Online Cloisters have been theradio events bulletinsgrowing once anbyhour toyear advertise and YouTube. Butusing Online is actually 37% on year.with Theaoperators theastation common? They all started great ideaofand garagebelieve (can you radioforged is actually growing by 37% year on year. The operators of the their forthcoming events. North Herts FM has also a collaboration guess who these garages belonged too? answers at the end). that once 5g becomes available on smartphones next year,that the once need 5g forbecomes DAB and available FM coverage will diminish.next stationcommentary believe on smartphones withPresently Hitchin Town Football Clubplace to bring live football when the most popular to listen to radio is in the car and as data charges drop and speeds increasethe year, the need for DAB FM coverage will diminish. Presently they play at home supplementing their Twitter coverage for North those with and That's what Herts FM believe they have. Operating from a on mobile phones, online radio will replacemost the older ways of listening the radio. popular place to listen to to radio is in the car and as data charges disabilities who can't make it to the ground on match garageday. conversion at present but with a vision to be the best drop and speeds increase on mobile phones, online radio will replace privately owned Community Radio station for the area. Run by and the older ways of in listening to the radio. Local organisations such as Benslow Music Hitchin Henlow Bridge Lakes been Even after only 3 months on air, Herts FM already has some veryFM well for theNorth local community. In and fact, North Herts is thehave ONLY truly taking advantage the free advertising being and organisations such asthat Garden supported shows of including newcomer and first timearea. presenter Melly Mel with local radio station in offered the Born out of frustration "local" radio Local organisations such asofBenslow Music in Hitchin and Henlow Bridge their forthcoming House Care and The Cloisters have been using the events bulletins once an hour to advertise her All Hospice Day Breakfast. Community Focus tells stories inspirational local often means a global brand with some community content, Lakes have been taking advantage of the free advertising being offered people.North Paul Gray listeners through soul music with Soul Stew andor business inaccessible and expensive towith get your event advertised events. Hertstakes FM has also forged a collaboration Hitchin Town Football Club to bring live football and organisations such as Garden House Hospice Care and The Dave Miligan with Round at Milligans. Two shows support music both locally and with little knowledge of the local community. commentary when they play at home supplementing their Twitter coverage disabilities who can’t make it Cloisters have been usingShow the events bulletins oncefor anthose hour with to advertise and Internationally with The International Unsigned and The Parsons to the ground on match day. their forthcoming events. North Hertsfor FM has also forged a collaboration Knows Local Music. With a Rock, Country kids, You would expectand theeven needStorytime for radio wasthe diminishing with other with Hitchin Town Football Club to bring live football commentary when there's something for everyone and the schedule is still building. options such as Spotify, Amazon Prime and YouTube. But Online they at home coverage for those with Even after only 3 months on air,play North Herts supplementing FM already hastheir someTwitter very well supported shows including newcomer and radio is actually growing by 37% year on year. The operators of the disabilities who can't make it to the ground on match day. first presenter MellybyMel with her Allthat Day Breakfast. Community Focus stories ofnext inspirational local people. You time can help the station following them on once Twitter Facebook, sharing station believe 5gand becomes available on tells smartphones Paul Gray takes through soul music with Stew and Dave Miligan withPresently Round atthe Milligans. Two shows the station with listeners your friends. A big part isfor community sowill listening year, the need DAB Soul andinvolvement FM coverage diminish. Even The afterInternational only 3 months on air, North HertsThe FM already has some very well and taking partboth will help them on airplace and achieve ambitious support music locally andstay Internationally Unsigned Show most popular towith listen their to radio is in thegoals. car and as dataand chargesParsons Knows Local supported shows including newcomer and first time presenter Melly Mel with Feedback important so getspeeds inStorytime touch with news and events just for radio drop and increase on mobile phones, online will replace Music. Withis aalways Rock, Country and even for the kids, there’ sorsomething for everyone and her All Day Breakfast. Community Focus tells stories of inspirational local a dedication air. Contact studio@northhertsfm.com http:// the older ways of listening toor thevisit radio. the schedule on is still building. people. Paul Gray takes listeners through soul music with Soul Stew and northhertsfm.com Dave Miligan with Round at Milligans. Two shows support music both locally organisations such as Benslow Music in Hitchin and Henlow Bridge You can help the station byLocal following them onand Twitter and Facebook, the stationUnsigned with Internationally with sharing The International Show and The Parsons Lakes have been taking advantage of the free advertising being offered Knows Local Music. With a Rock, Country and even Storytime for the kids, your friends. A big part is community involvement so listening and taking part will help them stay Garages from top : and organisations such as Garden House Hospice Care and The there's something for everyone and the schedule is still building. on air and achieve their ambitious is the always important soonce get inantouch news Cloistersgoals. have Feedback been using events bulletins hour with to advertise and events or justAmazon, for a dedication on air. events. Hewlett Packard, Harley Davidson, Walt Disney their forthcoming North Herts FM has also forged a collaboration You can help the station by following them on Twitter and Facebook, sharing with Hitchin Town Football Club to bring live football commentary when the station with your friends. A big part is community involvement so listening theyHarley playDavidson, at home their Twitter coverage for those with Garages from top: Hewlett Packard, Amazon, Waltsupplementing Disney and taking part will help them stay on air and achieve their ambitious goals. disabilities who can't make it to the ground on match day. Feedback is always important so get in touch with news and events or just for a dedication on air. Contact studio@northhertsfm.com or visit http:// Even after only 3 months on air, North Herts FM already has some very well northhertsfm.com supported shows including newcomer and first time presenter Melly Mel with her All Day Breakfast. Community Focus tells stories of inspirational local people. Paul Gray takes listeners through soul music with Soul Stew and Garages from top : Dave Miligan with Round at Milligans. Two shows support music both locally BRINGING BACK THE COMMUNITY and Internationally with The International Unsigned Show and The Parsons Hewlett Packard, Amazon, Harley Davidson, Walt Disney Knows Local Music. With a Rock, Country and even Storytime for the kids, there's something for everyone and the schedule is still building.


Melly Mel - northhertsfm.com/melly-mels-all-day-breaksfast You can help the station by following them on Twitter and Facebook, sharing the station with your friends. A big part is community involvement so listening Paul Gray - northhertsfm.com/soulstew and taking part will help them stay on air and achieve their ambitious goals. Feedback always important so get in touch with news and events or just for The Parsons Knows - isnorthhertsfm.com/local-music a dedication on air. Contact studio@northhertsfm.com or visit http:// northhertsfm.com


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The Pocket Gods 100X30 World Cup! THE BEST AND WEIRDEST ALBUM OF FOOTBALL SONGS EVER – 100 SONGS ALL 30 SECONDS LONG ALL ABOUT THIS YEAR’S WORLD CUP IN RUSSIA! World record breaking indie band The Pocket Gods release their new album 100X30 World Cup! which is the 5th in their series of 100x30 albums which all feature 100 songs 30 seconds long. The first 3 of the 100X30 albums are featured in this year’s Guinness Book Of Records alongside such musical greats as The Beatles, David Bowie and Justin Bieber! In this latest 100X30 The Pocket Gods have this year’s Football World Cup in Russia as the subject matter. Songs titles include: “From Russia With (Hetero) Love”, “I’m A Pal Of Salah”, “Best Tattoo”, “It’s Not Even A Real Country Anyway”, “Gazzas Tears”, “There Are 3 Gary Stevens But Only 1 Of Them Caught A Glimpse Of Maradona Flying By” “ I ME ME I RONALDO!” and “And Am I The Only Person That Wants Iceland To Get Knocked Out Early”. They also vent their ire at FIFA and PUTIN as well poking fun at the plight of the modern footballer: “Ra Ra Ras Poohtin”, “The Ballad Of The Poisoned Referee”, “Quarupter” & “Another Bling Footballer”. Also interesting is that the Pocket Gods’ frontman, Mark Christopher Lee, wrote and recorded all 100 songs in just 2 days at the weekend before the beginning of the World Cup – which in itself is quite a task!

For interviews and further information please contact: email: mark.lee@nubmusicuk.com Tel: 07791 985813 facebook.com/thepocketgods twitter.com/thepocketgods Spotify @thepocketgods

Release date: 15th June 2018 - Nub Music/Sony Music. Available on all digital platforms worldwide The idea behind the 30 second song was that streaming services such as Spotify pay out a very small royalty to artists once a song reaches 30 seconds and then no more. So the Maverick frontman thought why give them longer for free? Why not, as an artist, adapt the songwriting form to the media of today. Lee was inspired by US Music Professor Dr. Mike Errico who questioned why pop songwriters were still writing 3 minute pop songs, as this length was partly inspired by the duration you could get on a side of 7 inch vinyl. Indeed Lee took this very seriously and went away and recorded the first of the 100X30 albums which gained a lot of exposure in Billboard, Forbes, Wall St Journal and ITV News as well as worldwide radio play including BBC 6 Music recommended album of the month by renowned indie DJ Steve Lamacq. Lee’s aim is simply to reinvent the pop song into a 30 second format, with short catchy hooks and messages ideal for the Youtube Spotify generation who are constantly skipping and searching for new music after 30 seconds. The beauty of this album is that if you don’t like one song then you don’t have long to wait for the next one to come around. The Pocket Gods were originally discovered by the late BBC DJ John Peel and have been championed by the likes of Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Music) & Huw Stephens from BBC Radio 1.

Here is a little interview with Gary from Jointpop How’s the weather where you are? Well…its always hot here in Trinidad and Tobago (The Caribbean), even when it rains..it’s still hot. What’s the song that most in Trinidad love? For JOINTPOP songs, maybe a few of these, Monday Morning Love Situation, Lets Pray ( For Rock n Roll ), Simply Beautiful, Reality and T, Amplify… there are quite a few What have you been reading lately? Just finished “ PLEASE KILL ME “ ( Punk Rock Book) and now reading over ” DAS REBOOT “ ( German Football) as I’m getting into the World Cup vibe. Who is the most influential person in your life? It’s all family for me…wife,two children,mother,sisters,brothers…and that’s not just being kind..they are all special. Which song do you wish you had written? Way too much to mention..way too much…but..i will go ahead with this “ Sympathy for the Devil ) ( The Rolling Stones ) Best experience you have had performing on stage? Whenever we hit that “ Magic Button”..it could be anywhere…just when it all gets “dreamlike” What did you want to be when you grew up? Guess that would be a Professional Football Player…the Professional part was the tough part. What would you say to your 16 year old self if you could? Listen to more rock n roll. Any UK plans? We toured the UK four times before..would really like to tour again to support this new album “ FROM TRINIDAD…WITH LOVE ( Produced by Paul Kimble of Grant Lee Buffalo) but it all hinges on if we get involved with UK record label, management and booking agents. How can we find out more about you? We are all over social media, so check us and get in…cheers https://soundcloud.com/jointpop-band https://www.facebook.com/jointpop https://twitter.com/jointpop https://www.youtube.com/user/jointpop https://www.instagram.com/jointpoptnt jointpop film documentary “ DESPERATE HOUSEFLIES” https://vimeo.com/2354679

AND a little interview with Steve Ravensfield

How’s the weather where you are? At the time of answering this question, the sun is shining – loving it. When did you pick up a guitar? The very first time I picked up a guitar was in 1991, and I pretty much put it straight back down after half an hour of playing because my fingers were so sore. I think it was about one or two years after that before I tried again. Mine was a slow progression. I didn’t practice anywhere near as much as I know now I should have. As a result a lot of my early songs were very basic, but I guess that’s how a lot of people start writing songs and playing instruments, slowly and hesitantly at first until the knowledge, understanding and confidence grows. What have you been reading lately? I haven’t read a book / novel in a long time, so much so I can’t remember the last one I did. Though I recently had a conversation about books with a friend, in which she said that her favourite book was ‘Alice in Wonderland’. I mentioned that although I was sort of familiar with the story, I had actually never read it. She said that I must be one of the few people on the planet that hasn’t. So adding to my ever growing to do list, is to read ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Who is the most influential person in your life? I’d have to say my Mother. She has had a number of ailments for many years and some when in their most severe state can be quite debilitating. Yet despite that she goes through life with a smile on her face and without complaining. She inspires me to just get on with it, don’t spend time worrying about things as it’s a complete waste of time, be and do what makes you happy. Which song do you wish you had written? Oh my god, there’s loads of them from various genres, from ‘Kashmir’ by ‘Led Zeppelin’ to ‘Anytime you need a Friend’ by ‘Mariah Carey’ – too many to list. Songs that move me, that capture me instantly. Maybe one day I’ll write a song that when someone gets asked the same question, they’ll name a song by Steve Ravensfield. Best experience you have had performing on stage? A recent set I did on May 1st this year at the Jamhouse, Birmingham. Performed four of my songs with my good friends, the guys who played on my last two albums. First proper gig in about 15 years. It was short but sweet and really well received. Loved it. What did you want to be when you grew up? When I was young I don’t recall a specific aim for the future. I loved the feeling of success and being appreciated for my achievements – however minor, and I definitely wanted that to continue in whatever career I ended up having. Since I started writing and performing songs some time ago and still now, it feels amazing when people say they love my voice and songs I’ve written. Great when it’s family that say that, and often more so when you hear such comments from people you don’t know. What would you say to your 16 year old self if you could? Whatever ones beliefs, we only have this particular life once, so don’t put off things, do them now, live life to the full. I wish I’d have started and pursued my music earlier in life and not let other things get in the way. Any UK plans? I am currently writing songs for the next album and hope to be doing a few more gigs soon. Also hoping to have some time away – need a break, though I’m still likely to be writing when I’m holiday. How can we find out more about you? I do have a website but it is in dire need of updating, so my Facebook page is probably the best place, though it too needs a little attention. When I’m writing songs I tend to get fully engrossed in that and don’t update my social media as often as perhaps I should.

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In the club 036 June 2018  

Welcome to the Summer issue of In the Club. No.36 is a bumper 53 pages of Perfect Pop Co-Op music and releases by our projects, it's also a...

In the club 036 June 2018  

Welcome to the Summer issue of In the Club. No.36 is a bumper 53 pages of Perfect Pop Co-Op music and releases by our projects, it's also a...


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